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Try Again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You have probably heard this many times. If you are anything like me, you may have put this mantra in the back of your mind. Will you do something for me? Right now say aloud “If at first I do not succeed, I will try, try again.”Now think about the challenges in your life. More importantly, look at the areas in your life where you have experienced disappointment and failure. List them, one by one, and decide if those particular things are still important to you.I have found that many of the issues that caused us much pain, embarrassment and aggravation are not worth it in the long run.That list that is important to you will likely be shorter than the one you started with. Most likely, the items you removed as no longer important to you can now be seen as learning experiences that helped you mature. Look at what is important to you now, in this moment, that you still want to accomplish. These are the things you should try again.I have come to believe that there is often an up side to our failures and frustration. There is an upside to not getting what we want when we want it. Negatives can sometimes become positives if we learn from our mistakes and learn our own limitations. Many of our most humbling stumbles and falls have in hindsight become fodder for laughter and personal growth.You see, it is by trying and failing, standing up and falling down, getting praise and ridicule, that helps us to grow stronger and defines our character. What looks like a failure in that moment becomes a rich learning experience you can build upon and share with others.You may not have gotten much of what you want in life, but now is the time to try again. You may feel you need more education or training in a specific area of expertise. Try again. You may have tried to start a business once, or many times before, but if you really want it – TRY AGAIN!There are many resources to help you if having a home based online business is your goal. May I suggest that our Manna Success Newsletter is the place to start. This free, weekly e-zine is your for the asking. I includes articles similar to this and other information and resources to help you be success in marketing your own business. Visit today at:http://news.burkepublications.comUntil The Next Time,Dr. J. E. BurkeEditor, Manna Success NewsletterBurke Publicationshttp://burkepublications.comjeb@burkepublications.comCopyright 2005 Burke Publications All Rights Reserved

Web-Site Savvy For Pet-Care Business Owners

Pet-care business owners don’t have an inordinate amount of time or money to dedicate to hosting, building or maintaining a website. But you should note that the internet plays a part in the daily routine of 88% of Americans, and of those, 92% indicate that it’s a good place for information.As a pet-care business owner, you know that the majority of the decision-makers regarding a pet’s care are women, and a March 2004 Nielson/NetRanking & Washintonpost.com survey found that “60% of working women using the internet at work do so because they feel that there is not enough time for personal activities and issues in their lives. 63% of those women would definitely include the internet in a marketing campaign geared toward their demographic.”On-line usage is not just for city-dwellers either, 52% of the residents of rural areas are on-line too! (PewInternet, American Life Project, February 2004).As a pet-care business owner, don’t overlook the power of your web-page as a key part of your marketing plan.You can build your web-site yourself (there are lots of ‘turn-key’ options available by searching the internet) or hire a professional (again, searching the web will provide thousands of options for high-quality and cost-attractive designers).No matter what you decide to do, here are 17 rules for making sure your pet-care business web-site stands out, provides your customers what they need to know and makes it easy for them to do business with you.1. Define and target your particular audience. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Write each page for your ‘perfect reader’ and don’t sway from that target.2. Forget the bells and whistles. Internet users have all kinds of browsers and many are not impressed by the fancy animations and sounds you may think are cute. Keep to the facts and pertinent information about the particular service you provide.3. Use one page for one topic. Don’t try to cram everything you know about cat-care onto the same page as your introduction, service and rates and links to other sites.4. On the web, remember the mantra, “Less is More.” Ask yourself constantly can you say what you need to with fewer words and pictures?5. Check your spelling and grammar. If this is not your strong suit, hire someone to provide this service. If your spelling and grammar are not up-to-par, visitors to your site will either think your business is a ‘fake’ or they will believe that you do not pay attention to detail. Neither of these is a good thing!6. Make sure your website is easy to read. Use headings and sub-headings. Keep your sentences short. Use bullets and lists to make important points. Set apart important text by bolding or using a different color.7. Make it easy for your potential clients to reach you. Have a link on every page to your e-mail address and include your phone on every page.8. Ensure that you home page makes it abundantly clear who you are and what you do. Don’t make them guess.9. Use terms like YOU and YOUR rather than terms like WE and US. Your potential clients want to know what benefits you can provide to them. Make them feel how you can solve their problem.10. Do your potential clients know what to do next in order to schedule service with your company? Make sure each page lets them know what they should do to set-up a client interview and get started with your service.11. Check all your links. Dead links can turn off a client fast. If you are providing links to useful information, make sure they can there! If in doubt, leave it out.12. Choose your graphics wisely. Too many graphics distract from your message. Most clip-art graphics look tacky and take away from your business message of caring personally for client’s pets. If you’ve seen the graphic before, they have too, likely several hundred times and they won’t remember if it was your company or someone else’s.13. Write conversationally. Make sure the tone of your web-site sounds like you. This is especially important for the sole-proprietor who is selling their unique, personal care to each and every pet.14. Choose your colors wisely. Bright vibrant colors are terrific, but use them sparingly in borders or to highlight sections. Don’t use busy patterns behind your main text and don’t use background colors that clash with your text color. In most instances simple black text on white background for your key pages is best.15. Maintain consistency. Make sure your website look likes it belongs together. Have similar fonts and layouts on every page.16. Avoid using all caps.17. Keep it flowing. Don’t just build your site and leave it. In order to keep people coming back your site must provide useful information that is not stagnant. Schedule an appointment with yourself at least once a month to update your site.Successful pet-care business owners have identified their web-site as one of their top marketing tools. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your web-presence to ensure continued pet-care business success.

