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Home Based Business On A Shoestring-Or Even A Thread!

Because often all you need to have a home based business are your special skills and talents. For instance, do you know your way around a computer? Then your home based business could be to offer computer tutoring, because believe it or not, many people still think reboot means to put your boots on again and that a search is something you do when you’ve lost something. You can post flyers or posters at the local library and branches to advertise your computer tutoring service. Daycares and schools are also good places to get the news out about your home based business computer tutor service because many parents want their children to learn how to use a computer correctly.Another home based business that’s cost little to nothing to start is a garage and attic cleaning company. The great thing about this is that not only do you get paid for doing something most people hate (which ensures you’ll have lots of customers!), but often you can also pick up treasures that you can resell at garage sales or online auctions. And as people today get busier and busier, the demand for this service is increasing faster than you can say trash–and people willing to pay big bucks for the service. This is a great home based business to have if you get a lot of satisfaction from getting things in order and like physical labor.Personal errand or personal concierge services are becoming the hottest home based businesses going these days. People just don’t have time to go to the cleaners and do their own grocery shopping. They’ll gladly pay someone, and pay them well, to do these chores and others like them so they’re not as stressed. Some of your best customers will be parents whose children are involved in a lot of extracurricular activities because they’re some of the most time-strapped people of all. Put up some posters at little league fields, dance schools, daycares, schools and similar places to advertise your home based business.If you want a home based business where you will be able to stay at home rather than be out and about, consider becoming a freelance writer or proofreader. The demand for this type of home based business service has increased dramatically in the last two years as more and more businesses are outsourcing this sort of work. There are also websites like Elance and Guru where businesses post writing and editing jobs that you can bid on. You will have to pay a subscription fee in order to bid, but there are several levels and payment options available. You can also approach businesses and publishing companies directly and provide them with a portfolio or samples of your work. This can be a fun home based business to have and also one that has a great deal of growth potential if you’re especially talented with words or have eagle eyes when it comes to typos.And if you’re a person who loves planning events, then a home based business as an event or wedding planner just might be perfect for you. Home based businesses of this type are another popular trend right now, and you can earn you a much larger income than you might expect. You’ll do better in a home based business like this if you specialize in planning one type of event and become an expert at it rather than spread yourself too thin, trying to be all things to all people. Wedding planners, for example, can stay extremely busy and earn good money planning only weddings–as much as $3000 per wedding in many cases. There are books that will teach you all you need to know, and there’s also software available to guide you and to keep track of the details.There are many other types of home based businesses that are simple and inexpensive to start. The main thing to do when selecting the home based business you want is to focus on your skills and what you like to do. Passion plays an important part in making a stay a home job or business successful. To keep your costs down, think of the tools and equipment, like a computer or truck, that you already own–then put it to work for your own home based business!Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Internet Marketing; The New Frontier

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet recently you know, even if only subconsciously, that web based “work from home” opportunities are a dime a dozen! But I bet you don’t know that there are more than 15 million programs to chose from!In fact, while writing this article and doing some research for it, Google gave me 15,200,000 different choices. Wow! I had a sense that online marketing had increased in recent years, but I had no idea that it had grown so big, and so fast!The numbers might suggest that if you didn’t get into the game “early” there might not be a place for you! Surely the seasoned Pro Net Marketers have mastered the successful marketing strategies and concepts, and in the process tapped the web for most of its riches!I think not! I believe that with a good product and marketing plan there will always be room for people who think out of the box, who are willing to work hard for success, and will not accept failure as an option.An excellent choice for a “good product” is one that I recently discovered, and is a good “business” for newbies and veterans alike. It is a fully automated turnkey website with tools and accessories needed to successfully market the products and services that come with it. Additionally, a 30-day step by step plan is laid out to help ensure the success of the new business owner. More can be found out about it at [http://www.pronetmarketer.com].Still, the pioneering Internet prospectors created unimaginable wealth by virtue of the fact they were mining the Internet way before the masses even had a clue about its potential. My hat is off to them, and all I can say is “I wish I had been there.”However, each day brings a new beginning. And the great thing about the Internet is that because of its vastness millions of people can still realize their dreams of success, all at the same time, even while helping others to do the same!It’s kind of like the California Gold Rush! Lots of people became wealthy by being the first to get to the gold, but a multitude of others that weren’t even miners did quite well for themselves, too!However, instead of mining for gold, they prospected the prospectors. You see they knew the miners would need food, clothes and other goods and services; so they set up shops and provided them.By and large they were common folk who provided services; banking, legal, food, clothes, livestock, shelter, saloons, etc., and they made serious money. But let there be no doubt about it, they too were pioneers with a will to succeed, where failure was not an option.And as the gold rush was then, millions are migrating to the Internet now. And although many people have already made early fortunes in the phenomenon we call online marketing, there are still fortunes to be made.And finally, just for the record, making a living on the Internet is definitely not easy. I work harder at it this than I did at my last “real” job. Nor am I making as much money as I did then.. yet!Still, everyday I jump for joy (figuratively) because I’m living my dream. I work when I want to, don’t have a boss micromanaging my every move, and feel that eventually I will earn what I believe I am truly worth! I wish you the same.© 2004 by Lanard Perry

