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What Will I Be Doing Now That I Have Signed Up For A Home Business?

Many new Affiliates join a home business program not really having any idea what it is they will be doing now that they have been made owners of their own home business.It can be summed up in one word: PROMOTION-This one word must be broken down into a specific outline for one to have a more clear understanding of their new business.Three key elements are involved here.1. Drive2. Knowledge3. ActionTo be successful with a new home business, one must put all three elements into play in the form of PROMOTION.Therefore, let’s discuss each element and the way in which it applies to promotion, which in turn results in home business success.DRIVE:To build a business at home from scratch one must have a burning desire to create self-sufficiency and even wealth as an entrepreneur.Drive is the internal mechanism from whence our dreams spring forth. Drive is what will propel us forward day in and day out as we go about the required promotional activities to build our business, such as-Responding to emails-Creating and submitting advertisements-Adding relevant content to our websites that will increase traffic and sales-Writing articlesDrive, combined with definition and purpose, is a powerful force as it relates to home business promotion. Without definition and purpose, drive is impotent and your business will not succeed. Simply signing up for a business out of general desire or drive, yet lacking design is pointless.KNOWLEDGE:Personal responsibility and laying claim to our own sense of responsibility is key here as it relates to home business success and garnering home business knowledge. You must learn, in detail, every relevant aspect that applies to your business.Signing up for a program and then taking no action to learn the full details involved in that program will result in failure. Likely, full training is available to you both through reading and perhaps via an individual mentor. Take advantage of both to the fullest.Read everything in your training. If you stop at the basics, then your results will be basic to non-existent. Ask questions of your mentor. He or she will be glad to help you individually.Participate in forums. Go beyond that-research everything you come across in detail as it relates to your business.With knowledge, you will be armed to promote your business.ACTION:Brimming with desire and armed with knowledge, you will begin to take the specific steps required to successfully build your business. Having taken the time to learn your promotional methods you will begin to apply them with daily action.Think things through first, and choreograph your activities with an organized plan. Don’t expect perfection. Hone, develop and utilize the methods of promotional action that work; discard those that don’t work and pass along what you have learned to those that follow after you.You have the desire, now learn, then act, and most importantly have fun! Success will likely follow.

When a Prospect Isn’t Worth Your Time

I own and operate several successful businesses on the Internet, and I take extreme pride in my follow-up skills, patience and the ability to virtually teach anyone how to start a business on the Internet with virtually no skills or financial backing.There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t receive an email requesting my help to teach someone how to get started. While I always return these emails and offer my help, 99.9% of the time, I know by the first email if this person is worth my time or not.Starting a business on the Internet is not hard, but it does take patience and a lot of time invested before you see any return. It will also take a financial investment of at least 10-30 dollars to build a website.Most people understand that starting a traditional business offline will require a huge investment of time and money. They also understand that this will require some planning before they see a profit…so why don’t people who start Internet businesses understand that?Here is an example of the type of emails that I get:“I’m looking for an Internet business to start and I don’t want to pay anything to get started. I have tried virtually every program on the Internet and been scammed by all of them. My family and I can hardly make the bills each month. I need money fast! Please help me!”I just cringe when I see these types of emails. First of all this guy is looking for an “Internet Job” versus an “Internet Business”. There isn’t any Internet jobs that I know of that will pay you by the hour for doing a certain task for them.Next, he has tried virtually every program on the Internet. These people jump from program to program looking for “instant” cash and never concentrate on one opportunity long enough to see any success. These are the people who scream that they have been scammed and put a bad light on every legitimate opportunity on the Internet.This prospect can hardly pay his bills, and will probably have trouble paying them for the rest of his life, because he doesn’t manage his money. How do I know that? He obviously has Internet access to be able to email me, and if I was really struggling to pay the bills each month, I would think that the Internet would be a luxury that I could do without. If you can afford the Internet you can afford to start an Internet business.And lastly, this guy is running on pure desperation. Desperate thoughts lead to desperate measures and he will never think clearly enough to successfully start and manage his own business. He will be thinking of only the moment at hand instead of working toward a future goal.I would of course send this prospect an email in return, because you never know when someone might prove you wrong. But set them straight right from the start with some realistic expectations, or these types of emails will overrun your own business and take precious time away from your own goals.Best wishes for your future success and prosperity!Rebecca Gilbert[http://www.101homebusiness.org]

