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Sometimes the Magic Just Works!

Have you ever been wildly successful in something you’ve done? If you haven’t, I’m sure you know someone who has.Quite often in the world of home based businesses, we’re supposed to believe that we can duplicate the successes of others. In fact, that’s what a large portion of the marketing we see these days is done on.It appeals to our baser instincts. Regardless of what it appeals to, however, there still lies the problem that we must take whatever software, advice, or program that we’ve been sold and use it for our success.Quite often, however, there is one fatal flaw with what we’ve received — the person who sold it to you happened upon his success and couldn’t duplicate it if you gave him a million dollars!Now, that’s not to say that all programs or systems you might buy into are flawed and won’t work. To the contrary, I believe that some of them will work but if you don’t spend a little bit of time investigating how will you know for sure?Quite a few people will throw good money after bad buying program after program hoping that the next one will make them successful. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past. Eventually they’ll give up in frustration and claim, “This Internet stuff doesn’t really work!” Replace “Internet” with whatever the new scheme of the day is and you’ve got what they’re saying to all their friends.So how do you avoid this problem? It’s actually quite simple.The first thing you need to do is come up with a system. Now, a system is nothing more than a set of processes that you’ll follow every time you do a particular process.For instance, if you clean your kitchen in this order every time you’ve got a system:
Put dishes in dishwasher
Wipe counters
Clean floor
But does that system actually work? That’s where tracking comes into play. If you know exactly what you should be doing and you’re actually doing it then you can track the results of what you’ve done.The next part is where the beauty of a system comes into play. You are not locked into doing that particular system forever. In fact, I’d recommend you change it from time to time. But what you need to do is test this system alongside your new system and see which one performs better.You’re basically playing the two systems against each other to see which performs better. And, as long as you adjust, your processes will get better and better as time goes along.That’s what successful marketers do. In fact, you can see this in place with folks who run campaigns with Google’s AdWords program. They’ll run an ad side by side just to see which one performs better.They put a system in place, test the results and above all – track everything they do. If you do the same with your systems, you’ll probably find areas to increase your income that you never even thought of before!

A Window Cleaning Business Depends Upon Top Customer Service for Ultimate Success!

The window cleaning business is a “service” business, but yet most window cleaners have forgotten about the service part of it. And since most window washers don’t implement cartoon porn top notch customer service into the daily running of their business, that’s great news for you, IF you follow the tips below!Have you ever walked into a store and all the employees seem to run and hide? Have you ever contacted a business just to be put on hold or be talked rudely to by some $5 an hour clerk? Have you ever asked for a business to do something, and they finally get around to it at their convenience instead of at your convenience?Dumb questions I know. Because we’ve all experienced that.I write in my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business about this lady who became my customer due to her previous window washer being “unavailable”.This frustrated customer of a previous window washer would call her window washer repeatedly to see if she could have her windows serviced. She never got a call back, so she ended up calling me from the phone book.The end result is that I ended up having her as a customer for many years all because of poor customer service given to this customer.But here’s the kicker of the whole thing…this window washer probably ended up losing thousands of dollars in business to me over the years just from that one mistake. I’ll explain how in a minute, but first let me give you a little background on this individual.I actually have known about him for quite some time. When I first got into the window washing business, I tried to call him four times just to introduce myself to him.I never said that I owned a window washing company or gave him any impression that I was a competitor. For all he knew, I could have had a multi-million dollar house that needed a good window cleaning.Well…he never called me back. I left four messages on his machine (it was always a machine, never a person that answered the phone) and I NEVER received a call back. That just blew my mind.I saw him washing some windows one day so I finally was able to talk with him. He seemed like a nice guy, but I’d be embarrassed if I treated my customers or prospects with that kind of disrespect.I made it a point to always answer the phone in person (my business phone line forwarded to my cell phone), so if I was on top of a ladder, I answered the calls. My customers loved it.But let me get back to my explanation as to why this guy lost a lot of business to me.Due to his never calling back that customer, she called me, as you already know. She was tickled pink about the job I did, and again…she became my customer for years.But here’s the best part…her next door neighbor saw me, and with some kind words from my new customer, I got that job (at a high price I might add). PLUS…the next door neighbor owns a screen enclosure business where he encloses swimming pools.Needless to say, he deals with some clients who have money-the perfect type of person in need of window cleaning services also. So because of this next door neighbor’s complete satisfaction on the job I did for him, I have received numerous referrals from him. Jobs that have made me lots of money. And how did this all start? Poor customer service to just ONE customer by a previous window washer.Funny how it worked out, huh? Do you think I should tell this guy to get rid of his answering machine? Um…no I don’t think so.And that situation repeated itself many, many times with other window washers being non-responsive and/or doing a poor job for their customer. Customers will only put up with so much before they’ll move on.Customer Service is really simple. It consists of:* Answering the phone in person when someone calls (or at the very least calling them back right away).* Showing up on time for the estimate-if you’re running late, that could make a difference between you getting the job-or not.* Calling the customer the night before your scheduled job as a courtesy reminder for them.* Showing up on time for your scheduled job. If you’re running late, call them.* Doing an excellent job on their windows.* Sending a thank you note after the job is completed.That’s it! Everyone CAN do it, but as I said earlier, very few window washers DO do it. That’s good news though. I’ll take disgruntled customers who are unhappy with their current window washers all day long.So the moral of the story here is to just treat your customers to outstanding customer service. It doesn’t take much effort or time to do, and will directly affect your bank account in a positive way.Best Wishes,Steve256-546-2446

Four Models of Successful Internet Business Sites!

