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The Importance of a Focused Business Plan

So you have seen a great opportunity and are about to get started. Where do you go from here? Before you dig in, I cannot stress enough the importance of a well laid out business plan. You might then be asking, how do I plan and set goals if I don’t have a clue what I’m going to achieve and in what timeframe? This may be true, but your business must have a foundation on which to start from. You are going to start your home business because you see the potential of this opportunity. Now, to realize this potential, you should plan on how you are going to turn this into success.Get your diary and write down your goals, how you are going to achieve them and in what timeframes. Be realistic with your timeframes. Nothing when starting out in business will happen overnight but I guarantee that the businesses that started out with a plan achieved their goals quicker than the others. Being distracted from your initial business goals is so very common in today’s business world especially on the internet. It is very common for an entrepreneur to start a business and then see other areas where the business can grow.A common theme is an entrepreneur starting out maybe with his/her own product website on the internet. He/She achieves a little bit of success, see’s another avenue where the business might grow and dives in without thinking. It might work, but the odds are against it. In the meantime his initial planned strategy is being totally neglected of resources and time. Multiply this scenario by 3 or 4 and you’ve got a problem. You will end up dabbling in different areas and not totally concentrating on one.This goes back to my earlier point, it will not happen overnight. You have to give your business time. You will probably work the hardest and be the most frustrated for the first 8-12 months. If you can focus on the business plan goals for this time period, your odds for making it are much higher. Try to ignore the other opportunities for the time being, at least until you get your business off the ground. When you get to that stage, then the fun starts and then you can try other things knowing that you have built a solid business which will be there to protect you if your other ideas don’t work out.

Try Again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You have probably heard this many times. If you are anything like me, you may have put this mantra in the back of your mind. Will you do something for me? Right now say aloud “If at first I do not succeed, I will try, try again.”Now think about the challenges in your life. More importantly, look at the areas in your life where you have experienced disappointment and failure. List them, one by one, and decide if those particular things are still important to you.I have found that many of the issues that caused us much pain, embarrassment and aggravation are not worth it in the long run.That list that is important to you will likely be shorter than the one you started with. Most likely, the items you removed as no longer important to you can now be seen as learning experiences that helped you mature. Look at what is important to you now, in this moment, that you still want to accomplish. These are the things you should try again.I have come to believe that there is often an up side to our failures and frustration. There is an upside to not getting what we want when we want it. Negatives can sometimes become positives if we learn from our mistakes and learn our own limitations. Many of our most humbling stumbles and falls have in hindsight become fodder for laughter and personal growth.You see, it is by trying and failing, standing up and falling down, getting praise and ridicule, that helps us to grow stronger and defines our character. What looks like a failure in that moment becomes a rich learning experience you can build upon and share with others.You may not have gotten much of what you want in life, but now is the time to try again. You may feel you need more education or training in a specific area of expertise. Try again. You may have tried to start a business once, or many times before, but if you really want it – TRY AGAIN!There are many resources to help you if having a home based online business is your goal. May I suggest that our Manna Success Newsletter is the place to start. This free, weekly e-zine is your for the asking. I includes articles similar to this and other information and resources to help you be success in marketing your own business. Visit today at:http://news.burkepublications.comUntil The Next Time,Dr. J. E. BurkeEditor, Manna Success NewsletterBurke Publicationshttp://burkepublications.comjeb@burkepublications.comCopyright 2005 Burke Publications All Rights Reserved