Managing Your Time In Your New Home Based Business

If you are just transitioning from working outside the home to working from home, your thoughts are probably spinning with all the things that you will get done now that you don’t have to waste all that time commuting, getting ready for work, etc. And then a few weeks into your new lifestyle, things just don’t seem to going along as smoothly as you had imagined! What the heck happened, anyway? Well, I certainly hope you didn’t toss that daily planner you used to fill out so religiously! You just might need to pull it out, dust it off, and put it back to work.In the first place, you are “still working.” You are just working “here” and not “there.” You still need to keep a schedule, and maybe even a daily flow chart. It will just have different items on it. Instead of dealing with meetings, phone calls, reports, face-to-face chats with clients or customers or employees or “the boss,” deadlines, “managing by walking around,” countless interruptions, and all that, you will need to schedule time for focusing on the work you are doing from home, maintaining your home itself, your family, and maybe even YOU!Take your planner out and come up with something that works for you. You might start with what worked before. In other words, if you had to be ready to leave the house by 7:00 AM, before, then be that way now. You don’t have to be “all dressed up with nowhere to go,” but you can be showered and dressed, etc. Assign times to focus on various activities, keeping in mind that none of this is etched in stone. Build your own individual situation into this, and remember that it is only a guideline. Your boss is not going to call you on the carpet if the schedule doesn’t work unless you stand in front of the mirror and have at it! Remember that you have flexibility that you didn’t have when you were working outside the home. You are the boss and you can arrange you day as you choose, to fit the needs of your family, health, interests, schooling, or whatever reason you chose to work at home. Keep adjusting until you find what works. It may need “re-tweaking” when school starts up or lets out, as days get longer or shorter, as the seasons change, etc. That’s OK!If you are thinking, “but I quit work so I didn’t have to be scheduled!” remember that this is YOUR schedule, not someone else’s. You can take as many breaks as you need, and you can take them whenever you need them, not when you are told to go. You are working into the schedule YOUR needs and your family’s needs, not the needs of the company for whom you used to work. Because you have control over what is happening instead of being at the mercy of someone else, you can handle it!And one last thing: you will never, ever have to come home so exhausted that you stand at the kitchen sink in your coat and high heels doing dishes because you know that if you stop to take them off, you will never get up to get the dishes done. And yes, I actually heard of some poor soul who did that.


