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When To Make Your Career Move To Self Employment

Knowing when to make the right career move and start a home based business is just as important as the business you choose to start.The First Step!You should honestly examine the real reason motivating you to start your own business.Here are a few questions you should consider:
Are you simply bored with your job?

Is your career going nowhere?

You feel restricted and unable to express yourself?

You feel your contribution to the work place is unappreciated?

Your job is very stressful, you want a less stressful career?

Do you hate your boss?

Do you hate your co-workers?

Do you want to make more money?

Do cartoon porn you want express unique talents?

Have you special training you wish to utilize?

Do you hate the long commute?

You want to spend more time with family?

Step 2Next, take a full assessment of your skills, training, education, experience in the work at home career you are considering.
Are you experienced in this field, some experience, none?

Do you have training in this field, some training, no training!

Received education, some education, none?

Are you highly skilled in this area, few skills, none?

Step 3Answer the following questions:
Can you tolerate working long hours alone?

Do you have the milf porn education and training required?

Your family supports you?

Are you black porn willing to give up a pension plan or company benefits?

Would you be happier working for yourself?

Would you find fulfillment in the home business, you lack now?

Do you accept making less money for an undetermined period?

Are you highly motivated to succeed?

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions, you have a better than average chance at successfully starting and managing a home based business.Be sure to seek out professional advice before you take the next step and quit your nine to five. And consider the feelings of your family. They know you better than most, and if you are good work at home material.

You’re Sick And You MUST Work!

What do you do when you work from home (your own business) and you come down with the flu? Is there a number you can call and let them know that you’re sick and cannot come in today? If only!Since Saturday I’ve been hit by one of those dreaded winter flu’s (mind you this winter marks the very first time I ever got the flu vaccine). Feverish, headache, entire body hurts and my throat is soar.. the flu! It takes everything out of me to get out of bed today to ensure the websites I do support for are fully functional and all customers are happy. This means replying to tons of emails and support tickets.Here’s a tip… create as many short cuts as you can that will not only save you time, but will help you when you get the flu and cannot function at 100%. In my Eudora (email program) I’ve set up responses for all of the common questions I receive. But a canned response can be spotted and many customers hate them. Be sure to personalize the canned response, so start your reply with Hello, and simply place the persons name in the field when responding. This will allow you to respond to a customer or client in the time it takes to type their name.Here is an example of a canned response I use…HelloThank you for taking the time to contact us with your concern.Step 1 – Place the CD into your CD drive on your computer.Step 2 – Open your text editor (MS Word, Works, Note pad, Word Pad or MS Excel)Step 3 – Click on “File” (top right).. then “open”Step 4. You should see the option to choose which file you want to open. In the area marked “Look In” choose the drive that your CD was placed in. Once you have the source chosen, the list of files with the leads should appear.Step 5. Choose the file you want to open and hit “open”. Note: If you use MS excel to open the file, it will automatically open in a spreadsheet format. Note: Depending on the version of operating system you have installed on your computer the disc will automatically open after you load it into your CD drive.Best RegardsChris De La RosaOwner / Operator

