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Don’t Fear Your Home Business Competition

You have taken a great deal of time and put forth effort seeking out a home business opportunity that matches your individual desires, skills and goals. You have registered with a legitimate and supportive program and you have taken the time to create a detailed written business plan for yourself. You have researched promotional methods and strategies and perhaps you have even begun to create your own web site. You feel primed to move forward with the initial steps you have so carefully structured.One potentially serious pitfall needs to be avoided at all costs. Some new home business entrepreneurs develop a mindset that they “want it all” and perceive all others promoting the same or similar products, services, and opportunities as the “enemy”, and they begin to develop a fiercely protective attitude towards their new business. Fear of your competition will not steer you toward your goal of independence; rather it will propel you towards isolation.I would invite you to take a daring step outside of yourself and reach out directly to those you might perceive as “the competition”. In doing so you are highly likely to encounter numerous friendly, helpful entrepreneurs just like yourself, some of whom have made quite a success of themselves with their home business.There are many sources for seeking out and interacting with similar minded entrepreneurs. The program you have enrolled in no doubt has numerous forums and if not, do a web search for home business forums and make a habit of visiting them and begin to make yourself known. Post your questions, concerns, and ideas in the forums. You will absolutely receive responses from other enthusiastic home business owners. Get to know them individually and exchange email addresses. Strike up friendships and share your goals, methods, and hopes. If you have a web site, swap links.There is no reason to protect yourself from or avoid others in your field. Those who develop their business with a stance of protectionism and isolationism are likely to remain in isolation and indeed may fail as a direct result. A network of friends and mentors within your field is a tool that you will come to find invaluable as your network will aid you in sharpening your goals, direction, and strategies. The Internet is a vast place and there is ample business for all who are dedicated and apply a well-laid out strategy. Seek out and befriend those in your field. Don’t make the mistake of shunning them. You won’t be sorry!

Mystery Shopping – Mysterious Way To Improve Customer Care

Performance analysis and mystery shopping is crucial for any modern business. It is an important part of improving quality of service and enhancing sales so that the business progresses and rules the market. The company that proves its competence gains maximum number of clients.The stores and companies try out various ways of improving their customer services. They go out of their ways to find out where the drawback lies. Some managers do it stealthily but the smarter ones hire someone else to do the job. Mystery shopping service is one of the mysterious ways of building the relationship with the customers.Whenever you decide to hire a mystery shopper service, just make sure that you hire the reputed one. A good company would sit with you to discuss the evaluation sheet so that the results are exactly the way you are looking for. The mission of the mystery shopper after this would be to enter your store or shop and locate the areas of deep concern that had created hindrance in the growth of your store.Telephone Mystery ShoppingTelephone mystery shopping is another aspect of mystery shopping that ensures that the customers’ calls are attended well and their queries are answered properly to rectify their confusions. The procedure is the same; a mystery caller would call up in the store and gather the valuable information regarding employees’ performance.Telephone mystery shopping is the most reliable source of gauging the customer services over the phone. If the managers themselves call in the store there are chances that they may get caught or their findings could be biased. Whereas a thorough professional mystery shopper would definitely know the ways to carry out the survey so that the best results are obtained in the end. They take large sample of calls, gage specific aspects, and study data in ten different ways.Whatever be the type of mystery services provided by the company telephonic or otherwise, it is counted as best if it is flexible, have years of experience, depth and a good background. To compare the services of good companies browse the Internet. You can also get help from web vendors that provide excellent tools so that you can enhance your level of phone services.Good phone service is the key to customer satisfaction. Picking up the phone and inquiring about the type of products and services offered is the general practice among the customers. To answer these calls appropriately you need skilled and trained customer care professionals in your shops and stores. There are some companies that provide pre-evaluation screening of the employees. It helps to highlight the good and the bad qualities of the employee before recruiting them. It is very helpful for the stores.There are various companies that have been imparting performance analysis programs in the form of video mystery shopping, training services and telephone mystery shopping. Many UK and overseas businesses including the big and famous showrooms to small retailers, all have benefitted from the these mystery shopping programs, especially the telephonic mystery shopping one. Through these programs they have managed to,● Get an insight picture of what opinion do their customers hold for their products and services.● Expand their businesses on the basis of higher customer satisfaction.● Learn about the problem areas of their employees and ways to improve them.● Retain more sales associates, as there is increased feeling of satisfaction in them.Customer satisfaction should be the first priority of any business. One can opt for mystery shopping not only when one has started out but undoubtedly it is needed more to maintain the standards of one’s store.

