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Direction, Desire and Determination, 3 D’s to Home Business Success

When reviewing business opportunities you must do a thorough review of the opportunity. Make sure the company has a superior marketing plan as well as exceptional marketing tools to help you succeed in your quest for home business financial freedom.To make money using the Internet you need to be involved in several different opportunities to be successful – make sure the home business opportunities you choose to pursue have a clear path to success, giving you a definite direction in achieving your home business goals.Most people fall into one of two categories, those that just think about success and those who have the desire to succeed. Even though every one really wants success in their life, few really take the necessary steps to be successful in life or any type of home business for that matter.It is so easy to come up with excuse after excuse why you can’t be successful. It really is a mystery why we can’t take control of our wants and needs. If you just step up to the plate and take control over your life’s ambitions you’ll see how success is really within reach. If you believe you can achieve, but you must also have the desire to achieve what you believe.You’ve been provided great direction; you have the desire, so now it’s all down hill, you are going to be successful in your home business and you will make money – right? That may be enough for most, however without determination your chances for success will be far less than someone who has the determination to withstand the hurtles a home business entrepreneur will face.9 out of 10 home business ventures will fail – why? Many people start a business from home with excitement and a desire to be successful – but as soon as the going gets tough, most will lose hope and faith and turn the energy that fueled their home business completely off.You must go the extra mile, have the passion and determination and success will not be an issue – you will succeed in your home business. Your success should be fueled by your mistakes and failures. Take what you learned from an unsuccessful situation and build on that failure – never give up, never surrender.A successful person has the endurance to make money with their home business in spite of all the difficulties that will arise. They have no doubt and never waver no matter what is thrown at them. You must be stubborn and hard willed refusing to cave in when you are at what seems to be the bottom. The power of your determination has most likely never been tapped – we can all be successful at anything, I mean anything if you are stronger than the opposition – failure.Failure must not be an option – Thomas Edison made 4,999 unsuccessful attempts at creating the perfect light bulb – it was his strong willed determination that finally lead to his successful 5,000th attempt. The list of these types of examples is endless – your determination for success must be endless as well.You can pursue success and overcome just about any problem, snag, or bump in the road that life has to offer – if you have a strong enough determination. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you waste time wondering “why me” or “why can’t get a break” you will be destined to fail and never have a successful home business.Nothing worth doing will ever be easy, you can overcome the odds and make money in your home business venture if you have Direction, Desire and Determination – nothing can hold you back with when you have these three ingredients deep within you.Copyright 2005 – Tim Somers, 3G Enterprises, LLC

The Importance of Advertising Your Home Business

The most important aspect of any business is selling the product or service. Without sales, no business can exist for very long.All sales begin with some form of advertising. To build sales, this advertising must be seen or heard by potential buyers, and cause them to react to the advertising in some way. The credit for the success, or the blame for the failure of almost all ads, reverts back to the ad itself.Generally, the “ad writer” wants the prospect to do one of the following:
Visit the store or website to see and judge the product for himself, or immediately write a check or use a credit card and send for the merchandise being advertised.

Phone for an appointment to hear the full sales presentation, or write for further information which amounts to the same thing.

The bottom line in any ad is quite simple: To make the reader buy the product or service. Any ad that causes the reader to only pause in this thinking, to just admire the product, or to simply believe what’s written about the product – is not doing its job completely.The “ad writer” must know exactly what he wants his reader to do, and any that does not elicit the desired action is an absolute waste of time and money.In order to elicit the desired action from the prospect, all ads are written according to a simple “master formula” which is:
Attract the “attention” of your prospect.

“Interest” your cartoon porn prospect in the product

Cause your prospect to “desire” the product

Demand “action” from the prospect

Never forget the basic rule of advertising copywriting: If the ad is not read, it won’t stimulate any sale; if it is not seen, it cannot be read; and if it does not command or grab the attention of the reader, it will not be seen!Most successful advertising copywriters know these fundamentals backwards and forwards. Whether you know them already or you’re just now being exposed to them, your knowledge and practice of these fundamentals will determine the extent of your success in your home business.

