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Extra Income – That Would Be Nice

In the mid 50′s, a family could survive on one income. Today, very few can manage on two. And that won’t be enough in another few years.It’s a shaky future. All of us would be wise to have multiple incomes flowing into our bank accounts.Prosperous people have always known this. If one income vanishes, they have others to support them. Ordinary people are much more vulnerable. If they lose even one of their incomes, it wipes them out. It could take years to improve this situation and the rippling effects can be disastrous.It won’t be long before people will need a portfolio of income sources – AND from completely different and diversified avenues. If one source dries up, you will barely feel the bump. You are sound. You have time to adjust, regroup. You are safe.Do you have multiple incomes flowing into your bank account at this time? Are they Linear or Residual? And do you know the difference?You have a Linear source if you get paid for every hour you work. You have a Residual source if you work hard once, and it releases a steady flow of income for many years. You are rewarded over and over for that same original effort.Even doctors and attorneys are not as wealthy as they appear. They don’t earn residual incomes. They can only see a fixed number of people per day and they have to be there every day to generate their single Linear income. They may appear to be wealthy, but they work the same hours and days that most of us do. The only difference is their Linear income is higher than ours.If you are smart, you will start shifting your income sources from Linear to Residual and eventually realize the freedom to do what you want, when and where. This can be accomplished easily, without a lot of fuss. Start with ONE new residual source this year. How about right now?Of course most of us cannot write a book or compose an opera in order to generate lasting Residual income. But the Internet has given us the chance of a lifetime. There are many programs not worth their print, but there are others that will indeed, give you the Residual income we speak of. The trick here is to recognize the difference between hype and straight talkin’.Just as we must first walk before we run – to become a Leader, we must follow.The best place to look for an ‘honest’ Residual income is to find someone you trust and follow him/her. A name that you recognize, a name that has a substantial following already, a person who over-delivers on promises. These are the true “gurus” — and if you’ve been on the Internet for more than a month, you know who they are.All of them have programs designed to give you Residual incomes. Look over what they offer and make your choice. Give it everything you have in promoting it, and when you have it off the ground — look for your next Residual source.Success is a marathon, not a sprint. I did it — so can you.

