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How to avoid Mystery Shopping Drawbacks and Scams

Mystery shopping is a fun filled job but there is a negative side to it too. There are many drawbacks of mystery shopping. They are as follows:● The biggest drawback is that people can charge you for providing any service related to finding a job as mystery shopper. These service providers can cheat you by offering jobs on contract basis for months or years and charge you heavily for that. There is no guaranty that on paying the fees you would get a job for longer period. The employer is supposed to pay for the amount for work. If an employee is paying to get a job, it means something is wrong some where. Mystery shoppers are taken for a ride.● Luring mystery shoppers by promising them to give free TV and other such objects of luxury is also one of the traps, which enthusiastic aspirants fall prey to.● Some companies can ask for personal details like credit card number or even bank account number.● Others may even ask you to part with some bucks to pay for the secret list.● While some others may claim to provide mystery shopping certificate to get you a job which is never true.● Some mystery shopping resources on Internet provide fake phone numbers and out of order websites.● None of the companies provide serious help in finding a job.● There is no scope for refund of money spent on these fake mystery shopping companies.● Some of these fake companies provide poor web pages that can hardly be read.● Mystery shoppers often use hidden cameras, which is sometimes risky. It can create havoc if the mystery shopper is not an honest person. The mystery shopper can misuse it to invade employee privacy and later blackmail them.● The reports provided by the mystery shoppers are not always accurate. They are sometimes their own personal opinions or suggestions to improve the prevailing conditions of a store.● If the mystery shopper is a kind of person who is sensitive and emotional then he or she may end up with the guilt of lying to someone as he or she would be faking while shopping. It can ruin his or her mental peace.Ways To Stay Away From The ScamsThe pace with which the technology is improving day by day, it is giving birth to equal number of ways by which fake online mystery shopping companies cheat people. But there are some features that would enable a mystery shopper to distinguish the right companies from the wrong ones and stay from scams. These features are:● If there is no affiliated contact number then probably the website is a fake. If the contact number provided is toll free then it means that the website is genuine. Although it’s not always necessary that in the absence of a contact number the website is fake.● If a contact email is provided without a website then it is a sign that the company is a fake as a genuine company would always put-in some effort and time in planning its website and program. It is not always necessary that if a website is provided then the company is genuine. However, absence of it surely states that it is a fake, so be alert.● If there is no description of the product and the site just boasts of making big bucks then definitely the company is deceiving you.● If the online company asks you to pay some fees at the time of participation then avoid that company. It is for sure that company is there to make money out of nothing.● Always browse the Internet properly to check for the authenticity of the company. Search for people’s opinion on that particular company on net. Never rely on the testimonials provided by the company as the proof of their genuineness.

An Opportunity Called Home Business

Opportunity has strange ways of presentation. While you may search heavily for it everywhere, it will stand there silently, waiting to be found. It will not knock your door or pat on your back to grab your attention.It will stand there; appear in disguise waiting for you to recognize it and lift the veil from its face. It demands action from you, yet it won’t give the slightest hint of its existence. Why?A man who seeks opportunity will eventually find one. When, how and where entirely depends on the sharpness of the seeker. Opportunities are already there. If we are not conscious, we don’t see one. Only when we start becoming conscious , we start finding one.Recently a friend of mine critically asked me “If home business on the net can bring so much wealth and freedom to oneself how come everybody is not sitting at home and earning”.He was trying to negate that money can be earned by online business. I tried to explain him about online earning but he was not ready to accept the reason.”I think that is wastage of time.” He completely rejected me.He was not conscious of the fact and he could not be subjected to reason.Well! Then home business is not for him.First step to find an opportunity is to believe that it exists. One must accept that it is there. Then one must become conscious of home business’ money earning potential.When you become conscious of something you start noticing that in abundance. If you are not conscious of something you can’t see that even surrounding are full of it.That is law of nature.Nature has designed things in this fashion to avoid the revelation to the unprepared and thus unworthy.The opportunity can only be used by able. One who can recognize the opportunity and acts to tap it is an able man. Other kinds either will not find the chance or let it pass without utilization.Home business on the net has produced millionaires. Countless people started with limited resources and now earn unlimited wealth. What did they do?They recognized an opportunity and took action. They had eyes for the opportunity and audacity for taking an action. That is what makes them stand apart in addition to the wealth they have made.They were able.Taking an action is second step for tapping the opportunity. Action taking is must if you want to get yields from opportunity. Otherwise the opportunity is as good as no opportunity.Opportunity for home based business would always remain. With internet expanding at such a fast pace, potential of home business is much more than ever.But only those seek with conviction and vision would find one.Moreover, only those who are courageous enough to take action would find their way to enormous wealth.People who lack conviction, courage or both will not find any wealth in the home business or for that matter anything.Copyright © 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Tips For Making Your “Work at Home” Business Work For You

