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99.6% of ‘GET RICH’ Programs are SCAMS – Do You Know the Signs?

If you’re looking to make a legitimate income online, then you have to read this because there really are ways to make money on the world wide web. The problem is sorting out the scams from the genuine money-making opportunities. We’ve spent 18 months picking apart a hundred work at home programs and recording data and numbers. What we discovered was appalling!There are many ‘writers’ online that simply aim to capitalize off the dreams of people like you. Many times we could not reach these ‘writers’ via email,fax, or phone to obtain the refund they had promised on their sales page. That is why this site was conceived. We are here to help as many people as we can find the TRUEST, and most successful Online money-making businesses.There are obvious signs that will immediately tell you if you are being scammed.1. Have you been on a site, and noticed the sales pitch you were reading failed to mention JUST WHAT PRODUCT OR SERVICE was being sold? Chances are you probably have. They paint this beautiful picture about fancy cars and mansions; trips to exotic paradise resorts, and all that can be YOURS?! Umm, not quite. These people are selling you the “Dream” of having a wealthy lifestyle. The name of these programs are ‘Multi-level Marketing schemes’(MLM), or they’re also called ‘Pyramid schemes’. The point is to get YOU to recruit other people by feeding them the same dream that you were fed. The only ones making real money are the creators of the program.A GENERAL RULE: IF THEY’RE NOT SELLING AN ACTUAL PRODUCT, DO NOT GIVE THEM $$2. Stuffing envelopes from the comfort of your own home? This is supposed to be an employment offer. Yet you are asked to send money to a company that claims they need it to add you to their database. It does NOT take money to input a couple lines of data into a server! This is another scam. Common sense will tell you that NO ONE in their right mind will pay up to $3 dollars to have ONE envelope stuffed.3. Chain LettersChain Letters, Electronic or Otherwise, are not legal. First of all, we want to point out that no matter what the scam artist tells you in the letter, these little schemes ARE NOT LEGAL, and people HAVE done jail time over them. For example, Dave Rhodes spent a number of years in a Federal Prison (and may still be there for all I know) for his starting of this whole scheme electronically back in the days of the Bulletin Board Services instead of the internet. Whether disguised as a “mailing list,” selling recipes,” a “free loan,” “selling reports,” a “gifting club,” “lottery ticket club,” or any of a hundred other thin veils, they are still chain letters, and still illegal.4. Mass EmailingFor example, many companies that promote bulk email will tell you that sending out bulk email is the road to riches. It isn’t. And, if that stock really was such a good deal, why is this person sending you — and millions of other people — this “secret” tip?5. “I Can show you how to make $36,000 in only 5 days!”This is quite possibly the most popular scam floating around the internet. How does this person know for a fact that YOU, a person he’s never met, can make all that money in just 5 days?! For all he knows, the person on the other end is slightly brain damaged..or lazy even. The point is- never believe anyone who puts a set dollar amount without knowing anything about the person buying his ‘program.’ Individual results will always vary from person to person. The sad truth is that online businesses CAN NOT be operated by just anyone with a PC and internet connection.It takes a lot of work to earn a living off the internet, but that’s why it feels so amazing when the money starts to roll in.

Building a Home Internet Business

Building a home internet business black porn can be daunting, but with the right effort, it can be done. Developing a marketing plan will help your business grow. It’s not hard to create or utilize. Yet it does need to be used regularly for it to be effective.In building a home internet business, your advertising strategies need to be planned every week. To start with, advertise in the same areas all the time and record your responses. Find out where and when your ads were, and how many people looked at them. Doing this online is easy with “ad trackers” and “website statistics trackers”.After you find out how your first ads did, branch out to other kinds of advertising both online and offline. You can start with free ads and maybe even to go to “pay per click” submission services” after earning some money. Research has indicated that a customer may have to view an ad five or six times before making a response. You may have to place ads for weeks before you see results.To help determine a marketing plan for building a home internet business, ask the following questions:Who would be my customers and potential customers?What characteristics would they have?Where would they live?How much spending power do they have?Is my product the best it can be?Would my prices be considered right by potential customers?What is my business’ reputation?How does my business compare to businesses in the same field?The answers to these questions would help you devise a marketing plan. In answer to the first question, you can find out who your audience is by making a profile of your ideal customer. In answer to the last question, study your competition. Find out their strengths and weaknesses. Can you do something that they can’t? Can they do things you don’t or can’t do?Advertising is a crucial factor in building a home internet business. Advertising can inform customers of the benefits of your product, give you an identity and reputation, and lure new customers and replace lost ones. You can do cheap advertising research by going to the library. Sources you might want consider in a library are Gales directory, Bureau of Labor Statistics, economic statistics and research, and population and demographic research.Emarketing is viable in building a home internet business. It’s much cheaper than direct mail and can be as effective. Studies have shown that emarketing response rates are higher than direct mail’s–5% to 35% compared to 1% to 3%.If you offer an email newsletter, you can gather demographic information of customers such as age, gender, income, and hobbies which can help you target your advertising. With careful research, you can use advertising to your advantage in your home internet business.

