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Starting an At-Home Big Money Business

Starting at home has many advantages.When you start a business, like any venture in life, you want it to have the best chance for success. Starting one from your home has unique advantages.You won’t be paying rent on a store or office. And probably you won’t immediately need a separate phone with the charges for installation and monthly service. And you are already heating and lighting your home. Therefore, you avoid the burden of these additional monthly overhead costs.You’ll be using many things you already own so you can save money by not buying a desk, lighting fixtures, a water cooler, or the other furnishings people generally buy to set up a separate business location.If you need help with the actual work that’s involved, try to get members of your family to help you (more on this later). And you can start your business part-time while keeping your present job. Later as it grows you can make it your full-time occupation, and if you wish, move it out of your home into larger quarters…better suited to a business which may be growing by leaps and bounds.Presiding over your own domainA man’s home is his castle–and it can also be his “gold mine.” There are many people who make a very good living right from their home. It’s comfortable, it’s conveniently located (you can walk to work in about 15 seconds) and you can dress the way you like. You can arrange the furniture to make a work space that suits your exact needs and tastes. You can choose the hours you wish to work and, if you have the energy, initiative and ambition, you can even be in more than one kind of business!Working in your home has other advantages; you have no transportation expenses and you don’t waste time or energy in crowds or rush hour traffic. You don’t have to worry about getting along with a large group of co-workers or finding a decent place to eat lunch. And you don’t have to go out in all weathers, sleet and snow or broiling sun.But there are some drawbacks to working at home and the largest of these is self-discipline. You must learn to discipline yourself. Everyone who is his own boss has the problem of utilizing his time and energy most effectively and not wasting time on pet projects that are not essential to the business. Self discipline is easier to attain if one goes each day to a separate place of business because most business premises do not have the comforts, conveniences and distractions that one has in one’s own home. The danger in working at home is that the advantage of comfort and convenience can turn into a great disadvantage.Set up a definite work areaLater on we’ll tell you some tips on how to conduct business in general. But let’s first find a part of your house that you can use as your business or work area. It should be a spot that is comfortable but away from distractions. Your children deserve attention but not during your working hours (more on that later) So set yourself up far from where the kids usually play. Too close to the kitchen isn’t wise because you are too close to the “food or drink” temptation. A quiet spare bedroom can be ideal as can a finished basement or garage if they aren’t too hot or cold. You may need an extension phone put there and, indeed, after your business gets rolling you may want a separate line just for business.If you have a spare desk or table that’s fine, but a card table can do for a starter. Adequate lighting is necessary and a filing cabinet also is a good thing to have on hand. You can add whatever other business devices and equipment you discover you’ll need as time goes by.You and your FamilyIt will be necessary to explain to your children that even though you are at home, you are, in a sense “not at home,” that you are working. This does not apply to an emergency, of course, but for nearly all ordinary moments it means they are not allowed to disturb you. You may even have to lock the door that leads to your work area.On the other side, there is the situation regarding other adults in the household, from whom you might want some help from in running the business. This has been called the “honey-do” problem: honey, do this; honey, do that. It’s best to come to some understanding with your spouse (and any other adult in your home) about just how you are going to handle this problem.It’s quite sensible to desire the help of those other capable adults because they can take some of the burdens of the business off your shoulders. However, from both a business viewpoint and from the human relations viewpoint, it’s best to have a clear understanding with each of them as to what kind of things they will and should do (answer the phone, open mail, pack and ship merchandise, etc.) and what they definitely are not to do make payments to people without your authorization, make agreements, deals or contracts without asking you). Such advance agreements can avoid a lot of aggravation and make everything go much more smoothly.”Hello, this is Daddy’s business”You must realize that there will be some (charming) complications to running a business from home and one of those complications is when a fairly small child answers the phone for a business call. “No, this isn’t the Smith Company, this is my house” may throw a business associate calling your “office” for a loop, temporarily. Most people react quite graciously to this, but it does point up the advantage of having a business number that rings only in your work area.Getting temporary helpThere may be more work at times than you and your family can do yourselves. Your volume of business may be greater on certain days of the week, certain times of the month, certain seasons of the year. At those times you may need extra help to handle the work. Or you might need a bookkeeper or secretary or clerk one week a month to help you keep up-to- date on your record-keeping and paperwork. When you need such help, the most convenient way to get it is to hire someone through an agency that provides temporary workers. Manpower and Kelly Girl, for example, are two of the best known agencies in this field. Hiring though such an agency has these advantages: they will send a person who has the skills you require which means you won’t waste time training the person. The worker they send understands that the job is temporary and won’t make you uncomfortable by asking to be kept on permanently.And, because the worker is employed by the agency (not by you) the agency takes care of the worker’s payroll records, tax deductions, insurance coverage, fringe benefits, and so on. You are free from those responsibilities.The right business for youWhen selecting a home business you should consider these factors:* Is the service or product you intend to provide already easily available in your area? If it is not available and if there appears to be a need for it, these factors are in your favor.Consider all the things you own that might be used in some way as equipment for your business: a car or truck, a typewriter, a mimeograph machine, and so on. I you can use them, it will greatly lower your starting costs.* Is it a business that suits your personality and tastes? One that you feel good about, that fires your imagination? It should be. Enthusiasm can be a priceless ingredient in the formula for success! Home businesses that workYou must, of course, choose the home business that is right for you. There are many books that will give you long lists of potentially money-making businesses for you to consider. A relatively short, but highly recommended, list of potential business ventures will be found in another of this series of reports entitled 37 Instant Moneymaking Part-time Businesses.Handwriting analysis by mail. A great little business to operate from home. First off, study up on the subject; it isn’t too difficult to learn, and it’s interesting. You will find lots of books on the subject at your local public library.Once you’ve started studying, you can start placing some small- space ads, in local papers, and in literary-type magazines, psychology magazines, and wherever else you think you can find the people interested in having their handwriting analyzed. Then you just sit back an wait for the letters (and checks, money orders and plain old cash ) to roll in. Be sure to keep a record of how much you get from which ad (by using a key, such as changing your middle initial in each ad), so you know which pull best.After you get more confidence in making rapid analyses, you can even give personal consultations in your home if you want to do this.Guaranteed lucky four-leaf clovers. It used to be that people thought they would be lucky if they found a four-leaf clover when they were walking in the fields. Now some smart farmer, who must also be a good businessman as well as a skilled plant biologist, has figured out a way to get exclusively mutants, so he can supply unlimited four-leaf clovers.You can cash in on this handsomely by buying a quantity of them and embedding them in clear plastic (casting resins and instructions can be obtained at any hobby shop), in the form of key rings, brooches and paperweights (or anything else you can create.)The real gimmick comes in the merchandising of them, because you should advertise them as guaranteed lucky genuine four-leaf clovers, with the slogan “If you don’t get lucky in the next year with this genuine four-leaf clover, we’ll give you your money back”. Within a year most people have at least one good thing happen to them, so you will probably get very few requests for money back. Instead, you are likely to have lots of satisfied customers who feel that now they have finally gotten lucky, proving that the four-leaf clover worked! With this approach, and an attractive small-space ad, you ought to do well with four-leaf clovers.Best-internet-businesses.com offers more good ideas for business promotion. You can subscribe our newsletter and learn more tips to run business in a smart way.

