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The Blank Canvas

===> INTRODUCTIONWhat would happen if you and I could create our future from a blank canvas and if nothing stopped us from inserting our wildest dreams? Our dreams wouldn’t resemble those dreams we allow ourselves in today’s world would they? They would be without boundaries and they wouldn’t include the limits we’ve inherited over time.In this issue titled “The Blank Canvas”, I ask you to step out of your comfort zone a little. I invite you to stretch your horizons a little and to operate from outside the box, to shift the way you look at things. I invite you to NOT be normal and to do this exercise differently such that your future may be altered permanently. I can make no guarantees here other than: If you change nothing, nothing will change!Trust the result and bring intentionality to this exercise. Follow it to the letter and you will find that, in the very least, you will come out of it with an action plan that will leave you stimulated and inspired. You’ll come out of this one with an action plan that is pure vintage YOU, created by you, from your visit into the future. You will be called to act with a sense of freedom from past circumstances.In our great Network Marketing Industry, leaders always share with us that one of the most important success ingredients is to have a precise action plan. However, rare are the times that I have received extensive coaching on that very subject.I recently attended a “Masternind” training evening in Dallas, where the highly acclaimed “Motivated Mike Lemire” shared some of his ideas and concepts on the subject of planning. I was so impressed with this young dynamic coach professional that I decided to buy one of his CD’s entitled “Goal Setting”.I don’t have to tell you that any time spent on planning is time well spent. This kind of exercise yield higher returns that the cost of NOT doing so. In listening this CD and deciding to go ahead to do the exercises he suggests, I thought to myself “what a great theme to choose for my next month’s MMGVision Ezine.===============================================================***BEGIN SIDEBAR***Everyone has dreams. However, dreams are just that, dreams! I am convinced that one of the major “missings” that we find with people who rarely reach their goals and aspirations in Life is an absence of serious planning. Most people never really pause, relax a bit, and take the time to identify and map out what they really want to accomplish in their business as well as their Life in general.Don’t forget, “as Mike Lemire points out in his coaching”, the tremendous secondary advantages to doing such an exercise:1) Reduced stress and anxiety2) Increased productivity3) Increased self-esteemFurthermore, these returns are almost immediate when we dive into this kind of exercise. “Preparing a good action plan is easy”, says Mike, “but NOT DOING IT is just as easy… Hmmm !*** END SIDEBAR ***==================================================================> YOUR WORD IS GOLDOne of the most (if not the most) important things to accomplish in the Network Marketing industry is to find and sponsor new partners, reps or associates and to help them succeed, grow and reach their goals. It is said that duplication is inevitable in our industry. Perhaps it would be wise to lead by example by planning our own future!How many new reps have you personally sponsored in the last 12 months? How much money have you earned during these same 12 month? Do these results reflect last year’s planning time OR the absence of proper planning? I assert that the results you have today and the way you feel about them are a direct result of your plans a year ago.Good planning could be said to be a series of promises we make to ourselves. You and I know too well how easy it is to allow life circumstances cause us to lose focus, to deviate from our plans and goals. It’s all too easy to put our goals aside, to not honor them, to not keep our promises to ourselves. Our planning, or the absence of planning of a year ago, has undoubtedly colored the results we wind up with today.===> YOUR LIFE CATEGORIESThe order of the categories is not important at this point but I suggest you download the exercise worksheet (link below) and prioritize the list of your Life Categories. Understand that your top priorities today may change in the future and that’s ok! Don’t feel guilty while listing your present priorities.===============================================================***BEGIN SIDEBAR***To Download the exercise worksheet, point your browser to:[http://www.MissionMarketingGlobal.com/mmgvision/english/blank_canvas.pdf]*** END SIDEBAR ***===============================================================Here is the list of categories. By downloading and printing this document, complete this exercise now. Identify the categories in order of importance for you.Please note one or two things that you would like to improve in each of these categories.CategoriesMy categories in order of importance1. Attitude2. Money3. Family4. Career5. Pleasure6. Physique7. Social8. Education9. Service public10. Spiritual===> YOUR LONG-TERM VISIONHere you must first establish how many years long-term represents. (As an example, if you are 50 years old, then long term might mean 10 years). However, if you’re 20, long term might mean 20 or 30 years.That being said, what you need to do now is to map your long-term vision. Don’t take this exercise lightly. Identify your biggest dreams. What kind of life-experiences would be possible with a 6 figure monthly income?I realize that I’m asking you to push the envelope here and YES, to write all those projects and dreams you’ve put aside for so long. You’ll see later why we’re starting with long-term goals. Please find a quiet spot where you can invest the required time to complete this exercise and be sure to spend more time in this section than elsewhere in the exercise.