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A Window Washing Business is a Business that Allows You to Charge Top Dollar and Get It!

Pricing is always a subject that’s fun and exciting to talk about because it relates to money…Or more specifically how much money you can really make in the window washing business.I’ll tell you right now that there are window washers who scramble around all day and make very little-$100, $150 or some similar amount.Maybe those amounts are not little to you, but if you follow the advice provided here, you should make at least $45 per hour, so for a typical 10 hour day, you should pull in at least $450.Let’s clarify some things first though. This hourly amount assumes you’ve completed perhaps a couple of dozen jobs or more under your belt. As with anything else that is new to you, it will take a little time to gain the confidence and speed you need to make a good consistent $45 per hour.Ok…let’s assume you are in a groove and you know your stuff.The sad thing is that many window washers make the mistake of estimating window washing jobs based on price.Wrong.Price, or I should say “low prices” may be the way to go for some businesses like carpet cleaning, pizza, or Dry cleaning. It seems like there are always price wars in those industries, but you don’t want to get caught up in any price wars in the window washing business.You don’t want to be known as the cheapest window washer in town. You want to be known as the best.Keep in mind that your prospects are not your everyday run-of-the-mill prospects. They are people who are generally successful, have money, and they’re not afraid to part with some of it if they can get clean glass with no hassle.I don’t want to give you the impression that every one of your window washing prospects will have a money tree in their backyard, and I don’t want you to think you’ll be able to charge any ‘ole high price and get away with it. No.After all, some of your clientele will be retirees who are on fixed incomes.What I am saying is that you’ll be able to charge more than your competitors and walk away with plenty of business IF you present yourself the right way.In my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business, I tell the story about “sloppy” Pete who was a window washer I saw out and about one day.He was driving a raggedy beat up truck with smoke billowing out the back and white, uneven, tore up stencils on the side advertising his company name. It said “Pete’s window washing”. He had tattoos everywhere, long greasy hair, a big ‘ole stogie sticking out of his mouth, and he just generally looked like a slob. Sorry to be so harsh on the poor guy, but let’s compare him to you.You’re the professional. You pull up in a nice clean vehicle with magnetic signs on the side and you’re dressed in a company polo shirt. Your own appearance along with your rolling advertisement is top notch.Then you present your estimate on your own letterhead (not scribbled on the back of a business card like Pete does). Your estimate package consists of a well written cover letter, reference page with past satisfied customers, and the writtenestimate page.Your prospects will obviously feel more comfortable with you because you’ve created a solid image of professionalism and trust from the very beginning.When you’ve accomplished the task of putting your prospect at ease, you just won the battle. The prospect will gladly pay more for the privilege of having you take care of their home.I routinely, day in and day out, charged $20, $30, $40, and even $50 or more than my competitors, but I was busier, I made more money, and I was backed up with work for weeks at a time.Meanwhile, my competitors are running around all day wondering what they’re doing wrong.”Charging more” is the exact opposite of what most businesses and window washers do. And it may be something you’re not used to hearing.But again…you have to understand your customers. They have expensive furnishings, personal items, kids, and a whole bunch of concerns/issues going through their head about you, so do youthink they’ll pay a little bit more if they feel that you’ll treat their home like your own? You bet!What about good ‘ole Pete? You think I could have charged $30 to $40 more than him and gotten the job? Absolutely.I spoke to one of my brand new system owners not too long ago who didn’t follow my advice on pricing, but he wanted this job he was estimating badly so he gave the prospect a deep discount.The job was priced at $66. He told me it took him over 8 hours to do. He vowed never to do that again. Who wants to make around $8 an hour as a business owner? You may as well work at Walmart.To give you another example, I got a call one day from a customer of another window washer. She was tired of waiting around for this other guy to come by and clean her windows, so she called me.I gave her the estimate and the best I could do as far as price was $168. The other guy charged her $105. She told me this before I began estimating her windows, but even after shaving a few bucks off here and there, I just could not, and was not willing, to go any lower then $168.But I knew that if I could prove to her that I was worth it, then she would take the price. So I presented my estimate package like I always did…with a nice cover letter, references with phone numbers, and the price listed on the estimate page in the back. A quality business card was paper clipped to the front of the package.Then I stressed that I was fully insured and bonded. And if she’d like to check out a little more about me, I asked her to please visit my website.My professionalism was there and I could tell she trusted and felt comfortable with me. The ball was “in her court” as they say. The end result was she said yes at the door. Now don’tforget…I was $63 HIGHER than her other window washer.When I got done with the job, she was just ecstatic. It took me an hour longer then the other guy, but I actually got right on top of the glass and scraped each window (the other guy usedpoles).I proceeded to clean her windows on a regular basis over the years and I received many referrals from her.I’d like to stress to you that when she was recommending me to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, I can assure you she didn’t say “His pricing is great”. Or “Steve is cheap…you have to use him”.No. More than likely she said “Steve did a fabulous job on my windows. You just have to have him do yours also. He’s worth it”. Like I said earlier, you don’t want to be known as the cheapest,you want to be known as the best.Your long term success in the window washing business will be because you have a reputation based on quality, not low prices.Sure…there will always be those unrealistic prospects who expect you to spend all day at their house for $50. Simply walk away to greener pastures. Not everyone will use your services at your higher prices, but that’s ok.The beauty of this business is it doesn’t take many quality, higher paying jobs to have a successful window washing business.I never worry about competition. Let them try and undercut me on price. More power to ‘em. Meanwhile I’ll go in there looking like a total professional and get the job at a higher price.Sure you can make an OK living being the low priced guy in your town, but resist the urge to be the Kmart of window washers. Your income will thank you for it.Best Wishes,Steve256-546-2446