How To Balance A Job, A Life, and A Home Business!

For most of us Internet entrepreneurs the reality of starting our own home business on a full time basis is not a reality.With financial and/or family commitments a priority it is hard work to get a home business off the ground and nurture it into a successful money making venture.Working a job at the same time is a necessity for 99% of us just starting up.Where do you find the available time? How do you reach a balance between your home, your family, your job AND your home business?These are very elusive questions aren’t they?I have compiled a list of ten exclusive tips to help you and others just like myself.These are tips and advice, which I have found to be beneficial in helping me to reach a balance and also to keep my sanity, when at times I have been ready to toss the home business aside as it just seemed too hard to do it ALL…..!1) Write down a list of main goals you want to achieve with your home business. Eg: Financial freedom, More time with family. Print this out and pin it up where you will read it each day. This will keep you motivated and remind you why you stay up all those late nights!2) Choose a home business that you will put your heart into. If you have the desire to succeed then you will succeed. If you enjoy your home business then making room for it in your life will not be a chore.3) Set a quantity of hours to devote to your home business each week. Be realistic. You may only have 30 minutes or one hour a day available on a regular basis. If you manage to spend extra hours – well done, and you will feel proud for doing so.4) Write a weekly TO DO list. One for business and one for home. Be realistic. This will give you activities to work towards. Check them off as you complete them. You will feel a sense of achievement.5) Establish a separate business work area in the home. If not possible make sure to set aside time when you have privacy. Your time will be spent much more efficiently with no interruptions.6) Be patient. A successful home business will not blossom overnight. Be prepared to put in some hard work for the first months to get things up and running. You will see results.7) Reward yourself. If you have been putting extra hours into your home business take the day off. Spend time with your family and relax. You deserve it.8) Enjoy time out. Life can be hectic and overwhelming. Add to that starting a home business as well as keeping a full time job! It is essential to have time out for yourself.9) Invest in conveniences. For example: For the home business a faster Internet connection or time saving software. For the home an answering machine or a regular cleaner / babysitter. What can be done to free up some of your time and resources.10) Family comes first. Do what you need to do for your family each day before anything else. They are your life and once they are content then you will feel okay with spending time on your home business.I am positive these 10 exclusive tips and advice will be of benefit to you. Please feel free to share them with others.Success to all working, Internet entrepreneurial mothers!