===> YOUR MID-TERM VISIONCalculate and identify what will have to be accomplished at the mid-term portion of your career plan. As an example, when you write down your long-term vision, if you’ve listed several luxury cars, your boats(110 footers… hmm !) your planes, your 4 properties (10,000 square feet no less) situated in the four corners of the earth, it goes without saying that, by mid-term, you will be earning a lot of money and you will have reached the top echelons within your networking project.Visualize yourself now half way down the road to your long-term vision and career. Where do you see yourself with respect to your plan? What has become reality? Describe the picture you have created in as much detail as possible. These descriptions must be different than your long-term vision yet they must demonstrate signs of being in line with your long-term objectives.At the end of this segment, you should be beginning to feel butterflies in your stomach, a sense of excitement. If this is not the case, I recommend you stop here and start over because you’ve probably aimed too low in the previous section.===============================================================***BEGIN SIDEBAR***Let’s say that one of your 2 year objectives were to be the purchase of your new BMW of the year. I recommend that you go shopping soon for this new car, sit in it, smell it and even test drive it if you can (make sure that you let the sales person know that you will buy from him or her). For sure, you need to pick up a beautiful color picture or brochure of this vehicle. Knowing full well that your intention is to get this car in 24 months, you should now cut up your picture in 24 pieces (one piece of the car for every month) creating your pieces of the puzzle.From that moment on, every month that you honor your word to yourself (in other words, each month that you do exactly what you said you would do) you will take a piece of the puzzle and post it on your objective board in your home. From month to month you will have a deeper appreciation of what it means to honor your word to yourself and to keep your promises. Furthermore, you will see your dream take shape, from month to month. You will slowly see your dream come true as you bring life to your goal’s picture. Your dream will become reality bit by bit, month by month, at the same time as your picture will take shape.*** END SIDEBAR ***==================================================================> YOUR 1 YEAR PLANHere you will concentrate, among other, on such projects as family holidays. What kind of vacations will you chose, where will you go, how often and what kind of activities will you do during your holidays? Continue now to build your 1 year objectives.A few examples:1) Leaders developed within your organization2) Promotions earned3) House renovations4) New furniture5) New dog6) Purchase of a bigger home7) My career level achieved8) Etc.Start by identifying the projects and accomplishments you want to see happen by this 1 year landmark date. Remember that these projects must be YOUR OWN, not somebody else’s dreams. One year only represents a small piece of the pie when we think in terms of 50 years. Even if your long-term is only 10 years, one year is only 10%. But at the same time, it means that 90% of the timeline would be in the past.My Categories My Accomplishments_______________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________===> YOUR 1 MONTH PLANAt this point, you should know exactly what has to happen every single month to successfully reach your 1 year objectives. Concretely, what do you plan to make happen every single month, like no kidding? How much money will you earn per month? What rewards will you give yourself for getting these things done?A few examples to consider:1) Reading motivational and inspirational books.2) Use of specialized building tools3) Contact “x” amount of people every month, per week, per day.4) 1 on 1 presentations per week5) Public Meetings per month, per week6) Advertizing7) Participation in special events and trainings8) etc.My Activities My Accomplishments_______________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________===> YOUR WEEKLY ACTION PLANNow that you have traveled on this road, from your possible future back to present day, I hope that this dream building exercise, combined with a basic yet powerful way to plan your future, will stimulate you to establish a workable lasting weekly action plan. May this plan propel you toward this new possible future, an action plan that is pure vintage YOU, created and designed by you alone.Yes, the cost may be high but the returns reach out toward the unimaginable and the yet impossible. Only you can prevent this future from delivering on your promise of realizing your wildest dreams. Others have done it. Why not you too?You already know what you have to do now. Amid this exercise, you have already seen those actions that were missing before. All there is left to do is: Just do it!Let’s call these actions “The promises you make to yourself”!===> CONCLUSIONCongratulations on completing the exercise!This is perhaps the first time you have mapped out your future in such detail. Know this! Every entrepreneur that has achieved success has been down this road. There is no such thing as winging success. Once their action plan was created, all they had to do was honor their word and keep the promises they had made to themselves.VISION + ACTION = RESULTThe ball’s in your court!