Breaking Into Interior Design

Breaking into interior design can be a time consuming process that is full of bumps along the way. Interior design is a tight knit industry that does not always greet new professionals with open arms. This article is focused on giving advice to the novice interior designer on breaking into interior design with lightning speed.The first item on the agenda of breaking into interior design would be to be sure to have the proper skills before accepting any potential clients. If you have been formally trained in the area, great. This will likely be to your advantage when starting out because credentials accelerate your sellability. If you have not been formerly trained and would like the advantage of a certification to improve your resume while breaking into interior design, there are many interior design classes and training sessions available at local colleges, community colleges, online sessions, and learn-from-home academies.Beware of scams, and be wary of any school or training that offers credentials without effort on your part. Part of the idea, after all, is to receive the training associated with the certification, not just the certificate!Once you are satisfied with the amount of training you have received and the amount of credentials on your resume, it’s time to begin to understand the actual application of the interior design business. Breaking into interior design with no applied knowledge of the art is not advisable. Actually designing and arranging a space is much more complicated then it sounds and often more worrisome then explained in articles or textbooks, so it is probably best to begin with a familiar space that is yours (or someone who loves you!). This way, mistakes are tolerated and there is not much possibility of collateral damage if you happen to have an accident.Small, subtle designs are a great way to begin your first design project. Remember that while breaking into interior design and your initial project are very exciting; don’t get wrapped up in the moment and make large, dramatic changes that you are likely to regret later. Along the same lines, it is probably in your best interest to begin with inexpensive, modest designs as opposed to extravagantly expensive ones. Budgets are important to most any consumers these days so keep this in mind while making any monetary decisions. If you feel like your idea might encompass a bit larger financial chunk then your client is ready to bite off, it’s better to run it by them with a cost analysis before hand rather then afterwards.Okay, your first project (whether a paying one or volunteer job) was a complete and total success. You are now gaining the confidence and perspective that you will need while breaking into the interior design industry on larger jobs. Don’t get overconfident, when your first job is complete; always ask your first ‘client’ what they liked about the design, what made it work for them, and what you could have done better. You will gain insightful knowledge this way about how you can improve your chances of breaking into interior design that perhaps you were unable to view from your perspective.Although it may appear to be easy, you will find after your first job is complete that breaking into interior design is a somewhat more difficult task then it may sound to be.Successful interior designers generally have an established portfolio as well as an established clientele. Generating returning customers is an excellent way to prove to prospective clients your talent and dedication to a high standard of design. Many customers you are established with will promote your business just by divulging your name and contact information to guests in their homes or offices who admire the new style you have created for them. Remember, although it may seem difficult at first, interior design can be a very fun, fulfilling career with which you can earn a great living.