Finding the Way Home

It’s very frustrating black porn to receive an email from someone that says, “I really need to work at home. Please help me.”It would be impossible for me to make any kind of recommendation to this person. I receive emails just like this so frequently that I’ve created a template of the response that I send when I get one. In it, I tell them that I’d be happy to make some suggestions, but need more to go on. Do you want to start a business, or work for a company? What skills do you have? What line of work are you in?Sadly, the fact that a person would put so little effort into making an inquiry like this tells me that they probably don’t have what it takes to work from home.Whether running a business or telecommuting, working at home takes tremendous discipline, self-motivation and creative problem-solving skills. You don’t have co-workers or your supervisor down the hall, and often when problems arise you have to deal with them on your own.Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people– but I do expect it to be a collaborative process. I also understand that sometimes figuring out what it is you want to do can be a challenge.So, what are some of the first steps you can take to find your way? Here are some exercises that you can do that can help to clarify your goals:>>Self-AssessmentConsider the qualities below. Write down the ones that you think describe you:–Self-motivated – You know what needs to be done and you don’t need someone to direct you or follow up and check your progress. You’re not going to be distracted by today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.–Creative Problem-Solver – You love nothing more than a challenge. You’re able to find solutions and think “outside the box”.–Excellent Communicator – You communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally. It’s especially helpful if you are outgoing and enjoy talking to people.–You’re not afraid to work hard. You follow through to make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks.These are all qualities that are pretty much imperative for a would-be business owner. If you wrote down all four, you are probably well-suited to running a home business.If you wrote down three, telecommuting might be a more viable option for you– especially if the one you didn’t write down was Creative Problem-Solver. Communication skills and self-motivation are especially important for the telecommuter.If you wrote down only 1 or 2, you should really think about whether your particular skills are going to fit with working from home. Don’t give up hope, though. Consider taking a course that would help you in the area you feel you need the most improvement in.>>Take a Skill InventoryGet out a pad of paper and a pen and start jotting down the things that you feel you are good at and that you have experience in.Next, make a list of the things that you really enjoy doing. Don’t worry about whether you think you could make money doing them. Just make a list of all of the hobbies, tasks and various things that you have fun doing. This should be really easy!Think about the skills and how they relate to the things you like to do. At this point, a picture should start emerging. Maybe you are really good at working with kids and you’re super-organized and you also enjoy cooking and decorating…. How about starting a Party Planning business?But what if the previous exercise determined that a telecommute job was a better fit for you? Maybe joining one of the party planning companies would be a better option for you because of the support they offer.>>Set Goals and Map Out a Path to Achieve ThemOnce you’ve come up with a goal, be it a home business or a telecommute job in your chosen field, you should map out a plan of how to get there.If you’ve chosen to start a home business, a business plan should definitely be your first step. It helps to focus your goals and gives you a plan that you can refer to to stay on track.Finding a telecommute job takes planning as well. Once you’ve decided what field you should pursue, you’ll want to research companies and compile a list of the top 10 or more that you’d like to work for. Your research might include the financial performance, company culture, benefits and employee satisfaction.Once identified, you should try to obtain the name of the person who does the hiring and send a resume with a personalized cover letter addressed to them. Also, mention the company name and say what attracted you to their company. For example, “Your Company’s solid financial performance over the past 3 years is very impressive” or “Your Company’s commitment to community services makes it the type of organization that I would be proud to work with”. You don’t want to put something like, “I want to work for your company because you allow telecommuting”.>>Be FlexibleRemember that many companies that allow telecommuting only allow it after a certain period of time, or for only a certain portion of your work-week. Don’t be so locked into the idea of landing a full telecommute position that you overlook the potential telecommute job in the long run.Similarly, starting a business requires time, money and tremendous dedication. You may not be in a position to quit your job and start a business. You might have to burn the midnight oil to get something started while continuing to work.Finding your way to working at home takes planning, creativity and some serious soul-searching. But once you map out your goals, you’ll find that the path becomes much clearer and you have a much better chance at success.

