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What Does It REALLY Take To Build A Home Based Business And Work At Home?

All of us most likely share a similar goal and dream. In an ideal world we would be able to stay at home AND earn a comfortable income. With all of the stress that exists in our lives and with all of the discomfort we feel working for someone else on “their” terms while lining “their” pockets with our efforts, the notion of starting our own business and working at home poses an almost irresistible allure to us. More and more, people are moving beyond the mere dream and fantasy of working at home and they are actually seeking out opportunities and taking the necessary steps to establish themselves with a work at home opportunity.Have you thought about moving beyond the dream and actually taking those steps towards working at home for yourself? Its an applaudable idea! However, before embarking on this exciting journey it is ESSENTIAL to firmly establish and recognize the difference between the fantasy of working at home and the reality of working at home. In our fantasies, perhaps we picture ourselves leading a life of leisure in the comfort of our homes while money simply “rolls” in on a daily basis. Beware of this fantasy because that false notion is what the scam artists who abound on the internet are hoping you are going to believe. They are out there, and believe me, they are waiting for you and they will tell you that you can be earning a very appealing sum of money in a very short time with little or no effort put forth on your part. Well, honestly, who wouldn’t find that idea enticing? DON’T buy that idea! If you do, you will find your pockets empty and your dreams broken!The reality of working at home, although it may not fully live up to our pie in the sky dreams of living a life of leisure while money rolls in without effort, is that you can earn a nice income at home. However achieving this goal involves several crucial factors. It takes quite some time….this will not happen overnight or even in a few months. If you are truly going to build a successful home business the reality is that it will take a few years. Further, it will take work. It will take hard work, dedication, persistence, attention to detail and an optimistic attitude. If you believe that you have these attributes and are willing to work towards your goal consistently in a dedicated and concerted manner over time then you will likely succeed. You cannot expect a home business to support you in the immediate future. You must have another source of income while you build your business and eventually your home business, if you apply yourself correctly, can become your primary source of income.Many people make the decision to establish themselves with a home business and then run helter skelter all over the internet signing up for five or ten different programs making focusing on anything next to impossible. It is imperative to select ONE solid program and then stick to it like glue and give it your full attention and your best effort. It is indeed possible, with a healthy dose of realism, to become an internet success story.