I Can’t Wait To Got To the Dentist!

I had a dental appointment this morning. I loved every minute of it.Well, okay, maybe I didn’t enjoy every minute. But, I did look forward to it weeks in advance, and I woke up happy and exhilarated at the thought of going to the dentist this morning.Really, I did!By now, you’re thinking, “Boy, Heidi’s been playing Chinese checkers on her computer screen way too long and is more than a marble short!”While I won’t argue with you on the one-marble-too-short claim, I did have a motive for my anticipation.You see, I’m a mother of four children all of whom I homeschool. I’m also and entrepreneur and co-owner of a successful business which I run out of my home. You can imagine how hectic my life is on a daily basis.What does this have to do with the dentist?In two words…READING TIME!Now, like all good entrepreneurs, I get my hands on everything I can to read. I have walls of bookcases filled with books and courses on marketing and other entrepreneurial delicacies. I have books on my bed stand, magazines in the bathroom, binders of printed eBooks in my car.I, literally, have reading material with me everywhere I go, even on dates with my husband. Actually, we usually end up talking business over dinner and then going to the bookstore.Neither of us can imagine running our business without the wealth of knowledge available to us.So…As my dental appointment drew closer, I excitedly went through all my reading piles to select one bit of reading material that had been screaming at me for the last month.Ahhh, a chance to sit quietly with no children, no interruptions, no phone calls…just myself and my book. Oh, yes, and my pencil for taking notes.I was a reading maniac, soaking in every word.So, where in the world is this article going? I’m going to make a confession to you…My husband and I both attribute our success to the knowledge we have gained through reading and studying, and then…putting that knowledge to work.Actually, I have another confession to make…The quest for knowledge to become successful never ends.It doesn’t matter which successful entrepreneur you talk to. They will all have these things in common: they have boatloads of books, they read everyday, and they view their marketing efforts as a continually evolving and learning adventure.So, I issue you this challenge. Turn off the T.V. tonight and find something worthwhile to read that will help your business or your personal growth.And, if necessary, make an appointment to visit the dentist.Copyright 2004 Heidi Perry

Finding Profitable Products For Your Online Business

Emerging entrepreneurs from around the globe would like to try their hand on online marketing. Where to start and what to sell are the first stumbling blocks for these aspiring entrepreneurs.Fortunately, entrepreneurs can overcome this state of inertia given the right guidance. This article aims to guide and stimulate your creativity on how to generate one’s online product.To cash in from the marketing advantages of the Internet you must first provide a product. There is an exsisting theory in marketing on on existing pattern people buy products.Significantly, product must be something that people want not what they need. If you offer only what people need you may not get a strong demand for your product. It is a fact that people buy based on emotions. People have to justify their decisions to buy after making a purchase from an emotional standpoint.To put it another way, people will always make a decision based on emotion and justify it logically. The product must be able to grab the interest, desire and inspiration of your potential customers. Interest, desire and inspiration will trigger the emotions, which will create a “want” of a product. This is a key concept if you want to have a successful product online.Some people will be at a loss in finding a product. A good program for a beginner is to join an affiliate partnership. An affiliate program allows anyone who has a website to sell and promote a product in exchange for a commission. Affiliate merchants pays between five percent (5%) to seventy five percent(75%) commission. The job of an affiliate is pretty easy. There are no products to develop, carry or ship and no orders to process and refund. All the hard work is handled directly by the affiliate company. The popular affiliate companies are, Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, Be Free, Click Trade Link Share, among others.Another method for searching products is during the Christmas season. Whatever the economic class they fall into, as a rule, people prepare for gift giving. A pervasive sense of generosity fills the air, and seemingly, people have more money to spend. The last 2 “ber” months are the best time to look for opportunities.To cite an example stall in most malls are a good venue to look for new products. These stalls also are a good place to see if the potential product will actually sell and can be sustained by the market. The workplace is also a good place to find opportunities. There are a lot of corporations looking for Christmas giveaways. Because of budget constraints, corporations always look value for money. Since people may be too busy to go and shop, one can avail of the informal market place tucked under the desk of the enterprising employees. This mode can be a promising outlet for the potential product. Staff also organize exchange gift programs and create the need for daily or weekly gift-giving that leads up to the annual office Christmas party.On the other hand, executives are looking for presents for their staff, their peers, and boss. On the other, rank and file look for gifts for their bosses. Indeed more opportunities in November and December, that one will ever get in the other ten months of the year given the general propensity to spend at this time. If your product cannot sell in the next 45 days. It will certainly be more difficult to do so later.I hope this article was able to stimulate your creativity. Pull out your new product ideas from your thinking cap. Incubate them now and find out if they have an economically sustainable market. Be sensitive and monitor how the market reacts to them.Most importantly, It is not enough to have just a product. If it does not sell, you must find reasons why it did not sell.

