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Working At Home in Your PJs

Talk about dreaming and working at home in your PJs…Sandy and I were working the midnight shift, and we weretrying hard to stay awake. That night was really difficult forsome reason. Then someone came along and asked wherewas Mary in room 301. Well that woke us both up. Franticallywe go searching in every room and all the stairways. Boy was that enough to wake up everyone. Well, guess where wefound her, feet dangling out of the laundry hamper..with herhead on the clothes and sound asleep.We both laughed. But the reality was, when I was workingin the everyday world, I spent a lot of time thinking thatthere must be a better way then help someone else makemoney and use my valuable time. After forty yearsof being a nurse and helping people, I decided that I could help people by working in my home. I remember when theInternet first came about and how fascinated I was with the concept of being able to reach the whole world with just theclick of the mouse.Do you remember when you could go somewhere and not hear anyone talking about emails and websites? It seems such a shorttime ago, but for myself, it became my way to work in my PJs. How about you? Is that what your are wanting to do?If your work is changing and you are feeling like you want towork at home in your PJs, it is likely that you are trying to figure out how to make that transition.If you’re not yet sure that it’s time to make your move, consider these questions:1. Are you finding it difficult to go to work everyday, drive the traffic rush, feeling like you are losing time with your children, or simply just missing out on your own time and freedom?2. Does your work atmosphere enhance or detract from yourlifestyle that you wish?3. Do you have a plan that will allow you to say goodbye to your JOB? Or are you stuck without a way out in the nextfew years?If the writing is on the wall that it is time for you to consider a move and decide what you want to do, consider these options before your start trying to figure out what you want.Try writing out the reasons as to why you want to work athome. The reasons as to why people start their own businessesvary and it has to be what it important to you and not to anyoneelse. Here are four very important questions that you will wantto answer before you would want to start any planning.1. Why do I want to start my own home-based business?2. What are my goals this year, next year, 5 years from now?3. What commitment am I willing to make for my home-based business to succeed?4. Have I considered how my family feels about my desire to start my own business?These seem like very simple questions but they are very key to you understanding the whys that you would want to considermoving to your home business.If you would ask me the question, “Are you glad that you arework in your home?” I would answer.. “Absolutely”.So, go to the questions that I gave you and spend some serioustime with yourself and answer them honestly. It will give you a very good sense of direction as to moving forward in yourown business or staying in your JOB. We call that JOB (Just Over Broke).

Working at Home and Making It Work

Working at home can seem like the ideal situation – no commuting hassles, more time to spend with the family, the freedom to set your own work hours. In reality, though, combining your home and office environments presents many special challenges. If you want to make working at home work for you, you need to understand those challenges and meet them head on.Choose the right business. Not every business can be run successfully from home. Consider the appropriateness of your business as a homebased business. A business that involves large machinery, lots of inventory, frequent truck deliveries and pickups, or lots of foot traffic from customers or associates is not a good candidate.Be professional. Contrary to the popular stereotype of homebased entrepreneurs being able to “work in their pajamas”, you must be businesslike and project a professional image if you want to be seen as running a legitimate business. Keep regular office hours, get business stationery printed up, have a business phone and voice mail or message system, and keep your office neat, organized, and attractive.Optimize your work space. Don’t make do with a makeshift work space. Locate your office in an area of your home that can be dedicated to business activities and affords you some privacy. Choose a space as far as possible from street noise and other distractions. Invest in functional furniture and the right equipment and set up your home office in a way that lets you be comfortable, productive, and organized.Minimize distractions and interruptions. Staying focused is hard enough without the additional distraction of friends calling, neighbors dropping by, and children clamoring for attention. Screen your phone calls and filter your emails. Let your friends and relatives know what your work hours are and explain that during those hours you’ll be at home working.Plan your work and work your plan. Use a “to do list” every day with the tasks you need to accomplish in order of decreasing priority. At the end of the day check your progress, and put any unfinished tasks at the beginning of the next day’s list.Set goals and evaluate your progress. Setting goals and tracking your progress toward them will give direction to your efforts and keep you moving forward. Set both long-term and short-term goals that are realistic given your resources and that produce measurable results, then reward yourself every time you reach one of your goals.Separate your home and work lives. Keep your work life separate from your home life as much as possible, both physically and emotionally. Keep your work space off limits to household members and ask them to respect your work hours by not interrupting you unless absolutely necessary. If you have kids who aren’t old enough to amuse themselves while you work, hire a sitter to keep them occupied while you concentrate on work.Keep your balance. Don’t let work dominate every aspect of your life. Commit to a “quitting time” and stick to it unless a real emergency arises. Take a break and devote some time to your hobbies, getting together with friends, a change of scenery, getting some exercise, or just doing nothing. You’ll come back to your work refreshed and stave off burnout.Get some help. Don’t feel you have to do everything yourself. As your business grows, use some of the profits to hire help. Outsource, streamline, or automate where you can and hire an assistant (or a “virtual assistant”) to help you if the work load has become more than you can reasonably manage.