What My Worthless Sponsor Didn’t Tell Me…

…that he would not be around to help me build my network marketing business.How many distributors have you known or know that have quit because they thought they were abandoned after joining their program? Are you one of those as well?So, what is the solution to a worthless sponsor?There is no perfect company or sponsor. All companies have unique sets of problems or challenges. Their product may be superior but the compensation plan is not perfect. Or their compensation plan is the best, but the training program is not so good. Hopefully, while doing your research and homework when selecting the company to join, you are picking the company with challenges with which you can live. The issue is picking the right company you feel most comfortable.The same thing applies to your sponsor. But what your sponsor does or does not do has no bearing on whether or not you are successful with your business.Beyond that, what is required is a realization or understanding of what business or environmental factors are totally within your control.A simple life maxim is worry about those things you can control. Everything else is unimportant. The same thing is true in business.As a network marketer, you have no control over:
the weather

politicians in Washington DC

what your worthless sponsor does

what your downline members do

what McDonald’s charges for a Big Mac

who wins the Super Bowl or cartoon porn World Series

what your competition does

As a network marketer, you have control over:
the number of opportunity meetings you attend

the number of self-improvement and sales books you read

the number of people you black porn contact

what milf porn time you get up in the morning

what you eat for lunch

your leadership skills

your mobile porn commitment to learn

The key to success is to determine whether you can obtain the skills and resources to sell products and sponsor more people committed to learning. And if you have the burning desire to make a change in your life, then there should be no roadblocks to prevent you from getting what you need. It has been said that the fundamental to success is “learn, teach and teach to teach.” With a commitment to learn, you’ve taken the first step.Take a look at the successful people within your company. The successful networker has learned about the company and product, the necessary activities to succeed and the process of repeating the required steps. This is done through reading company product literature, attending meetings and contacting people. Attending meetings and reading company literature reinforces the distributors learning. Contacting people reinforces product and company knowledge. This is knowledge that the prospective client does not possess. The exchange of knowledge between you and the prospective client ultimately leads to the exchange of money for product.These are the things that your worthless sponsor cannot do for you.

Is It Possible To Be Successful in Online Business?

I guess everyone who tried to run their own online business many times have asked themselves questions: ?Jeez! What am I doing??? Is it really worth my time and my money? Are all these promises a truth? Do ?Mary and John, who earned 3 750$ in their first month? exist??When I started my first online business I?ve spent about 100$ in first 3 months and earned just 5$ (It was my only sale during the period of 3 months!). And I really wasn?t lazy! I worked about 25 hours per week placing ads, participating in discussions, submitting to search engines and directories, studying various promotion tutorials and so on. Now I?m in online business for 2 years. I?ve tried a huge amount of different programs, and now my income varies from 2 000$ to 5 000$ depending on how many hours I work. In this article I?m going to give you some advise how to start your online business and don?t fail because of common mistakes.First of all let?s figure out what online business really is. It?s selling. It doesn?t matter what to sell: some service, some product or an opportunity to earn money. Mostly what you need to do is to find customers. And it?s not so easy as it seems. Here I?ve got some tips how to be successful in finding potential customers:1. BE ORGANIZEDOperating a business requires a certain amount of discipline. You may not want to hear that!! It’s true though and we all need to accept it. Discipline means building your business schedule into the schedule of your life. Most common tools that you have to have in your arsenal are To Do Lists and the Next Day Plan. Everyone knows what a To Do List is all about but how many plan for the next day at the end of the current day.2. FIND OUT WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMERWhy it is so important to know who are your customers? Because then you can predict where to find them! Close your eyes and try to imagine who might be interested in your product. Is it a man or a woman? How old are they? Where are they working? What are the things that they ate interested in? Write down the portrait of your customer and try to conclude what web sites they might be visiting, what newsgroups are they participating in, what ezines are they reading. So you?ll know where to place your ad in order to get as many responses as possible.3. WORK HARDIf you think that working for yourself means you won?t have to work as hard or as long, think again. Most likely it will mean more of both. It isn?t possible to earn full monthly income working 10-15 hours per week. Home business requires a lot of self-motivation and self-discipline. Your success depends only on your willingness to work. There is no boss to wave a carrot under your nose to get you moving. You must be able to motivate yourself to do what needs to be done and that includes the stuff you don?t particularly enjoy doing.4. KEEP STUDYNGIf you want to be successful, seek more knowledge. This is a rule for every part of life and it is no different in the Internet Marketing world. There are some great sources of knowledge floating around. With a little time and effort, you can get a lot of useful information. The more knowledge you acquire, the more successful you will be.I hope these tips will help you in your online business!!!

