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Common Question: Is This Business Viable?

Starting any small business is, for lack of a better term, a challenge. You can’t just jump into it without plenty of thought and research. Running your business is a never-ending roller coaster of good days and bad; ups and downs; rewards and failures; all from which we learn.An even bigger challenge is starting a business in an industry that is still very young and filled with competitors who have similar skill sets and who are vying for clients in the same target market as you. The Virtual Assistance industry is an example of this. It is still trying to make a name for itself and the entrepreneurs that make up the industry have similar professional experience and similar prospective clients.But, that doesn’t mean that this type of business can’t be viable and successful. It takes a lot of work but the opportunities are endless. Think about it… as VIRTUAL workers, and with so many advancements in technology, it is much easier to offer our services to a wider market. We are no longer limited to advertising to local markets. The Internet makes it possible to expand our markets and our creativity.So, what can we do as entrepreneurs to ensure our businesses are successful and to stop the doubts we have any time business is slow whether this business is viable?Tops on the list is … MARKET, MARKET, MARKET. As small business owners we need to be in “marketing mode” all the time, no matter where we are or what we are doing (well, almost ALL the time :-) . Our brains need to be trained to make us think like we aren’t in business mode but if we spot something or hear something that may help our business to build and succeed, a light bulb should go off. An idea should start building and our creative juices should start flowing.We also need to be shameless self-promoters. If the chance comes up to mention your business, go for it. And, as shameless self-promoters, we can’t be afraid to ask. When you are talking to people, be sure to mention something special that you do or offer. For example, let them know where they can read your articles and that they are free to re-publish them if they have a newsletter or other publication that could use some content. It works for me :-) Speaking of articles, this is one of the best ways to market your business. It is a process of writing, locating areas where you can have them published, and then waiting for people to take notice. It then starts all over again. But, writing articles helps to establish yourself as an expert in your field. I wrote my first article about 4 years ago and I wrote about what I knew…. what it was like to be in the startup phase of running a business. As I experienced different and new aspects of my business and my industry, I wrote about those too. I then offered my articles to editors of online and print publications. After 4 years, I look back at my writing and see that it has gotten better (IMHO) and I still see some of my earlier articles show up in publications.And don’t forget to make a page on your website where you can highlight your articles.So, pick up your pen or warm up your mouse and write about what you know. If database design and management is your specialty, write about the capabilities that most database programs offer. I bet you that a lot of people have no idea how much a good database system could help streamline their business. If newsletter design is what you do best, write about the benefits and the options that people have for offering an online newsletter. Be creative!Another great way of marketing yourself and your business it to “toot your own horn”, cause if you don’t, who will? The big companies have PR departments but as a small business owner, that is just another one of the hats we have to wear. If you win an award or obtained a certification or any other newsworthy accomplishment, let others know. Announce it on your email discussion lists… share your good news.You can also toot your own horn by putting announcements on your website. Find a spot on your homepage and make a special box or graphic to highlight the achievement. If it requires more of a description, make a page that your homepage special links to and put all the information there.There are many other ways to keep the viable doubts away and many other marketing techniques that you can try. Take a look at some of my other articles for some ideas. You can find them at http://www.docutype.net/press.htm. (See… shameless self-promotion and it didn’t hurt a bit :-)

Don’t Wait to Enjoy Life – Do It Now!

