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10 Things You Will Like About A Home Based Business

Here’s a few things I’ve discovered along the way that you will like about owning your own home based business.1. You Are The BossHow many people endure a Boss that undervalues your contribution to the organization? Or one who takes credit for your work. More than you might think! Own your own business and you are the boss! You take the credit win, lose, or draw.2. Work The Hours You WantThat’s right! Suppose your spouse works the late shift, you would rather be home during daytime to take care of the children. And you would prefer not putting the children into day care? If you are self employed, you can easily re-schedule your work to fit your family situation.3. No Long CommuteA friend once spent 4 hours commuting to work each day. Talk about stress. She was tired before the work day began! Say goodbye to the long commute when you are self-employed. Your longest commute might be from one the bedroom to your home office.4. Goodby Office Politics.Have you experienced office politics? The co-workers positioning themselves with power figures to move up in the organization. Say goodbye to office politics!5. Less StressWorking in a familiar home environment will reduce your stress load. At home, you work at your own pace. If work gets hectic, you take a break. Put your feet up and relax.6. Dress CodesNo more confining business suits, uniforms, or conforming to a stiff dress code. If you handle all your business over a computer or the telephone Dress The Way You Like!7. Spend More Time With Your FamilyThis is a great opportunity to get the family involved in your business. And spend more quality time together.8. Use A Skill You’ve Never Had The Opportunity To UseYou have ample opportunity to use your marketing skills, managing skills, accounting skills, people skills, sales skills, computer skills, and many other task you’ve been itching to try.9. Realize Your Business GoalsYou’ve taken that first difficult step toward personal and business success. By Striking out on your own and starting a home based business.10. Boost Self EsteemYou now have more control over your financial and personal future. This will lead to a boost in your self esteem on many levels.These are only a few of the things you will like about owning a home based business. Once you’ve started your own business you will add many more to the list!

Stay At Home Work Have You Feeling A Bit Lonely?

When you stay at home and work, either at a stay at home job or at a home based business, it’s easy to start feeling isolated and lonely. This is especially true if you worked in a large company with a lot of people before you decided to stay at home and work. It really is possible to go days without seeing anyone but family members when you work at a stay at home job or home based business. After a while, the isolation can get to you and make you long for the old days, as bad as they were.So it’s important to take breaks from your stay at home work or home based business and find opportunities to interact with people. One of the best ways to avoid feeling lonely and isolated in your stay at home job is to join a professional group in your area. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good organization to join and take part in. Not only will the meetings give you the chance to be with other people, they can also be a great way to network your home based business or to pick up projects for your stay at home job. Best of all, you’ll be able to spend time with people who also have small businesses, many of them home based businesses, and you’ll be able to pick up some great ideas for your home based business.Another strategy for coping with the loneliness that goes along with a stay at home job or home based business is to find other people in your area who are also working at stay at home jobs or home based businesses. You probably already know many people who are in similar shoes. They’d love to get together and shake off the stay at home loneliness for a couple of yours. Get in touch with them and see if you can’t set up a once-a-week breakfast. Again, this will give you the chance to talk with people about stay at home job and home based business issues. You’ll get a lot of good ideas and maybe even be able to co-op some work for your home based business of stay at home job service.And here’s another thing you can do to beat the home based business and stay at home job “lonelies”–join your local Y. Too often stay at home workers and home based business owners spend way too much time at their desks, staring at the computer screen. You need to have some exercise. And one of the advantages of having a stay at home job or home based business is that you can–or should be able to!–make your own schedule, at least to some degree. Yes, you have to met your stay at home job and home based business deadlines, but you can plan to spend time a little time exercising at the Y several morning or afternoons a week. Going to the Y has the advantage of letting you be with people who are NOT connected with your stay at home job or home based business. Because while it is a good to be with home based businesspeople and stay at home workers sometimes, you also need to be with people who aren’t so that you can forget about your business and stay at home work some too. It’s too easy to let your stay at home work take over your life. So join the Y and meet all kinds of people. You’ll find you go back to your home based business office refreshed and ready to go to work.Also, take advantage of email. When you stay at home and work or have a home based business, you’re likely to deal with many people just like you who are staying at home to work or running their own home based business. It’s easy to forget, though, that they are people who get lonely too. So make some online friends. You’ll be amazed at how much less lonely you’ll feel in your stay at home job or home based business just by doing this one thing.Finally, if your stay at home job or home based business really has you feeling lonely and blue, and you’re yearning for the old 9-to-5 cubicle you once had, stop and think for a minute. Were those many conversations you had with co-workers really all that great? Did you actually want to hear about Sally’s gall bladder operation or about Steve’s son’s grand slam hit or Gary’s marital problems? Didn’t think so. And now your stay at home job or home based business office looks better than ever, doesn’t it?Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