Why Start an Internet Business is Your Best Choice Now?

Starting with affordable Internet businesses is one of the best small business ideas. Establishing a small Internet business is much easier than any traditional business. Internet brings equal play fields for anyone who wants to start a small business, home business or simply want to work on an Internet job to earn extra income during spare time-regard as a “part time job Online”. Do you know what will likely go down as the most colossal, most lucrative goldmine in mankinds’ history? It is the Internet. The Internet has become a worldwide revolution, radically changing the way the world communicates and gets its information. E-commerce and shopping on the World Wide Web is already a multi-multi billion dollar industry… soon to be in the Trillions. Broadband usage in the United States was predicted in 2000 to reach 22.3 million by 2002. The actual figure turned out to be 17.2 million. But by the end of 2003 however, 24.2 million US homes had high speed access. What if YOU can share in the profits of this incredible global explosion? Here’s perhaps the most surprising statistcs: At the peak of the “dot com frenzy”, Jupiter Research predicted the world’s online population would reach 498 million by 2003. According to eMarketer, because of rapidly surging growth in countries like China, India, and the Pacific Rim, the global Internet population last year jumped to over 633 million. The Internet offers you the best financial opportunity. Anyone with commitment can succeed if they choose the best online businesses, follow clear marketing plan with good marketing tools. There are a lot of advantages and benefits for the starting online business: 1. You can start affordable Intnernet businesses with LITTLE capital and have potential to make MILLIONS. Build an income well above what many conventional businesses. 2. You can build Online business and run it from anywhere in the world. Even when you are on vacation. The only tool you need to carry around is the laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, you can use computers in libraries or “Internet Cafes’” to check on your business (assuming your email is accessible remotely). 3. You can reach millions of visitors if you have websites! How many people visit the Mom-and-Pop corner brick and mortar store? You have the global market. 4. You can start and run your best Internet businesses at home office. You need just a small room or desk where the computer can sit on, and an internet connection from your home. You can reach the world from your home. 5. You do not need to hire anyone, but yourself. You can earn while you learn. Do not try to master everything at one time. It will cause frustration. You apply what you learn, and learn from what you’ve done. Gradually you will master the internet world. 6. You can do your business in your spare time. You do not need to quit any daytime job when you start your business. It is the best for those working moms and dads. You can work when your kids sleep. You can work anytime of the day or night. It is also good part time job opportunity for college students who can apply computer skills and make money for their tuition. 7. You can let your automatic system do the work for you. Run your business on autopilot Plus TAX Advantages. As a home business owner, you can huge take advantage. You can deduct the cost for your business travel, meals with business partners, and home office cost like your computer, internet connection, telephone, and other tools related to your business. As you can see that there are a lot of potential from best Internet businesses and the leverage is enormous. But you need to act sooner than later before everyone in this world knows the secrets. Starting your online business should not put you in debt. Hundreds of internet business owners who are making $100,000 more per year started for less than $200! You can be successful with your own business without investing much money, as long as you do the right things. Take advantage of every free and low cost resource. Like free trial for 90 days, free bonuses, free eBooks, and more. All you need for starting your best Internet businesses is the following: – A good computer – An internet connection – Choose best Online businesses – Build your business and follow a good leader – Marketing your business with effective marketing resources Once you find good online business model, with good leader’s help, and right promotional method, you are on your way to earn a good income online.Note: Feel free to publish it with the resource box and content unchanged

