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5 Tips For Running A Successful Online Business

There are a couple of key things to look at when starting an online business. I’m not here to give you “hidden secrets,” just a few fundamental tips to get you started. Basically there are five major factors to look at provided you have the products and/or resources.1. Enjoy what you are doing! It will make all the difference in the world if you actually enjoy what you are offering your customers. A large number of online businesses are started purely for profit and nothing else. This is usually shown in their business practice. The quality of your work will be much greater provided you enjoy the subject. Online or on a street, your business should be run with an underlying interest in the product or service.2. Site design is the first thing a prospective customer sees!! I have seen some horrible designs. If you think putting some text up, a couple links and a logo on a page is enough, you will likely fail before you even realize. You will also notice a lot of companies have a generic template that can be found online at templetemonster or any other template site. Avoid these. It is very hard to develop a company image when you look like 134,000 other companies. I suggest you put a bit of effort and creativity into a well designed “professional” looking home page for your company. The bottom line is a new customer will not even consider buying anything from you, if they feel you are an armature no matter how great your services are or how cheap your products might be.3. Develop your website as a total package to your customers. Don’t just present your products and leave it at that. Offer tutorials, articles, support forums etc. These additional services not only provide additional content for you customers, but if developed correctly, will bring additional traffic to your site which will potentially lead to more sales.4. Find your niche. Take the hosting business for example. The hosting business as a whole is a huge industry which is very competitive. Your best chance at success is to simply find a market and develop your business to cater to that specific niche. An excellent example of this is http://elite-hosts.org/ who offer hosting and development to those who operate online forums. It’s easier to be a big fish in a little pond than to risk having your message drowned out by too much competition.5. You MUST understand how search engines work. Over 90% of your business will likely come directly from search engine results. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to optimize your site for search engines. You could have the greatest deals in the entire world, but if no one knows about them then your efforts are wasted. Do a search on Google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will find tons of great information on how to create a website that is both user friendly and search engine friendly. There are also countless numbers of companies and freelancers out there who offer SEO services. Just be cautious of their offers and do your research first. Remember, NO ONE can guarantee top placement in major search engines, no matter what they say.Maybe in the early 90’s the idea of “if you build it they will come” might have been true. But in the year 2005 the internet is a far more competitive and complex place To be successful today, you have to develop a business plan which works from all angels. If you can develop an online business that you enjoy operating, which has a professional design, some extra content, search engine friendly and which targets a specific niche, you will have a far greater chance at success. Of course there are many other factors to consider as well, but if you can master these five fundamentals, everything else should fall into place.

Absolute Beginners Part 2

How to get off to a good start with your home based business.If you missed part one of this article, you will find it in my Home Business Workshop at http://www.huntingvenus.com/echbart1.htmOnce you have made the decision to work from home, you should spend some time in planning and preparation. Having decided that an internet home business is the right thing for you to take up, the decision needs to be made as to what type of home business would interest you and what type of business would be practical for you in your particular circumstances. I chose a Plug-in Profit SiteÔ (if you are not familiar with these, you can see all the details at my website) because it was ideal for someone like me who had no previous internet experience or technical knowledge, but also offered a great deal of flexibility.Making a few basic preparations at the start will give you a firm foundation on which to build your home based business.I assume that anybody who is seriously considering a career working on the internet will already have in place a firewall and good anti-virus software such as Panda, but I would suggest adding anti spyware and anti adware protection such as Spyware Blaster and No Adware plus Spybot Search and Destroy. These can be downloaded free. You are asked to make a donation to the site but it is not compulsory; you can go back later and donate if you are happy with the software. There is plenty of free software of this sort so, if you do not already know what you want, you can find plenty with a Google search.Next download Roboform. Whatever business you work at, you will be bound to have to fill in various forms online. Once you have typed your name, address, email, birth date etc into Roboform it will complete application forms with one mouse click. You can set up more than one identity within Roboform so, for instance, you can have one identity which uses your main email address and a separate one for advertising with a secondary email address. Roboform will also store all your log in IDs and passwords for every login page you use. It really is a brilliant device and can be downloaded absolutely free.Now that you have Roboform’s help it is time to get a new email account which should be kept entirely separate from your personal email account. You might need more than one additional email address depending upon what sort of business you are in. My first website was a Plug-in Profit Site (if you don’t know what that is you can see the details here: http://www.huntingvenus.com/pips.html) and one of the things I did when I started that, was to subscribe to several ezines. If you are going to join lots of mailing groups or subscribe to ezines, you will receive a great deal of email just from these sources; each one will send you at least one confirmatory email when you first sign up and these should be kept for reference. You can get free email accounts from Yahoo, Excite and numerous other places. AOL is to be avoided because of the way its email filters work (you might find that important mail is filtered out without you getting the chance to accept it).Next, sign up for free accounts with Pay Pal, Storm Pay and Int Gold as most online companies will pay you (or require you to pay them) through one of these. It is worth getting accounts with all of them before you start signing up for programmes: it is very annoying to be halfway through signing up and finding that payments will only be made through an account you do not have. If you are undertaking several ventures, you might want more than one account with each of the companies. The reasons for this are to keep the money separate and also that some companies want you to sign up under the same email address as your Pay Pal account (not many but it happens). You are permitted numerous free accounts but I would suggest one account should be opened with each company to start with unless you know you will definitely need another account. It is important to strike a balance between keeping things separate and having so many different accounts, you end up confused. These things are supposed to help you, not become a task in themselves.All this will not have taken you long to do and you now have the basis of an organised system to which you can add things as you go along.