Best Home Based Businesses: Four Soul Searching Steps: Step Three

How would you like to have one of the best home based businesses? This article is number three in a four-part series that is designed to assist you in creating your ideal internet home based business. To view Parts 1, 2, and 4 please do an Author search on Ezine Articles for Chrystal Chantel. In the previous articles I asked to you to discover what you love to do, then discover the problems that people in those fields face, and the potential solutions you could develop to help them.Now comes the time to start assessing each of your solutions. You will want to weigh the pros and cons, and the strengths and weaknesses of each idea. Ask yourself these questions for each problem you have listed:
What goals do the people concerned cartoon porn about this topic have? How could I help them meet their goals?

The solutions I have created to solve my own problems, do I need to adapt them for my potential customers, or to reach a broader market?

Could I create an information product such as an ebook that would provide solutions to this problem? Realize that you don’t have to be a famous write to write an ebook. You simply need to communicate from your own personal experience how you have solved a problem that others face. If you can write clearly, you can write an ebook.

Why would you want to create an ebook? Because ebooks are one of the easiest internet products to create and black porn sell on the web. People will gladly pay you for providing them with solutions to problems that really concern them. An ebook provides one of the easiest formats for them to receive these solutions. Some of the best home based businesses make most of their money from ebooks.

Could I put my solutions in a video, an audiotape, a cd, a piece of software, or some other product or service? For example, a passionate home gardener wrote an ebook on how to care for lilies, a plant that is notoriously hard to grow. She also created a video on how to make the huge, beautiful hanging baskets that her garden was famous for. Perhaps your internet home based business could be designed around skills or solutions you are already providing. Let yourself be creative and brainstorm freely. Ask your friends and family what they think. Sometimes when you look at things from many different perspectives, an idea that you hadn’t thought of can easily emerge.By going through this process you could come up with a product that no one else has thought of. You may come up with a unique approach that is all yours. You might identify a target market, a niche that has not yet been flooded with other products. You will likely come up with an idea that you are very interested in, that you have expertise with, that you can write about, that will carry the energy of your own experience, and that will bring you greater success than if you just copied someone else’s idea. These factors will help you to create one of the best home based businesses.Don’t be concerned if your idea is not a huge one. Millions of companies have made enormous sums of money out of making our lives a little easier in small ways. By going through the process I’ve outlined, you may be able to identify problems that are of great irritation to people, and these people may be happy to pay you for the solutions you provide. If you can make someone’s life better, provide them with more comfort, ease, or convenience, you could have a great product idea on your hands. Imagine having an internet home based business where you make the world a better place for others.“We must not….ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.”~Marian Write Edelman~Take your time with this process, and then join me for the fourth and last step in creating one of the best home based businesses for you: Research Your Business Ideas.© Copyright Chrystal Chantel, All Rights Reserved.Build Your Dream Business[http://www.build-your-dream-business.net/]I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as All the bylines are included, with Live Links, and the article is not changed in any way.

How To Balance A Job, A Life, and A Home Business!

