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Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 2

In the first part of this series of articles, on managing your online business at home, I wrote about the many management responsibilities and functions you have rolled into one if you have your own sole proprietor business, with no staff. Your management task is perhaps the most difficult of all. You have to manage yourself, in all those different areas of your business such as finance, marketing, purchasing and computing.I believe that if you think of your new home business as having different areas of management for you to concentrate on, you are more likely to succeed long term. If you can adopt some of the techniques of good management, you will end up with a more sound business that will stand the test of time. You will be a better decision maker, and it is decisions that dictate the progress or downfall of any business. Decision making needs to be unemotional and as scientific as possible, but as much as anything needs to be based on common sense. Good management is often a matter of common sense, and that is why I believe you, whatever your background, can run a successful business limited only by your ambitions.The other virtue you will need in abundance is patience, and this an area where you definitely need to manage yourself. Impatience brings emotion into your decision making. It also brings self criticism, or criticism of others, when none is either deserved or necessary. Patience, realism and common sense combined will contribute greatly to making you a good business manager. With those three attributes, you will be well placed to learn the skills of management in the context of your own small business. You will be able to learn how the different functions of a business relate to each other and interact.That is not easy, but over time, if you apply yourself, it will all fall into place. This is where patience is vital. Your age or background do not necessarily matter. I know that in my late 20′s I did not really understand business and how it all fitted together. At 30, I knew I needed some sort of professional qualification, and I decided on management accountancy. The syllabus was tough, with 18 exams over 2 and a half to 5 years. What surprised me was the variety of subjects to cover. There were exams in company law, business law, economics, corporate planning, marketing, production, decision making, cost accounting, management accounting, mathematics and statistics. Each subject was very different. Then, at the end, I suddenly realized that all of them knitted together. The ones I hated (law) and loved (marketing) all had a place in the scheme of things.You, of course, have no need to study or be an expert in all of those things. But it does help to at least be aware that some of them are, in their own way, critical to your success. If you are taking a long term view of things, which you should be if you are serious about having your own home business, you have plenty of time to learn about those subjects that are most critical for your business:FinanceWhatever your business, this is a very critical function for you to understand and manage, so when it comes to learning all you can, financial management is a priority. Much of this is again common sense, and realism, and there are many tools around to help you keep good financial records. But as I mentioned before, it is decisions that dictate the progress or downfall of any business. All decisions you make will have a financial impact on your business. However, good financial records alone will not bring the reward of better decision making. If you want to maximize the profits of your home business, you may find it helps to have other, non-financial records to aid your decisions. I will discuss this more in part 3 of this series of articles.MarketingMarketing is what I love most about business, and it is equally important to finance in all free enterprises. With an online business, the marketing side is an ever moving area of expertise. Offline, marketing has long since stabilised. Online, it has not stabilised at all; it is still developing and evolving. You need to be aware of what’s happening in the world of internet marketing, what has happened, and what is likely to happen. Always remember, though, there will always be a financial impact of your marketing decisions. You are obviously prepared to take risks, as you have started or are starting an online business at home. As the manager of your business you will need to balance the financial and marketing conflicts as they arise. You have to strike the right balance. If the finance director in you is too risk averse, you may stifle the growth of your business. If the marketing director in you is too cavalier, and unrealistic about sales prospects, you may ruin your business in one or two rash decisions. More on this in part 4.ComputingIf you are working online full time, or even part time, you will always need to be looking out for developments in the arenas of software and the internet itself, and maybe at times hardware. You may come across software that either improves your efficiency, makes life much easier or takes you into a new and better way of working. This is another area where knowledge is power. You need to be competitive, and sometimes you will come across new software that will make you more competitive. Try to keep abreast of things in the software marketplace, as it affects your business.Time ManagementWhile not a function like finance or marketing, when you work at home alone you will find that time management becomes key to your success and enjoyment of working from home. It is a subject you should always be aware of and make conscious decisions about. I will write more on this topic in part 5.The above are just the key areas where you need to view your business from a management viewpoint, and the list of course is not exhaustive. However, pay attention to these from a manager’s perspective, and you should benefit in the long run. You will take the leap from being “employee” to “boss”, even if you are the only one you can be “boss” to.