Sound Familiar?:- The average credit card debt is over $8,000 and is expected to grow at least 10% each year.- The average car debt is $12,750.- The average mortgage is $184,000 at an interest rate of 6.75% and a monthly payment of $1,193.Such conditions lead many people in search of business opportunities that might offer a greater chance at financial security. Unfortunately, many of these “opportunities” require high investments and expansive inventories and come with an alarming risk of failure. After getting burned a few times with these opportunities, many individuals return to the “rat race”, convinced there’s no way out. Well, that pretty much describes me.But you know what? Any of us “little guys” CAN succeed if we’re just provided with the right opportunity! You can be assured that your dreams of a healthy retirement savings, debt-free lifestyles, increased travel, home improvements, child college funds, time with children, and much, much more can be achieved with the right opportunity for you.It’s true that people actually DO NOT want to just be given money. They just want an opportunity in a world where it’s getting tougher and tougher to find. Many of the hundreds of thousands of people out there who either haven’t made it or don’t want to continue in the corporate world are hard workers, full of potential, and full of enthusiasm.I can tell you that there are companies that provide anyone, anywhere, with the opportunity to enjoy quality products and build a thriving home business. Well, here’s what I’ve come to expect of any business worth my precious time, and I believe it’s worthy advice:- no risk and no major investments other than time and commitment- the joy of helping others improve their health and finances- achieving a balance between work and family is a real possibility- you don’t HAVE to quit your regular job or invest your savings- you can work from home and create your own schedule- unlimited income potential- no pressuring customers to purchase- no inventorying- a financially sound company with a long track record of success- company produces unique products that people LIKE to buy month after month- has loyal customers with a high reorder rate- provides an opportunity where anyone can build a successful business- is CONCERNED about its customers, their homes, and the environment, thus producing products and services that promote wellness for every aspect of life

How To Start A Profitable Home Based Business

In these days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet with just one source of income. Thus, more and more people are investigating the possibilities of starting their own extra-income business. Most of these part-time endeavors are started and operated from the comfort and privacy of the home.Most of these people are making the extra money they need. Some have wisely and carefully built these extra income efforts into full-time, very profitable businesses. Others are just keeping busy, having fun, and enjoying life as never before. The important thing is that they are doing something other than waiting for the government to give them a handout; they are improving their lot in life, and you can do it, too!The fields of mail order selling, multi-level marketing, and in-home party sales have never been more popular. If any of these kinds of extra income producing ideas appeal to you, then you owe it to yourself to check them out. But these aren’t the only fields of endeavor you can start and operate from home, with little or no investment, and learn as you go.If you type, you can start a home-based typing service; if you have a truck or have access to a trailer, you can start a clean-up/hauling service. Simply collecting old news papers from your neighbors can get you started in the paper recycling business. More than a few enterprising housewives have found success and fortune by starting home and/or apartment cleaning services. If you have a yard full of flowers, you can make good extra money by supplying fresh cut flowers to restaurants and offices in your area on a regular basis. You might turn a ceramics hobby into a lucrative personalized coffee mug business. What I’m saying is that in reality, there’s literally no end to the ways you can start and operate a profitable extra income business from your home.The first thing you must do, however, is some basic market research. Find out for yourself, first-hand, just how many people there are in your area who are interested in your proposed product or service, and would be “willing to stand in line and pay money for it.” This is known as defining your market and pinpointing your customers. If after checking around, talking about your idea with a whole lot of people over a period of one to three months, you get the idea that these people would be paying customers, your next effort should be directed toward the “detailing” of your business plan.The more precise and detailed your plan – covering all the bases relating to how you’ll do everything that needs to be done – the easier it’s going to be for you to attain success. Such a plan should show your start-up investment needs, your advertising plan, your production costs and procedures, your sales program, and how your time will be allocated. Too often, enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs jump in on an extra income project and suddenly find that the costs are beyond their abilities, and the time requirements more than they can meet. It pays to lay it all out on paper before you get involved, and the clearer you can “see” everything before you start, the better your chances for success.Now, assuming you’ve got your market targeted, you know who your customers are going to be and how you’re going to reach them with your product or service. And you have all your costs as well as time requirements itemized. The next step is to set your plan in motion and start making money.Here is the most important “secret” of all, relating to starting and building a profitable home-based business, so read very carefully. Regardless of what kind of business you start, you must have the capital and the available time to sustain your business through the first six months of operation. Specifically, you must not count on receiving or spending any money coming in from your business on yourself or for your bills during those first six months. All the income from your business during those first six months should be reinvested in your business in order for it to grow and reach our planned first year potential.Once you’ve passed that first six months milestone, you can set up a small monthly salary for yourself, and begin enjoying the fruits of your labor. But the first six months or operation for any business are critical, so do not plan to use any of the money your business generates for yourself during that period.If you’ve got your business plan properly organized, and have implemented the plan, you should at the end of your first year be able to begin thinking about hiring other people to alleviate some of your work-load. Remember this: Starting a successful business is not a means towards either a job for yourself or a way to keep busy. It should be regarded as the beginning of an enterprise that will grow and prosper, with you as the top dog. Eventually, you’ll have other people doing all the work for you, even running the entire operation, while you vacation in the Bahamas or Hawaii and collect or receive regular income from your initial efforts.