For most of us Internet entrepreneurs the reality of starting our own home business on a full time basis is not a reality.With financial and/or family commitments a priority it is hard work to get a home business off the ground and nurture it into a successful money making venture.Working a job at the same time is a necessity for 99% of us just starting up.Where do you find the available time? How do you reach a balance between your home, your family, your job AND your home business?These are very elusive questions aren’t they?I have compiled a list of ten exclusive tips to help you and others just like myself.These are tips and advice, which I have found to be beneficial in helping me to reach a balance and also to keep my sanity, when at times I have been ready to toss the home business aside as it just seemed too hard to do it ALL…..!1) Write down a list of main goals you want to achieve with your home business. Eg: Financial freedom, More time with family. Print this out and pin it up where you will read it each day. This will keep you motivated and remind you why you stay up all those late nights!2) Choose a home business that you will put your heart into. If you have the desire to succeed then you will succeed. If you enjoy your home business then making room for it in your life will not be a chore.3) Set a quantity of hours to devote to your home business each week. Be realistic. You may only have 30 minutes or one hour a day available on a regular basis. If you manage to spend extra hours – well done, and you will feel proud for doing so.4) Write a weekly TO DO list. One for business and one for home. Be realistic. This will give you activities to work towards. Check them off as you complete them. You will feel a sense of achievement.5) Establish a separate business work area in the home. If not possible make sure to set aside time when you have privacy. Your time will be spent much more efficiently with no interruptions.6) Be patient. A successful home business will not blossom overnight. Be prepared to put in some hard work for the first months to get things up and running. You will see results.7) Reward yourself. If you have been putting extra hours into your home business take the day off. Spend time with your family and relax. You deserve it.8) Enjoy time out. Life can be hectic and overwhelming. Add to that starting a home business as well as keeping a full time job! It is essential to have time out for yourself.9) Invest in conveniences. For example: For the home business a faster Internet connection or time saving software. For the home an answering machine or a regular cleaner / babysitter. What can be done to free up some of your time and resources.10) Family comes first. Do what you need to do for your family each day before anything else. They are your life and once they are content then you will feel okay with spending time on your home business.I am positive these 10 exclusive tips and advice will be of benefit to you. Please feel free to share them with others.Success to all working, Internet entrepreneurial mothers!

How To Create A Stream Of Income

I must say a lot of people today dream to live a comfortable life but most of them don’t do anything to fulfill that dream. I was one of those people myself until not long ago. It seemed as though there was a way to total abundance in life but I just never got to really focus on that particular area. Maybe for most of us it just seems like pie in the sky, and maybe for others just pure “could not be bothered” mentality.What if you could take control of your destiny? What if there really was a way to live in total abundance like we all dream of? These questions and many more were constantly floating around in my head, taking me from one state of mind to another. I never got to fully understand my expectations and figure out a way to approach them with a particular strategy.My life got to the point where I figured that one must plan their life out in order to achieve true success and fulfillment. Instead of just letting the day float by, doing unnecessary activities, with a little planning, a day can well and truly turn into a productive one. Even when you add up a ‘few’ days of productive activity you may be pleasantly surprised how much more you can accomplish.Figuring out that planning is a necessity in our daily lives, I started writing down my thoughts and plans more frequently. Did you know that ‘just’ by writing down your thoughts, you could enhance your productivity and effectiveness dramatically? I started seeing things much differently doing so.The next best thing other than living an experience is to see it in your minds eye. In other words using your imagination. This is when I discovered the beauty of NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming). By simply visualizing events you’d like to experience, gets you closer to the actual thing. This is the basic concept behind NLP. I figured, the more often you visualize something, the more you get closer to physically living it. Adding the concept of planning with visualizing, I had the perfect recipe for achieving what I desire.Creating a stream of income isn’t all that hard like many of us think it is. As I have mentioned earlier, by planning our days a little, I’m sure most of us can find a spare two or three hours a day. How much more can you accomplish if you knew you had set aside that time each and every day? If you were to think like me, you’d get excited to believe that you have the chance to add an extra stream or two or more of income.With today’s growing use of technology, more and more people are looking at ways to use the internet to create that additional stream of income mentioned earlier. The internet is an amazing tool that every potential entrepreneur or home business owner should closely consider utilizing. With the two to three hours created by planning each day, the internet is the perfect place to use that time to build your very own stream of income (or multiple streams).When starting out on the internet don’t rush into things, but rather check out your options and see which affiliate programs and possible virtual franchises are available. Being involved in a business that triggers your senses in a positive way, leaves you with a better chance to succeed in the long run. Believing in a program will ensure you to get past the times when things are going tough.Go to search engines and do searches on business opportunities, compensation plans, support provided by particular companies. Make sure you know what you are getting into and believe that you will succeed in a given period of time. Don’t expect to become a millionaire in a few months but do expect with a couple of years of consistent 2 hours or so work a day, you could be earning well into the 4 figures (possibly 5!).Make no mistake that planning is the key to any success. Before you do anything make sure you change your attitude first. Then start planning your daily life to create a couple of hours to utilize. Once that accomplished, use the most incredible tool ever created on earth, the internet, to create a stream of income so you can live in total abundance.Copyright 2004 Ender Baynazoglu