Working at Home and Alone All Day? Stay Motivated With These 7 Tips

Considering a work-from-home business? Clients often say their biggest fear is loss of momentum. Here are ten tips to keep yourself motivated and productive.(1) Build structure into your day.Create a schedule and To Do list every evening for the next day, before you sign off for the day. (And yes – it is important to sign off, even if you return later to complete a project.) Include breaks and email reading time.(2) Define goals by numbers (“write 1000 words”) instead of time (“2 hours on Mega account”). One of the joys of working at home is you get to quit when you’re finished ahead of schedule.(3) Train friends and neighbors to respect your working hours.Clients tell me about neighbors who say things like, “I told the UPS truck to leave the package at your house since you’re always home.” Discourage phone calls with a prepared response, like “I will call you after four o’clock today.” You will be tested. Prepare to hang tough.(4) Get the family on board.Deal with their concerns before you start and be prepared to show how you are creating a win-win situation. Clarify what counts as an emergency – a valid reason to interrupt while you are working – and what can wait till dinnertime.(5) Build breaks into your schedule.When I started my own business, I was warned, “Plan to get out of the house! Otherwise you’ll never leave your desk.”Frankly, I didn’t get it.Why wouldn’t I take breaks? Now as I find myself answering just one more email, or adding two more paragraphs to an article, I see the clock move and realize I must stop if I want to get to the gym or the store before closing time.Bonus Tip: A dog will force you to get moving, no matter what else is going on in your life.(6) Make promises you will be motivated to keep.My weekly ezine motivates me to write at least one article a week. You may be energized by company and client deadlines.As your responsibilities grow, you will tend to accumulate more and more “real” deadlines and it’s easier to stay motivated. But in the early stages, you’re isolated, you’re working hard and results don’t appear immediately. That’s why some people hire coaches and consultants to create accountability.(7) Give yourself time to test your commitment.Not everyone enjoys the work-at-home option. My clients tell me they need six to twelve months to decide how they are responding to this arrangement. You may decide to return to a workplace where you can see real people everyday. Or you may get hooked on having a dog-friendly, gossip-free workplace where you can open the windows all year round.

Starting a Home Business – How to Write a Business Plan That Guides Your Success!

