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Identifying Some Common Work At Home Success Characteristics

Do people that are successful in home based businesses sharesome common characteristics and, if so, what are the primary ones?The dictionary defines successful as:
having a favorable outcome, or
having obtained something desired or intended, or
having achieved wealth or eminence
When applied to a home business, I think the definition of theword successful involves a combination of financial gain, time flexibility, and being able to call your own shots (being your own boss). The order of importance will vary from person to person.I have had the good fortune to be quite successful with home-based internet businesses. No, that is not completelyaccurate, I have had success because I have invested a lot ofsweat equity in my work at home business activities.Having spent many years in the corporate world, I am a firmbeliever in the team aspect of business and so I naturallygravitated toward network marketing instead of trying to gosolo selling products/services and competing with the big players like Yahoo, Amazon and the other well known names.After doing considerable research, I found a very well established and financially solid internet-based company to work with. Using my business experience in the “offline world” anddeveloping my internet marketing skills on the fly in an OJT (aka: on-the-job-training) format, things have gone very well andI recently spent some time trying to identify some of the primary traits that are common in my most successful team members.Whether you’re breeding bird dogs, or race horses, or draftingcollege football players to play in the NFL…it’s important todevelop “markers” that can be very useful in predicting success.>From my offline, traditional, business experience I have known this from the get-go, but for some reason I was slow to learn (or, was it re-learn?) that identifying the people with a high likelihood of success is even more important when developing an online network marketing business that depends upon teamwork.Reflecting back on many of the truly successful people I haveworked with in network marketing, I made a list of the numerous success factors that emerged when I assessed each person individually. After compiling the list, three factors seemed tostand out as being the most common success indicators. In no particular order, these factors were:
approaching the business with a long term perspective. It takes a lot of time to become an “overnight success”

exhibiting the tenacity of a pit bull

being able to ride the emotional roller coaster (two steps forward and one step back) in the early stages of developing the business
Just because a person has these characteristics, it does notensure success and, on the flip side, a person is not necessarilydoomed to failure just because he or she does not possess themall.—————————————————————-This article is freely available for reprint provided that the resource box at the end of the article is left intact and the article is published complete and unaltered. If you are using this article on a website or e-book, please make sure that the link in the resource box is live or clickable.—————————————————————-

New Business Crisis: In Your Mind Or In Your Market?

You just started a new business — and you’re becoming convinced that no one wants your services — at least enough to pay for them! You’re ready to give up. Are you being negative — or facing a tough market?1. Take a reality check. Are others in your field experiencing similar frustrations? Do you resemble those who succeed or are you a maverick?Research has demonstrated that some people are misfits for specific places, jobs and organizations. And some products will be misfits for some markets.2. Reframe your question. Instead of “Should I give up?” ask, “What are my options? Which option fills me with the most energy?”3. Review your game plan. When tactics and techniques don’t work, you may need a new strategy, i.e., “Who am I and where do I want to go?”4. Honor your feelings. After a big loss, or a series of defeats, many people need downtime to regroup. But when you become too negative to act, you’re probably depressed — a signal you need specialized help.5. Rule out economic explanations. In his classic book, The Making of a Psychiatrist, Dr. David Viscott described a true case in a prominent hospital: A patient’s leg pain was diagnosed as psychological, delaying x-rays that eventually revealed a broken bone.Similarly, consultants sometimes diagnose business and career crises as “negative thoughts” or “lack of confidence.”Sometimes they’re right. But sometimes you visualize clear skies and, when you open the door, it’s raining. Better to open an umbrella than blame yourself for lack of sunshine.I offer one-to-one consultations on career strategy.

Four Models of Successful Internet Business Sites!