A Home Based Business – What to Look For!

Home Based Businesses are a lot like nutritional products – everybody claims they have the best – so who do you believe. Well here are 10 tips to guide you through those murky waters.1. Look for a home based business in the hot areas – like nutrition where there is the huge base of baby boomer customers with income to spend on your product. Don’t be fooled by some startup company with some new idea and you think you’re going to get in on a groundfloor opportunity. It ain’t an opportunity if no one wants the product. Analyze what the market is – there is a reason why heavy hitters are heavy hitters – they are able to accurately judge the market.2. Check this out – the home based business you’re looking at may be in a hot area like nutrition but they may be in a stagnant sub-area of nutrition. You want to look for the sub-areas of nutrition that are the fastest growing – the fastest growing is the nutritional drink or health beverage area. Most likely due to the ease of just drinking your nutrition – fast and easy. So following this model the company you select in the nutritional field should have a flagship nutritional drink product.3. Is it as startup, or established home based business company? – The problem with startups is they way too often don’t live up to their obligations, go out of business, or both. Often with an established company you may have missed the best timing to get in with them. The opportunity is over so to speak. What to look for is an established reputable company poised for explosive growth.4. Look for the credibility behind the home based business company – lack of established credibility often dooms the company to go under and you’re left holding the bag and also your reputation suffers.5. Discover a hot product before the masses do – This one is big – this ingredient is what often establishes the big money earners and allows people who have never made money before to make some nice incomes. Find a hot product destined to be a mega-seller before virtually anyone has heard of it. Get in early and ride it for all it’s worth.This one factor alone is how most heavy hitters became to be heavy hitters in this industry. It’s not that they are much better networkers than others, you could essentially say they were in the right place at the right time and took massive action. However, it’s a little more than that – their persistence and determination in the industry has allowed them to make some nice contacts so that when the right opportunity comes along they can pull key players on board and go from there.Also this heavy hitter person usually has a keen sense of the market which allows them to pick the right opportunity and avoid all the pitfalls and fools gold of the startup companies. Nobody follows someone even if they are ”finally right” about something if they have used up all their credibility on programs that never panned out.6. This can be almost as important as a hot product – The Marketing or Compensation Plan. Things to look for – does the plan provide extra rewards for the upline helping those underneath them? Like with matching enroller bonuses where the upline can enroll people under individuals in their organization and earn a percentage of that persons check in bonuses. This is much better than a forced binary plan, because in a forced binary plan, people that don’t want to work get in the way and drag down others.A bonus system like this will allow you to help the people who want a successful home based business and bypass those who are lazy and not interested.More things to look for in the compensation plan. Does the plan pay a number of levels deep or does it stop after a few levels and the levels below this are infinity levels based upon sales volume? Also how many legs are required to maximize the pay plan? Does the plan require you to have numerous legs to earn the maximum bonuses? The point is this, a plan that only pays a few levels before infinity bonuses and/or requires numerous legs really limits the amount of upline help you will receive – in other words you’re virtually on your own.7. Get with the right distributors at the right time – Years ago my wife and me sold a house. We had several options but they came down to listing the house with this relatively new agent down the street or the hotshot million dollar sales earner. We went with the latter – big mistake – he was so busy with his big deals he didn’t have time to mess with our little house. The house sat month after month before selling and we had already moved out of town. The lady down the street would have pushed it to the max.The point is don’t just sign up with some big name distributor because of their name – they could be semi-retired or too busy to give you the attention you need. The best scenario for you is to find some experienced heavy hitters who because of a hot product have just recently started marketing that product and are rapidly building their organization. This essentially allows you to not only get in on the ground floor with a hot product but also with very experienced people looking to build huge organizations. This is a case of being at the right place at the right time. All that is required of the individual is to take a lot of action.8. Does the company have an emotional product? – the point here is people talk about two things to others – things that interest them and things that leave an emotional impression on them. Certain types of products like nutritional products can much easier cause an emotional reaction in people than other products. If someone feels much better health wise from taking a nutritional product they are much more likely to tell others than they would about some insurance or laundry product for example. And face it, you want people talking about your product – word of mouth advertising is the most effective form.9. Does the home based business company have exclusive products you can’t get elsewhere and/or expert marketing to justify their winning products as superior products and actually a better value than similar products?10. Reusable products – It kind of goes without saying but any product or service, which someone uses and reuses on a monthly basis is best because you continue to earn on that person month after month.Bonus Tips: To monitor the strength of a business opportunity here are a couple things to look for:Are there plenty of excited people on the conference calls along with numerous calls – absence of these items can indicate a ”dead” business opportunity.Also find out what’s been going on in the last 6 months – 2 years – are a number of people advancing up through the ranks – if not once again you could be looking at a ”dead” business opportunity.