One of the best methods of learning how to succeed in your Internet business is to first find a successful site to model your business on.Over the years I have studied many successful web sites to try to find out what it is that is making them a successful Internet business. And not just in one particular field, but many fields, from the many different types of websites out there. Next time you view an Internet site that you know is very successful, stop for a moment to try and decipher why it is so successful.You will find successful sites on just about any subject matter you care to think about. There seems to be no barrier to developing a successful site in any field. You name it, people are probably making money out of their website in that specialized area.Just about anything, if planned appropriately, can be sold online. If you want to be successful too, why not look for examples of businesses which have already achieved the success you would like, and model your business after that, i.e. play follow the leader.It would be too much information to try and describe every single model of success, but I would like to introduce you to just four model websites which keep springing up. Sites that are obviously benefiting from being a successful online business model.Look at these models to see if you are on your way to becoming just like that type of business.Model No.1 – Opt-In List BuilderThis is a good model to build your site around by providing a free newsletter or ezine. If you are building a mailing list this way, then you must provide high quality information to your list on a weekly or monthly basis. Never send just ads or useless information. If your newsletter is just an excuse to push ads you can be certain it will not grow. On the contrary, your subscribers will opt-out quicker than you can replace them, and you’ll probably not make any sales anyway. Learn how to write effective testimonials instead of blatant ads. These should be a small part of informative articles. They should fit in nicely and naturally along with this information, indeed be a part of it! Once your list gets into the thousands, you should start to see an almost guaranteed income. Continue to use your website to build your list up each month and watch your monthly income grow alongside it.It can be an effective way to create income, but you have to be willing and able to write a weekly or monthly newsletter. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact it shouldn’t be. But it does have to be informative. If you hate writing this may not be the route for you.Model No.2 – Free ServicesThere are many services on the Internet that people like to use, or even desperately need. Examples include such services as providing an autoresponder service, traffic generating services, providing free webspace, reciprocal link checking etc. Sites which provide something valuable for free can often become extremely popular. Once this popularity is achieved, and you start getting a lot of daily traffic, then you can start to charge for allowing advertising on your site. You’re probably thinking something like “how could I possibly provide such a valuable free service, surely you need lots of programming knowledge and experience to run such a thing?”. In reality it isn’t that difficult. All you need is the right pre-written script to add to your website. Have a look here: http://www.cgi-resources.com. This website provides many CGI programs, many of which are low or NO cost. Some of their scripts could make great traffic generators for you if you use them on your site in a highly relevant fashion.One of the biggest advantages of this web business model is you don’t necessarily have to pay for any advertising. A good press release might be all you need, particularly if you are providing something unique. The hard part is coming up with a good idea. But if you can, because you are providing a valuable free service, word of mouth can get round very fast.Model No.3 – One Product PageIf you have a hot product that you want to sell, then create a good sales page and focus all of your marketing efforts towards bringing that page to people’s attention. When you present just one choice at your site, you decrease any distraction which may come from offering multiple alternative pages.Getting interested people to click through to this web page can produce excellent profits, but this is also the hard part. You will probably have to pay for all of your traffic so a well thought through pay-per-click campaign may be your best choice for this business model.Model No.4 – Affiliate ProgramsA popular website model for new webmasters is to create a site that catalogs many different (but hopefully related) products within their site. To do this you will either need a number of different affiliate programs to sign up with, or you’ll need to join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction or Clickbank. These bring a huge number of affiliate programs together – under one roof as it were (i.e. all available through the same intermediate provider).In order to make this work you have to develop a specialized site. It needs to be an information source primarily, but definitely not a sales pitch. Your visitors will want to be provided with up to date information related to their subject of interest which brought them to your site in the first place.You have an unlimited array of possible subjects to choose from, but you should opt for something that interests yourself very much. This way you’ll have no problem deciding what other people with the same interest will want to read, learn or talk about.Within this context you can then have recommended products directly related to whatever you think people will be interested in, so long as it is genuinely related and of value to your readers. If your visitors value your site and are interested in your opinion you will make sales.The real beauty of developing this kind of site is you can potentially do very well in the search engines, and that can provide you with a lot of free traffic. I have provided lots of information to help you with this at my site; http://www.websmart-marketing.com. Working your pages around popular keywords is how its done, and when people type these words into their favorite engine, you want your site to come out as close the number one spot as possible.Each of these website business models represents a possible online business for you. Can you integrate the one which interests you the most in with your favorite hobby or pastime? What do you enjoy doing the most? What do you like to think about when you have the free time. Whatever this is, there’s probably a wide audience of people with the same interest. Why not build them a website they can visit. You could find it relatively easy to make money at the same time.Best wishes for your future.–Publishing Guidelines: This article may be copied for use on websites or ezines providing it is not altered in any way (which includes the small “article by” paragraph at the end) and all links are live and clickable. If adding to a website I have made it easier for you, simply copy from this html version: [http://www.websmart-marketing.com/ibs.html] (c) Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