10 Easy Businesses to Start Part-Time or Full-Time

1. Freelance Writer – Freelance writers write articles for newspapers and magazines or copy for businesses. Most articles require research and must be well-written and suited to the style of the publication. Publications typically pay $.10 – $2.00 per word. Businesses also contract writers to create reports, press releases, advertising copy and other special projects.2. Virtual Assistant – Virtual Assistants provide administrative services to small businesses that don’t have a staff to handle these duties. VAs can perform a variety of tasks for clients including contact database management, writing and sending business letters, designing brochures, and creating newsletters. VAs should advertise their services to Realtors and small business owners and can charge by the hour or by project.3. Computer Tutor – Computer tutors teach students how to navigate the internet, access email, set up a new computer, and use programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Quickbooks. These services can be delivered one on one or in classes held at local adult learning campuses, retirement centers, and churches. Tutors can charge by the hour or a fee for class registration.4. Pet Sitter – Pet sitters provide in-home pet care while pet owners are on vacation. Services offered typically include feeding and playing with the animals, yard or litter box cleanup, dog walking, and even plant watering, newspaper & mail gathering, and rotating lights. Pet sitters usually charge a fee per visit and charge extra to care for additional pets.5. Landscaper – Landscaping services can range from lawn mowing, hedge trimming and weed maintenance to sprinkler installation and designing complete landscapes for homes and businesses. Landscapers usually charge by the job and offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance services to clients.6. eBay Trading Assistant – Trading assistants provide a service to members of their community by acting as sales brokers on eBay. Trading assistants contract with clients to list items for sale, collect fees from buyers, ship the items and then take a percentage of the profits- usually between 30-50%. This is an excellent service to offer people who are not computer savvy yet have items they would like to sell online. EBay offers a directory where trading assistants can be listed for free.7. Homemade Crafter – Crafters who create quality goods such as knitted items, wooden wares, ornaments, clothing, home décor, and even baked goods can sell their products for a profit. Crafts can be sold at flea markets, street fairs, trade shows, in-home parties, community events, or through a website.8. Notary Service Provider – Notary service providers witness the signing of important documents such as real estate transactions, insurance, marriage and divorce papers, and letters. A state exam is required for certification. This service is in high demand with realtors and title companies and can be conducted from home, in restaurants or title company offices. Fees are usually charged as a flat rate per service.9. Resume Designer – Resume designers help job seekers by crafting professional resumes and cover letters. Resumes can be created using special software or with templates and a word processing program. This service is in demand with college students and all kinds of job seekers. Fees range from $50 – $250 depending on the level of work involved.10. Cleaning Service Provider – Cleaning service providers typically target homes and businesses. Service offerings include cleaning of windows, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, work areas, and offices. General cleaning supplies are needed and services can be billed by the hour or on a contract basis.

Strategies for Success in the Exciting and Lucrative Home-Based Business of Jewelry & Gemstones

The business of jewelry is one of the most fun, exciting and profitable businesses that exist. The demand for jewelry by consumers is unrelenting and consistently growing. Like any other business worth pursuing by a new- comer; the jewelry business requires research, ongoing education, focus and persistence. Fear not,the rewards for this effort can be well-worth the investment of time and energy making jewelry one of the best home-based business opportunities available.Finding your NicheThe world of jewelry is vast and can be overwhelming. It is imperative that the prospective jewelry entrepreneur narrow down to a specific area in which to concentrate there marketing efforts. In other words, you must avoid the temptation to spread-out in several directions. Rather, you should become an expert, a specialist. The ideal is to find a niche within a niche. Stake your claim and mine that pocket deep and hard. For example, sterling silver cat jewelry ,14 KT. gold Celtic jewelry, wire -wrapped birthstone jewelry etc.Selecting your ApproachAfter the budding jewelry entrepreneur has settled on their niche, they must decide which business model makes the most sense to them. The following represent five basic strategies that one might follow:1. Buy wholesale-sell retail- Remember, you make your profit by buying well. Any Search Engine will reveal countless wholesale sources, move steadily forward. Do your research. Not all wholesalers are equal. In fact, many so-called wholesalers are not really wholesalers at all and prey on the unsophisticated. Applied knowledge is key here.2. Import directly from manufacturer and sell wholesale. This strategy is not the best for beginners, but if you have ties and are comfortable with a country like India, Thailand, Mexico and others. This can be a lucrative approach. Start small and learn the ropes before you grow.3. Become an affiliate for an existing web-based jewelry company. This strategy is excellent for beginners, as it requires no inventory and you use the company’s web-site. Also, they handle the product fulfillment and shipping. This is a great, low-risk way to get started.4. Join a jewelry MLM- There are some advantages here and some individuals enjoy this type of marketing, again, do your due-diligence before you jump-in.5. Make and sell your own jewelry- If you have the talent and the time, this path can be very rewarding. One tip, unless you want to be a starving artist; find out what type of handcrafted jewelry consumers will actually buy and produce jewelry for that market.Marketing and Selling JewelryOnce you have identified your niche and selected your approach, you need to explore marketing and selling for profit. Here are some suggestions for how and where to sell jewelry.1. Special Events- Craft shows, wine festivals, Celtic festivals, street fairs etc. In the beginning, concentrate on low-cost booth fees i.e. under $100 until you gain experience.2. Home parties- Low overhead. These can be a goldmine if you work them well. Referrals are the key to success.3. Ebay- an easy, low-cost way to sell jewelry on the internet.4. Your own website.A. eBay or yahoo store- both are excellent because of there built-in shopping audience and credibility.B. Buy and fix-up a previously owned website-Many websites are For Sale by Owner on ebay.The jewelry business can be a wonderful full or part-time home-based business. Use this article as a basis for your education. Learn everything you can about your chosen niche, study marketing and develop your selling skills. Keep a positive attitude and success will certainly follow.