One of the best methods of learning how to succeed in your Internet business is to first find a successful site to model your business on.Over the years I have studied many successful web sites to try to find out what it is that is making them a successful Internet business. And not just in one particular field, but many fields, from the many different types of websites out there. Next time you view an Internet site that you know is very successful, stop for a moment to try and decipher why it is so successful.You will find successful sites on just about any subject matter you care to think about. There seems to be no barrier to developing a successful site in any field. You name it, people are probably making money out of their website in that specialized area.Just about anything, if planned appropriately, can be sold online. If you want to be successful too, why not look for examples of businesses which have already achieved the success you would like, and model your business after that, i.e. play follow the leader.It would be too much information to try and describe every single model of success, but I would like to introduce you to just four model websites which keep springing up. Sites that are obviously benefiting from being a successful online business model.Look at these models to see if you are on your way to becoming just like that type of business.Model No.1 – Opt-In List BuilderThis is a good model to build your site around by providing a free newsletter or ezine. If you are building a mailing list this way, then you must provide high quality information to your list on a weekly or monthly basis. Never send just ads or useless information. If your newsletter is just an excuse to push ads you can be certain it will not grow. On the contrary, your subscribers will opt-out quicker than you can replace them, and you’ll probably not make any sales anyway. Learn how to write effective testimonials instead of blatant ads. These should be a small part of informative articles. They should fit in nicely and naturally along with this information, indeed be a part of it! Once your list gets into the thousands, you should start to see an almost guaranteed income. Continue to use your website to build your list up each month and watch your monthly income grow alongside it.It can be an effective way to create income, but you have to be willing and able to write a weekly or monthly newsletter. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact it shouldn’t be. But it does have to be informative. If you hate writing this may not be the route for you.Model No.2 – Free ServicesThere are many services on the Internet that people like to use, or even desperately need. Examples include such services as providing an autoresponder service, traffic generating services, providing free webspace, reciprocal link checking etc. Sites which provide something valuable for free can often become extremely popular. Once this popularity is achieved, and you start getting a lot of daily traffic, then you can start to charge for allowing advertising on your site. You’re probably thinking something like “how could I possibly provide such a valuable free service, surely you need lots of programming knowledge and experience to run such a thing?”. In reality it isn’t that difficult. All you need is the right pre-written script to add to your website. Have a look here: http://www.cgi-resources.com. This website provides many CGI programs, many of which are low or NO cost. Some of their scripts could make great traffic generators for you if you use them on your site in a highly relevant fashion.One of the biggest advantages of this web business model is you don’t necessarily have to pay for any advertising. A good press release might be all you need, particularly if you are providing something unique. The hard part is coming up with a good idea. But if you can, because you are providing a valuable free service, word of mouth can get round very fast.Model No.3 – One Product PageIf you have a hot product that you want to sell, then create a good sales page and focus all of your marketing efforts towards bringing that page to people’s attention. When you present just one choice at your site, you decrease any distraction which may come from offering multiple alternative pages.Getting interested people to click through to this web page can produce excellent profits, but this is also the hard part. You will probably have to pay for all of your traffic so a well thought through pay-per-click campaign may be your best choice for this business model.Model No.4 – Affiliate ProgramsA popular website model for new webmasters is to create a site that catalogs many different (but hopefully related) products within their site. To do this you will either need a number of different affiliate programs to sign up with, or you’ll need to join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or Clickbank. These bring a huge number of affiliate programs together – under one roof as it were (i.e. all available through the same intermediate provider).In order to make this work you have to develop a specialized site. It needs to be an information source primarily, but definitely not a sales pitch. Your visitors will want to be provided with up to date information related to their subject of interest which brought them to your site in the first place.You have an unlimited array of possible subjects to choose from, but you should opt for something that interests yourself very much. This way you’ll have no problem deciding what other people with the same interest will want to read, learn or talk about.Within this context you can then have recommended products directly related to whatever you think people will be interested in, so long as it is genuinely related and of value to your readers. If your visitors value your site and are interested in your opinion you will make sales.The real beauty of developing this kind of site is you can potentially do very well in the search engines, and that can provide you with a lot of free traffic. I have provided lots of information to help you with this at my site; http://www.websmart-marketing.com. Working your pages around popular keywords is how its done, and when people type these words into their favorite engine, you want your site to come out as close the number one spot as possible.Each of these website business models represents a possible online business for you. Can you integrate the one which interests you the most in with your favorite hobby or pastime? What do you enjoy doing the most? What do you like to think about when you have the free time. Whatever this is, there’s probably a wide audience of people with the same interest. Why not build them a website they can visit. You could find it relatively easy to make money at the same time.Best wishes for your future.–Publishing Guidelines: This article may be copied for use on websites or ezines providing it is not altered in any way (which includes the small “article by” paragraph at the end) and all links are live and clickable. If adding to a website I have made it easier for you, simply copy from this html version: [http://www.websmart-marketing.com/ibs.html] (c) Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Patience – Don’t Start Your Business Without It