Stay At Home Jobs – Not Just For Moms These Days

These days, though, more and more men are choosing stay at home jobs and stay at home work. And while some men are pursuing stay at home jobs and stay at home work to get out of the corporate rat race, many of them are opting to be stay at home dads.So if you’re one of the many women or men, moms or dads, who would love nothing more than to stay at home and work, you’ll be happy to know that the options for stay at home jobs and stay at home work are practically endless. And probably the best way to make your dream of a stay at home job a reality is to create your job.Now how exactly would you create your own stay at home job? Consider starting your own home based business that will enable you to stay at home and work. This greatly increases the options for your stay at home works–and ensures you’ll probably enjoy your stay at home job more.And there are many home based businesses that work well for moms or dads who want to stay at home. You need to first decide, though, just what you’re looking for in a work at home job. Do you want to have flexible hours? Do you want to truly stay at home and work as opposed to having a home business that’s based in your home, but has you frequently out and about?If so, then you probably shouldn’t start a home based business like an office cleaning service that would require working a fairly strict schedule and being away from home a lot rather than allowing you to stay at home for most of your work. These are also really important considerations if you have children at home because if your stay at home job or home based business has you frequently on the go, then you’ll need to have dependable childcare.This is why more and more couples are opting to stay at home and work together in a home based business. That way, one parent can cover for the other when the stay at home job requires you to be away from home part of the time. Also, many couples share the responsibilities of stay at home jobs and home based businesses. One partner may do the books and paperwork involved with their stay at home job, while the other partner provides the service or product.Some home based businesses that work great for these couples are catering, craft and hobby related home based businesses, and product sales of some kind. Many men dream of having their own garage or car cleaning service, for example, and these types of home based businesses often provide their significant others stay at home jobs involving accounting and marketing for their home based business. With home based businesses that involve sales, both partners often share the selling and paperwork which means that each gets some time to work at home and some time to interact with other people.Be careful, though, not to romanticize having a stay at home job or home based business. When you’re stressed out by your conventional job or you’re yearning to mobile porn spend more time with the kids, it’s easy to get caught up in a fantasy that isn’t true. Because stay at home jobs and home based businesses are still work, and it’s sometimes are actually harder because it’s easier to get distracted from your stay at home job. Too, you need to be sure you’re well suited to staying at home and working before you jump off the corporate ladder. But when you are and you find the best stay at home job or home based business for you, you’ll never regret taking the leap.Charles Fuchs http://www.charlesfuchs.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Home Business Legalities And Tax Advantages

