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The Importance of a Focused Business Plan

So you have seen a great opportunity and are about to get started. Where do you go from here? Before you dig in, I cannot stress enough the importance of a well laid out business plan. You might then be asking, how do I plan and set goals if I don’t have a clue what I’m going to achieve and in what timeframe? This may be true, but your business must have a foundation on which to start from. You are going to start your home business because you see the potential of this opportunity. Now, to realize this potential, you should plan on how you are going to turn this into success.Get your diary and write down your goals, how you are going to achieve them and in what timeframes. Be realistic with your timeframes. Nothing when starting out in business will happen overnight but I guarantee that the businesses that started out with a plan achieved their goals quicker than the others. Being distracted from your initial business goals is so very common in today’s business world especially on the internet. It is very common for an entrepreneur to start a business and then see other areas where the business can grow.A common theme is an entrepreneur starting out maybe with his/her own product website on the internet. He/She achieves a little bit of success, see’s another avenue where the business might grow and dives in without thinking. It might work, but the odds are against it. In the meantime his initial planned strategy is being totally neglected of resources and time. Multiply this scenario by 3 or 4 and you’ve got a problem. You will end up dabbling in different areas and not totally concentrating on one.This goes back to my earlier point, it will not happen overnight. You have to give your business time. You will probably work the hardest and be the most frustrated for the first 8-12 months. If you can focus on the business plan goals for this time period, your odds for making it are much higher. Try to ignore the other opportunities for the time being, at least until you get your business off the ground. When you get to that stage, then the fun starts and then you can try other things knowing that you have built a solid business which will be there to protect you if your other ideas don’t work out.

How to Pick a Business Opportunity

Browsing the internet there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing resources and a person often gets overwhelmed by the sheer choice of programs, products and services they offer.When looking for a business opportunity you should look for 6 primary qualities:1. Integrity – Does the company have a reliable track record/history?2. Value – Is the company providing a valuable service/product?3. Training – Do they provide you with quality marketing training and materials?4. Support – Is it easy to contact them and do they reply in a timely fashion?5. Compensation plan – Is their compensation plan fair and do they pay on time?6. Investment – Is the opportunity free or inexpensive to join?All these qualities are important when choosing a business opportunity.Too many people jump in to an opportunity that promises them mountains of gold, only to find themselves ripped off after the opportunity seems to have disappeared into thin air or is gone bust.Affiliate Programs:These are programs that let you promote other peoples products/services and pay you a commission for each buying customer. Affiliate programs can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing when you promote your business..Network MarketingPrograms that pay a recurring commission based on the amount of members in your downline or matrix. These members pay a recurring fee to the network marketing company and you earn a share of that fee as compensation. Not only do you earn on your personal sales, but you also earn a percentage of the sales your downline members make. The beauty of these type of businesses is that you do it once and get paid as long as the person you enrolled stays a member.With Network marketing programs having a training and support system in place is crucial for your business’s success, now and in the future. Its all about people helping people, in order to receive you must first learn to give. If you help your newly joined members to build their new business you will build a relationship and bond of trust. Because of that they will soon be in profit and best of all this will also profit you because when they enroll new members you will earn a share of that sale! You do something once and get paid for as long as the person stays a member and/or buys products/services.Creating your own Product(s)Nothing beats selling your own product, you keep all the money in your pocket and you are not dependent on a company to pay you a commission.Creating your own product is easier then it often sounds. For example, you could write your own E-book and sell it for a price you decide. Your E-book can contain references to resources with your own affiliate link, it can literally become a viral marketing tool that will earn you money over and over. In fact writing your own E-book is one of the secrets many “guru’s” use to build their businesses.People say “but I don’t have a topic that I can write about?” Often that is not true. For example, write about something you like, your hobby for example. Lets say your hobby is gardening, you could write an e-book about growing flowers. Or say you are a computer wiz, then you could write an e-book about how to build a computer etc.Often people do not realize that the product is right there, they just have to dig in their own mind and/or knowledge to discover it.To your success!