Are You Selling Hotdogs Or Pretzels?

I live across the river from New York City and on the days I make my way over there, the one thing you immediately notice are the smells of the street. No… not that smell. I’m talking about food.You’ll find all sorts of vendors selling food on the streets. But you won’t see 20 different hotdog vendors crowded onto one street corner.Common sense tells you that you won’t make much money when you are competing with a bunch of other vendors on one corner who sell the same thing.Yet that is exactly what has happened to the internet marketing “how to make money” game.You are crowded into one street corner trying to sell the same hotdogs as everyone else and you just won’t make much money because their is just too much darn competition.So then you try to outdo your competitors and develop ways to make your “hotdog” stand out from everyone else. And your competitors catch on to this little trick and they start doing the same, making the technique ineffective.You start offering fr-ee toppings with your hotdog but your competitors then also offer those same toppings and even include toppings that you don’t offer.You counter that by doing a little tweeking. You move your hot dog stand a little over to the left, and a little over to the right to see if it can increase your sales. But gosh darn it your competitors start doing the same and you spend more time dancing then you do making sales.You then implant an edible micropchip that makes hotdogs talk… “Eat Me!” but everyone else then does the same thing and everyone’s hotdog talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. (Ok, I know I am getting carried away here)But then a light bulb goes off in your head… you start selling grilled hot dogs instead and become a “niche” within the hotdog niche. But then your competitors do the same and that silly street corner just got crowded again.And in the end… no matter how you cook ‘em, or market them, you’re still trying to sell those darn hotdogs that everyone else is selling.There is just way too much competition for the average Joe to make any “real” money in this type of competitive atmosphere.It’s time to find your niche my friend. Forget the hotdog business. While everyone else is slaving away trying to sell hotdogs…Use the marketing knowledge you obtained trying to sell those hotdogs… and apply it to sell something else instead, like pretzels.You’ll find that street corner has just gotten a lot less crowded and your making more money to boot. And you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank too as you pass by all those poor hotdog vendors who don’t know what you know.The money is in the niche…

Learned Any “Secrets” Lately?

I mean, REAL secrets about business success – the ones that will make you rich?You know as well as I that there really isn’t any such thing as a secret – just a truth that you haven’t discovered yet. (I read that somewhere and I don’t know who said it – but it is profound).The SECRET is – discover your own truths – the ones that will help grow your business. Use your imagination; it’s amazing what the mind can conjure up if we slow down and listen to our natural intuition.Having been in various businesses over the years, I have learned that opportunities exist everywhere! For example, just recently my daughter signed a lease on an apartment in her college town, only to discover two weeks before she was to move in that major repairs needed to be made. When we asked the landlord about it, he refused to do them – and also refused to let her out of the lease.Naturally, that prompted good ol’ mom to undertake a serious investigation of the options my daughter had to get out from under this lease so that she could find a more suitable place to live.And guess what I discovered?That this landlord had violated a federal statute when he failed to provide her with something he is required by law to give her when renting this particular type of rental unit.But he didn’t do it deliberately – he just wasn’t familiar with the law. So if he wasn’t familiar with it, how many OTHER landlords aren’t?See where I’m going here?My research further revealed that only about 30% of landlords are complying with this regulation, even though the law has been in effect since 1996. And if it is discovered that they are not providing this information to lessees, they can be subject to substantial fines and penalties – up to $10,000 per violation.So do you think they might spend $15-$20 on a packet that
informs them of this law,

