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Young Entrepreneurs are Discovering the Opportunities Available through Online Business Ownership

I am 23 years old and a mother of two. I have been a homemaker for two years now. I have explored the idea of going back into the workforce but I can’t give up the chance to spend all of my time with my husband and children. I am still considered a young worker with little experience, and going back into the workforce would mean I would have to accept a job that pays me much less than I deserve. I was unsure of what I was going to do.One day while surfing the Internet I came upon the idea of opening my own online business. There is no way that I could afford to open a local retail business. I knew that I had the skills and the ability to run a successful business. I researched all of the possibilities until I was blue in the face and settled on the perfect idea. It wasn’t a month later that I opened my very own electronics store. My store, Electronics Obsession, (www.electronicsobsession.com) has allowed me to make a great income and still be able to spend that precious time with my family.I am not the exception many young workers are finding opportunities in online business ownership. Owning a business online allows younger entrepreneurs the ability to run a business without the prejudices faced from being young. We are judged by our skills and customer service rather than our appearance.You may say this “evens the playing field” for us. Many people may be surprised to know that some of their favorite web stores are ran successfully by someone under the age of 30.I encourage everyone who is looking for a new career path whether young and inexperienced or someone who is looking for some extra income to research this possibility for themselves. You might be surprised what you find!

All Successful Entrepreneurs Have This

All successful entrepreneurs have this one thing in common!(TIME INVESTED) Everyone wants to have wealth, enjoy life, and be able to retire at an early age! To do this you must first work hard at a business plan over a few years. You start your business at the bottom and work your way up. You have to have a plan so you can stay focused on the Big Picture.This is where the most important element comes in, Patience! You must have Patience or you will lose focus on the Big Picture. There will be times when things go wrong and things look dark, but if you stay focused and have Patience you will have success!Some great people have said “You must learn to fail before you can succeed!” The term “fail” can only pertain to the low and dark times, because you cannot fail unless you Quit. If you have Patience and stay focused on your long term plan you will succeed.People see ads and hype where successful entrepreneurs have made thousands of dollars in 24 hours. This may be true, but they have been in business more than 24 hours! They have built their business over a period of time, and have been through some low and dark times to get where they are at today. All successful entrepreneurs have invested in there share of time. So you can be successful to if you start with a good business plan, and stick to it through the highs and the lows. You must have Patience and not lose site of your Goals!You will also have to work your plan, but what is the alternative? Working hard for someone else’s business plan! You cannot create wealth trading hours for dollars. You must put in your share of time! If you start today, in a year your business will be one year old! In another year it will be two years old. If you do Nothing, You will still be Two Years Older!–This article may be reprinted providing it is published in it’s entirety, including the author’s bio and hyperlink to the URL below.

So You Want To Start Your Own Home Based Business

So you want to start your own home base business. We have seen the countless ads, emails, websites, etc. on how to make big bucks right from your home.So how do you tell the legitimate home based businesses from the get rich quick schemes?Well hopefully this article will help you out a bit as I have been there done that with a home based businessYes I have tried a bunch of different home based businesses, only to be disappointed at the outcome, and of course being a little bit lighter in the wallet.The light bulb in my head finally went off after I heard a news report on my local news about Home based or work from home business offers. The report was if you have to pay a fee to join, it is most likely a scam!Well after I heard that, I said to myself “that makes sense! Why would you have to pay to go to work?” It is the same theory when you went and looked for work in the work place.If you went and applied at lets say Home Depot or Lowe’s they did not ask you for any money to apply! If they did you would turned around and left. I know I would have.Well the next day I started to search on the internet for “Free home based businesses” and I came up with some. I started researching the different ones, and finally choose the one for me!This business has no start up costs, no hidden fees, no inventory to carry, and you can opt out at anytime, all this with a “NO RISK” to you guarantee, and was backed by the Better Business Bureau!I went to the Better Business Bureau website, put the company name in and did a search to see if it had any bad reports, and it did not!Great, so then I did some background search on the company itself, it has been in business for 16 yrs, had a excellent track record, profits up, not a blemish one to be found.So what I am trying to say here is there are a few good home based business opportunities out there. You need to not jump on the first one to promise you the easy life.You need to realize that the “True” home based businesses out there you will need to put in some good hard work, and give it some time. Don’t expect your pot of gold overnight!Copyright 2004 Jim Noel