For about 7 days, I disappeared from the Internet scene.And my online business came to a complete standstill. I was miserable, hopelessly insane with anger, confused, desperate to get back online because my business and my income depended fully on my Internet access. I was nothing without it. I am a virtual person and if I don’t go online for a day, I would raise HELL.This is how important being online is to my business. And let me tell you how my freelance and work at home business works.The emailFor starters, there’s the email. Gawd, I can’t live without my email. I communicate with my sister, father and aunts via email. I talk and gossip with my good friends over email. I communicate religiously with my clients over email. Without email, I don’t have a voice.For a freelancer who is working from home, like me, using the email to communicate with clients, customers, friends and relatives is not unknown. In fact, I would advice freelancers and work at home parents to use emails liberally, even if you’re just using one of those free email accounts from Yahoo!, MSN, GMail, or Hotmail….whatever it is, it’s important for a work at home business person to maintain constant contact with his or her customers. It’s best that you respond to emails within 24 – 48 hours. Anything slower than that, you’ll be regarded as a snail-mailer or unresponsive or not committed.The MessengerLet’s take things a step up – instant communication doesn’t only involve communicating over email. For those of you who have not tried out either Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger, you’re missing out on a whole lot here! You can use the Messenger service to communicate LIVE with your clients and customers and discuss things completely fee-free on the Internet. It’s not as good as making a phone call but if both of you can type relatively fast, using the MSN or Yahoo! Messenger is very effective. Not only are you able to send short (or long) messages to each other instantly, you can also talk to each other using the voice conference facilities or the webcam tool.To me, the Messenger service is as important as my email.My websiteWithout Internet access, I, obviously, was unable to update my website. I update my website with articles, tips and tricks on a daily basis and if I don’t do that, I might as well be out of the freelancing scene. I consider my website, http://www.marshamaung.com and http://www.creativejooz.com as important marketing vehicles for my business. Through the website, I am able to bring attention to my services and products very subtly by driving traffic in with useful tips, resources, articles and other information. Despite being a Graphic Designer who can and have designed physical brochures and flyers for others and myself, my website remains to be one of the most important marketing tools for me.My voice conference black porn roomI use the conference room that I have been using for the past 1 year to communicate, provide training, hold presentations and just TALK to my clients freely on the Internet. I obtained my voice conference room at an amazingly affordable price from http://www.ttcglobaltalk.com and I have been using them happily for ages. And when I was out of the scene, I had a dream about not being able to talk to my clients – EVER! Yes, I was desperate.And I am now back online…I can’t tell you how thankful I am for it. Although I had to struggle and exchange ‘heated debates’ over the phone with the Internet service provider over here for the past week, I feel that I am now alive again and that my business is back on track.Use online communication tools wisely because for a freelancer, it’s crucial.

Wise Cash Flow Management for Solopreneurs

Let’s take a look at the many aspects of wise cash flow management.Þ Understanding. You all know the money out is called Accounts Payable, and the money coming in is called Accounts Receivable, right? Your Accounts Receivable get generated from the sale of your products, the fulfillment of service contracts, or maybe the in flowing of money comes from one sort of loan or another. And your outflow, Accounts Payable, goes out to pay for inventory, expenses, payroll, overhead, or paying back loans. You’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse of accounting for the monthly operation costs, the level of cash flow incoming, and the size of your expenditures.Þ Analyzing. You must be intimately familiar with every aspect of your cash flow management. For example, your accounts receivables should be governed to see when any invoice is past it terms. This can drastically affect cash flow out if it isn’t coming in. Wisely look at the credit terms set up for the payments on inventory. Longer terms mean less cash flow initially. How much credit do you extend? Know how much is too much to put you into cash flow purgatory.Þ Budgeting. If you don’t know how to do a cash flow analysis, the Internet is a huge help. Here are some links that will show you just what to do: [http://www.toolkit.cch.com/text/P06_4300.asp;] http://www.inc.com/articles/2000/08/15590.html.Þ Improving. Once you have a cash flow budget, you can take steps to make the income flow faster, the outflow move out more slowly, and streamline the billing process to accelerate the income. EZ Invoice Inc offers a simple, effective, easy-to-use Billing Only software that will allow you to create invoices from anywhere in the world right from your website. They have nearly instantaneous customer service too, a blessing in this day and age. http://www.ezinvoiceinc.com. Try a FREE DEMO NOW!Þ Bridge loans. Sometimes, there is a gap in time between the Payables going out and the Receivables coming in. Your banker can help with this temporary shortage. Again, your Budget will help you spot these times.Þ Surplus. We wish each of you who reads this “May this happen to you, and soon.” You can use this surplus for investing or for decreasing your debt. Again, your banker can advise you what’s best for your business.Your home-based business might not have needed a degree or specialized training to get off the ground, but learning the ins and outs of business accounting and financing helps grow that business into success. Investing in a software program like EZ Invoice Inc. is one surefire way to keep that cash flow a ‘comin on in!