The Art of Being Specific Encourages Focus

Being specific has often been difficult for me. I like to dream big and incorporate everything all at once. That is why going from a hobby to a career w black porn ith Rothline Entertainment (http://www.rothline.com) was more difficult than it needed to be. Rothline Entertainment debuted in August 2003 specifically focused on marketing computer and video games and PC software.However, it took me a while to focus on the specifics. Fortunately, I had the help and advice of my parents, siblings, and spouse. I wanted Rothline Entertainment to start out big; offering video games, movies on DVD, card and board games, and anything remotely related to entertainment. My ideas were overwhelming and deciding where to start was difficult.Like any new business with a limited budget I needed to start small, be specific, and be focused. I had to start brainstorming and writing down ideas. I had to focus on what I can do now not what I want to do later. Before I wrote everything down and began to be more specific, I felt stressed and nervous about starting the Rothline e-commerce site. Once I was able to get the specifics written down I began to feel more relaxed.I know it has been said many times before but it does not hurt to say it again; “the art of being specific encourages focus.” This means that once you can specifically write down you goals in manageable steps you can then be focused on following through on those goals.I start out each day writing down specifically what I need to do that day. As long as keep doing that it makes my days less stressful and I accomplish more. It has been difficult to start and keep that habit going but the benefits have been very rewarding. I can tell when I have not been following my written goals for the day because I feel stressed and lost. I remind myself to go back to my list and start focusing on accomplishing the goals I have listed.Being specific helps one to look at the small pieces of the puzzle. Puzzles as you know can be overwhelming when you 1000 pieces scattered about on a table. But by taking a look at one piece and then a second piece, one can then being to specifically identify where each puzzle piece goes.Being specific is a discipline that most people can learn and use. To start and run a business take a specific look at you advertising plan, marketing plan, budget plan, etc. You don’t have to take a look at all of these elements at once and if you do you will be overwhelmed. When you are overwhelmed you are stressed.