How To Quickly and Easily Choose The Right Home Based Business Online

Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re looking for a decent business online. You’re probably being barraged with a zillion different companies all promising you the moon.So, how do you choose the right one? I’m glad you asked :-) Here are the three steps you need to take to find out if online company you’re researching is a winner:1. Research The ProductsDoes the company you’re considering have any products you can mobile porn sell and how good are they? Talk to some current reps and make it clear you’re not joining now you just want their opinion.You can even order some and judge for yourself, if they fall short in this area they won’t last long so make sure you find out first.2. How long Have They Been Around?Find out how long the company has been around, if they’re new or in “pre-launch” then steer clear. Don’t fall for the “get in early” hype, wait awhile to see how it turns out.Too many fly by night companies crash and burn early and take a lot of peoples money with them, don’t let it be you.3. How do you get paid?Contact the company and find out exactly how you’re getting paid for your efforts. If they use a processor you’ve never heard of or takes a high amount before you see a check, warning bells should go off.If the company doesn’t respond or gives you the run around then don’t waste your time or money.Copyright © 2005 John Stafford

The Magic of Pearls

Pearls!The word itself immediately conjures images of wealth, classic beauty and nobility. Throughout history, pearls have always been associated with power and money, for only the rich and powerful could afford them. All through history, pearls were valued more highly than gold or diamonds.Pearls have become synonymous with high value in our language. We still speak of “pearls of wisdom”, meaning the highest form of wisdom, the wisest of the wise. Jesus Christ spoke of “casting pearls before swine”, in reference to the most wasteful possible use of a most valuable resource. And the entrance to Heaven? The Pearly Gates of course.Why were pearls so valuable? Pearls were extraordinarily rare. Unlike gold or precious gems, they are not mined from the ground, but made by a living organism, an oyster or a mussel. Pearls do not appear in a “vein” like precious metals or gemstones. They are spread out over a wide area, and deep under water. Even in areas where there are many oysters, only a few would contain a pearl, and collecting enough oysters to find pearls was a difficult and perilous task. Also, oysters are susceptible to climate change and disease. Entire beds can be wiped out in a year, thus eliminating the possibility of finding any more pearls. All problems that don’t exist with precious metals or gems.At perhaps the most famous banquet in history, Cleopatra challenged Marc Antony to a wager to demonstrate that Egypt had a wealth and history that placed it above conquest, she said she would provide the most extravagant dinner in history and challenged Marc Antony to match it. When they met, Cleopatra took a single pearl, crushed it to powder, put it into a glass of wine and drank it. Marc Antony immediately conceded defeat, and declined the offer of his meal, the matching pearl to the one Cleopatra had just consumed. Pliny wrote in his famous “Natural History” that the value of the two pearls was estimated at 60 million sesterces, equivalent to 1.87 million ounces of silver. At today’s price of $US7.25/oz, that is about $US13.5 million. An extravagant meal indeed.At the height of the Roman Empire, the historian Suetonius wrote that the Roman general Vitellius financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother’s pearl earrings.During the Dark Ages knights often wore pearls onto the battlefield. They believed that the magic they possessed would protect them from harm.In the royal courts of Renaissance Europe pearls were regarded as a symbol of nobility. Since pearls were so highly regarded, a number of European countries passed laws forbidding the wearing of pearls by anyone not of noble birth.With the discovery and exploitation of America, the discovery of pearls in Central American waters caused a flood of pearls into Europe. Unfortunately, by the end of the 17th century, the American pearl beds were almost wiped out by the demand for pearls in Europe.The legendary Jacques Cartier bought his famous store on 5th avenue in New York in 1916. The price? Two perfect pearl necklaces.All that changed in 1916, when Kikichi Mikimoto, the son of a noodle maker, patented his method for cultivating pearls in oysters. He was not, however, the first to invent the method. Two other Japanese men, Tokichi Nishikawa and Tatsuhei Mise, had independently discovered how to do it, and agreed to share the discovery in what became the Mise-Nishikawa method. Their technique was patented in 1907. Mikimoto could not patent his method without infringing the earlier patent, so he changed his patent application to make it a technique for making round pearls. This technicality allowed him to avoid infringing the earlier patent.Mikimoto then set about building his pearl empire with a passion and dedication only seen from the likes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. A natural born businessman, promoter and entrepreneur, he soon purchased the rights to the Mise-Nishikawa method, and went on experimenting and improving his techniques until today Mikimoto pearls are the most famous and arguably the best quality saltwater cultured pearls available.In more modern times, pearls adorned the bodies of famous movie stars, both on and off the set, A-list society ladies, and the wives of the politicians and the rich and powerful. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Kennedy-Onassis to the Queen of England have appeared in public, at one time or another, wearing pearls.What is this fascination we have today with the pearl?Lots of things. The pearl is the only gem that has lustre, the main determinant of a pearl’s quality. Lustre is that shine, that light that seems almost like an inner glow that no other gemstone has. Almost as if the pearl were alive, perhaps a quality of its having been created by a living creature rather than formed by massive heat and compression millions of years ago as most gemstones were. The pearl is also the only gem that does not need any kind of treatment to reveal its true splendour. It does not need to be cut or polished, its beauty is completely natural and perfect without the intervention of man.Perhaps it is because of these qualities that pearls, when worn against a woman’s skin, seem to lift the life and vitality of the complexion and impart a warm glow just by being there, in the way no other gemstone can.Whatever the reason, fortunately for us, the advent of cultured pearls, which can only be distinguished from “natural” pearls by an expert with a microscope, has meant that these gorgeous and flattering gems are within the reach of everybody. The price of a good cultured pearl necklace is a tiny fraction of that of a similar diamond necklace, and is every bit as beautiful, fashionable and flattering as a piece made from other gems. Pearls belong in every fashionable woman’s jewellery collection. Make sure you have yours.

Fallacies Regarding Online Home Based Businesses

In the course of my home business coaching activities, I haveoften found that people head into the startup of their online home based businesses with a wildly unrealistic mindset.Many have been told that they can sign up for a few programs,build a website around them, add a bunch of banners and linksonto their site, then sit back and watch the money roll in andnever have to work again.There is a misconception that you can come online and set up anInternet based business and be making big money within a few days. This is absolute hogwash and it has not been my experiencenor the experience of anyone I have come in contact with through my online business activities.The harsh reality is that there are more people who fail at their home businesses than there are people who actually succeed.Newcomers to the world of online home based business are not usually aware that they may actually have to work harder at their home businesses than they did at their traditional jobs. They are typically not aware of the many hours of marketing time that they will need to put in to be successful.Many people that are new to online marketing also make the mistake of thinking that a single marketing strategy will suffice. Naturally, some avenues will produce better resultsthan others, but I have found the best course of action is toadopt a broad based approach to your online marketing byspreading your time and resources over several different methods.If you are new to Internet marketing, you might be well advisedto take a course to find out what is required of you to besuccessful in an online business. It does not matter what type of business you are starting, if it is online, it must be marketedonline, and possibly offline as well.It always amazes me how frequently people that start an onlinehome based business actually believe that they can get rich by doing absolutely nothing, or at least with very little effort. These are otherwise intelligent people. Why would they believe this? My conclusion is that they believe because they want tobelieve. They believe because they see claims to this effect everyday and everywhere on the Internet. They are told that it is possible. They not only want to believe it, for their own reasons, but they need to believe it.In my opinion, you need to give yourself at least a year to make an online business get some traction and start to generate somemeaningful income. The proper mindset is to think long term, not instant gratification.I am always surprised at the number of people who drop out oftheir online home based business after the first month or two.I ask myself, what do they expect, miracles? You probablywouldn’t bail out of offline business after a month so why would you expect an online business to be any different?Aside from the fallacy of instant riches without any effort, the expectation of a free ride is a frequent misconception ofmany that think they want to start an online home based business.If you’re afraid, or unwilling, to invest a little money to start your own business…you are not looking at a home based business…you are looking at a work at home job. If you want to make money online, you must also be willing to invest in yourself. It’s as plain and simple as that.

