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Does Money Make Money?

If it is your goal to accumulate wealth, believing the fallacy that money makes money, will hinder your progress to no end. This belief stifles many to a life of failure, and misery.The goal setting theory of motivation means that you need to be positive – and realistic – to be able to reach your goal, especially if that goal is to make money.How many times do we hear that “money makes money.” Money can make money just as easily as Ferrari can win the Grand Prix without Schumaker in the driver’s seat.”Ferrari is the Grand Prix world champion.” Do we say that? “Microsoft invented Windows.” Do we say that? Or do we say, “Schumaker is the world champion.” And “Gates invented Windows.”? Of course we give credit to the person, or people. And that’s because that is the reality.Money is an innate, lifeless thing.To illustrate…Let’s say we want to make our money grow, then we place a $100 note in a tin and bury it, and a year later we return and dig it up. How much money will there be? Only our $100 note we placed in the tin. There is no way, on God’s green earth that there can be one cent more than the original $100.People make money! And people lose money!Certainly, money can earn interest, but the person (or rather the person’s intelligence) is required to invest the money to earn that interest. In this regard, a person can make a bad investment, and not earn as much interest, or can lose money.On the other side of the coin (no pun intended), a person can indulge in a business venture, and this way make money. Or lose it!Whichever route is taken, it is the intelligence of the PERSON that either makes money, or makes more money. This is the way it has always worked, and always will.Even in the event where someone has a big windfall, like winning the lottery, this money can be squandered, or made to multiply. Whichever it is, it is up to the person, to either invest wisely, or to spend endlessly. The history books are full of tales where enormous fortunes were won, and then lost.Therefore, if it is your goal to make money, don’t fall into the trap of believing that “money makes money”; it is a lifeless object, that cannot possible multiply without the intelligence of a human being. Rather…Make it your goal to…… learn about money, and how to invest and use it to multiply.

The Importance of Networking

So you want to learn how to network. First thing you need to do is to get out of your head right now one major concept-advertising! Believe it or not, many people think that networking is only for advertising. Not true! Networking can be so much more.Networking is another resource you can use to get the word out about what you do, not just what you sell. Learn to be able to help others. Become an expert in what you do whether you sell products or have your own resource site.I had a client that just started her home business tell me that she only wanted to sell her products. She didn’t want to network because she didn’t have the time. Let me tell you something, just because you are on a networking group you are not going to immediately get results with your ads. You have to be able to show others that you know what you are doing. That you are trustworthy! There have been so many times I have been burned with trades, freebies or items that I have won from other WAHP’s that I will never do business with them again. This happens with others too, so they first need to know you to do business with you.With that being said, people who are on the Internet are not going to trust you just because you say you are a WAHP (work at home person). Others have been burnt from purchases or bad trades from people they have met online.You have to be willing to want to help others. When I network, I go into discussion on not only how this is going to help me, but how am I going to help others. Let’s say you know the best places to advertise online and you see a question from someone who is just starting out for the first time with a home-based business and is lost. Read their questions; see how you can help them.Diana Ennen, Author of Virtual Assistant ~ The Series, Become a Highly Successful VA, (virtualwordpublishing.com) states that this has been one of her best marketing tools. She states, “By helping others with their start-up questions, you are enabling them to achieve their dreams and start their business, and also present yourself as an expert. It’s a win win for all.”Networking can be an excellent way to reach more customers if you know the proper way to do so.Working from home is not going to be easy. You will have days or even weeks where no money is coming in. If you have picked a company or business that you love to do, however, you will be able to survive the hard times. If you choose something you enjoy, then you will have no problem telling others what you do and help them along their path to success also.Always keep an eye out for a great networking community, you can never learn enough or help others enough. Just be sure that you can be active on the boards that you are a member of. Some networks are easy and don’t require that you post all the time, while others require more posting such as once a week or more. Just be sure you know the rules before you join or start posting. Each network website is different.Taken from Rebecca White’s Newest eBook “Step by Step Marketing Plan for Your Website-How to Make Your Online Business a Success This Year!”To be released Feb 2005