Mail Order How-To’s

Listing names of Big Mail Requestors, and sending out packages of Big Mail is an easy way to get your start in the business of selling by mail.There are a number of mail order operators pulling in an easy, extra thousand dollars a month, by what you’d hardly call work – doing nothing more than receiving money for advertising a list of people’s names interested in receiving Big Mails, and sending out envelopes stuffed to overflowing with Big Mail.Regardless of where you live – you age – teenager or senior citizen – man or woman – there is no reason you can’t do the same – pull in extra thousand dollars a month, with the same idea.Getting started is not as easy as turning on a water tap, but then your initial investment will amount to practically nothing – and the requirements upon your time should not amount to more than a few hours a weekFirst, let’s define the market – Who wants Big Mails, and why they want it… Big Mails are wanted or should be wanted, by just about every person in business, especially those involved in selling a product via the mails, in order to keep himself abreast of who’s doing what, how they’re doing it, the new offers being made and the newcomers to the business. The reasoning is because of the time and postage saved by automatically receiving all of this information, as opposed to writing and mailing letters to each individual offer you see that arouses your interest, not to mention the time saved in searching through all the different publications to discover these things. Some people – the dreamers and the lonely – like to receive Big Mails simply for the sake of having mail delivered to them every day. There’s no sure way of determining which of your Big Mail Requestors these people are – so you just forget about it, and send your Big Mails to everybody on your list. Besides, the actual number of people in this category are fewer than you might suspect.Now, let’s define what’s inside a Big Mail Package you or your buyers – Big Mail Requestors – will be receiving in the mail… Generally, you’ll find at least one, but usually several publications: ad sheets, tabloid mail order newspapers, and an occasional newsletter. The rest is almost always a collection of various product advertising circulars. At least two of these circulars will be from the person sending the package to you in the first place.Many, if not most of the beginners in this business, first get their name listed as a Big Mail Requestor, on as many Big Mails Wanted lists as possible. They even save the mail they receive, and once a week, every other week, or once a month, they stuff their accumulated Big Mail into individual envelopes and send it to the names on their lists of people who have paid to be listed as Big Mail Requestors. Don’t forget – All Big Mail suppliers always include at least a couple of two-sided circulars of their own. These are usually CommissionCirculars – product advertising circulars, sometimes provided by a prime source or distributor with a blank space on the reply coupon for the dealer doing mailing to rubber stamp his business name and address. More often than not, the distributor furnished the dealer with “camera ready” copies of circulars to use.The dealer takes these C/R’s to a quick print shop, and has several thousand copies made up with his business name and address imprinted on each circular.Every time you send out a package of Big Mail, always include two advertising circulars of your own – circulars that may interest the recipient and cause him or her to send to you for the product or service offered. These can be commission – dropship – products, or products that you have devised, produced and are selling.Incidentally, the best way to go with commission circulars is to ask for or get a camera-ready copy of the original, and have a large quantity of them printed locally with your name in place of the supplier. This will save you hours of very boring work entailed in rubber-stamping your name on several thousand circulars. If for whatever reason it’s too expensive to get your circulars printed locally, then check around for a printer who does business by mail, and will make your circulars for you with your name and address on the ordering coupon. Also, it will almost always pay for you to have the printer fold your circulars for you before he ships them to you – he can do it all in about an hour, while it could take you a couple of days to a week or longer to fold 5,000 circulars yourself.You can include as many product circulars in your package of Big Mail as you want, but It’s been proven time and time again that three very good – outstanding – circulars, all related to the same idea, bring back more responses than an envelope overflowing with circulars. What I’m saying is that a circular inviting the recipient to send for Book #317, “How to Make Money Writing & Selling Simple Information,” plus a circular on Book #365, “$50,000 a Year from Mail Order Ads,” will pull far more inquiries than 10 or 12 different circulars inviting the recipient to send for a mixture of related items. The reason is quite simple – After about 3 circulars, you begin to overwhelm the recipient with opportunities. In reality, he’d like all of the books you are offering, but he only wants to spend so much and therefore, he’s faced with a decision of which ones to send for – and more often than not, he ends up not sending for any of them.Including a mini-catalog listing of your offerings if quite different, and generally acceptable to most people receiving big mail packages, or product advertising in the mail. Generally, this is regarded as not so much loose paper and something they can hang onto for awhile and maybe order from, much the same as they order from a JC Penny catalog.When you’ve got your name listed on a number of lists as a Big Mail Requestor, and after you’ve got a steady supply of this kind of mail coming to you, start placing ads of your own in some of the larger circulation ad sheets and other mail order publications as a Big Mail Supplier. For ideas on ads to use, glance through any mail order publication and come up with one you think will bring the most replies in.Now you’re on your way with the basic plan and “know-how” for a fast start as a Big Mail Supplier. In order to expand your big mail operations into a real money-making business, compile a list of magazines, newsletters, mail order tabloids and ad sheets. Then draft a letter to these publishers, advising them that you can supply them with several hundred prospective subscribers each month.Explain that your prospects come from responses to national advertising, which you run at no cost to them, the publishers: Go on to explain that your national advertising offers Free Trial Subscriptions to the nation’s leading money-making publications, and that you feel your list will be incomplete without his publication…Sweeten the pot further by detailing how you’ll be sending the names and addresses of these fresh prospects on peel ‘n stick labels – that these mailing lists will belong to him on receipt – and that you encourage him to copy them for follow up mailings…You charge each of these publishers $100 a year for this service, and even when you have 100-150 signed, keep looking for and attempting to sign more publishers.Don’t ever stop soliciting publishers, and go after the biggest as well as the very smallest of them With a number of accounts signed and paid, you place an ad such as the following, in several national publications:FILL YOUR MAILBOX WITH OPPORTUNITY!World’s leading Money-Making publications!Free trial subscriptions! $2 for processing to:(Your name & address).When the responses to your ads come in, type the names and addresses onto “master” sheets or put them into your computer systems as respondents to your advertising. Sometime around the 15th of each month, copy your masters onto the number of customer sheets of labels you need, and send them out. You bank the money from your advertising respondents.One hundred publishers times $100 each means $10,000 per year… A minimum of 200 respondents to your advertising each month means another $4,800 per year And then, by contracting with a reputable list broker to handle the rental of the”HOT” names you accumulate each month, you should be able to double or triple these figures… And $30,000 income your first year in the Big Mail business is nothing to “cry about” at all!!!Meanwhile you’ve got all these new prospects, to whom you can send your own sales materials You can also expand your services and become a subscription agency, a publications distributor, or even a mail order publications Advertising Agency…You could compile, publish and sell directories of newsletters, tabloids and ad sheets… Directories of Mail Order Associations… Mailing lists of people wanting Big Mails… or mailing lists of people wanting Commission Circulars.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer


For about 7 days, I disappeared from the Internet scene.And my online business came to a complete standstill. I was miserable, hopelessly insane with anger, confused, desperate to get back online because my business and my income depended fully on my Internet access. I was nothing without it. I am a virtual person and if I don’t go online for a day, I would raise HELL.This is how important being online is to my business. And let me tell you how my freelance and work at home business works.The emailFor starters, there’s the email. Gawd, I can’t live without my email. I communicate with my sister, father and aunts via email. I talk and gossip with my good friends over email. I communicate religiously with my clients over email. Without email, I don’t have a voice.For a freelancer who is working from home, like me, using the email to communicate with clients, customers, friends and relatives is not unknown. In fact, I would advice freelancers and work at home parents to use emails liberally, even if you’re just using one of those free email accounts from Yahoo!, MSN, GMail, or Hotmail….whatever it is, it’s important for a work at home business person to maintain constant contact with his or her customers. It’s best that you respond to emails within 24 – 48 hours. Anything slower than that, you’ll be regarded as a snail-mailer or unresponsive or not committed.The MessengerLet’s take things a step up – instant communication doesn’t only involve communicating over email. For those of you who have not tried out either Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger, you’re missing out on a whole lot here! You can use the Messenger service to communicate LIVE with your clients and customers and discuss things completely fee-free on the Internet. It’s not as good as making a phone call but if both of you can type relatively fast, using the MSN or Yahoo! Messenger is very effective. Not only are you able to send short (or long) messages to each other instantly, you can also talk to each other using the voice conference facilities or the webcam tool.To me, the Messenger service is as important as my email.My websiteWithout Internet access, I, obviously, was unable to update my website. I update my website with articles, tips and tricks on a daily basis and if I don’t do that, I might as well be out of the freelancing scene. I consider my website, http://www.marshamaung.com and http://www.creativejooz.com as important marketing vehicles for my business. Through the website, I am able to bring attention to my services and products very subtly by driving traffic in with useful tips, resources, articles and other information. Despite being a Graphic Designer who can and have designed physical brochures and flyers for others and myself, my website remains to be one of the most important marketing tools for me.My voice conference roomI use the conference room that I have been using for the past 1 year to communicate, provide training, hold presentations and just TALK to my clients freely on the Internet. I obtained my voice conference room at an amazingly affordable price from http://www.ttcglobaltalk.com and I have been using them happily for ages. And when I was out of the scene, I had a dream about not being able to talk to my clients – EVER! Yes, I was desperate.And I am now back online…I can’t tell you how thankful I am for it. Although I had to struggle and exchange ‘heated debates’ over the phone with the Internet service provider over here for the past week, I feel that I am now alive again and that my business is back on track.Use online communication tools wisely because for a freelancer, it’s crucial.