Strategies for Success in the Exciting and Lucrative Home-Based Business of Jewelry & Gemstones

The business of jewelry is one of the most fun, exciting and profitable businesses that exist. The demand for jewelry by consumers is unrelenting and consistently growing. Like any other business worth pursuing by a new- comer; the jewelry business requires research, ongoing education, focus and persistence. Fear not,the rewards for this effort can be well-worth the investment of time and energy making jewelry one of the best home-based business opportunities available.Finding your NicheThe world of jewelry is vast and can be overwhelming. It is imperative that the prospective jewelry entrepreneur narrow down to a specific area in which to concentrate there marketing efforts. In other words, you must avoid the temptation to spread-out in several directions. Rather, you should become an expert, a specialist. The ideal is to find a niche within a niche. Stake your claim and mine that pocket deep and hard. For example, sterling silver cat jewelry ,14 KT. gold Celtic jewelry, wire -wrapped birthstone jewelry etc.Selecting your ApproachAfter the budding jewelry entrepreneur has settled on their niche, they must decide which business model makes the most sense to them. The following represent five basic strategies that one might follow:1. Buy wholesale-sell retail- Remember, you make your profit by buying well. Any Search Engine will reveal countless wholesale sources, move steadily forward. Do your research. Not all wholesalers are equal. In fact, many so-called wholesalers are not really wholesalers at all and prey on the unsophisticated. Applied knowledge is key here.2. Import directly from manufacturer and sell wholesale. This strategy is not the best for beginners, but if you have ties and are comfortable with a country like India, Thailand, Mexico and others. This can be a lucrative approach. Start small and learn the ropes before you grow.3. Become an affiliate for an existing web-based jewelry company. This strategy is excellent for beginners, as it requires no inventory and you use the company’s web-site. Also, they handle the product fulfillment and shipping. This is a great, low-risk way to get started.4. Join a jewelry MLM- There are some advantages here and some individuals enjoy this type of marketing, again, do your due-diligence before you jump-in.5. Make and sell your own jewelry- If you have the talent and the time, this path can be very rewarding. One tip, unless you want to be a starving artist; find out what type of handcrafted jewelry consumers will actually buy and produce jewelry for that market.Marketing and Selling JewelryOnce you have identified your niche and selected your approach, you need to explore marketing and selling for profit. Here are some suggestions for how and where to sell jewelry.1. Special Events- Craft shows, wine festivals, Celtic festivals, street fairs etc. In the beginning, concentrate on low-cost booth fees i.e. under $100 until you gain experience.2. Home parties- Low overhead. These can be a goldmine if you work them well. Referrals are the key to success.3. Ebay- an easy, low-cost way to sell jewelry on the internet.4. Your own website.A. eBay or yahoo store- both are excellent because of there built-in shopping audience and credibility.B. Buy and fix-up a previously owned website-Many websites are For Sale by Owner on ebay.The jewelry business can be a wonderful full or part-time home-based business. Use this milf porn article as a basis for your education. Learn everything you can about your chosen niche, study marketing and develop your selling skills. Keep a positive attitude and success will certainly follow.