Even if you work out of your home, most cities and/or counties require you to have a business license and/or permit. Check with your local government municipalities to find out what the requirements are for where you live. Depending on where you live, you should be able to get this information from your local courthouse or townhall.Zoning may also be an issue. Municipal ordinances can be very restrictive about what types of businesses are allowed in a residential district. This also applies if you plan on placing a sign outside of your home. Again, check with your local government municipalities to find out what the requirements are for where you live.In addition, depending on how your home business is structured–as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation–there may be forms to file with the state. The legal structure affects taxes and the liability of the owner and the home business, so it’s important to follow the appropriate procedures. Contact your state’s Department of Revenue for filing fees and information.If you plan to operate your home business under a name other than your own, you will have to register a fictitious name with the county–usually referred to as a DBA filing (Doing Business As). The exceptions to this regulation are corporations and partnerships doing business under the umbrella of the corporate or partnership name.As a home business owner, you may be required to file estimated tax returns and pay estimated taxes quarterly. If you have employees, you also have to submit taxes withheld from employee paychecks. Here are some of the taxes you may be responsible for:Employment taxes — Federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare, federal unemployment and state income taxes.Federal self-employment tax–Required by those who work for themselves to cover Social Security and Medicare contributions.Sales tax–Each state requires a sales tax number for any company involved in selling tangible items. Sales tax is collected, reported and paid to the state either monthly or quarterly.Unemployment insurance tax — You are required to pay federal and state unemployment taxes if you have more than one employee on the books for at least 20 weeks in a calendar year, or if they have paid more than $1,500 in gross wages in a calendar quarter.Again, check with your state’s Department of Revenue for more information.A home business qualifies for all of the same tax deductions regular businesses do. In the eyes of the IRS, the only difference between most home businesses and Fortune 500 Companies is their size, and the fact that home businesses can also deduct many household and living expenses.Owning a home business will entitle you to deduct thousands of dollars in every day expenses. After all, why pay more in taxes than you have to?Listed below are just some of the items you are allowed to deduct:
Your car and car expenses.

Your mileage.

Your home computer, printer and other office equipment.

Your home. If you’re not a homeowner, you are allowed to milf porn deduct the area where your home office is set-up.

If you’re a homeowner, you may deduct a portion of your property taxes and utilities.

Your travel expenses.

Your restaurant meals, cartoon porn entertainent, dinner parties.

You may pay wages, tax free, to two black porn of your children, if they are involved with the business.

You may deduct your families health insurance.

NOTE: To qualify for the above tax deductions, you must be actively working your home business.In closing, since tax laws are continually changing, I highly recommend you consult with your accountant or tax advisor to learn more about applying the aforementioned deductions to your home business.

Have Laptop Will Travel: Mobile Home Business

There are virtually unlimited home based business opportunities out there that can earn us the income we need while allowing us the freedom to travel.The world is an enormous place; a playground on an epic scale filled with exotic cultures, creatures, and serene landscapes. For most of us however, the greater world is a separate place, disconnected from the smaller one we occupy. During the workweek our scope of existence barely extends past the perpendicular lines of the office or workplace. What’s worse is that our destinies are not in our control. In essence, our current function in life is to make a handful of rich men richer.On our days off we have just enough time to finish all the errands that have aggregated over the previous five days. When we find a moment to scavenge for food we usually find it in a grease smeared paper bag handed to us through a window by some goofy kid with a paper hat and an apron covered with what looks like the remnants of a bovine suicide bomber. Surely, there is more to life than this? There must be a way to break free from our enclosed existence and explore the beautiful wide open spaces beyond. In fact, there are several ways.The good news is that our future is entirely in our hands. There are virtually unlimited home based business opportunities out there that can earn us the income we need while allowing us the freedom to travel. All we need is persistence, a laptop computer, and a wireless connection to the internet–and maybe a map. Then the question that we have to ask ourselves is not ‘how badly do I want freedom’ but rather, ‘how hard am I willing to work for it?’Building a home business during our free time leaves little time for us to unwind after our regular job. This sounds difficult, and it is, but it should be viewed as a temporary sacrifice. Think of building a home-based business as whittling away at the prison bars of your cell after a long hard day breaking rocks for ‘the man.’ Do you want to break rocks your whole life for a brief daily respite, or would you rather double your work so that one day you can escape altogether?Copyright 2005 Jon CastleArticle may be reprinted freely as long as the author bylines and info box are included.

