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How Beets Changed My Life

If there was one thing I hated as a kid, it was beets. I couldn’t stand the look of them. Or the taste of them… although, I’m not sure I remember ever actually eating one. I just knew I would hate them.And so, my whole life I’ve held to the belief that I hate beets. Until recently. I was at one of those huge salad bar restaurants and there they were. My husband loves beets, and he was heaping them onto his plate.”Come on, try one. You’ve never even had one, have you?”, he cajoled.So, I did the unthinkable. I ate one.And it was good! To think I’d been missing out all this time just because of a stubborn opinion I’d formed as a kid.So what does this have to do with working at home? My point here is that I once felt the same way about home business opps.When I first quit my job to stay at home with my kids, I wanted only to find a telecommute job. No business opps. No Network Marketing. No way. For reasons that escape me now, I had no desire to start a business. In fact, I had a negative impression of business opps in general. I thought most of them were thinly veiled pyramid schemes (even though I’m not sure I really knew then what constituted a pyramid scheme).Eventually though, I succumbed to one of those “Mom’s Needed!” ads and I signed up with a –gasp– Network Marketing company. I liked their product, which had educational value for kids and I actually made a little bit of money. In fact, this is where I got the money to start my current business, 2Work-At-Home.com.In the beginning, my husband was beyond skeptical (yet this was the very same person who convinced me to eat beets….), but after a year of toiling my efforts were really starting to pay off.I was able to pay bills. I was even able to start getting some of those extras that we wanted.So, here I was a home business owner, even though I had started out with the firm and non-negotiable goal of securing a telecommute job. And you know what? I think I’m much happier running my own business than I ever would have been working for a company.Who’d have thought that beets could change someone’s life?

Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 7

Your Home Business Management- ConclusionIn the previous articles, I’ve mentioned some of the key elements of managing your online business when you are working at home: finance, marketing, time, purchasing and computing, plus of course the need to manage yourself. This series has been about the need to manage your business, even if you do work at home alone, rather than just let it drift with the flow of the days, weeks, months and years.For this last part in the series, I will partially recap, but also add in a few more suggestions that may help you deal with the transition from employee to “own business manager”. Of course, this is a subject I could write a book about, so this short series has been merely an introduction, to get you thinking about your business in a slightly different light to the way you might have done. I hope the following points may assist in that process:o Always be patient and do not expect instant results. The business world is not like that. Maybe over the years you will have one or two lucky breaks, but do not expect them soon.o Take a long term view of the business from the outset. This may be your one opportunity to do things right and make a decent income with the freedom of working from home. Set yourself a target for 5 years’ time, then the stepping stones to that target will emerge, one year at a time. Looking ahead 5 years you can set your targets high without being unrealistic.o Always remember that the knowledge you are acquiring will be a growing asset. All of a sudden you may find others viewing you as something of an expert, and you will realise you have knowledge that is valuable, not only to you but to others.o A piece of knowledge is like a building block. Add these building blocks you are making one at a time. Remember, if you try to put a roof on a building before the walls are in place, it won’t be much of a building. Be patient in placing one block at a time, and there’s a good chance you will stand proudly in front of this building in awe and think: “wow, I did that!” And the roof will be snugly in place.o Spread your learning across all parts of the business, especially those you don’t like. Never forget, every part of your business is inter-related. You need to be able to piece them together and bind them strongly.o You will make mistakes, so do not expect otherwise. Marketing in particular will require risk and experiment. Before diving in and inflating your expectations, find out what others are experiencing from what you are wanting to try. Then there will be fewer disappointments and unpleasant surprises.o Frequent some of the online forums that focus on online business. There are many of them, and some are excellent for making new contacts, posing questions and getting valuable answers and suggestions. You will be surprised how much practical help, support and advice you will get from some forums.o When you make mistakes or things go wrong in some way, do not blame others. You are the boss of this business of yours, the buck stops with you.o Do not over criticize yourself or react emotionally when things do go wrong. Analyze what has happened and put it down to experience. It could have been the most important mistake you ever made, by forcing a change that will lead to your success.o Extract every positive you can from every negative event in your business life.o Never convince yourself you know better than everyone else. You don’t.o Never assume that all those who are making a lot of money on the internet are out to get you. Learn from their successes, even if it means adding to their income by working in their downline. It is your job to make money, earn a good living, and succeed, not to resent making money for someone else in the process.o When you try something new, do so in moderation, whether it be a new ad or new advertising medium, or some traffic generation system. Online or offline, many things don’t work as you had dreamt they might. Test, review and then continue if neutral, making changes that may turn the test from neutral to positive. If positive, consider expansion. If negative, stop, unless there is a substantial reason for doing otherwise. This is all part of the business building process: discard what does not work, and improve and expand on things that do. But ensure the timescale you have set is sensible.o Monitor everything. It’s a fast moving world. What may be good for your business today may not be so in 3 months’ time.o Enjoy yourself. If you do not enjoy yourself, change things so that you do.The above list is far from exhaustive, but reflects some of the things I have learnt over many years of having my own business, working online and offline, after moving from employee status in 1995. I hope that these ideas may help you in some little way towards your goal. By having a management attitude towards your business and yourself from the start, when the day comes to employ staff and delegate, then you will be better prepared and your business will have a firmer foundation. A new level of management will begin.

