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You Throwing Good Time After Bad?

We’ve all heard the old saying “throwing good money after bad” referring to losing more money on something rather than cutting your losses and moving on. Laura was doing the same thing in her business — only it was time she was wasting.After two years in business, she was still networking with the wrong people. As a project management consultant, her ideal target market consists of large corporations with a designated budget for managing the processes in their company. The problem is, she isn’t talking to the right people.”I feel absolutely defeated. I’m not sure I can do this anymore. Maybe I should be selling something completely different. People either want what I offer but don’t want to pay for it or they don’t see the value in what I offer. I meet prospects at networking meetings and call them to set up a meeting. Then I spend a day researching their industry, so that I can speak intelligently during the meeting. Then on the day of the meeting, I spend half a day driving to and from their office. Within the next few days, I put together a proposal for them and send it off. Then I follow-up with them every week to see if they want to move forward with the project.”I felt the need to jump in. “Okay, can I stop you for a minute? It sounds like you’re spending a lot of time up-front. Let’s say it takes you 3 hours to drive to/from and attend a networking event, 30 minutes to follow-up with a prospect to set up a meeting, 4 hours to research their industry to prepare for the meeting, 4 hours to drive to/from and attend the meeting, 3 hours to put together a proposal, and 1 hour to follow-up several times. That’s 15 1/2 hours pursuing one prospect.”"And the biggest issue here is that they may or may not end up being a qualified prospect because it doesn’t sound like you spend any time during your initial conversation making sure they want your service, can afford your service and are the person to make the decision to purchase your service.”Laura was floored. “I never even thought about it that way. I just need to get more business, so I feel like I need to be out there meeting people and at least getting the chance to send them a proposal. I don’t really have anything else to do at my office sometimes. If I wasn’t doing this, what would I do all day?”Like Laura, many early-stage business owners feel better if they are busy, making calls, going to networking events, meeting clients, doing proposals, etc. But if you’re staying busy just to stay busy, you end up spending a lot more hours working for a lot less money which usually results in feeling the need to put in even more hours to make the business “work.”To avoid spending time doing the wrong things with the wrong people, you have to take the time to evaluate your prospecting process. It’s all about defining what makes a good prospect for your business and qualifying your leads as quickly as possible before they get too far into your prospecting process. In Laura’s case, if she formulated just a few questions she could ask leads in order to determine whether they were interested in her service, could afford her service, and were in a position to make the decision to buy her service, she could save numerous hours.Depending on the complexity of her qualifying questions, she might be able to do this at the networking event itself or on the initial phone call she makes to follow-up. So, instead of the purpose of the phone call being to set up a meeting, the purpose now becomes to qualify whether or not this “lead” is a “qualified prospect.”In evaluating Laura’s prospecting process, there are several points at which she could potentially save time by:
networking with corporate decision-makers, not entry-level managers or small business owners

qualifying leads on the phone before she sets up meetings

allowing the prospect to educate her about their company by asking them questions

ensuring that the dec milf porn ision-maker is in the initial meeting

streamlining and automating her proposal process to include only what is required at this stage

After overhauling her prospecting system, Laura has freed up 12-15 hours/week to focus on improving the other elements of her sales process, marketing plan, skill development, etc. And, once the sales start coming through, she’ll have more time to allocate to billable work which will earn her more money while working fewer hours.So, ask yourself – are you throwing good time after bad? Have you ever actually written out your prospecting process? Do you know what steps you go through once you meet someone who might be a prospect?If not, take 15 minutes right now to write down exactly how you process your prospects. Start by writing down all of the ways in which you meet prospects, including ones that come to you as well as ones you seek out (i.e. networking meetings, trade shows, web site, calling your office, cold calls, current clients).Now, follow each of these entry points through step-by-step to chart exactly what process you take a prospect through. For example, if you get a lead through your web site, the prospect might receive information from you automatically via email before you’ve ever spoken to them. But, when you meet a prospect in-person, you might not give them anything tangible. You might just verbally describe your business or services.After you have all versions of your process written down, review them one by one to identify any areas in which you are investing too much time, chasing unqualified leads, not providing information that would convince the prospect to buy, etc.Once you’ve identified these areas of opportunity, brainstorm about how you can re-vamp your prospecting processes to use your time more efficiently. The less time you waste on unqualified, underfunded, disinterested leads, the more time you’ll have to invest in qualified, paying clients.