Keeping Your Email Box Organized & Ready for Business

Learning how to get the most organization from your email software is very likely the most important skill you can learn to conduct a successful online home business.There are three primary email applications on the market that folks use to manage their incoming POP3 email. Those three are:
Microsoft Outlook Express


Netscape Mail

In order to get the most from your email software, there are three key processes that you should learn. These processes are concerned with data organization, saving time and email database management.SET UP EMAIL FOLDERSOrganization is key to any emails that you intend to save. Having 2000 emails in one folder is a sure-fire road map to confusion and lost communications and information.You are the best judge as to how to organize your email into topics that provide an easy method of retrieval of the information when you need it most.Fortunately, the primary email browsers make it easy to organize your information. By allowing you to create folders within your email software, you can file specific emails into folders dedicated to the topic of the email.To create new folders:OUTLOOK EXPRESS: 1. Click File – Folders – New — alternatively, you may also right click an item in the Folder window — and then type in the name of your new folder. Highlight the folder above where you would like your new folder to be placed, and then click OK.EUDORA: Click on Mailbox – New — or right click on Eudora in the folders window and then click on New. When the window opens, type in the name of your new mailbox and click OK. If you want to create a folder to place other mailboxes into, click the checkbox before clicking OK.NETSCAPE MAIL: Click File – New Folder. Then from the drop-down menu, select the folder that you wish to be the folder directly above your new folder, before clicking OK.FILTERING EMAILEmail filters are a tool to help you save time and frustration. Have you ever lost an incoming email under the deluge of email coming into your mailbox? With filters, you can direct the important email or not-so-important email into certain pre-ordained folders.As part of the war against spam, most ISP’s use filters every day in an attempt to keep the spam out of your mailbox. In fact, I even use filters to sort my incoming mail trying to catch the spam my ISP missed.Don’t be fooled into thinking you need some special software to filter your email. Setting up filters is actually quite easy.To setup email filters:OUTLOOK EXPRESS: Click on Tools – Message Rules – Mail. A wizard will open to help you create your new email filters. Just follow the instructions provided to direct mail based on certain criteria into certain folders.EUDORA: Click on Special – Make Filter. Once again, just follow the instructions in the Filter wizard.NETSCAPE MAIL: Click on Edit – Mail Filters. Then click on New in the wizard. Once you click on New, you will be taken to a new wizard window. Follow the instructions here, then when you are done, click on OK. This will return you to the first window where you will set up the sorting order of your filter.CLEANING AND COMPRESSING YOUR MAIL DATAThis is an important part of your email management. When you no longer need an email, it should be deleted. When you first delete an email, your software will send the email to the Trash Bin. Your email is not actually deleted until you first empty your trash bin.Emptying your trash bin compresses the mailboxes from where the email was originally filed. This is absolutely paramount to the protection of your email data. If you go too long between compressing your email data, then your email data could become corrupted and you might need assistance in recovering your email data.Even after you have emptied your trash, Compressing Folders is a recommended step to prevent other data corruption. Once you understand that an email does not actually move from one folder to another until the folder is compressed, then you can better appreciate this advice.As an example, when Email A comes into your main Inbox, the data connected to Email A appears in two files. One file contains the header and body of the email. The other file contains only the email header information.When an email is moved from one folder to the other, only the header information is actually moved. The body information will not be deleted from the original folder until which time the original folder is compressed.This explains the purpose of emptying the trash AND compressing folders. If the email was simply moved from the Inbox to another folder, then emptying the trash is not enough. The original placement of the email is not actually removed from the file that contains the body information until the message has been designated for compression.To empty your trash:OUTLOOK EXPRESS: Click on Edit – Empty ‘Deleted Items’ Folder. To compress the remaining folders, click on Tools – Options, then click on the tab for Maintenance. Then click the button that says, “Clean Up Now”. Once the compression is completed, click OK.EUDORA: Click Special – Empty Trash. To compress the remaining items that need compression, then click on Special – Compact Mailboxes.NETSCAPE MAIL: Click on File – Empty Trash Folder. To compress the mailboxes, click on File – Compress Folders.I cannot stress enough how important it is that you utilize the tools for emptying the trash and compressing the mail folders. Protecting your email data on a regular basis is good practice for avoiding disaster in your mailbox.So many of us rely upon our email software to keep our online business running smoothly. Once you master the tools provided in your email software, your online business will run smoothly also.Let me share one important lesson I l’ve learned about computer software. One should never be afraid to try new things. Learning how to get the most out of your software relies upon your willingness to dig in and learn how to use it.Once you learn how to use your software to its full potential, then your life will be greatly simplified and your effectiveness will be dramatically improved.

