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Home Based Business Article – Why Most People Have Business Success Backwards

Why most people have business success backwards, and therefore most people aren’t successful.Success and wealth are crazy things. You must first give something away for them to be obtained. It is like planting a seed. You must give away or plant that seed before it grows and multiples This sounds absolutely crazy. Most people think how can I have wealth and success if I give away the little that I have? After all I don’t have much, therefore I must hang on to it if I ever want to have something.Here’s what the truly successful have found out – they only achieved enormous success after they learned to give even more of themselves. The more they gave the more they received back. This is the philosophy too many people have and it is the philosophy of those who remain poor. For two much of my own life I had this philosophy. Most people can’t be blamed for having this way of thinking, as the secrets of success aren’t typically taught. They must be sought out.First we must understand what wealth is, wealth is not money. Money is only paper. Ask a guy stranded on a desert island with 50 million dollars how much that money is worth. Not very much. Material wealth is only the items we can purchase with that money – cars, TV’s, vacations, houses, you get the idea. So in this frame something of value (the car for example) must be produced for us to be able to use it. Thus the more value that a person can produce (cars, TV’s, computers, even information and time) the more valuable you become.Think of it this way, if you were the only person who could do a very valuable task that many people wanted how wealthy would you be? Extremely to say the least. But that is all just background information.Here is why people have success backwards especially in the area of sales and marketing. They mistakenly go about trying to sell their product or service, thinking people will want to buy from them. Instead of thinking how can I be of value to others. How can I give away my value so I receive even more in return.Here is where it really gets crazy. We already said we must give away our value to others to obtain wealth, and the more value we are able to give to others the more wealth that will come back to us.Think of it like this.A doctor goes to school for many years to become a doctor. He gives countless hours of his time to you to learn to become a doctor. Many doctors will study/work 4000 hours per year times 10 years = 40,000 hours plus many hundreds of thousands of dollars in money spent on education. So when you go to the doctor he has 40,000 hours invested in you in a sense, as you are the only one he is dealing with at this time. For which he might charge you $100. Even if you were to go to him for $40,000 worth of services in your lifetime where can you get this kind of value for $1 an hour and he even pays his own education cost out of his pocket.The same thing can be said of a famous athlete, or musician, or actor, etc. who spends countless thousands of hours of practice perfecting their craft before you spent $15 on a CD or bought a ticket, etc. from them.Think of someone like Bill Gates and Microsoft. He sells you a computer operating system like Windows, which has literally thousand of hours of development time in it, to you for $129. What an incredible bargain this is, somebody spends millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop a product that you want for which you get for only $129. What a steal.The point is in all of these cases these people had the vision of giving away their talents (isn’t our wealth really what we have the capability to earn with our talents), before they expected to receive anything in return. And yet in each of these cases the more value they were able to give away to people the more wealth they got back in return.The Bible talks about the principal of tithing. God says give me 10 percent of what you can do and I’ll give you much more in return. God also says you can’t out give him. I think he must see it as like a contest. He must be thinking, you think you are a big giver. “Check this out, look what I’m going to give you in return, try to top this.”The point is in all of these cases people first gave of themselves and then they received much more in return. And yet we too often as sales people simply go out and try to sell somebody on our product or service. And we wonder why the customer doesn’t buy from us.Let’s look at this from the customer’s perspective-We’re saying, “This is a great product.”They’re thinking, “I’m skeptical what’s so great about it?”We’re saying, “This product will make your life easier.”They’re thinking, “Okay, but I can get the same product somewhere else why should I buy from you?”We’re saying, “You need our product or service.”They’re thinking, “Why, I’ve gotten along okay without it this long.”We’re saying, “In so many words and body language, I need you to buy this from me.”They’re thinking, “You’re bugging me, I don’t want to buy your product, go away.”People have a built in radar that detects when they think you’re trying to sell them something, and when their radar detects this it automatically raises this built-in defense barrier to protect them from buying from you. Some sales people are so obnoxious that people will actually lower this barrier and buy from the sales person to get him to go away. The pain of dealing with them was greater than the pain of buying.But they’ll never buy again from these sales people. The remarkably successful people first find ways to be of value first, then people will want what they have because they sense they are getting back more in return. What they are getting is a bargain.Having said all this, value like beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder. You don’t have to become a doctor, athlete, or actor to be of value to others. Learn what people want and simply give it to them. There are certain basic human emotions that everyone wants but few provide them. So if you are one of the few who learn to give people these things doesn’t this make you valuable to them? Doesn’t this make people want to do business with you because you are providing greater value? Sure it does.Here is a list of some of the things that people desire:Make someone feel important, find someway to make them feel that they have a special way of doing something. Get them to talk about themselves. Find out something that they may have accomplished, no matter how small it may seem. And ask them to tell you about how they were able to accomplish this task. They will love telling you about it. You have to remember that to them their favorite topic is themselves.The point is if you show genuine interest in them you are showing interest in their favorite topic. Automatically they drop their guard and will even discuss sales with you because, now you become more of a trusted friend – you are not just a sales person. But it can’t be phony interest. People will see through that.By showing interest in them you are providing value to them. And remember everyone truly is special. Don’t ever judge someone by appearance by thinking, “They can’t help me, no need to be nice to them.” If you do this eventually other people will see this in you and think, “He is such a phony, he is only acting like this with me to get my business. He doesn’t really care about me, only my money.”The point is people who really do want to provide others with value will develop an attitude of caring. When you show people you care you can’t help but be rewarded and you mind will become conditioned to liking this caring and being of value to others as it will come to enjoy the associated rewards.In this regard we are almost like trained animals. Animal trainers get animals to do the things they want by rewarding them when they do good and withholding rewards for incorrect behavior. Like animals don’t we like doing things for which we receive rewards, of course we do.Other tips I have found useful.Smile and be courteous – remember what there is very little of, people cherish and crave it.I know this is hard and I have done it but please resist the urge to one-up or outdo the other person. Let them have the high ground. If they tell you about their weeklong Caribbean cruise resist the urge to blurt in about your 2 week Caribbean cruise. You won’t score any points doing this. Let them have the glory.And one last point, you don’t have to be world famous and have the secrets of life to give value to others. Remember most people have it backwards and are out just trying to sell others instead of offering them value.In the land of the blind, the one eye’d man is king.People always want to buy value and if you offer value you will never have a shortage of customers.