The Mobile Freelancer: Freedom to Make a Living from Anywhere

There has been a huge amount written about the benefits of working from home.Individuals run small businesses from home. Large corporations even set up home offices for many of their employees.Right now most freelancers work from a home office. Some may invest in modest office space, but most of the freelancers I know work from their homes.It’s good to have such a short commute time in the morning!>> But what if you want more?With smaller, more powerful laptops, improved internet connectivity worldwide and a host of cellular and web services to choose from…we’re no longer confined to working from home. Now we can work from almost anywhere.This opens up a host of new possibilities in our lives.* We can travel the world, and still keep working* We can live almost anywhere, out in the country or even in a different country* We can travel to visit clients, attend seminars or pitch for new business in other cities without losing touch with our current work and customersThe list goes on and on.>> Our only limitation is our fondness for old work habitsAs freelancers we are literally free to work from most parts of the world.So why don’t we all strike camp and explore the world?There are many practical reasons, including the needs of other members of our families and communities.But be careful when you list the reasons why you absolutely can’t work from anywhere other than your home or office.How many of those reasons are absolutely unchangeable, and how many have you listed simply because old habits die hard?* Is it truly impossible for you to work for a while from a rented house in Southern Italy?* Is it absolutely out of the question for you to rent a cottage in the country for a month or so?* And is that dream you had about moving to Mexico or Panama really and truly impossible?With any one of these options, you can plug your laptop in and keep working. And nobody need even know where you are!>> Some more modest ambitionsEven if you don’t want to use mobile technologies to make dramatic shifts in your life, you can still get out from behind your desk from time to time.You can work from the park, from the beach, from a local coffee shop….from an airport, on a plane, from a city you are visiting. The possibilities are endless.>> As a freelancer, you are freeThat’s what we are, we’re FREElancers. And now we have access to technologies that allow us to unplug and work from just about anywhere.Isn’t there an opportunity here to make our lives a little more interesting and adventurous?

Strategies for Success in the Exciting and Lucrative Home-Based Business of Jewelry & Gemstones

The business of jewelry is one of the most fun, exciting and profitable businesses that exist. The demand for jewelry by consumers is unrelenting and consistently growing. Like any other business worth pursuing by a new- comer; the jewelry business requires research, ongoing education, focus and persistence. Fear not,the rewards for this effort can be well-worth the investment of time and energy making jewelry one of the best home-based business opportunities available.Finding your NicheThe world of jewelry is vast and can be overwhelming. It is imperative that the prospective jewelry entrepreneur narrow down to a specific area in which to concentrate there marketing efforts. In other words, you must avoid the temptation to spread-out in several directions. Rather, you should become an expert, a specialist. The ideal is to find a niche within a niche. Stake your claim and mine that pocket deep and hard. For example, sterling silver cat jewelry ,14 KT. gold Celtic jewelry, wire -wrapped birthstone jewelry etc.Selecting your ApproachAfter the budding jewelry entrepreneur has settled on milf porn their niche, they must decide which business model makes the most sense to them. The following represent five basic strategies that one might follow:1. Buy wholesale-sell retail- Remember, you make your profit by buying well. Any Search Engine will reveal countless wholesale sources, move steadily forward. Do your research. Not all wholesalers are equal. In fact, many so-called wholesalers are not really wholesalers at all and prey on the unsophisticated. Applied knowledge is key here.2. Import directly from manufacturer and sell wholesale. This strategy is not the best for beginners, but if you have ties and are comfortable with a country like India, Thailand, Mexico and others. This can be a lucrative approach. Start small and learn the ropes before you grow.3. Become an affiliate for an existing web-based jewelry company. This strategy is excellent for beginners, as it requires no inventory and you use the company’s web-site. Also, they handle the product fulfillment and shipping. This is a great, low-risk way to get started.4. Join a jewelry MLM- There are some advantages here and some individuals enjoy this type of marketing, again, do your due-diligence before you jump-in.5. Make and sell your own jewelry- If you have the talent and the time, this path can be very rewarding. One tip, unless you want to be a starving artist; find out what type of handcrafted jewelry consumers will actually buy and produce jewelry for that market.Marketing and Selling JewelryOnce you have identified your niche and selected your approach, you need to explore marketing and selling for profit. Here are some suggestions for how and where to sell jewelry.1. Special Events- Craft shows, wine festivals, Celtic festivals, street fairs etc. In the beginning, concentrate on low-cost booth fees i.e. under $100 until you gain experience.2. Home parties- Low overhead. These can be a goldmine if you work them well. Referrals are the key to success.3. Ebay- an easy, low-cost way to sell jewelry on the internet.4. Your own website.A. eBay or yahoo store- both are excellent because of there built-in shopping audience and credibility.B. Buy and fix-up a previously owned website-Many websites are For Sale by Owner on ebay.The jewelry business can be a wonderful full or part-time home-based business. Use this article as a basis for your education. Learn everything you can about your chosen niche, study marketing and develop your selling skills. Keep a positive attitude and success will certainly follow.