Your Thinking To Breed Success

There is a place in the Northern Hemisphere where the night time dark remains most of the year and the sky is showcased by a flickering light show. You would all know this well as the Northern Lights.This is the Artic at its very best and worst because the black porn cold and winds collaborate to bring together one of the harshest environments one could imagine. It speaks well of the humanity who dwell there, albeit few in number, that they religiously celebrate each years return of what begins as a four month long sunny period.This one occasion warrants attention and a special holiday so with deck chairs resplendent, the locals champion the cold to casually gather and watch the sun make its first tentative 25 minute pass of many more appearances. So begins day one of a very short summer, and with a community revitalized by sunlight, they party with every bit as much lunacy as any new years eve.So, what is it that makes a people remain and challenge the very hardships such a place holds? That they should muster time and again some inner fortitude to while away those sub zero temperatures. When out of all places one could end up, for whatever reason, they choose to eke out an existence in one of the bleakest landscapes on our Earth?The mind is a truly wonderful mechanism and when called upon, can adapt to just about any situation shaping the very best outcomes for those with a purpose. The thing is, and it’s in each of us, it’s entirely up to us how we control and apply our minds.There are lots of external factors and most of those you’ll have absolutely no control over, like the number of times you might sight the sun in a year; for example. The way you look at these challenges is everything and the more positive your view the greater your confidence within yourself and the better your likely prospects. But that’s not the entire picture.Think back to that last time you felt over the moon about something you did exceptionally well, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be as a result of any particular effort on your part. I’m sure you’ve been there, in that place where you’re on pure adrenalin because something has gone unbelievably well. Ready to take on any challenge. That hole in one on the golf course or at least a no effort golf swing that travels for miles or even that special result in an exam.Now imagine if you could apply that same euphoria to everyday happenings. Well, there’s nothing that your mind won’t accept if it’s repeated often enough over and over. Problem is that we generally tend to focus on the not so good. There it is in a nutshell, what your mind is used to seeing is how it will ultimately operate. I mean to say, how would you cope at our earlier sun watching celebration if the cold was too much of a challenge?Giving up is not something I really have in me and it really stems from wanting to change and improve things until I’m happy with them. I mention this because if you’re starting out in a business there will be times of frustration where you’ll think nothing is working or going right. Bottom line though, you can only get better. From where ever it is that you actually start, the chances are you will only get better, and over time most always you will improve further.It’s fairly important then to apply as many of those good things that make us see that special place, into our normal day to day thinking; so that they then become the normal rather than highlights. A series of holes in one if you will.This applies not only in your business dealings mind you, but into every facet of living because it’s exactly this mindset that uplifts and brings success. The trick is to place it on auto pilot and keep it there.So if you ever need a reference to stay your mind from an unshakeable negative, spare a thought for our erstwhile inhabitants in our Artic North and find yourself a better place that works for you.Take a few minutes each hour and progressively go over all of those things that are good and right with you. In no time at all you’ll have that sun coming up at the end of a long hard winter….and it will be all that you see. Apply that to your business and there’s no conceivable frustration that will derail you from getting ahead.

Do You Know Who You Are?

