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Design Website For Pre-Selling

How do your feel when salespersons knock at your door at odd times trying to sell something you are not interested in? I feel pity for these people who have to toil from house to house facing rejection at most of the places. And yet they wear a forced smile as they start their rehearsed sales speech. When they come to me at most inconvenient time (for me) and insist on selling when I do not want to talk to them, I find it, if you will pardon me, irritating; although I do my best not to show it as I turn them away as politely as I can.Websites which have only sales pitch as their main content are very much like these salespersons who arrive when you are not looking for them. Visitors go web browsing primarily looking for specific information and not sales offer. When a visitor arrives at a website which offers information she finds useful and solutions to her problems, she is likely to visit again.A website should not be designed only for selling something, though that may be purpose for setting up the website in the first place. The website should provide information and commentaries which can pre-sell the product to the visitor. It should attract targeted visitors interested in the content. Pre-selling arouses interest in the product prompting the visitor to visit again. She will try to satisfy herself with information provided, testimonials, bio of the webmaster, links to related sites and other considerations before she will actually buy the product. In a way, pre-selling tries to guide her in this direction and makes it easier for her to make a decision.People are more inclined to buy what they “want” instead of what they “need”. Once they set their minds on buying something, they look for reasons (or call it excuses) why they should buy, only to satisfy themselves, though the decision for the purchase has already been taken. Pre-selling provides reasons which they find “compelling” enough to part with money.The website which has valuable content the visitor is looking for produces a pleasant experience for her. By pre-selling she is made to develop trust in the website and the webmaster and will look at the recommendations with an open mind. Once the visitor decides to buy, the website should ensue that she does not face any problems in making actual purchase. The links provided for the order page should work properly and the whole process should be kept simple. It will be very unfortunate if the prospective buyer calls off the purchase only because she finds that the ordering process does not work.How will your website appear to your visitor? That is an important question which should be asked often. Try to visualize yourself as a first-time visitor to your site. Then see you site as if you looking at it for the first time. How does it appear? Does your headline create a curiosity? Are you drawn towards the main content or other features of your site grab your attention? Is your main content “readable”, interesting and not a sermon? How far does it succeed in pre-selling?Ask your friends to see your website and give their opinion on these and other questions. Website building is a dynamic process and is never complete or perfect. But whatever changes are made, they should enhance its pre-selling ability. It is good idea to actually test the website after changes are made. Any change which tends to reduce the traffic needs to be modified. The changes should gradually refine the website to attract more visitors.Pre-selling should be seen as a service to satisfy the needs of the visitors who arrive at the website. It should be considered as the first step before actual sale. Pre-selling forms a bond, an understanding built on trust between the seller and the prospective buyer which eases the process of actual sale.

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – Identifying Scams That Look Like Legitimate Businesses

As I`ve mentioned in previous articles, there are a whole lot of various business opportunities for you, as a marketer, to get involved with. Before you do though, you need to be aware of the fact that there are also thousands of scams out there, posing as legitimate businesses. While a lot of these types of programs are totally on the up-and-up, some unscrupulous people will almost re-create the different types of program and scam you for all you`ve got.No matter which road you decide to take in your pursuit of becoming an online marketer, always do your due dilligence and check up on whatever program you are thinking of becoming part of.Here`s a list of some legitimate type programs that can actually be easily re-created by fraudsters:- Web Cramming -Promise: You get a free custom-designed website for a 30-day trial period, with no obligation to continue.Fact: Sometimes, people have been charged on their telephone bills or received a separate invoice, even if they never agreed to continue using the service after the trial period.Be Aware: Check your phone bills and challenge any charges you don’t recognize.- Internet Access Services -Promise: “You`ll get Free money, all you have to do is cash this check”Fact: You are at risk of being “trapped” into long-term contracts for Internet access or another web service. There`s usually huge penalty fees if you cancel, or terminate the service before the “agreed” period is up.Be Aware: If you receive a check, read both sides and look inside the envelope for any hidden conditions that you’re “agreeing” to if you cash the check. Also read your phone bill carefully for any unexpected or unauthorized charges that may be there.- Business Opportunities -Promise: “You can kiss your 9-5 job goodbye, be your own boss and rake in the cash.”Fact: There`s a lot of hype out there. Unfortunately, people believe all the wild promises about potential earnings, and end up investing big bucks into a program/opportunity that turns out to be a total flop.Be Aware: Always look for evidence to back up the earnings claims. Talk to others who`ve started businesses through the same company. Get all the promises, claims and conditions in writing.- Investments -Promise: Just make one investment in a day trading system or service and you’ll get huge returns.Fact: Any promised profits come with a risk. The bigger the profits, the bigger the risks.Be Aware: Talk to other people who invested through the program to find out what level of risk you’re assuming. Do a check on the promoter through state and federal securities and commodities regulators.- Internet Auctions -Promise: You can shop for a huge selection of products at great deals, from the comfort of your own home.Fact: A lot of people have received an item that is less valuable than promised, or at the very worst, nothing at all. Of course this is AFTER they`ve parted with their cash.Be Aware: When you`re bidding through an Internet auction, especially if it`s for a large quantity, or a valuable item, check out the seller first. Also, insist on paying with a credit card or using an escrow service. An “escrow service” will act as a “paid middle-man”. They will hold your cash until you get the merchandise, then they will pay the vendor, for a fee.As you can see, there are lots of ways to get scammed, so always make sure you ask a lot of questions, do background checks and scrutinize ALL contracts and papers before you sign anything at all.Remember, it may be easy just to sign up and wait for good things to happen, but it`s just as easy, if not easier, to lose your shirt.Anna-Marie Stewart

