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How Beets Changed My Life

If there was one thing I hated as a kid, it was beets. I couldn’t stand the look of them. Or the taste of them… although, I’m not sure I remember ever actually eating one. I just knew I would hate them.And so, my whole life I’ve held to the belief that I hate beets. Until recently. I was at one of those huge salad bar restaurants and there they were. My husband loves beets, and he was heaping them onto his plate.”Come on, try one. You’ve never even had one, have you?”, he cajoled.So, I did the unthinkable. I ate one.And it was good! To think I’d been missing out all this time just because of a stubborn opinion I’d formed as a kid.So what does this have to do with working at home? My point here is that I once felt the same way about home business opps.When I first quit my job to stay at home with my kids, I wanted only to find a telecommute job. No business opps. No Network Marketing. No way. For reasons that escape me now, I had no desire to start a business. In fact, I had a negative impression of business opps in general. I thought most of them were thinly veiled pyramid schemes (even though I’m not sure I really knew then what constituted a pyramid scheme).Eventually though, I succumbed to one of those “Mom’s Needed!” ads and I signed up with a –gasp– Network Marketing company. I liked their product, which had educational value for kids and I actually made a little bit of money. In fact, this is where I got the money to start my current business, 2Work-At-Home.com.In the beginning, my husband was beyond skeptical (yet this was the very same person who convinced me to eat beets….), but after a year of toiling my efforts were really starting to pay off.I was able to pay bills. I was even able to start getting some of those extras that we wanted.So, here I was a home business owner, even though I had started out with the firm and non-negotiable goal of securing a telecommute job. And you know what? I think I’m much happier running my own business than I ever would have been working for a company.Who’d have thought that beets could change someone’s life?

Why Do You Want To Start a Home Business?

Now, the very first thing you would black porn want to ask yourself BEFORE starting a home based business is: “what is my purpose for looking at something like this?”By clearly defining a clear cut goal and purpose, you will know why you’re in that position in the first place and therefore knowing the path to take to get there.It is funny how most of the time people don’t even know deep down their REAL purpose. This obviously results in a blind short journey online looking for something in which they don’t even know why they’re after it in the first place! As a result, most people give up on their dream, before they even start.I think it is also very important to ask yourself whether being your own boss is actually suitable for you. You see, to be in a position like that, you would need to be “self driven” since you are in charge of your own destiny as a business person.One other key element is the fact that in order to be “truly” successful, you would need to have a real, genuine desire to help people in your business. The more people you help the more successful you will become. And I think that’s the real beauty of being in business for yourself :) To sum mobile porn it all up, ask yourself this question… “why do I want to do this?”

Solve Big Problems to Make Big Money

One of the fundamental truths I’ve learned about Internet Marketing is that no one really wants to pay for information. The truth is, the only reason people will ever pay you for your information right now is because you can solve their most immediate and important problems right now.For example, promise someone your eBook will take away their fear or pain regarding some specific issue and they will gladly part with their hard earned cash to see if you have the solution to their problem.So what does that mean to small online dating and relationship oriented Website operators like you and I? Essentially it means that people on the Internet will only pursue and pay for the products and services that solve their most immediate problems. For example:
A sick person will pursue a doctor

A cartoon porn person with legal problems will pursue a lawyer

A person needing a mortgage will pursue a banker So in our Online Dating & Relationship oriented businesses…
A person needing a date will pursue an online dating service

A person wondering if they’ve found their perfect soul mate will seek verification

A person seeking a special type of sexual encounter will seek others of a like mind.

etc., etc., etc.. This is a very important point to remember when choosing the specific types of dating and relationship oriented problems you plan on solving for your customers.The Bigger the Better.Another important thing I’ve learned is, if you solve small problems, you’ll make small milf porn money; if you solve big problems, you’ll make big money.Now think about that for a moment. Don’t lawyers and doctors make more money than store clerks and waiters? That’s because the problems they solve are much more significant and important to people’s lives. Thus, people are willing to pay more for the services of these highly paid professionals.By the same token, promising to help someone cope with the emotional turmoil of a divorce or relationship breakup is much more likely to make you more money than merely promising to find them a date for next weekend. Beginning to see my point?As you look for specific subjects and niche markets to exploit within the online dating & relationship oriented marketplace, don’t forget to look for those areas where you can solve someone’s biggest and most immediate problems.The good news is, as long as they are men and women on this planet, there will always be relationship problems to solve. Some problems will be bigger than others and offer innovative entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities for large profits.So just remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the potential for big profits.

Afraid to Leave the House? Find a House Sitter!