How To Pick A Legitimate Internet Business

If you have ever performed a search on the Internet for a Home Based Business then you know there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of people willing to help you get into one.Knowing which business and which people to trust is largely a matter of common sense…”If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam to get your money”. There are resources on the internet to help you make informed decisions about which business or businesses may be scams and which ones are for real.One indication that a business is honest and legitimate is the “BBB” online symbol usually located at the bottom of the business’ home page. If the “BBB” emblem is not present, you can go to: http://www.bbbonline.org and see if the company is listed with them.Some on line companies are also listed with the Better Business Bureau in their home states and can be checked by going to: http://www.bbb.org. There is a lot of information about businesses and scams on this site so it is worth doing a little reading while there.Just because a business isn’t listed with the “BBB” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not legitimate. You can do a search on the internet for a particular business by name and read what other people have to say about it. Read several of these “critiques” to get different perspectives on the business from different people. When I read something bad about a business in one place, I almost always do some more digging. Who knows but what the person that wrote the “critique” may have had a bad experience with one “bad apple” associated with that business.When looking for a business opportunity, don’t take any body’s word for anything! Check it out for yourself and be sure that it is something you will be comfortable doing for a long time.Many on line businesses will be around for years to come because of the growing number of computer users and the wide reach of the internet.Many people think making money on the internet is easy. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. It takes hard work and dedication to make an on line business successful. Anyone that tells you different is probably trying to get your money or has never had a business.Anyone trying to get you to sign up for a business should be willing to answer questions and provide some type of proof or references for the business. As stated earlier, most businesses can be researched on the internet. All it takes is a little time and some effort on your part.Good luck and best wishes,