The Seven Signs of a Scam

It’s a shame that there are so many people out there trying to rip black porn off the work-at-home job seeker. It’s even more disheartening to see them targeting the stay-at-home mom, the retiree, and the disabled. But the fact remains; they’re out there trying to capitalize on your desire to stay home and earn an income. And they’re making good money while they’re at it, because there’s no shortage of people who want so badly to believe their claims of easy income and instant wealth.So how are we supposed to separate the scams from the real jobs? The legitimate business opportunities from the schemes?Your number one guide should always be your common sense (why would a lawyer in South Africa select you to handle his billion dollar account, I mean let’s be honest!). There are always warning signs, and here are the top seven.1. Advertisements for “envelope stuffing”, “mail processors” and “home typists”.In all my experience in online recruiting, I have never come across a legitimate job for an envelope stuffer. Nor have I ever, in my life, met someone who was an envelope stuffer. (And could you really say with any measure of pride that you are a professional envelope stuffer?)These advertisements are always the same. They charge you a certain amount of money so that they can send you detailed instructions of how to advertise for envelope stuffers. You’re selling the very same packet that you just paid 30 bucks for, but you only get $3. There’s no product, just their self-perpetuating ads to sell more $30 packets.Home Typists? What company needs 5,000 home typists? If a company needs some typing done, they’re not going to advertise it on the internet where they’re going to get 10,000 replies. They’re going to hire an administrative assistant who can type a report and hand it to them- while greeting clients and answering the phones.That’s not to say that there aren’t legitimate Data Entry jobs available. Companies often find a need for specialized skills that can be done by a freelancer on a contract basis. Some examples would be database work, research projects and seasonal billing needs. But the key is that they involve a specialized skill that their existing employees don’t have.2. They’re asking for a fee.If it’s supposed to be a job, how on earth do they justify charging a fee? I’ve seen ads that say, “We have to charge a fee to make sure that you’re serious”. Why don’t they just post their job on E-Bay and give it to the highest bidder? Imagine going for an interview and the employer says, “Have a seat. Now, before we get started, I’m going to need $39.95 from you. We have to make sure you’re serious.” Would you pay them? Of course not! So why would you pay someone who is claiming to be hiring just because it’s on the internet?Now, a business opportunity is different. You have to expect start-up costs for any business- but that’s a story for another day…3. Job listings with typos and ALL CAPS.These telltale signs should raise a flag right away. Do you really want to work for someone who can’t spell?4. The job description says, “no skills or experience necessary!”Really? Why not just have their kids do the job for 50 cents an hour? Managing remote employees is extremely challenging. Employers who hire and supervise telecommuters want highly skilled, experienced employees that they can trust. They have to be confident that they can perform their jobs with little or no supervision. This is why most telecommuters are required to work on-site for a certain period of time before they’re allowed to work from home.5. Vague or non-existing job description.The more vague a job listing is, the more likely it is to be a scam. There’s nothing more aggravating to a recruiter than getting bombarded by resumes from unqualified candidates. This is why most legitimate job listings read like a novel. They want to be sure that only the ones that meet their criteria respond.This leads me to an important bit of advice for telecommute job seekers. Never, ever respond to a job listings that you are not fully qualified for. I spend a lot of time recruiting companies that have telecommute policies to post at my site. Many of them are reluctant to post their listings online because they are inundated with responses from people who aren’t remotely qualified. It gives all of us a bad reputation and cuts down on the number of jobs that are advertised. I just can’t stress enough how important this is.6. No contact information.If you can’t reach someone to ask a question, or ask for a reference, then there’s something wrong. A real employer wants to get the position filled, and if you are qualified, they want to convince you to work for them. You should be able to reach them (or someone in their company at least) directly.And the number one sign of a scam:.7. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.A case in point: A company posted a job listing for U.S. Representatives. Seems they needed people to accept shipments of computers and electronics and then ship them to international destinations. They were offering an outrageously high salary and reimbursement for shipping. They allegedly had offices in the United States, so why would they need John Smith in Hoboken, New Jersey to handle their shipping? Sounds fishy, right? It was. They had people ship the computers all right, but never paid them.Many people rely on the website that carries the listing to screen out fraudulent listings, but the truth is that most of them don’t have the resources to screen every post. In fact, most sites carry a disclaimer stating that it is the job seeker’s responsibility to screen potential employers.The bottom line is that you should let common sense be your guide. If something seems not quite right, don’t bother. At the very least, check out any company thoroughly before making any commitment.Below are some excellent resources:ScamWatch http://www.scamwatch.com/ScamBusters http://www.scambusters.org/The Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org/The Federal Trade Commissionhttp://www.ftc.gov/

Turn Your Workplace Know-How Into Outside Income

Do you have a hobby or particular passion inside or outside of the workplace? What is the expertise necessary to be successful at your hobby? What do you know that others don’t? Why not take this interest and passion and teach it to others? There are thousands of continuing and community education centers across the country. Each one of them is always looking for new topics, new approaches to old topics and new instructors to teach these topics. Many of these continuing education centers pay fairly well. And, if you already have the source material, it doesn’t take long to convert it into teachable form. And once you have developed your first class, you now only have to teach it over and over (with a few updates over time). This can be a really effective use of your time and energy and can generate quite a bit of extra income. And what a bonus if your topic is something you really enjoy!First, you need to determine your topic area(s). Don’t forget, you can also take what you do at work and apply it here as well. Are you an effective communicator, a great sales person, an excellent manager? Do you enjoy woodcarving, painting, astrology, sculpting, carpentry, working on engines, working in the garden, golfing, leatherwork…? As you can see, the list is virtually endless. You can find these topics and many, many others in any continuing education catalog. And don’t worry, since most continuing education programs are not degree-related and are intended for community interest, you don’t necessarily need a teaching degree or credentials.Once you have decided on a topic or two, go online and/or pick up a hardcover catalog of courses and then contact the Directors of Continuing Education at your local high schools, technical/community colleges, and universities. Ask their advice on how to best learn what is necessary to become an instructor at their facility. It will help if you have a preliminary outline of what you want to teach, the proposed hours, and the type of setting. For example, do you plan to cover the subject matter in a full-day workshop or a 2-hour evening session? Be persistent and continue to follow up. You will be surprised how easy it is to become a faculty member at various continuing education centers.This is an excellent way to leverage what you already know and enjoy into increased income.