How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Home Business

For a first time business owner, the Internet is like a treasure island…it can be a great adventure exploring new ways to make money. Sure, setting up a website can be great fun but if you want your online business to make you money, you’d have to think beyond just selling a product or a service. Whether you have integrated your offline business with an online one or whether you are a pure ‘webpreneur’, the key to boosting profits is in diversification or generating multiple revenue streams.WHY DO ITIn the new entrepreneurial era where most businesses are aligned to the World Wide Web, a smart wealth building strategy is diversification. With multiple revenue streams you not only avoid putting all your eggs in one basket but also create several sources of income so that when there is a slump in one the other one is still around to keep the cash flow healthy. When you offer a host of related and complimentary products and services to customers you are offering them more value and opportunities for repeat business. Not only that diversifying also means you spread out your risks and minimize the cost of marketing and acquiring new customers. Offering multiple products and services gives your business a challenge and the friction required to keep moving ahead.Last but not the least, creating a multifaceted business is also good for the creative spirit of the ownerGETTING THERELet’s start with an example. Say you are a small business owner-manufacturing pet grooming tools. You set up a great website to offer your products online to an existing and potential base of customers but want to expand your sales and maximise profits. Diversifying into related product and service fields is just the idea for you. Here are some thoughts to get you started:1. Sell your own products: you can sell your own product (pet grooming tools), earning the largest profit margin. This should be your main source of income, so make sure you focus on this first.2. Sell related services: You could also sell a service that complements your products or that your customers might need before or after using your product. Your pet grooming tools sales site, for example, could offer grooming service and consultation with professional pet care providers.3. Drop ship products: Next, you could find products available to drop ship that complement your main product. Maybe your new pet grooming tool owners will need other items for their pets. Find a drop shipper that offers leashes, collars, food bowls and pet toys and arrange to offer those products for sale on your site.4. Recommend affiliate products: Why not recommend affiliate products that your customers will be interested in? You could set up a “Pet care Resources” page on your site and use it to promote affiliate products related to pets and pet grooming, such as books or magazines about pet care, dog food, expert advice on pet care, an “ask the vet” button or just about anything else pet owners would be interested in. (Remember, though, keep your focus and avoid turning this page into a general flea market or you’ll end up losing traffic.)5. Sell ad space: Try selling ad space to advertisers who are interested in your target market. A site that sells specialized pet services like a kennel or a pet hostel might be interested in advertising to pet owners since it is usually a big question for a family going on a vacation to leave their pet in safe hands.6. Create a joint venture with like-minded businesses: Another option would be to create a joint venture with other businesses. Align your services with, say, a dog-training agency. You could set up an arrangement where you earn a portion of the profits on any sales you send his way. Then, write a quick e-mail promotion about his service and send it to all of your customers who live in his area.7. Start an affiliate program: Finally, start an affiliate program to promote your site. You could do all your selling yourself… but why would you? Think about it–you boost your visibility when your affiliates start publicizing your site, you gain credibility with your affiliates’ customers, and you simply make more sales!You can get some more ideas at: http://developers.evrsoft.com/article/web-development/miscellaneous/how-to-leverage-your-curr.shtmlThis is not all. You can pull additional sales from existing customers by investing in customer relationship management and data mining. Data mining systems allow companies to target a broad range of customers with common buying characteristics as well as narrow the target down to individual customers. Targeted e-mail, for instance is more effective than broadcast email. Companies such as Amazon.com do a great job of suggesting choices based on past product purchases.Another major source of new revenue for an online company is “Digital Content”. Digital content is basically kind of information that can be downloaded by the user for a certain fee. Digital content ranges from music, movies, photographs, news and information, interactive multiplayer games, books magazines and almost anything else that can be digitised. Revenues may come from pay per use of subscription or purchase for downloads.For an imaginative business owner the possibilities for creating new revenue streams are limitless. Diversifying is great; diversifying is fun, but a word of caution here. You must make extra sure that your revenue channels are complimentary to each other and that you never, never forget your core customer base. These were the first people to buy from you and these are the ones who are still most likely to come back with repeat orders.Generating multiple revenue streams is the most logical solution to turning your online investments into a profitable and sustainable business. Let your imagination run lose, plan in detail and be prepared to work real hard; having 3 sources of income compared to one never hurt anybody!Also see: http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol116/revenue.htm