How Do You Treat Your Affiliates?

If you’ve been working online for any length of time you know that one of the best and fastest ways to make money with your products is to offer an affiliate program.So let me ask you this – how do *you* treat your affiliates?You might be asking yourself what I mean. After all, you offer them a great commission on their sales, and you’ve got a terrific product line for them to offer their customers, right?But how do you *treat* them?Do you answer their e-mails when they have questions or problems? If not, you could be losing some potentially good affiliates. Would *you* try to help someone make money if they won’t even bother to give you the time of day?Are they just a number to you?Do you look at your sales and say to yourself, “Affiliate #2872 brought in over $1,000 for me yesterday. Cha-ching! But affiliate #8679 has never made one sale. Too bad, so sad.”Did it ever occur to you that without these people you wouldn’t be making as much money as you do? You, alone, can’t reach the entire world with your products. Isn’t that why you started your affiliate program in the first place?Even the woman who only sells one product a year brings in money for *you.* And chances are, you have several affiliates like that. So you’re making a lot more sales even though each of them may only make one or two.Maybe affiliate #8679, who has never sold any of your products, could use a little help from you. You know your products better than anyone else, so why not give him some pointers to help him sell those products?Sorry, but those “canned” ads you supply don’t count as “helping” your affiliates. What I mean is, you should let your affiliates know you’re available to answer any questions they may mobile porn have. And then, for Heaven’s sake, answer them! They only want to be treated like human beings.Helpful hint: in addition to the ads you supply your affiliates, write a page of tips to help them make sales.Not everyone can be a “super affiliate” but with some guidance the “little guys” could probably sell more of *your* products. It’s a win/win situation for both of you.And more importantly, it builds your affiliates trust in *you.* The more they trust you and believe in you, as a person, the harder they’ll try to sell your products. And the harder they try, the more likely they are to succeed.So, let me ask you again. How do *you* treat your affiliates?

Why Start a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol

Neighborhood Watch Programs are worth their weight in gold. As a small businessperson you can protect the community and your business by joining others to patrol the city during your normal daily business activities. You might be saying, but I am really busy why should I do this? Well when your town has a crisis from kidnapping of a child or another unthinkable crime, you will know why. The more intelligent thought would be to start a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol before something terrible happens in your community or a crime on your small business. Let me tell you why I invented the Neighborhood Watch Patrol in early 1990s.About 15 years back one of our franchisees had some equipment stolen from his work truck in broad daylight. When he returned to find the equipment missing, no one would reveal who had come near the truck; the witnesses did not want to get involved. That is when The Car Wash Guys decided that they would get involved. Although many of us live in great communities with little crime that does not mean any of us should tolerate any crime. We believe a Zero Tolerance goal is by far the best policy. By uniting the entire community and working together we can decrease the crime we do have and make our community one of the best places in the World a person could ever want to live. We each have a great community and intend to keep it that way. We want our community to be number one in our state and our citizens, friends and families to know that we are all looking out for them and they are looking out for us. No longer will the temptation exist for an unethical situation to occur. The criminals will know that our town is a no fly zone and that it is not only a police car that they need to be concerned with. They will be caught if they attempt anything by the first person who sees them. The ice cream man, the school bus driver, an electrician, a plumber, a pool cleaner, a real estate agent, anyone and everybody will be observing while driving around in their normal course of business.Now more than ever, it is important for all Americans to be observant and help protect their own communities. Learn how to watch for potential arsonists, suspicious behavior, and be aware of people on the government’s “wanted” lists. Together we can prevent crime. To my eBook and a complete downloadable step by step plan to build your Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program use the web address below:http://www.lancewinslow.org/nmwp.shtml

What Holds You From Starting a Home Business?