Learn How To Identify Profitable Web Niches For Your Business!

Most get it wrong when they start an e-business! They start building a business on the web by picking the wrong market.Many start by giving advice on how to start a home business or by marketing Internet marketing information. This is the wrong way to do it!Or even worse, become trapped by the many business opportunity programs that are out there. Many of them are nothing more than pyramid scams in disguise.Why do so many try to market Internet marketing products online? One reason is that this is a subject that people get interested in and they soon see themselves as experts in this field.You find another reason when you look and examine Internet marketing materials. What have most of the marketing of these products in common?The answer is that they are marketed by slick copywriters. The marketers want to promote their own products, so they naturally promote these products on their websites, newsletters and where ever they can.Of course, they don’t tell you the truth! The harsh truth is that if you are a beginner in web business and start by promoting web marketing products, you will fail.To start with, you don’t have the right experience and you don’t have the traffic that you need.You are much better off, if you focus on web markets that are not as saturated by competitors as in the internet marketing field. One secret to successful Internet business is by find niche markets where people are spending money and the markets are not saturated.So how do you find suitable web markets that is right for you? That will depend on how you plan to market. Do you plan to build an information cartoon porn theme site, mini sites, work with Pay-Per-Click marketing or do you plan to make a product to sell on the Internet?If you target information theme sites or mini sites, then you want to find web niches with little competition and you also want to identify web niches where the bid values on pay-per-click are relative high.If you use Pay-Per-Click promotion you might want to find niches with low Pay-Per-Click bid values and a lot of traffic.And if you want to try to a market product you have produced, you want to make sure that there is a market for the product. You also want to know if there is a need for the product and that people are spending money on products in this Internet market.A final key point is to find niche markets that you have an interested in or at least have some knowledge in. It is much easier to work in a niche that you are interested in than in a niche that have no interest in at all.Copyright 2004 Per Strandberg

Work At Home – What Is The Best Home Based Business?