How to get to the top of the Search Engines using Reciprocal Links

As you may already know, reciprocal links form a vital part of any website promotion (especially if you want to get loads of free traffic). If you’ve read anything about Google Page Rank then you’ll already know how important incoming links are to the promotion of your site.Explaining everything about reciprocal links is an impossible task, however, there’s no shortage of information on the topic – just do a search for ‘reciprocal links’ or ‘backlinks’ if you’re not clear on what they are. Simply put, the more people you have linking to your site from other well known sites with similar content, the more chances you have of getting to the top of the search engines.Before we go any further, if you haven’t already got the Google Tool Bar you should download it from http://toolbar.google.com . You’ll notice (once you have the toolbar installed) that each page has on the Internet has a Google Page Rank. If your site is new, it won’t have any page rank. If you go to http://www.profitpuppy.com/ you will see that my site has a Page Rank (or PR) of 5 (which is reasonably high considering that I haven’t done any work promoting it).Page Rank is determined (among other things) by the amount of incoming links to a particular site: you can check this buy typing in ‘link:’ and then the URL of a site (try typing link: http://www.profitpuppy.com/ into a Google search box and you will see that the Profit Puppy site has around 260 incoming links).By increasing the number of quality sites that link to you (and subsequently the Page Rank of your site), the better chance you have of getting to the top of the search engines and getting loads of free traffic.What’s the best way to get reciprocal links?There’s a couple of different ways to get links to your site. You can either pay someone else to do it for you, or do it yourself (you can actually use a combination of these methods as well which I’ll also explain).If you have the budget to get someone to exchange links for you then you can post a project on http://www.rentacoder.com/ (a site where you can hire freelance workers from all over the world). Finding someone who will email other site managers for you shouldn’t be a problem. You can hire someone for US$100 a week (or even cheaper) to exchange links for you fulltime. If you can’t afford this than an alternative is to pay someone only for the links that they get for you.A smarter option (which is also more cost effective in the long run) is to use software to manage the link exchanging process for you. I’ve tried out a lot of these programs (including Zeus Internet Marketing Robot and few others). Most of them were complicated to use or didn’t get remarkable results.One piece of software that I do recommend is Arelis by Axandra which automates searching for link partners, managing your links pages and emailing potential link partners. You can easily get hundreds of reciprocal links just by using Arelis for 1 hour each day. It really is a lazy way to get traffic to your site.You can download a FREE trial of Arelis at [http://www.profitpuppy.com/axandra] (you can download a 30 day trial of Internet Business Promoter from this page as well).Personally, I employ someone through http://www.rentacoder.com/ to get them to manage my links using Arelis software. This has been the most successful method so far and has helped me to get a number of my sites into the top of the search engines (sorry, I’m not telling which ones!).Tips and Tricks for successful link exchanging:- You should use keywords that you are trying to rank for in your linking title (the text that will appear on other people’s sites).- Links should be on topic and from sites with related content.- Never link back to Link Farms (even if they link to you), this can result in the Google ‘Death Penalty’ which means your site may never be indexed properly again.- If you have more than one website with similar content try and do a triangle or ‘three way’ link exchange (this involves linking back to your link partners site from a different site to the one that they are linking to). There’s evidence to suggest that this type of link exchange is looked on more favorably by search engines than standard reciprocal links.Finally, I’ve heard several rumors speculating that Google will be changing the way that reciprocal links affect Page Rank. For this reason, I would avoid putting your reciprocal links in a ‘links’ directory and definitely don’t call you links page ‘links.html’. Try and use something more descriptive like ‘resources’ to avoid Google penalties in the future.Regards, Rob Rawson.Feel free to forward this to any of your friends, workmates, or colleagues. To subscribe to the Ecourse, please visit Profitpuppy.comYou may reprint/republish any of the following articles on your own Site, in your own ezine, auto-responder series, product, bonus items, or any other format you wish as long as you adhere to the following:1. The article must not be altered in anyway and the links must remain active2. You must not abuse the Internet in anyway, shape, or form with ANY of your online marketing. This includes but is not limited to sending unsolicited commercial email (SPAM), abusing online forums, using copyrighted materials without permission, or infringing on the trademarks of others.

Maintaining Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a way of life, that when monitored and maintained, enhances the prospects for health, wealth and good fortune in your career and personal life. When the “five elements” in your home, work and landscape environments are in harmony and balance, joy, peace, prosperity and healthy relations are just a few of the blessings that are derived.Occassionally I receive letters or calls from clients who initially experienced positive results from Feng Shui, then things seem to go in reverse. My first response to them is always, “tell me about the condition of your garden/landscape and the things you’ve added to your home/office.” Invariably, they discover that there is debris, dead/dying plants or barren areas in their garden and almost always… more clutter in their home/offices.It’s easy to get excited about Feng Shui in the beginning, but in reality it is more important to maintain good Feng Shui as a way of life. There is also the tendency, in human nature, to overlook the less appearent blessings surrounding us daily, such as improved health, contentment, more serenity and peace, restful sleep, better grades and behavior, less effort, better relations and an overall feeling of well being…than it is for us to relate to the excitement of more business, more money and more abundance in our lives.FENG SHUI TIP #1Feng Shui is an earth art and an earth science, thus you can NEVER over improve the grace, beauty and richness of your garden or landscape environment (this even includes parking lots). NATURE is the primary magnet for good fortune in your life.FENG SHUI TIP #2Less ALWAYS means more Ch’i…life force in your life. Thus the importance of constant space clearing…gifting away, throwing away, storing away or burning away “things” that do not enhance or enrich your life. CH’I is the primary force of health and blessings in your lives.Feng Shui is not superstition, philosophy or a religion.It is the art and science of living in harmony with our interior and exterior environments.