7 Tips to Setup your Budget for your Home Business

Every Home Business entrepreneur in the world has a clear and well defined goal: to earn money with his/her Business. Then the next question would be: how can we know if we really ,,earn”or are just losing money? Allthough it sounds trivial, it is not.I assume that only in few cases a fellow home business entrepreneur will be able to have an own accountant to calculate the Profit/Loss sheet. So you may need to help yourself. Let’s go step by step. Setting an own Budget could help you to know ,,when you are in plus”and when the opposite is the case.A Budget is nothing else as estimating costs and income. As every ,,prediction”, calculation and reality could differ. Thus it is your task to review your budget from time to time and adjust it based on real numbers. The ,,real numbers”are the ,,actuals”you get from your business. The ,,budget”is the estimation of your costs and income. There are several applications on the market to perform the mentioned steps. For the beginning, you can use a calculation sheet.1) Choose the periodicity of your budget. Usually you may choose weeks or months. This means you need to calculate every cost to a weekly or monthly basis. I.e. if you pay for your autoresponder 120$ a year, the monthly costs are 10$ and the weekly costs are equal 120$ divided by 52, getting 2,31$ per month2) Make a complete list of all recurring costs you already know: i.e. Web hosting, Residual Income Fees, your autoresponder, lead subscriptions and so on. Make a complete list with all costs you already know. Consult your credit card statements and search your Paypal account for subscription payments. Transform the costs to the unity of time you have chosen in step 1 (i.e. monthly or weekly).3) Now make a list of all ,,one time”payments you plan to have this year, and calculate the accruals for the periodicity you have chosen in Step 1. Example: you plan to buy Internet Marketing Literature for 300$ this year (this is your Budget). You could calculate then a monthly ,,costs”of this literature as 25$ a month, or 5.79$ per week. If you have purchased equipment (i.e. Hardware), you need to distribute the costs amount the life of the product. I.e. one PC usually is used for three years. If you pay 1000$ as one time payment, you can distribute the costs over three years, giving 333.33$ per year or 27.7$ monthly, or 6.41 $ per week. This is call ,,depreciation.”. If you now that after three years you may sell the PC for 200$, calculate the depreciation accordingly, starting now from 800$ (1000$-200$). As you see, Hardware is not as expensive as you would expect, from the financial point of view.Add the costs obtained in step 3) to the list you have already prepared in step 2). Now you have the complete list of your estimated monthly or weekly costs.4) Now we come to the most interesting section: your Earnings! Obviously you can be in ,,plus”, only if your earnings are higher as your costs. This sounds again trivial, but is not easy to achieve.Most of the Internet Marketing Newbie’s would expect to be ,,in plus” after a very short period of time. This is unrealistic. As you have seen in the first steps of the calculation of your budget, you may consider Hardware, Literature, Marketing spending and other costs that in the first months do not have the corresponding earnings. Thus, it is absolutely normal that you may have a period where you are ,,in minus” for a while, till you reach your ,,break-even point” (earnings = costs).But let’s come back to the earnings. In Internet Marketing, your earnings are derived from sales. There are either direct sales or indirect sales from your downline, if you are driving an MLM like business.Here you will see that the estimations of earnings is obviously much difficult then the estimation of your costs. Ideally, you may express your earnings as a percentage of your marketing spending. If your marketing effort is not able to produce sales, you may review it and look for other marketing strategies. You need to achieve that every penny invested in marketing lead to internet income. IF you have tracked properly your marketing campaigns, you may be in a good position to estimate your ,,conversion rate” (the percentage of your clicks that lead to sales) and thus, can express your earnings as a percentage of your marketing costs.Example: you are running a Campaign with PPC Search Engines to promote your business. You pay 0.05$ per click and achieve 300 clicks a month. Your corresponding recurring costs of 15$ a month are already considered in your budget. Your conversion rate may be 1%, so you expect three sales per month. If you get 8$ per sale, your monthly earnings are 24$ a month. This means your profitability is 25% (24$-15$) / 15$. For every advertising dollar you get 1.25$ sales.The total profitability of your business will be lower, since you need to consider the total cost and not only the PPC marketing cost.The problem may consist that at the beginning you will not know the conversion rate of your campaign, so you will need to work with estimations. Once you have the real numbers, review your estimations based on that numbers. Your Budget will get more and more accurate, the more data you can provide.5) Now you can build your Budget based on Costs and estimated earnings month by month.You may decide to ,,reinvest” part of your earnings and increase your marketing spending month by month.It is time now to put all data into your Calculation Sheet. Start building columns, one column per period (week or month). Per each period, reserve two columns, one for your budget and one for your ,,actuals” (your real numbers).Divide your rows in ,,Earnings” and ,,Costs”, subdivide them in several rows for your earnings (in the case you are working with multiple programs, reserve one row per program) and one row per each cost element identified in the steps 1-2.Reserve a Row for a sum of all your cost elements (per period) and a corresponding row for the sum of all your earnings (per period). At the end, add one Row with the difference of your earnings minus your costs.Now you are in the position to see period by period, what is the ,,net result” of your business. You will see immediately if you are earning or losing money.As already mentioned, it is absolutely normal that in your first months (or years?) you will have more costs then earnings. This is the case for every business. However you should be now in the position to ,,predict” when your ,,break-even” point will be reached (total earnings = total costs, per period). You may decide to invest more in marketing activities if they seem to be profitable, or save costs by reducing your recurring expenses.6) Review your budget on a regular basis. The more data you have, the more accurate your budget will get. Calculate period by period your conversion rate and monitor the results of your marketing activities. Put the results back to your budget and create new Budget ,,versions” for that purpose.7) Now run your business! Your Budget is now a powerful instrument to give you a good financial basis if you are on track or not. Some people have the tendency to oversee spending and overestimate earnings. If you feed your budget with real data, it will give you an instant view of the results of your entrepreneurship! Most of the CEO´s of the world are doing exactly that. Of course financial aspects are important, but can not replace your Vision and Strategic thinking. But it can ,,bring you back to the earth”, if your strategy and vision is too ambitious, but can not be financed.