Take the Leap! And Work at Home

Would you like to work for yourself from home? Oh! You have you been toying with the idea for a while now. So what is holding you back? I know you linger over those classifieds offering work from home opportunities. You sit for hours in front of your computer viewing web sites. Why is it taking so long? There is nothing very scary about leaving your name and email address. Ah! It is that little voice inside saying ” it’s a scam” or “It’s too good to be true”.Maybe I can help. I was also hearing that voice. A 40-year young mum of 3 boys under 9, working in a 24/7 call center doing 10 hour shifts. Oh! It was great; I only had to work 4 days a week one of those days was Saturday till 9.00pm. A small sacrifice to make to still earn a full time wage I was home 3 nights to have dinner with the family and I had Sundays free to catch up on the housework.Finally I realized the whole thing was ridiculous, I hated it, my family hated it and I took the leap. I now run my business from home. My once skeptical partner is now planning his retirement, and looking forward to staying home and fishing a lot, possibly one downside to all this, (no just joking, really!).Let me share some information with you that I discovered while on my search for a home based opportunity. Multi Level marketing is the way to go. There are plenty of ethical and successful MLM companies out there with great products and marketing plans. If you are concerned make sure they are registered with the Direct Selling Association.Why MLM you ask? It costs very little to begin. There is very little overhead. It doesn’t require long hours and you can decide when and how many hours you want to commit from one day to the next. You don’t have to leave your current job. You can take your business anywhere you go and you can work it from anywhere you want. Absolutely anyone can do it. Regardless of your education, race, color or religion everyone starts off on an equal footing, the rest is up to the individual. You get to meet a lot of great people who all share a common goal and interest and who nurture each other as a team.Your first exposure to the Business will be your Sponsor. Listen to what they say. They provide you with the initial information you need to make your first decision. Is this business right for you? Sponsors should not make you feel like you have been backed into a corner. It is as much in their interest to make sure you fully understand the business as it is yours so you can make an educated decision on whether or not a particular opportunity is right for you.Do your homework. Ask people have they heard of the company or the brand and have they tried it. You want to hear facts and testimonials like buying a car. Does the marketing plan offer good compensation ? Does it offer continuous growth? Is the Company Local or is your business going to be able to grow Internationally? Make sure the product you will be moving is usable and will need replenishing. More importantly make sure you are comfortable with the product. You need to become what we call “A product of the product” then before you know it the rest just happens.I hope I have succeeded in arming you with a bit more information that you had 5 minutes ago. Now! Go back to those businesses that have been lingering in the back of your mind and order that information pack. When it’s right for you, you will know. Your first conversation with your sponsor will leave you excited. You will find yourself thinking of all the people whom you can show this product to and all the people who you know that need to see this opportunity. Figures will start calculating in your head and you will keep thinking about it over and over.When that happens it’s time to take the leap! Whatever you do don’t look back, hold onto your vision even if you are the only person who can see it and don’t ever lose sight of your dreams and goals. Good luck!