SPORTS – Best Homebased Business Ideas

We’ve got some unique sports-themed twists to new and traditional homebased business! here’s a couple of HOT ideas:Sports Bed and BreakfastBed and breakfast establishments are a hot commodity. Providing travel weary tourists with a friendly and serene place to stay is very welcomed in today’s rushed world.Bed and breakfasts typically offer more personalized service, thus their popularity. Many travellers swear by them, and would not stay in what they consider a “cookie-cutter” hotel room.This idea would capitalize on the that idea, from a sports perspective. If you already own a bed and breakfast, or you are considering one, this might be a very good full or part time idea.Transform your inn with a sports theme- complete with sports-themed room decorations and linens. If you live close to a certain city with professional sports, you can bet there will be fans that travel to see the games.You can organize cook outs, pep rallies before the big game, a big screen TV to watch other games, etc. Build a community feel, it’s what bed and breakfasts do best!Advertise on the Internet, to attract fans from out of town, as well as locally (for people to consdier you next time). Build and maintain a mailing list of previous tenants (ask first!) to build repeat stays.Keep in mind that you could do this idea just during, say, football season, and then run the inn as usual the rest of the year. If you’re city has year-round professional sports, you might consider going full time!Sports shuttleMake sure your mode of transportation seats plenty in a comfortable manner. You can install a DVD player to play videos of the hometown team, play fight songs on a CD player, etc. Whatever it takes to whip your crowd into a frenzy!Ask your local sports venues for guidelines regarding dropping off and picking up passengers near the sports facility.You can offer round trip or one-way tickets to your riders, although one-way means you’ll have to designate an end point to avoid confusion. This may be best done when you assemble a fleet of sports shuttles. For now, stick with round trip!Golf business ideas 101Golf business ideas can be as unique as everybody’s game- and believe me, there’s no shortage of golfers out there! Making golf so attractive to would-be entreprenuers is the millions that play the sport. Golf is a participation sport, as well as a pretty popular spectator item. This gives you two angles to approach your target market.One golf business idea that getting pretty popular is the content site that offers golf equipment reviews. Shoppers are pretty savvy these days- online, they can price compare till they drop. But they’re also looking for opinions on products they are considering, especially unsolicited and unbiased opinions, in the form of reviews from people just like them.This could be a great golf business idea for you. Imagine setting up a site that caters to these info seekers, and getting content delivered from the visitors themselves! Talk about a self-healing website! Golfers are usually more than happy to throw their two cents in when it comes to the good, bad, and ugly of golf stuff.You’ll want to provide incentive for participation, however. Be prepared to fill your site with something of value- once your site really gets humming, the reviews will be the main attraction. But until then, be prepared short and long term with quality content. You can write about your own experiences with various golf clubs, etc., and spin off material such as golf travel, tips, and such to give your site that “lived in” look.

Fuel For Your Business Success

May I ask a question if you do not mind…?What does your business mean to you? Please choose an honest answer.- Making a living.- Freedom from job- Realization of your dreams.- All of the aboveI hope you chose the right option.Everyday million of people get up and think ‘Oh no! I have to go to office again.’ It is something they dread. Whether they realize this or not is a different issue. Have you noticed how excited people are over their weekends as they will be off the work and can enjoy.That reflects they do not enjoy what they do. But they continue with that. Yes, they have sufficient reasons- mortgage, seniority, children and security to name a few. There is another good reason worth mentioning – lack of willingness and lack of initiative to start their own venture.A lot of people dream about working for themselves. Dreaming is easy. It costs nothing.But that is end for many. Moving beyond that involves risk. Their security is too precious.Nevertheless with advent of internet, home business things have been made simpler and easier.You do not need to leave your present job and still can start a home business that you can manage in your part time. Initial struggle period is buffered by your job. You can manage your investment capital better and there is job to fall back upon.Things could not be simpler. Nice paradigm. A surge in home businessmen and businesswomen proves this.But then people still fail in their ventures. There could not be better time. There could not be a better platform. But people still do not capitalize the opportunity to its full extent. What could be the reason?No. Please do not say that internet saturation has occurred. The net is not to be blamed. Internet is wonderful medium of communication. It has made millions pursue and achieve their dreams. It is not saturated. Not yet and not for a long time in near future.On the contrary it expands day by day.It may appear a bit complex owing to its virtual entity but it is not saturated.But internet is only a medium. It does not run business for you. It makes it automated and easier once you understand what is what. Still the person who does the business is responsible for outcome.So what sets a successful businessman apart from an unsuccessful one hypothesizing that both have equal knowledge?Motivation!Zeal!Passion!I know an entrepreneur who would get up early and work till his eyes would droop with sleep again, socialized minimally and never cared about what he ate.’Why don’t you ever take a break and enjoy sometimes?’ Many including me asked.’I enjoy my work. Why should I take a break?’ He would always respond.That man is millionaire now. Still works like crazy.Though that state is an extreme for most of us but that does leave a lesson. To be a success one needs to work with passion.When you bring passion to your business (Of course for that you need to like what you do). it reflects everywhere. It reflects in your website. It reflects in your sales letter, you promotions. You come across a genuine person. Your words start delivering the better message. Your results start improving and success prepones its appointment with you.There could not be better key to success in home business. It is easier to admire a successful person’s working. But when we want the same success, the input has to be of similar nature.Let me come back to my original question.What was your response?Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Quick Guide to Starting a Home Based Business