Tax Time Tune Up

Save yourself money and stress by using these quick tips to get a jumpstart on your taxes. Tune up your own paper file system, or use the file system kits to make sure this year goes better than last April 15!Simplify Your Taxes Paper Tips:1) Get an archive box or file crate to hold all your last years tax-related files and forms.2) Write the Year, Begin Date and Beginning Check Number on the outside of your check register. If more than one, number the registers to make it easier to find the right one. Full registers go in your tax box by year.3) While sorting your mail put all 1099′s, W-2′s, and any tax-related material into your tax box. Use color accordion file folders in your “tax box” for incoming tax documents.Have a good filing system, but getting bogged down in old records?4) Pull last years financial files, any business expenses, proof of income and any tax related items.While you are taking old files out, make the replacement new file folders for all of your regular home and business or personal financial and legal documents.If you have no working filing system for your home or business, I recommend you sort out last year’s papers for taxes and archiving after setting up the FileSolutions ® color-coded pre-printed file system kit for this year that fits your needs. You can check out the Home and Small Business file kits for yourself at the link below in the Author Resource Box.Computer Tax Preparation tips:5) With tax preparation software, you can finish your federal and state returns in about 90 minutes-if you’ve completed the steps above. I use TurboTax to do my own taxes. Then, I have a tax professional check my return for less money than it would have cost me to have my taxes entirely prepared by a CPA.You can use Intuit’s TurboTax program online for FREE if:• You qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit• OR You were age 62 or older• OR You were age 22 or younger• OR You served active Military duty (including Reservists & National Guard).If you are used to H.R. Block tax preparation they have an online program or software you can use to do your taxes. Both H.R. Block and Intuit provide free prep and e-filing for simple (employed with W-2) filings.I’m not comfortable putting my private information “out there” over the time it takes to prepare my return. The sense of security I get from knowing that my information stays on my own computer is worth the $29.95 cost of TurboTax and I can still e-file.6) On the other hand, my favorite CPA recommends filing your taxes electronically. This saves paper and long lines at the post office on April 15. Both the service provider doing the filing and the IRS check the return for errors when you send it. Then, you correct it and refile with no penalties.Computer Accounting program tax tips:7) Whichever financial software you use (Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money), print out your register for last year. Add it to your tax archives in the same way you would put in your checkbook registers.8) BACK UP your year-end accounting data.Make a backup copy of the software itself from your original installation CDs and save it in the same box you archive your data. This is critical if you upgrade your financial software, or you switch from one program to another.9) My financial advisor recommends printing out reports you use for taxes and checking for any errors or missing deductions by tax category. Catching mistakes and fixing them now is a lot easier than on April 14th!After April 15th tax tips:10) Separate and put all current and older tax related files into archive boxes. Mark each archive box on the outside by tax year(s). 11) Put a printout of your calendar/date book and phone message book in the tax archive box – it’s all proof of business use.12) Place the archive boxes with prior years records into storage after putting all related tax backup documentation into it. Include a copy of the tax return itself, as well as the essential 1099s, W-2s etc.Use these tips and you’ll never again end up saying, “I can’t stand to do my taxes this same crazy way ever again!” Less aggravation means fewer errors and a better result – even if you pay the taxman instead of getting a refund.Bonus Special Year Round Tax Tips:Select which credit cards you will use only for business, household, and personal. Keep one card for web transactions only. Keeping only one credit card for web use limits your exposure to fraud.At month end, use your credit card statements, auto/ transaction log and checkbook to track expenses for your ledger or computer program instead of chasing all the receipts. Between those and your bank statements, you’ll get a quick review of your current month’s financial status.Keep a transaction log for auto mileage and miscellaneous transactions. You must have a log to deduct auto expenses, and if you have a log the IRS does not require that you keep receipts for expenses under $75.00.You can easily set up your handheld device (e.g., Palm Pilot) with an Expenses Notes section to record your business expenses. It is up to you to qualify for as many small business deductions as possible!Copyright 2010 Eve Abbott All Rights Reserved.

