How to avoid Mystery Shopping Drawbacks and Scams

Mystery shopping is a fun filled job but there is a negative side to it too. There are many drawbacks of mystery shopping. They are as follows:● The biggest drawback is that people can charge you for providing any service related to finding a job as mystery shopper. These service providers can cheat you by offering jobs on contract basis for months or years and charge you heavily for that. There is no guaranty that on paying the fees you would get a job for longer period. The employer is supposed to pay for the amount for work. If an employee is paying to get a job, it means something is wrong some where. Mystery shoppers are taken for a ride.● Luring mystery shoppers by promising them to give free TV and other such objects of luxury is also one of the traps, which enthusiastic aspirants fall prey to.● Some companies can ask for personal details like credit card number or even bank account number.● Others may even ask you to part with some bucks to pay for the secret list.● While some others may claim to provide mystery shopping certificate to get you a job which is never true.● Some mystery shopping resources on Internet provide fake phone numbers and out of order websites.● None of the companies provide serious help in finding a job.● There is no scope for refund of money spent on these fake mystery shopping companies.● Some of these fake companies provide poor web pages that can hardly be read.● Mystery shoppers often use hidden cameras, which is sometimes risky. It can create havoc if the mystery shopper is not an honest person. The mystery shopper can misuse it to invade employee privacy and later blackmail them.● The reports provided by the mystery shoppers are not always accurate. They are sometimes their own personal opinions or suggestions to improve the prevailing conditions of a store.● If the mystery shopper is a kind of person who is sensitive and emotional then he or she may end up with the guilt of lying to someone as he or she would be faking while shopping. It can ruin his or her mental peace.Ways To Stay Away From The ScamsThe pace with which the technology is improving day by day, it is giving birth to equal number of ways by which fake online mystery shopping companies cheat people. But there are some features that would enable a mystery shopper to distinguish the right companies from the wrong ones and stay from scams. These features are:● If there is no affiliated contact number then probably the website is a fake. If the contact number provided is toll free then it means that the website is genuine. Although it’s not always necessary that in the absence of a contact number the website is fake.● If a contact email is provided without a website then it is a sign that the company is a fake as a genuine company would always put-in some effort and time in planning its website and program. It is not always necessary that if a website is provided then the company is genuine. However, absence of it surely states that it is a fake, so be alert.● If there is no description of the product and the site just boasts of making big bucks then definitely the company is deceiving you.● If the online company asks you to pay some fees at the time of participation then avoid that company. It is for sure that company is there to make money out of nothing.● Always browse the Internet properly to check for the authenticity of the company. Search for people’s opinion on that particular company on net. Never rely on the testimonials provided by the company as the proof of their genuineness.

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