As the owner of a site that offers work at home information I often get asked the question: What is the best home based business one mobile porn can start?Well, obviously there is no such thing as “the best home based business” – otherwise everybody would be doing it! There is only such a thing as “which is the best home based business for YOU”.The next question I get asked frequently is : What kind of business can I start? Where can I get business ideas from? And this really amazes me because everyone already has a business idea in themselves, they just need to realize it!I think the problem mainly is that people have a hard time believing in themselves, and they don’t think that what they have to offer is anything worth while. How do I know that? I used to be one of those peopleSo, my first piece of advice to anyone who wants to start a home business is this: work on yourself and your attitude first. If you don’t believe in yourself, you are never going to be successful. There are loads of excellent self improvement books and articles on the Internet – read some of them and take it from there. You have to develop a Millionaire Mindset first before you can become a millionaire!The greatest obstacle to success is firstly, your own mindset, secondly, the fact that most people want success to happen overnight. If it does not happen right away, they give up and tell themselves that they just cannot do it! Successful people never give up – they just try a different approach.So, the second piece of advice to you would be: have patience in building your business. Success will come if you will let it.So, with the right mindset, what work at home business can you start? My suggestion would be to start with something that you love doing, and expanding on that. If you don’t choose something that you are passionate about, you will be tempted to give up when the going gets a bit rough.Make a list of things that you are passionate about. It could be anything, from reading to raising koy fish. What do you really like doing? What do you spend most of your time on in your spare hours? Take the one thing that your most passionate about, read widely about your subject and educate yourself about it thoroughly, follow a course if necessary, then build your home business around that.For instance, I am passionate about helping people work for themselves, that is why I started my website. I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet when I first started 7 years ago, even less about website design! But I just kept hammering away at it, and now I can really call myself a pro (even if it is only in my own eyes Now I know what HTML is, I know how to install scripts and how to work with php pages – those things were all greek to me in the beginning but because I was passionate about it, I never gave up. Even now I am still learning how to do new things everyday – for instance with this blog! I had not a clue what Blogging and RSS and all the other geek speek was, but I set out to learn about it because my passion is my website and I am determined to have the best one I can have.I spend hours online everyday updating it with relevant information – I cannot help them start their own home businesses but the information that I offer them might just help spark off their own bright business idea.Now, not everyone would probably have such a profound interest in running a website or getting to know how to design one, so what you have to do is to sit and think of ways of how you can turn your passion into money.For instance you could probably be interested in cross stitching or maybe cheesemaking, or pottery. Can you teach other people who are passionate about your subject something new about it? Or how to do it better? Where can you sell your products? Tour your town to find the best possible places to supply your product or service to, speak to others about it as often as you can. You will be surprised how other people can help you with prospective customers. You have to think out of the box – think of different and new ways to market your product.Just as an example, my sister sells permanent licence disc holders. It is something that you stick on your windscreen to display your car licence disc instead of using stickers that mess up your windscreen when you have to take them off at the end of every year. Now, instead of trying to compete with hundreds of other people out there sellign the same product, she approached some of the local primary schools to use it as a fundraising product. She sells it to them at a certain price, they get the kids to sell it to their parents and family and friends at a different price. The kid who sells the most discs gets a cash prize, the class who sells the most discs get loads of free pizza. The school has a fantastic product to sell, they make a load of money for the shcool out of it, my sister makes her own profit out of it, and everyone is happy.The second way she makes money out of the discs, is by approaching the car attendants at various local malls and shopping centres. These guys are only to glad to make a bit of extra money and they already have hundreds of potential customers around them – the car drivers!She gives each car attendant about 5 discs to sell a day, next day she goes back to pick up the cash, give them their share, and give them some more discs. She does this at about 10 different locations, having about 25 car attendants a day selling her product – that is 125 discs a day. With smart thinking she has just leveraged her income and she just goes back to collect the cash – how great is that?She is a typical example of something who works smart, not hard.Try the same kind of thinking for your own business and I promise you, the ideas will just flow in.Well, I hope I have given you something to think about. What you have to do now, is just to START!

How to Get Big Dollars in Your Mailbox Every Day: Start Your Own Direct Mail Business