Why Start a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol

Neighborhood Watch Programs are worth their weight in gold. As a small businessperson you can protect the community and your business by joining others to patrol the city during your normal daily business activities. You might be saying, but I am really busy why should I do this? Well when your town has a crisis from kidnapping of a child or another unthinkable crime, you will know why. The more intelligent thought would be to start a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol before something terrible happens in your community or a crime on your small business. Let me tell you why I invented the Neighborhood Watch Patrol in early 1990s.About 15 years back one of our franchisees had some equipment stolen from his work truck in broad daylight. When he returned to find the equipment missing, no one would reveal who had come near the truck; the witnesses did not want to get involved. That is when The Car Wash Guys decided that they would get involved. Although many of us live in great communities with little crime that does not mean any of us should tolerate any crime. We believe a Zero Tolerance goal is by far the best policy. By uniting the entire community and working together we can decrease the crime we do have and make our community one of the best places in the World a person could ever want to live. We each have a great community and intend to keep it that way. We want our community to be number one in our state and our citizens, friends and families to know that we are all looking out for them and they are looking out for us. No longer will the temptation exist for an unethical situation to occur. The criminals will know that our town is a no fly zone and that it is not only a police car that they need to be concerned with. They will be caught if they attempt anything by the first person who sees them. The ice cream man, the school bus driver, an electrician, a plumber, a pool cleaner, a real estate agent, anyone and everybody will be observing while driving around in their normal course of business.Now more than ever, it is important for all Americans to be observant and help protect their own communities. Learn how to watch for potential arsonists, suspicious behavior, and be aware of people on the government’s “wanted” lists. Together we can prevent crime. To my eBook and a complete downloadable step by step plan to build your Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program use the web address below:http://www.lancewinslow.org/nmwp.shtml