Creative Ways to Raise Money to Start a Business

If you’re like many women who want to start a home based business, one of the things that may be stopping you is a lack of funds.While there are many new Network Marketing and Direct Sales businesses that are free to join, it will take at least some money to get things rolling…money for business cards, inexpensive marketing and advertising methods, postage, your own personal products to experiment with, samples, etc.Even if you are starting an online business that markets a service, or that has no physical product, you will need money for domain name registration, web site hosting, low cost advertising and the like.Here are some ideas for raising the needed capital.Get a loan.Do you have a relative who would loan you the money to get started? What about that Great Aunt who always said you’d be great in your own business? How about Mom or Grandma?Perhaps they would accept barter (your new product, for instance…good rejection-proof way to get them hooked on it!) in lieu of repayment? Does Grandma have a shed full of stuff that she’s been wanting to sell or eBay but doesn’t have the energy? Would Mom like to have her house cleaned for the next few months?Ask your sponsor for help.Ask your upline sponsor if they would consider buying the starter kit for you, and then taking the profits from your first parties or commission checks as repayment?Some sponsors do this already, but if not, she may be so impressed with your drive to succeed that she will say yes.Have a yard saleThis is what I did to get started in my business. This one has twofold benefits…you’re making some extra cash but also have a captive audience of people coming to you! If you’re really energetic, go around to your neighbors and tell them that if they leave their castaways in a box on the curb, you will come pick them up. Do this before your sale. Slap a price tag on the merchandise and cha-ching!Be sure to make a sign advertising your new product or service and plenty of flyers or business cards to give to each shopper.Sell some stuff on eBay.Sell things from your own home (name brand kid’s clothes and popular book titles are easy and almost always pull a good price). Go to library book sales and buy books for .10 or .25 and list those. Use your my eBay page to advertise your new website!Use your tax return.Release the clutter, sell a useless piece of furniture or item in your home.For me, it was the dusty electric guitarKitchen appliances (you know what I’m talking about here!) that were going to make your life easier, exercise equipment that makes you feel guilty when you trip over it…Pre-sell the product.I got this one from my beloved Kim Klaver, aka Ms. Stud. Go around to your tribe (the people who love you enough to do anything you say), your coworkers, neighbors, playgroup Mommies, and show them a *picture* of the product, tell them what it does, collect the checks, deposit them and order your product. Sell it back to them at retail.Do a quick, temporary odd job.A friend of mine just did this one. She put a sign up at a local health food market that said “Non-toxic cleaning services”. (Notice that she created a niche). That day she got a call, did a job for an elderly women and made $150. Of course, she used her own nontoxic cleaning product and will probably end up getting a customer out of the deal too! Babysitting for a couple of weeks, dogsitting, housesitting…you get the picture.Talk to dh.Notice I’m leaving this one until last! Hopefully you have the kind of relationship where your husband will be overjoyed that you want to improve your financial standing. If you garner his support in the beginning he is much more likely to be helpful along your journey, with the inevitable ups and downs of business life.