No other business venture seems so inviting, or attracts so many people than that of selling via mail order. On the surface, it appears to be an easier and faster way to become rich than almost any other method of doing business. All the people in the world are your potential customers; you work from the privacy and comfort of your own home; you set your own working hours; and you answer to no one but yourself.Ideally, you should have a product of your own–something you can produce at very low cost, and sell at top price. If you are buying something, advertising and reselling it, in order to realize a profit, you have to mark it up at least 500%. This is not an unreasonable mark-up for mail order sales.Your product has to have mass appeal, and it has to be something not readily available to your prospective customers except through you. The product should be such that you “carry an inventory” without worry of spoilage, aging or other damage. It should be something you can send through the mail–deliver to your customer–for next to nothing in relation to your selling price.The best money-making product of all is a “How-TO” report such as this one. You don’t have to be a literary genius, or even an experienced writer to write one of these reports. In fact, the easiest way is to buy a set of these reports–read them each over, set it aside and write a similar one with more elaboration or from a different point of view. Give your report a commercially appealing title, set a price for it, advertise it widely in a number of nationally circulated mail order publications, and you could have something that will continue to bring in money for you for many years to come.The absolute best money-maker of them all is a report you’ve found a great need for, researched thoroughly, and written from scratch. Discovering these needs is not that difficult a task.If you don’t have the time to write and market one of these reports, or just cannot produce one for whatever reason, the next thing is to purchase a set of these reports with reproduction rights. Here, you can have a number, reprinted for as little as one or two cents each, and sell them for one to five dollars each. The only problem with that approach is that after a year, nearly everyone in mail order will have a copy of these reports, and will be trying just as hard as you are to sell them.Now, if you have bought the reproduction rights to the reports, you simply rewrite them, put new titles on them, make up a new advertising circular, and send them out as new reports each year. There are a number of mail order self-help reports that have been making the rounds for the past 25 years in just this manner.Just because you haven’t got the time or the tools to write one of these reports is no reason for not producing one. If you have an idea or the background material, and the confidence that such a report will sell–get in touch with someone who specializes in this kind of writing.., and have them put the finished product together for you. Generally, the fees will run to $100 per page. But this is an “incidental fee” indeed, if you come up with something that has the potential of bringing in several thousand dollars per year for the next ten years or so. Remember, once you have it together and written, you just continue making copies of your original and filling prepaid cash orders for as long as you wish to stay in business.You should also have advertising circulars, a catalog or a “follow-up” offer for every order you get. Many people make the mistake of “sending their whole store” in response to every inquiry. When you receive an inquiry to your advertising, you should have a prepared sales letter describing the item you’re advertising, and perhaps a circular listing in catalog style some of the other products that tie in with the product of your sales letter. This is known as the “Featured Selection Plus Alternates” approach.When you receive an order for the product you’ve been advertising or featuring in your direct mail efforts, include one of your product catalogs in the package with the customer’s order. The most effective practice is to include an advertising circular or brochure of a leader item or special-of-the-month, and your catalog. The main thing NOT to do is include more than a couple of separate “featured selection” circulars. Keep your eyes on how the big mail order houses do it, and duplicate their operating plan within your own means.The important point to remember here is to be sure to include something different–something new–something your customer has not seen or been offered a chance to buy–with each contact you make with him. Once you’ve broken the ice and got him spending money with you, continue showing him products of a related nature that should stimulate his appetite for greater success. For sure, he’ll never be more in mood to buy from you than when he receives something he has ordered. So every time you fill and send out an order to a buyer, include an opportunity for him to buy even more from you.You can make a very comfortable income, but you’ll never get rich so long as you’re having your orders dropshipped for you. Having a connection with a prime source that will dropship orders for you is one of the surest and best ways to “learn” the business of selling by mail–but if you really want to make it big, you’ll use dropshipping sources for learning, and to back up your primary product with follow-up offers.If you don’t have a primary product of your own, the next best thing is to buy in quantity lots at wholesale prices. A word of caution here, though: do not buy a quantity supply of anything until you’ve seen a sample of the product and thoroughly tested the saleability of that product.Too often, the beginner is sold a quantity of a certain product at so-called wholesale prices, only to find that after he had spent his capital he either doesn’t want to put forth the effort and time to sell that particular product, or that he can’t “give it away,” let alone sell it. Suppliers who operate for you orders, generally derive most of their income from the sale of these initial “required” inventories. Always investigate and check out the saleability before you buy anything more than just a single sample.Selling your reports depends on your advertising. You have to get the word out that you have “money-making information” available for sale. Start out small by using short classified type ads. Look at how the established mail order report sellers are doing it, and copy their methods. Do not copy their ads–instead, use them as idea stimulators for your own original copy. Place an ad in one of the largest circulation publications you can find, then use the money that comes in from the first ad to place similar ads in three or four other publications.One of the insider secrets of the mail order business is in multiplying your advertising exposure. This means simply that you start with an ad in one publication, and from there, expand your exposure by advertising in more publications. Be patient, and wait for the returns from your current ads, then use that money to increase the number of people who will have a chance to see your ad. It’s as simple as that, and it works every time. Try it and see for yourself.All of this means as you are getting started with a new mail order business, you have to reinvest all your business income back into the business. To do otherwise is a straight line to business failure.