provides information regarding compliance with the law, and

includes a copy of the form they are to provide tenants?

I think they might.Just one example of how an everyday occurrence can put the germ of an idea in one’s mind about another unique way to earn money.Finding a need somewhere – no matter how obscure you may think it is – means that someone needs to fill it. Perhaps that someone could be you!Don’t be afraid to let your mind “wander.” Although you may think it’s a waste of time, daydreaming about business opportunities and ways to generate an income can bring to the surface ideas that may never occur to you otherwise.And that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about!

Point Your Window Washing Business Towards Success and Profits by Taking Massive Action!

Some folks may interpret this article as containing only a motivational message for your window washing business, but no…this article is a call for action. And a lot of it. Also defined as “Massive action”.I’m a firm believer that a person’s ultimate success in business depends on what happens in the first 30 days of his or her business. Just like a house, every business needs a strong foundation to build on. And by hustling the first 30 days of your window washing business, that foundation can be put in place because:1) Your belief in the window washing business will strengthen (seeing is believing right?)2) Seeing strong activity early in your business creates continued motivation and excitement.3) Positive intense action will translate into more customers and more dollars which of course leads us back to one and two.On the other side of the coin, if you plod along slowly doing a little something here and a little something there, the opposite occurs where you may lose the initial interest or excitement you felt when first getting into this wonderful business. I’ve seen it happen…and I don’t want it to happen to you!If you’ve been in the window washing business a few years or a few months, and the first 30 days of your business has passed you by, it’s not too late. Just pretend that the 30 days starts today. Right now!The kind of action I’m talking about doesn’t consist of sitting in front of the computer reinventing “stuff”, pushing papers around, talking to a few people about the business, or distributing a few flyers around town.I’m talking serious, petal to the metal, take the bull by the horns, and preach the window washing gospel prospecting for 30 days that’ll provide an immediate boost to your business.Now this doesn’t mean at the end of 30 days we can all retire to our sofa and crack open a beer and watch our prospects and customers beat a path to our door. We still have to continue to market, work the referrals, etc, but what this 30 day period does though is crank up the fire fast and make people take notice. Once it’s hot, then all you have to do is fan the flame.Let me put this into prospective for you by talking about the importance of “seeing the numbers” or “playing the numbers game”, and how it relates directly to the number of window washing jobs you get or don’t get.A quick definition…when I’m talking numbers, I’m referring to the people/prospects you market your window washing business to.Business, marketing, and sales is all about numbers. See enough numbers and your business thrives. Don’t see enough numbers and your business suffers. Elementary stuff for sure, but now we’re going to apply it in the real world.But first, let me emphasize that it takes a certain kind of person to pay for a professional to wash their windows so you have to see more “numbers” than let’s say a carpet cleaning business or maybe a landscaper would. In other words, not everyone is our prospect, so we need to see a lot of numbers/prospects.And here’s how we do that…Let’s use the marketing technique of flyers because it’s probably the lowest cost form of marketing available.If you put out 300 flyers a day 4 days a week every week for 4 weeks, that is 4,800 flyers. Using the average of a 1% return, 48 people will contact you. Out of those 48 people, let’s stayreally, really, really conservative and say only 40% of those 48 prospects end up turning into customers. That’s 19 jobs you just captured in 30 days!Now I know there are people out there right now saying “I can’t possibly do that. I work full-time” or “I just simply don’t have the time to do those kind of numbers.”My answer to that is