What to Look for in a Home Based Business Opportunity

When you were younger, did you ever dream about having your own home business? Were you sidetracked somewhere along the way and now find yourself caught in the 40-40-40 rut?40-40-40 Plan (Rut)40 minutes going to and from work40 hours of work per week40 years of life spent working slaving away for someone else?When things get unfairly tough at work, do you still dream about your own home business – what you would do, how you would run your own home business, how you would treat your employees, what kind of money you would make, what product you would sell? Then when you decide to make a change in your life, do you look for another 40-40-40 job, putting your dream of your own home business on the back burner again for more of the same?Do you know the end results of the 40-40-40 plan?1% are wealthy enough to retire in comfort3% are barely able to survive27% are dead69% are dead brokeDo you want to be in the top 1% that is willing to do something about it now, before it is too late? Being a former Human Resource Manager, I knew these statistics all too well, and I decided to take preventative measures.Since you are still reading this article, I am going to assume you are looking for a change, moreover, a change as quickly as possible. So, let me share some of the wisdom I have gleaned from looking for a home business opportunity.The two major focal points when looking for a home business opportunity are ones that will:· optimize your efforts and time· produce optimal financial rewardsBelow are seven simple criteria to consider when looking for a home business opportunity:1. Look for a business opportunity that offers a product or service that is, or will be, used daily by every household and/or business…Think about products or services in your house that probably everyone around the globe uses on a daily basis. For example, services such as utilities, communication, appliances, etc., or products such as shoes, clothing, soap, etc.Now think bigger – a product or service used on a daily basis AND that would represent a paradigm shift. For example, a paradigm shift was created in global communication when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Before 1885, no one had a telephone, nor had they ever heard the word “telephone”. Today, how many people do you know that do not have a telephone or cell phone?Another paradigm shift was created when the first flight was made by the Wright Brothers in 1903. Today, man has already stood on the moon. Make yourself a list of products or services in your house that you can research to consider for a business opportunity.2. Search for a home business opportunity that offers a product or service that has a global market…It’s a small world. Plain old common sense would tell you that a home business opportunity with a product or service that has a global market would produce warp speed revenue when compared to one that is only within a local, regional, or national area. For example, the revenue produced from Microsoft with a global market is light years greater than that of a local shoe repair shop.In addition, as you research this global home business opportunity, you will want to make sure that you are not required to stock products. It is time consuming to order products, receive and send out the products, manage backlogs, etc., not to mention the additional costs out of your pocket for shipping and mailing. You also encounter product changes or upgrades that makes your stock obsolete. So, avoid these types of home business opportunities like the plague.3. An absolute must! Find a home business opportunity that incorporates leverage in its pay plan…A business opportunity that incorporates leverage in its pay plan provides the best of both worlds. Leverage is a relatively simple concept. The best example is probably Ray Kroc and McDonald’s. Ray Kroc set up franchises for McDonald’s that agreed to pay him 3% of their profits.In essence, McDonald’s sits back and collects 3% of the profits resulting from others exerting their time and their efforts. Let’s say, just for discussion purposes, that Ray Kroc sold 100 franchises and each produced profits of $50,000 that year. 3% would have produced $150,000 for Ray Kroc, yet he personally exerted no effort or time himself. What he did do though was brilliant, as he applied leverage by selling franchises, and became quite a wealthy man as a result.Leveraging your home business will minimize your time and effort while maximizing your financial rewards. In a relatively short period of time, your home business will take on a life of its own, and you will be on the fast track to healthy wealth.To find a home business opportunity that will rocket you into financial freedom, the company should incorporate leverage, not only in their business plan, but also in their financial rewards, preferably on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis – one of which should be residual. Residual is important because you want some form of steady income that you can depend on.4. Search for a home business opportunity with a company that has live 24/7 support available…Perhaps you have experienced the nightmare of attempting to make an automated payment where you could not figure out which button to push next, or what they meant by their selection choices, and you were unable to talk to a real person to get your question answered. The frustration even compounds when there is a deadline involved for a continuation of service.Repeat customers comprise 75% of businesses, and satisfied customers will be the main reason for their repeat business with you and your product or service. Even in this automated society, the person-to-person contact is preferred, at least by the customer. Therefore, your success is dependent upon a home business opportunity with a company that has live, warm bodied live support 24/7 – whether it is support you may need, or support your customer may need.Another important aspect of a home business opportunity with a company that offers live support 24/7, is the global perspective. What is morning for you may be the next day for someone else on the other side of the globe. To be honest, I am hard pressed to think of an international company with live personal support. Locally, they are even hard to find! So, when you locate a global home business with a personal touch, you have found a true gold nugget.5. Seek a home business opportunity with a company that has a proven success record…A lot of people, and a lot of companies offering their business opportunity, will tell you anything they think YOU want to hear in order to separate you from your money. When you talk to someone about a home business opportunity – turn the tables. You interview them.Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions like what they are making on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis with their home business. Ask them how long they have been running their own home business. Find out how many hours a day, week, or month they spend working their business. Ask them to give you examples of how they market their home business. Especially important is to ask if they have to spend additional money for items such as business cards, advertising tools, etc.An example of a company with a proven success record is Xerox. Although Xerox is not a home business, it has a proven success record. In fact, they were so successful that their name is not only an icon, but the name “Xerox” is synonymous with the word “copy”.6. Look for a home business opportunity with a company that incorporates training from experts and other professionals…The majority of people on the Internet do not know how to harness the power of the Internet and turn it into wealth machine for themselves. Most people do not know how to market a home business. Therefore, a home business opportunity with a company that incorporates professional, expert training, taking you from the basics through the advanced stages of a marketing system, including how to use software programs, marketing tools, etc., is a virtual gold mine.Since the majority of people on the Internet are not savvy with how to harness its power, a home business opportunity with a company that incorporates professional expert training is a definite requisite for success.7. Look for a home business opportunity where the company works as a Team.We all have our own weaknesses and strengths. We all like to have periods of “fun” when we work. When you have a business opportunity where the company works as a team, then your weakness may be a team member’s strength. For example, you may be detail oriented and have a harder time conceptualizing or seeing the whole picture. However, someone on your team may be the opposite. Combining your strengths will optimize your productivity.In addition, we all have our “good” days and our “bad” days. Have you ever been around a negative person for any length of time? They pull you down too! If you have your own home business, you need to be upbeat and project a positive outlook at all times. So, when we have one of our “bad” days, it is always helpful to have someone from the team help to re-focus on the positive. Then when all are sitting around on the beach somewhere sharing war stories and battle wounds, everyone will have a good laugh.Well, those are my nuggets of wisdom when looking for a home business opportunity. If you would like to minimize your search time and discover a home business opportunity that incorporates all 7 criteria, I can offer you one final nugget — simply go to: [http://www.globalsnippetes.com]**Attn Ezine editors / Site owners **Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include the resource box as listed above.