First of all, you need to think about exactly what sort of home based business you want. Although you may already know what home based business you want to have, choosing one can be a lot harder than you might think. After all, they’re so many types of home businesses to choose from! So a great place to begin is to start thinking about your interests. What do you love? Do you love children? Cars? Cooking? Helping people? Making jewelry? Any of these interests can be turned into a successful home based business because when you do something you love, you’re far more likely to be successful at it.Now you want to make a home business plan. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to try and get financing for your home based business or not. You still need to have a plan for your home business. Think of it like building a birdhouse. You need a blueprint or building plans, right? The same is true for a home based business. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what steps are necessary to reach your goal. You’ll also want to look at the demand for the product or service your home based business will offer and how you’ll get the word out about your home based business.Next you will want to talk to your family. Having your family’s support is vital to having a successful home based business. After all, it is their home. So you need to make sure your family members are open to the idea and understand the demands and restraints that will be involved in having a home business. Let each person talk about any issues they may have and try to resolve them. Also, anticipate family problems that may come up because of your home based business, and let everybody work together on plans for handling them.After this, designate a home based business space in your house–and make sure everyone knows the space is off-limits for anything else. When choosing the room or place for your home office, consider the equipment you’ll need and any storage room you’ll have to have for your home based business. If you’re going to need a great deal of storage space for your products, you may want to consider renting space in a warehouse or storage facility.Finally, purchase your equipment for your home based business. You’ll want a computer, desk and chair of course, but don’t forget other important equipment your home based business may require. For instance, do you need special tools to make your product? What sort of filing system is best? Is there any special software you need to purchase? Do you need a postage meter or mail scale? What about phones? Special shipping items? Make a list of everything, down to pens and legal pads, you’ll absolutely have to have. This will ensure you stay focused on the essentials when making your purchases.And don’t try to buy everything you want for your home based business at first. Leave unessential items until a later time so you can spend more on what you really need. When making your purchases, don’t forget you can often get great used and refurbished office and business equipment for your home based business. Just make sure it’s in good working condition before you buy–the last thing you want is to have your home based business equipment spend more time in the shop being fixed than it does in your home office.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.com[http://www.workathomesociety.com]I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

How Helping the Community Will Also Help Your Home Business

The Benefits Of Helping People In Your CommunityPart OneA home-based business can be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others in your community and create a truly well-rounded life. The more you gain expertise in your own chosen field the more you have available for others and the greater your sense of satisfaction.Are you learning, through your home-based business, about networking? Are you finding out what excites people and what people need to have a sense of safety and well-being? These are insights that can be used in community outreach as well as in your own business.We keep talking about the necessity for planning when starting a home business. Here is yet another way in which good planning is essential. If you are interested in being an asset to your community and putting your newly-found expertise to work for good, you must make this a part of the balance in your work/leisure life. You don’t want to give away the expertise and talent that you are depending on to build your own business, but on the other hand there is nothing like networking to benefit any beginning business.As with anything else, it is important in this aspect to be true and honest with yourself. If you take on a community project just for the purpose of building up a customer base for yourself, it won’t work. For one thing, people will see through it and you will not generate the good will that you thought you would. It is like the old joke about the Hollywood producer who set “The important thing is sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!” No – people, especially those in your home community, will not be fooled for long. However, if you take a while to find out what community projects attract YOU and what ones can you honestly get excited about – you will find that giving of yourself and your talent will reap rewards you have not even thought of.In keeping track of your own home business finances are you finding out that you have a gift for numbers and a sound financial sense? You may find it rewarding to put this to use volunteering as the treasurer of the local food bank or church building project. Have you discovered areas of creativity within yourself that aren’t completely satisfied by the parameters of your business? Maybe these “left over ideas” are just what your local school needs to liven up their programs. The people you will meet under these circumstances can be the basis for associations which enrich you personally and, in the long run, build your business. When people come to know and trust you – and realize that you are not out only for the “almighty dollar” — they will be relieved and happy to refer their friends and family to you when they need what your business has to offer.Remember – let this pro bono “for good” – work come out of your own personality and what you have discovered about the things that bring you satisfaction. Then you will never need to fake anything and the good you do will naturally flow back to you in many satisfying ways.In part two we will explore the government, non-profit and paid services that can help you help your community as a home business owner. You can do it.