Running Your Own Business

We need to imagine that we’re running a huge, multi-million dollar money churning machine in order to achieve that kind of status. It’s pointless to say that we cannot expect to expand our business widely if we’re running it in an irresponsible manner.You have to imagine that you have a boss kicking you – mental or physical – either way, someone’s got to do some kicking. Most likely it’s either an imaginative boss or just you, mentally telling yourself to pull up your own socks.In order to do this, you need to know the basics about running your own business. And here are some articles to help you along your journey to self-empowerment.1. Make this a habit. Talk to yourself. It’s a really simple thing to do. Step in front of a mirror and start talking. You’ll find yourself getting the hang of it. There’s nothing more powerful than self-empowerment or self-lecture, in my personal opinion. Even successful authors and self-help gurus can tell you the same thing – talk to yourself.Everyday, get in front of the mirror, dress yourself up real nice and then start talking. Start motivating yourself to move forward, talk about the things you need to achieve for the day, the to-do list, the total sales for the month, the number of people you will approach and talk to today about your business…etc.It’s not silly. There was one time my son, Joshua, caught me talking to myself in the bathroom mirror and he asked me, ‘Mamma, are you talking to the mirror?’ and I just bluntly told him, ‘Josh, Mamma’s in a meeting. I am talking to myself. Excuse me, yeah?’ and you know what he did? He shrugged and walked away without saying another word.2. Your to-do list is like your lifeline. Organize yourself and write a to-do list everyday. You need to religiously write down the things you’re going to be doing for the rest of the day either in the morning (right after brushing your teeth) or you have to do it the night before. Either way, your to-do list have to be so handy that you can’t do without it. I should be big enough to write a whole toilet-roll length of things to do but also small enough to fit into your handbag.I have a small business designing and printing bookmarks and notepads – so, I use them and place them in my handbag. Whenever I am watching TV or answering nature’s call or something and a thought hits me, I grab the notepad and jot it down. At night, I will review it and write down some more. During the day, I refer to it and tick off in bold red pen the stuff that I have done.3. Draw the line. Yes, you need to draw the line between home and business. The importance of this cannot be downplayed. Yes, we all stayed home to start a home-based business because of a personal preference or because of our family – either way, being home makes it easy for us to be lazy.If possible, don’t combine your bedroom with your office. But we’re not all as lucky, like me. My bedroom IS my office and that is precisely why I had to struggle for the first few months, getting adjusted to the fact that I am not allowed to touch my bed or cushy chair while I am at work.When I sit on the computer and start working, I would have to tell myself out loud “Start working now – get serious”. It’s true, we have to be serious about our work and our business. Otherwise, no one would be serious about us, our products and our work. It really reflects on the way we do things.4. Be available. One of the biggest point for me, is being available all the time. That’s why I have the tagline: The freelancer that never sleeps. Not only does it reflect my commitment to my job and work, but it is also quite catchy. There have been times when I have answered to my client’s calls and emails in the wee hours of the morning (I work better at those hours) and they commented, “Gee, Marsha. You really don’t sleep, huh?”. And I just smile.Obviously, being human, we all have to sleep.But it’s how you organize the time and also make yourself available whenever you know your client needs to reach you. Being in the Internet Business, I would have to be available to clients everywhere, considering the fact that some of my clients are physically located halfway across the globe. I still hold conferences with them over the Internet using my Voice Conference Room. I have my Chat system and also my Instant Messengers up day and night whenever the computer is on, or whenever my son is playing his Barney and Mickey Mouse softwares on the computer, it is still on. When someone is trying to get me, I would still know.5. Selling doesn’t stop. I have no idea why some people have such reluctance to accept the fact that even MLM companies are legitimate businesses. Sure, we cannot deny the fact that some of the products are just so WAY OVER PRICED because of the commission structure that the company has to pay out, but it IS still a business.And the reason why I am using MLM companies as an example is because of this – selling never stops.In a business, you never stop selling, not even when you’re sleeping. You eat out for dinner with your family and there are potential customers everywhere. You sleep, and you dream about a new way of penetrating a new market. You’re having coffee with a close friend and your friend’s boss’ niece is a potential client.So, we all need to learn from MLM-ers. Selling never stops, unless you want the sales to.