Quick Guide to Starting a Home Based Business

First of all, you need to think about exactly what sort of home based business you want. Although you may already know what home based business you want to have, choosing one can be a lot harder than you might think. After all, they’re so many types of home businesses to choose from! So a great place to begin is to start thinking about your interests. What do you love? Do you love children? Cars? Cooking? Helping people? Making jewelry? Any of these interests can be turned into a successful home based business because when you do something you love, you’re far more likely to be successful at it.Now you want to make a home business plan. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to try and get financing for your home based business or not. You still need to have a plan for your home business. Think of it like building a birdhouse. You need a blueprint or building plans, right? The same is true for a home based business. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what steps are necessary to reach your goal. You’ll also want to look at the demand for the product or service your home based business will offer and how you’ll get the word out about your home based business.Next you will want to talk to your family. Having your family’s support is vital to having a successful home based business. After all, it is their home. So you need to make sure your family members are open to the idea and understand the demands and restraints that will be involved in having a home business. Let each person talk about any issues they may have and try to resolve them. Also, anticipate family problems that may come up because of your home based business, and let everybody work together on plans for handling them.After this, designate a home based business space in your house–and make sure everyone knows the space is off-limits for anything else. When choosing the room or place for your home office, consider the equipment you’ll need and any storage room you’ll have to have for your home based business. If you’re going to need a great deal of storage space for your products, you may want to consider renting space in a warehouse or storage facility.Finally, purchase your equipment for your home based business. You’ll want a computer, desk and chair of course, but don’t forget other important equipment your home based business may require. For instance, do you need special tools to make your product? What sort of filing system is best? Is there any special software you need to purchase? Do you need a postage meter or mail scale? What about phones? Special shipping items? Make a list of everything, down to pens and legal pads, you’ll absolutely have to have. This will ensure you stay focused on the essentials when making your purchases.And don’t try to buy everything you want for your home based business at first. Leave unessential items until a later time so you can spend more on what you really need. When making your purchases, don’t forget you can often get great used and refurbished office and business equipment for your home based business. Just make sure it’s in good working condition before you buy–the last thing you want is to have your home based business equipment spend more time in the shop being fixed than it does in your home office.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.com[http://www.workathomesociety.com]I grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