Preventing Home Based Business Burnout

If you’re a home based business owner, you know what I mean. Priorities shift constantly. The home based business accounting tasks that you meant to get done this morning are still waiting for you when 6:00 p.m. rolls around. And since you’re at home, well, you think, why not, and plunge right back into your home based business chores. Before you know it, it’s 11:00 p.m. You’ve missed dinner with the kids and only want to fall into bed, exhausted. Every home based business owner has days like this occasionally, but a steady diet of them can cause serious home based business burnout. Luckily, by using these tips on making the most of your time, you can prevent it from happening to you–which could ultimately save your home based business.One of the first things you should do is categorize tasks that are similar and do them all at once. For instance, make as many phone calls as you can during one block of time. Knowing you have other calls to make to your home based business clients will help you keep your calls shorter. And it also just makes since. You already have the phone in your hand and your phone book, if necessary, handy. Do the same thing with writing letters and taking care of email. Grouping your chores this way will help you make the most of your time.Another thing you can do to help you get more home based business work accomplished in a day is to set priorities. Write them down, and then look at your home based business to-do list. If there’s a task or two that won’t take a great deal of time to do, take care of them first, then jump into the higher priority jobs on the list. This gets a few things off your home based business to-do list that you may not get to otherwise, and over a period of days, those unattended to tasks add up to a mountain that seems overwhelming. Getting a few less important home based business chores done early in the day also has a psychological effect of making you feel more productive, and so you become more productive.You also want to build some breaks into your home based business schedule. Eating lunch and/or dinner at your desk in your home based business office is a big no-no. Make it a point to take meal breaks anywhere but in your home based business office. You might build in a short walk during the morning or afternoon to give you an additional break. You’ll come back to your home based business more refreshed, and this makes it possible to do your work more quickly and efficiently.Learning to say no is important too. When you’re just starting your home based business, this can be difficult to do. You want your home based business to be successful, after all, so it’s only natural to want to say yes to everyone and everything. But taking on too many clients or projects, particularly ones that don’t really fit with your personal and home based business objectives and goals, can end up actually costing you money, not to mention energy that you could put to better use doing your necessary home based business projects and chores. So before you say yes or sign any contracts, give serious consideration as to whether it’s the type of client or work that fits your home based business goals and if you can realistically take on more work.Some other tips on making the most of your home based business time include:Delegate whenever possibleOutline the work for any project in advanceMake appointments with yourself to do certain chores–and keep themBring in help if you need toOrganize your home based business office for maximum efficiencyCreate a filing system–and use itFinally, don’t make the mistake many home based business owners make in thinking working harder means getting ahead. Remember that saying about working smarter, not harder? Well, it’s true, and it’s also the best way to prevent home based business burnout.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Work Smart: Sharpen Your Business!