Patience – Don’t Start Your Business Without It

In this world of instant gratification, there is still a place for one of the keys virtues known to man, especially for the work at home entrepreneur: Patience. Patience is defined as bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance with calmness. It also means persevering; constant. Why is that so important for someone who is starting or is operating their own work at home business? Let me explain by telling you my story.I found out the importance of patience through a mistake I made several years ago. I enrolled in a work at home business in the mid 90′s. But, instead of being patient, I decided quickly that it wasn’t for me and I moved on to another opportunity. Well, I decided that one wasn’t for me either and I moved to another, then another, and another. Finally, I ran across an opportunity that really appealed to me. I found it on a simple web search. I clicked on the guy’s website, signed up, and waited with anticipation for more details. I mean, this was exactly what I was looking for. I patted myself on the back for being “patient”. After all, I hadn’t wasted my time with those other opportunities, right? Well, it turns out that this new opportunity was the same work at home business that I had started to begin with! So instead of not wasting time like I thought, I had wasted several years but not sticking with the original opportunity. Ha d I been patient to start with, there is no telling how far up in the business I would have been.Through the years, I have learned the importance of patience in several areas of the work at home business Entrepreneur.First, you need patience to get to know your new business. It’s kind of like getting to know your spouse. Would you give your marriage 30 days and say it’s too hard and leave? It takes time to get to know them. Your business is no different. A genuine work at business will offer you some type of training. You may need to go through the training several times to get the idea of how things work. You need to get to know any products you offer by studying them and giving them a try yourself. You need to understand the compensation plan so there will not be any surprises down the road when you get your commission checks. You need time to understand exactly how you are to promote your business. Be patient and you will gain the understanding you need.Next, you need patience in dealing with and getting to know your customers/affiliates. When I first started my online business, I e-mailed my sponsor 2 or 3 times a day. Sometimes I asked the same question over and over. But you know, he was always nice and kept helping me, although I know I was getting on his nerves. His response to me was one reason I kept going. I knew deep down I could be a success and he kept reminding me of that fact. He was patient with me. Not everybody will reach your expectations. Some will join you and drop out in a day. Others will last a month and quit. But you will find quality people that are like you. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. Just be patient.You also need patience in promoting your business. Advertising takes time, both in the time it takes to do it and in seeing results, as well as finding the best way to promote your particular business. Just because you start a business doesn’t mean people will come flocking to it. It takes time to get the word out, both with online and traditional advertising. It took several months of promoting my website before I got my first customer. It takes time to send out follow-up letters to customers/affiliates you get as a result of your advertising. Advertising takes time but it will work.In closing, let me say you need patience in the day to day running of your business. This may be the area that patience is needed the most. The thrill of getting started is wearing off. The actual work has begun. It seems that nothing is happening. Day after day, week after week goes buy. You start thinking, “I knew this wouldn’t work.” But then it happens. Someone joins your program or you sell a product. The thrill is back! You are rejuvenated! Life is good. This is the feeling that you need to hang on to even when things don’t seem to be moving. This should be your focus even when that little voice is telling you that you can’t do it or that you should give up or when patience is wearing thin. It may not happen overnight but you can be a success. But remember, anything worth having is worth working for. Make up your mind you are going to give it time. Be patient!!