Starting Your Reseller Rights Business Part 1

So you crave to start your own online business from home. Great! But what are you going to start with?While there are several types of Internet Business Models to choose from to start, I would like to share with you some important gem information on how to start and run your online business as a reseller. But only if you are interested!Still reading on? Good!Before we go any further, let us discuss whether this business is for you or not.This type of online business is for you if:[1] You do not have your own product.[2] You do not have what it takes to create a product from scratch as it demands a degree of talent, skill and expertise in any field.[3] You just do not want to create your own product or simply do not have the time for it!You will do well to consider this type of online business if you match one or more of the above statements.Now are you ready to find out how you can start your own resell rights business? If yes, then that is awesome!What Is A Reseller? ================ We will start this series with this simple question, “What is a reseller?” In general, a reseller buys a product, sells it and keeps 100% of the profits to him or herself. This is in contrary to being an affiliate whereby an affiliate sells other people’s products for a commission.In addition to that, it is possible for the reseller to create residual income from the sales of the product as long as the affiliate links are found within the product thus creating back-end profits.What Are Resell Rights? ==================== Resell rights allow one to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits with which without it, one is prohibited from selling the product to another person.What Do I Need? ============== To start your online resell rights business, you will need to have a high-quality product with resell rights that can be customized. The product can be in the form of an E-book or software.The first thing you should do is look for a product with resell rights to sell to your customers. When looking for one, you will want to take the following factors into consideration:[1] Resell rights – the product must have resell rights in order for you to sell and keep 100% of the profits.[2] High in quality – a poor quality product will hardly make you any sale let alone back-end profits.[3] Good sales letter and follow-up e-mails – if the principal’s sales letter and follow-up e-mails do not persuade you to purchase his or her product then it is palpable that the result will be poor for you too as a reseller as you will also be using the principal’s sales letter.[4] Rare or uncommon – it pays to do a lot of research when starting your resell rights business. You must find out if the product is not over-saturated in the net market. If it is then your chances of selling the product are slim.[5] Credibility and reputation – is the author a respected person? You can easily conduct a background check by typing his or her name in search engines and see the results.[6] Back-end profits – find out how you can earn residual income without much effort on your part in the long run.[7] Money-back guarantee – while I can actually omit this factor for it goes without saying most of the time, this is what you should look out for. High-quality products usually have 90-day money back guarantee. In case you discovered that the product is not for you or fail to make any sale in the first 90 days, you still have a chance to get your investment refunded.Here are some useful advices to keep in mind from my experience:[1] Avoid purchasing a bundle of products from web sites offering so-called “$2,500 value for $47 only” promotions. This is simply because in most cases, they really are worth $47 altogether. According to my informal survey, most of the products that form the packages are either over-saturated in the market, old, diluted in value or are really pure junk.[2] As an Internet Business owner just starting out, you are strongly advised to start with selling just ONE product, not a bundle of 50 products. Focus is important and crucial to your success. Give all you have on selling one product and profit from it first. You can slowly add products to your inventory later.[3] Remember that they are called products and not parcels to be sold to another. This is a common mistake on the part of the resellers. Products are to be used in full. Bear in mind that reselling them is a means of income opportunity.(To be continued in Starting Your Reseller Rights Business Part 2)Copyright © Edmund Loh