Keeping Up With…

…the Jones’s? The Smiths? The latest internet “sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, knock-down last, best opportunity?”Makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn’t it?I’m here to tell you…don’t get caught in that trap.I have yet to learn about anyone who has made any significant long-term income from any of these programs. Perhaps there have been a few along the way, but to be successful on the internet requires more, much more than simply joining every new highly-touted program that comes along.It’s sad, but the reality is that there are a large number of people who are burned by the hype and get scared away, believing that it is truly impossible to succeed online.Nothing could be further from the truth.Many people just give up and fail to pursue their dreams, but others simply stand up, brush themselves off, and proceed to do what needs to be done in order to be successful.Look around – there are many examples of ordinary people doing an extraordinary business online. Some of them have advanced cartoon porn degrees; others no more than a high-school education.It is said that the internet is the great equalizer, and I know that it is true – at least when it comes to running a profitable online business. I’m a perfect example; who would dream that a technophobic middle-aged female could even compete? Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.It doesn’t take a brilliant mind or a truckload of cash. What it does require, however, is a willingness to educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t – and there’s a whole lot of both.There is no one correct way to succeed online, but many. Many of the so-called “gurus” tell you that there’s only one way – THEIR way – but don’t buy into it.We are not all alike – so why should our businesses be?Choosing a business only because you think it can make you lots of money is a recipe for disaster. Find your passion, and build your business around it. You must do this in order to maintain the enthusiasm needed to guide you over the rough patches.It is then that others will be racing to keep up with you!

Dig Up A New Career

There seems to be no end to the demand for information on the interent. It’s bought, sold, bartered, and begged for.This demand has opened up a huge market for “Internet Researchers”. Many dot-com companies rely on the ability to provide timely, relevant information but they don’t have the time or the resources with which to get it.Some researchers specialize in a particular market such as Geneaology. People are very interested in their family history and tracing the family tree. Other researchers offer their services to clients seeking any type of information.This business is certainly not for everyone. An Internet Researcher must be detail-oriented, tenacious and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of what it takes to become an Internet Researcher:Start-up Cost: $4,000-$12,000Potential Earnings: $18,000-$75,000Typical Fees: $45-$75 per hourAdvertising: Networking, contacts in fields where you haveexperience, seminars, newsletters, advertising in tradejournals, bulletin boardsQualifications: Familiarity with the requirements of thedatabases in your specialized field, ability to scaninformation rapidly and pick out what is relevantEquipment Needed: Computer, modem, fax, printer, on-lineaccounts, office furniture, business card, letterhead,envelopesPotential Home Business: YesStaff Required: NoHandicapped opportunity: YesHidden Costs: On-line time, marketing required to sellsuch a new serviceLowdown: Companies require many kinds of information,but they often do not have the time or skills necessaryto find it. Not everyone has the patience and creativityto be an effective, efficient researcher. The informationexplosion means that a wealth of data is available, butsorting out what is useful to a particular project can bechallenging. Increasingly this work is done throughcomputerized databases rather than in the library.Successful on-line research often requires that milf porn youspecialize in one type of information so that you candraw on your familiarity with Internet locations toproduce the information your clients need quickly.Start-up: A computer and high-speed modem will be yourbasic tools in this business. On-line database access andaccounts can be expensive, but this cost is spread outover time. Expect to spend at least $2,000 to start;expect to bill at $45 per hour until you develop a strongreputation.Bottomline: The task of finding specific data for aclient can have the same appeal as solving a puzzle ortracking down the answer to a mystery. Creative thinkingis often required to discover new approaches to a searchor hidden sources of information. You can use yourintellectual curiosity and your desire to leave no stoneunturned to develop a successful on-line researchbusiness. You will be gaining satisfaction by providinginformation essential to the growth and development ofyour client businesses. Costs can be difficult to manage, however, because it is hard to predict how long a searchwill take. And you may not always be able to find thatlast piece of data. You will have to keep learning how touse new databases, and you will have to keep educatingpotential clients about what your service is and be ableto justify what might turn out to be an expensiveadditional cost to their bill.