How to Tackle the Three Major Stresses Associated with Every Home-Based Business

Owning your own home-based business is by and large a very rewarding, exciting endeavor. You can set your own schedule, and be where you want, when you want. You can oftentimes forego the commute to a “regular job” and save money on gas and other “niceties” that are expensive in the work-a-day world, such as lunches, parking fees, etc.There are unexpected pitfalls and disadvantages, though, in the owning and operating of a home-based business. Some are psychological, some are emotional, and others are purely physical. The unexpected stresses of a home-based business are really one of the major obstacles that need to be overcome by business owners. Many new business owners are unprepared for just how much stress is involved, actually.Home-based business stresses usually fall into three overall categories:1. Psychological : Employees, Finances, Legal, and Operations2. Emotional: Family, Friends, Change of Personal Routines, Personal Disruptions, Isolation3. Physical: Sedentary Lifestyle, Poor Eating Habits, OverworkMany business owners, in order to prevent the psychological stress will have plans in place for dealing with these particular stress factors, prior to their occurrence. This is a proactive approach that is infinitely better than having a reactive approach to these occurrences.Each business owner should have a financial plan in place for the times when orders or clients are few and far between (slow times), as well as a good accountant to call when necessary. Each business owner should also have a lawyer who they trust and can turn to for advice if necessary (we do live in a very litigious society). And each business owner should have a plan for sickness among employees and hiring and firing protocols firmly in place. Machinery and replacement of business supplies should also be well planned in advance, and purchased according to well laid out plans for expenditures.Leadership skills will need to be developed, as a new business owner who is used to being part of a team, will find working alone and “being in charge” a somewhat difficult transition at first. Books on leadership skills abound and it is a good idea to do readings on the development of these to proactively avoid the psychological stress that comes with this change in roles. Working alone and making decisions alone is quite different from the conformity and decisions made within a group.If a proactive approach is taken, the psychological stresses of a new business can easily be prevented, or at least lessened.The emotional stresses of a home-based business are usually a bit more difficult to ascertain and tackle when they occur. Some of these stress factors can come directly from well-meaning family and friends, unfortunately, and the approach is of course, much different. Since a home-based business is directly tied usually to the home life of an individual, there is less chance to escape these stresses, than with a traditional method of employment. A new birth in a family, a death of a loved one, illness, or simply a change of schedule of another family member, can greatly impact the daily workings and routine of a home-based business.In addition, family and friends may view the business owner as “being at their disposal” all day now, as the business owner is now “home” much of the time. These well meaning individuals may call or visit all the time, and also expect the business owner to take care of their needs before the needs of the business. This is simple human nature, but is very distracting for the business owner. The only way this can be successfully overcome is to make plans well ahead of time for any changes in routine, if possible, and adjust the schedule accordingly as the changes occur. Well meaning family and friends need to be told with certainty that there are “business hours” and “personal hours” and a business owner needs to remain firm in their resolve in regard to these issues.Stressing over emotional stress will just escalate an already stressful situation.Another unexpected emotional stress comes many times from the feeling of isolation and loneliness that business owners may experience. Business owners many times are unprepared for the time they now find they spend alone within the parameters of their home-based businesses. A home-based business owner, while relieved to leave the workforce, sometimes does not realize that the workforce provided social opportunities that are now missing from their lives. Many hours may be spent alone each day, which can lead to loneliness and even depression in some cases.The best approach to combating this type of isolation is to actively plan social opportunities. Planned outings with family and friends should be made regularly. Business owners may also join community groups that expose them to other business owners or others within the community. The local Chamber of milf porn Commerce and other volunteer groups are a great way to make connections for the business and also enhance the social experiences of business owners. No one can exist in a void, so the social aspects of a business can’t be ignored.Finally, owning and operating your own home-based business brings with it some purely physical stresses. Like most office jobs, a home-based business can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, as owners may spend most of their days in the running of the business, either slumped in an office chair, or hunched over a computer, depending upon the requirements of the business. Because of the long hours involved in any business, business owners may also eat “on the run”, grabbing whatever is at their disposal, rather than planning meals, which compromises their nutrition. The sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to weight gain and other physical ailments associated with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles: high cholesterol, lack of energy, loss of muscle tone, and a deficiency of vitamin D from being indoors more than usual.The sedentary lifestyle is the easiest however, of the stresses to avoid or to change. All it takes is a dedication to an exercise routine that includes some form of daily physical exercise, and an adherence to a diet that is well planned and nutritious. Just some planning is needed and some will power in order to stay focused on achieving physical activity daily and good nutrition. It would be beneficial, if at all possible, to join a gym or health club, as the physical and emotional stresses can be avoided by belonging to one, as a gym also provides social opportunities. Even a simple walk each day can increase exercise, exposure to sunlight, and create social opportunities.A tendency to do too much each day, is a syndrome many business owners fall prey to also. Overwork can leave anyone run down, and open to many diseases as the immune system becomes compromised. A business owner is of course, very excited and energetic about the business, which can lead into this syndrome of overwork. A schedule should be maintained to combat this syndrome, with set hours for “doing business” and set hours for “relaxation” included in each day. Trying to do too much all the time just leads business owners into a decrease of productivity, rather than an increase of productivity.As you can see, having a home-based business, while very rewarding in many ways, can have many deleterious effects on the physical, mental and emotional states of business owners. Many business owners fail to plan for these changes, and yet, if planning is done, the negative effects can be minimized to a great degree.If a business owner takes care of themselves and their own needs, overall, the business will also profit from this positive behavior! A happy, healthy business owner means a happy, healthy business!