Have Laptop Will Travel: Mobile Home Business

There are virtually unlimited home based business opportunities out there that can earn us the income we need while allowing us the freedom to travel.The world is an enormous place; a playground on an epic scale filled with exotic cultures, creatures, and serene landscapes. For most of us however, the greater world is a separate place, disconnected from the smaller one we occupy. During the workweek our scope of existence barely extends past the perpendicular lines of the office or workplace. What’s worse is that our destinies are not in our control. In essence, our current function in life is to make a handful of rich men richer.On our days off we have just enough time to finish all the errands that have aggregated over the previous five days. When we find a moment to scavenge for food we usually find it in a grease smeared paper bag handed to us through a window by some goofy kid with a paper hat and an apron covered with what looks like the remnants of a bovine suicide bomber. Surely, there is more to life than this? There must be a way to break free from our enclosed existence and explore the beautiful wide open spaces beyond. In fact, there are several ways.The good news is that our future is entirely in our hands. There are virtually unlimited home based business opportunities out there that can earn us the income we need while allowing us the freedom to travel. All we need is persistence, a laptop computer, and a wireless connection to the internet–and maybe a map. Then the question that we have to ask ourselves is not ‘how badly do I want freedom’ but rather, ‘how hard am I willing to work for it?’Building a home business during our free time leaves little time for us to unwind after our regular job. This sounds difficult, and it is, but it should be viewed as a temporary sacrifice. Think of building a home-based business as whittling away at the prison bars of your cell after a long hard day breaking rocks for ‘the man.’ Do you want to break rocks your whole life for a brief daily respite, or would you rather double your work so that one day you can escape altogether?Copyright 2005 Jon CastleArticle may be reprinted freely as long as the author bylines and info box are included.

Building A Mailing List

In most every business building a loyal client base is important to the overall success of your business. Internet marketing is no exception. In order to build your client list you need to capture email addresses from prospects that either sign up to receive your newsletter or buy a product or service from your website.One of the most important elements of building your mailing list is that you build a trust relationship with your prospect. According to The National Sales Executive Association 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact with a potential client or customer. So this should tell you that you need to have quality content in your newsletter so the prospect will stick around to receive your newsletter past the 5th attempt. Another good thing about building your mailing list is that you can notify your prospects about up coming events or special offers you may be working on or know would be of interest to the prospect.Let’s examine some of the different ways in which you may be able to build your mailing list.Pop Up AdsIf you have surfed the web for anything you have undoubtedly found a site or two that use pop up ads to promote various ideas and opportunities. Most internet marketers use pop ups to capture prospects emails for there newsletters or promotions. Recently, a new type of pop up is being used, it’s called a pop over or hover ad that just appears on your site and will not be blocked by various pop up blockers that are installed in the Google toolbar and the like.These type of ads are very good for promoting your newsletter. The prospect signs up using there name and email address and are automatically add to your autoresponder.Website FormsIf for whatever reason you do not want to use a pop up ad you can create a subscription form on your website that will accomplish the same purpose. Write up an ad that promotes your newsletter and the benefit to your prospect and give them the opportunity to sign up that way. Using subscription forms and pop ups are great if you have a lot of targeted traffic to your website.Lead ServicesLead and subscription services offer you the opportunity to get a prospects name and email address. These are usually people looking to start a home business. You write an ad about your newsletter, advertise it with the subscription service and prospects sign up to receive it.There are plenty of companies that offer these types of services for various amounts of money. You buy a certain amount of prospects each month and they get delivered to your autoresponder where you have your newsletter. I would suggest trying as many of these services as possible. It is to hard to say which company offers the best leads, so using multiple companies will at the very least build your mailing list.E-Zine AdsYou may want to place ads in other peoples newsletters or e-zines. Depending on the number of subscribers prices range from $10.00 to over $100.00. Once again you write an ad about the benefits of your newsletter and submit it to an e-zine owner. You may be able to get your ad for free if you make a joint venture with an e-zine owner and swap ads.These are just some of the ways you can use to build up you mailing list. However, none of these methods will work unless you offer a newsletter with unique content that a potential client will want to read. Good luck!Copyright 2004 Dirk Wagner