FAQs of the Client-Virtual Assistant Relationship and VA Services

1. How does the Client/VA relationship work?Pr black porn ofessional VA’s provide administrative, technical, creative, and financial support in short- or long-term collaborative relationships with their clients. Advances in technology make it simple to conduct business over the Internet, and via e-mail and telephone without the need to meet in person. You contact them when a need arises paying by the hour or on a daily/weekly basis when you have an ongoing contract for a minimum amount of hours per month.How you work together will depend largely on your project and your preferences. It is unique in each circumstance. You will establish initial contact with a detailed conversation about your company and your project, and between you and your VA you will develop a style that is comfortable for both parties.2. How do I submit my materials to you?When projects are initially discussed, a plan will be established for the best method to transmit materials. For instance, you might simply need a document typed or formatted, in which case you can submit it via FAX, e-mail, regular mail (USPS) or expedited delivery (FedEx/UPS). It is typed, saved in the finished format you requested, and returned to you. Your VA delivers finished goods in many ways depending on the needs of each client.3. I don’t have a project, per se. What I DO have is a project/company that’s out of control. Can you help?Yes! VA’s are experts at providing an objective perspective to help you find your way out of an unruly project or situation. They will listen to your needs, ask questions, prioritize, and reformulate your approach. They can develop a better way for you to do what you’re already doing. They resolve issues of all shapes and sizes!4. I have been in business for many years. I need a “fresh” perspective on my approach to dealing with certain aspects of my business. Is that something you do as well?Absolutely! VA’s are creative, and have been involved in many facets of business for years. Based on that experience, they will definitely have suggestions for you. They can guide you toward what will work best in your situation, and suggest more efficient ways to go about doing business.5. I have a list of projects that need attention! Can you help me prioritize and motivate me in the direction of actually getting things accomplished?Not only do VA’s offer expertise based on experience, they are happy to serve in other – non-tangible or inspirational – ways as well. They enjoy the benefits of collaborative relationships built over time and as they get to know you and your business, it makes sense that they can offer beneficial insights and support.6. I have a one-time project that will take about an hour. Is this something you do?Sure! VA’s assist clients with projects of many sizes and durations. Their business is to support you and meet your specific needs, no matter the size.7. I am just starting my business and don’t know exactly what I need to do first. I don’t even know the questions to ask to get the information I need! How frustrating! What can you do to help me?First off, your VA understands your position because with as many entrepreneurial/business endeavors as they have been involved with over the years, they have been there themselves! A typical consultation will consist of a thorough overview of how you came to be where you are. Next, you will have a discussion of short- and long-term goals, and then move to creating a plan that you can implement beginning today! Doesn’t that sound manageable?8. I have an idea to mail a promotional postcard to my client list of over 500 contacts. I don’t know where to begin and have too many other demands on my time to learn the process. Will you manage this project from start-to-finish?Depending on the services offered by your VA, they may possess the expertise to take this project from your hands today and mail or email you a sample of the finished product! Whether it is a mailer or email message with graphics, you will have peace-of-mind in knowing that your capable VA will manage your project to the tiniest detail!And, if your VA doesn’t have expertise in a specific area, s/he will certainly be able to provide a referral to another qualified VA who possesses the skill(s) to perform the service you need.9. Will you invest about an hour to do some research for me? I just heard of a new product and need to find out more.Based on long-term affiliations in certain industries and with specific expertise, your VA has access to information that many times is as close as a telephone call! They would be happy to check with their personal sources, as well as tap into the knowledge base of anyone they might know who can help–saving you many hours of research! They can also get online and search the world!10. I have an idea for a new product, but I need some market research information to decide if this is really the next big trend.There is a new trend on the horizon in any given moment! Business changes so rapidly to meet the needs of consumers that it is incumbent on us to perform due diligence. Your VA will be happy to assist you by researching new trends or discussing new trends within the industry of their expertise.As you can see, there are many facets to the Client/VA relationship. As the relationship develops over time, a dynamic grows of mutual respect and support that richly enhances both entrepreneurs.