How to Set Up Your Home Office

You have taken a great step to running your own life. Now is the time to get yourself organised within your home office. What I am going to show will make life a bit easier now that you are the boss and time is money. Let get you organised. You are now the CEO of your own business and should treat it responsibly. If you treat your business as a hobby then you will only earn what a hobby would earn. However if you treat your business responsibly you will see profits coming in. Set your goals realistically, write them down, print them and stick them up where they can be seen every time you enter your office. By following this simple method you will see growth in your business.On the other hand if you fail to set up your office properly do not expect to succeed. You will find your business will become disorganised and haphazard, even you won’t want to work for you.You will need to find a quite place within your home where you can work. If you have a desk great, set it up in the area you have decided to work from. If however at this stage you do not have a desk then earmark a table top as your primary workplace. You will no doubt need to use your telephone and internet to run your business so enure that your computer, and workplace are neighbours. Your computer must have internet access and I would recommend that you have at least two email addresses if you are going to take advantage of the many free internet advertisements available. Remember that through these ads you will receive a lot of junk mail so I recommend that you do not use your main email address when advertising. If it is within your start up budget I would recommend the installation of a business only telephone line.Scheduling is crucial to your business that is why I recommend you use a daily/weekly planner. I also recommend colour coding your appointments and to do lists using marker pens. Within your daily scheduling you should include:a. Personal or family time.b. Goalsc. Workd. Administration timee. Emailsf. Appointments/presentation callsg. Training call/coaching callsREMEMBER YOU ARE NOW THE BOSS. MAKE SURE THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