The Success Formula Revealed

Just starting out with a home-based business? Or in the process of looking for a way to make extra money? Then you will want to learn the key to success online.Many opportunities out there on the Internet offer “secret strategies and tips” to help you get-rich-quick, for a small to moderate price. But, you are looking for an opportunity to get “something for nothing”, as are many of us in this day of economic woes.”Freebies!” Who doesn’t want them! The very thought that you could get something for nothing is quite appealing to most people. So, what are these freebies”? I’m referring to FREE information, FREE opportunities, FREE Products to sell online, FREE websites to use to promote them, FREE training and FREE support.Yes, these “Freebies” are available to anyone who is willing to make use of them. Read on, and I will explain how you can use these Freebies to create your own “Success Formula”.Today, millions of dollars in purchases are being made and can be earned on the Internet, and the Internet market continues to expand. The number of Internet consumers is constantly growing, all over the world. Remember, this is a worldwide market.The Internet business opportunities available to the average “Joe” with Internet service at home are unlimited. Thousands of work-at-home opportunities exist. A variety of legitimate programs, that offer unlimited income opportunities. Keep in mind that the Internet is worldwide, so the market is virtually unlimited!So why not start a home based Internet business and work part-time at it! Why would you want to take on a second job?First of all, many of these opportunities and programs are free or they are quite inexpensive, and many can be initiated in your spare time, at home, and on the Internet. Commerce, in many countries around the world, is just beginning to shift to high tech; therefore, the Internet is still largely an unexplored goldmine!Another reason why some people want to start a home-based Internet business is to become their own boss. Let’s face it, there is little job security today as compared to 20-30 years ago. Who wouldn’t want to get away from the “rat race” of the corporate world, anyway? Just think how it would feel to fire your boss and leave the chaos behind?!!!How does working in the comfort of your own home sound? What a difference it could make if you could be a stay-at-home Mom or Dad, forget about the commute, and spend more time with your family & loved ones!If you have made the decision to find work on the internet, how do you find the program that will work for you? Be forewarned – there are hundreds of scams on the nternet that you must avoid.1. First, never get involved with a program if you cannot find a legitimate address and phone # of the person or company offering the opportunity.2. Be wary of an opportunity that does not reveal the compensation plan, but asks for a monetary investment of some kind with all kinds of incredible promises that guarantee that you will get rich quick.3. If you are a person with high moral standards, there is no need to even consider getting involved with gambling sites or adult sites. You don’t have to change your values to make good money on the Internet.So how do you know if an opportunity is worthy of your time? Some legitimate opportunities, such as eBay and ClickBank, are known to be lucrative for many entrepreneurs and have become quite popular. But the lesser know, but still potentially lucrative home-based business opportunities are numerous.I’m talking about REAL programs with REAL products. The vast majority of these are affiliate programs. With an affiliate program, you are you own boss, you are self-employed, you promote someone else’s products, and get a commission for your successful efforts – usually once-a-month.Many of these programs offer residual and leveraged income and some offer multiple income streams, also. These are some of the most lucrative types of affiliate programs, and are definitely worth looking at.Many opportunities offer free enrollment, and allow you to test-drive the system while you learn how it all works, before making any monetary investments. If they allow you to see their compensation plan prior to making any investment, this type of opportunity is by far the best type of online opportunity to join, especially if it includes free training.Look at it with an open mind, but study their compensation plan carefully. Be sure you understand how the plan works so that you will be able to calculate your monthly income before you get paid. Thus you will know that you are being correctly compensated.The opportunity that costs nothing to test drive, and offers free training is like a college education. The free training can be of great value to the home business entrepreneur. There truly are many tips and strategies worth learning. If a program is offering this free information – you can be sure they know there is money to be made by them, and incidentally, by you, also!In the long run, investing your time in such a program could prove to be your ticket to success in the internet marketing arena. Another type of opportunity is one that is set-up for you free of charge” and is said to be “fully automated”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It can be fantastic, if you follow their instructions to the letter.A completely automated program is convenient, but it may not turn out the way you expect if you have not done everything exactly as instructed. This is where that free raining is proven to be of immense value to a beginner Internet marketer who is serious about making money online.Now, are you ready to take a challenge?A skeptic will never know how to be a success on the Internet because he will always be questioning the motives of others, he will not take the time to learn anything no matter how much free training is offered, and so he will not have the knowledge required to make it work.If you feel you are ready, let me introduce you to the success formula. You have learned that you can get a lot of “FREE stuff” online. (The free stuff to which I am referring is the free information and the free training available with certain affiliate programs.)The information is there, but what you do with it will make the difference. Don’t take the time to read it and study it, and you will never know the potential of a home-based business.This is your chance at INTERNET SUCCESS, so take it! Take the plunge! Find out which programs offer the most for the least investment, and sign up. Put in at least 6 month’s worth of effort. When you begin to reap the rewards of your efforts, you will want to come back and thank me for the “Freebies” (the free information).Make a small to moderate monetary investment into the BEST online opportunity, take time to educate yourself through free training available, persevere and keep focused on your goal, and allow a reasonable amount of time to reach that goal. Then, your home based Internet business will be successful.So now, without further delay, MEET the Success Formula: M + E + E + T = SUCCESSMoney + Education + Effort + Time = SUCCESS!This is the formula successful people use online and it works in any area of your life. Put it to work for you, starting today!