Don’t Become A Slave To Your Home Business

Although the expressed reasons for wanting to work from home are many and varied, most home based business owners cite the ability to set their own hours as a major factor in their decision to work at home. However, many people that have work at home businesses often fall into a trap that flies directly in the face of their stated desire for time flexibility.The strong growth in home based business activity continues and,according to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, fifty-two percent of ALL small businesses are home-based.Some home based business owners have been known to become “workaholics” because their office is so accessible. Don’t become a slave to your business…get out of your home office regularly to renew and revitalize yourself.Close the door to your office or otherwise remove yourself from your designated “work area” and go into your “home” area to live your personal life. If your business involves the use of the telephone and you find it difficult to ignore a ringing phone in the office, simply turn the ringer off and turn the volume on the answering machine way down. If your business isinternet based, just turn off your computer (or at least get awayfrom the monitor and keyboard).As a work at home business entrepreneur, you certainly aren’t required to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just because your business is located in your home. After all, your office or workspace is just an area in your home…its not your home itself!Working and living under the same roof has a host of advantages,but it can present some challenges (in addition to the workaholic syndrome mentioned, above) and stress factors.Here are four ways to create a less stressful home business environment:
Remember why you wanted to become involved with a home-based
business (i.e. more time for family, work schedule flexibility, etc.)

Have discussions with your family members and get their input
about the working arrangements and the amount of time they want
with you.

Use good time management techniques. Keep a list of tasks cartoon porn by
order of importance. There are many low cost and effective mobile porn “day
planners” or “organizers” readily available today.

ALWAYS take a little time to “smell the roses”.
While not experiencing the negatives common to a corporate office working environment, the home-based business owner may occasionally experience stresses and frustrations that are unique to working at home.Networking with other home-based and small business owners provides an opportunity to connect with others who may be experiencing the same stresses/frustrations that you are. Sharing stressful and/or frustrating issues with someone else in the same situation can relieve your stress and may bring you good advice from a different point of view.As a final note, remember to observe Home-Based Business Week each year (it is always the week of October that includes the second Tuesday).—————————————————————-This article is freely available for reprint provided that the resource box at the end of the article is left intact and the article is published complete and unaltered. If you are using this article on a website or e-book, please make sure that the link in the resource box is live or clickable.—————————————————————-