Understanding the Different Methods of Online Promotion

Did you realize there are only three types of online promotion?… This statement may seem odd and even untrue in your mind, but I am speaking in more general terms than you might be thinking.Let me explain.The three types of promotion are Junk, Active and Passive promotions.JUNK PROMOTIONS ARE MONEY PITSJunk promotions are those that seem to produce results, but by their very nature are really only illusionary promotions.For example, let me begin with FFA (Free For All) pages. You might find yourself subscribing to a submission program that tricks you into believing you are submitting your links to tens of thousands search engines.According to the Open Directory website, they have only approved 1705 search engines and directories for inclusion in their database (http://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Searching/).I like using the DMOZ directory as an example because submitted links are tested by human beings with integrity, for the honesty used in site description. Search Engine Watch and other search watchers tend to show fewer than these 1705 engines, primarily because a lot of the engines provide very little value.Yes, you can submit your URL to a FFA page, but FFA’s usually only permit 100 or 1000 links on their page at any one time. So, if ten thousand people are submitting a link to an FFA page on a daily basis, then the average life of your link is between seven minutes and 144 minutes. I suspect the actual number of submitters is much higher and the results are much worse. Given that few people surf FFA pages, the chances of your submission being of any real value is practically nill!Most of the people telling you that you can submit your site to tens of thousands of search engines are truly only submitting your site to FFA pages! Beware of the false promises.Another junk promotion method is Safe Lists. A safe list is a mailing group that is signed up to be received by people who want to submit their own ads. Now, most safe lists have thousands of subscribers who are able to submit their ads daily or weekly. The person signed up to receive the list will receive anywhere from twenty to 140+ messages a day from the list. These messages will be received by people only interested in promoting their own thing who do not have the right motivation to open, let alone read Your Advertising. As a result, thousands of messages go out daily or weekly that will never be seen by anyone but the sender of the ad. Where is the value in that? There is none.ACTIVE PROMOTIONSActive promotions are the type that require you to go out on a daily basis or a weekly basis and put out your advertisements. With active promotions, you will either place your advertising or you will not sell your products or services. Your choice is simple — work or starve.Examples of active promotions include Pay Per Click Search Engines (PPCSE’s), Direct Email, Ezine Advertising, Solo Ezine Ads, Newsletter Publishing, Ezine Ad Swaps, Classified Ads, Auctions, Site Sponsorship and Banner Ads.Some people are able to utilize these methods very productively, while others are destined to drop their money into the bottomless pit of failed Internet promotions.PASSIVE PROMOTIONSPassive promotions are those promotions that can continue to provide results for you long after you have invested the work to make them available to the Internet community.Examples of passive promotions include: Link Exchanges, Articles, Ebooks, Content Exchanges and Writing Testimonials for others.Let’s look at articles as a solid example of my point.You are reading an article that I have written to promote my own business. This article is timeless and therefore could have been written five years ago and still have been as valuable as it is today.Due to the fact that the article is timeless, it can and will be placed in newsletters/ezines and their accompanying online archives, on websites and in ebooks for many more years to come.As a result, this article will continue to serve me well beyond the time in which I wrote it and submitted it to publishers and webmasters for public consumption and publication.This is the best example I can give you of an excellent passive promotional method.AVOID THE MONEY PITSMany try and even fewer succeed to conquer the Internet and to produce their dreams of online wealth.My hope is that you will be one of the people who conquer the challenges before you and to make a nice living while working online. It will take drive, determination, study plus trial and error, but you can make it work for you.Please continue to educate yourself so that you can avoid the money pits – instead, strive to find the money barrels. It can be done. I am living proof.Copyright 2004 Stone Evans