A close friend of mine is a coach and has a phrase she uses quite frequently – “Be, Do, Have.” As Jeanne Sharbuno puts it, you need to do it in this order for you to have milf porn success in your life.In fact, if you go in this order you’ll have success from the inside out. It is a type of success that is transformational.So I started thinking the other day – what is it that most people who are creating a home based business do? Why do they create a home based business?Some of the common reasons are:
Work at home
Time Flexibility
Tired cartoon porn of the Rat Race
Tired of Delivering Products
But what many of us fail to do is look at what we want to be before looking at what we’re going to do and what we’re going to have.Think about it for a moment. If you know who you are — I mean, who you really are — then you’re more likely to DO the things that are important to you.You’ll do the things that you love and as you do the things you love you’ll get what the things in life that you want. You’ll have all those fancy toys, money, whatever it is that you want.But for all of this to happen, you’ve got to do it in the correct order – BE, DO, HAVE.Don’t fall into the trap of becoming who you want to be after you’ve gotten the things you want. It’s is possible for you to be successful this way but you’re much more likely to have a hollow success that fades away with time.And you’re not creating your home based business for that are you?

What are You – an Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Birds are typically mobile porn the people who love to get up at the crack of dawn and generally use the rising sun as their natural alarm clock.It does not take much to get them out of bed and once their feet hit the floor, well they are almost instantly ready to start doing whatever needs to be done.Some might turn on the tunes, singing along happily and are up to date on world news before the sun has even peek its entire head over the horizon…Around midday, their chirpy mood starts to wane, making way for the unexplained grumpiness that starts to set in. By the time the sun is getting ready to retire for the day, the bed is about the only place that will welcome their company…These Early Bird individuals need “wind down” activities at night. Now, meet the Night Owls, who need “wind down” activities in the morning….We are all aware that everything in nature has an opposite, so it goes without saying that the Night Owls have a rightful place in this world too…These are the individuals that need a really loud sounding alarm clock to jolt them from their dreams. The snooze button must be unmistakably big and easy to hit with eyes still tightly closed.Getting up early is not a pleasant experience for them. Given the slightest chance they will gladly doze until well into the morning.When they eventually venture out of bed, they seem to daze around for a few more hours before they manage to get themselves dressed and ready for the day.Generally they will find some errands or effortless chores to pass the first half of the day. By midday, they are usually ready to take a little nap…But once they awake from the nap, there is no stopping them. Their minds start racing in a frenzied fashion from the one project to the other and they start performing miracles, working well into the night, seemingly effortless…If you are considering starting your own business, it is vitally important to determine when you work best and to choose a business that allows you to work when you are at your peak performance levels.When you work for yourself, there is no paycheck just for showing up to work! No, you actually have to produce concrete results in order to get paid.Running your own business is no joke, but the rewards are worth far more than the initial effort that you have to put in. But, here is a little known secret for you…If your business requires you to work against your inborn natural performance pattern, you will most probably fail no matter how hard you try. It is really as simple as that.Look at it this way, if the business requires you to make important sales calls first thing in the morning, the Night Owl will surely fail because he simply won’t feel ready for that type of pressure first thing in the morning.Similarly, if the business requires sales calls that can only be done after hours, the Early Bird will fail simply because he is not at his peak performance levels at night.In both cases, the individuals will start experiencing high levels of frustration and start thinking that they are not capable of doing what it takes to succeed and many will likely quit trying at this point.But in reality, both individuals could have had success, had they been working with their inborn natural performance patterns. Some business owners need to find a system that allows them to work during regular office hours, while for others they need a system that allows them to work after hours.So, where do you start to find a business that allows you that type of flexibility. E-commerce is the answer. It allows you to take full control of every minute you feel like working, no matter what the time of day or night is.Early Birds and Night Owls alike can operate at full potential 24/7 and it is the only business solution where it is never too late or too early to grow your business into the successful venture you have always longed for.Starting your own business will definitely be the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. For tips on how to naturally energize your environment while you are working, sleeping or relaxing, please visit http://www.naturalindoorwaterfountains.com for some great information on the positive benefits of negative ions.