How to Turn Your Passion into Online Profit

If you want to start a new home based business hundreds of websites will spoil you for choices. A new business idea is born every second and a large number of these are potentially profitable ones. But on any given day, if you think of turning a hobby into a business, its chances of succeeding increase many-fold. Why? Because you are passionate about it and “like” to do it.Turning your hobby into a profitable business is one of the best home business opportunities you can get. Imagine doing what you like and getting paid for it! There ain’t a better dream come true. However, if you don’t keep your feet on the ground, your dream can turn a fairly frightening responsibility and such a chore. Take this reality check to see if you are ready for getting into business and if your hobby can realistically be turned into a profitable idea.

Research your hobby: Does turning your hobby into a business fill a real need gap? Is there anyone out there who would want to buy your products? If yes, then are there enough people who can constitute a sizeable market for you to keep your business profitable? Is there an economical way to market and distribute your products or services?

Market Research: When you ask questions like the ones above, the answers will come from some in-depth market research. Spend considerable time staking out your market. Research over the Internet. milf porn Find out if there is anyone selling your kind of products already? If yes, what has been their success rate? What kind of people would constitute your target market? Is this market big enough to keep you profitable? What are the price points for your product? What are the selling mechanics for your product on the Internet? (Since that’s where you are going to base your business)

Make a business plan: A good way to determine whether your hobby can turn into a money making proposition is to draw out a full-fledged business plan. You can get free business plan templates from http://www.bplans.com . Do some number crunching. This would typically include financial forecasts dealing with questions like start up capital and where can you raise it from, the gestation period for the business, income generation and forecasts.

Are you geared up for business? Take stock of your own business sense. Are you comfortable with the risks and the cyclical nature of business? When running a business, not every day is Sunday. There can be some bad days too and they may last longer than you’d expect them to. What are your managerial and administrative capabilities? Would you still love your hobby if it became you main income source? Take a look at this website for more:


Decide how much time can you devote: Before you get all set for wading out into the great ocean of home business, ask yourself, how much time can you realistically spend on your business? If you think making it a full time activity would mean being away from your family more often and not acceptable to you, make it a part – time venture. A fledgling business is like a small baby. It demands your complete attention all the time. Are you up to that?

Find an innovative business angle: Just because a hobby is fun for you, doesn’t mean someone will pay you to do it. You’d have to do more than just plain sell your services and hope to make enough money. The trick is finding the twist that will turn your recreation into an income.
With the Internet opening up a new marketing landscape, it has become easier for home business owners cartoon porn to do business. So building an online business based on your hobby can provide you with a niché with a large demand and little competition to supply to it. That can make the road to success easier.Here are some guidelines to get you started:1. Build a professional website: Your business is based on a hobby, alright. But having a website that doesn’t look professional reflects badly on your business. Unless you have the capability to build your own website, you must hire the services of a web designing company to build you a site that fulfils all your website goals and looks professional. Take a look at: http://www.oncallgeeks.com/ for some more information on what it takes to have a knock out website.2. Populate the site with useful content: Content is king on the Internet. Unless you give your visitors something useful via content, they are not very likely to stick around your website, much less buy from you.3. Use the website as an online brochure of your services and products4. Since you will be using the website to sell your products make sure that the pages are easily navigable and the layout is comprehensible5. Promote your website: Use reciprocal links, search engine optimization, viral marketing and other online marketing strategies to increase visibility and traffic to your website.Get some more information at: http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol14/howtoget.htmOne great disadvantage of chucking it all for a new business is that if it works; great. If it crashes it takes you down with it. But with careful planning and sound judgement of your own capabilities you can make it work.

Why Start a Home Business?