In this world of instant gratification, there is still a place for one of the keys virtues known to man, especially for the work at home entrepreneur: Patience. Patience is defined as bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance with calmness. It also means persevering; constant. Why is that so important for someone who is starting or is operating their own work at home business? Let me explain by telling you my story.I found out the importance of patience through a mistake I made several years ago. I enrolled in a work at home business in the mid 90′s. But, instead of being patient, I decided quickly that it wasn’t for me and I moved on to another opportunity. Well, I decided that one wasn’t for me either and I moved to another, then another, and another. Finally, I ran across an opportunity that really appealed to me. I found it on a simple web search. I clicked on the guy’s website, signed up, and waited with anticipation for more details. I mean, this was exactly what I was looking for. I patted myself on the back for being “patient”. After all, I hadn’t wasted my time with those other opportunities, right? Well, it turns out that this new opportunity was the same work at home business that I had started to begin with! So instead of not wasting time like I thought, I had wasted several years but not sticking with the original opportunity. Ha d I been patient to start with, there is no telling how far up in the business I would have been.Through the years, I have learned the importance of patience in several areas of the work at home business Entrepreneur.First, you need patience to get to know your new business. It’s kind of like getting to know your spouse. Would you give your marriage 30 days and say it’s too hard and leave? It takes time to get to know them. Your business is no different. A genuine work at business will offer you some type of training. You may need to go through the training several times to get the idea of how things work. You need to get to know any products you offer by studying them and giving them a try yourself. You need to understand the compensation plan so there will not be any surprises down the road when you get your commission checks. You need time to understand exactly how you are to promote your business. Be patient and you will gain the understanding you need.Next, you need patience in dealing with and getting to know your customers/affiliates. When I first started my online business, I e-mailed my sponsor 2 or 3 times a day. Sometimes I asked the same question over and over. But you know, he was always nice and kept helping me, although I know I was getting on his nerves. His response to me was one reason I kept going. I knew deep down I could be a success and he kept reminding me of that fact. He was patient with me. Not everybody will reach your expectations. Some will join you and drop out in a day. Others will last a month and quit. But you will find quality people that are like you. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. Just be patient.You also need patience in promoting your business. Advertising takes time, both in the time it takes to do it and in seeing results, as well as finding the best way to promote your particular business. Just because you start a business doesn’t mean people will come flocking to it. It takes time to get the word out, both with online and traditional advertising. It took several months of promoting my website before I got my first customer. It takes time to send out follow-up letters to customers/affiliates you get as a result of your advertising. Advertising takes time but it will work.In closing, let me say you need patience in the day to day running of your business. This may be the area that patience is needed the most. The thrill of getting started is wearing off. The actual work has begun. It seems that nothing is happening. Day after day, week after week goes buy. You start thinking, “I knew this wouldn’t work.” But then it happens. Someone joins your program or you sell a product. The thrill is back! You are rejuvenated! Life is good. This is the feeling that you need to hang on to even when things don’t seem to be moving. This should be your focus even when that little voice is telling you that you can’t do it or that you should give up or when patience is wearing thin. It may not happen overnight but you can be a success. But remember, anything worth having is worth working for. Make up your mind you are going to give it time. Be patient!!