Love What You Do

“Do what you love and love what you do.”That is a pretty simple philosophy but one that not many people follow. If they did they would not only be happier but more successful too.I recently wrote an article that was dedicated to my Dad who passed away after 70 years in his own business.I wrote that one of the reasons for his longevity and success was his passion for what he was doing. Obviously to continue working well into your 80s you have to love what you are doing!I am not the only one who thinks that passion for what you do in business is essential.If you have been watching “The Donald” in his hit TV show “The Apprentice”, he states, in more than one episode, that you have to have a passion for what you are doing.If you go back through history, you can see that passion has played a part in the achievements of all great people.Whether they were conquerors like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. Great leaders like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Great artists like Michelangelo. Or great business tycoons like Carnegie, Ford, Morgan and Trump. They all had a passion for what they did. A devotion that went beyond the job itself.A passion for what you are doing will help you get through the rough times. It allows you to overcome obstacles and separates the quitters from the succeed ers.Don’t believe that passion is critical to success?Then ask yourself this question.Why do people invest so much time, effort and expense into a hobby?Because they love what they are doing!If you love what you are doing; time, effort and expense are not the motivating factors. Achievement and satisfaction are.If you “do what you love and love what you do” you can’t help but be successful.Why?Because if you enjoy what you are doing, it will spark that inner drive that all successful people have. The desire to succeed at all costs and not give up when facing a difficult road ahead.What I am saying here is very important to someone who wants to own a small home based business.In a small home based business, you will have many obstacles to overcome, some of which are:
Lack of funds.
Working long hours.
Working alone.
Learning the business through trial and error.
Getting discouraged when things aren’t going as planned.
It takes time, effort and knowledge to make a small business successful. The passion you have for your business will be the difference between giving up on your dream and achieving your goal of a profitable and satisfying business.How many times have you heard actors, professional athletes and other successful people say that not only do they do what they love but get paid for it?Wow! Isn’t that the ultimate achievement?Get paid to do what you love to do!This is all possible with your own business.Let’s face it. If you work for someone else, you may like your job and you may be good at it; but no matter how passionate you are, your boss still reaps the rewards of your passion and dedication.It is still his or her business, not yours.So take some advice from someone who, now and for most of my business life, got paid for doing what I loved to do.Find something you love. A hobby perhaps. Turn it into a home based business. Devote the same time, effort and expense into it.Become passionate about it. And you will succeed!I guarantee it!Then when all is said and done, you too can boast…(like the song says): “I did it My Way”