10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Find More Time

It’s occurred to me lately that I don’t feel like there’s enough time to do everything I want to do in my business. Between working with clients, writing books and articles, teaching/training other professionals, marketing, and just living a good life, there seems to be less and less time in each and every day.As I was thinking about what to write about for this article it occurred to me that, perhaps, writing about time management for entrepreneurs would be a good topic so here we are.If you, like me, are feeling a bit crunched by everything you want to do, here are some tips and strategies I’ve used to help things move along:1) Do a life assessment and get clear on your top priorities for each day/week/month. I tend to do it daily, and then check it again weekly to make sure I’m on track – you might find some other combination works better for you. In this process, you get clear on where you want to focus your energy and it can help you make decisions more quickly if an event arises that is not a life priority. You can more easily decide how or whether to focus on it right now.2) Use the 80/20 rule to your advantage. By now, you’ve probably heard something about this principle which states “80% of your success comes from 20% of your efforts” so you, as a small business owner, want to figure out where YOUR most profitable 20% is and spend the majority of your time in those activities. For me, my most profitable activities are working with clients, creating multiple income streams and creating time each day to be inspired. What are yours?3) Ask for help. If you are a person who feels that you need to do everything yourself, this tip might make you uncomfortable. I’d encourage you to try this anyway. I’ve found that, by hiring assistance, I’m actually able to produce much more in much less time. It’s wonderful to feel like my projects are moving ahead without my having to follow up on each and every detail.4) Automate. As much as possible use technology to your advantage. This might mean getting email access on your cell phone (if you are in the car a lot) or taking the steps to get your website up and running with important information or it might mean learning how to use autoresponders or packaging your knowledge in such a way that people can purchase it at any time. Whatever it is for you, automation is a great way to multiplying your efforts. The biggest complaint I hear about this is the time involved to set it up. However, the great thing about automation is that you set it up once and it runs from there.5) Simplify. I’m finding that, as I get busier, it’s more crucial for me to simplify my efforts. The more I do this the easier my business is to run. For example, I’ve just recently moved almost entirely to accepting payments by credit card which diminishes the need for frequent bank trips to deposit checks. I have also put clients on recurring billing so this saves time and effort of invoicing each month. Simplification is a great tool for finding more time.6) Consolidate. You might know, by now, that I run several websites and several newsletters. It’s becoming more evident to me that consolidating some of my efforts would help my business run more smoothly. Where are places in your business that you could consolidate your efforts and get more return on your investment?7) Leverage. This concept refers to obtaining multiple uses out of materials you’ve already created. It takes a certain amount of mobile porn skill to do this well, but once you get in the habit, you can exponentially multiply your returns from a one-time investment of your effort. In creating new materials for your business, continually ask yourself, “how can I use this again?”8) Vision. By staying connected to the big picture/big vision for your business, you will be more often inspired and find yourself more in “flow”. During “flow”, you can accomplish great things in less time so spending time each day being inspired by your vision will help you save time.9) Chunking. This strategy refers to completing similar types of work all at the same time. You might implement this in your business by making a running list of calls to return and then setting aside a block of time dedicated to accomplishing this (or, even better, having one of your assistants accomplish this). It’s more effective and a better use of energy, where possible, to accomplish similar tasks all together. Same goes for writing, scheduling clients, etc.10) Analysis. Keep track of what’s working really well in your business – what are you feeling proud of? What are customers complimenting you for? What should you be doing more of? Also keep track of where you feel things could be done better? What are customers complaining about? Analyzing your business and its progression over time will often point out places where you can simplify, consolidate, or change in order to save more time and work more easily.I hope, after reading this, you’ve come up with some inspired actions that you can take, today, to find more time and create more joy in your business.Make more money and have more fun!(c) 2003. Dr. Rachna D. Jain. All Rights in All Media Reserved

Strategies for Creating a Niche Business

The customer told me, “My immediate goal is to get more customers into my business. My second agenda is to move slowly towards becoming more specialized as a business.” Here are the six steps we used with this business owner to make his transition to a niche business.MarketingWe completed an exercise that evaluated his current marketing efforts. (Yellow page ads, brochures, networking, professional referrals and other forms) What was working? What was not working? We dropped the losers. As part of the marketing analysis, we implemented 2 new marketing approaches. The result of these efforts identified his best marketing strategies.Customer AnalysisWe completed an exercise that identifies his current customers. Who are they? How do they buy? How many are there? What do they buy? Where do they come from? Why do they buy from him? The result of these efforts was an understanding of his current customer base and the foundation for his new business niche.Customer Referral ProgramWe worked with the business owner to develop a customer referral program. Th customer referral program added another tool to increase the current customer base. The result of these efforts was in increase in his current customers.Unique Marketing MessageWe developed with the business owner a unique marketing message. Why and how did he differ from his competitors? Why should customers buy from him and not his competitors? What benefits do customers receive from his services and products? The result of these efforts was a marketing message that was unique and special. This will be used as a foundation for future marketing efforts.Customized Selling ModelWe completed an analysis of the current one on one selling model he was using with customers in their home. What materials did he use? What was the sales presentation? What were the words used? How can this sales model be made more effective? What materials will help to distinguish his business from other bidders? The result of these efforts customized a sales model that made him more effective in his current selling situations.Management SystemWe create a simple management reporting process. This involved record keeping, goal setting and testing the different strategies being used by the business owner. The result of these efforts will be ongoing data on what is working and what is not working for his business.By using these six steps over a 3 month period of time, the business was able to increase the number of customers and create the foundations for building a business niche.If you want to learn more about how you can use niche building strategies to increase your profits, email me at al@hanzal.com. For more articles on small business issues click www.innovativesellingskillsforsmallbusiness.com.Copyright Al Hanzal, 2004. All Rights ReservedHanzal Enterprises, Inc.4191 Granite CourtEagan, Minnesota 55123651-495-3340

Home Based Business Opportunity: How to Select an Online Business Opportunity to Work from Home?