Never Limit Your Future

Never limit you future by the shape of your past. This time-worn truism is still around for a good reason. We still need to be reminded of that, especially as we move forward with our goals, whatever they may be.Never limit your future by the shape of past. As I thought about that statement I realized that history bears witness to many who have overcome horrible pasts and moved on to be very successful in their lives. Many of our current heroes and heroines have overcome poverty, child abuse, serious illness and disabilities to become successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.I am reminded of successful people like Oprah Winfrey,Dolly Parton, the late Ray Charles, Loretta Lynne, President William J. Clinton and many others. All of them overcame great obstacles to achieve the success that was in them.Overcoming one’s past to achieve success is not limited to those who achieve great fame or fortune, but to everyday people like you and me. Each of us likely has something in our past that could have prevented us from getting to where we are now.If you are reading this article you already have a history of achievement. If you don’t believe me, think about the many thousands of Americans that are functionally illiterate (not able to read and understand the average newspaper article).Since you are able to read this, you are able to achieve many other things in your life. You are likely reading this because you have an interest in starting or maintaining a profitable online business. I may be slow-going, but do not give up too soon. Often, we give up when on the verge of success because we cannot see what is ahead.Have enough faith in yourself and what you are doing to prepare as best you can for success. Learn from others by reading about how they became successful. Follow the paths of successful people. If possible, find a mentor.I also suggest you subscribe to a few good E-zines to help you sort through and find the best resources to help you. On such E-zine is Manna Success Newsletter published weekly by Burke Publications. You can read it at:http://news.burkepublications.comUntil the next time,Dr. J. Elisha BurkeEditor, Manna Success NewsletterBurke Publicationshttp://burkepublications.comjeb@burkepublications.comCopyright 2005 Burke Publications All Rights Reserved

Ready, Fire … Aim!

Almost every book about starting a new business begins by telling you to write a business plan. Many readers run in terror, others jot some notes on a pad and a very few sit down to write out a comprehensive strategic plan for their business.After all, the majority of business owners start their businesses without outside financing, so why do they need a business plan?But, along the way, with millions of great ideas pulsing in their brains, most business owners begin to write things down. They begin to devise strategies, set goals, create plans, lay-out timelines, etc. This is good … unless you get stuck in this stage like Bruce did.”I don’t believe I’m admitting this to you, but I can’t find any other way around it. I have been struggling with this problem for the whole time I’ve been in business, and I’m embarrassed to share it with anyone else. But, I know I’m holding myself back from being really successful, and I need some help to work this out,” he told me.I was truly surprised by his candor, but not by his problem. Bruce was suffering from what I had experienced myself .. perfectionism. And it was draining all of his energy. He started his financial planning company 2 1/2 years ago wanting to provide clients with informed and honest advice – things he felt were lacking in other providers in that field. But since then, he had gone from being idealistic and enthusiastic to being discouraged and disillusioned.”I really thought I could make a difference and make money at the same time. But my best ideas get stuck on the page. I can’t seem to get any one idea rolled out completely. By the time I come up with the idea, do some research, pull together some numbers, lay-out a plan and develop some marketing strategies, I have