Life’s True ROI

The question every small business owner should ask … look at the total debt load and ROI, whether the industry as a whole is in a slump, whether there are too many partner or legal problems, whether future demand will materialize and so on and so forth. While these questions are certainly relevant, the most important question that a small or medium-sized business owner should ask him/herself is:”How else can I make a living and would I like it?”Yes, the advantages of being a corporate employee are great. Easy work, fewer hours, no stress, more security and all for more money than your struggling business (for now) can provide. But do you really want to go back to that?My grandfather was an architect who built boring glass boxes in overcrowded and polluted cities for obnoxious, cheap and arrogant millionaire and billionaire bosses and clients. My grandfather was also a poet who loved to write short, life-affirming sayings that raised the soul and redeemed the human spirit.He was on his way to making large amounts of money building these glass boxes, until one day he could no longer handle it another minute, so he stood up in a meeting while the billionaires were bickering, declared that he was quitting, packed up his office and drove home to my grandmother and their two young children.The conversation at home went something like this:”What the heck were you thinking?”"I cant go back Alice, I just cant. That world is slowly killing my soul by the minute. I want to breathe, I want to live, I want to smile and I want to laugh.”"How are we going to afford the mortgage and the BMWs and the vacation home and the kids college funds and …”"We will figure it out tomorrow.”They figured it out. Grandpa turned his love for poetry into cute little life affirming sayings that he wrote in greeting cards and on the headings of agendas and in small self- published books that barely sold enough copies to pay for the paper they were printed on. In his best year, my grandfather made just enough money to barely creep over the poverty line.Many years afterwards, seeing me stressed out over some inane thing or the other at the big corporation I worked for (in one of those big glass boxes), my grandfather said:”Are they killing your soul Charlie? Are they taking away what makes your heart fly and your mind shine and your eyes sing?” (I told you Grandpa was a poet).”I think they are, Grandpa.” I said, almost in tears.”You will only be here for a short time, Charlie. Dont let anyone take away your joy for even one minute of your precious life.” (Once again, I told you Grandpa was a poet)This brings me back to the topic of this article. Yes, Business owner, you should do all the analysis that you can to decide if you should keep your business alive. There are lots of services, ranging in price from free to millions of dollars, that will help you decide if there is a future for your business.But in your analysis, when adding up the pluses and minuses and comparing financial and personal gains and losses, do one thing. Add the issue of “How else can I make a living and would I like it?” to the equation and give that topic an important score in your analysis.Grandpa never regretted having less money for a much more fulfilling life. Nor did grandma once she realized how much happier the whole family was once they were living a less stressful and more simplified life in a healthy and scenic part of the country. One year after his decision, and in celebration, my grandparents burned their “___ Hours til the weekend” and “___ Days til retirement” gag calendars they had received when Grandpa had started his corporate career.So dear reader, before you throw in the towel, I, the business consultant, and my grandfather, the lover of life, professionally advise you to make sure the towel remaining is better than the one you want to throw away.