Writing a business plan isn’t optional just because you consider this simply a home business. You are a small business owner. A written business plan is required to secure finances or investors in your new home business. Starting a home business with your own funds and ideas doesn’t mean you don’t need a business plan.A written business plan is critical to every home business. The thought process and research involved in writing your business plan will reveal the blue print for your home business.There are numerous paid and free business plan products that you can use to develop your own home business plan. Unless you are seeking investors in your small business, you can learn how to write a business plan that keeps your business working toward your goals. To have a well written small business plan, you will find your goals easier to reach and keep track of your progress both with building your customer base and sales.Starting a home business without a writing a well thought out business plan is like building a house without a blue print to guide you every step of the way.Your home business foundation built on these eight areas will give your business a strong identity and focused sense of direction to help you plan and manage your business effectively.#1) Business Summary.Write out a description of your business. What kind of company do you want to build? A well written description or summary of your business often propels you through each step of how to write a business plan. Writing the summary first means you will always have the basic premise of your home business idea at the top of everything you put in your business plan.#2) Name Your Business.You may think that your direct sales business already has a company name but that is not the name of YOUR business. Creating a distinct name for your business will help make your plan. Does your business name reflect what you offer? Is it easy to remember? Does it have strong branding potential? Should you reconsider your current business name if it not working with your product? Make sure the name of your business fits not only your product or services but your mission statement.#3) Itemize Your Products or Services.Write out descriptions of your products; how do they look, smell, taste, feel or how your services will help others reach their own goals in life. How will your offerings improve the lives of others? Sort through why others aren’t already doing it and if they are offering exactly what you are going to offer then what prevents the competition from doing it better or more cheaply than you are.#4) Mission Statement.Your mission statement is a concise clear summary of the goals of your business. In your mission statement, you will define exactly what your business does, the products or services offered and what makes your business unique above the competition. Writing the bottom line of your business goals into your mission statement will guide the rest of your business plan.#5) Business Assessment.A major portion of your home business plan is a detailed assessment of four areas: your strengths, your weaknesses or limitations, business and marketing opportunities and threats or barriers to your potential success. At this stage of your business plan, you will be looking at your industry. Your work experience and talents that will add to your business would fall under your list of strengths. Your lack of knowledge or funds could be listed as your weaknesses. Take into account how broad your industry is when you are looking at your strengths and weaknesses. If you have little money for start up then you will need to be creative in your marketing and running your business. Will your weaknesses mean your opportunities for success are limited? Will your talent surpass your lack of funds?Opportunities for business growth may be dependent on your networking contacts or website design. Every business owner should remain wary of all threats to business success. Planning for problems before they arise will make running a business easier and more successful in the long run. As you can see this aspect of business planning is critical to all of your vision, your mission statement, your goal setting and running your home business.#6) Goal Setting.Write your vision for your business. Be specific. You can revise this as your goals and mission changes. How do you envision your business a year from now then five years from now? Write out your goals and objectives. Break down each product or service into their own set of goals. Plan for expansion as your business evolves.Goals are useless unless you can measure your progress towards them and plan to regularly assess which goals have been met or still need to be fulfilled. Make your goals specific and time sensitive. With each business goal, itemize what needs to be in place to reach each of your goals. Outline what steps you will take to reach the goals for your home business. Mark your calendar when its time to re-evaluate your goals and re-align your vision for your business to match the direction your business is going.Celebrate when you reach your goals and regroup when you realize you missed the mark. It’s important to decide what you consider to be a major loss and what you will accept as unsuccessful. Knowing what you will accept and absorb as a business loss before it happens will help prepare you for when it actually happens.#7) Target Market.Research your desired target market. Identify who you expect to buy your products or services. Write a profile of your average customer. You need to know your target before you are able to aim. Study your potential customer’s behavior. Where do they shop? What do they read? Do they move in specific social circles? Who wants or needs your business? Who will benefit from your product? What type of people will find your business a necessity?You cannot expect to fill a need or desire of a customer if you do not know what makes your offer unique and necessary. Look at those that offer similar products with success. Write out how you can rise above and differentiate yourself from the competition. At this stage of your business plan, describe how you can stand out from the crowd. Write down how and why your company is better than the competition. Study the competitions latest marketing strategies then outline here how you plan to counteract their business moves to give you the edge you need to stay unique and effective.While studying your customers and competition, take the extra time to identify complementary products or services that may fit your current business plan that may give the edge you need to compete in the future.#8) Sales and Marketing Strategies.How will anyone know your business exists? What steps will you take to make your business known? How will your customers find you? What can you do to ensure that you attract the customers you seek? How will you track your efforts? How much money do you have to put these strategies in place?List your strategies – press release, printed catalogs, business cards, open house, craft fairs, business, conventions, virtual expos, sales letters, etc.Determine whether you will market exclusively online, locally to your warm market or a combination of both. If online marketing is part of your business plan then include an internet marketing plan to include your domain name and host, whether you will hire a professional website designer or do it yourself, your business logo and e-commerce set up.#9) Business Start Up.Determine what equipment and services you will need to run your business to include setting up your home office, equipment, supplies, product inventory, customer record keeping, and book keeping. Create a checklist of professionals you need to secure for legal and financial advice, advertising expertise, office assistance or tax expertise.Starting a home business can be exciting and scary because it is Your dream that you are working towards with each work day. To write a business plan, means a great deal of commitment to the process. The process of writing a business plan will bring you closer to understanding yourself, your business goals, your company identity and reaching your potential customers.Although these areas are critical to writing a business plan, there is much more that will be added to your plan over time. Each time you reach a goal or discover a barrier to making the sale ~ you will return to your business plan and revise your goals, strategies and techniques.Business success is in the plan and implementation but also in the ability to adjust and redefine your business goals to meet your customers need or desire while letting you design your home business your way!