about 10 more ideas I want to pursue.”"It feels so invigorating when I’m thinking about the idea and creating the plan and strategy. I always think that the idea I’m working on is the one that will truly make my business take off. But as I look back over the past two years, I feel like a complete failure.”"I started this business thinking I could provide a great service and make great money doing it. But, now I’m starting to doubt if I really have what it takes to be successful. I’m ashamed to talk to my wife about it after I told her how great I would be at this.”"I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong. My clients really like me, and I do a great job for them, but I’m stuck at this sort of survival level and can’t seem to implement the ideas that I think would really establish my business. Maybe I should just go back to working for someone else.”"Is that what you want to do?” I asked him. He jumped in almost before I finished, “No, I really want to make this work. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”"Don’t sell yourself short, Bruce. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You’ve done a great job at establishing yourself as an honest and informed financial planner — your clients told you so. You certainly aren’t a failure, but I definitely understand why you feel so disappointed and frustrated. It sounds like there is just one thing that’s holding you back — fear.”Bruce was experiencing what many perfectionistic people do. They are so concerned with doing everything right the first time, they continue to work and re-work their ideas and never reach the implementation stage.The planning process is a safe haven for perfectionists. They can craft the perfect, controlled, predictable strategy. But, they tend to get paralyzed when it’s time to move forward. They fear that executing the plan will show that the plan was not perfect — that they are not perfect. So to avoid being “found out”, they continue to re-work the plan.It takes awhile for most people to recognize this pattern in themselves and many never do. But, for Bruce, it was a lifesaver. After selecting one idea to work one, he created a timeline for his roll-out plan. Each week, he had specific tasks that would take him through the implementation of his strategy.After only three months, he had taken on six new clients, created an additional stream of income, and established five relationships with centers of influence who could sell his services to their clients.The last time I talked with him, he could hardly believe that he had been so disillusioned about his business only three months before. “I feel exhilarated again,” he told me. “I’m finally having fun, providing a great service, and making money! Thanks so much for helping me move forward on my ideas. I was right … they were the key to my success!”Are you anything like Bruce? Are you stuck in the planning mode? How long have you been working and re-working your strategy? Could it be fear that is holding you back?Remember, many times we don’t recognize it as fear, so just look at your patterns. Are you spending a lot of time planning projects and strategies that never get implemented?If so, set aside one afternoon this week to look at all of the potential projects you would like to implement. Force yourself to pick just one that you will implement now. I know it can be hard to pick just one but doing so will give you the best chance of success. I’m not telling you to burn the rest — just set them aside. They’ll still be there when you come back.Now, for the project or plan you want to implement, create a timeline for roll-out. Make a list of everything you would have to do in order to implement the plan, then assign realistic dates to each one.Plot those dates out on a calendar and make sure to set aside time to complete whatever tasks are necessary in order to stick with your roll-out plan.Is this plan guaranteed to succeed? I can’t say that and neither can you. You don’t learn anything from your plan just sitting there. Roll it out and see what happens. That is the ONLY way you’ll ever know.