Before I started my home business I searched the web for almost one year looking for ways to earn money. One year! It is lot of time. I absolutely wasted that period when I think about the money I could have made if I had started earlier. Are milf porn you committing the same mistake? Do you keep surfing and searching, hopping from one site to another to look for ways to make money? Have you come across an opportunity but failed to take action.What holds you back?First and foremost is the realization that you can earn money from your online home business. This is biggest doubt that lurks in the mind. Internet is virtual world. It is quite faceless. To begin with it is very difficult to comprehend with the fact that real people are actually making real money on the net.It is easy to grasp that big companies are doing real business. But one does not recognize himself with those big guns. You will promptly agree that Yahoo is in real business but doubts are raised when someone says I am working part time or full time from home and earn few thousands every month. You want to believe but still your logical mind finds it difficult to absorb. Why?May be because we are not aware of the possibility or wish it to be true but fail to realize. There is difference between having an idea and realizing the idea. But whether we realize or not people are making money everyday, every month, each year.Do you lack confidence in digital transaction? Does it appear to be of complex nature? Do you have a doubt like – Will this payment processor (read Paypal, Stormpay etc. etc.) send me actual money when I request. Is it safe to leave my credit card details with them?Payment processors too are in a business. Why would they risk their business by doing such petty things? This realization has to come before you take a step. Moreover when you start using them they are much easier to use than real life banks.Iif you take basic precautions they are very safe too.Is your budget a reason!If you already have a computer and internet connection you can start your business in less than $100 dollars. This will provide you the basic platform including your website cost and promotional gadgets.Is that too much? If you consider the returns it is negligible.You can cut down your expenses where you can. Be it liquor, cigarettes, cloths, movies or any other thing where you can. It is a very small price for the fortune.Are you held back by inertia of inactivity?Change your attitude then if you want to make wealth. One who acts will get the yields. Stop believing them who point to the empty half of the glass. Be positive, act and you will be on your way to success.Is time your major consideration?Home business on the net can be managed by working 2-3 hours daily. If you can’t work more on the weekends. With little squeeze here and there one can mange your business very well.Do you think you lack the technical knowledge?It is true that you need to understand how to do things if you want to start an online business but if you posses basic knowledge to operate the computer everything can be learnt on the way. Remember action is the first step. You cannot learn if you do not start and understand what to know. Most of successful businessmen started from scratch.There are plenty of resources available. But until you start you cannot learn. You learn by doing. Don’t worry about failures. By and by everything comes to you. Starting is the most crucial step.It is time for action now. Search your product or affilaite products, arrange for gadgets and go. Work and build your business. Be patient and persistent. Seeds you sow today will bring you good harvest if you nurture and give it time to grow.Don’t be tempted to leave in the middle for fear of failure. Whenever you feel distressed or overburdened just focus on what it can bring you – a healthy lifestyle, good bye to daily grind at the job, spending enough time with your family and a lot others.It takes time to build and be productive. If you endeavor success is sure to come.So! What holds you back now?Is that too much work?I don’t think you are serious about making money then.Copyright © 2005 Arun Pal Singh

A Fun Way to Make Money on the Weekends

Looking for a way to make some extra money, meet lots of interesting people or maybe looking for a way to launch your new business? Perhaps your goal is just to work on a part-time basis two or three days out of a week. Consider a swap meet, flea market, or craft show. These opportunities are loads of fun attracting lots of bargain shoppers who are willing to support you. Every city has them. It’s only a matter of locating them. I guarantee you that you will not have to look long or hard before you are able to find several within a short distance from your home. Chances are you probably have been to a flea market or swap meet. Have you never considered that this would be something you could do and enjoy? There are several opportunities to pursue.Types of Vendor Opportunities:Outdoor Swap Meets/Flea Markets-These usually have large variety of merchandise. Here you can find high end items like TV’s and appliances to small items like fashion jewelry. You may also find used merchandise. People who attend these are usually are looking for big discounts.Indoor Malls-These attract the more professional class and savvy shopper. The displays are more organized in appearance. You will see booths and each vendor will more than likely specialize in a line of product.Craft Fairs-These maybe held inside or outside. You’ll find them in parking lots, schools, churches, parks, etc. Sometimes they are fundraisers. Merchandise will range from homemade to high ticket items.BenefitsFun way to make extra money on weekends.Meet lots of interesting people.Can be a great launching pad for your business.Simple Steps to Getting StartedCheck out local newspapers, magazines, word of mouth.Make contact with the group or organization.Reserve a table or booth-a fee may be involved.Get a list of rules and regulations and become familiar with them.Select your merchandise.SuppliesOne folding tableA cash box, with small bills and changeA clean tableclothA calculatorYour price listAn order book to write receiptsPlenty of business cardsThe Big Day ArrivesYou want to be prepared when the day arrives. If you have done your homework ahead of time the day will go rather smoothly without encountering too many problems. Here are some things you will want to accomplish.Find your space and set up.Decide on your bottom line price. This would be your lowest price you would be willing to take.Be prepared to take checks.Record the name, address, and phone number of customersIt is always a good idea to take someone with you to handle the cashbox while you deal with the sales.Rehearse your set up at home. Set up your display and plan the most attractive arrangement before the show.While you are counting your money reorder merchandise especially those items that have sold well, build your mailing list and send out follow-ups and thank yous. The main thing that I want to get across is while this is work, also have a good time. Enjoy the interesting people you meet. Once you establish your customer base, they will become your repeat customers.