Office Tip Part 2…Computer Health Hazards

Home office milf porn stress related injuries are escalating. Along with carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strains, neck strains, back related problems. Let’s face it, if you are behind the keys more than a few hours a week you will suffer one or more of the above problems.
Neck Strains.

Have you noticed that your neck is stiff after a long day at the computer? Well, the trouble might be your monitor height. Your monitor should be eye level so you will not have to constantly lower, raise, and crook your neck to view the screen.

Exercise Tip:

Try rotating your your shoulders back several times and then forward for several more times to reduce stress. Then slowly turn your head side to side several times.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Also called repetitive motion injury is on the increase. Why? Because of the new technology, computers are faster than ever. This leads to more keystrokes which equals more injuries. That numbness in your wrist or hands might be a warning that you are suffering from this injury. Try purchasing one of the gel pads you can rest your hands on while at the keyboard. This will help tremendously.

Purchase ergonomically made wrist rest and mouse pads available at most office supply stores to help ease tension and chance of injury.

Correct posture will help too. Keep your feet flat on the floor, your knee’s parallel to the floor, your back straight, your upper arms dropping straight down, with elbows to the side and at the same height as your keyboard.

Exercise Tip:

Try exercising at the computer. Rotate your wrist in circles for several minutes. Give them a brisk massage afterwards.

Back Problems.

Make sure your desk chair is adjusted properly. It should fit the contours of your back and you should be able to move about easily. Many back cartoon porn problems are caused by badly structured chairs.

Exercise Tip:

Stand and stretch gently palms overhead to the sky. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. This will loosen up tense back muscles.

Blurred Vision:

Make sure your light sources are not reflected off your monitor’s screen. Glare and refection off the monitor can cause eye problems leading to blurred vision.

Exercise Tip:

Roll your eyes up and then look down. Blink and then close your eyes. Do this several times to relieve strain. Remember to look away from your monitor frequently and to take more breaks to rest your eyes

How To Earn Money Without A Website

I will tell you right here and now you do not need to have a website to be successful in internet marketing.There are some essential tools you will need, but a website needn’t be one of them.Ok, a website is useful, even more so if you sell your own products. But if you are an affiliate salesperson, you don’t need your own site.For affiliate marketing, there is in truth only one tool you need and that is an autoresponder. You need a great autoresponder that will allow you broadcast messages to the contact list that you will build. I have found that the free autoresponder programs will not let you do this, so you need to invest about $15 per month in a good autoresponder. Believe me this will be one of the best investments you ever make in your online business. And, since autoresponder programs are affiliate programs themselves, you can promote your autoresponder program and sooner or later have it pay for itself.This is a straightforward marketing system that will promote youraffiliate program without your own website:1. The marketing system is to establish yourself as an expert on the products you are promoting. You wil do this by creating content: first, by posting in related content forums and submitting articles to article directories, secondly, by starting your own ezine or newsletter, and thirdly, by personally contacting ezine owners and offering your article for publication in their ezine. For a free list of article directories I submit to, send a blank email to mailto:directories@homebasedbusinesstraining.com2. You MUST promote your affiliate product or program in the resource box at the end of your article. Write a brief description of who you are, what you do, and how readers can learn more. For more detail, see my resource box at the end of this article.3. The secret to promoting your affiliate product is to promote it via your autoresponder. Since you have written an article about what you are selling, you will have the prospect looking for more information. If you wrote an article on dog training, write something like, “For more free tips on training your dog, send a blank email to info@yourautoresponderaddress.com”4. In your autoresponder, write a series of short emails with a few tips in each email and most importantly a sentence that refers your readers to your sales product or affiliate program.5. So, Not only have you been promoted your product for a veryvery low cost, the cost of your autoresponder, but you have been collecting names that you can offer more related products to again and again. The names also become your list for your newsletter and joint marketing ventures with other marketers.6. Try to write a brand new article every week or at least every 2 weeks, and continue sending it to your list and article directories, and continue posting in forums. In no time you will have a nice list built. And this is all without your own website!You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it’s entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you publish to: support@lucygreen.com