You a housewife getting bored with daily routine?You are tired of working in jobs and desire your own business?You have retired and looking for some business opportunity to earn money?You are a student and looking forward to earn some quick bucks without missing out your studies?You are working and just looking for an opportunity to earn extra income?Well! these are some of the reasons why people opt for various home based business opportunities.There are lot good home based business opportunites, home business opportunity, work at home business opportunity, Internet opportunities, Online business opportunity on Internet, but it is important for you to find the business opportunity program who you like to work with and understand and would give time and efforts to work within years to come.Running a business form home is fun, being your own boss, setting your own business hour, but be aware of people around you! Its easy to forget time and surroundings, make your working hours clear, and dont let your dear ones suffer from your business, rather show them that this can be done from home in a normal matter of efforts and time..And opting for doing business online gives you chance to work from anywhere anytime. You have the comfort and freedom of working from your home. All you require is an Internet connection.One such well-liked upcoming business opportunity is selling Prepaid calling cards Online.Statistics of PREPAID CALLING CARD INDUSTRY have been very impressive:- Prepaid calling card industry is a $5.6 Billion industry and growing at 10% per annum (over a half a billion dollar annual growth) in USA- Online sales of cartoon porn prepaid calling card industry products are growing at over 230% per annumThis enormous online growth attributes to the fact that prepaid calling cards are the perfect “e-deliverable” service – with customer fulfillment within seconds!The use of pre-paid calling card products crosses all socio-economic and ethnic groups which means a broad-based income opportunity for people doing this business online.Prepaid calling cards being a Web based business opportunity, so before you venture into it, remember following things which you will require:- Ecommerce website which has to be 128 bit SSL secured- Web hosting and site maintenance- Order processing facility- Real Time Sales Reporting- Product line- Inventory management- Customer CareTake a look at an online business opportunity program which i’ve opted at [http://partner.nimbustel.com]. Its a prepaid calling card business partnership opportunity in USA which i found to be very good and reliable, and this business is for real. Earning upto 18% on every sale generated from my website.They provide everything needed to run a successful online ecommerce business. Their Managed services include operations, administration and accounting. So you can focus on Selling!Further you’ll have access to everything you need to maintain your online store, generate sales, and monitor your progress 24 hours a day via your online administration console.Also provides 24/7 Live chat customer support services, Fraud management services etc.These are some of the reasons why I believe that doing prepaid calling card business is the best home based business opportunity in USA.May these home based business opportunity insights help you start your own web based business and achieve objectives interms of money and success.

The Future Of Partnering

Partnering between home-based businesses is a natural result of corporate downsizing. Many professionals who have left large companies and started home-based businesses are successful and don’t want to return to milf porn the corporate world, but they recognize the need for and benefit of alliances.Partnering will continue to gain respect and recognition among home-based entrepreneurs seeking top talent for short and long-term business needs. Across the scope of business today, joint-venturing is in. When it comes to partnering, the home-based business has an advantage in flexibility, overhead structure and unique sources of talent. In other words, getting together to combine the best of talents, the best of direction and the best of enthusiasm is a win-win situation, period.A couple of examples would be: you partnering with real estate agents, and brokers in regards to lease purchasing; or to use a specific company for inspections or clean up of the property. Or contracting with a web designer to design pages for your clients.Tips for Effective PartneringChoose your partners carefully. Be sure they have the skills and abilities you need, and share your level of commitment. Define the scope of the partnership. Are you working on an equal basis, or will one of you function as the managing partner? What roles will each partner play? How will the compensation be calculated and distributed? Put it in writing. A detailed, well-crafted partnership agreement prevents misunderstandings, memory lapses and future conflicts. Develop and stick to an operations plan. How will the work actually happen? How and when will the partners interact? Plan for the unexpected. How do you plan to handle problems and resolve conflicts? If a partner wants to dissolve the agreement, who ends up with what? Set a minimum “no exit” time period. New ventures take time to become productive. Make a mutual commitment to stick with the partnership long enough to give it a chance to prove itself. So, who do you want to partner with?Copyright 2004 DeFiore Enterprises