Sitting On The Back Porch

Yep, that’s where I wrote this article – sitting on the back porch.Well, that’s probably inaccurate; actually, the idea for this article came to me while I was sitting on the back porch. I was enjoying my after-lunch coffee along with an unseasonably warm (but delightful) October afternoon, when it occurred to me that I was indulging myself in one of the true luxuries of the work-from-home lifestyle.I began to flash back as to what it was like working the more traditional 9-to-5 job, and once again I realized how blessed I was to be able to work from home on MY schedule, not someone else’s!There’s no denying it – I’m the toughest boss I’ve ever had – but even the most compassionate employers have no way of knowing, let alone accommodating, those times when you just simply have to say “STOP!”You know what I’m talking about – you’ve been hard at work on your job for weeks, giving your all to your employer, and all at once your mind and body says to you, “I’ve got to get out of here!” We’ve all been there, right? You just want a break, a chance to be by yourself and sort through all the things that are weighing on your mind. Perhaps you’ll just sneak outside for a few minutes, take a walk, grab a cup of java… you know it will make you more productive.Sometimes you can do that…but more often than not, you can’t.Or you won’t, because you don’t want your supervisor to view you as a “slacker.”So you plug away, not able to give your all to your job simply because you’re not able to refresh yourself on YOUR timetable.No so when you work from home.Make no mistake; I work very long hours – many more than I did at any of my traditional jobs. Sometimes I work as many as 14 hours a day. But when the time comes to take a break, regardless of the hour, I have the freedom to do just that.And that’s when I head for the back porch.

Starting a Internet Home Business and Finding Your Niche

If you are among the millions who want to start an internet home business, you may be having trouble finding your niche.The only way of operating a successful internet home business is to find a valuable service or product and advertise it effectively. Before starting an black porn online home business, educate yourself about how internet marketers make money on the internet, how to find the perfect marketing niche for you, what are the best products or services to sell on the internet, and how to evaluate your chances of success with any particular service or product.Starting an internet home business can be one of the best decisions you make in your life. Independence, financial stability, and satisfaction are just a few of the numerous benefits of becoming an online home business owner.The internet has become more than a source of information. Many people make serious money on the internet and many more people want to join the gravy train. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed. This is mainly due to the fact that prospective entrepreneurs do not spend enough time educating themselves about effective internet marketing techniques.Another reason people lose money in internet marketing ventures are the numerous get rich quick schemes that promise huge profits and require very little effort. In return, you spend just a few dollars on manuals or memberships. These fraudulent schemes will not affect you if you remember one simple fact: the only way to make money on the internet is to sell a quality product or service, provide excellent customer service, and to advertise effectively to your target audience.If you don’t want to deal with stock issues or customer service you can sell affiliate products.Finding the best niche marketing strategy can be a simple process if you educate yourself sufficiently and by sell products which are in high demand.The major difference between successful internet marketers and those who fail is that the successful internet home business owners carefully planned their actions and learned more about effective marketing strategies.You do not have to be a genius or professional web master to run a successful online home business. There are professionals who can be hired to assist you and software that can make the automation process simple.Your initial investment can be a few hundred dollars or more or can be zero dollars. If you have the time to spend, you can perform the necessary work yourself and avoid paying professional help. If you have a little money to invest, you can hire experts to assist you in starting your home business.

Handmade Beauty Business – Virtually!