Noise in the Workplace Chapter 2

In my first article I introduced you to the nature of noise in the workplace and three methods of sound reduction and control. The three major methods of sound reduction and control are masking, absorption, and deflection.Now we will discuss these three methods of noise reduction. What they involve, how they work and which is best and why.Masking:Masking is covering the noise up. Usually with background music or white noise which is a low level of noise at many frequencies so that it cancels out some of the background noise.Masking is quite inexpensive and does work ok, in most situations, but some people do not like it at all and find it more annoying then the noise.In some cases this problem can be overcome by strategic placement of the background masking music or noise and or by using a mixture of the methods of noise reduction.Absorption:This method is probably the most popular indoor method of noise reduction. Absorption is a method where some material is used to reduce noise in the room by providing a surface that makes the noise energy weaken. This is usually accomplished by shaping the surface so that sound is reflected many times there by reducing the energy.Some newer foam materials not only bounce the sound around but actually transform the noise energy to heat energy making an even more effective noise reduction surface.These surfaces are usually covered with a cloth finish to match the interior and can be cubicle walls or even hanging barriers. Some can be custom finished and even can be in the form of pictures or logo’s.Deflection:Defection is commonly used out doors like along side of freeways or roadways such as block walls or earth walls or berms. Trees and hedges can even deflect and absorb noise, but as this is mainly for outdoor use we will not discuss it more at this time.There are many methods and it is probably best to use a combination of methods that work best for each unique situation.Chris HamptonArizona Acoustic Art

Block Pop Ups and Lock the Door

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “there is always time enough for courtesy.” But if you own your own business or work out of your home, you probably don’t have time for much else. Coupling the inherent challenges of owning your own business with the distractions of working at home can create a serious drag on your morale and income. If you find yourself spending too much time dealing with distractions and not enough time working on real issues, it is time to take action. Taking the simple steps outlined in this article can help you increase your work efficiency, and ultimately, improve your bottom line.Block Pop UpsChances are very good that you spend a great deal of your day on the computer, probably working online for much of that time. Your time is too valuable to waste another second closing all those pop ups that seem to be everywhere on the Internet. Cheap or free software is available to stop pop ups from ever showing up on your monitor, and the time you will lose downloading the program will be easily made up for in saved time surfing pop up free online. Do yourself the simple favor and block pop ups today.Create a ProcessBad habits are hard to break, but so are good ones. If you find yourself doing the same task over and over again, take a little bit of time to sit down and create a formal process for the way you will handle that situation. It can be something as simple as answering a customer or client email. If you do it the same way every time, you will always know whether the email has been answered, where the email is saved, and what, if anything, needs to be to follow up on it. Process-making will save you time on almost everything you do, from reporting to billing to ordering.Update your TechnologyA new computer may seem like a luxury that you cannot afford on your small budget, but when you consider the amount of time lost waiting for programs to load or for the system to reboot when it crashes, you may find the time lost is worth a new system. If you really can’t afford to upgrade your system, think about adding more memory, or updating the processor. Adding software that will protect your computer from viruses and block pop ups can also help if you’re unable to upgrade. Check online for deals and you’ll typically find affordable computers and accessories.Lock the DoorJust because you work at home does not mean you have to be home all the time. If you have an office where you do most of your work, make sure there is a working lock on it, and don’t be afraid to use it. Shutting the office door is kind of like when you block pop ups – you work on what you need to work on, and not whatever comes through your door. Of course, if you work at home because you wanted to be able to take care of your kids or your pet iguanas, be responsible and never let your family lose out priority-wise to your business. If you’re having too many problems balancing family and business, sit down with them and talk about your issues. Find a solution that works for everyone and stick to it.Don’t Work in your PajamasFor some people this may be the entire appeal of working at home. Studies have shown, however, that the way you dress has an impact on the type and quality of work you are able to do. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie every day just to go over the books, but consider dressing nicely when you have a lot to do. You’ll mostly likely feel like you mean business if you look like you mean business.Owning your own home business can be the dream job you want it to be, but you might need to take a proactive approach to control the things that distract you on a day-to-day basis. Eliminating distracters and increasing your personal efficiency will help your home business succeed.