I Wonder Why Dictionaries Went Out Of Fashion

More Tips For New Writers (Part IV)When you begin writing for your home based business, never lose sight of the following facts:1. People notice things (sometimes even the most minute detail)2. People remember things (sometimes even the most minute detail)3. People love to point out mistakes (sometimes even the most minute detail)4. People will magnify even minute details.Some people enjoy finding errors and pointing them out, even to the extent of writing books on the subject. Other people (and I admit to being one) can’t help noticing errors and find them so horrific that they (inadvertently and quite without malice) magnify them out of all proportion.When you write for the public, you are poking your head above the edge of the literary trench and inviting them to pierce your brain with critical bullets. It is only sensible to take proper precautions. The tin helmet is not a great fashion accessory but, in these circumstances, much preferable to a baseball cap.I used to work for a lawyer who had a selection of favourite words and phrases which he would drop into correspondence or conversation in order to impress people. These beauties included the phrase “most busiest” (makes me grind my teeth), “at the end of the day” (yawn), “in essence” (used relentlessly to introduce any minor point) and “very unique” (why does a unique word have to be devalued in that way?).The day arrived when he discovered “vociferously” and latched onto it as his new favourite word. After several trial outings, he obviously became comfortable with the “vociferously” and introduced “vociferous”. Eventually he was managing to use one of them in every letter and conversation. He wrote to other lawyers informing them that he wanted to work vociferously to an early conclusion of the matter in hand. He told insurance companies that his clients’ losses would have been smaller if those companies had worked vociferously. He wrote to clients assuring them of his most vociferous attention at all times.I didn’t understand why he thought it was a good idea for everybody to be shouting. When the awful truth dawned on me, I cringed: I realised that he didn’t actually know the meaning of the word. I never did find out exactly what he thought it meant. I could hardly ask him. That would have led to a conversation I did not want to join in. How much good do you think it would do your career to impart to your boss the information that he appeared not know the meaning of a word he used on a daily basis? Trust me on this: promotion would not come into it.You may call me old fashioned but I believe that professional people ought to have a reasonable level of education. At the very least they should know how to look words up in the dictionary before trotting them out for the delight of the general public.Something, perhaps a combination of ignorance and arrogance, prevented this allegedly educated man from bothering to check on the meaning of this new word. It was, therefore, paraded about for all to admire. The use of the new favourite word escalated until no document was considered complete without it.I was horrified and embarrassed. I squirmed, anticipating the day when another (better educated) lawyer or client would broach the subject of this inappropriate word. Fortunately, I moved on before the day arrived and hope that my association with this word abuser has been forgotten.A very public example of this kind of thing occurred to Georgie Fame who was a song writer and singer (and still is) in the 1960′s. Georgie Fame and his band, The Blue Flames, were very popular and, when they released a record, it was played all the time everywhere. This song was about the bank-robbing duo, Bonnie and Clyde, and included a verse about them stuffing their loot into a canvas bag. Unfortunately, when Georgie Fame wrote the words to the song, he got a word wrong. Instead of referring to a “burlap” bag, he used the word “dewlap”. (In case you don’t know, dewlap is the loose hanging bit of skin under the throat of oxen, dogs, turkeys, etc – you know the bit I mean.) I couldn’t listen to that song without picturing the villains stuffing bank notes into a cow’s mouth and that definitely ruined the dramatic impact for me.This error did not go unnoticed by the rest of the world. Georgie Fame admitted in an interview that somebody had told him, before the song was recorded, that “dewlap” was not the right word but he brushed them off and didn’t bother to check. Once the song had been recorded and released, it was too late to do anything about it. This failure to check (even after a warning) became about as public as a mistake can be. If nothing else, it proved that people do notice these things.I don’t know exactly why dictionaries went out of fashion but I’d bet money that it was due to pressure by the “don’t be shackled by correctness, creativity is all that counts” brigade. I never understood why you can’t be correct and creative at the same time but I’ll stay at the bottom of the trench until that argument is over. My suggestion is that you become a closet dictionary user. It’s still legal and completely harmless. If you fear discovery, you can cover your dictionary in brown paper or pretend you just keep it to prop the door open, or say it was a present from Granny. Whatever you do, use the dictionary if in doubt. If the idea of owning an actual paper dictionary makes you too nervous, you can find one online at http://www.thefreedictionary.com/. Never take a chance and assume you know the meaning of a word just from the context in which you hear it used.