It’s true, people need to escape the burdens of daily life for a while–from things like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, painting, gardening, remodeling, home repairs, pet care, checking the mail, and paying their bills. Even a break from nosy neighbors is reason enough to get away for a while.But weeds don’t pull themselves. Bills don’t pay themselves. Most pets won’t feed themselves. Yet, the grass keeps growing beneath their feet. Ironically, people become tied to their homes by the same responsibilities that they are trying to escape. And, since the families that play together, stay together; people are not likely to leave a sibling or spouse at home to keep up on these tasks. It’s a really discouraging circle.For homeowners, the solution seems clear: find somebody to stay at their house, and take care of everything while they’re gone. The challenge, however, is finding somebody they can trust. Friends? Perhaps but most people feel uncomfortable asking their friends to shoulder such a tremendous burden. Relatives? Possibly, but many homeowners don’t like the thought of leaving their homes in the care of their crazy cousin, Eddie. Or worse.What homeowners need are honest people to occupy their homes. People who desire a change of scenery, for example, or save for homes of their own. People who wish to be closer to their own families; writers seeking peace, quiet, and inspiration. And they definitely need people who understand their specific requirements, and someone they can trust. Enter www.housecarers.com, an online search and screen database for house sitters and homeowners toshare information. The introduction of Housecarers.com allows people to leave their troubles behind. Literally.At Housecarers.com, a unique search utility allows users to screen thousands of registered house sitters according to age, location, occupation, and just about any other requirements that they select. From short to long term, and from yard to garden, people can find a perfect match, including a house sitter who will manage all lawn and garden needs, pet care (no boarding fees), mail collection, bill payment, utilities, and any other issues that may arise.And the service is very easy to use. For instance, when a homeowner registers with the system (a free service), they will be notified by e-mail any time a new house sitter matching their criteria signs up with the program. House sitters, in turn, are motivated to register because of the fast and reliable way in which they can find free accommodations in exchange for housesitting.According to Jim Hale, who used HouseCarers.com to find a house sitter, the system works remarkably well. Says Hale, “I looked on the Internet, found the HouseCarers web site, and registered our information. Within a couple of days, we had many responses — some as far away as New Zealand! We got in touch with a couple in their 50s, and they turned out to be some of the nicest people we’ve ever met! The whole thing worked out very well — they stayed with us a few days before our trip, they did a great job of watching over our house and our pets, and they even emailed us every day to let us know everything was ok! The amazing thing is that we didn’t have to spend a penny to have these great people take care of things!”

Virtual Assistance = Higher Productivity

Running any office can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. Whether the company is a small business or a large corporation, as it grows so does the amount administrative tasks that need to be carried out on a daily basis.For some companies, all that is required to alleviate the overload is to empty the in-boxes, file the paperwork and clean off the desks. For others, prioritizing assignments can help to get most of the work performed in an organized fashion. However, some of the projects may still remain unattended to.Bringing in part-time or temporary employees is one way to get these assignments done, but only feasible if there is a steady flow of work, enough to accommodate an extra staff member and the additional wage. Not to mention, you would have to supply space, equipment and training time for this additional person. You could also try doing the administrative chores yourself but this would interfere with spending more time on your revenue generating activities.The best solution to help ease your office overflow, without breaking your budget or having to provide space and equipment, is to hire a virtual assistant (VA).These highly trained professionals work from their own offices. Most have had many years of administrative experience and can usually take on any assignment with little or no training from you. VA’s specialize in various fields, from word processing and resume preparation to database management and website development. But, generally, an off-site assistant can help with almost any office task that requires completion.Hiring a VA provides you with numerous benefits, not just the fact that they are already trained and that they have their own equipment to work with, but also that they are available whenever you need some help. This allows you to save money by not having an office member that is being paid to sit and wait for work to do. You pay the VA on a ‘time on task’ basis.They also take care of their own expenses, which again saves you the money that you would normally have to spend on benefits, source deductions and lost time wages.Most VA’s are self-employed entrepreneurs, and unlike a staff member, they have a vested interest in the success of your business. They work with you to help you keep up and to grow. To most, it isn’t simply a 9 to 5 job, but a career choice that they take great pride in.Most VA’s have local client lists, but are also able to assist ‘from afar’. By using any of the communication devices available today (ie. phone, fax, email, etc), projects can be accomplished without ever having to meet face to face. And, with the growing ease of the Internet, finding a VA almost anywhere in the world is quite simple to accomplish as well. By simply typing ‘virtual assistant’ into any search engine, you can locate the one person who can take some of the load off of your shoulders.Whether you are a home-based business who needs a website developed, a small business that is looking for a way out from under the paperwork or are part of a large corporation that has an extra assignment that no one seems to have time to do, a Virtual Assistant can be the answer to your problems. They can be your sounding board and offer feedback and advice when a fresh perspective is needed.

The Truth Behind Processing FHA Insurance Refunds

Unlike the flood of Work from Home opportunities such as envelopestuffing, filing medical forms, processing emails or MLM schemes that promise “get rich over night”, processing FHA mortgage insurance refunds is a real job as a work from home business. The power of the Internet in locating the refund recipients has made this opportunity even more appealing.Processing FHA insurance refunds is a real job that was originated by the Federal Government to assist them in finding and returning unclaimed mortgage insurance refunds to individuals who once had an FHA mortgage insurance policy when they purchased their home. This FHA insurance premium could have cost the homeowner up to2.5% of their loan amount at time of purchase. However, this insurance terminates if homeowner paid off their mortgage early, sold their home or refinanced their home with a non-FHA loan.As a result, the homeowner maybe due a prorated amount of the insurance premium as a refund. By the time HUD/FHA discovers or is informed to terminate the FHA insurance policy, the homeowner likely has moved on. The Government attempts to contact these homeowners by mail to return their refund, but with limited success. As a result, there are more than 750,000 individuals who are due FHA insurance refunds totaling over $250,000,000 and growing.Admittedly this opportunity has gotten a bad rap from a number of companies and individuals who have abused this opportunity in the following manner.· Claim or advertise themselves as an Official Representative of HUD/FHA.· Mislead people in that as a Tracer one works for HUD/FHA and will be paid by the Government.· Present themselves as an employment agency that has a job available. For a finder’s fee, the individual will be merely sent a few forms and how to contact HUD/FHA.· Many have re-scripted material for supposed Manuals but are not Unclaimed Asset professionals. Plus they offer no support.· Resell or offer outdated copies of unclaimed cases. HUD updates the states’ lists of FHA unclaimed insurance refunds each month.Good luck to all. This is just one of a number of viable Work from Home Opportunities one can be successful with effort and organization.