Arbitrage – Uncovering No Risk Home Business Profits on Demand!

Some may be familiar with the term arbitrage, but let me define it here:Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a state of imbalance between two (or possibly more) markets. Combinations of matching deals are struck to exploit the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.So what does this mean in simple English? If you can find a situation where you can pay a smaller amount for a resource from one market and then turn around and sell that identical resource to another market for a larger guaranteed price then you are taking advantage of the imbalance between the two markets and realize a no risk profit.Sound pretty cool right?I mean, wouldn’t it be great to start a business where all you had to due was buy from one market and then sell to another at a higher price and make a guaranteed profit? What if you found a product that you could buy for $20 dollars and then you could turn around and sell it for $25 anytime you want? That’s the life if you asked me!But, I have to be blunt with you here, if it was that easy everyone would be doing it. In the real world, to make a risk free profit from an arbitrage you have to be able to spot an opportunity before the next guy does.So, what I want to do is give you some things to look for to spot arbitrage situations so that you can take advantage of them in the future. Knowing what to look for is half the battle, so here what you need to keep an eye out for…The Conditions for Arbitrage: (arbitrage is possible when any one of these two conditions is not met)o The same asset sells for the same price in different markets. (So, if you find and assets that sells for different prices in different markets then you have uncovered an arbitrage situation to that you may profit from.)o Two assets with the same cash flow must sell at the same price in different markets ( So, if you can find a cash flow to purchase at a discounted rate you can again profit risk free from this imbalance)Now these are pretty simple concepts to understand, but uncovering them in the real world and even in your own home business situation can be a little bit trickier to accomplish. I want to take you through a few real world examples to help you get comfortable with the application of the concepts listed above. (I want to try to help you to think outside of the box so as you read the examples ask yourself why they qualify as arbitrage according the two rules listed.)Example #1:Suppose I were to purchase a house worth $200,000 from a person who was about to be foreclosed upon for $7,000 in cash and then simply took over payment of the mortgage which had $120,00 left to be paid off then I turned around and sold the property for $10,000 below full market value. I would make a risk free profit of $63,000 for simply taking advantage of this situation. Why is this arbitrage?Example #2:Suppose that the exchange rates in London are £5 = $10 = ¥1000 and the exchange rates in Tokyo are ¥1000 = £6 = $10. I could convert $10 to £6 in Tokyo and convert that £6 into $12 in London, for a profit of $2. Why is this arbitrage?Example #3:Hopefully this one will hit a little closer to home for all you internet marketers. Suppose I found a website for sale that created a cash flow of $700 a month and I bought this website for huge discount at $3,000 from a “motivated” seller that needed an immediate lump sum of cash to pay off some sort of large debt and I then turned around and sold the website still at a discount for $7,000. I would make a risk free profit of $4,000 dollars. Suppose I chose to keep the website as a cash flow generator, after 5 months I would be into pure profit again. Why does this situation classify as arbitrage?Example #4:Here’s an example of arbitrage on a smaller scale. As a network marketer, leads are an essential part of your business. Whether you purchase them or generate them on your own you need leads. The bad thing is most leads go to waste because, for whatever reason, most leads are not interested in your particular home business. What do you do with all those “dead leads”?Suppose you opted to buy 100 leads on a monthly basis for a price of $100. On average, 95 percent of those leads won’t be interested in your home business. What if you could find a buyer that would buy them from you at $2 a piece? You would end up making $90 dollars a month on your “dead leads”. Not only would you get people joining you in your network marketing business, but you would profit anyway. Why is this arbitrage?If you’re a network marketer this is the most powerful way to make a risk free profit from your business when your are first starting out. I have not disclosed this secret technique to the public yet, but if I feel the market demand is great enough I will create a step by step guide to help others do what I have described above. (If you would like more information you may email me directly at daegroups@yahoo.com )Conclusion:There are opportunities to for you to make risk free profits everyday. All you really need to do is know what to look for and then take the time to look for it. Hopefully I’ve given you a powerful head start!