How to Create Your Own Mail Order Products

Pick up almost any book or report on Mailorder Selling and invariably you will find the same advice. When you select a mailorder product, select one which:- appeals to a large segment of the population- is not readily available in stores- is e milf porn asy to ship by mail- is worthwhile- and a product that lends itself to repeat ordersMost mail order writers will also tell you to try to acquire exclusive selling rights to your product. Most writers will agree that a dealer has a better chance of succeeding in the mailorder business if he has created the product himself.All of this is certainly good advice. The trouble with it is that it does not go far enough. It does not tell you HOW to create a product that is exclusively you own. In what follows, I would like to show you, step by step, HOW to create your own mailorder product.I would like to begin by making a very revolutionary statement. THE FIRST STEP ON THE ROAD TO MAIL ORDER SUCCESS IS NOT THE SELECTION OF A PRODUCT! That may sound like a very strange statement, but there are three things you must do (if you want to be successful) before you ever select a product to sell by mail!FIRST, you must ANALYZE YOURSELF. You will only succeed in selling a product, or a line of mailorder products if you really enjoy selling them, if you can be honestly enthusiastic about them, and if they are products you yourself would honestly want to buy.SECOND, you must SELECT YOUR MARKET. Once you have analyzed yourself, you will want to sell to people who have interests similar to your own. Only then will you be comfortable in your mailorder business.THIRD, you must thoroughly ANALYZE YOUR MARKET. Before you ever select a product, you should KNOW what your market is buying, what it would like to buy, if available, and what it will buy form you, in the very near future.Once you have analyzed yourself, selected your market, and then thoroughly analyzed your market, you will have no trouble selecting or creating a product to sell by mail. It will almost select you! Now, let’s go back and study these three steps, one by one.ANALYZE YOURSELFTo help you understand yourself, sit down and, as honestly as possible, write out your answers to the following questions:1. When I go to a newstand, what kind of magazines appeal to ME?2. What kind of books do I really like to read?3. When I daydream, what do I daydream about?4. What do I do with my free time? (How do I spend my evenings? What do I do on weekends?)5. What do I do on my vacation?6. What one subject interests me more than any other subject in the world?7. If I didn’t have to work for a living, how would I spend my time?8. If I could go back to college, what subjects would I take?9. What kind of products do I like to purchase by mail?Once you have HONESTLY answered all these questions, you will see an amazing pattern emerging. When you have finished, pay a visit to your local library. Go to the Reference Desk and ask to see the latest edition of the WRITER’S MARKET. Sit down and study the Table of Contents, which lists all the main categories of magazines currently being printed. Decide which CATEGORY interests you beyond all others. It is in that mailorder market that you will be most at home . . . and it is there that you will be most successfulNow go back to the Reference Desk and ask for two other publications. Either one will provide you with the information you need. They are:- THE STANDARD PERIODICAL DIRECTORY and- ULTICH’S INTERNATIONAL PERIODICAL DIRECTORYI, of course, have no idea what your interests really are, but let us, for the sake of illustration, say that you have a compelling interest in Astrology. With a little search in the Standard Periodical Directory, you will find the name and address of at least a dozen or so Astrology magazines. In Ulrich’s you will find even more, since it lists magazines published in foreign countries as well.Jot down the names and address of each and every publication. Write to each of them, on your letterhead if possible. If you don’t have a letterhead, you will still hear from most of them. Tell them you are starting a mailorder business, specializing in Astrological products, and ask them for a sample copy of their publications, along with their ADVERTISING RATES.When you start receiving your sample copies, save them . . . and save the advertising rate cards. They will be invaluable to you in the future.While you are waiting for these to arrive, go to the nearest second-and magazine store and buy a few dozen old astrology magazines. (The cost? Probably a dime apiece!) Get as many different magazine titles as possible and be sure to get copies with MAIL ORDER ADS in them. Issues that are ten or fifteen years old will be valuable to you, but also try to obtain some of the more current issues. You are now ready to start . . .ANALYZING YOUR MARKETStart a notebook. Pick up one of the magazines which you have purchased at the second-hand magazine store. Read the first ad. . . every line of it. Read it slowly and carefully. When you have finished reading it, see if you can describe what is being sold in five words or less. If you can’t, go back and read it again. If you can, record your description under one of three headings in your notebook:- Merchandise- Information- ServiceAll mailorder offerings come under one of the three headings listed above. If the ad was for an Aquarian Necklace, it should be listed under Merchandise. If it was for a treatise on Flying Saucers, it should be listed under Information. If it was an offer to chart your horoscope, it should be listed under Service.After you have analyzed the first ad, go on and study the next ad. Continue until you have thoroughly analyzed every single ad in the magazine, including the classifieds. When you are through, you will have three lists:- A list of Astrological Merchandise for sale- A list of Astrological Manuals (Information) for sale- A list of Astrological services for sale.As you read, watch for:UNDEVELOPED IDEAS — Especially in older issues, you will find really good ideas that were, for one reason or another, never developed. Perhaps the originator lost interest or didn’t have the capital to develop his idea. He may have died or he may have run off with a chorus girl from Las Vegas and forgotten all about the mail order business. If you can develop the idea, you have a mail order product.WHOLESALE SOURCES — Watch for ads that say “Dealers Wanted” (in more current issues, of course). Here may be the perfect source of mailorder products for you.STUDY THE ARTICLES — They will show you what the readers are interested in and they will give you clues as to what the readers want to buy. Remember the articles are doing two things — they are printing articles about subjects which the readers are already interested. But they are also CREATING NEW INTERESTS in the minds of the readers. CAN YOU CREATE A PRODUCT THAT