5 Ways To Make Night-And-Weekend-Computer-Life Rich

Are you a computer-worm? Do you thrive on a computer 24/7? A “computer-worm” is analogous to “book-worm” – a person who spends most of the time working on a computer. Do you expend most of your time reading or writing emails, chatting with friends, watching movies, listening to music, cyber-window-shopping, etc? Do you relegate your important tasks of completing a school assignment, working on a contingency project, etc to realize later that you spent the prime-time idly? In this article, you would discover few ways of improving your cyber-life – how to make your working on a computer more useful and much more effective.Technology revolution has supplemented the ease and increase of computer usage. The overall at-home global active internet use for a number of selected countries grew by two-thirds of a percentage point from February 2004 to March 2004 (Nielsen//NetRatings). Switzerland exhibited the largest growth rate at over 3 percent, while U.S. added the most active Internet users over the month. With this enormous increase in internet usage you have to keep the following 5 ideas in mind that would help increase the efficiency of work that you do while on your computer off-work.1) Chat or email kills your time-Avoid opening a chatting application, or an email application as your first window. When you find one of your friends on the chatting window (or email from one of your friends), you inadvertently start conversing with the person. On the other hand, if you do not find any friend, you search for a new chat-buddy. In both the cases you deviate yourself from important tasks. This hinders you from working on essential activities that you intended to do when you started the session.Instead, make a habit of completing tasks that you planned before opening a chat window or an email window. Treat yourself with a chatting session (or an email session) for completing the daily (important) tasks.2) Audio speakers add to your entertainment-Turn on your pair of audio speakers, if you have one. Listen to online news, success stories, motivational speeches or jokes while working on your important tasks.Online news is becoming common day after day. You can view and listen to news on many websites. You would find it easy to access online news channels if you have a “superpass” with Real Networks (http://www.real.com/superpass/). Nevertheless, websites like MSN (http://msnvideo.msn.com/), ABC News (http://abcnews.go.com/) offer feeds to news and other interesting stories available for free download.3) Do smart-browsing not the hard-browsing-When you read on the internet, do it intelligently. One way of intelligent reading is to increase your vocabulary. Look up difficult words in the dictionary when you read documents on the web. You can use innovative internet tools like XemanteX (http://www.xemantex.com) that provide an online-running-dictionary. You can read through the document with a built-in dictionary. Just double click the word to get the meaning on the same screen.4) Online games as concentration tools-Play online games. Games not only give you entertainment but also help you increase your concentration. There are many websites that offer free subscription to the games on their website. Perform a Google search on “free online games” that would bring up thousands of resources. Enjoy playing a game, improving your personal skills at the same time.5) Help your mind concentrate-Split your entire sitting into various sessions. You would be able to give out more every session. Take a coffee or tea break every 45 to 60 minutes. This would help your mind free up its resources and get back on track after the break. Moreover, this would help you avoid narrow thinking. One gets to think through a narrow channel when deep concentration.Okay, I told you 5 simple and common ways to make your off-work computer life easy. Try them out and feel the difference. You would be happier and feel more accomplished. As you know internet has redefined human’s life. Computer, which was used only by intellectuals and elite a few years ago, is a basic requirement for a common man now. To add fuel to the fire, internet has supplemented its power transforming them the best communication tool. Instant messaging, emailing, electronic news, etc allow for fast and easy communication among the internet users. Very soon, computers would be indelible parts of our life. You should realize that the tremendous power that this internet has can only be harnessed when it is put to use in the most efficient way.