This is probably one of the MOST important aspects of owning your own business yet most people mobile porn don’t really take this topic serious.Why do you want to own your own business? A few reasons might be might be:1. To be able to quit your job and spend time with your family2. To Gain financial independence.3. You are tired of working a JOB.4. You would like a nice new house.5. You would like to purchase that dream car you have always wanted but could never afford.My question to you is… What is your WHY?After you decide what your WHY is; you need to ask yourself the following questions…Is your WHY strong enough to get you through the bad times? Is your WHY strong enough to keep you from giving up?You NEED to have a STRONG WHY if you are going to own a business. Nothing worth having comes easy. You are going to meet with rejection and failure on your road to success. It’s just a fact of life and a learning process that everyone has to go through. When that time happens you will need your WHY to pull you through the tough times.How do you develop your WHY?You need to associate it with emotion. Emotions drive people. Associate a strong emotion with your WHY. Make it part of you. It needs to be real. You need to see it and feel it everyday. It needs to become part of your life.For example:If your WHY is your kids, then every time you look at your kids, you should remember that they are your WHY. They are your reason for building a home business because you need to be able to spend time with them and give them all the things they deserve like the best clothes, the best education possible, etc… How does it feel to have to settle for lesser things for your kids? It’s hurts doesn’t it? That’s a strong why!Money is not a valid WHY!Money is not a good why to have. Money is nice but there is no real emotion to associate with money. You have to have a stronger WHY then just money. What do you want to buy with the money? That nice new car that you’ve been dying to own since you were a teenager? What would it feel like to own it? How does it feel to have to settle for less?Most successful entrepreneurs have a strong WHY. They knew why they wanted to start a business and they knew why they wanted to be successful. They made their WHY real and had the self determination to make it come true.Now, I ask you again. What is your WHY and what emotion have you associated with it?

All Successful Entrepreneurs Do This

Everyone wants to make money! Some want to make money by owning their own business. All successful entrepreneurs have the self discipline to build their business. Most of us have heard the saying “you need money to make money”. Basically what this means is you must invest money in your business if it’s to make money. Some 24% of all startup small businesses fail within two years. That’s because the life of your business depends on you during these early years. If you must depend on the business it will probably fail. The first years of a business rarely show profit, because you are re-investing your money back in it.Most of us spend money on entertainment, whether it’s eating out at nice restaurants, movies, cars, bikes, games, big toys, etc….. Some of us can come up with cash for our online business by not eating out one time a month! That should not be so hard to do, as lots of us are spending more and more money on weight loss products!If you want your business to grow you must feed it. You must spend money to make money, even if it’s a small amount, it will still grow some. You cannot win the lottery without first buying a ticket!All successful entrepreneurs spend a certain amount each month on their business. Sure you say they are making money so they have it to spend. But actually you start out investing a larger percentage of your profits then you will later on as your business grows. Most people who start an Off-line business usually invest a large amount of capital before they see any money coming in. You have to continually re-invest your money.That’s where an On-line business is unique. You can start with very little capital and invest as you learn. You do still have to invest some money and time, or you will not grow. You have to spend wisely though, where you will see results. You must read and do some research before you spend. There are lots of ways to throw your money away if you are new and not careful.There are also many ways to receive valuable information online that’s Free.One way is reading Free articles by those who are successful. You will find many of these Free articles at: [http://www.best-home-business-ideas.net]Also if you’re in an MLM or affiliate program, you should have an up-line leader. They will help you along with good advice because it’s in their best interest for you to succeed!–This article may be reprinted providing it is published in it’s entirety, including the author’s bio and hyperlink to the URL below.

Home Internet Based Business Opportunity

Internet home based business opportunity can set you freeWorking towards developing a home internet based business opportunity can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Either your shorts or blue jeans are the dress code of the day with an occasional pajama day off as well. While many suffer from a lack of focus and determination to stay at home those that fall in love with that lifestyle work vigorously to never go back to an office again. The home based internet business opportunity can be the perfect vehicle for you.Modern technology gives us the ability to work all over the world with anyone, breaking down the logistical problems and associated tremendous costs normally ever present without the internet. I personally communicate with dozens of people in all the different time zones through email and theme targeted forums. Recruiting for my business has never been as easy either.With the internet I make very professional presentations, train new folks and even help implement lead and prospecting systems. With my favorite drink by my side, the mouse and my computer I’m able to move my business forward. Its really not important to my computer what type of business I’m conducting either. I don’t have to go anywhere, put on my best attire or even comb my hair.The revolution to working at home has frankly turned into a stampede for sure. Those that fail working at home in the home based business results from not having a solid business plan that incorporates all the things necessary for running a business.So that’s the bad news and the good news is that all the systems and tools needed to work at home are so readily available. Most opportunities outlined what and how you need to do things along with even making tools, training and systems readily available to you.The real decision that needs to be made is how much are you willing to spend to capitalize your new business venture. Don’t treat it as a hobby or something to try because your home internet based business opportunity can set you totally free from the rat race forever. Take your business seriously and you’ll win the race.