to have someone do it for you.It’ll be the best investment you would ever make. Think about it for a second. You invest $50 to $75 bucks a week in flyer distribution for 4 weeks and get 19 jobs. Again remaining conservative, let’s use a low average per residential window washing job of $150 per house. That’s $2,850 for a $300 investment!Um…not to bad, wouldn’t you say? Try and get that from the stock market.And I’d like to stress once again that I’m remaining conservative. Frankly, if you can only turn 40% of your prospects into customers, then you’re doing something wrong. You should be able to convert at least 70% to 80%. Especially if you use the estimate package I provide in my window washing system. It does the selling for you.I’m also not even talking about the number of referrals you’re going to receive from the above 19 customers you just acquired, PLUS the fact that you’ll be going back in 6 months to a year for a repeat performance.If there’s no way, no how, you can invest any money or spend 4 days a week distributing 300 flyers a day, then how about 200 flyers every day 3 days a week every week for 4 weeks? Using the same conservative numbers above, you’ll have 2,400 flyers turn into 24 interested people turning into 10 window washing jobs.THEN take some money you have just made from these jobs and pay someone to assist in flyer distribution so you can boost your numbers.This works! How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I did.When I was in the insurance industry and made the transition from health insurance sales to AFLAC (yeah…I know. The AFLAC duck), I bought a mailing list of business names/addresses and must have visited every single business in my town in the first 30 days.After awhile, the sales manager was asking me to make presentations to the sales force to explain why I was able so sell so much insurance. I think everyone in the audience expected some sort of magic bullet or “secret”.No…just a non-stop, whirlwind of activity the first 30 days.And once I hopped on board the window washing freight train, this whirlwind consisted of not flyers, but mailing out lots and lots of postcards. A constant barrage of postcards the first 30 days created an incredible foundation to build on.Use whatever marketing method appeals to you (and what your finances dictate), but take strong action “early and often”.I don’t care how you slice and dice it, but IF you work the numbers, the numbers WILL work for you…each and every single time.But the numbers will not work in your favor if you see “few numbers”. If you distribute 100 flyers one day every 3rd week, it won’t work. Not enough numbers. Sure…it would work if you’re in the pizza business distributing pizza coupons, but we’re talking about the window washing business. You may receive a customer or two, but this whole article today is dealing with massive action by seeing serious numbers, not getting one or two customers.So…are you working on your foundation?Pick a date to really commit to your “massive action” campaign. Work it hard for 30 days.Whatever day you pick, reread this article the night before you launch. I can promise you this…come 30 days later (assuming you religiously hit it hard during your 30 day massive action campaign), when the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, you will be well on your way to a successful window cleaning business with more customers, more jobs, and more income.As a side note, 30 days is my general rule of thumb because that has worked for me, but pick whatever time period works for you. You might be even more ambitious. Heck, just imagine what kind of business you can create with a strong 60 or 90 days of non-stop, aggressive, push-push activity.I realize that some folks are only interested in doing one house a week to supplement their retirement income or maybe they love their employer so they’re staying there and using the window washing biz more as a side business.This article is geared towards the person who wants to build a substantial window washing business. And my research has shown that that’s the majority of you out there.I want this to be the best year you’ve ever had so give me a call anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Let me know how I can help. My phone lines are always open. ‘Til next time…happy marketing anddon’t forget to think “massive action”! :o )Regards,Steve256-546-2446

Tools for the ‘Sucstressed’