Automating Your Home Based Business – Saving You Time

First of all, what is automating a business? Simply put, it’s having today’s technology do the tedious and time consuming tasks that you currently have to do manually. This in turns frees up time that you can work on other business building aspects or spend it with loved ones.Today’s technology gives you a multitude of programs to smooth your way to owning a highly successful business. Using automation programs are a necessity for every business. It can give you back hundreds of hours a year for the more important things in life. It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips 24/7.Why do some businesses struggle year after year and others seem to take off like a rocket right from the start? Well, if you were able to see “behind the scenes” of those highly successful businesses, you would find that one of their secrets to their success is using technology to automate as much of their business as possible so that they can continue to grow their business in other areas.Automating Your Business WillIncrease traffic to your site or store – Did you know there are ways to automatically send your articles and messages to all forums that you are a member of? Automating your submissions increases your link exposure, which will build your search engine rankings and traffic to your site. Learn more about this at Forum FortunesStreamline your website administration – One of the most time consuming tasks is replying to individual emails. By automating your email program to respond to every inquiry immediately, create mailing lists for your newsletters and sending out your Ezine, you will save countless hours that you can use for other business growing projects. Learn more about this at AWeberImprove customer satisfaction and make your life a lot less stressful – Offering a good shopping cart to keep track of items your visitors choose to purchase from your site until they are ready to “check out” will assure that your customers are getting exactly what they want. Many shopping carts come with special features to calculate discounts and coupons as well as offer secure payment transactions instantly. Learn more about this at Store Front EcommerceIncrease profits – Again, by building traffic and improving customer satisfaction, your sales will increase and you will see more repeat customers.Protect your computer and your business – By filtering and deleting all spam and dealing with suspicious email before it reaches your in-box, you can prevent viruses and other malicious content from being downloaded to your computer which will save you time and money. Read more about this at Mail Washer ProAllow you to run your business from virtually anywhere – Wouldn’t it be nice to take that much needed vacation yet still be able to run your business? If you are like many business owners, it seems that every time you go out of town for an extended weekend or vacation, your business has some sort of meltdown.Though most times they are minor problems that can be fixed fairly quickly once you get home, they still cost you time and quite possible customers, both of which equal money. By automating much of your business, you will decrease the amount of problems while allowing you to fix any others even if you are in Cancun or Paris! Now that has to give you some peace of mind.With all of these benefits, why wait another minute to find out how you can start to improve your business and gain much needed time?

How to Pick a Business Opportunity

Browsing the internet there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing resources and a person often gets overwhelmed by the sheer choice of programs, products and services they offer.When looking for a business opportunity you should look for 6 primary qualities:1. Integrity – Does the company have a reliable track record/history?2. Value – Is the company providing a valuable service/product?3. Training – Do they provide you with quality marketing training and materials?4. Support – Is it easy to contact them and do they reply in a timely fashion?5. Compensation plan – Is their compensation plan fair and do they pay on time?6. Investment – Is the opportunity free or inexpensive to join?All these qualities are important when choosing a business opportunity.Too many people jump in to an opportunity that promises them mountains of gold, only to find themselves ripped off after the opportunity seems to have disappeared into thin air or is gone bust.Affiliate Programs:These are programs that let you promote other peoples products/services and pay you a commission for each buying customer. Affiliate programs can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing when you promote your business..Network MarketingPrograms that pay a recurring commission based on the amount of members in your downline or matrix. These members pay a recurring fee to the network marketing company and you earn a share of that fee as compensation. Not only do you earn on your personal sales, but you also earn a percentage of the sales your downline members make. The beauty of these type of businesses is that you do it once and get paid as long as the person you enrolled stays a member.With Network marketing programs having a training and support system in place is crucial for your business’s success, now and in the future. Its all about people helping people, in order to receive you must first learn to give. If you help your newly joined members to build their new business you will build a relationship and bond of trust. Because of that they will soon be in profit and best of all this will also profit you because when they enroll new members you will earn a share of that sale! You do something once and get paid for as long as the person stays a member and/or buys products/services.Creating your own Product(s)Nothing beats selling your own product, you keep all the money in your pocket and you are not dependent on a company to pay you a commission.Creating your own product is easier then it often sounds. For example, you could write your own E-book and sell it for a price you decide. Your E-book can contain references to resources with your own affiliate link, it can literally become a viral marketing tool that will earn you money over and over. In fact writing your own E-book is one of the secrets many “guru’s” use to build their businesses.People say “but I don’t have a topic that I can write about?” Often that is not true. For example, write about something you like, your hobby for example. Lets say your hobby is gardening, you could write an e-book about growing flowers. Or say you are a computer wiz, then you could write an e-book about how to build a computer etc.Often people do not realize that the product is right there, they just have to dig in their own mind and/or knowledge to discover it.To your success!