115 Ways To Earn Money With Your Computer

Here is a list of ideas for your reference if you want to use your own PC to earn income.1. Provide computer-based office management services for attorneys2. Do word processing3. Do medical billing for doctors4. Do automated telemarketing5. Manage a church6. Start a computer user’s group7. Learn to win at blackjack8. Bet on horse races9. Bet on pro football10. Sell computers from your home11. Provide medical information management12. Broker information13. Trade stock by computer14. Provide astrological services15. Offer an interactive electronic newsletter16. Produce book indexes17. Provide a computer-assisted booking service18. Make stock market investment decisions19. Do genealogical research20. Manage a band21. Manage a house or pet sitting service22. Track precious gems23. Sell information to collectors24. Analyze real estate investments25. Support a small law practice26. Write a book27. Market collectables28. Do psychological counseling29. Prepare income tax returns30. Provide economic consulting31. Solve real estate financing problems32. Do data base research33. Publish your own book34. Design your own small business system35. Crop management36. Analyze farm expenses37. Provide weekly printout of bowling league statistics38. Make computer-generated portraits39. Manage investment shelters40. Manage construction costs41. Produce computer utility products42. Provide computer-aided financial planning43. Sell life insurance44. Support a small publishing business45. Provide weekly printout of little league Baseball statistics46. Run a small pharmacy47. Become a computer dealer48. Interpret physical therapy test results49. Manage a restaurant50. Start your own yellow pages51. Conduct computer-assisted telephone interviewing52. Stream-line executive search activities53. Provide agricultural commodities planning54. Turn financial statements into financial pictures55. Manage a museum collection56. Support consumer education programs57. Do freelance technical writing58. Do multi-level direct mail marketing59. Review specialty software60. Be an engineering consultant61. Provide sports information services62. Produce products for hobbyists63. Provide specialty-focused software services64. Run a multi-level, direct sales operation65. Do litigation management66. Manage a dairy farm67. Provided automated debt collection68. Provide date-base installation and instruction69. Run a beauty school/beauty salon70. Improve small business services71. Broker used computers!72. Telecommute73. Enhance medical diagnosis and treatments74. Create electronic marketing tools75. Do independent software documentation76. Teach people how to use microcomputers77. Become your own computer book publisher78. Create computer-generated puzzles and word games79. Become a software consultant80. Produce low-cost computer graphics products81. Develop software for children82. Perform real estate inspections83. Do software translations84. Produced a computer-controlled home security system85. Automate conference registration86. Create computer gifts87. Enhance scientific products88. Write software for use in the home89. Manage a winery90. Design and produce personal computer hardware or peripherals91. Design, publish and distribute software92. Provide information vending machines93. Start a software writing cooperative94. Develop small scale real estate partnerships95. Do property management96. Do mortgage loan brokerage97. Perform non-judicial foreclosures98. Develop mini-warehouse storage facilities99. Sell instant signs100. Start an advertising agency101. Start a resume service.102. Manage a talent agency103. Operate a referral service104. Operating a mailing list service105. Operate a typesetting service106. Offer a legal forms service for the general public107. Publish your own newsletter or help others for a fee108. Operate a voice mail service109. Start your own local classified newspaper110. Provide a collection letter service111. Offer a custom diet plan service112. Start your own local real estate newspaper113. Start an apartment rental newspaper114. Provide a payroll service115. Start a singles dating serviceYou can get more ideas with a number brainstorming tools located at http://www.best-internet-businesses.comTruly, your PC and Internet give you more opportunities to earn incomes during spare time.

A Perfect Time To Start Your Home Business

It was milf porn the day that changed course of my life.As we walked together on that empty road he asked me, “When are you starting with your venture?”He was a close friend. I had revealed him often how I would love to start my own online business from home and work towards financial independence.He knew nothing about internet business. But he always heard me with attention and encouragement.”Quite a time has passed since you first mentioned.” He smiled as I remembered.”Next year. Something has come up. I do not think I will be able to do this year.” I replied.What he said was never expected, “If you do not have time this year and think you will have next year, you will never have the time. Things are not going to change much tomorrow than they are today. If you want to do it then do it now.As he parted after a long discussion he gave the final blow, “There will be no perfect time any day. If you postpone, it will fizzle out.”Often I receive emails of people who ask when they should start their business. I have passed through same kind of phase. I will repeat the advice my friend gave me.”NOW.”Yes! Now is the right time for anything.When we dream about a venture, knowingly or subconsciously we attach a state of perfection with that dream. It is a human habit. When mind dreams it does with perfection.But reality is different. You might already have prior engagements that won’t leave you with perfect state of conditions to pursue your dreams. Shall you wait so that things become better? Well! The conditions did not improve in my case and as I see now they never become perfect.A dream has to pass through congested reality before it could be realized.Start now. The chaos which you face today would be present tomorrow also. These are the most frequent questions that trouble the mind of a potential starter.# Where do I get extra time required?Squeeze it. You do not need much of a time to work on the net. In case of business on the net, it is pretty manageable with small editing of your time management.# What if I do not have resources?Well! You need to search for what you can do. Cut down dispensable expenses like movies or eating out. Borrow if you can. If you are sincere enough you will find a way.# I do not have a perfect plan.Okay. Start with imperfect one that you have formulated. You can modify it along the way if you need. Start now. There is plenty to learn in the way. You cannot learn all before you start. And read this carefully. Nobody starts with perfect plan. Things shape up as you walk the path.Action is what separates achievers from dreamers.It is very easy to dream. There is no cost involved, no hindrance of any kind to stop the mind. Dreaming is the first step towards any endeavor. But dream must be followed by action to realize that dream.If it is not followed by action a dream has got no meaning. World is full of wasted ideas and talents. Don’t let that happen to you.Act now. Do not think tomorrow it will become better.Tomorrow the things will be same.-Now is perfect time.-Now you have the right finances.-Now you have the right knowledge to start.Catch a dream. Make a plan and “Just do it.”Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