Financial Success secret

Financial Success-The Secrets Of Financial SuccessAfter speaking with a gentleman this morning, hearing his excuses or so called reasons for his lack of financial success, I realized that the majority of our population is broke only because they lack the one key ingredient or secret. Financial success is as easy as one-two-three. Let me explain.Many people believe that with a little more education, a little more experience, or even a little more hard work and dedication; they will break the barrier and soar into financial success, whatever that means for them. Could either of these be secret for reaching financial success? Analyze the following experience and decide for yourself.This summer, Jet Blue, a growing airline, was looking to increase its call centers, and overall ticket sales. So, first things first, finding new operations managers. A group of interns, with college diplomas in hand, quickly answered the call. Eager to receive a college grad’s salary and begin their new career path, they overlooked the fact that the young man training them for the position was also enrolled at the nearby university. Having only completed 5 semesters himself, he held the position and received the salary they had studied and paid 8 semesters or more for. Does education really pay? Or is there something more?What about experience? Does time on the job matter? Being young and inexperienced myself I am often asked who paid for your Mercedes, your home, your diamonds, etc. Some people actually believe that a rich person likes me, or likes to give me gifts. All I have to say to that is, when they find that rich person, let me know. Financial success is more than who you know. They just can’t seem to believe that a 24 year old, inexperienced female could have bought all that for herself. People tell me all the time, “as soon as I pay my dues,” “after a few more months, then I’ll ask for that raise,” “when I’m at the top then things will be different.” They actually believe that with more experience, more time on the job, they will earn their right to financial success and have what I have. Don’t they see it, I didn’t work my way to the top, I didn’t put in 10,15, or even 20 years to earn it, and they don’t have to either.Are you ready for the secret? Look at McDonalds and see if you can find it. (Don’t worry I’ll help you out, you don’t even have to be smart to be financially successful.)McDonalds advertises “billions served”, could that be true? Their food is distasteful, their prices middle of the road, their service fair, locations everywhere. How? Every time you, or better put, someone who actually eats at McDonalds, pulls up to the drive through they know what to order, and they order what they know. It doesn’t matter if they’re in China, Argentina, or Wyoming, they’ll get the exact same hamburger. Same condiments, same taste, same price, in yen, pesos, or dollars. It doesn’t matter if the hamburger maker is Lee, Juan, or Tim, the hamburger is the same.Have you figured it out? Take this tip! McDonalds follows the same system each and every time. They have built a machine and now they put the machine to work. Here’s the system. Step 1. Build the store equipped with stoves and employees. Step 2. Ship hamburgers and food supplies. Step 3. Assemble hamburgers. Step 4. Exchange hamburgers for cash. It’s the same every time. Now Subway, Taco Bell, KFC, Arby’s, and Hardey’s have all adopted the same system to generate the same level of financial success. It will work for you just as easily as it has for them.You see you don’t have to be a college grad, you don’t have to claim years of experience, or even work your way up the ladder. You don’t even have to work hard. Don’t buy into the false beliefs of the average broke American, generating 36k a year!! Find a system that works, stick to it, and get the results. The system works every time, humans error all the time. Once you find the system that works for you, putting money into your pocket; it’s just a matter of duplicating it time and time again. Financial Success can be yours!It’s no wonder system stands for Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money.Wishing the world Financial Success!!Cali Amber