My Favorite Home Business Marketing Ideas

If you’re planning cartoon porn to make money online with a work from home opportunity then you need places to advertise. Fortunately there are literally thousands of places for you to advertise your business and or products online. Both FREE and FEE based advertising. Below is a list of my top 5 ways I advertise and get good traffic to my work from home based web site.1) The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista can bring you lots of FREE traffic but getting your site optimized properly for the proper keywords so you rank on the first page can be somewhat of a challenge. You can pay for someone to do the process for you or you can do it yourself. If you do it yourself get ready to do allot of reading and research. Join SEO ezines and discussion boards. For free information on SEO articles you can go to the following page. http://bigmoolla.com/optimization.html2) Pay Per Click Search Engines (PPC) is a great way to get good quality targeted traffic to your web site. The experts say to find as many key words as you can that relate to your subject matter. But as I have found you really only need 2 or 3 really good keywords. You will need to test your advertising to see which ones work best for your opportunity and or product that you are advertising.3) I cannot stress enough the power of RECIPROCAL LINKING. Link trades are easy and can make you a lot of money. The best thing about link trades is they are free!! What you need to do is contact at least 100 webmasters a week asking to trade links. You need to do some every day, seven days a week! Or if your time is limited, devote a good 4-8 hours on the weekend to trading links. Of course, the more people you trade with the more your site will be listed through out the Internet, which is more chances someone will come to your site and buy. This is your first step in obtaining your goals.4) Top sites are a great way to advertise your site and get good traffic. They also double as reciprocal links giving you better search engine rankings and boosting your search engine traffic. There are top sites for almost every subject matter from home business opportunities to dating sites. Search for top sites on the major search engines and submit your site to them.5) FREE traffic and viral hit generators are great for inflating your hit count. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all they are doing. Because the people who are sending you the traffic are only interested in the same thing you are. (MORE TRAFFIC) They are not actually interested in what you have to offer on your site. They are however good for a couple things. The first is search engine rankings. Some engines will actually give you a better ranking the higher your traffic is. Secondly I use FREE traffic exchanges to boost my top site rankings. The way a top site works is all the sites on the top site are placed in order of how much traffic they actually send to the top site. So if you use a traffic exchange to send hits to the top site you can get ranked in the top 10 giving you more exposure.These are my top 5. There are a hundred more ways you can advertise including offline ideas. For more information on these and other ways to advertise check out my website at http://www.bigmoolla.comCopyright © Tom Worsley

The Safest Way to Start Your Own Business

Many people are frustrated by their current full-timejobs, but hesitate to take that first step toward independenceout of fear.When you’re used to a steady paycheck from a regular job, and have family and other financial obligations, stepping outof your comfort zone just seems too risky – no matter how miserable you are with your current situation.Your employer, however, could be your ticket to a successful freelance business. When I started my freelance copywriting practice 10 years ago, I negotiated a contract with my employer- a large advertising agency – for 50 percent of my time for thefirst year. This gave me the springboard I needed to go out and find other clients, while covering enough of my monthly expenses to take the fear out of starting my own business.You’re probably wondering… “Why on earth would my employer agree to sign a contract for half my time?” There are a number of reasons, and they can result in a”win-win” situation for both of you.If you’re on good terms with your employer, chances are they don’t want to lose you. It’s tough to find new staff these days. It takes time to train them and wait until they’re familiar enough with the agency’s style and processes to finally become productive.Even if they decide to replace you, it can take months to gather resumes, interview candidates and hire the right person. During that time you can be performing job functions from your home office, perhaps even training your replacement, and providing your employer with an easier transition to the new employeeand minimizing business disruption.If you are not on good terms with your employer or boss, or if they’re thinking of eliminating your position, or if the company is downsizing, merging, or being bought out, you can help them avoid the unpleasantness (and cost) of firing you. You are actually doing them a favorby restructuring this in the form of a contract for servicesthat can be “stretched out” for a period of time.Frankly, if an employer has to choose between letting yougo and paying severance and benefits, versus signing a contract for a period of time and getting tangible work and services in return, which do you think they’d prefer?The funds for your contract may even be allocated froma different budget category, making it more affordable for them.There’s one more reason your employer may opt for a contract: your knowledge. You are already familiar with your company, its clients and services. You’re able to provide the services they need and you understand whathas to be done.It can be a win-win situation. Many creative people have used this logic in approaching their bosses to negotiate their first contract and go out on their own.If you are really interested in starting your own businessas a freelancer or independent consultant, or even thinkingof changing directions with your work life, your current job can provide the security you need in your first year to get started on your dream.

