Creating Team Contests for Network Marketing Success

You want a strong and successful Network Marketing business, right? If your with an exciting, innovative company, you are probably use to participating in team contests. The question is, how do you develop that kind of excitement in your own home-based business? This article gives you the tools to create your own contest for your team.You don’t have to be at the top of the best mlm company to develop this type of excitement in your own business. It’s actually very easy. To start, think about what your team needs to concentrate on to reach their bottom-line goals. Is it talking to more people? Gaining sponsorships? Meeting customers needs? In your contest, focus on the activity that will help them achieve that goal. Set a time frame, such as one week or one month. The best results are achieved with contests lasting one month or less. Contests extending beyond one month tend to cause the energy levels to subside.Make sure you create a way for your team to be accountable. Have them e-mail you daily, fill out an activity form and fax it in, or post their activities on an Internet message board you create for the team. Most important, decide a clear criteria that defines the winner, such as most sponsorships or most customers by the end of the time frame.The really fun part is deciding on the prize! Get creative but choose something that is manageable for you. Some suggestions are adding a person to the winner’s organization or offering a training book or training seminar. The contest goal is the biggest black porn gas peal for the team; the prize is just the icing on the cake!A critical key to a successful contest is communicating to your whole team the details of the contest. Then request that the ones who are interested in propelling their business and winning a prize let YOU KNOW. This puts the milk out for the ones who are truly excited and going to do it. You are only putting the extra energy into the people who are returning the energy.Once you have the motivated people from your team on board, let the game begin. You may just find the contest ignites your fire a bit more, too. You’ll see both businesses take off.

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