So You Want To Start Your Own Home Based Business

So you want to start your own home base business. We have seen the countless ads, emails, websites, etc. on how to make big bucks right from your home.So how do you tell the legitimate home based businesses from the get rich quick schemes?Well hopefully this article will help you out a bit as I have been there done that with a home based businessYes I have tried a bunch of different home based businesses, only to be disappointed at the outcome, and of course being a little bit lighter in the wallet.The light bulb in my head finally went off after I heard a news report on my local news about Home based or work from home business offers. The report was if you have to pay a fee to join, it is most likely a scam!Well after I heard that, I said to myself “that makes sense! Why would you have to pay to go to work?” It is the same theory when you went and looked for work in the work place.If you went and applied at lets say Home Depot or Lowe’s they did not ask you for any money to apply! If they did you would turned around and left. I know I would have.Well the next day I started to search on the internet for “Free home based businesses” and I came up with some. I started researching the different ones, and finally choose the one for me!This business has no start up costs, no hidden fees, no inventory to carry, and you can opt out at anytime, all this with a “NO RISK” to you guarantee, and was backed by the Better Business Bureau!I went to the Better Business Bureau website, put the company name in and did a search to see if it had any bad reports, and it did not!Great, so then I did some background search on the company itself, it has been in business for 16 yrs, had a excellent track record, profits up, not a blemish one to be found.So what I am trying to say here is there are a few good home based business opportunities out there. You need to not jump on the first one to promise you the easy life.You need to realize that the “True” home based businesses out there you will need to put in some good hard work, and give it some time. Don’t expect your pot of gold overnight!Copyright 2004 Jim Noel

Work at Home

If you are tired of your present job, laid off, want to spend more time with family, cartoon porn and want to be your own boss, it is possible to work at home. Home jobs can include finance relates jobs such as bookkeeping, writing jobs such as copywriting, computer related jobs such as graphic artist, customer service related jobs such as sales, and professional related jobs such as architecture.In trying to decide what kind of home business to start, you should do research to see if the business can be successful. Look at competing businesses and see what they charge. Read books, and search on the Internet. Also if you live with people, make sure you have their support for your home business. Have a spouse help with the kids. Explain to the kids how they can help make the business a success. Make sure you have enough money saved before you start to work at home. If you were a regular contributor to the household income, have at least six months’ salary saved.A mission statement can help define the purpose of you work at home business. A mission statement consists of your goals for the business. Define your business and write where you hope to be in six months, a year, and so on.You can also write what income you hope to make. A mission statement can be changed as your business grows. Try to set a regular schedule for your business. You will feel more professional if you have certain times devoted to your work. Set aside a place to work. Try to make a home office and have the necessary office supplies. Don’t be shy about setting prices. You shouldn’t overcharge, but you shouldn’t under price your work either.When you work at home, it’s important to keep up with your bookkeeping. Send out invoices as soon as possible. Record your expenses such as phone and Internet bills. Network with other people in your field.Besides online communication, attend meetings, conferences, and trade shows. Choose a good business name, but don’t choose the same name as another business. Determine what business structure you want, sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.If you need financing, look at loans, lines of credit, and grants. See if you need insurance coverage for your business. Determine if you need to set up a business account at the bank in addition to your personal account. Figure out how much you need to spend on advertising with online and print ads, products( pens, paper, clocks, calendars) with your business name on them, sales kits, and other promotional ideas.The biggest part of starting your home business is to have persistence and patience. There will be failures and setbacks, but as long as you do the proper research and listen to your customers, you can have a profitable home business.