Clean Up In An Office Cleaning Business

With the economy still trying to recover, and unemployment still high in many countries, a good solution for many people is to find an easy to operate business. Most people think of large expenses or a lot of experirnce needed when they think of running a business, but there is a unique business that requires neither one of these. It is starting an office cleaning business.The office cleaning business is unique in that the job itself requiresno experience. Anyone can clean and vacuum. And your only costs will becleaning supplies and start up marketing costs. And even the marketingcosts can be minimal.To get business, you can start by preparing a simple flyer on yourcomputer, or on a computer at your local copy shop like Kinko’s.Next, target office complexes where a lot of businesses have theiroffices all grouped together. Try to get accounts with a bunch ofoffices in the same building. If you get one and do a good job, get themto write a recommendation for you so that you can take it to otheroffices in the building to secure more business. In that way, you canhave multiple accounts, but have all your work in one place.When you start getting more and more business, you can hire workers todo the actual cleaning for you. Pay them a fair wage, and take thedifference for yourself. Your job will now be to find more and moreaccounts. Use those letters of recommendations to help you.The beauty of the business is at this point, you are adding recurringstreams of income, and other people are doing the cleaning. As long asyour workers do a good job, you will keep the accounts from the previousmonth, and keep adding new accounts, which will soon make your monthlyincome soar.Who ever thought that cleaning could be so exciting?

Make Profits Off of Anything!

What is your talent? Are you a good writer, a good artist, good singer/rapper, or a good athlete? Take some time think about what your talent is. Now have you ever thought about making money with your talent? Yes, no, maybe? Maybe yes because you’re a good athlete that wants to go pro and make some big bucks. Maybe no because you have some other talent that seems like something stupid know one could ever make money with. Maybe you’ve thought about it, but never given it a serious thought.The thing is anyone can turn almost any talent into profits with a little effort and creativity.Look at Martha Stewart. Her talent was homemaking. She was considered an expert on everything from cooking, baking, crafting, gardening, and other things in the category of lifestyles and homemaking. She turned her talents into profit by publishing books and hosting her own tv show.Now think about that, you could do the same. If you like sports and are very knowledgeable about it you could write about that and share your knowledge, opinions, and experience to the world on that topic. If you don’t like writing you could hire someone to do it for you. If you’re just not a good writer work on perfecting your writing skills. Read some books, take some classes, practice, etc. It may be hard, but it could pay off BIG in the end.Even if your talent is something bizarre like swallowing gasoline without dying and farting out flames, you too could profit. People pay to have and see the most strangest things. You could assemble a tam of other people with bizarre talents and start the world’s greatest circus and make a fortune. Maybe you could put the Ringling Brothers circus out of business, along with others. Of course you would have to learn how to start a business first. You can find information on that from books, the internet, chamber of commerce, magazines, etc.

So Close, Yet So Far

What I am going to talk about is something that happens to a lot of people trying to make it online or off-line for that matter.They get to a certain point milf porn and then simply quit. The sad part about it is that many don’t realize how close they have been to actually achieving success.What’s my point?My point is you should never quit. Once you set your goal you should simply go for it.People jump from program to program trying to figure out what the problem is with the program. The truth be told – the problem is not with the program but many times with the individual.I’m not saying that every program is for everyone or that everyone does things the same way. But what I am saying is that many people are quick to blame someone or something without taking a deep look at themselves or what is truly not working.Marketers that are currently earning any significant income on the ‘Net (or off the ‘Net for that matter) know that (1) you must never quit and (2) trial and error is many times inevitable. After awhile, you gain experience (which is a nice way of saying you have taken your lumps).Experience is the key.I believe that you should not chase every program under the sun. You need to find a few select programs that really work and truly work them. It is the quality and not the quantity of the programs that will lead to your success.There are just certain tools that every marketer should have to even begin to think about succeeding online. They don’t have to be the exact tools that I use, but they should be in the ball park.Choose the right programs, use the right tools and the right techniques.And most of all – Never, Ever quit.Copyright 2005 Romel Wallace

Home Business Success Secret: Earn Money – Don’t Make It!