Dig Up A New Career

There seems to be no end to the demand for information on the interent. It’s bought, sold, bartered, and begged for.This demand has opened up a huge market for “Internet Researchers”. Many dot-com companies rely on the ability to provide timely, relevant information but they don’t have the time or the resources with which to get it.Some researchers specialize in a particular market such as Geneaology. People are very interested in their family history and tracing the family tree. Other researchers offer their services to clients seeking any type of information.This business is certainly not for everyone. An Internet Researcher must be detail-oriented, tenacious and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Below you’ll find a comprehensive overview of what it takes to become an Internet Researcher:Start-up Cost: $4,000-$12,000Potential Earnings: $18,000-$75,000Typical Fees: $45-$75 per hourAdvertising: Networking, contacts in fields where you haveexperience, seminars, newsletters, advertising in tradejournals, bulletin boardsQualifications: Familiarity with the requirements of thedatabases in your specialized field, ability to scaninformation rapidly and pick out what is relevantEquipment Needed: Computer, modem, fax, printer, on-lineaccounts, office furniture, business card, letterhead,envelopesPotential Home Business: YesStaff Required: NoHandicapped opportunity: YesHidden Costs: On-line time, marketing required to sellsuch a new serviceLowdown: Companies require many kinds of information,but they often do not have the time or skills necessaryto find it. Not everyone has the patience and creativityto be an effective, efficient researcher. The informationexplosion means that a wealth of data is available, butsorting out what is useful to a particular project can bechallenging. Increasingly this work is done throughcomputerized databases rather than in the library.Successful on-line research often requires that youspecialize in one type of information so that you candraw on your familiarity with Internet locations toproduce the information your clients need quickly.Start-up: A computer and high-speed modem will be yourbasic tools in this business. On-line database access andaccounts can be expensive, but this cost is spread outover time. Expect to spend at least $2,000 to start;expect to bill at $45 per hour until you develop a strongreputation.Bottomline: The task of finding specific data for aclient can have the same appeal as solving a puzzle ortracking down the answer to a mystery. Creative thinkingis often required to discover new approaches to a searchor hidden sources of information. You can use yourintellectual curiosity and your desire to leave no stoneunturned to develop a successful on-line researchbusiness. You will be gaining satisfaction by providinginformation essential to the growth and development ofyour client businesses. Costs can be difficult to manage, however, because it is hard to predict how long a searchwill take. And you may not always be able to find thatlast piece of data. You will have to keep learning how touse new databases, and you will have to keep educatingpotential clients about what your service is and be ableto justify what might turn out to be an expensiveadditional cost to their bill.