Yes, There Are Opportunities For Christian Work From Home Businesses

There are specific Christian work from home businesses around, with more opening up every day, although some would argue that any business can be a Christian one. Before you make any decisions though, ask yourself a few questions such as:What are my talents and skills?Is my goal to have a new full-time business or to add to my existing salary?How will having a Christian work from home business affect my family?Am I looking to help others through my business?What quality of life do I really want?What’s necessary to achieve that quality of life?These questions are just to get you thinking about what your true purpose is in pursuing Christian work at home opportunities. Without an idea of what your goal really is, you can’t achieve it.You especially need to consider your own special skills and abilities. For instance, if you love kids and are good with them, you might consider starting a Christian daycare center for them in your home.Focusing on what your talents and skills are will keep you from going into any Christian work from home businesses that you’re truly not interested in or good at, and help you choose what you will be successful at doing.Maybe you love to write. There are many opportunities for Christian work from home businesses in the desktop publishing area. You can produce programs, brochures, tracts, church histories, and directories for churches in your area. You can also go bigger with this once you get started and have a few successes under your belt.You could also consider writing inspirational literature, especially e-books. The demand for all sorts of Christian literature is out there, just waiting for you!There are also many Christian work at home opportunities in MLMs (Multi-level Marketing). Some of them center around selling products like cleaners, vitamins, and family-oriented books. With this sort of Christian work at home business, you also usually get income from people you bring into such programs.These types of Christian work from home opportunities can also be done predominately online. Just do your research to be certain that the company you’re selling goods or services for isn’t a scam of some kind. You can check with BBB (Better Business Bureau) or the SBA (Small Business Association) for information on companies you are considering signing up with.Christian work from home businesses you might also want to consider is assembling Christian-related items in your home. These items range from putting together crosses to making jewelry. Some companies pay you outright for your work, others charge a small fee and allow you to sell the goods yourself.If you love to work with your hands and be creative, this is a wonderful Christian home business opportunity for you to look into. Again, be certain that the company you choose is a legitimate one.Now that you have Christian work at home ideas, what do you do next? Consider these things:Do I have the space I need for an office?Is there any special equipment I need to purchase?Are there any licenses required?Should I obtain any additional insurance?Do I need to hire people to help me?What sort of accounting system will I use?How do I plan for taxes?Once you have the answers to these questions, you need to make a business plan that maps out the steps you need to take to get your Christian work at home business up and running.The more planning you do in the beginning, the better off you’ll be. You’ll be more efficient and won’t waste time or money this way. And those things are key to any successful home business.

What Is A Virtual Assistant & Why Do You Need One?

Virtual Assistants (also known as VAs) are home-based entrepreneurs who take pride in providing fellow small business professionals with a wide range of office tasks, from administrative support to web design & maintenance. VAs are able to provide professional, creative assistance without ever having to go into the client’s office.Being small business owners themselves, VAs understand that success comes to entrepreneurs when they provide the best possible customer service. But, great customer service can sometimes be hard to upkeep when you are spending valuable time trying to stay on top of the non-core tasks that are a part of running a business.A VA works WITH their clients to help alleviate some of these tasks, allowing them to free up some of their time to concentrate on generating revenue and building their businesses.But, how do you know when you really need the services of a Virtual Assistant?
Your inbox pile just seems to be getting higher, and each day you fall farther behind.

Your day timer just doesn’t seem to be able to keep you organized.

The important tasks are getting lost in amongst everything else and, when you do locate them, you find yourself rushing to meet a deadline.

You don’t feel comfortable taking on an administrative task that requires a specific professional appearance.

You find you aren’t delivering to your clients as fast as you would like to as you have too many other ‘things’ on the go.

You have a project that you need to get done but you aren’t sure how to accomplish it.

Your administrative tasks have you so overwhelmed that you just don’t seem to have time for anything else.

You spend so much time working that your family says it’s like living with a stranger.

Your mobile porn business is booming by you have no one to share it with or draw on for support.

Your website looks the same as it did two years ago, or

Your website is just a figment of your imagination.

You black porn dread looking at the piles on your desk and wondering when you will get everything accomplished.

Running your business just doesn’t have that same fulfillment as it used to because you’re cartoon porn spending too much time doing the non-core tasks and not doing what you love the most.

You wonder where your ‘life’ has gone.


Operating a business should not have you stressed out and wondering how you are going to make it a success when you are so busy doing everything yourself. You started your business because it involves what you love to do. But, the non-core tasks that are involved with running a small business should not be a discouragement.Virtual Assistants are in business to help you alleviate some of that added pressure by taking some of it off of your shoulders. They want you to succeed and will do everything possible to see that happen.From general word processing to graphic design to website design. A VA’s specialties can be just what you need to allow you to get back to running your business instead of it running you.