7 Points to Be Considered Before Starting an Online Business

It is a pleasure to have one’s own internet business and earn from home. More and more people are getting into online jobs and home business to work and earn at their leisure time and lead the life they would love, without having to go through daily the mad rush of commuting to their office. They also feel that by working for others they are not paid by their employers for what they are worth.The number of women coming into online business is increasing tremendously day by day because they feel they can work at home comfortably with their kids around which helps them manage both the job and house together.However, before setting your mind on an internet business, it is always better to consider certain points. Then you can avoid a lot of mental strain caused due to your ignorance.1. Real interest – Ask yourself whether you have a real interest to work on the computer. Computer knowledge can be gained, but interest should come from one’s own mind.2. Determination – Ask yourself whether you have a strong determination to succeed online. There are millions of people who have chosen computer as their money making machine.3. Basic internet knowledge – Before starting an online venture you should possess basic internet knowledge such as to browse the web, to open an email account, to send emails and open your email etc. I know without that much knowledge you wouldn’t have reached here to read this article.4. Time – The next important point is whether you have enough time to spend with your computer or not. The more time you can spend the faster your business will grow.5. Finance – Then comes the finance. You must be ready to spend from your own pocket for the monthly internet bills for accessing the net and for advertising, until you start getting the profit from your business. The earlier you learn the faster you will make money, like any other business.6. Patience – You cannot expect to get your account filled over night or within few days. Don’t get frustrated for not seeing the fruits of your hard work within your expected time, and give it up. Go forward until you find the desired results. You need patience to work hard and learn about your business and its promotion.7. Finding a mentor – Spend time to find a proper mentor who can help you to succeed. It will help you immensely to avoid many silly mistakes otherwise you would be making. A mentor can be someone from the net or locally. I am not telling without a mentor’s help you cannot succeed at all. But it takes a longer time and more expenses to learn through trials and errors.

Managing Your Time In A Home Business

Is your business still an inspiration, or has the pressure of time and responsibilities started to dull your enthusiasm?Find your best working strategy, and you’ll save time and energy that can be better spent on creative avenues of business and with family.”Defining Your Space”Defining your space is admittedly more about organization than time, but there’s an undeniable link between the two. Have you scanned 100 emails to find that important reference code? Are you still sorting piles of necessary documents on your kitchen counter, just so you’ll know where they are?Here, then, is the reason for creating a specific working area. You may be using the family computer, but make space for a file, incoming mail and a notebook. Enforce the necessity of a cleared working area by providing bins or drawers for other family members, or your own ‘non-work’ related items. (If you choose to organize them as well, all the better, but stick to your priorities.)If it’s a small business, create at the very least five files. One for Expenses, one for Income (let’s hope!), one for Reference Material, one for Correspondence and one for Projects (or Customers). If you deal with very many clients, or companies, give them separate files, otherwise one should suffice.Consider setting up your email with similar ‘folders’ to keep everything organized and easy to find. Perhaps you can sub-categorize even further as there is not the physical space issue.This section could easily go on and on, but for simplicities sake, it would be best to start out with this system. If you’re already well over your head, creating this simplistic organization system may be the best first step, you can refine and itemize the bulk of it easier if you take the time to make these first main files.”Getting Busy”We’ve all done it. A moment arises where you have the chance to get some work done and you go to your computer, or workshop or otherwise, and for 5-10 minutes you browse emails or papers, trying to figure out what needs to be done.With any home business (and this is especially true when children are in the mix) you need, or have created, the flexibility to work when YOU want. So don’t waste time figuring out what you’ll be doing.If you are so inclined, create a To-Do list. This may be for the day, or week, or just a running list that is built upon as things come up. This creates an easy starting point when you are ready to work. Where did you leave off? What was next on the list? Do you have 10 minutes or 2 hours? You will surely have something waiting to be done.If you do not feel the need for a written list, at least have a goal for that day. As a work from home mother, I find that one or two main goals are all I need. And there are always emails to check, accounting, etc. for the slow times.I also have a personal schedule for the week that itemizes my main tasks: writing an article, networking in the forums, checking on orders, etc. This gives me an easy to work from goal map. Although my work periods are broken up, I try to focus on one task a day through to completion.”Going Up…..”Once you have your main task ready to go, than try to follow it through to the best of your ability. Not only will you be free to carry on with your day, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment. If your goal is extensive, for instance you’re training, researching or building on something, than break it down into smaller goals.You will find that a concrete goal will give you the ability to get ‘caught up’ in the process. You had a starting point, you are driven towards the finish. Without the enormity of the full project lying in front of you, you will feel free to focus your attention, enjoy the process more and put quality time into it.”Coming Down…”Especially when you are working on a multi-step project, when you finish task for the day, try to slow yourself down by diverting time to some of the smaller tasks; filing, correspondence, telephone calls etc.If you follow this pattern regularly, you will not only find that both the large and the small tasks get completed, but your ‘work day’ will come to a natural end and you will feel ready to separate it from your family life.”Creating Balance”As with everything, balance is key. Now that is easier said than done, so using this as a guide, find your own natural rhythm. Working with children will likely break this system up even further (I know!). If you are on your own, you may find it easier to plug on for the entire project even if it takes you into the night.Whatever you do, remember your reasons for choosing to work at home. Based on your original reasons, you will find motivation to schedule a working life that benefits you and your family the best.Enjoy your Day!—————————-