The Jagged Line

So much has been written and said about drawing a line between your home/family life and your business life. Most people would assume that you have to keep your family out of your business in order to be disciplined in order to stay focused on your job and business.Many people can tell you that in order to keep your family life from encroaching into your business life, but in order to keep your business functioning, you have to also keep your business OUT OF YOUR FAMILY LIFE.Yes, this means, you should have personal space too, at home.This is important, to most of us because we have a shared space between home and family. It’s easy to confuse the both of them up and start getting both lives mingled together. For instance, your children would be asking you to help with their homework when you’re in the middle of something important. Your children fall sick and your clients are chasing after you for something – which one is more important? You’d say the deadline, huh? So would I – some time back.But I have been in this freelancing and home-for-work business for more than half a decade now and I understand one thing now – it depends on when your clients are calling you.If they call you during family time, you have to tell them that you will get to it a little bit later on when you are working. The line between work and family time should NOT be blurred.Why is this important?Well, for one thing, if you have specific time for both your lives, you would feel more satisfied with your working arrangements. You wouldn’t be disgruntled, dissatisfied or angry with your clients about taking your precious family time from you! Imagine if your work is taking up your weekdays and weekends too – wouldn’t that actually defeat the purpose of working from home? You might as well NOT be working from home if you were spending more time at work (or is less available to your children and family), wouldn’t you agree?So, workaholics like me – it’s best to actually draw a very clear line between family life and working life – even if they are one and the same.For me, as example, I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Yes, that’s true and I have a tagline too – the freelancer that doesn’t sleep. But then again, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sleep or I don’t have a personal life. I will answer queries and phone calls and emails at un-godly hours. My response rate is normally very quick. But I have definite working hours.I work from 10.00a.m. till 2p.m. and then 3.30pm. till about 5.30pm. Then after my kids go to sleep, I spend another few hours working before conking out with my kids in my arms in bed…right next to my computer (my office). I tell my live-in maid that between those hours, unless it’s a life and death situation, I am not to be to interrupted. I keep to my time religiously.During weekends, I will only attend to phone calls and emails and not do any work at all unless necessary. For most projects, they require me to complete things for them by MONDAY, which would mean that I have to work over the weekend. But I schedule it into the Saturday and not touch anything for the entire Sunday! And for rush projects that requires me to work over the weekend, I would normally charge them a ‘rush fee’ because I don’t want to encourage them to use my weekends for work.This is essential for a good working environment for any homepreneur. Believe you me, it will make a happier and more effective business person.

Make Money Online and Live Life to the Fullest

Many people today feel they are trudging to work milf porn every day to a dead end job. These people often feel like hamsters in a wheel, running the same paces over and over and never really going anywhere. So many people have hopes and aspirations outside of their cubicles, but they seldom have the chance to explore these avenues because work and family commitments clash to severely leave any extra time for themselves. What is the answer to the monotony and the frustration? Make money online and live your life to the fullest. When you make money online, you do not have to be sitting at your computer every second of every day. You do not need to hold your web page’s hand to see it achieve ultimate financial success. You simply need to make a few effective decisions, and your computer could be making money for you.You can make money online in many ways. Do you have a great product? Sell it online. Set up a web page detailing your product, and advertise to as many people as you can by placing it on the Internet, the world’s fastest growing market place. Do you have great flair for marketing but lack a good product? That is okay, too. Companies exist that work in reselling rights to property – both product and ideas – that you can buy and then sell. They have the product, and you can do the marketing. Do you want a second income to ensure success even on days when you can’t be handling hands-on marketing? Join an affiliate program. These programs provide the means to make money online every minute your web page is online, even while you sleep soundly. When you join an affiliate program, yo will put the affiliate’s banner on your web site, and they will pay you every time someone goes to their site from your link. You do nothing and make money!Making money online is not scary. Making money online is not hard. Making money online is smart. The opportunities exist for businesses willing to get out there and try. Take the leap into the technological age and make money online. You will find you are among a growing community of individuals who have chosen to be their own boss and achieve their own goals. Forums and pages designed to support Internet business owners provide insight and continual connections to the fast paced changes always occurring in the industry. You are never alone in the Internet industry business because you are among some of the most motivated and effective business people in the industry. Check out your options today. Why go to an awful job and be frustrated all day when you could make money online?Copyright 2005 Benjamin Scott