‘Sucstressed’. That’s the word I came up with as I was trying to find just the right words to describe my ideal client. Who are the ‘sucstressed’? They are successful business owners that are working solo.It’s a term, I think, that describes many small/home office business owners, micro business owners as well as professionals that are constantly on the go.When you are busy with your business, it can be daunting to stay on top of all the details…it’s daunting to even think about the details. Throw in a computer that won’t do what you want it to do, the inevitable technical issues, and a system that lacks organization and you’ve got the makings of a stressful situation.Working solo does not have to be synonymous with stress.I’m a micro business owner, and my only interest is success…so I’d like to share some tools I use that help me to not be ‘sucstressed’. Oh, by the way, they are all free.The Newbie ClubAre you and your computer good friends or just mere acquaintances?It’s fair to say that my computer is a key component in my business, and I think that’s pretty much consistent with other solo business owners. It can be frustrating to not know your way around a piece of equipment that you rely on to get things accomplished.The Newbie Club, http://www.newbieclub.com, is an ezine (I know, not another ezine) whose motto is “…you’re a newbie not a dummy”.One of the few I read entirely, the Newbie Club’s ezine contains about four or five tutorials, written in plain English. The articles de-mystify your computer. Whether you want an explanation on file extensions, a smoother download process, or simply grab some graphics off the web to wallpaper your desktop, this ezine will walk you through it step by step.The tutorials help me to become more comfortable with my computer because it helps me to understand, in plain English, the why behind what and how.Tek-TipsThe Newbie Club is great at providing general information. There will be times, though, when we need more specific information on a particular application…times when we need technical support.I belong to a great online community of my professional peers and help is never more than just a click away. Here’s an example, I was tweaking my website and needed some HTML code. After checking various other resources and not quickly finding what I wanted, I posted a question to my virtual assistant email list and within minutes, I had my answer and was able to do what I needed to do with my website.For many of us working solo, a free technical support resource is simply not available. If that’s your situation, Tek-Tips, http://www.tek-tips.com, could be the solution. Tek-Tips is an online, technical support forum where you can find or get answers to your technical challenges.A couple of the features I really like about Tek-Tips are the list of experts and email notification when an answer to your question has been posted. So if, for example, you are having a problem with an Excel application, you can go straight to a Tek-Tips Excel expert, post your question, and be notified by email when an answer is available or search the forums…possibly your question has already been answered.Membership to Tek-Tips is free for now. The site is easy to get around in because it is so well organized.Turbo NotesEffective organization is key for any business, even more so for small and micro businesses. We have a ton of things on our to do lists, (personal and business) notes jotted down on scraps of paper, or a running list in our heads.Whatever system you currently work with…pencil and paper, Outlook’s calendar and task lists, or the mental thing, Turbo Notes, http://www.turbonote.com, would be a great addition.These notes are the electronic version of Post-Its. They sit right on your desktop and can be used as reminders for things you simply must do and don’t want to forget. Like the paper version, they have a variety of colors (yellow, red, violet and green). So if you are into color coding your tasks, these work well.Unlike the paper version, with Turbo Notes, you can set an alarm on your notes. Instant messages can be sent to other Turbo Note users, and you can set up a hot-link to your often accessed files. Need to do some math? Turbo-Note also has a calculator function. I’ve only been using Turbo Notes a short time and already this little program has made a big impact.I’m sure there are other uses I haven’t discovered yet. What I do know is that Turbo-Note is easy to install, easy to use, and there is a free trial version.Trax TimeThere are solo business owners, believe it or not, that get so busy they lose track of time spent on billable work. The direct result is a loss of money. That’s not good business.Early on in my business I was introduced to this piece of software, Trax Time. Trax Time, http://www.traxtime.com, is your computer’s own personal punch clock.With Trax Time each client is entered as a project. Then it is a matter of punching in and out as you work with that particular client/project throughout the day.Trax Time has the ability to run a variety of reports. The reports can then be copied and pasted into other documents. For example, my statements are sent out via email. A report for the month is created, and three clicks later it’s pasted and on it’s way via email. I have my statement and the client has an accurate accounting of the time spent on his/her projects.Trax Time has many more useful features. The bottom line, time is money and for the solo professional Trax Time, or a similar software program, is a must.Smooth OperationOur businesses can operate smoothly and relatively stress free with economical and effective resources at our fingertips. All of the free resources in this article are just a mouse click away.