3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Home-based Business

A lot of people do not realize that entrepreneurs play a big role in our society.When you put the total number of entrepreneurs together, they count as the biggest financial contributors to our nation’s wealth. If only politicians would give grants to finance small business start-ups, the economy’s growth could be hastened.Knowing the obvious financial rewards and the important role to society of business owners, many individuals aspire to be entrepreneurs. The fact remains, however, that several business start-ups fail and never take-off from the ground because of one thing : the lack of adequate and sufficient knowledge on how to start a profitable business. In this article, I will attempt to give practical strategies on how to run a successful business start-up.First: find opportunities in your own backyard. Look at the demand side by observing your neighborhood. It is good to assess the close-to-home demand for starters. Aside from familiarity with the area, familiarity with the customer will be an enormous advantage.Your neighborhood is not strictly your home address. It can be any area that you may be familiar with. It can be the university vicinity. After all, a student spends more time in school vis-a-vis his home. Familiarity with the demand in the area will reveal these business opportunities.Therefore, an aspiring entrepreneur would simply continue this statement:” How I wish something like this was available in school while I was a student! And this is…”Similarly, one could say about home:” How I wish that something like this were available near the place where I stay! And this is….”To cite an example: you are into baking cakes. Why not check if there is an opportunity to supply your local diners with your baked products? Find out if the neighborhood needs another supplier of baked goods. If there is no such demand in your familiar area, look for another area where your supply has its demand.Statements like these indicate a desire for something that is not yet available in the area. This approach is based on one’s familiarity with the demand.Secondly, choose an opportunity that brings out the best in you. Do not choose an opportunity purely because of its income potential. Income is a natural consequence of the entrepreneur’s passion as expressed in the enterprise set-up.Nevertheless, before choosing the opportunity, spend sometime defining your personal vision, mission, and values. This is a key foundation of great entrepreneurs. They know what they want for themselves, (personal vision).They know what they live for (personal mission). They know what they live by (personal values). These three items constitute the foundation of passion.Equally important is doing a personal assessment. What are you good at? What are you not good at? In other words, you must know thyself. Great entrepreneurs know themselves very well.Only when these are satisfactorily answered can you decide which opportunities are to be seized. It is noteworthy, however, that when opportunity-seeking is made, it is not pre-screened by personal wants and capabilities. Do not screen out opportunities just because you do not have the capability to do it. Seek and identify the opportunities that are present/available in your area. Thereafter, screen them against your personal vision, mission, and values. These screened opportunities are those that you can be passionate about. You will be passionate about it because it will serve as a vehicle for you to achieve your personal vision, mission and values.After having decided which opportunity to pursue, seize it. Seize it very quickly since the windows of opportunity are open and but can close just as fast. Keep in mind that you are not the only person who is looking for opportunities to seize. Remember that there are others who have eyes, ears, and other senses to identify opportunities. Entrepreneurs seize with swiftness of the wind.Lastly, use your personal assessment to guide you in determining how this opportunity can be seized quickly. If you have the capabilities to do it by yourself, then do not wait any further. Implement it at once. Additionally, if you do not have all the necessary capabilities to do, immediately identify, source, and mobilize them right away. Implement at once. Do not be big right away. Start small, relative to your resources and capabilities. When your business model works, there will be plenty of people willing to lend money to you. Implement at once.People who wait for some body else to successfully operate the business before proceeding on their own are not entrepreneurs. They are investors and are not necessarily entrepreneurs.Real entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to start moving. Real entrepreneurs are pioneering. They are entrepioneers.