100% Increase In Productivity Technique

Hello my friend,Do you want to increase your productivity by more than 100%? Read on you will see how.Don’t believe me? Well you can risk missing it or you can take 2 minutes and just read on.This is a technique that can improve your productivity by more than 100%, don’t believe me?*** The 100% increase in productivity Technique! ***Procrastination is Good!Yes! We all suffer from it, but what you might know is that we can use it to make our productivity increase, the way to do it is to embrace the concept “Tomorrow is the best day to do this…” and not the “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!”Don’t agree??? Well, let’s give it a try and I will show you how you can use the natural leave it for tomorrow attitude we all have to your benefit. All you need is a small notebook and a pen!Here is how it works:
Day 1: Everyday before you leave the office (or at night at home) list all the tasks you need to do this week

Day 1: Read through them and list the 6 top one numbering them from 1 to 6 (1 the most urgent/ important)

Day 2: When at work start with number one and do them until number 6

Day 2: At the end of the day (or at night at home) review what you have done, cross over all the completed tasks, and in the next page of the work book write the tasks that need to be done. IMPORTANT: don’t use the same page as Day 1, this day is gone, write them in a new page and cross over all Day 1 activities.

Day 2: Rank the activities you have written from 1-6 again, note that if any of the activities of Day 1 (the 1-6 ones) were not done they should rank on top this day. Even if they were small tasks put them on top this way you will not drag small tasks over weeks and they become a big issue.

Day 3: go to point 3 and start over

That’s it! It’s simple and works!Don’t believe me? Try it! But here is the secret behind it. When you plan things at night or at the end of the work day you plan what you are going to do TOMORROW!!!This way your brain is open to accept tasks and prepares to work upon them, with no barriers because the tasks are not for now but for TOMORROW.Like i told you “Tomorrow is the best day to do anything…” This is how our brain works and this way we can trick it:)Try it for a week and than tell me what you think.Regards,Extra Income at Home team,See our FREE Effective communication course at:http://www.extra-income-at-home.com/course/effectivecom.html