Business Stationery, Part 2

In the first lesson, we learned how to create a Letterhead. In this article, we will learn to create other stationery items using our template.Making Compliment Slips:In Microsoft Word, click on ‘new’ from the toolbar. A new file will open. We need to set-up our new project. First, to get the maximum print area, go to ‘File’ — ‘Page Setup’. Set the top and bottom margins to 0. Click ‘ok’. A warning box will appear, alerting you about small margins. Click ‘fix’ — ‘ok’. Go to the ‘File Menu’ and click ‘Save’.Next, we need a place to create data. Go to the ‘Insert Menu’ and click on ‘Text Box’. Click at the top of the page and ‘drag’ the mouse diagonally, to create a Text Box.Tip: You can’t put a picture or ‘ClipArt’ into a text box, therefore you must delete the picture or ClipArt before continuing. BE SURE: When you close the template and are asked if you want to save the changes, click ‘no’. This will leave your picture or ClipArt in your template. Paste the text in the text box and press ‘enter’.Click outside the text box and insert your picture or ClipArt. In lesson 1, we covered how to insert ClipArt.Note: If you ever need to change the information in your Stationery, fix the text in your letterhead first.You should be able to fit 3 Compliment slips on one page. To create the second one, click on the text box. Right-click and choose copy from the menu. Click outside the box, right-click and choose ‘Paste’. A second text box will appear, on top of the first one. Click on it and drag it down underneath the first one. Repeat the steps for this one and the next one, like we did the first one.You don’t want the text box border to print, so click on the box — go to the ‘Format Menu’ — ‘Text Box’. Choose the ‘Colors and Lines tab’. in the ‘line’ section, click on the ‘Color’ box — ‘no line’ — ‘ok’. Got to the ‘File menu’ and click ‘print’.You want your Business Cards to match your Letterhead and Compliments Slip. We will learn to do Business Cards in another lesson.

Which Type of Fear Might Be Holding You Back from Success in Business?

Good ideas are literally “a dime a dozen”. Individuals conceptualize revolutionary new products mobile porn and new services with each passing minute of each day. Although there is such a steady stream of ideas that can be marketed successfully and developed into a lucrative business, there are actually few new businesses that make it past the “initial stages” into actual existence.Why is this, and what factors contribute to the abandonment of great ideas that could’ve possibly netted the creators a small fortune?There seem to be two major psychological forces at work when a great idea is abandoned before completion or a business fails for no apparent reason. These two psychological syndromes are:1. Fear of Success 2. Fear of FailureIt is a very frightening prospect to start and maintain a home-based business. There’s no doubt about that. And every business owner feels the “fear” of being responsible for their own destinies, and for their own futures. It’s quite common, to be somewhat nervous and stressed about our businesses, especially in the beginning.Conquering this fear is a necessity, however, as no one can be effective in a business if they allow the fear to overwhelm them.Fear can be “healthy” in a way, as it can keep an individual alert and aware of any failures of the business, which thwarts problems before they start. Fear can also be “unhealthy” when an individual experiences such fear that it leads to inaction and the business never really gets off the ground as a result.The two fears above seem to be the most prominent among new business owners. In the first, Fear of Success, a new business owner may have a great idea, and may develop every facet of the business thoroughly, yet they never seem to “open” the doors of the business. They may find excuse after excuse, why they can’t really put the business into play, although all facets of the business are established. They may find that they run into repeated crises in their lives, sickness of themselves or a loved one, disasters that are not “really” disasters crop up repeatedly. This is simple Fear of Success, and part of a psychological pattern.Although crises do occur to us all, we go on with life despite these, and no one has crises that are continuous. A business owner with this syndrome is merely afraid that success will “change” their lives and they are afraid they won’t be able to cope with the changes. Of course, success will change someone’s life. However, the Fear of Success can be so overwhelming, that some new business owners simply let the business fall by the wayside, thereby ensuring its failure. After all, if the business fails to get started or to succeed, they never have to face the reality of their “Fear of Success”.The second fear is just as detrimental as the Fear of Success. This fear is the Fear of Failure. This fear seems slightly more common and is characterized by the inability of future business owners to even get “started” with any plans or any concrete method of establishing a business. They constantly procrastinate in even the most simple of business chores. They fail to ever establish the business in any way, and for the most part are always promising to “start tomorrow”, only tomorrow may never come. They also may jump from “idea to idea” always hatching a new plan for the next great business. Unfortunately, the plans are the only thing that is ever hatched, as nothing concrete ever materializes. They can be seen by their family and friends as mere “schemers”/ “daydreamers”.Occasionally, business owners can “waver” between the two fears, actually experiencing both Fear of Failure and Fear of Success simultaneously, becoming almost paralyzed with the emotions of all this, and unable to attend to the business with any degree of rationality. They can start businesses over and over, or make plans for businesses over and over, and yet never see any real degree of success.These fears, like all other fears, can be overcome. There are many methods to use to overcome them:1. A business owner needs to stop “projecting the worst case scenarios” onto the business. This is by far the most effective method. Business owners that worry too much about the worst happening, eventually make this projection a reality.2. Business owners need to be realistic about the timeframe involved in success. A good business may take months or even years to stabilize.3. Business owners need to be aware of their own feelings and motives. When “stalled” within a business, they have to question their own inner emotions and ask themselves if perhaps their emotions are overruling their own common sense.4. A business owner will need to have as much personal and business support as possible behind them. This includes family, friends, and of course, other business people. Knowing we are not “alone” can easily alleviate misgivings and misconceptions.5. A business owner should take time to relax and de-stress whenever needed. Fears become more palpable and real during times of extended stress.6. Business owners should always have well thought out plans of action. Good plans reduce stress and the symptoms of stress, which exacerbate our fears overall.It is best if any potential business owner addresses their fears and their approach to life as well as their motives before starting a new business. It is better to address any underlying issues prior to beginning a business, as addressing them while “within” the throes of a hectic business start up is difficult, if not impossible.Remember all fears can be conquered, and it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all!