Have you ever cut down a tree? Did you use an axe or a chainsaw? Was the blade dull or sharp?If the blade was dull, you undoubtedly found the project to be a lot cartoon porn of HARD WORK!In contrast, if the blade was sharp, you accomplished your goal a lot faster and with much less effort.No matter what the project, we use tools to help us get the job done faster and easier. A well designed and maintained tool will be much more efficient and will save us a great deal of effort and frustration. The tool will actually do most of the work for us. In other words, working smart is better than working too hard.So it is with running a home business. Our work at home business is a tool to help us make money. How well it does that will depend on whether we are diligent at keeping it “sharp” and efficient.Take a look at each component of your home business. Typically you have:Product or Service–this is what you are promoting, possibly an affiliate programWebhost–don’t underestimate the value of a quality host for your siteWebsite–what everyone looks at, it represents your businessAdvertising/promotional plan–may include email, autoresponders, classified ads, ezine advertising, traffic exchanges etc.System for monitoring/tracking your website and promotional efforts–don’t neglect thisAll these components together constitute your home business. Why examine each part? Well, they say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.You can have a great product or service to sell, but if your advertising is “dull”, not doing the job, your great product probably won’t make you any money.Now look at it from the other side. If you have a “dull” product, something that nobody wants or needs, you had better have a fantastic promotional campaign. Even then, you’re going to work much harder to make money than you would if you had both a “sharp” product and a “sharp” promotional campaign.How can you make sure your business is “sharp”? Fortunately, there’s a lot of information available on all these subjects. I have a number of articles and ebooks by a variety of skilled marketers available on my website. Take time to learn from these sources.One thing I strongly suggest as Step One in starting a work at home business is to carefully choose an affiliate program that not only gives you a great product or service to promote, but also provides an excellent program of training, support and marketing, thus helping you keep your business “sharp” and profitable.Let me illustrate what I’m talking about with one of the 2 programs I feature on my home website–the Plug-In Profit Site(TM). Look carefully at everything you get with this program and you’ll see what I mean.This is a “sharp” home business program and well demonstrates the point that some affiliate programs will do much more for your business than others will. The quality of a program like this one will make it the strongest link in your business. Indeed, the Plug-in Profit system examines every aspect of operating a work at home business and will help to keep your entire business “sharp”, making you money.Working hard is truly essential to any business, but don’t frustrate and exhaust yourself by working with a “dull” tool. Your home business will be more profitable and enjoyable if you put forth a little effort to learn how to “sharpen” it.So if you want your work at home business to succeed, continue to work hard while striving real hard to WORK SMART!

My Dad Listens To Music All Day On His Computer!

Taken straight from an episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things…? A black porn show hosted by Bill Cosby where he asks kids various questions as if it is an interview and he, as well as the kids, always find a way to make us laugh. Based on Art Linkletter’s House Party, Kids Say has host Cosby talking to young kids about everything from dead goldfish to love letters.Well it wasn’t an episode of that show..but it could be if Mr. Cosby had my daughter up on stage….. My dad listens to music all day on his computer! would be the response if someone was to ask my kids (mostly the youngest) what her dad does. They know their mom goes to work at the hospital, where she’s a nurse, but me….?I could only imagine the laughter by the studio audience and there I would be trying to hide in someone’s shadow! Probably not, since I’m not easily embarrassed.Why would she say that? Simple explanation.. As I work on my computer in my home office I usually listen to my cd collection or streaming media files (radio, music mixes.. sporting events). I love to work with music in the background.. mind-you there are times when I love the silence.It can also get pretty noisy when I’m listening to a soccer or NBA game.. I’m one of those people that screams, shouts and make several comments while listening to sporting events!Work from home, telecommute, freelance, contract, telecommuting, work at home dad, work at home mom.. all titles that describe what I and thousands of others do. With the Internet, new faster computers and software that can do just about anything.. working from home is becoming more and more acceptable by employers. They no longer have to pay the overhead to keep a huge work force in an office setting, no longer have to deal with moody employees that hate the drive in daily and parents can now spend more time with their kids and family. Working from home can be a win win situation for both employers and employees!

Ok, Great, But HOW?