Making Money in Your Underwear! The Jeff Paul Marketing System

No, no! I’m not talking about “how to make money by selling underwear’s o­n the Internet” I’m talking about Jeff Paul, the super marketing guru of 90′s who shouted “How I Earn $4,000 a Day Sitting at My Kitchen Table in My Underwear?” But it’s a GONE story now. What happened to Jeff Paul, o­ne of the most successful students of “Dan Kennedy’s” the father of Marketing?If you were a subscriber of “Entrepreneur Success” or “Business Opportunities” in the early 98, you might have noticed Jeff Paul’s catchy ads, depicting him sitting at his kitchen and in his underwear talking over the telephone and counting money and ads like “How I earn $4000 a day sitting at my kitchen table in my underwear?” Jeff himself declared he makes 1000′s of dollars a day before his lunch! Those catchy, interesting and funny ads were run continuously for about 3 years in the early 98. But those ads were suddenly disappeared; Jeff Paul suddenly sunk somewhere in deep marketing competition.When I started exploring information about Jeff Paul, I heard/read many interesting stories. Much information is not available about Jeff’s childhood or about his parents.Jeff attended the University of Illinois where he studied anthropology. So I’m not sure of what direction he wanted to take in his life. He ended up dropping out of college and worked for his father’s retail store in Jackson Mississippi. He had problems with working for his father’s retail store and he was totally unhappy with his decision.So Jeff decided that taking night school classes in accounting might lead him to a better career and income. After a year of classes he moved back to Chicago and purchased an accounting franchise for $15,000 and met his business partner. That was the first chapter of “Joint Venture” in Jeff’s life!Unfortunately the accounting business didn’t last long because Jeff’s partner ended up stealing the company coffers. And the worst part is Jeff had naively co-signed an SBA loan which was being called due and payable in full, a whopping $204,000! That’s how destiny played in Jeff’s life.Jeff was down o­n his luck and about to give up o­n his dream of financial independence. He found an opportunity to meet and work with Dan Kennedy. (Dan Kennedy is highest paid marketing consultant in America. Dan will give you at least 100 new ideas to improve your current business if you meet him!) Jeff had signed up for o­ne of Dan Kennedy’s seminars as a last bastion of hope.Shortly thereafter, Jeff wrote his first successful direct marketing training course for Financial Planners and accountants. His company was called “Profit Plan Systems”. Jeff is more widely known for his mail order success course, How I Earn $4,000 a Day Sitting At My Kitchen Table in My Underwear.Maybe you can still buy this particular course from classified ads and display ads in “Biz Magazines” like Business Opportunities and Entrepreneur. Jeff’s ads was selling teaser version of his course for 20 bucks. It was really a glorified sales letter masquerading as a product. Anyway, from there you could order the complete course for about 200 bucks!Although “How I Earn $4,000 a Day Sitting at My Kitchen Table in My Underwear” does have some excellent gems of timeless direct marketing wisdom (like “Sell them what they want. Give them what they need.”), you are probably better served by getting your marketing education elsewhere! Why?The main reason is the quality of the course presentation. Basically the course was a re-purposed version of the marketing system he sold to Financial Planners. Ninety percent of the material was the milf porn same. This course was somewhat disorganized, was thrown together in a random manner! Pages were crooked (2nd & 3rd generation photocopies!) and had missing pages. The information presentation was disjointed. For example, it was hard to keep from getting distracted by the poor quality of the page copies.Jeff probably sold resale rights of his marketing course to other marketers who are simply photocopying seminar book pages, popping them in a 3 ring binder; making bad dupes of cassette tapes; placing national ads; selling it as a COURSE! The same “Copycat Marketing” formula!Whatsoever, Jeff Paul is widely respected for his direct marketing expertise. And he had great mentor like Dan Kennedy. Dan used to introduce Jeff as his favorite and most successful students in BIG Seminars!Jeff actually produced some NO BS great manuals, training videos, inspirations tapes etc. Some of Jeff’s books were actually pretty well written. Paul thinks that the internet is not a good place to market products because the average person o­nline is young and not financially qualified to buy much… but all that is constantly changing or changed now a days. Some marketers said Jeff Paul’s course is great and it really helped them. But the o­nly problem is that like many great systems, there are now far too many people doing what he teaches. So the system and techniques are saturated.Some of Great stuffs of Jeff’s and their relevant Ad headings!1> How to Make a Fortune with Joint Ventures: Value $397″How to Make Money Selling Products, Even If You Have No Products, No Customers…Or No Money!!”2> How to Make a Surgeon’s Income! Value: $297″At Last, The Totally Risk Free Way For Entrepreneurs Like You To Make Huge Sums of Money Without Ever Leaving Home!” “How to Make a Surgeon’s Income as A Home Based Business Consultant (After All It’s Not Brain Surgery)” Is The Easy Way To Enjoy The Totally Risk Free Satisfaction Of Making $500-$1,000 An Hour, $10,000-$20,000 A Month From The Comfort Of Your Own Home in Your Underwear!”3> Instant Profits Marketing: Value $497″101 Secrets to a Six Figure Income… How to Get More Customers, Clients or Patients in a Month than You Now Get All Year!” Instant Profits Marketing! How To Use Little – Known, Advertising And Selling Secrets Your Accountant, Advertising Agency Or Sales Manager, Can’t Tell You! “No More Cold Prospecting Wasted Advertising, Begging For Referrals, Waiting For The Phone To Ring, Or Frustration! End The Stress INSTANTLY!”4> Jeff Paul’s Boot Camp: Value $997″Hear My Students And Me Reveal Every Detail About Making Money Quick And Easy, Sitting At Home In Our Underwear In The Complete, Unedited Tapes Of The Jeff Paul 2 Day Bootcamp!” “Right From The Horses’ Mouths…How Both Myself And My MOST SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS Place Ads, Take Orders, Sit At Home And Make Thousands Of Dollars Each And Every Day In Our Underwear!”Jeff’s other Marketing Stuffs:
Video: “How to Make Money Quick and Easy at Your Kitchen Table in Your Underwear.”