Find A Home Based Business Opportunity Idea To Fit Your Skills

Your home-based business opportunity idea can grow into a full time business with a little hard work and daring. If your business idea works, you will have advantages over regular employment. Owning a home-based business means you can make money without needing anyone to look over your shoulder all the time. You can stay at home and take care of your family without guilt. A home-based business opportunity idea can be rewarding for you and your family.So, how do you turn a home-based business opportunity idea into a profitable business? The most important key to success of any work at home venture is self-motivation. A home-based business opportunity idea is a starting point, next comes the hard work of starting a business. You must be willing to push yourself against any obstacles. Home business ownership is not easy; there are sacrifices that must be made.Now that you have hatched out a solid home-based business opportunity idea, what do you do next? Talk with accountants, lawyers, and consultants and get their ideas. They can tell you which direction to go in some serious decisions. A home business needs to start on a firm financial and legal ground.Changing a home-based business opportunity idea into a functioning business requires thought. How many employees do you need to help make the business run smooth? What materials will I need? How am I going to advertise? All these questions can be answered by seeking professional advice. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Check with your local SCORE chapter. There you will find a wealth of advice from area retired business executives.The best advice when considering turning a home-based business opportunity idea into action is to move slowly at first. Keep your day job while working to turn your idea into reality. Start part-time working on nights and weekends on your venture. Don’t expect your new business to be your family’s support for at least a few months. But also don’t be afraid to kiss that old boss goodbye when the business becomes successful.

How to Get Big Dollars in Your Mailbox Every Day: Start Your Own Direct Mail Business