Telecommuting Website (Part Two)

Last article I discussed why a telecommuter would benefit from starting a website, and what you should include on the website. This article, I’m going to cover how to market the website and the basics of getting one set up.First, I want you to read over the last article in this series, if you haven’t had the chance to yet.[http://www.telecommutinganswerlady.com/telecommutingwebsitepartone.htm]So how can you get your website in front of potential employers? There are a few ways I’m going to cover that won’t cost you a dime!• Put your link on your résumé, and submit it to the free résumé databases online.• Put your link in your cover letter when applying for jobs.• Put your link in your signature line at forums and online groups. Also include it in the emails you send out.• Give your link to friends. Let them know to pass it on to their employers if they are hiring again.• Optimize your website for phrases. You could use “data entry employee” for example. (You will need to make sure it’s being searched for first.) This can be a technical thing, and it does take some time to learn. I would focus on the other free ways I mentioned above first. If you’d like to learn more about search engine optimization, you can head over to my forums.[http://www.mommysplaceforums.net]Those are just a few suggestions! I’m sure you can come up with even more great ways to get your website out in front of employers.I’m not going into detail about website design in this article. You can do some research on your own to come up with great information that helps you, but I do want to share some resources that you might want to look in to.• Use a site builder if you don’t want to build a site from scratch. The site builder I use for http://www.mommysplace.net/ can be found at http://www.internetbasedfamily.com• Choose the name of your website. For a website highlighting information about yourself, I would recommend buying your name as the domain (http://www.nelltaliercio.com/).• No free hosting, please! You want to present the most professional image of yourself with your website, and free hosting doesn’t look professional! You can get paid hosting for cheap! I use a hosting company for some of my websites, including Telecommuting Answer Lady, for only $14.00 a year!This has been an overview of websites for telecommuting! I wish you all the best with your job hunt and building your website. If you’d like more information about building a portfolio for your website (or just a portfolio on its own),• Choose the name of your website. For a website highlighting information about yourself, I would recommend buying your name as the domain (http://www.nelltaliercio.com/).• No free hosting, please! You want to present the most professional image of yourself with your website, and free hosting doesn’t look professional! You can get paid hosting for cheap! I use a hosting company for some of my websites, including Telecommuting Answer Lady, for only $14.00 a year!This has been an overview of websites for telecommuting! I wish you all the best with your job hunt and building your website. If you’d like more information about building a portfolio for your website (or just a portfolio on its own).

Lessons From eBay’s Best Looking Store, 2004

Ebay users vote annually for the best eBay stores in 3 categories:* Best Looking Store* Best Shopping Experience* Best Use of Store Custom PagesThe best looking store, the Frenchy Bee, is indeed gorgeous. Selling indulgent products from France like lavender soaps, chocolate and herbs from Provence, we can learn that gorgeous and mouth watering pictures add much to the success of any auction. This smart seller uses a solid white background, instead of indulging a tendency to ‘gild the lily’ with textures or colors, so the professional photographs are a feast for the eyes.Secondly, the owner makes it easy to search. For example, when checking out the soaps (a passion of mine!) she makes it easy to search. I can look by ‘Type’, such as bars, liquid or laundry, or I can search by ‘Scent’, including such yummy smells as orange, vanilla or almond.The Frenchy Bee’s customer service motto is ” Be generous even when you can’t afford it, it comes back tenfold.” Amen to that.The design is efficient, alluring and inviting. Hard to see how it could look any more enticing. The seller is a compnay in Washington state, and offers some information in French as well as English. Truly a treat for the eyes.It is clear, though, that eBay is only one of the selling channels for The Bee, because the eBay store revenues for the past 30 days are only $1207, from a total of 145 auctions. Dutch auctions obviously pay off for this company, because 60.83% of its Ducth auctions sold, vs only 36.55% of its single item ones. A little less than half (46%) of its auctions actually sold.So, where else do they sell?Amazon is one venue where the same painstaking attention to detail is apparent. Today they are offering sweet pine drops, cherries in kirsch brandy, spicy mustard and empty escargot shells. They accept returns, within 30 days, of all items except food. Their prices seemed to be the same on both eBay and Amazon, as were shipping prices.And, naturally, they have their own lovely website. To further entice visitors they spotlight:* New This Week* Last Week’s Bestsellers* Clearance SaleThey offer a 23 page downloadable and printable catalog of their items.Another smart feature is a newsletter with “Special Offer” items (yep, I signed up! :-) And lastly, they advertise on Google AdWords, promoting both their Amazon and eBay store.So, what can we learn from The Frenchy Bee, the award-winning eBay store?* Site design is very important and spend the time or money to acquire gorgeous photographs* Sell through multiple channels* Make searching easy on your customers, with as many options as possible without being confusing* Focus on milf porn certain items with clearance specials or newslettersDoes it work? I bought three bars of soap, so it must!