A Home Office on a Budget

Home offices are all the rage right now. Some individuals choose to work from home to be closer to their families, while others set up a home office to keep up if they are ill or unable to come into the office. Whatever the reason, you will need a basic list of supplies to get you started. By shopping online, you can help stick to a budget and make the most out of your purchases.Where you shop is not as important as how you shop. The key is to create a budget and stick to it. Compose a list of the items that you need, such as computers and office supplies. Then begin to bargain shop for the items on that list. For each item get at least two or three price quotes, to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible. I like to use e-coupon sites for my home office supplies. You can get free coupon codes to a wide assortment of websites, and start saving immediately. A great place to find these coupons is CouponChief.com.Your first purchase will probably be a computer. You can go with any one of the major manufacturers, just make sure to compare specs and prices. Office furniture and office supplies will also be on your list. Keep in mind that you can design your home office however you see fit. A computer desk that may be inappropriate for a corporate office may fit perfectly with your home décor. So, spend a little bit of time reviewing your options. You can save money by buying a piece of furniture that requires some assembly.Last but not least, don’t forget the artwork! Buying discount artwork online is a cheap way to brighten up your surroundings. You can choose one of a kind pieces, or save money by buying prints. Compare the prices for framed and unframed artwork. You may be able to save more money by framing the artwork yourself. If you are artistic, consider making your own wall art.Setting up a home office can be a lot of fun, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. With a little bit of time and research, you can find discounts on just about anything you can think of. So spend the extra money on the fancy business cards, or that business trip to Hawaii.

Have You Done Your Market Research?

You’ve just decided to start an online business. You have a great idea for a product, the adrenalin’s pumping and you’re anxious to get started.One important question — have you done your market research?I know –market research, how boring!But before you tune out and disregard the question, think about what it will take to start your online business. Chances are you’ll be investing large amounts of time, energy and money, so don’t you want to make sure your product or service has potential? You bet you do! Otherwise, all your efforts and money could be wasted and your business may become another online casualty. It happens all the time.So, before you get too anxious, consider the following:Is there a market for your idea?Don’t assume because you, your family and friends love your idea, that it’s going to be a profitable one.There are 4 things you need to consider:- What is the online demand?- Who’s your Competition?- What kind of profit can you make?- Online DemandThe simplest way to find out if your product or service has potential is to simply find out what the online supply and demand is.This is done by taking the supply, or the number of competing sites for a product or service, and dividing it by the demand, or how much the product or service is searched for. The lower the result, the better.For example, let’s say you want to sell ‘porcelain dolls’ but you’re also considering selling charm bracelets. Let’s see what the better choice might be by looking at the supply and demand.My search engine of choice is Google, so when I type in ‘porcelain dolls’ into Google it returned 3,630,000 competing sites as of this writing.My keyword search tool of choice is Overture, so when I type ‘porcelain dolls’ into the overture search term tool the results are 17946.When I divide the number of Google’s competing sites by the number of Overture search count, the total is 202.27 (3,600,000 / 17946 = 200.60)Now let’s do the same thing for ‘charm bracelets’. At the time of this article Google returned 1,950,000 competing sites and Overture returned a count of 50417. The result was 38.67 (1,950,000 / 50417 = 38.67).Charm bracelets is the winner because the ratio between searches and the number of competing sites will make it easier for your site to be found.This is online demand in its simplest form but it will give you a good idea of what you are up against.Next you must research your competitionAlways know what your competing sites are doing and how they are doing it. Let’s say you decide to sell those charm bracelets. Type ‘charm bracelets’ into Google and take a good look at the first few pages of listings that come up. Look at each site and study it. Make a chart and note the following for each site.- What products do they offer?- What are the strengths and weaknesses of each site?- What information or services does each site provide?- What did you like or dislike about each site?Once you’ve compiled your chart, this will help you determine how you can make your site better and what information or services you might want to include that would offer better value and/or service. The key here is to find out what is out there and how you might deliver it better.What kind of profit can you make?Profit is calculated after all your expenses are met. It’s basic business 101 but sometimes online business owners forget that.If your porcelain doll cartoon porn cost you $10 and you sold it for $30 you may have made $20 but your profit may be lower. You also need to take into account what it cost you to make that sale, advertising, website costs, merchant account costs, shipping, etc.After expenses, 30-50% can be very good. Anything more would be ideal, however if you can’t show a profit after expenses it won’t be worth your time.Study your competition, keep your costs down, keep your price competitive, offer something free if you can, stress your value and be sure to take all facets of cost into account.