The Extra Income Checks

Do you have the characteristics to make EXTRA INCOME? It takes certain attributes to run a successful extra income program. You must ask yourself if you are cut out for it. No GURU can do it for you. You have to want it badly enough and then go out and get it.Tens of thousands of people all across the globe come to the internet looking for a way to make extra income. It has become necessary to issue some reality checks.The truth of the matter is that some people are better off getting a second job at the local convenience store to supplement their income than start an extra income program. It doesn’t do them any good to spend money and months on the internet trying to earn extra income only to fail. At the end of it, they would only be poorer for their efforts.I don’t want you to waste your money on something you may not be suited for. You need to look within yourself and ask yourself if you can do it.The reality is that the cost of living keeps going up while companies keep cutting back on raises. The need to do something extra and earn enough money to help pay the bills has never been greater. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man.The computer and the internet have made it possible for people to match their skills, interests, abilities, and ingenuity into a home business they can use to earn extra income. This article is to show you that it’s simple and easy to join the ranks of successful extra income earners. But make no mistake about it, it’s not for everybody.The history of business shows that the rewards and advantages of starting a business are many. The beauty is that you can start an extra income business in your garage, backyard, basement, attic, or a room in your home. But first, you must do some GUT CHECKS.Your first step should be to study the attributes below and see if you have them. You should be frank and honest when you do.1. CAN YOU SET GOAL?:If you are to achieve any level of success, you must set goals. If you expect to be successful, you must determine what that means to you and the best way to achieve it. There are two basic steps you can take to convert goals into achievements:a) You can decide on a specific dollar amount; and b) You can set a time frame for obtaining the dollar amount you want. Your goal should be specific and indicate What, When, and Where. After making a list of every possible way you may accomplish a goal, select the method for your situation.2. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF:a) “Can my family do without the money I need to start an extra income program?” In the world of the internet, this amount is very small. In fact, there are programs, like the http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/ program, which come loaded with all you need to start for free.All you have to do is advertise. Can your family do without the money you need to advertise? This question must be answered according to each individual’s circumstances. You may need to trim a few things from the family budget.b) “What are my strengths?” To determine your strengths you will have to take an inventory of yourself. Decide what you enjoy doing the most and what you feel you would be good at. Examine every possibility and include all the skills you have no matter how small they seem.There is no harm in brushing up on the things you are lacking. Local community colleges have courses that help you do this at very small price. There are also a lot of free online resources you can read to gain more knowledge. All you have to do is go to a search engine like Google and do a search on your topic of interest.c) “Is there a market for the product or program I have chosen?” Be cautious before you invest any money. Check it out by making inquiries directly to the company, competitors, or firms who are marketing a product or program similar to the one you are interested in. Test it on a small scale and track your testing. Check it out thoroughly.d) “How long will it take this business to reach the financial goal I must have?” You should know how much time you can dedicate to your business, and what your profits are for that time. From there, a simple math will tell you how long it might take to reach a particular financial goal.3. HAVE COURAGE TO START:You must have the courage to start. Don’t be caught in analysis paralysis. Some people spend too much time analyzing opportunity that they never start. Don’t fall into this trap. You MUST have the courage to start.4. SELECT THE RIGHT PRODUCT OR PROGRAM:Take a close look at your interests and abilities, and then decide what type of program or product you want to do. For example, do you want to do referral programs, or write e-books to sell? The object is to find out what has the most appeal. If it does not appeal to you, you will not be motivated enough to see it through.5. HAVE A GOOD MARKETING PLAN:A good marketing plan is one part of a business plan that is absolutely essential to its success. In fact, the ability to properly market a program can be more important than the program itself. You want targeted marketing. You have to reach the right audience in your marketing efforts.Go to discussion forums in your niche and see what others are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Experience is the best teacher. With good program or product, you should be able to develop a winning strategy.6. CONCLUSION:Be a self-motivator and continue moving forward towards the goals you want and deserve. Keep educating yourself in your area of interest. The best extra income earners never stop educating themselves because there is always something to learn.If you have or develop the above attributes, your little extra income program or business could turn into your main income program or business. You will be smiling all the way to the bank with some nice checks and thanking yourself for having the GUTS needed to accomplish your goal.Get Started! Do it NOW!:-)–You can publish/reprint this article as long as you include the resource box