Finding Support For Your Home Based Business

Business people often have what seems an insurmountableproblem, but somehow with time and a little patients mostissues seem to lessen or work themselves out in time.Larger companies have experts in technical, marketing, PR and sales fields but for the one man or woman Internetbusiness things seem to get beyond our knowledge level and outside our control.As a one person business we often wear more than one hat.Simply put we are the secretary answering the phone, makeappointments, write sales letters, build Web sites and do allthe menial tasks like empting the rubbish bin, being the mailclerk to acting as a sales consultant and at the same time having the title of CEO.How would you describe your duties if you operate a smallInternet type Business.Many people have a number of skills that lend themselves tooperating a successful Business, but where do you turn forhelp in a difficult situation or you get out of your depthin removing an unwanted bug on your computers hard drive?Depending on your field of knowledge and your problemthere are indeed many places to look or to seek help.Providing your computer hasn’t totally died the Internet is one of, if not the biggest and best help resource you willever find. You have the world (world wide web) at your finger tips.There are literary hundreds of thousands of experts and tensof thousands of web pages written about your exact problemor the difficulty you are experiencing.If you have money to throw at any problem that comes yourway that’s great, but for the average small business this isnot always possible.Properly approached, many experts will share their knowledge with you and will be glad to share, it knowing that they are helping a fellow Internet user in distress.But first, before you ask for help it is always best practiceto clearly work out the exact problem or symptoms even document them. If you want to perform a task involving your computer or something to do with a Web site, conduct a number of searches in different search engines and usingdifferent search phrases.Just sometimes you will find the exact software you are looking for, but called something that you would not have thought to search for.For example I have wanted to create a table containing a number of cells on a Web page with a 1 pixel boarder. Usually when youset a 1 pixel boarder in Dreamweaver for a layout table you end up with each cell having a boarder, thus having a 2 pixel wideboarder between cells.Looking at the problem I found by accident by setting a background color for the layout table and setting a 1 pixel wide boarder and with a 1 pixel cell spacing. By not setting a boarder color, the backgroundcolor showed through between the cell spacing providing the cell had a different color background to the layout table. Thus I have created a 1 pixel wide color boarder between cells.My problem was that I was trying to change the boarder width which may or may not be able to be done, had I looked at other ways of achieving the same result. Now if I had sat down and wrote down my problem I may well have solved the problem, because it now looks so simple.It’s a bit like the monkey trying to get the apple out of a jar.The apple easily fits through the opening. The monkey has themindset that he needs to use his hand to pull the apple out of the jar but when the monkey puts his hand in to grab the applethe opening in the top of the jar is not large enough for the monkeys fingers and the apple to come out together.This was how some hunters used to catch monkeys as the monkey would not let the apple go, to his demise and capture.Think outside the square, brain storm, analyze the problem.Once you have a clear picture of the problem you are then in a far better position to look for an answer.By knowing exactly what you need the answer to is halfthe battle. Understanding how a search engine works, howit lists sites and how to best conduct a search is an art in itself and goes a long way to finding the answer.If you are wanting the answer to anything relating to searchengines, Web site building, software, computers and a whole range of other stuff, check if there is a forum on the subject. Ifthere is, then all you need to do is join the forum and check tosee if the subject is already covered or select the most likely forum heading to ask your question or to seek advice.Many experts are happy to help others and remember atsome stage in the past they probably asked the same question.There are notice boards, Internet groups, networks and a rangeof interactive avenues where you can communicate with otherInternet users with similar interests.Here are a few to check out.Yahoo Groups, Ryze network, Google answers, Google Group, About.com, ICQ Users, MSN users, AOL Groups.If you belong to an Internet Company there will be FAQor help pages and a contact email where you can seek support.Many companies now provide a forum for their members too.When it comes to email and direct marketing there are so manyso called experts who charge for their services or ebooks containingtheir new revelation on marketing. Much of this informationis on the Internet and is free to access, the difficult part is discerningthe gold nuggets of wisdom from the fools gold.May your week be an enlightened one.