Welcome to the world of online business. This is the time to get started! Join now and get in before it’s too late! Earn $75K this year with your own online business!Ok, great, but HOW?I know what you’re thinking. If its anything like what I thought when I first entered the world of online business it’s a mix of excitement, apprehension, fear, hopefulness and complete and total confusion! If you’ve been searching online for your perfect business opportunity you’ve no doubt been confronted with just short of 247,000 different “opportunities” to earn money online. You know you’re ready to do “something else” with your career but you’re stuck in the same place I was…… right between a desire to succeed and an overwhelming fear to choose the wrong way and fail miserably!Let me help you sort it out a bit. I’ve broken this down into a few easy steps that should help ease you into the online world with little or no pain.Step 1: BREATHRealize that online business isn’t nearly as intimidating as starting a business twenty years ago. Plus, the price of running an online business is significantly less than anything you’d ever experience running an actual shop/mall/store etc. There’s no employees to pay, no one to lay off if business doesn’t pick up, you’ll probably never have to fire anyone, and if you fail….. so what? Picking a new domain name and starting from scratch will cost you all of about $30. So relax.Step 2: FIND YOUR STRENGTHSThis is YOUR business so find something you are going to LIKE devoting time to watch it grow. If you know an awful lot about tropical fish for example, maybe consider starting an informational page about tropical fish. You can join a few affiliate programs to sell some fishy products, maybe even eventually write a fish tale (e-book) and sell it on your site. Regardless of what you pick, make sure it’s something you would enjoy and can offer the general public some bit of expertise in the area.Step 3: BREATH (yes again)Before you go out and buy the domain name www.tropical-fish.com [http://www.tropical-fish.com] for $5,000 from the owner and invest in $20,000 worth of fish equipment to sell to your “customers” take a moment to plan out HOW you want your business to be presented. If you’re not sure what kind of business you want to start the biggest mistake you can make is to “try everything”. Trust me, that’s what I did and all it ends up doing is dividing your efforts and nothing ever really seems to work. Do some research about which businesses would best suit your needs. If you’re going to join some affiliate programs, great, but take the time to read up on them and see if they are going to devote the same effort to you that you do to them. If there’s no support structure chances are that they’re only in it for their profits and not really to help you build your business.Step 4: GET INFORMEDThere are two ways to run a successful business. The first is you simply pay someone to do everything you don’t understand. Html, PHP, Java, meta tags, key words, reciprocal linking, post nuke, search engine optimization, crawlers, spiders, robots??????? There’s always going to be something you don’t quite understand completely and there’s always someone that knows it just a little better than you. If you choose to pay for your service you will most likely end up investing more than your business is worth for quite a while.The other method, although it requires more time and effort, will help you to build a great online business in the end. Take some time to read up on the basics of online business before you invest a ton of money. ( I recommend starting a “test” site to let you experiment before you start your “real” site) Learn some basic HTML, understand how search engines rank web pages, know what other sites like yours are out there, join some free business e-zines. Go into your online business with at least a fanny-pack full of knowledge, if not an entire suitcase!Step 5: PLAN AHEADAlthough not everything will go according to your plan at least you have an idea of what you want to accomplish and the steps needed to get there. Adjust your plan from time to time. Set some new goals and adapt your plan to figure out how to accomplish them.Step 6: DON’T GIVE UP!The most important aspect of online business to remember is that it IS NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. There are many people out there that will tell you that you can make amazing amounts of money on the internet. While this is certainly true, most of them seem to forget to mention the WORK and the TIME that are involved. Don’t worry if your web page isn’t an instant success, all great companies take time. Bill Gates worked for ten years before Microsoft became an “instant success”! Look at him now. So don’t give up. Keep doing little things to improve your business and soon you’ll notice the results of your effort.

Ways To Develop Your Own Outrageously Profitable Product

If you want to make big money on the web, you mobile porn need to have your own product. A lot of people would like to have their own product, but they lack either, the expertise and/or have no idea how or where to begin.Before you even think about creating a product, you need to research and make sure there is a market. You need to identify your market and find out exactly what they want for a product.When it comes time to decide on a product to develop, you need to realize that the niche your researching is something that people want and not need. People are more apt to purchase something they want over something they need.Why?People on the web are impulsive shoppers, they make decisions based on emotions. When they see something they want, they buy it based on their impulse and desire to have it. Any purchase based on emotions is an impulse purchase and emotion is what sells!Develop The Product YourselfToday, the two hottest and outrageously profitable products on the web are, software and informational products, such as ebooks. If you want to build a solid reputation on the web, then having your own product is the best way to go. When most people develop their own product, they tend to favor an ebook over software.Why?A couple of reasons, one is, ebooks are a lot easier to develop, then software. Another reason why ebooks are so popular is, because they cost next to nothing to start up and maintain. The profit margin of an ebook is extremely high, compared to software, anywhere up to 95% is profit.On the other hand, with software your profit margin is not nearly as high as an ebook. Unless you know how to develop your own software, developing costs will be at a minimal. You probably don’t know how to develop software, so the chances of having to hire a software developer is high, and can be very costly too.Moreover, it takes time to write and publish your own ebook. You need to write, go through the lengthy editing process, and publish it. I am not trying to discourage you, it takes time and dedication to write your own ebook. When it’s all said and done, the end result is well worth it, because your are gaining the name recognition.If you can’t write, or don’t have the expertise to develop your own product, no problem. I will give you a few other alternative solutions to help you on your way to developing your product.Conduct An InterviewYou would like to write your own ebook, but you don’t have the expertise to educate your reader. This is a problem that many people face. If you don’t have the expertise for your ebook than find someone who does and conduct an interview with them. It’s that easy!You might be able to find an expert in your particular field that might participate in your interview for free, because it would be more exposure for them. On the other hand, a real expert knows their expertise is valuable and will charge you a consultation fee for participating in the interview.Ghost WritersIf you are the type of person that doesn’t think they can write, let alone write their own ebook. Well, that’s where you can hire ghost writers. There are literally thousands of writers out there that are hungry to write for you. Ghost writers will write your ebook for next to nothing.You can find thousands of ghost writers by going to the Search Engines and searching for the keywords “ghost writers”. With ghost writers no one will even know that you have hired a ghost writer, with the exception of you and the ghost writer. I wish that I could recommend one for you, but I don’t use ghost writers, so I can’t.FreelancersIf you have ever wanted to develop your own software at a reasonable price, then freelancers might be the way to go. A freelancer is a professional independent contractor that you can hire to develop your software, or just about anything else you can imagine.The best place to find freelancers are at network giants, like Elance and eMoonlighter. Elance is my personal favorite. Just to give you an idea, Elance alone has tens of thousands of freelancers waiting for your job.Let me give you a quick rundown of how it works within these networks. It works just as though you were selling an item on eBay. The first thing you do is post your job, giving a detailed profile of the project. Then, you will select a certain amount of time for the professionals in that field to place their bid on your project.These are some of the popular methods that people use to create their own products. Just make sure you do your research before you think about developing a product. You don’t want to develop a product that no one wants, you will not be happy with your results.