Learn To Embrace Failure

Failure is a must to succeed in business and in life. So often we are told we can not fail, it’s a bad thing. From the time we start to school, till we go to the here after, fail, that 4 letter word is a bad thing. It is almost like a curse. My question is how do we learn and continue to grow if we don’t fail? How do we succeed in business if we don’t fail?I started my first Home Based Business 2 years ago. I invested over $6000 just for the web site and the 10 mentoring sessions. That was on top of the $250 initial fees for set and a merchant account, that doesn’t include all the little fees (no one expects). What I received for this was an online store, web site, 2000 free useless hits, link exchanges (that I had to pay for and didn’t need to) and oh yes the useless mentoring sessions (that didn’t teach me anything). I worked hard on this site for 6 months (which doesn’t seem like a long time), except they told me I would be able to make back all my invested money in the first 3 months. I made nothing, and eventually lost over at least a $7000.00 before I decided to shut it down. To top it all off the company I went through gave me a hard time about shutting down the site and my merchant account. I had failed miserably. You would have thought that I would have been angry and upset, and initially I was. I received the “I told you so” looks, the rhetoric 9 out of 10 businesses fail etc. when I told people my business had failed.But what no one realized is that I had learned so much. Not only did I learn what not to do, I also learned, that regardless of my business “failing,” that I loved the ownership of it and that no matter how many times the business didn’t pan out that I would continue to learn, grow, and to build businesses.So since then I have looked over other online businesses, done background research, and have started another; that I am happy to say seems to be doing well. By failing, all that did was whet my appetite to do it again. 9 out of 10 businesses fail, but it is the 1 time that it doesn’t fail that I am after. So, when you look at your failures, look at them as a way to succeed, that has given you a wealth of knowledge and that knowledge is what you need to succeed in life and in business.

Do You Do More Than One Business? Are They Compatible?

One thing I see so many people do is have multiple businesses. That is ok, IF they all can go together in some way.For instance, if you sell food items and you want to be able to offer other items, think “what other business can I do that will go hand in hand with what I already offer?” Take a look at what this company offers. Are there monthly quotas? Can you promote it in the same ads that you do with your current business? Will it help you bring in more customers with your current business?If you sell food items, you will want to look for another business that deals with food-related items. Can you write a cookbook using items from your current business? What about a company that sells cookware or other kitchen related products? This can be a winning combination.For example:You sell coffees and baked goodies-you decide to do Tupperware because you can combine the two together.You can offer a gift basket with your coffee products and the Tupperware coffee containers that hold the filters and the coffee grounds.Or you sell baking goods-you can offer baskets or bundles of cookie sheets with the cookie mixes you sell.See where I am going with this?I learned this the hard way. I started The Perfect Image while I was doing another business. However, it didn’t go with what I was doing with The Perfect Image business and I ended up competing my time with both businesses.I ended up having to make the hard decision to discontinue one. Since I love what I do with The Perfect Image and being able to share what I have learned over the years through the different direct sales companies I have done, I decided to keep The Perfect Image and leave the other Direct Sales company.

Rock Star Secrets To Making Money!