How to Tackle the Three Major Stresses Associated with Every Home-Based Business

Owning your own home-based business is by and large a very rewarding, exciting endeavor. You can set your own schedule, and be where you want, when you want. You can oftentimes forego the commute to a “regular job” and save money on gas and other “niceties” that are expensive in the work-a-day world, such as lunches, parking fees, etc.There are unexpected pitfalls and disadvantages, though, in the owning and operating of a home-based business. Some are psychological, some are emotional, and others are purely physical. The unexpected stresses of a home-based business are really one of the major obstacles that need to be overcome by business owners. Many new business owners are unprepared for just how much stress is involved, actually.Home-based business stresses usually fall into three overall categories:1. Psychological : Employees, Finances, Legal, and Operations2. Emotional: Family, Friends, Change of Personal Routines, Personal Disruptions, Isolation3. Physical: Sedentary Lifestyle, Poor Eating Habits, OverworkMany business owners, in order to prevent the psychological stress will have plans in place for dealing with these particular stress factors, prior to their occurrence. This is a proactive approach that is infinitely better than having a reactive approach to these occurrences.Each business owner should have a financial plan in place for the times when orders or clients are few and far between (slow times), as well as a good accountant to call when necessary. Each business owner should also have a lawyer who they trust and can turn to for advice if necessary (we do live in a very litigious society). And each business owner should have a plan for sickness among employees and hiring and firing protocols firmly in place. Machinery and replacement of business supplies should also be well planned in advance, and purchased according to well laid out plans for expenditures.Leadership skills will need to be developed, as a new business owner who is used to being part of a team, will find working alone and “being in charge” a somewhat difficult transition at first. Books on leadership skills abound and it is a good idea to do readings on the development of these to proactively avoid the psychological stress that comes with this change in roles. Working alone and making decisions alone is quite different from the conformity and decisions made within a group.If a proactive approach is taken, the psychological stresses of a new business can easily be prevented, or at least lessened.The emotional stresses of a home-based business are usually a bit more difficult to ascertain and tackle when they occur. Some of these stress factors can come directly from well-meaning family and friends, unfortunately, and the approach is of course, much different. Since a home-based business is directly tied usually to the home life of an individual, there is less chance to escape these stresses, than with a traditional method of employment. A new birth in a family, a death of a loved one, illness, or simply a change of schedule of another family member, can greatly impact the daily workings and routine of a home-based business.In addition, family and friends may view the business owner as “being at their disposal” all day now, as the business owner is now “home” much of the time. These well meaning individuals may call or visit all the time, and also expect the business owner to take care of their needs before the needs of the business. This is simple human nature, but is very distracting for the business owner. The only way this can be successfully overcome is to make plans well ahead of time for any changes in routine, if possible, and adjust the schedule accordingly as the changes occur. Well meaning family and friends need to be told with certainty that there are “business hours” and “personal hours” and a business owner needs to remain firm in their resolve in regard to these issues.Stressing over emotional stress will just escalate an already stressful situation.Another unexpected emotional stress comes many times from the feeling of isolation and loneliness that business owners may experience. Business owners many times are unprepared for the time they now find they spend alone within the parameters of their home-based businesses. A home-based business owner, while relieved to leave the workforce, sometimes does not realize that the workforce provided social opportunities that are now missing from their lives. Many hours may be spent alone each day, which can lead to loneliness and even depression in some cases.The best approach to combating this type of isolation is to actively plan social opportunities. Planned outings with family and friends should be made regularly. Business owners may also join community groups that expose them to other business owners or others within the community. The local Chamber of Commerce and other volunteer groups are a great way to make connections for the business and also enhance the social experiences of business owners. No one can exist in a void, so the social aspects of a business can’t be ignored.Finally, owning and operating your own home-based business brings with it some purely physical stresses. Like most office jobs, a home-based business can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, as owners may spend most of their days in the running of the business, either slumped in an office chair, or hunched over a computer, depending upon the requirements of the business. Because of the long hours involved in any business, business owners may also eat “on the run”, grabbing whatever is at their disposal, rather than planning meals, which compromises their nutrition. The sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to weight gain and other physical ailments associated with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles: high cholesterol, lack of energy, loss of muscle tone, and a deficiency of vitamin D from being indoors more than usual.The sedentary lifestyle is the easiest however, of the stresses to avoid or to change. All it takes is a dedication to an exercise routine that includes some form of daily physical exercise, and an adherence to a diet that is well planned and nutritious. Just some planning is needed and some will power in order to stay focused on achieving physical activity daily and good nutrition. It would be beneficial, if at all possible, to join a gym or health club, as the physical and emotional stresses can be avoided by belonging to one, as a gym also provides social opportunities. Even a simple walk each day can increase exercise, exposure to sunlight, and create social opportunities.A tendency to do too much each day, is a syndrome many business owners fall prey to also. Overwork can leave anyone run down, and open to many diseases as the immune system becomes compromised. A business owner is of course, very excited and energetic about the business, which can lead into this syndrome of overwork. A schedule should be maintained to combat this syndrome, with set hours for “doing business” and set hours for “relaxation” included in each day. Trying to do too much all the time just leads business owners into a decrease of productivity, rather than an increase of productivity.As you can see, having a home-based business, while very rewarding in many ways, can have many deleterious effects on the physical, mental and emotional states of business owners. Many business owners fail to plan for these changes, and yet, if planning is done, the negative effects can be minimized to a great degree.If a business owner takes care of themselves and their own needs, overall, the business will also profit from this positive behavior! A happy, healthy business owner means a happy, healthy business!