Dish Network – Business Strategy Principles for your Home Business

Dish Network boasts an impressive clientele of more than 5 million monthly subscribers. Significantly, though they are only the second largest distributor of satellite television service, they have been voted #1 in customer service by J.D. Power and Associates. While every business has, by necessity, a different business plan, a careful look at some of the things Dish Network has done to be successful will yield a few principles that will help your small business to succeed.Echo-Star owns Dish Network, and they are currently in negotiation with one of their channel providers because the provider is demanding a higher per-package, per-user fee each month. The demand, though an increase of only a few pennies per user, represents millions of dollars in the short and long term for Dish. I present the conflict here to demonstrate Dish’s commitment to minimizing costs. Rather than just rolling over and accepting the fee increase, Dish Network is demonstrating to their customers their commitment to providing their services at the lowest cost possible. For any business to be successful, and I assume that is the goal for your home business, it must bring in more revenue than it shells out. Being diligent in fighting to minimize your own costs will go a long way towards that end.Perhaps the reason you started your own business was because you craved the autonomy that came inherently with “being your own boss.” No more corporate ladders to climb or be pushed off. No more answering to someone that knows less than you do about just about everything. Perhaps it did not take long to notice that absolute freedom is hard to come by. Unless you produce the raw materials, refine them, create a marketable good, and sell it completely on your own, your business decisions are limited somewhat by others. The webhost sets the monthly hosting fee. The bank sets your monthly car payment. Even the office supplies you use are priced by someone else. Dish Network’s taking issue with the fee increase represents their dedication to retaining some of that autonomy we all desire for our businesses. Even if you can’t set the prices, you certainly can negotiate them. Unless you are absolutely sure you are getting the best deal possible on the materials you purchase, make a phone call and talk to someone about it. In the end, the producer’s relationship with you, the consumer, affects their bottom line.One of the biggest concerns Dish Network faced in the new millennium was how to continue to provide their award-winning customer service cost-effectively. Hundreds of thousands of new subscribers were adding themselves to the millions of current subscribers, and they all eventually needed help. Customer service was performed completely over the telephone at a cost of $5 to $15 each call. Dish looked to technology to provide additional venues where customer service interactions could play themselves out. This led to solutions that would be available through the customer’s satellite receiver at home and online solutions, where the customer could view and make changes to their account without requiring the services of an employee, thus providing the same customer service while cutting down on costs. The lesson that should be learned from this example is that technology, when implemented correctly, can save costs and increase the efficiency with which we are able to provide services to our customers. What tasks do you find yourself doing by hand over and over again? With a little bit of time and money invested could you automate the process, or allow customers to do the task themselves by putting on your website?The magnitude of work required to produce and integrate Dish Network’s new customer service solutions is baffling. Now consider that they planned for and implemented the technological changes to their customer service process in less than five months. The home business principle to learn from this is speed is a necessity, not a luxury. To compete with your competitors, you need to provide the same product at a higher quality, faster speed, or lower price. What changes do you need to make in order to streamline your business? Is there something that you are doing now that you could do without? By all means, weigh your options carefully and make a decision you feel comfortable with. But once the decision is made, move on it. Your customers will appreciate your decisiveness and innovation.Dish Network is a thriving, multimillion dollar business, due in large part to the way they analyze and execute their business strategy. Using equal discretion, innovation, and decisiveness could boost your business as well.