Rock Stars have it made. They get an inspiration, write a song, get it produced, and then earn checks on their inspiration (OK, some perspiration too…) for the rest of their lives.I know most of us never think past what they look like and what their music sounds like…but when you go beyond that, did you ever stop to think about how much money they make? For some, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars a day! For work they did once! The biggest chunk of a Rock Star’s income comes from one simple thing: ROYALTIES!So, let’s learn about the Rock Star Secrets to making money!Royalties are what earn rock stars BIG MONEY. They write or record a song, and the work may be over, but the income pours in for the rest of their lives.Doesn’t seem fair that they have that sort of advantage over regular folks like us… Sickening, as a matter of fact, when you come to think of it!Well I have good news for you. Big parties, expensive cars, huge mansions, exotic vacations they can be yours too! In the near future, other people could be looking at YOUR lifestyle and saying, “It’s just not fair!”What Exactly Is Royalty Income?Royalty income is similar to what many successful businesses earn each and every day. Once they build their business (like writing or recording that song), they keep making money FOREVER. Insurance agents, appliance warranties, cable TV, ISP’s (AOL), utility companies, just to name a few, all earn royalties.They have learned one secret the rest of the world hasn’t… Leverage through the efforts of lots of other people. It’s the EASIEST way to the RICH and GLAMOROUS lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be famous to get it!Just like any business, when you’re talking about Royalties, TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE. Time is really what earns you money. As time goes on, the money keeps rolling in, no matter what else you do. But time is also of the essence. In other words, THE EARLIER YOU START, THE MORE YOU EARN!Today’s NetworksJust like any successful franchise, these businesses have created “networks”. They have multiple stores and employees, and millions of people who daily purchase their products. They have built a huge “network of consumers”. Which I refer to, as a “Web of Infinite Consumers”, which is the key to building a network. You want to have consumable products that people want, need and enjoy using and buying them every month.I know you’re probably thinking about how much a major franchise costs. The investment costs range from about $200,000 to over $1Million!But what about people without a lot of capital? “Regular” people like most of us? Yes, we can build networks too!By Applying A Few Simple Principles You Can Do It Too:1. Work Once Get Paid Forever: Royalty income is based upon work that you have previously completed, and yet you can enjoy financial benefits from it for years to come. (You may have heard Royalties also referred to as “Residual income.”)2. Tax Benefits: When you begin to earn income from Royalties, you are basically self-employed. You can then enjoy the tax benefits of self-employment in addition to the financial benefits. Some of these tax benefits include deductible expenses that you could never take advantage of as an employee; things like meals and entertainment, travel expenses, home office equipment, automobile, and medical expenses. In fact, it’s not uncommon for those savings to be between $3,000 and $25,000.3. Leverage: Income from royalties can also be much broader than just the copyright Royalties that those Rock Stars and Hit Songwriters earn. You can also enjoy the benefits of income from Royalties through the power of “leverage.”IT’S ALL ABOUT LEVERAGE!What is leverage? It’s similar to the leverage of buying a property with other people’s money. The newer trend and the newest WAVE in big income, is earning money through the efforts of OTHER PEOPLE. When you have leverage, you need less of your own efforts, because the efforts of other people are paying off for YOU.This is not a make-money-fast scam. It’s a legitimate money-making-machine!By applying a few simple principles and making a few simple decisions, and just slightly changing how you are doing things right now, you can begin earning Royalty checks that you never thought were possible.Don’t miss out on Royalty Riches. Many people have missed opportunities when it’s been placed right in front of them. Don’t be playing the “SHOULDA, COULDA, WOULDA” song.So, let’s learn about the Rock Star Secrets to making money!There have been many who have had wonderful success by learning the Rock Star Riches secrets..and you can too!It’s Your Choice. But If You Do Nothing, Here’s Where You’re Headed:o black porn 63% out of 100 people at age 65 depend on social security and charity for food and sheltero 95% of people at age 65 or either dead or broke…or DEAD BROKE!o 29% out of 100 people don’t live to age 65Did You Know That:o It is anticipated that by the year 2013, more than 50% of households in the US alone will be involved in a home-business.o Every 11 seconds a New Home-Based Business is Started in the US alone!o Already the Internet has created more MILLIONAIRES in a shorter period of time than any other industry in history.o When we go to work, whether it’s for an individual or corporation, we’re building someone else’s dream, someone else’s wealth. But more and more people today are taking advantage of the networking opportunities and the Internet business systems available to start building a dream for themselves.o The fastest growing segment of our economy is the self-employed.o These statistics reveal that people from all walks of life are making money from home…corporate professionals, business owners, employees, stay-at-home moms, military personnel, doctors, lawyers, accountants and now YOU!Isn’t that where YOU want to position yourself for the future?Don’t YOU want to be receiving Royalty Riches just like those Rock Stars that you envy?Think About This For A MomentIf you could go back 25 years in time, and position yourself between the giants of the computer industry and the people who would be buying computers, would you? Of course you would, but that’s not possible. Today is the first time that the Internet and the home-based-business industry are perfectly positioned together.However, TODAY you have an opportunity of catching the Royalty Riches opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity to CASH in on this growthWhat YOU Should Do Right NowThere are many, just like YOU, who see the value of earning Royalty Riches. Hey if Rock Stars paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do and earn what they did with this valuable information….shouldn’t you take advantage too?There you have it, YOU now have the information and it is actually pretty simple… you can do exactly what the Rock Stars are doing.It’s up to you.You have a decision to make.Do you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, which will give you what you’ve always been getting, or do you explore this further and have the opportunity of achieving success, wealth and financial freedom for you and your family by earning Royalty Riches?If you’d like more information on how you can be on the cutting edge of creating Rock Star Riches for yourself, go to: http://www.thecashflowmasters.com.