Realities of Success, Failure, and Working From Home

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own BusinessFirst, let me say *congratulations* on deciding to take lifeinto your control.You are so close to being the richest person in the family,the wealthiest person in your group of friends, the workerall the other slaves will talk about with awe andadmiration long after you have retired to become the Boss.I’m not kidding.There is an awesome power contained within you that canshoot you to the stars. It will bring you the wealth,happiness and freedom normally shared by a group of peoplecombined, not usually enjoyed by only ONE.Does this mean I’m telling you to have more by others havingless? Absolutely not!Most people exist on the scraps and leftovers, not thebounty life intends you to enjoy. But fear pushes theminto a half-life. Fear of having less ‘relax’ time, fear ofnot doing what’s expected of them, fear of trying andfailing, fear of hard work.But don’t you agree.. working for someone else sucks bigtime?I really don’t like people telling me what I have to do nextor that I didn’t do it well enough or that I can go tolunch in 10 minutes. Life holds so much more than that, whywalk to the beat of someone else’s drum?Once you begin to live the dream of being ‘The Master OfYour Life’, you will look at all the other 9 to 5 slaves,toiling away unappreciated to make someone else rich, andshake your head in disbelief.”Why do they do it? Why do they live life only halfachieved, only partially fulfilled?”Believe me, once you see things from my side of the fence,you won’t be able to work for someone else again. I refuseto do it, I won’t go back.Make your dreams come true and you will feel the same, Ipromise!Here’s a little about me..My name is Murray Hughes and I’ve been building my ownbusiness since April 2003. Starting from scratch, withabsolutely zero experience, I wasted heaps of dollars andeven more time.But my persistence has paid off and now each and everymonth, thousands of dollars find their way into my bankaccount as a direct result of my Internet businesses.Don’t let “Internet Businesses” put you off. I know afterreading that when I first started out, I would have thought- ‘This guy is obviously way out of my league, I mean he’stalking =businesses= for pete’s sake! I just want to add afew hundred dollars to my bottom line.’Well let me be the first to tell you I’m no rocket scientistnor some naturally talented business guru. In fact, basedon my record I may even be business impaired ;-) .But I do have an abundance of something that will overcomeany inadequacies you or anyone else may have.PERSISTENCEBeing persistent means working hard on a regular basis andnot letting any obstacle stop you. Sure some obstacles mayslow you down or even bring you to a halt for a period oftime, but if you keep working and learning – failure isimpossible.Failure can be reduced to a single split-second moment.. doyou know when that is?It’s the moment you give up.FAILURE – The decision to give up and QUIT FOR GOODSure, obstacles, or mini-failures, will be frequent. Heck,nearly everything I have tried online has been a completeflop. But I never for a moment thought of giving up.Instead, I understood my mini-failure was another way to NOTdo things. And often, with a bit of re-thinking andre-application, a mini-failure can be turned around andbecome a champion.So let me finish up by saying what my own experience hasproved to me’Succeeding in your very own business won’t be easy,especially in the beginning. It will take many hours ofworking and learning.’BUT’If you are truly, really persistent, success in your veryown business is 100% inevitable, 100% unavoidable and willbe enormous.’Imagine your dream, think of it often, smile to yourself inknowing that it is inevitable and start your unhaltingmarch toward it. Its waiting for you to arrive!Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.Your Friend,