5 Good Reasons You Should Stop Looking For a Work at Home Job

Looking for a work at home job? I’ll give you 5 good reasons why you should consider starting a home business instead.1. Telecommuting jobs are rare- are you? The only real work at home jobs out there are for highly specialized skills like programming, translation, transcription and such. What they all have in common is that they require special training and employers that hire telecommuters always require experienced candidates- experts in their field. Employers just don’t hire people to do things like typing from their homes.A home business can be anything you want it to be. You get to follow your passion and do something that you truly enjoy. I think that if we all couldn’t wait to leap out of bed each morning because we loved what we do, the world would be a much happier place. So, unless you have a passion for learning MYSQL / SQL database structure or how to translate medical documents from English to Japanese, a home business can offer endless possibilities in an area that interests you.2. Telecommuting jobs don’t afford as much flexibility as you might think. Your boss picks your clients and coworkers, not you. You may or may not like the people you find yourself working with day after day, which can be like a slow form of torture.With your business you choose who your client will be. Maybe you want to start a business that has to do with kids and all your clients have kids at home with them. They would be more likely to understand and appreciate kid noise in the background while on the phone with you. You get to create your own “company culture”. 3. You’re not in control of your job security. Corporate downsizing will still apply and even if you have that rare and special skill that they once found indispensable, you might find yourself back on the job search track. Also, unless you have a written agreement that your telecommuting arrangement is set in stone, employers can pull you back into the office at their discretion.4. Big brother will be there looking over your shoulder. Employers need to know that their employees are being productive. They just can’t help themselves. This puts more pressure on you to meet deadlines, to prove that you will be at least as efficient (if not more efficient) that your on-site coworkers. Even companies that champion telecommuting often have strict checks and balances to ensure that you’re not lying around watching television or heading off to the beach. Supervisors are often suspicious to the point of micromanaging their telecommuters.You just can’t afford to be lured away by the many distractions of the home office. The television beckons, the kids want your attention, you just want to get a load of laundry in…. This is not to say that you can succumb to these distractions as a home business owner, but the difference is that you call the shots.With your own home business, you are Big Brother, Big Sister, The Big Cheese- your own boss. You set the goals and the pace and it’s up to no one but you how and when you meet them.5. And lastly, but most importantly… when you are a home business owner you get to take a vacation whenever you want. Could there be a better reason to stop looking for a telecommute job and start a home business?