Can You Really Have a Successful Internet Business

A lot of the information that you see floating around on the Internet right now is about how you cannot have a successful business on the Internet if you don’t have an e-mail list. As a matter of fact, it has been said that 95% of all online businesses fail because of this reason. While some of this is true, I personally do not feel this is the sole reason why so many businesses fail.We are a country and a world that has developed into a “I want it right now” mentality. We want our riches right now, we want our businesses to be successful the very minute we put them on the Internet. We want everything to happen “right now!” Instant gratification is another name for this. People think that by having a business online they won’t have to do anything. If you work for eight hours a day while working for someone else, why wouldn’t you put forth the same effort for your own business? Advertising and marketing will not get done by themselves. You must be willing to do the work that is necessary every day. If you want to work from home, you actually need to work!Part of the reason that many online and offline businesses fail is due to lack of persistence and lack of time. You cannot open up a store and expect people just to flock in. Before you open your doors to the public, there is usually a massive advertising campaign to let everyone know that you are going to be opening and on what day. You put flyers on cars, take out ads in your local newspaper and tell everyone you know that your store is going to be open! It took months of hard work to get your inventory and to set it up on shelves, etc., so you would not want all that work to go to waste by not letting people know about your shop.The same must be done for an Internet business. Yes, it is good to have a large e-mail list to send information out to, but most of us who start an online business don’t. So you need to get other forms of advertising promotions. Go online and look for places to advertise for free. Google and Yahoo are wonderful avenues to get this information from. I can’t tell you how many sites I was able to submit to just by doing a search of “free classified ads” on Google alone. Always take a portion of your day and set it aside for advertising.Another good form of advertising is through the traffic exchanges. Be careful though and make sure that a majority of your traffic exchange memberships are with manual exchanges. You want people to see your website, your ad, etc. and if you belong to a lot of auto surf sites, more than likely your ad is just flashing up to an empty chair. Many if not most people log on to their auto surf site and let the pages flash on by while they do other things around the house. You want your website seen for at least 20 – 30 seconds. This is especially true if you have a lot of detail on your website. I have seen websites on some of the 15 second sites that never fully load before the timer is out and the site never gets seen. You want people to see your site and you want them to have time to capture an impression in their minds about your product or service.Don’t be afraid to subscribe to newsletters and e-zines. Believe it or not, these publications are full of information that you would otherwise not get. Many if not all editors also love giving out free information as well. I cannot tell you how my knowledge has increased by being a subscriber to many assorted newsletters and e-zines. Just remember to join with publications that are of interest to you.You might like the ones that have to do with marketing, advertising and online businesses. But if you have a product that is geared towards animals, you may want to join publications that have information that is about dogs or cats. No matter what, the knowledge you gain from these materials is incredible. I don’t read all of them cover to cover, but I do look at each one and read the articles that I believe will help me the most. And if I browse through the newsletter and there doesn’t seem to be any information that I am looking for, I just delete it and move on to the next.Write articles about things that you know and submit them to newsletters and e-zines. This is another wonderful avenue to get advertising for your site. You need to make sure that when you submit your articles that you are submitting to sites that are relevant to your subject. People who are reading the e-zines don’t want to read about animal training if they joined because the e-zine is about marketing techniques.The most important thing to remember about all of these marketing and advertising techniques is that they will not bring success to you overnight. It takes persistence and time. I cannot stress this enough. You have to persistently look for new ways to get your site seen. You have to submit articles every day. Even if you just write one article and submit that article to 5 different e-zines or newsletters a day, after 30 days, you have submitted to 150 different avenues. You need to surf the traffic exchanges every day. Don’t forget to really look at the sites as well because sometimes you will get great ideas for your own site by seeing others.You will actually see an increase in the number of people visiting your website in approximately 30 days or so. But always give your business at least one year to really get going. It takes that long just to get the kinks worked out and ideas implemented. Don’t jump from one business opportunity to another. Find one that you will enjoy and truly like to work with. If you don’t like the product, find another. There are enough businesses and opportunities out there for you to find one that you really like. After all, you will be working every day to make this a successful business venture and you don’t want to be working with a product that will eventually make you dissastisfied.Don’t forget to actually work! So many opportunities tell you that you can make 1000′s of dollars by doing nothing at all and that simply is not true. You never get anything by doing nothing. Even when someone wins the lottery he paid a dollar, therefore he did something! Each day do something that is going to benefit your business. It can be submitting an article or submitting to free classified ad sites. But make sure you are putting forth the effort to do these things. Your website will not be able to do it for you. Bill Gates and Donald Trump did not get wealthy by doing nothing! They did a lot of hard work and put forth the effort to get their products known!As I said in the beginning it is persistence and time that will lead you to success. Your persistence and time in advertising, your persistence and time with e-zines and even your own persistence and time in gaining knowledge will do this. It is hard work and anybody that tells you differently is just trying to get some money out of you. Always take the time to correspond with your customers and people who work with you as well. Keep in contact and don’t forget to help people! Offer them free resources, offer them free help, and offer them whatever it takes for them to be successful because in the end that will make YOU successful.Much luck and success to you in the future!

Should You Start A Home Based Business?