Guide To Taking Paid Surveys Online

I’m sure you have seen the advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and all over the internet that claim you can make THOUSANDS a monthtaking surveys on the internet. Companies claim that by paying up to $40.00 to join their club you will make thousands a month.This is simply untrue. After paying to join these clubs you will get a list of hundreds of sites that claim to offer “paid surveys”. You willthen have to join each company one by one. Companies like these are just taking advantage of the fact that the average person doesn’t knowthey can find the same information for free that they are charging$40.00 for.I have found several companies that will pay you to take surveys,test products, and participate in online focus groups. They are all absolutely free to join. And it is the exact same information you wouldget if you paid one of these “survey clubs”.The truth is,You probably will not make $2,000 a month from taking online surveys. But if you follow these few simple steps you can make some extra money.Before I go into how to get started, let me tell you a little about how this works and why companies pay you to do this……Big companies pay billions of dollars a year to promote and advertisetheir products. They pay market research companies to conduct studiesand find out how the public reacts and relates to their products. Thesemarket research companies conduct studies of each product and give reportsto the companies that hired them. The big companies want to know what the public is thinking. So the market research companies give everyday peoplefrom all walks of life the opportunity to join their panels and voice ouropinions. In return they give a small payout for your time, usually $5 – $20.Market research studies are conducted in several ways. Online surveys,product testing, telephone conferences, and mystery shopping are someof the more popular methods. And anybody can participate in these studies.When you first sign up with one of these companies you will be asked tofill out a profile. This profile will ask you questions about your age,income, ethnicity, marital status, education, employment status, children,and may ask about things like your health, what type of car you drive, if you own your home and other questions like that. This is so that when a company asks them to do a study of a certain group of people they have a list of qualified participants. An example of this would be:A dog food maker wants to know how women between 18 and 24 that own a dogfeel about their product. If your profile matched that they would send you aninvitation to participate in that survey, or test that product. There would be no point in sending that to people who don’t own dogs.O.k. Now that I have told you why these studies are done, I will now tellyou how to get started and how to avoid scams.The first step to getting started is obviously finding companies to join.This can be hard. There are millions of companies that pose as paid surveycompanies so they can get your information and sell it to advertisers. Youwill then start receiving lots of offers to buy the types of products yousaid you were interested in when you took your profile survey.A good place to start is wahmservice.comWahmservice lists several paid survey companies and is totally free.They also have a forum where you can find other people and information onall types of work at home topics. And a blog where they rate every “paid survey” company and expose the fakes. Whenever you are considering joining a “paid survey” company you should always check wahmservice to seewhat they have to say about it first.Now that you have found a legitimate source. It’s time to GET PAID.The second thing you need to do is sign up for a few companies. Some companies may send you 4 or 5 paid surveys a week. And some may send you 1 paid survey a month, or none at all. It all depends on who and whatthey are looking for at the time. The best thing to do is sign up for as many ofthese companies as you can. I would recommend starting with10 or so. That way you will probably get paid surveys daily.There are about 500 companies you can join. Here are a few links tosome of the best. These are major companies. You will find the a lotof other market research companies will use these companies for theirstudies because of their large number of panelists. Therefore thesecompanies send more surveys than a lot of others.NFO My SurveyGoZing SurveysECN ResearchGlobal Test MarketE-PollNPD Online ResearchIpsos I-sayAmerican Consumer OpinionGreenfield OnlineSurvey SavvySurvey SpotTest SpinHarris PollPinecone ResearchNet RatingsHomescan Consumer PanelCunningham Research/DatatelligencePoll CastYou should sign up with all of those. It may take an hour or so.But it’s well worth it. Then once you get used to it you can goback to wahmservice forums and find other companies to join.The ultimate goal would be to be registered with a hundred or morecompanies. That almost guarantees you will receive several surveys a day. And will have the chance to earn lots of extra money.After being with some of these companies for awhile you may receiveinvitations to participate in focus groups. Sometimes these will be atan office in your area or they may be an online chat or conference call.You can be paid up to $250 for your participation in a focus group. Butthese are not everyday. Maybe once a month.