How to Pick a Business Opportunity

Browsing the internet there are literally thousands of affiliate marketing resources and a person often gets overwhelmed by the sheer choice of programs, products and services they offer.When looking for a business opportunity you should look for 6 primary qualities:1. Integrity – Does the company have a reliable track record/history?2. Value – Is the company providing a valuable service/product?3. Training – Do they provide you with quality marketing training and materials?4. Support – Is it easy to contact them and do they reply in a timely fashion?5. Compensation plan – Is their compensation plan fair and do they pay on time?6. Investment – Is the opportunity free or inexpensive to join?All these qualities are important when choosing a business opportunity.Too many people jump in to an opportunity that promises them mountains of gold, only to find themselves ripped off after the opportunity seems to have disappeared into thin air or is gone bust.Affiliate Programs:These are programs that let you promote other peoples products/services and pay you a commission for each buying customer. Affiliate programs can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing when you promote your business..Network MarketingPrograms that pay a recurring commission based on the amount of members in your downline or matrix. These members pay a recurring fee to the network marketing company and you earn a share of that fee as compensation. Not only do you earn on your personal sales, but you also earn a percentage of the sales your downline members make. The beauty of these type of businesses is that you do it once and get paid as long as the person you enrolled stays a member.With Network marketing programs having a training and support system in place is crucial for your business’s success, now and in the future. Its all about people helping people, in order to receive you must first learn to give. If you help your newly joined members to build their new business you will build a relationship and bond of trust. Because of that they will soon be in profit and best of all this will also profit you because when they enroll new members you will earn a share of that sale! You do something once and get paid for as long as the person stays a member and/or buys products/services.Creating your own Product(s)Nothing beats selling your own product, you keep all the money in your pocket and you are not dependent on a company to pay you a commission.Creating your own product is easier then it often sounds. For example, you could write your own E-book and sell it for a price you decide. Your E-book can contain references to resources with your own affiliate link, it can literally become a viral marketing tool that will earn you money over and over. In fact writing your own E-book is one of the secrets many “guru’s” use to build their businesses.People say “but I don’t have a topic that I can write about?” Often that is not true. For example, write about something you like, your hobby for example. Lets say your hobby is gardening, you could write an e-book about growing flowers. Or say you are a computer wiz, then you could write an e-book about how to build a computer etc.Often people do not realize that the product is right there, they just have to dig in their own mind and/or knowledge to discover it.To your success!

Pop-up Ads: No Middle of the Road

Anyone working online and short of being blind has at one time or another come face-to-face with pop-up and pop-under advertisements.There is no middle of the road here; you either love them or hate the little buggers!Automatic pop-up and pop-unders are relatively new alternatives to more traditional advertising methods, but as with any method, one must be careful not to overdo.Proper implementation of pop-up and pop-unders could be one of the efficient ways to reach your visitors with a targeted advertising message.The decision whether or not to deploy them must be made very carefully and always keeping your visitors in mind when your site black porn uses these ads.By displaying just 1 window and only when necessary (usually when the visitor is leaving), you can get maximum results while still respecting your visitors.Each marketer should evaluate their business to determine whether their site really needs this form of advertising. If you decide to forge on, control the size of the pop-up window. Do not block the visitors’ sight!Do not utilize pop-ups or unders on your homepage. It may keep potential customers from revisiting your site, and always test your ads before making them public. Be certain they function well and make darn sure they are easy to close from a visitors’ standpoint.If your pop-up and pop-under ads do not effectively bring about positive results, discontinue use immediately!

Work At Home Computer Jobs Can Give You Freedom!

Work at home computer jobs can be a rewarding and profitable business that you can get in on. If you have a home computer, basic software, and an Internet connection, you can start your own work at home computer job within minutes. Working from home gives you freedom and flexibility to control your own life. Set your own work schedule, be at home for your children when they get out of school. With a work at home computer job, you can start work early in the morning or late at night, whichever you prefer. Your work schedule will be determined by you alone.Often, work at home computer jobs requires no investment. Some promise “pie in the sky” claims and seem to offer riches beyond belief. Unfortunately, sometimes their claims are. Online scam artists prey on those looking for alternative work opportunities. You may wish to contact the Federal Trade Commission for advice when searching for work at home computer jobs. Legitimate jobs do exist on the Internet that requires no up-front money or huge investments.Many companies are now offering work at home computer jobs. With so many opportunities, you can have all the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. One great thing about working at home is the freedom of mobility that you will enjoy. You can live anywhere in the United States and still have a profitable home-based job. Your employer or mobile porn client may be located hundreds of miles away. With the computer, you can work in your living room in your pajamas if you wish.Work at home computer jobs is available for almost every skill and talents. Some of the jobs currently being offered include: Internet research, medical transcription, data processing, accounting and bookkeeping, graphic web artists, and proof reading just to name a few. Check on the Internet for other opportunities for work at home computer jobs.