Turn Any Hobby Into A Part-time Business

If you are planning on beginning a business, your best bet is to start out part-time while you are still earning a full-time income at your present job.If you are like most people who are existing from payday to payday, you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a full-time business. No need to worry! Just use your favorite hobby as your business base and grow from there!There’s no telling where you’ll be at 2 or 3 years down the road. Perhaps you can even tell your present boss to “take that job and shove it.” Wouldn’t that be great?Using your present hobby or favorite pastime as your business base has many benefits. Why? Because ANY business you decide to become involved in should be doing something you LOVE, something you believe in, something that you would work at NO MATTER what income it would generate.This will give you the stamina to see your business through the beginning hard times and times when there is more work to do than you can handle. We all know the feeling of doing a job that we hate to do.With jobs we dislike there is no way we can give it 110% of our abilities because we procrastinate getting through it and just want to get it over with. That’s why it is vitally important to dearly love the product or service you have chosen to build your business around.Do you like cooking? Start a recipe newsletter for others who like the same thing and sell your recipes by publishing a simple booklet. Do you enjoy making crafts? Sell them online. (be sure and mark up the price for shipping and handling).Do you enjoy writing? Write a small booklet or how-to manual and sell it as an ebook. Do you enjoy computer programming? Write a program and sell through shareware groups or even through your own affiliate program.Just about anything you love doing can be magically transformed into a business opportunity for you. Start educating yourself by reading and researching other home-based businesses.Businesses that claim to put you in business overnight should never demand a large amount of money from you. On the contrary, legitimate businesses have nothing to hide and should invite you to learn the “whole” story behind their claims.Another good move on your part is to invest a little time in online business forums. Many are free, and the valuable information you obtain from actual people who are in business is something that will be extremely valuable to your education.Yes – it’s that easy! Of course, this is only the beginning. As with any hobby, it will take time to realize a profit but think of it this way: Most people that have a hobby know they have to spend money to take part in their hobby. It only makes sense to invest money in advertising your hobby to others so you can eventually make some of that money back in sales for your own business!