I can remember the first trip my husband and I went on – all expenses paid – direct sales company I worked for. It was an all expense paid stay in Athens, Greece, and a cruise of the Greek Islands. Still ranks as one of the best trips I’ve ever had.”Wow, I’m so thrilled I won this trip.”, I told a colleague.”Debbi, you did not WIN this trip. You earned it.”That came to mind today as I was reading an article in Jeffrey Gitomer’s newsletter. A real estate agent was writing in because he was having challenges with all the flat-rate agencies out there. Jeffrey related several problems he saw in the guy’s thinking, but then made a profound statement.”Quit making money and start earning it.”You see, a lot of people think that’s the same thing. And that’s why they continue to struggle in their home business or with their home based business opportunity.Most anyone can make money, but it takes a little more creativity and gumption to earn it. Here are a few things that come to mind…which do you do?Making money by blasting your email list with any piece of junk that has a high commission?Or earning money by evaluating products first and recommending only those which will help your prospects and customers?Making money by hard selling the top buy-in of your home based business opportunity (after all, that’s how you earn the big up front $$)?Or earning money by recommending what’s right for that person and their family? Maybe even recommending a different company if that would fit their criteria better?Making money by spamming forums and message boards with your “deal”?Or earning money by offering suggestions, being helpful, and being seen as the “go to” person? ….always leaving a signature file, of course!Making money by quickly throwing together an inferior product because you know that there are enough naive people who won’t recognize that?Or earning money by providing something of value….even to those who don’t recognize the value yet.People tend to shy away from the concept of earning money. After all, it requires work. (Just look at the examples above and you can see what I mean).And, the world isn’t fair….some people who concentrate on making money will get more than those earning money. So, it’s a decision each person must make for him/herself.Look at the long term value of making money vs. earning money. And look “inside” to see which feels best.

Grants Consultant, A Great Work At Home Biz

Are you r black porn acking your brain, looking for a way to stay at home with your family, and still make a comfortable living?Are you a good communicator? Can you sit with another person and understand what it is she wants? Then can you talk to her so she has a clear idea of your thoughts and opinions? Can you express yourself well in writing – take scattered information and put it together on the page so it makes sense to the reader?Do you like doing research – digging deep and finding information? Are you computer and Internet savvy? Are you good at conceptualizing ideas, making plans and implementing them effectively?Do you get a charge out of helping other people accomplish their goals? Are you inspired to improve your community and create new resources? Do you enjoy variety, and managing your own time and workload? Want to be your own boss?Would you like a career that provides some visibility, and the opportunity to be well respected for your contributions, while you earn $50 to $150 an hour?If this sounds like you, I’d like to suggest the best career you’ve probably never considered: grants consultant.A career as a grants consultant does not require a college degree. This is a career in which your performance is much more important than any educational credential. Of course, grants consultants must be professional in their appearance and presentation of themselves and their services. That doesn’t mean suits and high heels, however. The majority of clients are in the helping profession, so the dress code is usually business casual.Grants consultants provide services to non-profit agencies and businesses in their communities. These services may range along a continuum from very simple to very complex. At the simplest end of the continuum, a non-profit agency, such as a shelter for battered women, may not have sufficient staff to write a proposal for a grant they have identified. So they enter into a contractual arrangement with a grant writer to prepare the proposal. Many agencies routinely use contract grant writers. Other agencies hire staff grant writers, and allow them to work from home.At the more complex end of the continuum, a group of investors may be interested in building an affordable housing project. The consultant may participate in planning the project, help structure a consortium, lobby legislators, provide public relations, work with neighborhood associations, find a variety of funding resources, and write the grants proposals. At this level, the grants consultant may take an equity position and own part of the project, as well as earning a developer’s fee.Obviously, the services you could provide as a grants consultant depend upon your training and your existing knowledge base. If you have a background in business, management, finance, or real estate, that background has provided you with skills you may be able to share with your clients.But even if your experience does not touch upon those areas, you can learn all the skills necessary to find funding resources and write effective grant proposals. And as you work on more projects, and gain more experience, you have ever-greater skills to offer your clients.Here are three steps to get started on a career as a grants consultant:Make an assessment of what you have to offer now. Write down the skills you have developed thus far, through previous work experience, volunteer work, education or training.Enroll in a comprehensive, high-quality training program for grant writers. Be sure the training emphasizes research skills; writing foundation, corporate, and government proposals; and the politics and procedures of dealing with funders and clients.Jump right in! Select a cause you support within your own community, perhaps your child’s sports team, or a non-profit daycare center. Identify a small need (under $10,000), such as uniforms or playground equipment. Then volunteer to find money for them and write a grant proposal. With a couple of successful grants under your belt, you can begin to market your services to paying clients.To learn more, get a copy of our Free Grant Tips at http://GrantMeRich.com.