Whether or not to start a home based business is probably one of the most important questions that you will ever have to answer. If you are even seriously pondering the question in the first place, then it probably means that there are circumstances in your life which are causing you to consider undertaking a venture which will have a significant and far reaching impact on your own life and on the lives of your immediate family memebers as well. Before you take a leap of faith into becoming a small business owner, there are a few areas of your life which will be impacted and which you should seriously consider before coming to any final decision as to whether or not a home based business is right for you.FINANCIALStarting your own home based business can have many financial rewards and put you in control of your own financial future. However, there are a few things to consider before beginning your undertaking.First, will you start your home based business on a part time basis and keep your day job until you are making enough profit to enable you to quit and devote your full attention to your business? Or would you rather quit your day job now so you can devote your full time and energy to building your business? There are pros and cons to both approaches and only you can decide which one you will feel most comfortable with in the long run. If you have enough savings to meet your living expenses for a good six months to a year then it might be worthwhile to quit your day job to focus on growing your business. You’ll see results a lot faster and that will give you the momentum you need to keep going. Starting a home based business requires a lot of up front work and if you are doing it on a part time basis it is easier to get discouraged when the results don’t materialize as quickly as you had originally planned. On the other hand, having a full time income will enable you to spend more on your business without having to worry about meeting monthly living expenses.You will also have to set a start up budget for your business as well. Any home based business will require some start up costs, even if they are only minimal at first. For example, if you are going to be doing business on the internet, you will need to register your domain name and pay a monthly fee to have your website hosted. Domain names can be registered for as little as $7.00 and monthly hosting can be obtained for a minimum of about $25.00. You’ll also need to determine how much money you are going to devote to advertising your new venture. While there are some very good ways to advertise your business for free, eventually you are going to have to lay out some money to advertise if you hope to see the kind of profits that will make your online business worthwhile. While we are not talking about massive amounts of money here, a few hundred dollars would be a reasonable sum to get some quality advertising to promote your business and allow you to start making some sales which will generate even more cashflow to reinvest in your business.PERSONALMost people who are interested in starting their own home based business cite personal reasons as one of their primary motivations. It seems that more and more people are getting fed up with corporate America these days and it’s no secret that the average workday continues to get longer and longer, lunch hours become nonexistent, and the financial security that once came with retirement is no longer a reality for most people. Not only does having your own home based business put you in charge of your own financial future, it also allows you to start spending real quality time with your family. Most people are so exhausted at the end of a typical workday that just getting through dinner without nodding off is a real challenge. With a home based business, you control the hours you work and you automatically add at least one or two additional hours to your day that you would otherwise spend commuting to and from work.Of course, getting your family adjusted to having you working from home may take some effort in the beginning. If you have very small children at home it can be a challenge to keep them out of your office while you are trying to get work done. If you are the primary caretaker, you will need to work in small spurts throughout the day while the kids are napping or watching a video and then put in a few hours after they go to bed for the night. Once they are in school, the routine becomes a lot easier because you can adjust your schedule around their schoolday and have most of your daily work completed by the time they get home from school.Life can sometimes be a series of tradeoffs, so spending all that quality time with your family also means that you’ll no longer have the social interaction that was once a part of your 9 to 5 routine. Now that you have a home based business, you will have to go out of your way to gain some of that same social interaction. Joining local small business organizations is a great way to make new friends, network and have your business become known in your local community. A lot of these organizations have weekly or monthly meetings with guest speakers at either a breakfast or afer work social event. In any case, socializing will now become a great way to network and spread word of mouth about your new business venture.MOTIVATIONYou have to be motivated to start any home based business. This motivation is twofold. I am talking here about both the internal drive to take action and get your business off the ground, as well as the vision you have in your head of what your business will eventually look like once it is established and what it is you want to accomplish with your business.A home based business can bring many financial rewards, but a lot of people will get discouraged with the up front work that is required to get any business off the ground. I have often heard an analogy used by folks who do business on the internet that I like a lot because I think it is so accurate. The analogy is that starting a home based internet business is like a rocket taking off. For those who are not NASA aficionados, a rocket apparently uses something like 80% of the energy that it will use during it’s entire mission just during those first few minutes of liftoff. That momentum then helps carry it throughout the rest of it’s journey. It’s a lot like that with a home based business. It takes a lot of up front energy, but one day you realize that the hardest part is over and you’ve created enough momentum to help make it easier from now on in. You have to have the motivation to get through those early days, otherwise you’ll never create the kind of momentum that you need to see yourself through.You’re also going to need to identify your motivation in terms of what it is you want to accomplish with this business of yours anyway. Do you have a great idea or product that you want to promote? Most people actually don’t, and that’s okay. Selling your own product is often thought of as the most lucrative way to make money on the internet, but you can still make quite a bit of money by finding other people’s products and promoting those as an affiliate. That means for every sale you make, you get a commission. And you can also generate residual income for yourself by recruiting other people to become affiliates under you. But no matter which way you go, you have to like what you’re doing and what you’re promoting. Starting a home based business will not bring the financial rewards you are hoping for if you are not doing something that makes you feel energized, excited, challenged and, perhaps most importantly, that you are providing a worthwhile benefit to those people who are buying your product or service.Well, I certainly hope those few points have given you enough to ponder as you go through the process of deciding whether or not a home based business is right for you. I hope you come to the conclusion that it is, because there is no better way that I know of to take control of your own financial future. If you don’t take the bull by the horns and do it for yourself, nobody else will. But don’t forget to have fun along the way. Pick a home based business that you’ll look forward to tending to day in and day out and that benefits other people in some way, and I promise you that the financial rewards will follow……