READERS WILL WANT AS A RESULT OF READING THOSE ARTICLES?You will be amazed at what you will discover when you read magazines from the viewpoint of a mailorder man!While researching this manuscript, I analyzed three totally different magazines from the viewpoint of a mailorder man. I would like to share some of my findings with you. Don’t worry if the fields are different from those which interest you. MAILORDER PRINCIPLES ARE THE SAME FOR EVERY MARKET!The first magazine which I analyzed was ASTROLOGY – YOUR DAILY HOROSCOPE, December 1975. I would like to begin with the Merchandise Offerings.ASTROLOGY (MERCHANDISE)The first ad is for personalized stationary. Any mailorder man knows you can sell personalized stationary to any market. But this dealer took a commonplace product and adapted it to the Astrological market. Next to the name and address which he prints on the stationary, he prints the Astrological sun sign and he calls it ZODIAC STATIONARY.The next ad is for another very commonplace product — soap! You can buy soap in any grocery store. But this soap is special. It has YOUR ZODIAC SIGN imprinted in it, and it lasts as long as the soap lasts. Here is another good example of adapting a commonplace product to the special interests and desires of your prospective customers.If you are now selling a product by mail and you would like to increase you sales, make a list of the kinds of people you would like to sell it to. (For example, doctors, waitresses, farmers, gun collectors, etc.) Then go back and ask yourself what you could do to your product to make it appeal to each individual group. You’ll be amazed at how you can turn commonplace items into red hot mailorder sellers just by taking the time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a while.The next merchandise offering is for “SEASHELLS FOR VIRGOS AND SCORPIOS”. Brother, this is a fantastic idea. Had this advertiser offered plain old seashells in an astrology magazine, his mailbox would probably have been empty. Had he advertised “Seashells for Astrologers”, he MIGHT have gotten a few orders. But he made his seashells special, exclusive, and very, very desirable, because they are only for Virgos and Scorpios. He is catching the attention of one reader out of every six and I would bet that ad was a mailorder success! Here is an idea worth remembering. Try to apply it to YOUR product!Another merchandise offering was a “Hand Bio-Rhythm Computer”. For the past few years, Astrology magazines have been running article after article on the Bio-Rhythm Theory (i.e. every male and female person has emotional, intellectual and physical cycles, which can be predicted in advance). The Astrology magazines, in effect, have been creating a mailorder market for this kind of new product. The ad promises, “it reveals your emotional, intellectual and physical state . . . EVEN BEFORE THE DAY BEGINS!” This dealer was clever enough to do something about this new interest. If he had not studied his market, he could never have discovered the NEED for a Bio-Rhythm computer!ASTROLOGY (INFORMATION)People who read Astrology magazines are very interested in Love, Money, Success, Power, Miracles, Prayer, etc. One enterprising dealer has written six “personal guidance” manuals, and runs full page ads in Astrology magazines, selling them form $2.00 to $11.00 each! His ads have been running successfully for years. Back in 1960, when I first became interested in selling by mail, this dealer was running small ads in mail dealer magazines, selling mailorder manuals!Here are some of the other information manuals which dealers have written and are selling by mail:- How the Maya Indians Foretold the Future – $15.00- Powerful Words to Be Recited Daily to End Your Money Worries – $4.00- How to Spiritually Heal Your Pets – $5.00- A Manual on Etheric Astal Projection, written “especially for the Neophyte” – $3.00Can you create a WORTHWHILE manual for this market? (I predict that the first dealer who writes a good manual on Bio-Rhythm will make a fortune!) If you need ideas for manuals, study the subjects being offered in the Astrology magazines. Remember –the readers are interested in those subjects! In the issue of ASTROLOGY – YOUR PERSONAL HOROSCOPE which I read, the following information articles appeared. (This is only a partial list.)”Yearly Forecast for Sagittarians” “Basic Astronomy for the Astrologers” “Sybil Leek Analyzes YOUR Dreams” “How to Make Your Dreams Pay Off” “How Mercury Inspires Your Creativity”A study of OLD Astrology magazines will provide you with a wealth of subjects for New Mailorder Manuals (or folios).ASTROLOGY (SERVICE)If there is one thing people who read Astrology magazines love, it is this . . . They LOVE TO BE ANALYZED AND COUNSELLED BY PROFESSIONALS. Do you have specialized training in the art of Horoscope Reading? If so, you can sell your services by mail. Here are some of the headlines form ads offering such services:- “Let an Expert Discuss YOUR Life!”- “This Horoscope is about YOU”- “Now . . . a serious study of YOU!”- “Now there is a Horoscope written for the TWO OF YOU! . . .One for you, one for your loved one! It could mean thedifference between a Happy Marriage and a Painful Divorce!”- “1976 – 1977 – 1978! Is one of these YOUR Year of Destiny?”(This had been running in Astrology magazines for at least tenyears. Every year, the advertiser simply changes the dates!Other services being offered in this magazine include:- Personal Questions Answered by Psychics and Mystics- Spiritual Readings- Tarot Readings- Palm Readings- Handwriting Analysis- Questions answered through Astro-Extra Sensory PerceptionAre you trained to offer such services through the mail? Or are you interested in receiving such training? (You will find many such offers to train you in a newstand magazine called FATE.) If you answer is Yes . . . this is where you should begin your mailorder career.The next magazine I analyzed was the November 1975 issue of FIELD AND STREAM. Since this magazine is aimed at two mailorder markets, hunters and fishermen, I analyzed only those ads pertaining to Hunters.HUNTERS (MERCHANDISE)Men who hunt for wild game spend a lot of money on their hobby. They buy top quality hunting clothes. (Who wants to go hunting in a CHEAP pair of jungle boots?) They spend a lot of money on their guns, their hunting knives, and on top quality binoculars. There are several dozen well-established mail order companies selling this kind of merchandise to hunters. If you ar planning to establish a one man mail order operation, you would be well advised not to try to compete with these companies. Instead, look for something unique that a hunter can USE, and begin you mailorder business there.Here are a few merchandise offerings being made by enterprising dealers:”Deer Hunter’s soap” (Bathe in soap scented with the aroma of a female deer and you will attract a Buck. Only $1.50 per bay!) Notice how a smart dealer ADAPTED a commonplace item to a specialized market. Notice too, that he adapted it to ONLY ONE KIND OF HUNTER. HE DIDN’T OFFER IT TO BEAR HUNTERS, TO COON HUNTERS, TO QUAIL HUNTERS, OR TO GAME HUNTERS IN GENERAL. He offered it to deer-hunters! If you are a deer-hunter, you would notice that ad!”"Curtain rods for HUNTING Vans – $3.95 a pair.” (Sure, you can buy curtain rods in any dime store, but not curtain rods for HUNTING VANS! Another excellent example of taking a commonplace item, adapting it to a specialized market, and creating a new mailorder product.Also offered:- Gun cleaning cloths (10 for a dollar)- Brass Nameplates for HUNTING DOGS (not for just any old dog!)