No other business venture seems so inviting, or attracts so many people than that of selling via mail order. On the surface, it appears to be an easier and faster way to become rich than almost any other method of doing business. All the people in the world are your potential customers; you work from the privacy and comfort of your own home; you set your own working hours; and you answer to no one but yourself.Ideally, you should have a product of your own–something you can produce at very low cost, and sell at top price. If you are buying something, advertising and reselling it, in order to realize a profit, you have to mark it up at least 500%. This is not an unreasonable mark-up for mail order sales.Your product has to have mass appeal, and it has to be something not readily available to your prospective customers except through you. The product should be such that you “carry an inventory” without worry of spoilage, aging or other damage. It should be something you can send through the mail–deliver to your customer–for next to nothing in relation to your selling price.The best money-making product of all is a “How-TO” report such as this one. You don’t have to be a literary genius, or even an experienced writer to write one of these reports. In fact, the easiest way is to buy a set of these reports–read them each over, set it aside and write a similar one with more elaboration or from a different point of view. Give your report a commercially appealing title, set a price for it, advertise it widely in a number of nationally circulated mail order publications, and you could have something that will continue to bring in money for you for many years to come.The absolute best money-maker of them all is a report you’ve found a great need for, researched thoroughly, and written from scratch. Discovering these needs is not that difficult a task.If you don’t have the time to write and market one of these reports, or just cannot produce one for whatever reason, the next thing is to purchase a set of these reports with reproduction rights. Here, you can have a number, reprinted for as little as one or two cents each, and sell them for one to five dollars each. The only problem with that approach is that after a year, nearly everyone in mail order will have a copy of these reports, and will be trying just as hard as you are to sell them.Now, if you have bought the reproduction rights to the reports, you simply rewrite them, put new titles on them, make up a new advertising circular, and send them out as new reports each year. There are a number of mail order self-help reports that have been making the rounds for the past 25 years in just this manner.Just because you haven’t got the time or the tools to write one of these reports is no reason for not producing one. If you have an idea or the background material, and the confidence that such a report will sell–get in touch with someone who specializes in this kind of writing.., and have them put the finished product together for you. Generally, the fees will run to $100 per page. But this is an “incidental fee” indeed, if you come up with something that has the potential of bringing in several thousand dollars per year for the next ten years or so. Remember, once you have it together and written, you just continue making copies of your original and filling prepaid cash orders for as long as you wish to stay in business.You should also have advertising circulars, a catalog or a “follow-up” offer for every order you get. Many people make the mistake of “sending their whole store” in response to every inquiry. When you receive an inquiry to your advertising, you should have a prepared sales letter describing the item you’re advertising, and perhaps a circular listing in catalog style some of the other products that tie in with the product of your sales letter. This is known as the “Featured Selection Plus Alternates” approach.When you receive an order for the product you’ve been advertising or featuring in your direct mail efforts, include one of your product catalogs in the package with the customer’s order. The most effective practice is to include an advertising circular or brochure of a leader item or special-of-the-month, and your catalog. The main thing NOT to do is include more than a couple of separate “featured selection” circulars. Keep your eyes on how the big mail order houses do it, and duplicate their operating plan within your own means.The important point to remember here is to be sure to include something different–something new–something your customer has not seen or been offered a chance to buy–with each contact you make with him. Once you’ve broken the ice and got him spending money with you, continue showing him products of a related nature that should stimulate his appetite for greater success. For sure, he’ll never be more in mood to buy from you than when he receives something he has ordered. So every time you fill and send out an order to a buyer, include an opportunity for him to buy even more from you.You can make a very comfortable income, but you’ll never get rich so long as you’re having your orders dropshipped for you. Having a connection with a prime source that will dropship orders for you is one of the surest and best ways to “learn” the business of selling by mail–but if you really want to make it big, you’ll use dropshipping sources for learning, and to back up your primary product with follow-up offers.If you don’t have a primary product of your own, the next best thing is to buy in quantity lots at wholesale prices. A word of caution here, though: do not buy a quantity supply of anything until you’ve seen a sample of the product and thoroughly tested the saleability of that product.Too often, the beginner is sold a quantity of a certain product at so-called wholesale prices, only to find that after he had spent his capital he either doesn’t want to put forth the effort and time to sell that particular product, or that he can’t “give it away,” let alone sell it. Suppliers who operate for you orders, generally derive most of their income from the sale of these initial “required” inventories. Always investigate and check out the saleability before you buy anything more than just a single sample.Selling your reports depends on your advertising. You have to get the word out that you have “money-making information” available for sale. Start out small by using short classified type ads. Look at how the established mail order report sellers are doing it, and copy their methods. Do not copy their ads–instead, use them as idea stimulators for your own original copy. Place an ad in one of the largest circulation publications you can find, then use the money that comes in from the first ad to place similar ads in three or four other publications.One of the insider secrets of the mail order business is in multiplying your advertising exposure. This means simply that you start with an ad in one publication, and from there, expand your exposure by advertising in more publications. Be patient, and wait for the returns from your current ads, then use that money to increase the number of people who will have a chance to see your ad. It’s as simple as that, and it works every time. Try it and see for yourself.All of this means as you are getting started with a new mail order business, you have to reinvest all your business income back into the business. To do otherwise is a straight line to business failure.