Why More and More People are Choosing to Work from Home

More and more people are making the decision to work from home. Computer technology and the world wide web has enabled people to change the way they work. It is much more time and cost effective to work from home, not to mention an improvement in lifestyle. Imagine, no commuting, working the hours that suit you and spending more quality time with your family.In the current environment of no job security and massive retrenchments, the appeal of being your own boss and the ability to take control of your life and enjoy a family friendly lifestyle, not to mention the ability to work your own hours is a wonderful enticement to look for other opportunities outside the traditional 9 to 5 JOB (just over broke!). Anyone, from mothers, high flying executives, mechanics, secretaries etc – people from all walks of life are looking for a better way of life.When looking to get into a new business opportunity you need to ask yourself – does it take full advantage of the fastest growth trends in business today? Are the products consumable i.e. are people going to be using them all the time? Who are the products aimed at i.e. who is your market? Will this market continue to grow? What training is provided and is there a comprehensive mentoring system available at all times? Can I start this business without risk of going bankrupt? Can I make money from day 1?Narelle Eldridge used to work for Telstra. Today, she has her own e-commerce business and makes more money in 1 month than she used to make in 1 year.Wanting to find a profitable business working from home so she could be around for her 2 teenage children, Narelle spent over $3000 researching her options. She knew she wanted to work her own hours from home doing something that gave her satisfaction as well as financial freedom.After starting a business based on one of the options she researched, she realised quickly, it was never going to be something that she loved. So she was back to square one. Not one to give up easily, she then stumbled across an e-commerce business which she started part-time and now makes more money in 1 month than she used to earn in a whole year!Narelle has a complete business ‘package’ that she teaches to others who also want to change their financial future and who are willing to work with her on developing their own successful home business. “The really great thing about my business now is not so much my own financial success and being able to live a dream life, it’s actually being able to help others to achieve their dreams. To work with people and see their lives changing for the better has to be the most amazing reward of all. I love what I do with a passion”. Narelle says.Copyright 2005 Sheridan Woodcroft