Stay At Home Jobs – Get Motivated And Stay Motivated!

When you first start a stay at home job, no task seems too large or too boring. Your enthusiasm for your stay at home has you on your own little stay at home work cloud and you feel you can tackle anything. You have enough motivation for 5 stay at home jobs!Then it happens. You wake up one morning and getting to your stay at home office cartoon porn just down the hall seems like a chore equal to climbing Mt. Everest. And once you are actually at your stay at home office desk, you find yourself writing long emails to your former co-workers or looking through yesterday’s mail–again. You just can’t seem to get started on your stay at home work. Your motivation has deserted you.If you stop and think about it, you’ll find you’re procrastinating getting started on your stay at home job duties for one, or even several, reasons. These reasons for putting off a stay at home task is usually because:-The task seems big and overwhelming-It’s boring-It’s a complex task and hard to know just where to begin-The task isn’t a routine part of your skill set-It’s something that’s a necessary evilWhen you start feeling these things, you know your stay at home job honeymoon is over. And you don’t have to feel like there’s something wrong with you or that deciding to opt for a stay at home job is the biggest mistake you ever made. All that’s really happened is that your stay at home job has become just that: a job.And really, it’s good when you start thinking of your stay at home work as a job. This makes it more real and gives it more substance. After all, before you started your stay at home job, you had a conventional job that had some aspects you really enjoyed, while there were others you didn’t, right? No matter how much you love your stay at home job, at some point it’s going to hit you that it is a job–and that means your stay at home job will require some chores you just don’t want to do.So now that you’re truly married to your stay at home job, you need to have some strategies for dealing with those parts of your stay at home work that you don’t like or threaten to overwhelm you. The more prepared you are for dealing with those aspects of your stay at home job that you don’t like, the better and faster you’ll be able to accomplish them–and get them off the desk of your stay at home office to make room for the tasks you do enjoy.Some ways you can make those dreaded stay at home chores easier, and less daunting, to manage are:-Break a large work at home task into increments and spread them out over several days-Prevent small work at home tasks from piling up into a mountainous chore by doing a few of them every day-Reward yourself for finishing a large or particularly boring stay at home task-Delegate–even if you work alone, you can outsource things like accounting and tax chores-If the work at home job you’re dreading is not something you’re an expert out, find someone who is and ask for helpWhen it comes to work at home tasks that are just boring, get creative and find a way to make it fun–enlist family members to help, turn on some cool, upbeat music, race the clock, whatever you can think of to make it less boring for youConsider just not doing the stay at home task–often we’re our worst enemies and make up extra work for ourselves, so ask yourself if it’s something that absolutely has to be done, which can often be the caseGive yourself frequent breaks from boring or complicated stay at home work tasksAnd then there’s always just do it. For some reason when you put off something, whether it’s a stay at home task or emailing your mother, it gets a lot bigger in your mind. Think about it for a second. How many times have you found yourself dreading doing something only to find out after you’d finished that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be? So don’t waste your time and energy dreading that boring or difficult stay at home task, do it, and then treat yourself to a chocolate chip cookie–or two! That should keep you motivated.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Six Ways Under Your Nose To Finance Your Home Business