Medical Transcription: A Viable Work At Home Career

Are there really viable work at home jobs out there? This is a question that I’m asked almost daily. The fact is, there are most def milf porn initely careers that can be done from your home and there are people who are actually successful in those jobs. One of the fastest growing industries happens to be one that can be done from home: Medical Transcription.>>A Growing IndustryMedical Transcription/Billing is an industry that is exploding. It’s prestigious and in demand. According the the U.S. Department of Labor, “Employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2010. Demand for medical transcription services will be spurred by a growing and aging population.”Transcription is one of those jobs that many people know can be done from home, and so the interest level is very high. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there trying to capitalize on that interest. The results are over-priced and sub-standard courses.All too often, I receive emails like this one from one of our readers. She wrote:Hello Sharon,I am emailing you to inform you of a work at home job listing that I contacted in our local paper. It was concerning Medical Billing at home. The name of the company is *****, Inc. They sell software for Medical Billing purposes. Before I sent them any money I decided to check out their website www.******.com and then the local Better Business Bureau from the area that they are located which is near Los Angeles, Ca. The report came back today and it is not favorable. I thought you might want to know about this supposed home based business so you could inform your other members and visitors.Sincerely,MargaretThis is what inspired me to research the field and determine what the options are for those who are looking to enter it.>>What Do Transcriptionists Do?Transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals and transcribe them into documents such as operating room notes, autopsy reports, discharge summaries and other documents which then become part of a patient’s medical record. In order to be able to transcribe information accurately, medical transcriptionists must understand medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, and treatment.>>What Kind of Training Must MT’s Have?In the course of my research, the first thing I learned was that you can’t just jump into a career as an MT without training. This is a detailed, professional (and fascinating) career which requires technical knowledge. The American Association for Medical Transcription defines the requirements this way:”Medical understanding is critical for the professional medical transcriptionist. The complex terms used in medicine are unlike the language of any other profession.Medical transcription requires a practical knowledge of medical language, anatomy, physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, laboratory medicine, and the internal organization of medical reports. A medical transcriptionist is truly a medical language specialist who must be aware of standards and requirements that apply to the health record, as well as the legal significance of medical transcripts.Reports of patient care take many forms, including histories and physical examinations, progress reports, emergency room notes, consultations, operative reports, discharge summaries, clinic notes, referral letters, radiology reports, pathology reports, and an array of documentation spanning more than 60 medical specialties and subspecialties! Thus, the medical transcriptionist, or medical language specialist, must be well versed in the language of medicine. “.Medical transcription is a medical language specialty, so you can see that it requires not only the proper training, but also an investment in reference materials and a commitment to ongoing learning as technology and terminology changes. Equally important to the long-term success of a Transcriptionist is having the right personality for the job. Some qualities that successful MT’s share are:Independent by nature Word Specialist Perfectionist Detail oriented It’s also important to note that most companies require candidates for telecommute MT positions to have on-site experience- as is the case with most all telecommute jobs. In many cases, 2 years of experience working in a hospital or doctor’s office is required. If this is a field that you are truly interested in, getting those 2 years under your belt and then being qualified to telecommute is a pretty good deal.>>Training OptionsThe second thing I found was that there sure were a lot of courses out there. They ranged in price from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand! I was overwhelmed! It was then that I realized that I would need some help. I found a great place where working MT’s hang out and support each other. If you are seriously interested in this field, you’ll want to visit this site. It’s called MT Stars (http://www.mtstars.com).The course that I decided to recommend at 2Work-At-Home.com is offered by MedTrans, Inc., which has been in operation for almost a decade. Founder Mary Park-Youhanaie began by working from home as a medical transcriptionist. She saw the opportunities that medical transcription could offer to other individuals. When Med Trans, Inc. began hiring transcriptionists and then discovering that more training was needed, Ms. Park-Youhanaie decided to draw on her past as a college level educator and medical terminology training to develop Medical Transcription Made Easy.Whichever course you choose, just be sure to do your homework by checking with the Better Business Bureau and asking for references.The bottom line is, for the right people, Medical Transcription is the real deal when it comes to viable work at home careers.>>ResourcesMedTranshttp://www.2work-at-home.com/transcriptionAmerican Association for Medical Transcriptionhttp://www.aamt.org/MTStarshttp://www.mtstars.com