How to get to the top of the Search Engines using Reciprocal Links

As you may already know, reciprocal links form a vital part of any website promotion (especially if you want to get loads of free traffic). If you’ve read anything about Google Page Rank then you’ll already know how important incoming links are to the promotion of your site.Explaining everything about reciprocal links is an impossible task, however, there’s no shortage of information on the topic – just do a search for ‘reciprocal links’ or ‘backlinks’ if you’re not clear on what they are. Simply put, the more people you have linking to your site from other well known sites with similar content, the more chances you have of getting to the top of the search engines.Before we go any further, if you haven’t already got the Google Tool Bar you should download it from . You’ll notice (once you have the toolbar installed) that each page has on the Internet has a Google Page Rank. If your site is new, it won’t have any page rank. If you go to you will see that my site has a Page Rank (or PR) of 5 (which is reasonably high considering that I haven’t done any work promoting it).Page Rank is determined (among other things) by the amount of incoming links to a particular site: you can check this buy typing in ‘link:’ and then the URL of a site (try typing link: into a Google search box and you will see that the Profit Puppy site has around 260 incoming links).By increasing the number of quality sites that link to you (and subsequently the Page Rank of your site), the better chance you have of getting to the top of the search engines and getting loads of free traffic.What’s the best way to get reciprocal links?There’s a couple of different ways to get links to your site. You can either pay someone else to do it for you, or do it yourself (you can actually use a combination of these methods as well which I’ll also explain).If you have the budget to get someone to exchange links for you then you can post a project on (a site where you can hire freelance workers from all over the world). Finding someone who will email other site managers for you shouldn’t be a problem. You can hire someone for US$100 a week (or even cheaper) to exchange links for you fulltime. If you can’t afford this than an alternative is to pay someone only for the links that they get for you.A smarter option (which is also more cost effective in the long run) is to use software to manage the link exchanging process for you. I’ve tried out a lot of these programs (including Zeus Internet Marketing Robot and few others). Most of them were complicated to use or didn’t get remarkable results.One piece of software that I do recommend is Arelis by Axandra which automates searching for link partners, managing your links pages and emailing potential link partners. You can easily get hundreds of reciprocal links just by using Arelis for 1 hour each day. It really is a lazy way to get traffic to your site.You can download a FREE trial of Arelis at [] (you can download a 30 day trial of Internet Business Promoter from this page as well).Personally, I employ someone through to get them to manage my links using Arelis software. This has been the most successful method so far and has helped me to get a number of my sites into the top of the search engines (sorry, I’m not telling which ones!).Tips and Tricks for successful link exchanging:- You should use keywords that you are trying to rank for in your linking title (the text that will appear on other people’s sites).- Links should be on topic and from sites with related content.- Never link back to Link Farms (even if they link to you), this can result in the Google ‘Death Penalty’ which means your site may never be indexed properly again.- If you have more than one website with similar content try and do a triangle or ‘three way’ link exchange (this involves linking back to your link partners site from a different site to the one that they are linking to). There’s evidence to suggest that this type of link exchange is looked on more favorably by search engines than standard reciprocal links.Finally, I’ve heard several rumors speculating that Google will be changing the way that reciprocal links affect Page Rank. For this reason, I would avoid putting your reciprocal links in a ‘links’ directory and definitely don’t call you links page ‘links.html’. Try and use something more descriptive like ‘resources’ to avoid Google penalties in the future.Regards, Rob Rawson.Feel free to forward this to any of your friends, workmates, or colleagues. To subscribe to the Ecourse, please visit Profitpuppy.comYou may reprint/republish any of the following articles on your own Site, in your own ezine, auto-responder series, product, bonus items, or any other format you wish as long as you adhere to the following:1. The article must not be altered in anyway and the links must remain active2. You must not abuse the Internet in anyway, shape, or form with ANY of your online marketing. This includes but is not limited to sending unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), abusing online forums, using copyrighted materials without permission, or infringing on the trademarks of others.

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