Absolute Beginners Part 1

How to get off to a good start with your home based business.Once you have made the decision to w milf porn ork from home, you should spend some time in planning and preparation. Having decided that an internet home business is the right thing for you to take up, the decision needs to be made as to what type of home business would interest you and what type of business would be practical for you in your particular circumstances. I chose a Plug-in Profit Site (if you are not familiar with these, you can see all the details at http://www.huntingvenus.com/pips.htmlbecause it was ideal for someone like me who had no previous internet experience or technical knowledge, but also offered a great deal of flexibility. Do not make the mistake of rushing into the first scheme you see which promises huge amounts of profit for very little effort. These schemes never deliver what they promise. If you want to make a good income, you have to earn it and you will not make a success of any business overnight. Like any other form of profit making enterprise, a home business requires dedication if it is going to succeed and generate a reasonable income, so pick something you will enjoy doing; choose something which interests you for its own sake, not just as a way to make money. A homeworker is no different from an office worker or any other worker for that matter. We all need an income and we have to earn it. The important difference when you have your own home business is that the profits all go into your pocket.All the profits belong to you and so do the responsibilities. If you are going to be your own boss, you will have nobody but yourself to blame if things go wrong. Start out the right way and things are more likely to stay on track. If you cultivate good working processes from the beginning it is easier to keep them up than to trying to break bad habits at a later date. Hopefully you will enjoy your work from home experience, even have some laughs along the way, but this does not mean you can afford to take a less than professional attitude towards your business. Think about what you are going to do, make a plan, write a list of things to do and work through your list methodically. Don’t start things off in a rush of enthusiasm, and then look back and wish you had done things differently. A few basic preparations will get you off to a good start.Before you do anything else, ensure that you have a good browser. If you are currently working with Microsoft Internet Explorer you should change. You will be spending a lot of time on the internet and Internet Explorer is extremely vulnerable to viruses, trojans, spy ware, adware and pop ups. While adware, spy ware and pop ups might not do serious damage, they will slow down your computer and you will obviously want to avoid this. Crazy Browser, Mozilla and Opera are all to be recommended and can be downloaded free. I have used all three of these browsers and they all do things slightly differently. They are all excellent so the choice is a matter of personal preference. Crazy Browser and Mozilla are especially good if you deal regularly with groups of websites: you can save a group of 8 or 10 different sites and, when you need them, you can go to them all with just one mouse click. You will realise the full advantages of these browsers when you come to use traffic exchange advertising.Now that you have all these useful tools in your possession, spend a few hours getting to know them and practicing organising your favourites folders and groups.

Is the Freelance Writing Life For You?

Freelancer writers tend to develop something of a superior attitude at times. Some of us feel that we are a cut above our brothers and sisters who work as employees.But the truth is, working as a freelancer is not for everyone. Working on your own is not always the right answer. Personal circumstances and personalities all come into play.Here are a few thoughts on why you might, or might not consider freelancing as being best for you and your family.First, here are 5 reasons why working as a freelance writer might be right for you:1. You don’t play well with others and prefer to set your own schedules, follow you own path.2. You have entrepreneurial skills and see opportunities for yourself that are not available to you as a salaried employee.3. Your personal circumstances at home are such that it makes more sense for you to work out of your own house.4. You simply become bored when working on the same accounts day after day, week after week.5. You suffer anxiety over the possibility of losing your job, and the difficulty of finding another.All that said, there are excellent reasons why writers prefer to work as employees:1. You want the stimulation of working together with others and do better work within a group environment.2. Your company gives you access to accounts and challenges you feel you couldn’t find on your own.3. You don’t feel you have the skills or confidence to get out there and be sure of getting enough work on your own to pay the bills.4. You may want to go freelance one day, but first want to get the experience and build up a portfolio and reputation while working for a company or agency.Finally, being freelance or working as an employee is no indicator of how ‘good’ you are. You won’t find all the best writers are freelancers, or employees. I know some excellent writers who work for themselves, and some equally good writers who are employed.When you come down to it, we all make choices based on what suits our personalities, circumstances and ambitions. There is no best way or even better way. We all have different goals in life and simply find the route that best serves those goals.

Stick to Your Schedule!

It’s early in the morning, Saturday Jan 15th and I’m up, had my tea and busy at what I do…check emails and tickets created the night before. I have a routine I’ve been using the past number of years that I try my best to stick to, even on the weekends. Especially the weekends. Weekends can be very busy for me, since my girls are usually home with me from school, unless they’re invited to a sleep over. Having them at home can be very distracting so I try my best to get up before they do and get most of my important work done. Do you have a weekend routine or plan?With a plan or routine, you’ll find that you get things done smoothly and your workload will not be as heavy. It took me several months to come up with a plan that works well for me and all that I have to do. At first it will be a trial and error period finding a routine that will work best for you. I found that by doing the task I dreaded most first worked best for me. I’m very energetic in the morning, so I use that energy to answer all my emails and request for help from our ticket system. This not only allows me to use my morning energy to complete the hardest part of my job, it allows me to free up the rest of the day to cruise along doing other things that’s on my to-do list….. including hitting the closest Starbucks for a tall low foam latte:)All the best with your work from home career!RegardsChris