Dealing With Business Slowdowns

When times are slow for milf porn your home-based business, chances are you won’t have the luxury of waiting and seeing if things improve. You’ll need to take steps quickly to get back on track.These suggestions will help you get business back to normal:1) Add Products And ServicesDuring slow times, your very instinct might be to cut corners, but in the case of your catalog of products and services this could spell disaster. Instead, you want to select additions carefully based on the needs and desires of your clients.Think of it this way: let’s say you provide web design services. Your client hires you for the design work, then goes elsewhere to get a logo, hosting, and content. Having to hire four different companies just to complete one project is not cost-effective or time-efficient for your client.So what if you could offer web design and hosting or web design and everything else necessary as well? Chances are you’d have a definite advantage over your competition.Even if you don’t have the skills or ability to handle those aspects of the project, you could team up with other companies like yourself who also want to boost business and give themselves a competitive edge.No matter what product or service you primarily provide, you could find ways to provide additional necessities to your clients.2) Step Up Customer ServiceHopefully, you already provide good service and support to your customers, and you are probably already aware of how critical this is to your business’s success. But when times get rough, customer service is even more crucial and you need to go beyond the call of duty to convince clients that their business is important to you.For example, you may want to guarantee responses within a few hours, instead of a few days. You may want to follow up with thank you cards or phone calls. If a problem does arise, act immediately to take care of it and rectify the situation to the client’s satisfaction.Remember not only is that customer’s business at stake, but also the potential business of every single person he or she is acquainted with.3) Market MoreBusiness is slow; budgets are tight. So what usually gets trimmed first? Marketing. Do you know what the results are? Disaster!When you conduct marketing, you are not selling yourself to generate business today or even tomorrow. Marketing is an investment in your business’s future. In fact, research has shown that most marketing efforts don’t pay off for at least six months.So think about that. Let’s say you cut back on marketing in June and you weather the economic down cycle, what’s going to happen in December? Absolutely nothing! Because all of your potential clients have been won over by the marketing efforts of your competition which were conducted during the summer.Instead of cutting back, a slow down is the time to boost marketing. Get back in touch with past clients, attend seminars, pass out fliers. After all, if work is slow, what else are you going to be spending your time doing?4) Keep A Positive AttitudeTimes are hard. Your nerves are on edge. You’re feeling the pressure. When a past client calls to ask how things are going, do you tell them the truth and hope they take pity on you? Do you wallow in a self-defeating attitude? NO!If you want to get through the hard times, you have to keep in mind two things:A) No one is going to do business with a failing company andB) Hard times are only temporary.Let’s think about this. If you called up a company about business and the representative says, “It will be great to be finally getting some new clients” or “Things have been horribly slow around here lately” are you going to trust them with your project? No.The first thing you are going to be wondering is why they haven’t been doing well. And that’s what your potential clients will wonder about you as well.So how do you keep from breaking down on the phone with your clients? By remembering that business is a cycle and just as things are bad now, they will turn around and you will be doing well again. The only thing permanent is giving up.5) Branch OutWhen things are slow with your business, you can take the opportunity to do all those things you always wanted to do but never had the time for.Why not write some articles or an e-book related to your business, then sell them or publish them to earn more money and to further establish your credibility.Or take a shot at teaching a class on e-commerce, computers, or a topic related to your business at a local college, vocational school, or adult learning center. Even if you don’t get paid, the exposure could do great things for your business.You could also start giving speeches, take some business or technology classes, or take on some part-time work that will give you more experiences that will help you compete in the market when things go back to normal.Although ups and downs are simply an inevitable part of business, dealing with them effectively can make the difference between staying afloat or going under.