When Your Friend Decides to Start a Business

Etiquette books, as far as I know, will tell you how to behave when your friend gets married, buried, graduated, or hospitalized.But let’s say your friend, who always seemed sensible and predictable, tells you she’s quitting her job. Sure, it’s a good job, she says, but she dreads getting up for work and she’s stressed. Her medical bills have risen along with her salary.You suggest, as delicately as possible, that she get “professional help.” She tells you she’s hired a coach and a business consultant, and no, she isn’t starting a baseball team. She has a new business. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.Here are a few suggestions to maintain the friendship.1. Do not call your friend after two weeks to ask, “So, made any money yet?” This will be a sore subject for the first six months or more. And remember: dollar amounts are relative. Your friend who previously earned ten thousand dollars a month will be ecstatic when he sees five hundred. Dollars, that is, not thousand.2. Choose gifts with sensitivity. Best bets are gift certificates at mega-stores, preferably online, so your friend can buy anything from software to books. A gift certificate for coaching, computer maintenance or office supplies will be appreciated.Dinner at a nice restaurant will go well if you can persuade your friend to leave her beeper and cell phone at home. Just one warning: The sight of a computer on the restaurant desktop may trigger the urge to check for email. Remind your friend firmly: the messages will still be waiting after dessert.3. Offer support when your friend feels discouraged. “Well, you won’t lose much if you pull out now” is about as insensitive as you can get. Friendly questions include, “Are you seeing signs of progress?” Better, take your friend to a movie and suggest he call his coach afterward.Whatever else, do not say anything like, “You might as well spend the money now. You won’t have more later.” Or, “I heard the person who replaced you just got another raise.”4. Expect your friend to keep weird hours. You just got a call at eleven o’clock at night? Or five in the morning? Never fear, there’s no emergency. Just routine business hours for the self-employed.5. Allow your friend to change her mind. Some people who start a business realize they miss corporate life. They may decide they want to take a job for awhile, to increase their stash of cash and gain some additional experience.That’s when true friendship comes through. Saying, “I told you so” is a major taboo. And, “I knew you wouldn’t make it” will kill even the most solid friendship, as soon as the words are out.I offer one-to-one consultations for anyone considering starting a business.

Grants Consultant, A Great Work At Home Biz

Are you racking your brain, looking for a way to stay at home with your family, and still make a comfortable living?Are you a good communicator? Can you sit with another person and understand what it is she wants? Then can you talk to her so she has a clear idea of your thoughts and opinions? Can you express yourself well in writing – take scattered information and put it together on the page so it makes sense to the reader?Do you like doing research – digging deep and finding information? Are you computer and Internet savvy? Are you good at conceptualizing ideas, making plans and implementing them effectively?Do you get a charge out of helping other people accomplish their goals? Are you inspired to improve your community and create new resources? Do you enjoy variety, and managing your own time and workload? Want to be your own boss?Would you like a career that provides some visibility, and the opportunity to be well respected for your contributions, while you earn $50 to $150 an hour?If this sounds like you, I’d like to suggest the best career you’ve probably never considered: grants consultant.A career as a grants consultant does not require a college degree. This is a career in which your performance is much more important than any educational credential. Of course, grants consultants must be professional in their appearance and presentation of themselves and their services. That doesn’t mean suits and high heels, however. The majority of clients are in the helping profession, so the dress code is usually business casual.Grants consultants provide services to non-profit agencies and businesses in their communities. These services may range along a continuum from very simple to very complex. At the simplest end of the continuum, a non-profit agency, such as a shelter for battered women, may not have sufficient staff to write a proposal for a grant they have identified. So they enter into a contractual arrangement with a grant writer to prepare the proposal. Many agencies routinely use contract grant writers. Other agencies hire staff grant writers, and allow them to work from home.At the more complex end of the continuum, a group of investors may be interested in building an affordable housing project. The consultant may participate in planning the project, help structure a consortium, lobby legislators, provide public relations, work with neighborhood associations, find a variety of funding resources, and write the grants proposals. At this level, the grants consultant may take an equity position and own part of the project, as well as earning a developer’s fee.Obviously, the services you could provide as a grants consultant depend upon your training and your existing knowledge base. If you have a background in business, management, finance, or real estate, that background has provided you with skills you may be able to share with your clients.But even if your experience does not touch upon those areas, you can learn all the skills necessary to find funding resources and write effective grant proposals. And as you work on more projects, and gain more experience, you have ever-greater skills to offer your clients.Here are three steps to get started on a career as a grants consultant:Make an assessment of what you have to offer now. Write down the skills you have developed thus far, through previous work experience, volunteer work, education or training.Enroll in a comprehensive, high-quality training program for grant writers. Be sure the training emphasizes research skills; writing foundation, corporate, and government proposals; and the politics and procedures of dealing with funders and clients.Jump right in! Select a cause you support within your own community, perhaps your child’s sports team, or a non-profit daycare center. Identify a small need (under $10,000), such as uniforms or playground equipment. Then volunteer to find money for them and write a grant proposal. With a couple of successful grants under your belt, you can begin to market your services to paying clients.To learn more, get a copy of our Free Grant Tips at http://GrantMeRich.com.