- ID Tags for Your Hunting Dogs- Handwarmers and Bodywarmers (Boy, could you use these when you get lost in the snow!)- There was a small classified ad offering “Fish and Game Rubber Stamps.” I hope this dealer got a lot of orders, but if he didn’t, I suspect it was because his offer was too general. First of all, it would have sold better with an illustrated display ad. But even better . . . let us go back to the Virgo and Scorpio concept above. How about rubber stamps for Coon Hunters? Or for Pheasant Hunters? Or rubber stamps for Taxidermists? You will always get more orders if you direct your ad to specific people.HUNTING (INFORMATION)Frankly, I was amazed at the amount of Information Folios being sold to Hunters. Here are some examples:”How to Build Your Own Gun Cabinet”"Duck Calling Instructions” (30 minutes on tape!) A lot of information, in every field, is now being put on cassette tape and sold by mail. If you would rather talk than write, this could be an aspect of mailorder selling for you to consider.”Chart showing Life-size Tracks of 38 Animals in the Adirondack Mountains” (Incidently not all information is written. A lot of people buy plans, diagrams, etc. To digress, recently a dealer advertised plans to build your own flying saucer detector!)”How to Build Box Traps – $1.00″”My Secret on Coon Trapping, after 50 years. Guaranteed, $1.00″”Mount fish for Fun and Profit – Easy instructions – $1.00″”Tan Your Own Hides – Hair on or off – Complete, easy to follow instructions and Formulas – $1.00″”Build (meat, fish, sausage) smoker! Inexpensive, protable…. easy plans, $1.00″”Wild Game and Fish Recipes – Deer, Bear, Rabbit, Trout, Salmon and dozens more – $1.00″Can you write an information manual for hunters? Can you tell him how to shoot ducks? Or how to hunt buffalo? . . . Or what to do for snake bites? . . . Or how to sign up for a Big Game Safari in the wilds of Africa? If you can, write a good manual (or put it on tape!) and sell it by mail!HUNTING (SERVICE)Unlike the readers of Astrology magazines, Game Hunters don’t give a damn about being analyzed or counselled! But if you can teach his hunting dog how to chase a bear up a tree, then he will probably pay you for your services. Can you repair his gun? Or can you stuff and mount his catches? If so, you can build a mailorder business offering such services.The final publication analyzed was the WRITER’S DIGEST of November, 1975.WRITING (MERCHANDISE)If you are interested in the craft of writing (or if you have done well in creative writing classes) you might decide to build a mail order business catering to the needs of hundreds of thousands of persons who dream of becoming professional writers. here are some of the merchandise offerings being made to writers:- “Copyright and Related Laws for Writers”- “Grants and Aids to Individuals in the Arts – 1500 Sources.” (What writer isn’t looking for a grant?)- “I receive checks every week for features, fillers, news. Free details.”- “Gagwriters Guide”- “Secret Way to Make Money Writing – $2.00″- “Make Money Writing Fillers! Up-to-Date Filler Directory.”- “International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses.”If you can produce an information manual showing writers how to write better, or how to sell their manuscripts, then write it and sell it by mail. You will have CREATED a new mailorder product! (To get ideas for subjects of interest to writers, study the articles in such publications as the Writers Digest, The Writer, Saturday Review, etc.)WRITERS — (SERVICE)Some of the largest mailorder business in the world sell correspondence courses teaching people how to write for a living. There are also a dozen or more large printing companies (called “Vanity Publishers” in the trade) whose sole business is printing books for authors, whose works have been rejected by the regular publishing houses.If you are a serious literary person, with a gift for writing, you could very possibly establish a business offering your services to writers. Here are some of the services which were being offered in the November 1975 issue of Writer’s Digest:- Literary Counseling- Literary Criticism- Literary Editing- Short Story Evaluation- Manuscript Analysis- Article Evaluation (No Fiction)- Ghost Writing- Newspaper and Magazine Reference Service (Authors often need such a service.)- Manuscript TypingAre you qualified to offer any of these services by mail? If you are, you have found a service to sell by mail! If you are not now qualified, why not acquire professional training . . . and then offer your services by mail?IN CONCLUSIONI realize that I have just touched the surface of three different mail order markets. There are hundreds of other mail order markets for you to explore! Analyze yourself and then select the market that is best for you.Study your market thoroughly . . . AND NEVER STOP STUDYING IT. Most successful mailorder people read dozens of magazines every month. They KNOW what their customers are thinking about, what they need, and what they will buy.Successful mailorder people are interested in the NEEDS and WANTS of their customers FIRST. They understand that if they concentrate on those, profits will flow naturally. Those who think only of profits soon pass by the wayside.In the beginning of this manual, I asked you to write to every magazine in your chosen field. Subscribe to as many as possible. When you have created your first product, then start advertising in those magazines (which is why I said to keep their rate cards.) Never run an ad unless you can run it in three consecutive issues. Then CONTINUE running it for as long as it continues to produce new customers for you. Slowly add new (but related) items to your line. Whenever possible, expand your business by inserting your ads in new publications.Remember these simple guidelines:- DON’T COPY ANYONE ELSE! You are a unique individual. Express your own individuality in your Mail Order business.- CREATE SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING!- CREATE SOMETHING USEFUL AND WORTHWHILE!- CREATE SOMETHING YOU YOURSELF WOULD WANT TO BUY!Copyright by DeAnna Spencer 2004This article may be reproduced and redistributed freely on the Internet as long as the resource box remains intact.