Why Every Freelancer Needs a Weblog

If cartoon porn you are looking for the best way to deliver a strong sales message to a particular group of companies, blogging should not be your first choice. For something like that, use the phone or a direct mail piece.However, blogging does offer its own, unique set of strengths.Here are just a few good reasons why every freelancer should have his or her own weblog….>> 1. A blog is a great place to showcase your area of expertise.If your freelance niche is the writing of white papers for big companies, for instance, us your blog to show that you are an opinion leader. Use each blog entry to show that people come to YOU for opinions on this subject.When a potential customer finds your blog, they won’t find a strong sales message, but they will find a good reason to visit your main sales site and consider you for their next project.>> 2. A good blog generates incredible word-of-mouth.It’s the nature of the medium. If you send out a promotional postcard, one person sees it and then it hits the trash can.When you build a reputation for being a leader in your area with your blog entries, then hundreds or even thousands of people will link to your blog, refer to it in their own communications and talk about it with their friends and colleagues.>> 3. Blogging brings you to the attention of the major search engines.It is said that Google and the other major search engines love weblogs. That’s almost true. What they love are sites that are frequently added to and updated. And that’s why they love blogs, because they are being added to weekly or even daily.>> 4. Blogs drive traffic to your sales site.If you have a web site that promotes your services, then you’ll want to have prospective customers hear about the site, visit it and then contact you.Blogs are a great way to get more traffic to your site.This happens in two ways.First, if your site is rich in articles and other useful resources, you can link to these pages from your blog, as and when relevant. People who respect you because of your blog will then click through to your site and read the articles.Second, Google and other search engines will find the links in your blog quite quickly and then they will follow the link to your sales site. Google likes quality, relevant links and will reward your site with higher listings for certain pages.>> Concluding thought…Blogs are not a quick fix.As I mentioned before, if you need a quick, targeted promotional hit, choose another medium.But if you want a presence online where you can showcase your expertise, build a reputation, reach thousands of potential customers, build traffic to your sales site and improve your search engine listings, weblogs are a wonderful tool.