The business of Handmade Beauty has grown exponentially in the past ten years. I have personally observed and been an integral part of enormous growth and innovation as the industry has become more well-known, and even mainstream.As an instructor in the arts of cold-process soap-making and toiletry-making, it is amazing to talk with student after student about their newfound knowledge of creating handmade beauty products and their desire to start a business. The range runs the gamut from selling a few weeks annually during the pre-holiday craft fair season to starting a full-time business with a very sophisticated long-term business plan. I am always amazed at the passion this craft elicits and the endless possibilities, variations, and directions in which such a business could go!I know. From personal experience, I know it very well.What I like to share in my consultations is that anything is possible. With enough commitment, endurance, a well-thought plan, and enough cash to carry you through until you are generating the income sufficient to get by and thrive, it can be done.That said, in my experience, from the moment you decide you are serious about being in business, it is imperative to adopt a mindset of maximizing your time and energy. One way of doing that is to hire a professional Virtual Assistant, also known as a “VA.”Depending on the experience and expertise of your VA, s/he caters to your administrative, technical, creative, and financial needs. Delegating these time-consuming tasks to the capable hands of your VA frees you to focus on what’s most important: growing your business and generating revenue!A virtual assistant is your partner in business. Aside from you, they care as much about the success of your business as anyone! They are equipped with the most updated equipment and systems. They are savvy and industrious when it comes to finding innovative ways to implement new programs or introduce new products. As you mature in business, it is not uncommon to depend heavily on the services of a VA for the superior behind-the-scenes contribution they make to your success.Partnering with a professional Virtual Assistant can:1. Increase your revenue.2. Increase your productivity.3. Save you money.4. Save you time.5. Save you frustration.How does that sound? The handmade beauty business of your dreams awaits!by Charlon Bobo, Muse works(TM) © 2005

Should You Pay to Join a Business Opportunity?

If you spend any time online, surfing the Internet, or even if you spend any time reading magazines cartoon porn that deal with business topics, you will more than likely run across countless business opportunity offerings.Business opportunities are in essence, “turn-key” operations, where a major company, or even a smaller company, is offering what are basically franchises or memberships in the company. Any person that joins, becomes entitled to use the company name, company marketing materials, and of course, company reputation. It is therefore, an easy way for many who have no inclination to start their own business, or who have no ideas of their own, to start a home-based business.There are, however, as in anything, “pitfalls” and “advantages” to joining any type of business opportunity. Many times, one of the “pitfalls” is the fact that there is a membership price to pay when joining, which depending upon the business opportunity, can be quite a staggering fee. It is wise, then, before paying any fees to join a business opportunity to research and ascertain the following aspects of the opportunity:1. How long is the business opportunity “in business”? Longevity is important. You don’t want to join a biz op that’s “here today, gone tomorrow”, taking your fees with it!2. How do other members feel about the business opportunity? If you can speak with other members, this would help immensely in any decisions.3. How much money overall can you expect to make from the business opportunity within the first month? You should at least be able to recover any fees you’ve spent within the first few months.4. How many others belong to the business opportunity? Too much competition with other members will make it difficult to make sales, while too few members indicates that it is not a popular business opportunity, so how can it be sold?5. How often will you be paid? Some only pay when an associate reaches a certain amount of revenue (which if you’re a newbie will tie up your money quite conceivably for a while).6. Are there any “undisclosed” extra fees, such as fees for checks or other payment methods? This will cut into net revenues.7. Is there a money-back guarantee? If you don’t succeed, will the business opportunity supply at least a partial refund?8. Does the business opportunity supply mentors and marketing materials that can be used? It’s easier to start and maintain a business opportunity with these components already in place.9. How well known is the business opportunity? Whether it’s online or offline, some business opportunities are “household” names and are easier to promote and sell as a result.10. What is the turnover rate in the business opportunity? Those that have a large turnover rate among members are usually poor choices. Turnover means simply the number of members that leave the biz op within each month. A large turnover usually indicates that members are not happy with their experiences.11. How much overall does it cost? You need to be able to comfortably afford the fee of the business opportunity, or you will start out “in the red” which is not a good way to start any home-based business.12. How much control does the corporate entity have? If everything is controlled by the corporate entity (the “home” office of the business opportunity, so to speak), your creativity and the way you market may be hampered severely.There are many business opportunities from which to pick. Everything from larger scale offline ventures, to smaller scale online ventures exists. Research into all the above is necessary when choosing an appropriate business opportunity. Fees are sometimes necessary to cover the costs of shipping and handling, or the costs of the marketing materials. Others charge fees simply because their “name” is important to them as they have spent years building their reputation, and they only want “serious joiners”.There also exist many free opportunities that cost nothing to join and can be a good way to experiment with marketing and the world of home-based business.The choice of whether to pay or not is an individual choice that should only be made when weighing all possible factors. If in doubt, simply research and patiently wait a while. After all, the biz op will always be there tomorrow (if it’s a good one)!