Cassette Tape: “The Number o­ne black porn Secret Direct Marketing Formula of Kitchen Table Millionaires.”

Manual: Jealously Guarded Secrets, Formulas, Shortcuts, and Strategies for Instant Cash.

Manual: The TRUE Secrets of Making Money o­n-Line Revealed. Even If You Know Nothing About Computers.

Manual: Jeff Paul’s Confidential Guide to Products o­n-Demand.

Manual: Jeff Paul’s Confidential Directory of Hot Markets.

Manual: Jeff Paul’s The Beginner’s Instant Start Direct Marketing Toolkit.

Manual: Jeff Paul’s 537 Ready to Sell Reports That Turn Pennies into Hundred Dollar Bills!

Jeff Paul is actually a student of the famous Dan Kennedy. Obviously Jeff was a very talented student because Dan took him under his wing and turned him into an advertising giantNow what I believe is Jeff Paul’s Marketing System must be great. But the problem is that he told the whole world about it a long time ago. And now I heard he has several hundred students doing the exact same thing he does. And these students mobile porn are now teaching and selling his old material to others by writing the same basic type of course they bought from Jeff Paul. You can actually buy Jeff’s products in e-bay auctions at discounted rates. Will it work now? Don’t ask me!Like I said, Jeff and his course are great, but just outdated in my opinion. I searched for Jeff’s products reviews at Amazon. But Amazon’s database contains no information about Jeff’s stuffs. The fun part is Amazon has recommended me to buy Dan Kennedy’s stuffs!I recently heard that Mr. Fire Yanik Silver had an interview with Jeff Paul. I did not find more info o­n this interview.I think Jeff Paul would have been a success either way just because he has true talent and dedication to his work within himself. Like many other marketing teachers, Jeff Paul is obsessed with marketing.Anyway finally I wish all the best to Jeff Paul and his kitchen table, underwear marketing!Copyright 2004 Mufad Pac

Easy Steps To Start Your Online Business

Start with a planAnyone who has ever started and managed a successful business, internet or otherwise, knows that it requires research and planning. Your business should not be a get rich quick scheme that is thrown together haphazardly.Take time to explore what it is you want to accomplish. If you expect to be successful then plan your work and work your plan. Doing it any other way will lead to costly mistakes that could be fatal to your hopes of ever creating a solid online business.Determine your interestThe first step in building your online business is to find an area where you have a great interest or passion in. Here’s how you can accomplish this:1) Take time to brainstorm the best website concepts that will work for you. It is much easier to build a successful online business if you love what you are doing.2) If you can’t find your passion, create one. Find something that grabs your interest and plunge into it until it becomes your passion.3) If all else fails, go for the money. Research what is popular and sells. Find out what people want and sell it to them. You will greatly enhance your chances of success by doing so. There are a number of places where you can go to determine what sells. Just do some surfing. You will soon find something to catch your fancy.Determine your target audienceOnce you have determined your interest, determine your audience. Your audience will affect the design and content of your web site. Ask yourself these questions:1) Who is it that I expect to visit my website?2) How will they find my web site?3) What is their age, gender, education, computer experience, etc.?4) What does my audience want; e-books, article, e-zines etc.?5) What do I want them to do after they reach my site; request information, sign up for something or, order something?6) What inticements will convince them to stay and revisit my web site?Answering questions like these will be a critical step in the development of your online business. They will help you to focus on what important steps you must take to promote your business. In the end they will help you to increase your web site revenue, maximize your marketing spending, improve you web page customer conversions, increase your brand awaremess and reinforce your customer loyalty.ConclusionRemember that an cartoon porn effective online business starts with a clear set of objectives. Before launching an e-business be sure to explore and evaluate both your business and personal goals. It may take some time to thoroughly think through these business building concepts but once done, you will be able to use the information you have accrued, to build a comprehensive and thoughtful business plan that will help you reach your goal of making money online.