Home Biz Pop Quiz

Are you serious about starting or managing your own home based business?Consider this: most successful business owners exhibit very similar traits which helped pave the way to their success.Think of any successful business leader you admire. What characteristics do they exhibit?Are they ruthless, focused, self assured, dynamic, real go getters, highly motivated, intelligent, very organized, have a unique vision, very detailed oriented, very aggressive, people oriented, loners, self-starters, good business sense, well educated, hard workers.Are any of these character traits part of your personality!Take this quiz now to see how you measure up!Answer True or False to the following questions.1. I’ve personal experience in the business I wish to start.2. I am very organized.3. I always sweat the details.4. I know how to price my product to sell plus make a profit.5. I am highly motivated to be successful.6. I enjoy this type of work. I’d even do it for free.7. My family supports my business idea.8. I have enough money saved to see me through the first few years.9. Every home based biz venture needs a business plan.10. I am willing to work alone for long periods.11. I’m in good enough health to endure long hours.12. I’ve researched my targeted market.13. People consider me a ball of energy!14. I enjoy planning and then carrying out the plan.15. I have a mentor or a friend who I query for advice.16. I’ve discovered a niche inside this business market.17. I accept working long hours with little or no compensation.18. I have enough space in my home to operate a business.19. I know zoning and licensing laws in my community and how they might affect my business.20. I am aware of business legal structures. (sole proprietorship, corporations, etc.,).21. I know how to maintain business records.22. I know what insurance coverage, if any, my business must maintain.23. I am aware of what equipment/supplies I will need and the cost.24. I have a pay schedule set to compensate myself for all my work.25. Being in control and responsible for my own business sounds great to me.Well…no big surprise here! All the answers to the questions were True! If you answered True to most of the questions then you have a reasonably good chance to be a success considering all other factors, such as time, money, motivation, effort. If you answered “False” to any of the questions, this is a warning sign that this area needs to be studied closely to see what means needs to be implemented to strengthen this vital area. This could be easily accomplished through self study, extensive reading, research online, workshops, returning to school, getting good business advice from a professional in the field.(C)2004 BB Lee