Cyber Love At First Sight

How I Found My Home Based Business Niche.I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed after more than twenty-five years in the same job. Prior to this I had no ambition to own my own business. I had previously had vague thoughts that it would be very nice to be able to work from home, but I never had any idea of what I could actually work at. I have a computer, I am literate and can type at a pretty fast rate. Apart from these, I have no skills which I can see as the basis for a home based business. I like reading and I grow all manner of plants from beans to cacti, but I couldn’t see anybody paying me to stay home and do any of these things.If you had told me then where I would be today, and what I would be doing, I would have thought you were crazy. I would not have believed that I would own some websites (my own domain actually), be working from home and have published articles which I had written myself.I searched for work, both on and off the internet and the more I searched, the more downhearted I became. Sure, there were jobs about but they all required things I lacked: some wanted experience, some wanted much younger people, the worst ones wanted people who were prepared to work long hours for peanuts.I was regularly searching on the Internet for opportunities for home work. I joined forums and read posts from women who were desperate to work from home, most of them had children and were unable to find suitable jobs to fit in with their schedules. It began to seem as if there is a great army of people all wanting to work but unable to find the right opportunity to suit them.I signed up with a couple of companies to get paid for reading emails, but reading a couple of emails each day is not the way to make a fortune. I still read emails for these companies, but only out of sentiment (you will understand what I mean by this when you get to the end of this story).I picked up a couple of ideas which seemed promising and I tried them out. The first thing was mystery shopping, which sounded simple enough, and potentially enjoyable – well, getting paid to go shopping sounds good to me. I found many companies through searching the internet and I applied to dozens of them; I wanted a full time job, not just the odd shopping trip. Months went by and I heard nothing from any of these companies.Fortunately, I had not been just sitting back and waiting for the mystery shopping jobs to come pouring in. I saw advertisements for paid surveys, and it seemed that you could make a full-time income filling in surveys on line. There were many websites which advised that you should never pay a fee to join a survey company, and these sites displayed the web addresses of various survey companies. At the same time, I saw a lot of advertising by a company which promised access to an enormous database of the best paying survey companies for a fee of only $35, which you would be bound to recover within a few days. Against my better judgement, I paid over the $35 and was disappointed to find that many of the companies in this database would accept US and Canada residents only. Nothing wrong with that, apart from the fact that I live in the UK. Of the companies which would accept international residents, I had already signed up to most of them. I got precisely nothing back for my $35. The only money I earned came from two paid survey companies which I did not join through that database. To date I have received a total payment of £12. I have earned another £21 which is in an account which would only pay out if my total reached £50.My work search turned into a research project. I started looking at home based businesses rather than jobs. No shortage of possibilities here, but how to choose? I saw some attractive websites aimed at selling all kinds of goods but I had no idea where I would obtain stock, or even what I should try to sell, let alone how to set up a website, and my budget was limited. I tried searching for turnkey businesses. I looked at affiliate programme opportunities, and they seemed a good idea, no stock to buy or handle, but what should I sell? There were also different grades of memberships. I hardly knew what most of it meant to start with, but I was learning, and I was getting a pretty good feel for what I didn’t want.I would like to say that I found my niche as a result of my own genius, hard work and perseverance. Actually, it was an accident. I opened one of my paid to read emails, clicked on the link and had my first view of a Plug-in Profit SiteÔ. I try to avoid clichés but this truly was a sight for sore eyes, eyes which felt as if they were ready to bulge out of my head after hours of staring at a computer screen. If it is possible to fall in love with a website, I did just that; I knew absolutely without a doubt that I wanted a Plug-in Profit Site of my own, it was everything I needed and more besides.An attractive young man (young enough to be my son, I am afraid) was offering to build for me free of charge a website, complete with five free to join affiliate programmes selling a wide range of items, to provide multiple ways of earning money. He was also offering me, free of charge, my own pre-written newsletter, his own guide to setting up and running my business and many other free things which I came to appreciate even though I didn’t know what they were at the time (remember, I did not know a mailing list from a grocery list at this time, and I thought a lead was just something you needed to walk your dog). I could take delivery of all this within 24 hours, thank goodness; I don’t think I could have waited a minute longer. I did not resist this temptation for even a second and within 24 hours, I was a website owner all ready to trade.The learning curve started here but I’ll save that for another story. I’ll just tell you one thing that I learned: I found out that I had, once again, been extremely lucky. I joined a couple of forums and read many posts from people who had struggled for years to find a decent home based internet business. These people told harrowing tales of failure, money lost, mounting debts, years of hard work and worry. In a strange way, I feel almost guilty that I found my niche by accident.—