Internet Based Business Models – Part 2

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own BusinessInternet Based Business Models – Part 2Still here? Excellent, I’m proud of you.Really, I mean that.Never give up on your dreams.. ever, and they will rewardyour persistence and faith by coming true. A simplephilosophy but incredibly powerful one that Iwhole-heartedly believe and beginning to experience.OK, let’s pick up where we finished last time.Last time we discussed:o Turn-key businesseso Affiliate programs ando Drop shippingNext I want to talk about:Advert Revenue – did you know when you visit someone’s siteand click on a Google advert the website owner makes money?It works like this, Miss A has a product to sell so she paysGoogle (in this example) to advertise her product.There are 2 places to put the ads -(1) on the Google results pages, you know the ads you seedown the right hand side of the results pages, they arecalled ‘Adwords Ads’ and every time someone clicks, Miss Apays for it.(2) The same type of ads are also sometimes displayed onwebsites, usually, but not always, they are also displayedby Google but this time they’re called ‘Adsense Ads’.If you are the website owner in situation (2), every timesomeone clicks on one of Miss A’s ads on your site, half ofthe fee she pays will go to you and the other half toGoogle.Get a lot of clicks and it can add up fast. I’ve only juststarted doing this and found it an excellent additionalanother revenue stream for my business.Selling on eBay – its no secret that eBay has created moreat home buzinesses than anything else in the history of theworld. Its not difficult to set up and the great thing isyou don’t have to go looking for customers.They come to you with their credi.t card already in theirhands. Believe me, when you begin your very own business,you will appreciate the beauty of having customers that’look for you’.You would be excused for thinking eBay is only a place tosell that old skate board, or retired TV but it is much,much more than that. With supposedly over 30,000,000registered users, everything imaginable is being sold.I’ve seen websites selling for 8-figures, $300,000 Ferrarisand $1.20 vintage clothes pegs. Because there is such ahuge scope of possibilities, there are many ways to makedollars.For example:- You can use drop shipping to sell product warehoused bysomeone else. This is the method used by most BIG sellerson eBay.- Or purchase things cheap on eBay and resell them at ahigher price by writing a better advert and listing it in abetter category.- Or pick up bargains at your local trash ‘n’ treasure andsell them on eBay for a profit.- Or resell a digital product (eg. ebook, software, audioetc) created by someone else but you own the resale rightsto (very simple to do).- Or create your won digital product and sell it on eBayRecently I’ve been testing how selling one of my ownproducts on eBay will go. I’ll keep you posted.Resell Rights – many book authors sell resell rights. Thatis, for an additional fee, you can purchase the right tosell the book and keep 100% of the proceeds. Often, therights come with the book at no extra expense. Why wouldsomeone ‘give you’ the right to sell their book and keep100% – I’ll tell you when we look closer at resell rights.There are literally hundreds if not thousands of booksavailable with resell writes.Well, that’s another 3 methods for you to think over. Whatdo you like so far, you don’t have to decide now because wewill give each a closer look soon.Next time we will continue this discussion and I’ll coverthe remaining ways for getting into your very own businessusing the Internet.Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.Your Friend,

Can’t You See I’m Working?