3 Things You Should NEVER Do in a Joint Venture

A joint venture can be one of the most profitable and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. It can also destroy your reputation, get you ignored, or worse, accused of spam if you don’t take the proper care to create a valuable offer.There are three things you should NEVER do when creating a joint venture proposal for a potential partner. Below are three things NOT to do, with several tips to help you do it right.1. Fail to Plan.Before you send out any emails to potential partners, you need to plan your mobile porn offering, decide who you are going to send it to, and what you expect in return.First, create your offer. Ask yourself these questions:What am I going to give the potential partner to make him/her want to joint venture with me? i.e. Are you going to give the partner a copy of the product, do you have bonuses available, what’s the commission you are paying, are you offering a large one time commission, or a recurring monthly commission?My rule of thumb is to never offer less than 50 percent. What you want to do is make the partner an offer that is not only fair, but more beneficial up front for him/her than it is for you.Once you know what your offer is, you want to create solo ads, a review, or something that the partner can plug his/her information into so that you have something to give him/her when you make the offer.Include the affiliate sign up link, and make it as easy as possible to sign up. Also include the link to the product, as well as tell the partner how to get the download, the membership, or whatever you are selling.The point is, make it easy. My joint venture partners are busy people. They don’t have time to write ads for me, or spend a lot of time getting prepared. They need something they can set up in a few minutes, send it out, and move on. Remember, your potential partners are probably the same.2. Forget to Target Your Market.I get over 500 emails a day. Mind you, they aren’t all joint ventures although I get a lot of those too.The point is this: research your market. Find products, services, memberships, etc. that complement yours. Then you have a market.3. Send Your Offer to the Wrong Person.No one wants to read offers that say, “Dear Publisher”, “Dear Friend”, or anything like that.The first, and most important thing about creating a joint venture is to make sure that you send it to the right person at the right email address.Although I don’t recommend it, you can send your joint venture proposal to someone you don’t know provided you have properly targeted your market. This doesn’t mean you can send your message to 100s who just happen to be in your target market.What I recommend you do is this: build a relationship with the person. Build a lot of relationships with a lot of people. If you have something relevant to say about someone’s newsletter, write him/her.I get so many bogus offers that when I get something I appreciate, or I enjoy, I always write the publisher a complimentary email. If there’s a survey, I answer it. If the publisher needs help, and I can, I answer.This is how great business relationships are built online. You would be amazed at how much others are willing to help you when you take the time to get to know them.Finally, unless you know one of the “gurus”, and very well, I wouldn’t advise sending them your offer. Most of them already have joint venture arrangements in place and aren’t really willing to work with someone they don’t know, or who hasn’t made it to “guru” status.There are plenty of potential partners out there with nice sized mailing lists who are hungry for more ways to make more money. With millions online, you have a wide range of potential partners to choose from.Remember, it really doesn’t matter if you sell gardening tools or ebooks, or anything else for that matter, a joint venture can quickly and easily add to your bottom line.