Why Moms Should Start a Home Based Business Today

Most Moms think about starting a home based business at one time or another.Maybe the youngest has started school, and Mom suddenly has a lot of free time. Or perhaps Mom was successful in her career before having her first child, and wished to put her skills to good use in a home based business. Another reason may be that a couple is accustomed to the lifestyle they can afford with two incomes, and when Mom suddenly decides to quit her job to stay home and raise the children, the loss of income is uncomfortable…or even intolerable if the income is sorely needed to pay bills.My purpose in writing this article is to give you some compelling reasons why you SHOULD start a home based business, and do so TODAY.1) Having a Home Based Business provides you with a safety net if your husband loses his job.We don’t live in the days of our Grandparents, where the advice was: Get a good education, get a good job, work hard for 40 years and let the company take care of you. Retirement is almost a joke. There is no such thing as job security anymore. Layoffs and downsizing are commonplace today. Social Security and Medicaid may not even be around when some of us reach retirement age.For many families, the loss of the primary earner’s income is devastating. Most families simply do not have the 6-12 months of living expenses set aside in savings that financial advisors recommend. Oftentimes it takes a person weeks or even months to find employment that matches the salary they are used to. Unemployment benefit checks are not enough to cover even the bare necessities of life.Having a Home Based Business provides the family with a second income. During the period of unemployment, Mom can step up her efforts to build her business and make more money. Dad might be in a position to help out more, giving her the ability to do this with more focus. Who knows… Dad might even decide to join Mom in her “little business”…especially when she starts earning more than he does. Stranger things have happened!2) Having a Home Based Business provides extra income to help the family meet certain goals.For instance… getting out of debt. An extra few hundred dollars a month added to the credit card debt load could make a huge difference in how quickly the debts get paid off.After this is accomplished, the money that was going to credit cards could be applied towards private education for children, savings for college, that special vacation the family has always wanted to take, a newer model car, renovations on the house so siblings can have more space (or Mom her own office!).Another awesome goal is that of paying off the mortage early. By making an additional mortage payment periodically most couples can shave YEARS off of the life of their mortage. Few people own their homes outright, but what a freeing feeling that would be!3) Having a Home Based Business models entrepreneurship to childrenIn today’s world, it’s more important than ever for our kids to learn how to “mind their own business”. Children who grow up watching Mom work her business learn how to manage time wisely, they learn how to take responsibility for themselves financially (instead of relying on an employer), and they may learn practical skills especially if Mom lets them help out or even pays them to help. Current tax laws even allow young children to be paid (and this is a tax deductible expense) for their services…check with your accountant.Young girls will also learn that it IS possible to have the best of both worlds…a woman can stay home to raise her children and still earn income.4) Having a Home Based Business improves relationshipsMost women I have spoken with about the subject agree that it isn’t good for their self esteem to have to ask their husbands for money. What’s bad for a woman’s self esteem is bad for the marriage! Women feel better about themselves when they are at least somewhat independent financially. They also have something besides “what little Johnny did today” to talk about at the dinner table. It keeps the relationship fresh and lively when a couple can discuss their challenges and triumphs in their business and work lives. Anytime you see someone do something they’re good at, it causes you to see them in a new light and have newfound appreciation for them. This is always a good thing in marriage!Work from home Moms also tend to stay more connected with their peers, via networking with other business moms, prospecting for new customers and business partners, and the like. There is a tendency for new Moms to stay in the nest a little too much at first, and this can lead to depression. A business Mom, on the other hand, is almost forced to talk to people! She has a reason to get up, get dressed in something other than sweats, and go out and meet people. Little Johnny doesn’t care if you put on shoes and makeup, but doing so does wonders for your energy and mood.5) Having a Home Based Business gives a Mom “something else”While most women adore being Mothers and wouldn’t trade their husbands in anytime soon either, we all want “something more”. Something for ourselves, something to call our own, that isn’t a title or duty like Wife, Mother…something that isn’t undone 5 minutes after we do it. Something we can put our name on and be proud of.Mothering is the most honorable profession in the world, but it isn’t always recognized as such…and it’s nice to be recognized once in a while.My Mother once told me that the main reason she always had such success in Direct Sales was because she loved the recognition…and the women on her team would often work like madwomen to get some little trinket. Sometimes it wasn’t the cash…it was the pat on the back, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from meeting a goal.That “something else” also makes the transition to empty-nest hood easier. So many women fall into deep depression when their youngest child leaves home. If more Moms had a Home Based Business, instead of having their self worth completely tied to Motherhood, maybe this wouldn’t happen so much.There are more reasons to start a Home Based Business, (such as the tax advantages) but I hope I’ve given you some food for thought.I wish you the best in your journey towards the ideal Home Business for you.