How a 14 Yr Old Girl Makes $500+ a Month – After School

“Does This Sound F cartoon porn amiliar? – Get Rich, Part Time, Home Based, Extra Cash – Yadda Yadda Yadda”Hi,Thanks for stopping by.I got SO peeved by all the FAKE, theory and hype — that hits my mailbox (Snail mail and E-mail) — I decided to write this article. So you’d get something REAL & Tested and Proven.Instead of all the Make Believe garbage.As You guessed.Maria has some advantages.#1 – Her mother is divorced. (I changed all names.) And thinks it important that her daughter earn her own money. So Maria started making Extra money from Home at age 8. (An advantage – cuz at a young age Maria thought that EVERYbody has to earn their allowance.)#2 – (AHA! You say) Maria’s Aunt works with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson – The “Chicken Soup for The Soul” guys.So Maria gets to test all kinds of ideas. Profit making strategies gathered by the Soup Mastermind Team.A big help – we admit.You’ll see only those Tested and Proven ideas that worked best for Maria – below…Extra Stream of income #1 – Maria got her Mom, Aunt and Grand parents fitted out with aluminum can recycling bags. So all the cans and glass they use – Maria collects every week.Maria’s Mom took her to see the owner of a local Restuarant. With a liquor license. This lady hadn’t had ANYone else ask. So she agreed to have her employees toss all the glass bottles and cans in 2 separate cans – out back.PLUS – Sometimes Maria’s Mom takes her to neighbors houses. Where she collects cans and bottles too. (IF you ask – people will collect cans for you.)Then off to the recycling plant. Better known as “The Dump.” Wouldn’t YOU like to have an Extra few $100 a month? Maria says her “take” varies. $150, $200, $250+ each mo (Your only cost is gas. And plastic bags to hold the cans and the bottles.)Extra Stream of Income #2 – Maria ALSO collects old clothing from her neighbors. With her Mom watching – she marches up to doors. Knocks. Asks, “Do you have any old clothes and Blue Jeans you want to get rid of? I wash them. Give most to Good Will. But sell some to local Thrift Stores. To make money to pay for college.”"Good Will” gets most of what Maria collects. But Thrift Shops pay a lot of money for wearable clothes. AND Maria has discovered a small gold mine.Turns out she can sell the Blue Jeans for a LOT of money. Because California blue jeans fetch $500 or more Per PAIR in Japan.Used Clothing sales is almost as profitable as recycling cans and bottles. So – Add another $200 a month or so. Are you tracking this? (400 – 500 smackers a mo)Extra Stream of Income #3 – Maria is the boss of yard sales. One or two times a month. Her Mom drives her around to put up flyers on phone poles. She makes big Signs for drivers coming each way.All the stuff her Mom, Grandparents and Aunt don’t want – gets auctioned. But 90% of her auction items come from her trips up and down neighboring streets.People’s houses are Jam-Packed with stuff they can’t use. Don’t want. They are happy to have you cart it away.Let’s say Maria only makes $100 a mo this way. (Sometimes less. Often more.)(EDITOR’S NOTE) Maria has hit on something really BIG. I have personally made tens of thousands with a variation of this. I have friends and clients who own pick-up trucks. You can make $8K in a weekend cleaning junk out of houses. (You have to prepare and really roll. But you can do it.) Re-selling it. Amazing what people call “junk.”Extra Stream of Income #4 – Maria belongs to the 4-H Club. Raises market lambs – for auction. Rabbits. Prize chickens. Grows veggies too.How did Maria choose what animals to raise? Vegetable to grow? She and her Mom – went to the County Fairgrounds. Watched with a mercenary eye. Made a list of what contests PAY the most money.Then chose to raise the highest paying animals. AND grow certain kinds of flowers and vegetables. ONLY the ones that pay the most in prizes.Maria’s Aunt tells me – after 2 or 3 years of entering these Contests… Maria has had MORE practice at flower arranging. (For example) Than other little girls. Who enter once in their age group. Then quit.Maria is winning prizes worth $200 for 1st Prize. $150 for 2nd. $100 for 3rd. And Maria enters only the TOP paying contests.AND she enters a LOT of contests.OK. Where are we?Somewhere back there Maria passed $7000 a year. Working at home after school.Maria is going to be a self-motivated-entrepreneurial terror when she grows up. We need more entrepreneurs like her in the USA.===========================ACTION PLANLet’s pick an idea ANYbody can do.Finding and Re-selling “Junk.”When I started testing this I didn’t have a truck. What I did was call up home owners – I found them by calling up people who had ads with stuff for sale. Figuring (rightly) that they probably have lots more they want to get rid of.I’d go to their house to do a “Survey” and list. I told home owners “So I’ll know how many of my friends trucks I’ll need.”#1 – I’d Already made a list of junk yards. Copper, brass, glass, cans, Thrift Shops, Electronic Repair Shops, Antique Stores.#2 – So I hauled away the little – And VALUABLE – stuff and sold it – right away.#3 – Then I made a big list of all the furniture and housewares I didn’t want. Called “Good Will” – they sent 2 guys and a truck to come get it! (No cost to me.)#4 – I started by sharing profits with a pick-up-owning friend. But started making SO much profit. I fired him. Put an ad in the local paper.”$25 an hour weekends only – Pick-Up-Truck Needed – Call Glenn #” EGAD. I got 100′s of calls.Lots cheaper to PAY somebody than to share 50/50.Finally – A WARNING – Don’t let your Pick Up Truck driver SEE all the money you are making. 2 or 3 of them started up in competition with me! (Didn’t matter. More houses than ANY of us can get to in our lifetimes.)Have fun. Email me if you have questions.Glenn Osborn

What’s Your NICHE Market – II ?