For many working parents, telecommuting or a home business may seem like the answer to your prayers. You want to have more time with your kids and greater flexibility, so you take the leap, install a second phone line, and set up a computer in the dining room.But the first thing you may discover is that working from home includes many unexpected distractions. Children, your spouse, neighbors, and the family dog come and go. They make loud noises, ask for your help, or interrupt to ask a “quick question,” always just long enough to break your concentration.Your family and friends don’t seem to understand that you’re working. They ask you to run errands, expect you to handle chores, and want to chat on the phone. When you see the pile of laundry or stack of dishes sitting there waiting, you may be tempted to take time out from work to clean up a bit.You’d like to keep your house livable and be available to the people you care about, but it’s just too much for one person to manage. When can you get any work done?The way out of this dilemma is to set clear boundaries on your space, time, and responsibilities. If your office has a door, try having “open-door” time and “closed-door” time. When your door is open, the kids can come say hello, ask questions, or tell you about their day. When the door is closed, it means “Do Not Disturb.”A good way to explain this to children is to tell them you need some private time, not just that you are busy. If your office doesn’t have a door, you need one! Try to find another place in your home where you can create some private space for at least part of the day.Setting regular working hours will help you manage your time better as well as give some guidelines to your family. Build your hours around the family activities that are important to you. If your kids get home at 2:00, for example, set up your work day from 8:30 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 6:00.Your schedule can change each week to allow for your children’s activities, when necessary. Choose how many work hours per week makes sense for you, design a schedule, and post it on your office door. Highlight the open times, and let everyone know that’s when you are available to them.If your family expects you to run errands and handle chores during your work day, it may be time to hold a family meeting. Explain to your children (and remind your spouse) that it may look like mommy or daddy is playing on the computer or chatting on the phone, but this is his or her job, and it contributes to the family’s income.Start by listing all the jobs that need to be done for the household, and who does them now. Instead of assigning chores, try asking each family member to volunteer for something. If there are lots of tasks left over, be sure to ask if they really need to be done, or done as often. (Dusting, for example, may need to go by the wayside.) If you are doing chores during time you could be making money, consider hiring someone else to clean your house, service the car, or drive the kids to after-school activities.When one of your boundaries gets tested, learn to hold the line. If you give in even once, don’t expect the boundary to hold up. Try making the closed door, posted schedule, or job roster the bad guy instead of yourself.Instead of, “I’m too busy to talk right now — you’ll have to wait,” say, “The door is closed now, would you please come back when it’s open?” When friends phone during work time, ask them to call back after hours. And when someone doesn’t do one of their chores, don’t do it for them. Serving a meal on dirty dishes may seem extreme, but it will get the message across.

Are Paid Survey Sites a Scam?

I have heard this question asked on several forums, and it’s something I wondered about myself when I first took a look at paid survey companies.I did a little digging and found that there are a couple of things that may be causing this misconception about paid surveys and paid survey companies.Income Claims -The Income claims you find on many paid survey sites may be one of the big misconceptions behind paid surveys. On many of the paid survey sites you will see something similar to this:”take on line surveys and get paid $4 to $70 per survey!”"participate in focus groups online and get paid $40 to $140 per hour!”"{Blah, blah, blah….”Now these kind of figures can be obtained through paid surveys but they are a bit misleading if you do not read between the lines.Like the per survey amount, In most cases it will be the smaller amount, you usually only get a larger amount when you get lucky enough to be a part a tightly focused group where there are fewer participants.The per hour figure is possible too, but you have to understand how they are getting this figure.EXAMPLE: If you got one survey job and got paid $10 for that survey, and it only took you 5 minutes to complete, you would in essence be making $120 an hour for that 5 minutes.The way I see it, I really do not believe you will get filthy rich taking online surveys, but I do believe you can make some money doing something that only takes a small amount of your time.There are two types of paid survey sitesThere is really no way of knowing but I think this may be the biggest reason for “paid survey scam” reports.There are two types of survey sites you will find on the Internet, one is free and the other is not. Some people think that if you have to pay, then it must be a scam because paid surveys are suppose to be free. Read below and see for yourself why this statement is not true.The first type is a paid survey company site. The Paid Survey Company site is the site that will actually send you the survey and they are the ones that will issue your check. Paid Survey company sites are in almost ALL cases free to join.The second type of paid survey site is a Paid Survey Membership site and there is usually always a cost involved in joining one of these sites. The Paid Survey Membership site gives you access to a database of hundreds of “free” paid survey companies and give you some information about the companies.I really believe that a lot of people join paid survey membership sites and when they realize that it is not a paid survey company, but only a database of paid survey companies they feel they have been scammed, but that really is not true. The paid survey membership site has spent hours and hours putting together A HUGE database of companies it would take forever for you to compile on your own, plus many of them update it on a regular basis, and for a one time fee you get lifetime access and updates. It is really just a matter of how much is your time worth?So are paid surveys scams? In my opinion, although they may not be your ticket to extreme wealth, I do not feel that paid survey sites are scams, but I will let you take the information in this article and judge for yourself. If you would like to get a free list of companies to see what paid surveys are all about you can obtain a list of 50 companies for free at http://www.surveyincome.com

Window Washing Business Can Be Huge Success If You Use Repetition When Marketing Your Business!