Noise in the Workplace Chapter 2

In my first article I introduced you to the nature of noise in the workplace and three methods of sound reduction and control. The three major methods of sound reduction and control are masking, absorption, and deflection.Now we will discuss these three methods of noise reduction. What they involve, how they work and which is best and why.Masking:Masking is covering the noise up. Usually with background music or white noise which is a low level of noise at many frequencies so that it cancels out some of the background noise.Masking is quite inexpensive and does work ok, in most situations, but some people do not like it at all and find it more annoying then the noise.In some cases this problem can be overcome by strategic placement of the background masking music or noise and or by using a mixture of the methods of noise reduction.Absorption:This method is probably the most popular indoor method of noise reduction. Absorption is a method where some material is used to reduce noise in the room by providing a surface that makes the noise energy weaken. This is usually accomplished by shaping the surface so that sound is reflected many times there by reducing the energy.Some newer foam materials not only bounce the sound around but actually transform the noise energy to heat energy making an even more effective noise reduction surface.These surfaces are usually covered with a cloth finish to match the interior and can be cubicle walls or even hanging barriers. Some can be custom finished and even can be in the form of pictures or logo’s.Deflection:Defection is commonly used out doors like along side of freeways or roadways such as block walls or earth walls or berms. Trees and hedges can even deflect and absorb noise, but as this is mainly for outdoor use we will not discuss it more at this time.There are many methods and it is probably best to use a combination of methods that work best for each unique situation.Chris HamptonArizona Acoustic Art

How to Promote Your Home Inspection Business

As a real estate agent I have attended many home inspections. I have found over the years the same few inspectors doing a majority of the inspections. As a realtor I am almost always asked by my buyers “who do you recommend?”. And I always explain to them that my employer does NOT allow me to refer home inspectors for reasons of liability. I usually tell them to check in the phone and make sure they are licensed etc.Last summer I started asking my buyers were they found their home inspector and almost all of them said “ONLINE”. I had one home inspector perform four inspections. Every buyer said the same thing “He was the only one online that had his prices posted”.It makes sense, as a real estate agent I already know that %70 of homebuyers start their search online.Homebuyers want INFORMATION. They dont’t want numbers in the phonebook they want to make an informed decision before choosing a home inspector.So as a home inspector the best way to promote your business is get it in front of %70 of the buyers, online.There are many home inspector directories online. You best bet is finding one local, or creating your own site.

Time to Play

One of the biggest challenges faced by solo-entrepreneurs is scheduling personal time – time away from the business. It’s particularly challenging when you’re first starting your business. Your natural impulse is to throw everything you have into your business – time, money, energy – but that may not be the wisest course of action.Spending your entire day living, breathing (and if you spend that much time in your business – dreaming) your business, you’re bound to burn out – or at the very least, not be as effective as you want to be.Consider these tips:Out To Lunch:Whether you work in an office or at home, you need to take breaks and recharge your batteries. You’re not going to be able to concentrate on closing a sale, writing a proposal, or crunching numbers if you forgot to eat lunch and sugar levels are scrambling your gray cells.Post Your Business Hours:Sounds pretty obvious but establishing work hours even if you work at home, sets boundaries and helps you pace yourself. I’ll admit it, this is the hardest tip for me to follow in my own business. I love doing what I do and have a strong workaholic tendencies and probably a slight addiction to e-mail :-) I’ve learned, however, that it’s crucial to set business hours and not give in to the temptation of being available 24/7. Most days I can stick to the hours I’ve posted and some days I can’t – the trick is learning that the to-do list will always be there and prioritizing your projects and deadlines.Take A Break:Don’t be afraid to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take a break and make sure you not too tired to play with the toys you’ve bought with all that money you’ve earned. I regularly take myself offline for a few hours once a week and just catch up on housekeeping (invoicing, billing, writing my newsletter) and schedule time off one day per month and spend the day singing, or writing, playing tourist in my hometown or enjoying a day at the spa.Why not take a mental health day now and then? In school, you didn’t think twice about playing hookey. Now that you’re a grown-up, why not take a day off for fishing, surfing, shopping, or reading.For some reason, now that you’re the Boss, it’s harder and harder to get away and take time for yourself. Try this tip: schedule a regular appointment with yourself. Block time off in your calendar and don’t make that time available to anyone else (clients, family, friends).Remember:Set your hours and take a day off. All that work will still be waiting for you in the morning!