10 Lessons for Every “Shoestring” Entrepreneur

Starting a business requires adequate capital. However, many entrepreneurs are finding that capital alone is not a mobile porn guarantee for success. Some businesses start out with millions in the coffers, yet end up in the dumps. While a few businesses with shoestring budgets eventually grow to become extraordinary successes.How can this be? Success in entrepreneurship is not necessarily a contest of having the fattest wallets. Rather, it is an exercise of smart financial management, careful strategic planning, and yes, lots of luck. Successful entrepreneurs know how to stretch and maximize every single dollar.Here are ten ways entrepreneurs on a tight budget can still come out a winner:1. Set realistic goals. The first step every start-up entrepreneur must do is to determine the right scope and size of your business. Many entrepreneurs simply jump into the idea of starting a business, without understanding what the business really entails – financial requirements, management know-how, and technological skills, human resource requirements. They eventually fall short of what they can really do. Review the business you have in mind and determine if it is within a range that’s both attainable and desirable.2. Plan your costs properly. A lot of entrepreneurs start a business without the faintest idea of what the costs will be. They either overestimate the cost, or worse, underestimate the financial requirements needed to properly capitalize the business. This is particularly evident in the preparation of financial projections in the business plan. Some entrepreneurs prepare financial projections with numbers that don’t square with other sections of the business plan (e.g. marketing section calls for local television advertising yet budget is only $200). Some do not even include a list of assumptions to explain their numbers. From out of the blue, they feel that their business can grow from 20% in the first year to 40% in the second year, without explaining how the increased growth can be achieved.3. Smart financing for your business. Financing a small business is not a lock-stock-and-barrel proposition. For many entrepreneurs, there is no single source to finance their entire operation. The money provided by one source (e.g. your mom) may be enough to buy your raw materials, but you still need money for your working capital. Entrepreneurs need to look at financing as the sum of the parts of their business: what you finance are the individual assets needed for your business. Your question should always be: “What’s the best way to finance this asset using the least upfront dollars?” The ideal financing source is one that provides the longest payback period, carry the lowest interest rates, require little or no collateral and demand no personal liability. Alas, that may be fairy tale. The next best thing is to choose what makes the best sense for you and your business, given your priorities4. Put your money where it will bear fruit. Shoestring entrepreneurs have one common characteristic: they lack money and often struggle to raise capital for their businesses. Capital of a start-up venture goes to either of these investments: “fixed assets” (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), or “working assets” (inventory and working capital). Despite the lack of capital, many small business owners put most of their money to buying fancy equipment and chic office space – costs that a struggling start-up can do without. This is a common error in business decision-making. Successful business owners put as much money as possible into the working assets – which bears cash and sales – and as little as possible into fixed assets.5. Is it the right time? Timing can be a key to the success of a start-up. There’s a right time and a wrong time to open a business, especially if your business is cyclical in nature or in a seasonal location. The opening of a retail slot in your favorite mall, or your own convenience should not be your reasons for starting a business. Rather, you should plan through the months when the crest for the demand of your product cyclically ends.6. Control the cash. Cash flow is said to be the lifeblood of a small business. And rightly so. Your business will survive only as long as it has the cash to pay for your financial obligations. With limited capital, cash flow controls every decision in shoestring enterprise, and it can be the only way to navigate during your start-up phase. One key rule for entrepreneurs: only when you have adequate cash can you even begin to think of profits. Many businesses fail not because they are undercapitalized, but because they fail to properly plan the undercapitalized operation.7. Push the sales. Building sales depend on several factors – nature of the business, location, level or competition, and intensity of marketing and promotion. The goal of every shoestring entrepreneur must be to build up sales immediately. If you have a bank loan or financed your business through credit card, for example, your creditors will not allow you to delay your payments just because you are still in the process of building up your sales. They want your payment – now! You therefore need to push the marketing of your business, maybe issue a flyer this week, run a one-paragraph ad in the local newspaper the next, send out news briefs and article contributions. The key rule is to dedicate at least two hours of your day to marketing your business. Know the steps you’ll take before you open and after you open to maximize sales and help the business to fast sales increases.8. Balance your sales and profit objectives. Sales and profit do not always go together. Some entrepreneurs are willing to cut down their profits in their effort to drive sales up. Oftentimes volume alone will not be able to compensate for the loss in profits. Try to maintain gross profits at least equal to the industry averages. Strive to give the business the best balance between a solid policy of capturing sales without sacrificing needed profit margins.9. Be ‘lean and mean’. A struggling start-up does not need dead weights. Keep your fixed costs down, and spend only on items that can sufficiently contribute to improving the bottom line. If you can still adequately operate from your home office, there is little need in leasing an office space in the downtown area. Avoid hiring a permanent employee if you can still make do with temporary and seasonal staffs Every dollar in expense should be directly tied to income: spend a nickel only when you are sure you can get a dime in return.10. Master the financial tools. As a business owner, you are responsible for the life and growth of your business. This entails knowing, not only the marketing or production aspects of your business, but the financial tools you need to manage your business effectively. Understanding the finances of your business will give you control over its direction. Unpalatable it may be to some entrepreneurs, knowing the money part of your business will tell you where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how fast you’re getting there. Sure, you can hire bookkeepers and accountants. But you yourself need to understand your cash flow, income, profit and loss statements, and break-even point.

Listen To Your Customers!

What exactly is it that your customers want or need? Is your website catering to their every whim, and if not, how do you gauge both satisfaction and loyalty?Obviously, looking at your profit and loss statement every month should give you a clarion call on what has to be adjusted in order to increase profitability.But, its far simpler to check your customer’s pulse by devising a quick, straight milf porn forward survey that includes a scale, say, from satisfied to disenchanted.And, the simpler the survey, the higher the response rate. If your customers get an email with a single question, even a majority of unhappy campers will take a moment to set you straight. The higher the response rate, the more relevant the data you collect.You gain a greater understanding of your customers and potential customers interests and can use the feedback to tailor your services to meet their needs. You will further uncover new or underserved niches and be able to tap into these new profit channels, and all at no cost. After all, how much does writing an email cost?Before starting the survey process, however, you must know your objective(s). Do you want to know what customers think of your opportunity? What they like or dislike about your website? Why they don’t or won’t buy? All of the above?Once the goal or goals are crystal clear, it will be just as obvious who your survey will target. Then, keep the survey short and to the point; make the question(s) easy to read and use simple language.Always remember that the fewer questions you ask, the more responses you will receive, and more responses equal more accurate data collected.Besides email, you could run the survey on your site where you can include color and graphics to draw out the need for responses. Drawbacks, however, are the cost of appropriate software to facilitate this endeavor, unless you possess above norm programming skills, and also the fact it is extremely time consuming.As an enticement to participate, offer customers an incentive such as a free ebook or course, and be sure to end the survey with a cordial thank you that lets them know you have their answers and to expect their free gift soon.