Yes… a window washing business can be profitable, but you will have much more long term success and profitability if you expose your marketing message and your company to your prospects over and over again. If you don’t, you’ll be remembered briefly today and forgotten tomorrow. That’s just a fact.The advertising “gurus” state that someone has to see your message at least 7 times before they feel comfortable with you, your service, or your company.Now I’m not saying that you have to mail out 7 postcards or distribute flyers 7 times to the same neighborhood of window cleaning prospects before someone calls you. No.But every time you do advertise multiple times, or get the message out repeatedly to a prospect, you’ll get more calls, you’ll end up with more business, and consequently, you’ll make more money.It really is amazing how this works, but subconsciously your prospects will begin to trust you and begin to get to know you if they see your advertising message(s) all over town or they hear your company name on a regular basis… even though they probably still don’t know you from a hill of beans.Way back when I was younger, I had a business as a “Bankruptcy Petition Preparer” where I was assisting people in filing for bankruptcy.When I first got into the business, I started advertising in the local Pennysavers and other publications. At one point I was in 13 different publications. Initially, I received very few calls and it was getting a bit frustrating. What I was paying the advertisers was certainly more than what I was making.But I also knew that if I didn’t give up, it would only be a matter of time before business would boom and people would begin to trust me simply because they see my advertising message week after week after week.And lo and behold… it worked. The phone eventually started to ring. And it didn’t stop.As a matter of fact, it worked so well that the local bankruptcy attorneys got together and proceeded to force me out of business by filing all this legal mumbo jumbo against my company. They couldn’t compete with me on price, so they eliminated the competition. Oh well.But back to using repetition in the window washing business.Think about this for a second… You mail a postcard to a neighborhood filled with your desired prospects. A week later you distribute flyers (or have someone else do it) in thatsame neighborhood. Then the people in that neighborhood see you at one of their neighbor’s houses doing a window washing job.At this point what they’re thinking is “Hey… this guy is serious about his business. He must be good because I’ve received some quality information about his service and now I see him around the neighborhood. Maybe I should give him a call and get my windows cleaned.”See what I mean?Repetition when it comes to marketing may not really be earth shattering news to you, but it really needs to be stressed, especially in the residential window washing business.Remember, you’re trying to gain access to a person’s private sanctum-their home. It’s a lot easier to gain access if they feel comfortable with you BEFORE they even give you a call.Then when you cement the prospect’s comfortable feelings about you by showing up with a solid image and estimate presentation, your chances of securing the job have just increased dramatically.Within my manual, How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business, I even go so far as to mention that if you only plan to do one postcard mailing to one neighborhood (if that’s the marketing method you choose), and do no more mailings, then it would be best to save your money.Sure you’ll get some calls from one mailing. I’ve used 3 different versions of postcards and they all worked exceptionally well, but you won’t see the absolute full benefit unless they’re used repetitiously.”Repetition” is another one of those lessons I learned the hard way. In the first few months of my business I spread myself too thin and was not consistent with any one marketing message.A good example is when I went out and bought some radio spots on a Jazz station. Radio isn’t cheap, so I naturally couldn’t afford to run my radio commercial for an unlimited number of times. I did end up running it 2 times a day for 12 weeks, BUT that is not nearly enough.I received 2 calls from that radio spot, for a cost of $1,500. Um…not a good deal, huh?Unless I had a huge budget where I could set aside quite a few thousand dollars and just continually run ads all day long for six months or so, this type of marketing would never work because my prospects simply would not be exposed to my message enough.So… don’t forget to use repetition and consistency when spreading the message of how great you and your window washing company are. If you do employ this tactic, then instead of being forgotten quickly like most window washing businesses are, you’ll be remembered. And what does that mean to you? You’ll simply put a whole bunch more profits in your pocket!Best Wishes,Steve256-546-2446