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a New Business

Owning a home used to be the “American Dream.” However, this long-standing goal that so many aspired to, and ultimately reached, has been replaced with a new goal — becoming a business owner.At first glance it sounds perfect: Leave the corporate world behind and become an entrepreneur. No more commuting, office politics, difficult co-workers and demanding supervisors. You’ll be your own boss and reap all the financial rewards. It will be a brand-new lifestyle with incredible opportunities and much less stress.Others have achieved the new “American Dream.” Look at the young kids who started Apple on a shoestring in the late 1970s. Don’t forget the two engineers who launched a little company called Hewlett Packard out of a small backyard garage. Mrs. Fields took a cookie recipe — of all things — and built it into a national model that is taught in many business schools.Why not you? Yes, you could have the next great business idea, but that alone might not be enough. Ask yourself, do you have the right stuff to launch and run a successful business? Here are five questions to consider before making the big leap from a steady paycheck to business owner.1. Are you a self-starter?With no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to procrastinate. You must have the discipline that is needed to plan, set goals and stay focused.Since many small businesses initially start out as home-based to keep overhead low, working from home brings additional distractions. Can you resist the temptation to eat cookies and watch reruns of “Law and Order” when you should be making marketing calls?2. What are your expectations?If your goal is to work fewer hours and feel less stress, then think again.The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that business ownership requires a tremendous commitment, with 12-hour workdays, often seven days a week. Needless to say, this can be a strain on family life. If you think it might be too much, then consider a job change instead or a new career with an established company rather than launching your own business.3. What are your financial goals?In the short-term your income will probably be lower, and it could stay this way for a long time. Additionally, no one pays for vacations, health care plan, profit sharing or stock options. You must set up your own retirement plan as well.The U.S. Small Business Administration offers some sobering statistics. It reports that half of the small businesses started will fail within the first year. Furthermore, by the fifth year 95 percent will have ceased operations. While the reasons for failure vary, one of the most common is a lack of adequate financing. To beat the odds, meet with an independent accountant to honestly discuss your finances and expectations. The good news is that if your business takes off you will reap the financial benefits.4. Are you a “water-cooler person” at heart?When you become a business owner, your days of taking a long lunch or chatting with the guys around the water cooler are over. Can you make the transition from “worker bee” to boss? It can be lonely.On your own, you’ll be making countless decisions every day — from the mundane to the critical. And, you alone must shoulder the daily ups and downs that come with running a business. However, it can also have tremendous rewards in that you are building something from scratch. So, if you believe you can weather the isolation and roll with the punches, you might be a good candidate for owning your own business.5. Can you create an organized environment?Where you work is certainly important. You’ll need an acceptable work space and the right office tools in order to be creative and successful. Even more important, however, is how you work.For example, you can have an incredible sales presentation with the latest technology that will wow clients, but if you’re constantly late for meetings and lose important documents, you’ll probably also lose business. Ask yourself if you can flourish in an environment where creativity and operational systems are equally important? Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking the company will simply “run itself” if they just come up with great ideas and business leads. They pay scant attention to the details of building a business. Too often this is a recipe for failure.To be a success, you must combine your fantastic ideas and business tools with solid planning and organization.Success for any new business is never guaranteed. There are too many variables, and many factors will be totally out of your control. But you can avoid making a costly mistake by asking yourself, honestly — before you take the plunge: Do I have what it takes to run a business? The answer should tell you if the new “American Dream” is the right fit for you.

SPORTS – Best Homebased Business Ideas: Part 2

Building a sports merchandise business on the internet means loads of competition. Still, done right, a sports merchandise business could be very profitable. The key here is to build more content and valuable non-sales articles than your sports merchandise business competition.A sports merchandise business can encompass everything from jerseys and helmets, cards, tickets, and memorabilia. Your sports merchandise business can be virtually anything you want it to be, a fact that definitely interests many.sports merchandise business and youThe sport merchandise industry is pretty vast- it would be easy to get lost! Instead of trying to compete with the mega-sites, try complementing them, and possibly even partnering with them.Selling collectibles can be even tougher for a new website. It’s best to partner with a reputable firm, as trust is a critical element in earning business as a collectibles dealer.Licensed MerchandiseYou may want to sell licensed sports merchandise direct from your website. I have a suggestion that may make it easier to find companies that will drop shop for you. This can be an easier way to operate on a small level, because the dropship company handles order fulfillment for you. Once you’re established, I would suggest taking on inventory.I will suggest actually the only guide that makes perfect sense. It’s online based, meaning you will access their list through a secure website. It’s maintained by eBay radio’s product sourcing editor, Chris Malta. The guide is the only dropship source guide Certified by Ebay!What’s even better is that since the guide is online, you will get automatic updates, so you’re always getting fresh contacts. Most paper guides are out of date soon after you get them. The updates for the guides are lifetime once you purchase!