Finding a Mentor: Thinking In a New Box

One of the main tenets of internet affiliate marketing is the belief that all you have to do is offer your downline an easily duplicated system, and they too can be successful.I’m asking you to climb out of that box and offering you another one to think in for a while.What’s wrong with the easily duplicated system? First of all, the word “easy”. My experience with using the words easy, computer, and internet in the same sentence is that whatever the sentence expresses will be true until it isn’t. In other words, your statement will sooner or later prove false.Case in point: I went to my bank yesterday, to make a “simple” deposit. It’s always very simple because all I have to do is approach the teller, tell her what I want to do, give her my bank card and the cash, and she does the rest. Easy.Enter the computer and the internet. Turns out that yesterday the computer system was down. Not only that, but it was nationwide. Not only that, but it wasn’t just my bank, other banks were experiencing the same problem. Can you spell “hacker”?…what was easy the day before was still easy, but the big unknown was when the system would “know” that my money was there and send it where I wanted it to go. Easy to deposit, not so easy to pay the rent.A few days before that, it was a hacker into my website’s server…no website for a couple days…you get the idea here. No guarantees.Now for “easily duplicated system”. The word easy is subjective, what’s easy for you may not be easy for me. I can’t argue with a system being duplicated…but the ease and success rate cannot be guaranteed. Not only that, but the element of serendipity is in there also, which is basically being in the right place at the right time, and that quality is immeasurable. It can change at any time. There is absolutely no way of knowing until you aim and fire whether you will hit that target or not.There are so many variables that it boggles the mind. So basically what you are left with is Russian roulette: the system will work, until it doesn’t.The new box I’m offering you is empty. First we’re going to fill it with a few babies.Babies?? you say. What the…??You’ve heard the term “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Babies and bathwater is what I call all the advice you get from the experts, the mentors, those who have gone before and accomplished wondrous things. I’m asking you to think of what they offer not as The Gospel According to Joe Blow, but as babies and bathwater. You have to sort out the keepers from the disposables.If you read the advice of many many many “gurus” you will hear a few things said over and over…the value of developing and marketing your own (often information) product; developing an opt-in list; marketing via autoresponder to this list; identifying a niche market; aligning yourself with one, then another, ultimately a few good affiliate programs that fill the needs of your niche market; building a website that offers information and affiliate links to this market…and then the big unknown…staying on top of trends, learning to identify what the next big trend or product or service or tool will be and getting in on the ground floor…maybe creating that floor.A big part of the serendipity is actually sensing where you want to be in the near future and getting there before the crowd arrives. Following your intuition, based on knowledge from studying, asking, listening, evaluating and making an educated guess, may be your most important business tools, and this is not easily duplicated. Once you receive a message from your intuition, you set yourself a goal, decide on a series of objectives that will culminate in reaching your goal, develop action plans to reach each objective, and then get started.Once you reach your goal, you say aha! Success! (if you’re lucky) Now I have a duplicatable system I can market to wannabees.Only problem is, there are no guarantees. The crowd can get there faster than a speeding bullet. Someone can move the target.Duplicatable systems have their uses. They help newbies get their feet wet, provide the guidance needed until there is a sense of “how things work.” It’s this “sense”, intuition based on knowledge, that is really what an affiliate marketer wants to develop. No one can give this to you, but a good teacher can give you a baby or two to put in your box.My elderly father talks of life before refrigerators; as a boy he watched ice blocks being delivered by horse-drawn wagons. His older brother was born the same year (1903)that the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane (the longest flight was 59 seconds.)My mind is boggled by the changes my father has seen in his lifetime. “Progress” has progressed at an incredible rate of speed. What will we see before we are elderly? Obviously the key here is imagination…The mark of a true mentor is being able to nurture the apprentice’s ability to study, ask, listen, evaluate, interpret, and hear and listen to his OWN inner voice. A true mentor builds courage and stimulates imagination and creativity. A true mentor walks his talk…he just keeps going and growing.A pretty interesting box we’ve created for ourselves, eh?