There are lots of ways to get additional capital to exp mobile porn and a home-based business. But before you look outside for financing, leaving the decision about your company’s progress and merits to someone else, consider these six ways under your nose to finance your home-based business:Personal SavingsSavings are easy to tap and involve no paperwork.The negatives: if you use the money in your business, it eats into your safety reserve and is no longer there for emergencies. It diverts funds from a very low risk investment to a high one.Whole-Life InsuranceWhole life policies accumulate tax-deferred cash value that you can tap for your business. But the only way you can tap this cash without paying taxes is to borrow against your policy. As long as you keep your policy intact and pay premiums when due, loans remain tax-free.The negatives: you will be converting a low risk investment into a high one; if you decide to terminate your policy or if you default on repaying your loan, taxes will be due on all cash value accumulated under the policy; if you die before your loan is repaid, any distributions to your beneficiaries will be reduced by the amount of your outstanding loan.A Loan from Your 401-K PlanYou can borrow up to $ 50,000 of the money you have saved under many 401-K plans. There are no credit checks. Interest is usually a percentage point or two above the prime rate and the interest that you pay back to the plan will be tax-deferred to the plan. Most loans are repayable out of salary deductions over five years.The negatives: you will have less money invested toward retirement; the dollars used to repay the loan will be after-tax dollars withheld from your paycheck; if you fail to repay the loan, the IRS considers your failure a premature distribution — you will be charged taxes on the borrowed amount plus you may be assessed a 10% early-withdrawal penalty.A Home-Equity LoanThese loans do require that you apply and be reasonably credit worthy. You generally can borrow up to 80% or 90% of the equity value of your home. Interest on these loans is generally tax-deductible.The negatives: you will reduce the equity value of your home by the loan amount; you will be diverting funds from a relatively safe investment to a high risk one; if you default, you put your house at risk of foreclosure. Think very carefully before using this form of financing.Personal Credit Lines and Credit CardsThey are convenient, versatile forms of financing. You can borrow and re-borrow up to the line limit as needed.The negatives: you will pay relatively high interest rates– rates range from 12% to over 18%; the minimum monthly payment on many of these arrangements will repay the outstanding balance within 42 months; it is easy to dig yourself deep into debt using credit lines and credit card debt; high outstanding balances against your line can negatively impact your personal credit rating.A Margin LoanYou can use margin loans for purposes other than buying additional securities.Any margin loan will be secured by your equity shares. Rates are often below prime, applying is relatively easy, and these loans have very flexible repayment terms.Loans are initially limited to 50% of the purchase price of your equity securities. Loan repayments are triggered when the value of your stock falls below the margin limit.The negatives: Because borrowings are predicated on volatile stock values, a margin loan can be a risky proposition; if you default in repaying, the brokerage firm can sell your securities to satisfy the loan; an untimely sell-off can have a devastating effect on your portfolio and negative tax consequences.The only safe way to consider a margin loan to finance your home-based business is to limit advances to a relative low ratio of your stock portfolio value – say, 25% or less.Most of these financing methods are under your control and don’t require business plans or company financials to qualify. Although each of these methods has risks and disadvantages, so do most external methods of financing. Before proceeding with one of these financing methods, carefully consider the potential benefits, risks and consequences. Whatever you decide, it helps to know the options right under your nose.

Your Own Online Business – Seven Basic Steps to Start

1. What to look for first?…A Niche MarketSome people think that they should look for a product first and then look for customers but in reality, it’s the other way around.Make a list of keywords and then use the Overture Suggestion Tool to find out how many searches there are for each keyword. Then, check the supply ratio for each keyword in Google.Supply divided by Demand = Supply/Demand RatioIn other words:Google Results divided by Overture Count = Supply/Demand RatioThe lower the Supply/Demand Ratio number is, the better because it tells you that there is more demand than supply and you will make more money with this niche market.2. Looking for a ProductOnce you identify your niche market, it’s time to look for aproduct.Look for companies that once you sell the product, theyship it to the customer.Nowadays, people are looking for information on various topics. Most of internet sales are on info products that the customer candownload immediately, once they pay for it with a credit card. It doesn’t involve any shipping charge and the customer doesn’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive it.3. Building a Web SiteOnce you have your niche market and products, you need to build aweb site. There are companies that would allow you to build your own web site. You don’t need to know any HTML because they include some type of HTML program so all you have to do is type the information and the system will convert it to HTML.Your web site should be simple. Make sure the navigation is easy for your customers and don’t use too many pictures. Less is more. The background should be white with black letters to make it easier to read.Have a “subscribe form” built in your web site. It’s veryimportant that you collect as many email addresses as you canbecause those will be your customers. Provide a free newsletterevery month with useful information to your customers.4. Writing your Sales LetterYou don’t have to be a good writer. All you have to do is write as if you were writing to a friend of yours.Be honest, write the pro’s and con’s of your products. That wayyou establish credibility and your customers will be more inclined to buy from you.5. Choosing a Web Hosting CompanyLook for a company that gives you enough bandwidth, email accounts, and support.Look for their reliability because you don’t want to choose onethat have frequent problems with their system.6. AutoresponderYou need to set up an autoresponder because if you’re going to send information to your costumers, you don’t want to spend time writing every month and sending it to them. With an autoresponder, you can type or even copy and paste articles in advance that will be automatically sent to your customers every week or every month.This may take you 1-2 hours to do but once you do it, you canforget about it for a whole year.7. Promote Your Web SiteYou can start by advertising in Google Adwords.These are based on a “pay-per-click” basis. You have to make sure that if your are going to use this method of advertising, that you set up the parameters. Establish the amount of money you will spend on a daily basis so you don’t spend more than you can afford to.