Life as an Island Marketer

For some time now I have been an island marketer and the journey as been worth every moment. When I first discovered the Net, all I used to do was read my emails and surf.Then I realized that the net had more than that to offer to me. There are opportunities being thrown all around at you from all angles as soon as you log on.Schemers, scammers and legitimate marketers are all clamoring for your attention and money. Make $10,000 in 30 days claims, emails from relatives of dead African leaders, various affiliate programs and many more are all common anywhere you go.I used to believe all the hype surrounding becoming wealthy off the Net, but time and experience all changed that. It is possible to make money on the internet, but you better be prepared for the long haul. It takes time to become an overnight success, well that is what I heard and it is so true.I think some of the hype online is true indeed. I have heard of marketers making thousands of dollars in a few days without much effort. This is where so many people go astray. They believe that they can do the same starting today and have money lining their pockets by next week.But the truth is the hype is only half true. What they fail to Tell you is that yes it can be accomplished, it just takes a lot of work and discipline to reach that level. Most marketers work for years before they achieve what the hypers are preaching.But don’t go beating yourself. It is all part of our human nature and many persons suffer from this weakness. Many want to achieve success and live a dream life, but when it comes down to working for it they want to skip out that part.Every successful person deserves to be where they are because They worked for what they wanted. They craved success like any human being, but the difference is that they all put their shoulders to the wheel.In other words, they believe that grime pays. To start, much less run and maintain a business takes guts and a strong belief in one’s abilities and talents. In the long run, it is all worth it though.I would rather work for several years without accomplishing much and knowing that sooner or later it will all payoff many times over. Or I could just ride the currents of life and hope that fortune falls on me from the sky.If you had the choice which would you choose?Copyright © Nicholas Dixon

Making Money Online Demystified

Starting an online business is just like starting a traditional business. You have to invest in time and money. Just like traditional businesses some online businesses end up being failures. Success is not an overnight process and there is no guarantee that everyone will have the same success. Anything can be sold on the internet. The net is the most cost-efficient, instantaneous, exciting and effective way of marketing products and services around the globe through modern telecommunications.Attributes that have made entrepreneurs succeed in the traditional business also apply to online business. Every successful business starts with a good plan. Online business is no exception. Entrepreneurs who succeed are those who take calculated risks. Perseverance is also a necessary attribute. Some people have quit when they are on the verge of successIn all life situations success comes when there is desire to achieve the goals set. Desire can only come about if one can clearly identify the benefits and rewards resulting from achieving the goals. The internet has enabled people to fulfil their desires of becoming their own bosses and becoming rich.The internet is now full of the dot-coms and most of these promising riches within few days if not hours without much effort from you. Some of these gurus promise you that you become rich while doing nothing. This is a lie because the same gurus spend sleepless nights working on the products they sale you. The truth is that for any business to succeed there should some investment in time and money. Above all you should provide unique service. If you do not have the time you pay other people to do it. . There are no big secrets to making money. There is no need to try to reinvent the wheel is, just look at what other people are doing and do it differently. The key to internet business success is marketing the product effectivelyTimeInitially time will be spent on planning. You have to decide on the type of online business to start. Like the traditional business this may take some time because there maybe some need of research. You may need to spend at least two hours a day attending to your business, when the website is up and running. The time spent is dependent on the type of business chosen and the tools at your disposal.MoneyMoney is one of the main requirements of any business start-up. One of the advantages of starting an online business is that it has lower start-up costs compared to the traditional business. The main costs are for domain name registration, website, hosting fees and advertising. The most expensive part of advertising is generating traffic to the website. I believe internet marketing is the key to internet success, especially if you have limited resourcesAffiliatesAffiliate programs are the best option to start online if one does not have enough time, finances and expertise on internet business. The risk is minimalBecause of this reason the return on these programs is very small. There are so many of these programs on the internet. However, one has to carefully select these programs. Some of these have done more harm than good to a lot of aspiring internet entrepreneurs. The success of an affiliate program depends on selecting the right product and the advertising accompanying itNotwithstanding this, there are some programs which offer better returns. Some of these come as packages including advertisingSummaryThere is nothing mystical about making money on the internet. With lots of hard work, dedication, discipline, long hours and perseverance one can succeed on the internet. Take the time and make the effort to learn what you really need to know to make it work. The internet is one of the most innovative and far reaching inventions in human history. Many people are now exploiting the amazing power of the internet to reach millions of people all over the world.