What? Home Business?

TodayÂ’s world is accelerating at a pace never seen before, and there seems to be a lot of things people forgot aboutÂ…Home Business? HmmÂ… sounds like a lot of trouble, a lot of work. With a job you donÂ’t need to worry about anything. Just do your job and get paid.Now letÂ’s mobile porn think about whatÂ’s wrong with this pictureÂ… WhereÂ’s the space for improvement? Sure you can climb the corporate ladder, but rememberÂ… thereÂ’s only one president, and those positions arenÂ’t guaranteed to anyone.LetÂ’s think about another thingÂ… Companies, Businesses, they want to make maximum profits, right? The world is evolving. One of the major problems to them? Employees. Sure they need employees butÂ… rememberWith all this automation going on in the world, these companies are finding more ways to increase their profit margin- And thatÂ’s to reduce their workforce and increase the automation!!What does that mean for jobs? Less jobs!! Many years ago, companies needed workers for every little detail. As technology advanced, one by one, small necessities werenÂ’t needed anymore, as there was a technology in place to automate that process.Now where does that leave us? To fend for ourselves!! Now these changes wonÂ’t take place overnight obviously, butÂ… IÂ’m sure you can see the general Trend.Why go through all the trouble with some sort of Home Business? Sure itÂ’s a lot of work, confusion, and a ton of trouble or so it would seemÂ… but the space for improvement is Incredible!!More and more people are doing home based businessesÂ… now another question still arises. If everyone were to do a home business or such, the worldÂ’s economy would be a very chaotic place, correct?While more people are doing home businesses, the Ratio of Jobs to Home Businesses doesnÂ’t change much; due to an ever increasing population. This allows more wealthy people to beam into existence, while keeping the ratio of the rich and poor the same!!YOU can also find ways to automate thingsÂ… make things easier for yourself, gain an advantage. YouÂ’re only limited to what you believe you can achieve!!Doing a home Business will give you an incredible advantage over others. Once you learn the ways of a home business, it wonÂ’t be confusing anymoreÂ… itÂ’s like a totally new job that uses a new computer systems… once you learn it, it becomes a breeze!Which home business is right for me? ThatÂ’s a question I canÂ’t answer for anyone. ItÂ’s totally up to you, and what you would like to do… and remember, doing a home business doesnÂ’t have to mean quitting your job; you can do this to “secure” yourself, or supplement your current income.Now I also understand that not everyone will want to do a home business, and will prefer to stick with their job. ThereÂ’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But my goal is to simply make people aware of these forgotten changes in the world.I wish you the Best of luck in all your Endeavors. If you wish to ask questions regarding this article, feel free to email me at omega@weapon209.com

What to Do When People Want Everything for Free

It’s a sticky situation. A prospect, a site visitor, or just a casual acquaintance asks for your help or advice on something. You gladly give it, thinking it’s a one-time “favor.” But instead of providing a little free advice, you’ve opened the door to an onslaught of mooching! Now, every time you check your email, you find question after question. What do you do?This is a problem many online business owners face. You want to appear friendly and helpful, but the person on the receiving end of your favor is draining you dry. After all, these are services you charge for. This is how you make your living.Like many folks, you don’t want to appear rude or unprofessional. But the time you take to answer questions and provide help is taking away from your ability to earn an income. Let me tell you about one approach that seems to work wonderfully.Minimal InformationWhen the repeat offender asks for help, offer a minimal response to the question. For the sake of illustration, let’s say your area of expertise is in Web site design. If the person asks for information on making his/her site design more professional, you might consider saying that adding a top border to the site would create continuity. You might also mention that having black text on a white background makes for easier reading (as opposed towhite text with a deep purple background). However, don’t go into details.This lets you give an answer to the question (instead of just ignoring them), but doesn’t reveal any information you might charge for.Honesty Is the Best PolicyNext, be honest. Explain that designing Web sites is what you do for a living. It’s how you earn your income. Let the person know that you would be more than happy to offer consulting services or full-fledge design and maintenance services, but these would come at a cost. Outline your pricing structure for people so they’ll know exactly what each service costs.This action gets you “off the hook” (so to speak) and frees you from having to answer any future questions.Provide Alternative ResourcesGo one final step further and find some alternative, free resources the person might check into for additional information. By offering a list of design forums, free ebooks, or information -packed sites, you’re getting yourself out of the picture in a kind and professional way.Nine times out of ten, “moochers” either don’t have the money to pay, or they are unwilling to pay for products and services. In either case, you’re unlikely to make a paying client out of such people. By using the steps above, you gain your freedom, and at the same time provide helpful resources where the moocher can get free information.Copyright 2004 Diane Hughes * ProBizTips.com