How to Have Fun With Mail Order and Maybe Even Make Some Money

First off, you can have a lot of fun with mail order even if you don’t make a lot of money. It is something that can mobile porn be done at home, by anyone regardless of their physical condition as long as they can read and write. I don’t mean that you have to be an intellectual. Most of mail order is conducted in simple easy to understand language.Let’s take the example of a bed ridden person, still at home with his or her family. This example has very little money to spend, is bored to tears with television, either does not want to or cannot read novels or non-fiction….Or, it could be the person taking care of an invalid who cannot leave the house just anytime they want to and who also is not loaded with cash to spare…..Or it could be the housewife with little kids who needs an interest in life….Or it could be the retired person with too much time on his or her hands….Or it could be the shy bashful person who has difficulty in dealing with people face to face….Or it could be the physically repulsive person, or handicapped person who dreads facing the public.The one thing you can do is make your daily mail an event to look forward to. You can do this cheaply.One way is to just order something by mail. In your newspaper, usually on Sunday there are often inserts from companies like Sunset House, Walter Drake Co. etc. that offer inexpensive items. Order something from them even if it barely meets their minimum order.These companies eventually sell their Address Lists to other companies and you will start receiving catalogs and offers. I ordered some inexpensive address labels in September. It is November now and so far I have received catalogs for clothing, cheese, fruit cakes, five mail order houses like Walter Drake Co., office supplies, and several others.Place magazine subscriptions, as many as you can afford and for things that interest you. They too sell their subscription lists.Just these two things will get you pounds and pounds of what some people call junk mail and what I call fun mail. You don’t have to order any of the things you get offers for. Just when your fun mail slows down, order something cheap or place another magazine subscription and your fun mail will speed up again.There is another way to make your mailbox more interesting. There are thousands of mail order dealers who publish newsletters or small ad sheets and sell information by mail. Many of them offer classified ads for anywhere from 5 cents to 10 cents a word. Many of them offer to publish your camera ready ad 1 inch size for $1.00. Placing an ad in any one of them will flood your mailbox with mail. Some of them have a “BIG MAIL WANTED” column. For $1.00 or $2.00 they will list your name and address as a “BIG MAIL WANTED”. The flood of mail will become a torrent.Most of this mail will be offers of ways to make money, and copies of other newsletters and ad sheets sent in the hope that you will place an ad in their publication too. You do not have to respond to any of this flood of offers. Once again for a $1.00 bill and a postage stamp, you have increased your daily mail ten fold or more. Later we will discuss how you can use this flood of mail to make money yourself. Right now we are just discussing the FUN of mail order.Once again, when the flood slows down, palace an ad in any of the sample copies of newsletters or ad sheets and the flood will start up again.For the purpose of fun mail it does not matter what your ad is trying to sell. Your intent is just to get on people’s mailing lists so that your daily mail is the receipt of something besides bills from creditors.Following is some sample ads you might place that do not require you to send them anything back.BIG MAIL WANTED. Send me your best offers. (your name and address)Opportunities Wanted! All offers welcome. (your name and address)It takes a while for the flood of mail to start but when it does you are going to receive so many offers of ways to make money that your head will spin. You never have to respond to any of these offers. If your purpose is just to have fun mail, the only thing you ever need to do is:Order something by mail like a magazine subscription or from anyone’s mail order catalogPlace another $1.00 ad in someone’s newsletter or ad sheet.BUT MAYBE YOU WILL BECOME INTERESTED IN TRYING TO MAKE MONEY IN MAIL ORDER YOURSELF.You certainly are going to see hundreds of ways other people are trying to make money. Here is a partial list of what you will receive if you place an ad with the people listed above. If you think you will want to dabble in mail order yourself, I suggest you place a $1.00 ad with all three people. They are from different parts of the United States and will have different mailing lists. Your ad will be seen by 1000 people in each newsletter or ad sheet. For $3.00 your name will probably be picked up by at least 1/2 of these people and probably more.The offers you will probably receive are:Copies of other newsletters, and ad sheets. A copy of each ad sheet or newsletter that your ad is in. Chain letters Multi-level sales schemes Information sellers Ad sellers Offers for you to sell books Offers for you to sell information Offers to introduce you to mail order Requests for money Requests for coupons, stamps, etc. Offers from other people who what you to place ads with them. Offers to sell magazines. Post office laws – you buy Offers to sell you BIG MAIL packets Offers to do typesetting Offers to sell rubber stamps Offers to sell labels Print and Mail offers Offers to sell name lists Offers to sell “How to” books Offers to sell “How to” reports and folios AND MANY MOREAt some point in time you will be tempted to stop thinking of this flood of mail as fun mail and start calling it opportunity mail. (I still call it fun and opportunity mail.)Let me warn you. Chain letters re illegal. Dave Rhoads and Edward Green do not exist. You can not make money with chain letters. A chain letter tells you to mail $1.00 or more to three or four people and place your name in number three of four position and mail out copies to 100 or more people. You are told that when you name reaches #1 position you will make a fortune. Don’t believe it. You will spend $29.00 in postage to mail 100 copies and you will never receive even one dollar back. (Jason Robards doesn’t exist either.)Some of these will include an offer to send you 100 names and addresses to mail your circulars to, for a price. Don’t fall for it. Some of them will request stamps instead of dollars. The stamp chain letter activity is very high right now. People think it is not illegal because no money is involved.You wouldn’t get into any trouble by trying these