Home Office Feng Shui

Whether you believe in the Oriental powers of feng shui or not, there are an increasingly large number of people who do. Either way, it’s fun to examine different ideas, so let’s take a look at your home office from the feng shui point of view.Business people in Asia have considered work place feng shui to be a crucial contributor to personal and business success for centuries. Anything that has lasted for centuries is worth a closer look to see if any part of the concept will work for you. In this article we will ignore corporate business office feng shui, and focus on home office adaptations.Have a separate outside entrance to your office if possible. If you can not, then choose a room that is near the front or back door of the house or apartment. Separate your home office from the rest of the living area in order to keep your business and personal lives separate. If your home office is part of a larger room, then partition it off with bookcases, screens, or large plants.Never have your back to the window. Having your back to a door symbolically leaves you open to attack. If you directly face a door you may be overpowered by the incoming Chi. The best position is with your back to a wall that holds an Earth element such as a picture of a mountain or a lake. The next best position is angled away from a doorway or facing a wall featuring a water element such as a fish or a picture of lake, or even abstract art that features wavy lines.You can energize your desk by adorning it with objects that symbolize the five elements to attract work and luck. Simply follow the Lo Shu grid like this:North: Your beverage cup or glass.Northeast: A crystal paperweightNorthwest: Your computer terminalEast: Fresh flowersSoutheast: A small green plantSouth: A desk lamp or something redFlat ceilings are best for promoting the flow of Chi. If you have a sloped ceiling, cathedral ceiling, or exposed beams then you you can hang wind chimes or bamboo flutes to offset the negative effects.If you have views of harmful elements from your window, you can negate them by the strategic placement of wind chimes or plants. Cactus and Bamboo are plants symbolize good fortune and are ideal for placement in the home office. Any sharp leaved plants are good feng shui in this area as they are believed to deter harmful influences.Always take a short walk before entering your office to work each day and another one at the end of your working day as another measure of separating your business life from your personal life. Leave at least 7-9 inches of space between each piece of office furniture. This allows room for energy to flow.Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free in order to allow a free flow of feng shui energy throughout the room. There is a difference between clutter and stored items. Stored items should, however, be filed away or stored neatly in a cabinet or closet to allow the flow of feng shui energy.Place a picture of a lake, waterfall or any other water scene on one of the walls on the East side of your office. This represents the flow of energy. You can also use one of those desktop fountains or even an aquariumPlace a green, smooth-leafed plant, not one with jagged or pointed leaves, on a shelf in the corner closest to your water item. You can use an artificial plant if you are a known live plant killer.Here are some other items that you can also place in that corner:* red eggs symbolizing wealth creation* a red envelope containing several coins* a crystal on a red ribbon near the window* three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon* a pearl or anything spherical* a wheel or bell* a symbol or picture of red fish* a lotus flower symbolizing great achievements from humble beginningsAlso, consider placing a decorative jar filled with water near the entrance to your office.Fend Shui BenefitsFeng shui is said to make you more aware of how your environment affects your state of mind. Even if you don’t subscribe to the ancient Oriental ways, you have to admit that an uncluttered office, with room to move around, and pleasant decorations is much better than a cluttered dungeon that’s stuffed to the ceiling with piles of paper.Also, feng shui helps you to stay focused by forcing you to store incomplete and future projects in a storage area so you won’t be distracted by worrying over them every day. Feng shui experts claim that you will receive these additional benefits as well:* Increase your prosperity & abundance.* Boost your health.* Reduce insomnia & stress.* Enhance your personal power.* Easing of family conflicts.* Increase your concentration* Enhance financial security.* Attract new customers to your business.* Upgrade your life in many other ways.There is a lot more to feng shui than we can possibly cover in this article. The Internet is an abundant source of articles. Thousands of books have been written on the subject, and there are even feng shui consultants that will come in and help your organize your office and home. Hopefully your interest level has been raised and you will follow up by learning more.Good luck and good health!Suggested readings:Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0767903595/hbbo-20Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0806976292/hbbo-20© 2004 Vishal P. Rao