What Does It Take To Succeed Online?

The one basic you need to succeed in an online business is simply the decision… to… do…. it.Not to “try”….not to “see how it goes”….Almost anyone can be successful online….yet the vast majority of those who start an online business….or an affiliate reselling program….or a multi-level marketing company…..fail.They fail for two reasons…because they never get started….or because they quit.Many of us are afraid to admit that we want to succeed in an online business. Comments often heard are:
“I’m mobile porn just giving it a try…and we’ll see”

“I don’t know much about computers, so I’ll see how it goes.”

“I’ve read through black porn it but don’t understand it all…so…..”

These people are giving themselves excuses for failure! It’s not a conscious choice. If you don’t expect to succeed, later you can say “I didn’t think that would work”….or…. “I didn’t think I could do that”… you won’t be rich — but you will be right!If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities….who is going to do it?Give yourself a chance to succeed. Choose to give the online effort everything you’ve got for a realistic amount of time. You don’t have to tell others you expect to succeed….but you need to believe that you are capable of success.Define your actions in concrete terms:
I will place X number of ads 4 days a week.

I will advertise in XXXX ezines.

I will write one good finished article per week.

I will spend 8 hours each week adding links.

Your reaction to adversity is a key to success online. No one is buying your product? Check your sales letter. Does it appeal to the buyer in your target market? How can you make it better?You have sign-ups in the Multi-Level Marketing company you are working with….but no one upgrades or makes a purchase. Are you following up with the specific information they need … or just telling them about yourself?Last month your personal business website had 2000 visitors….and no sales. If you had an opt-in newsletter or free ezine your visitors could sign up for, you would at least have added good names to your mailing list each month.If you have a newsletter, send quality information to your list, cartoon porn not just sales talk….when you do present an e-book or software for those on your mailing list to purchase, tell them HOW it benefits them.And always…..always….give more than you promised. Add bonus information….or bonus items….offer personal mentoring.You CAN make money working online and there are many ways to do it. Some methods require substantial investment from you of money and time….but therer are excellent opportunities that require only a minimal financial investment and a few hours a week consistently to see real results.You do not have to be internet or computer savvy….all the training and information you need is available (much of it free) online.Make a decision to start and build an online business….and don’t look back or second guess yourself. Test methods, text, headlines, advertising to find what brings the best results for your business.Automate as much of the tasks as you can. Save the “personal touch” for actual purchasers or productive affiliates in your downlines. Keep adding to your e-mail opt-in list and keep in touch with updates bi-weekly or monthly.Always deliver more than you promise. If you sell an e-book, give a free guide as well (or two). If you offer a training program, include an e-book or a membership in another training course.Work consistently and efficiently for some hours each week and watch your business grow… your income will grow as well.