schemes. The Post Office can’t possibly catch everyone doing it and doesn’t prosecute participants. But you will waste your money and this particular activity does nothing to increase your fun and opportunity mail.)Another thing to beware of is multi-level marketing. You will receive hundreds of schemes from simple ones to schemes so complex you can read the offer for hours and still not comprehend what they are offering. There are some legitimate multi-level schemes but they are based on the old pyramid structure. In order for you to actually make money with them you have to devote hours and hours and dollars and dollars in postage building up what they call downlines – people you are supposed to sign up to sell the same thing. Beware of these. They always fail in the end and many people have lost a lot of money on them. Save any participation in multi-level marketing until you have really absorbed mail order in general and read the articles written by experts, pro and con.If you have decided to get your feet wet, I suggest you start by trying to sell information. I did not intend this article to be a sales presentation and I am making this offer only to help you get started. You can sell this report. Here are several ways to market it:Place the following ad in as many ad sheets and newsletters as you can afford. Place several in publications that offer to print and mail your ad for $1.00. Place at least one in a publication that is mailed to 5,000 or 10,000 circulation.HOW TO HAVE FUND WITH MAILORDER. AND MAYBE MAKE SOME MONEY. Send $2.00 to: (your name and address)Start with the advertisers mentioned earlier and if you can afford to do so, also place this ad in several publications. It will be a 2″ ad and will cost $2.00 instead of $1.00:HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH MAILORDER AND MAYBE MAKE SOME MONEY. Detailed report. Put some FUN MAIL into your life. Make money too if you want to. Send $2.00 for report. (your name and address).If you can afford to do so, also place this ad. It will be a $1.00 ad.HOW TO HAVE FUND WITH MAILORDER AND MAYBE MAKE SOME MONEY. SEND FIRST CLASS STAMP TO: (your name and address)Attached to this report is a circular designed to sell this report. In ad #3 above, when you receive a stamp and a request you will then send them the circular with your name on it as the seller. Just insert your name and have copies made at your local copy center.You will also have copies of this report made to send to people who respond to ads #1, #2 or to the circular. Don’t make the copies until you receive your first order. Then make about 10 copies at a time.This exercise is just to get your feet wet. It shows you that whatever you decide to sell, you carry a theme for your ads and circulars. The name of this one is “How to Have Fun with Mailorder and Maybe Make Some Money”. It is in every ad. It is the title of the circular. It is the tile of the report itself.You will only make $2.00 less copy and postage costs for each report sold but you are learning how to handle paperwork and orders. You are seeing your Fun and Opportunity Mail turn into Money Producing Mail. Every day you can’t wait for the mail to arrive with a few dollar bills in it.Will you make a fortune selling this report. NO. You won’t. You’ll get most of your responses from ad #3 and mot of your sales from the circular you send out. You’ll make a few dollars, yes. These dollars will trickle in over a period of months. Some will start arriving within a month and they’ll hit a peak and then go on for about a year, one or two orders at a time..You can now consider some of the other offers you have received and seen in the various publications you receive. If you have handled the paperwork with the sale of this report you can add another offer. Maybe you’ll sign up for a dealership to sell rubber stamps or you’ll try Print and Mail. Certainly the purchase of a rubber stamp with your name and address on it is not a lost money effort. You can use it for your personal correspondence if you decide to forget mail order. With a rubber stamp you can offer to mail circulars, etc. for other people. They send you their circulars, you rubber stamp your name and address in the Order Form section and you mail them out.You can mail four pieces of paper 8-1/2 x 11 for a first class stamp. You should have at least four things to offer so you don’t waste postage.The people who make money in mail order started this way. Some of you will go on to become full time mail order professionals. Some of you will just dabble around for the fun of it and keep the fun and opportunity mail going. How do you become professional?You keep adding things to your agenda. You can reinvest all the money you receive into more ads. You sign up for more dealerships. You send for a few books on mail order success and study everything you receive in the mail. You read all the articles published in the newsletters.You may decide to design your own circulars, prepare your own reports. You may sell recipes. You keep getting more and more involved until you are offering as many as 50 to 100 different things in ads. You place ads in all the newsletters and ad sheets and have 10 to 12 ads running at any given time. Your mail box gets fuller and fuller. You may try to publish your own ad sheet or newsletter. After studying the field for a full year you may select one or two of the multi-level schemes to try. (Be sure it is one that sells a product of some kind that is drop shipped. Do not invest your money in a product that will sit on your shelf forever if you can’t sell it!)You join a few of the associations of dealers. You correspond with other dealers. Some of them have become so successful that they bought their own printshop. Others at least invested in a copy machine and a computer.You develop you own address list and maintain it. To be professional, you just keep at it and if one thing fails you try another. If one ad doesn’t get response you try another.Remember, you develop your business as you go along and as you can afford it in both time and money. If money runs out you can pause and continue again when you can.What you do is entirely up to you.If you want fast response place ad #3 in The National Enquirer, Star or Globe scandal sheet. It costs a lot but you should get lots of requests to send your circular to and many of them will result in orders.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna SpencerNote to editors:To show my appreciation to the editors that use my articles, I offer a free solo ad. Simply send an email to me by using the form on the contact me page on my website to tell me the url the article was used on or send me a copy of the ezine it was used in.