In my online Internet Marketing classes the most common question that is asked by most netpreneurs new and old is “WHERE DO I FIND MY NICHE.”In order to understand NICHE marketing you first need to understand MARKET TRENDS.Now don’t get all freaked out on me, because it’s not that hard to understand. I’ll give you a very brief, short version of MARKETING TRENDS 101.1. There is a population demographic worldwide who have driven market trends since the mid 1940′s. This demographic group in the USA alone is approximately 1 Billion people this group of people are commonly known as the Baby Boomers, babies born during 1946 – 1964.2. Every baby company during the late 40′s – 50′s made huge amounts of money hence the market trends revolved around this industry and similar3. As the baby boomers get older, industry is created to cater for the 1 billion population4. The top end of the baby boomer market are now in there 50′s and the bottom end are now in there late 30′s5. The top end of the baby boomer market drives the trend and this is the area you need to concentrate on.So, if you have a demographic of people in there 50′s…where do you think the MARKET TRENDS will be?There is an industry that will go through a BOOM just like the baby industry, just like the housing industry, just like the car industry, computer industry etc.But that’s another story.To Your Online Success!

Work At Home Computer Jobs Can Give You Freedom!

Work at home computer jobs milf porn can be a rewarding and profitable business that you can get in on. If you have a home computer, basic software, and an Internet connection, you can start your own work at home computer job within minutes. Working from home gives you freedom and flexibility to control your own life. Set your own work schedule, be at home for your children when they get out of school. With a work at home computer job, you can start work early in the morning or late at night, whichever you prefer. Your work schedule will be determined by you alone.Often, work at home computer jobs requires no investment. Some promise “pie in the sky” claims and seem to offer riches beyond belief. Unfortunately, sometimes their claims are. Online scam artists prey on those looking for alternative work opportunities. You may wish to contact the Federal Trade Commission for advice when searching for work at home computer jobs. Legitimate jobs do exist on the Internet that requires no up-front money or huge investments.Many companies are now offering work at home computer jobs. With so many opportunities, you can have all the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. One great thing about working at home is the freedom of mobility that you will enjoy. You can live anywhere in the United States and still have a profitable home-based job. Your employer or client may be located hundreds of miles away. With the computer, you can work in your living room in your pajamas if you wish.Work at home computer jobs is available for almost every skill and talents. Some of the jobs currently being offered include: Internet research, medical transcription, data processing, accounting and bookkeeping, graphic web artists, and proof reading just to name a few. Check on the Internet for other opportunities for work at home computer jobs.

Defining Boundaries

How many of you define boundaries in your business. I dont mean physical boundaries like workspace, family space, etc. I am talking about time boundaries. Do you ever set boundaries for when clients can contact you, can visit you at your home office or just annoy the heck out of you?Lets look two different scenarios:Senario A: Your on a deadline for a client, there is a 20 page document full of tables and data he/she has thrown on your lap 2 hours ago and wants it finished today, asap and is willing to pay extra for this time. You are sitting at your computer and the phone rings, right when you are in the middle of setting up those tables for that most important data. You stop what you are doing, answer the phone and after five minutes of discussing with a telemarketer that really you are not interested in what they are trying to tell you, finally put down the phone then realise you have totally lost your train of thought on what you were doing for your client.Senario B: You have a client who contacts you every day, all day, evenings or weekends, expecting you to be there at your phone all the time for him/her and tends to forget that you do have a life outside of your desk and computer. Do you feel that because you are tied to the phone for this client that your family/social life seems to be sliding by and that you are getting so tired lately that all you want to do after switching the computer off is go and sleep?If either of these two scenarios sounds familiar then it is more than time you looked at defining your time boundaries. Yes, it is OK to set boundaries for your time. In fact, more often that not it is more valuable to your effectiveness for you to set these boundaries, and in the long term more efficient for your clients.Have a look at your working day – are you spending too much time on the phone to potential and current clients than acutally doing the work for them? Are you spending more time reading your emails and responding to them, than completing your current jobs? Set yourself some restrictions, it could be something simple like not answering the phone while you are working on a task for a client and letting the mobile porn answerphone take the call for you or saying to yourself that you will only check your emails twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon and not spending anymore than half an hour during each scheduled timeframe.Of course, when you set some boundaries, make sure to clearly communicate that to ALL your clients. If they have a hard time understanding what on earth you are doing then tell them that you’re trying a new work routine that could save them some money (as a byproduct of your increased efficiency) and ask that they keep an open mind during the next month. They may moan and groan at first, but once they see for themselves how much smoother you complete their tasks, perhaps they’ll try a similar approach to their work day.