Three Action-Igniting Tips To Become a Predator Against Working for Your Offline Job

What I’m about to tell you may be a crucial difference inadding fun to your life, thanks to your home-based businessrather than being fascinated by the idea of unlimitedearning potential, rushing into this industry and gettingfrustrated when you don’t see instant results and eithergive up or jump from one program to another. When thissituation arises, people would rather struggle working foran insecure workforce market.Your situation may be that you have no prior businessexperience and facing many challenges that come along witha business and can be overwhelming. If you make thatdecision to remain working for an insecure workforce, yourfinances will remain the same. Therefore, it is veryimportant to have an idea of when you want to ditch youroffline job and an idea on how to go about it. Take yourtime and have patience because that is half the battle ofbeing successful.Below are three “action-igniting” tips to stand up to thechallenges that come with business success so you canbenefit in the end. Before I give out these tips, I want tolet you know that there is a better way and you have thatidea just by getting a dose of business experience.1. Be thankful for the home-based industry. Focus more onthe benefits this industry offers, rather than theelectronic frauds that have occurred, although everyoneshould be educated about them. It is amazing in ourchanging times to have an industry dedicated to individualsand their desire to take control of their finances andbecome their own manager. It is a blessing that theInternet is the main tool for making a lot of money and ifcombined with a fascinating business idea, then suddenlyyour future can be promising. If it weren’t for thehome-based business industry, then ordinary people wouldnot stand a chance at moving on from being a subordinatesupervisor. Being a subordinate to your supervisor meansworking for someone giving it all you got and have nothingto show for it! Just by being thankful for this industry,you will find your niche and maximize your imagination!2. Be relentless. Relentless means never give up on whatyou want to accomplish in life. Building your businessonline means work. When I say work, I know that there arethose individuals who have negative attitudes, get lazy,and let people talk them out of things that they reallydesire. If you are going to your lethargic ways and peoplerob you of your dream, discontinue reading this article! Iunderstand how you feel because everyday I spend timetalking and promoting my business online through trafficexchanges. I invest my money in products trying to increasemy sales and my girlfriend gets frustrated at me being onthe computer, waking up to it and going that extra mile bystaying up all night and my work hasn’t paid off fully. IfI give up on my business, then I will miss unlimitedearning potential due to listening to people that areskeptical. If something is important to you, then you willdo whatever it takes to get the desired outcome you want!3. Establish Contacts. Establishing contacts is one thingyou must do if you want to get your business on the radar!You can do that by joining online forums such as the NetMarketing Forum and Network Marketing Forums. Contacts arepeople you go to if you do not understand something andthey will help you! Many times, we business owners sufferwhen we think that we can handle every aspect of ourbusiness by ourselves. When you establish your contacts,make sure these people share their experience with you andthey are practicing what they are preaching! Experience isone of the best teachers and is more valuable than readingan electronic book on how to do something! Internet Expertslike Dan Moses of Pageswirl and Jon Olson of Hit ExchangeNews provide their subscribers with their home phonenumber. That is great because you can call them at home ifyou have a question. It is better to hear someone’s voicerather than communicating through an email.I hope you use these tips to maximize your businesssuccess. Can you afford to deprive yourself of money for ajob thoroughly done? Are you going to allow yourself tostruggle for the remainder of your life?