The Jagged Line

So much has been written and said about drawing a line between your home/family life and your business life. Most people would assume that you have to keep your family out of your business in order to be disciplined in order to stay focused on your job and business.Many people can tell you that in order to keep your family life from encroaching into your business life, but in order to keep your business functioning, you have to also keep your business OUT OF YOUR FAMILY LIFE.Yes, this means, you should have personal space too, at home.This is important, to most of us because we have a shared space between home and family. It’s easy to confuse the both of them up and start getting both lives mingled together. For instance, your children would be asking you to help with their homework when you’re in the middle of something important. Your children fall sick and your clients are chasing after you for something – which one is more important? You’d say the deadline, huh? So would I – some time back.But I have been in this freelancing and home-for-work business for more than half a decade now and I understand one thing now – it depends on when your clients are calling you.If they call you during family time, you have to tell them that you will get to it a little bit later on when you are working. The line between work and family time should NOT be blurred.Why is this important?Well, for one thing, if you have specific time for both your lives, you would feel more satisfied with your working arrangements. You wouldn’t be disgruntled, dissatisfied or angry with your clients about taking your precious family time from you! Imagine if your work is taking up your weekdays and weekends too – wouldn’t that actually defeat the purpose of working from home? You might as well NOT be working from home if you were spending more time at work (or is less available to your children and family), wouldn’t you agree?So, workaholics like me – it’s best to actually draw a very clear line between family life and working life – even if they are one and the same.For me, as example, I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Yes, that’s true and I have a tagline too – the freelancer that doesn’t sleep. But then again, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sleep or I don’t have a personal life. I will answer queries and phone calls and emails at un-godly hours. My response rate is normally very quick. But I have definite working hours.I work from 10.00a.m. till 2p.m. and then 3.30pm. till about 5.30pm. Then after my kids go to sleep, I spend another few hours working before conking out with my kids in my arms in bed…right next to my computer (my office). I tell my live-in maid that between those hours, unless it’s a life and death situation, I am not to be to interrupted. I keep to my time religiously.During weekends, I will only attend to phone calls and emails and not do any work at all unless necessary. For most projects, they require me to complete things for them by MONDAY, which would mean that I have to work over the weekend. But I schedule it into the Saturday and not touch anything for the entire Sunday! And for rush projects that requires me to work over the weekend, I would normally charge them a ‘rush fee’ because I don’t want to encourage them to use my weekends for work.This is essential for a good working environment for any homepreneur. Believe you me, it will make a happier and more effective business person.

Why You Should Start An Internet Business

Have you ever considered starting an internet business? You cannot figure out why you should start one now? Or, maybe starting an internet business is just a thought in your head. If you are facing these questions right now, then you should consider the following:The worldwide usage of the internet will only continue to growThe number of internet users will only grow. Statistics have shown a 20 percent growth rate (per year) for new internet users in the last 10 years, and, while total consumer sales grew by 6.8 percent, online sales grew by 26 percent. This indicates that more and more users will make purchases on the internet. Given these facts, you won’t have to worry about the market being saturated.It’s easy starting an internet business. Even an average Joe can do itStaring an internet business has never been easier. These days, you don’t even need to create your own product or be an internet whiz to start an internet business. Being an affiliate means you won’t have to create a product or write a sales letter. All you got to do is refer prospects, and if they make a purchase, the vendor will pay you commissions. Here’s more, buying resell rights to a product will enable you to sell that product as many times as you wish, and keep 100% of the profits. With all these options available, the only things you need to worry about are a good web host and an autoresponder.It is the least expensive way to start a businessYou probably know that setting up a traditional business will cost thousands of dollars, from renting and office space to hiring staff; you are very much in the red until you make lots of sales.Here’s the difference, starting an online business will only involve buying hosting space, which will be around $30.00 per month, an autoresponder, and a pop-up service. All these will only add up to about $70.00 a month. What is that compared with thousands of rental of office space? Selling info products (Purchasing resell rights) will at most, require you to buy once, then sell it as many times as you wish at no additional cost. Best of all, being an affiliate will not cost you nothing.You choose when to workWith an internet business, you have the luxury to choose when you want to work, and you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to get to office by 9am.You can work from anywhere in the worldYou only need a computer, and an internet connection to do business. Where in the world, can you not find these things?You can fully automate your businessSome internet businesses can be fully automated when done right. You don’t have to even lift a finger to operate your business. This could be done with the help of autoresponders and pop-ups. The only thing you have to do is drive traffic to your website.You can create multiple internet businessesSince the cost of running an internet business is so low, and most of these businesses can be automated, it is possible to create more than 1 business.Most internet business models do not involve inventoryIf you are going to do info products, by being an affiliate, or a reseller, you don’t have to ever worry about inventory. There is none. Once prospects pull out their credit card and make payments, they can instantly download their product from the server.To achieve success and have more time in the futureSince everything can be automated, your business will be doing sales for you, leaving you with more time and money.