Ways To Develop Your Own Outrageously Profitable Product

If you want to make big money on the web, you need to have your own product. A lot of people would like to have their own product, but they lack either, the expertise and/or have no idea how or where to begin.Before you even think about creating a product, you need to research and make sure there is a market. You need to identify your market and find out exactly what they want for a product.When it comes time to decide on a product to develop, you need to realize that the niche your researching is something that people want and not need. People are more apt to purchase something they want over something they need.Why?People on the web are impulsive shoppers, they make decisions based on emotions. When they see something they want, they buy it based on their impulse and desire to have it. Any purchase based on emotions is an impulse purchase and emotion is what sells!Develop The Product YourselfToday, the two hottest and outrageously profitable products on the web are, software and informational products, such as ebooks. If you want to build a solid reputation on the web, then having your own product is the best way to go. When most people develop their own product, they tend to favor an ebook over software.Why?A couple of reasons, one is, ebooks are a lot easier to develop, then software. Another reason why ebooks are so popular is, because they cost next to nothing to start up and maintain. The profit margin of an ebook is extremely high, compared to software, anywhere up to 95% is profit.On the other hand, with software your profit margin is not nearly as high as an ebook. Unless you know how to develop your own software, developing costs will be at a minimal. You probably don’t know how to develop software, so the chances of having to hire a software developer is high, and can be very costly too.Moreover, it takes time to write and publish your own ebook. You need to write, go through the lengthy editing process, and publish it. I am not trying to discourage you, it takes time and dedication to write your own ebook. When it’s all said and done, the end result is well worth it, because your are gaining the name recognition.If you can’t write, or don’t have the expertise to develop your own product, no problem. I will give you a few other alternative solutions to help you on your way to developing your product.Conduct An InterviewYou would like to write your own ebook, but you don’t have the expertise to educate your reader. This is a problem that many people face. If you don’t have the expertise for your ebook than find someone who does and conduct an interview with them. It’s that easy!You might be able to find an expert in your particular field that might participate in your interview for free, because it would be more exposure for them. On the other hand, a real expert knows their expertise is valuable and will charge you a consultation fee for participating in the interview.Ghost WritersIf you are the type of person that doesn’t think they can write, let alone write their own ebook. Well, that’s where you can hire ghost writers. There are literally thousands of writers out there that are hungry to write for you. Ghost writers will write your ebook for next to nothing.You can find thousands of ghost writers by going to the Search Engines and searching for the keywords “ghost writers”. With ghost writers no one will even know that you have hired a ghost writer, with the exception of you and the ghost writer. I wish that I could recommend one for you, but I don’t use ghost writers, so I can’t.FreelancersIf you have ever wanted to develop your own software at a reasonable price, then freelancers might be the way to go. A freelancer is a professional independent contractor that you can hire to develop your software, or just about anything else you can imagine.The best place to find freelancers are at network giants, like Elance and eMoonlighter. Elance is my personal favorite. Just to give you an idea, Elance alone has tens of thousands of freelancers waiting for your job.Let me give you a quick rundown of how it works within these networks. It works just as though you were selling an item on eBay. The first thing you do is post your job, giving a detailed profile of the project. Then, you will select a certain amount of time for the professionals in that field to place their bid on your project.These are some of the popular methods that people use to create their own products. Just make sure you do your research before you think about developing a product. You don’t want to develop a product that no one wants, you will not be happy with your results.

Reaching For The Brass Ring

So, you’ve decided to go into business for yourself to capture your part of the “American Dream”. Now that that’s all settled where the heck do we go from here?Many people wake up each day because an alarm clock is beckoning them to their same old day in day out J-O-B (Just over Broke). They work the same hours, are in debt past their eyeballs, and all appear to have that “deer in headlights” look.The real tragedy is that these average people, you, and me, your neighbor, can have so much more but settle for so much less. Somewhere along the line, we lost our vision; we lost our hope and settled for the cards life was dealing us. Wait a minute! Who says so?The only thing that stands in the away of your achieving the American Dream is YOU! Think about that for a minute because it’s a powerful statement. Who is harder on you than you? When you stumble and fall, who will be there to pick you up? It had better be you because if you can’t depend upon yourself, you’re in BIG trouble.Many people I’ve known have worked the same jobs for 40 years, retired and then died within the first 5 years of retirement. Pretty bleak future isn’t it? There’s got be more than this in life so don’t let opportunities pass you buy. As children, we all had fantasies, we had ideas, and we had VISION! What chased them out of you?I ask you, why work for someone else, making them rich, or have a boss who’s literally making you ill because he’s a manager want to be that doesn’t realize being a dictator is no longer acceptable, or have someone else take credit for your ideas because they lack the vision to have their own – why do it?It has never been easier than right now to start your own business but like anything else you need to think it through. What kind of business do you want? Where are your customers going to come from, how about customer service issues – are you ready to deal with people as the owner of a company? Don’t fall into the old trap of saying “I’m not going to be anything like my boss or the company I work for” This is like saying you’re not going to be anything like your parents and then one day you realize that silently you did!Define your vision. Let me say that again – DEFINE your VISION. Everyone’s got a dream, what’s yours? You are now asking yourself the prime number one question in life – What do you want to be when you grow up? Personally, I don’t like Oysters but, why not make the world yours? You will only be limited by your imagination.Let’s get serious for a moment. Now that you’ve defined your vision, write it down and expand upon it by considering the following;o Why do you want to go into business for yourself?o Do you have or can you get a sustainable customer base?o What are your start up costs going to be? *While relatively cheap to start up, all costs need to be considered.o Mentally, how we doing? Owning your own Company versus working for someone else is the difference between night and day and so are some of the people you will be dealing with. We will touch on this further.o Have you listed what you see your strong points as being? Your weak points?o Are you prepared to step out of your “comfort” zone to make this work?My friends, the list is endless but you get the idea. Earlier, I alluded to how you’re doing mentally and now I would like to amplify that statement. Regardless of how well you’re equipped, no one can do it all. There are literally thousands of books to help you understand ecommerce, owning your own business, self help and improvement and the list goes on and on.Essentially what I’m asking is for you to think about what you intend to do for you. The very thought of that sends some people into a panic because they’ve never given it much thought before. If you don’t find a diversion outside of your office environment you’ll grow stiff and those creative juices we’re trying to supercharge will just fizzle and your business along with it.What do you like to do for fun? Take a walk, ride a bike, see friends – DO NOT cut yourself off from the world! For me, I perform Tai Chi and believe you me, it helps! Afterwards, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world once again but more importantly it preserves my VISION!The worst thing you can do is to loose your identity in your business. Keep it you but keep it separate. Remember, we’re looking to fulfill a dream and create a lifestyle for ourselves free of the burdens we’re so desperately moving away from.