After a careful thinking and spending hours and days together on the net, you have finally chosen your work at home opportunity and you look forward for a fast income from your business. But to your dismay, you are not able to find that much success, as you had imagined.One of the main reasons could be that you were not contributing your time and concentration as you had planned earlier. When you do a self assessment you will find that you had not taken your home business as serious as you had thought.Why?Most often the reply to this question would be that you had too many distractions from your work since it was just at home only. As you had no boss to report about your work, you took it at ease. You find time for everything else at home, but not for your business. You thought now your online business would run on its own.You are wrong. You should set up a proper time to make your home business a success.I have found the following tips helpful to me.1. Keep away from distractions. I choose a time where less distractions are expected and I have informed my friends and relatives also accordingly. So they know I will be busy with my work on the computer and many of them avoid calling me during that time unless it is urgent.2. Before switching on my computer itself I will plan what I am going to do today for my business. Only then I will look at other offers waiting for my attention in my mail box. After finishing my regular promotion job, I will take up my other things. Otherwise my work will get neglected and I get distracted to other hype opportunities.3. I will switch off the television when I am working at home. Otherwise without my knowledge my attention will be diverted to the TV program.4. When I am doing something very serious which requires more attention such as making an online transaction etc, I will either switch off the mobile or at least leave it in silent mode, so that I won’t get distracted if it happens to ring during that time.Conclusion: If you take care of the distracting factors affecting your business, you will find that you can make your work at home business work for you in a more successful way.

A Perfect Time To Start Your Home Business

It was the day that changed course of my life.As we walked together on that empty road he asked me, “When are you starting with your venture?”He was a close friend. I had revealed him often how I would love to start my own online business from home and work towards financial independence.He knew nothing about internet business. But he always heard me with attention and encouragement.”Quite a time has passed since you first mentioned.” He smiled as I remembered.”Next year. Something has come up. I do not think I will be able to do this year.” I replied.What he said was never expected, “If you do not have time this year and think you will have next year, you will never have the time. Things are not going to change much tomorrow than they are today. If you want to do it then do it now.As he parted after a long discussion he gave the final blow, “There will be no perfect time any day. If you postpone, it will fizzle out.”Often I receive emails of people who ask when they should start their business. I have passed through same kind of phase. I will repeat the advice my friend gave me.”NOW.”Yes! Now is the right time for anything.When we dream about a venture, knowingly or subconsciously we attach a state of perfection with that dream. It is a human habit. When mind dreams it does with perfection.But reality is different. You might already have prior engagements that won’t leave you with perfect state of conditions to pursue your dreams. Shall you wait so that things become better? Well! The conditions did not improve in my case and as I see now they never become perfect.A dream has to pass through congested reality black porn before it could be realized.Start now. The chaos which you face today would be present tomorrow also. These are the most frequent questions that trouble the mind of a potential starter.# Where do I get extra time required?Squeeze it. You do not need much of a time to work on the net. In case of business on the net, it is pretty manageable with small editing of your time management.# What if I do not have resources?Well! You need to search for what you can do. Cut down dispensable expenses like movies or eating out. Borrow if you can. If you are sincere enough you will find a way.# I do not have a perfect plan.Okay. Start with imperfect one that you have formulated. You can modify it along the way if you need. Start now. There is plenty to learn in the way. You cannot learn all before you start. And read this carefully. Nobody starts with perfect plan. Things shape up as you walk the path.Action is what separates achievers from dreamers.It is very easy to dream. There is no cost involved, no hindrance of any kind to stop the mind. Dreaming is the first step towards any endeavor. But dream must be followed by action to realize that dream.If it is not followed by action a dream has got no meaning. World is full of wasted ideas and talents. Don’t let that happen to you.Act now. Do not think tomorrow it will become better.Tomorrow the things will be same.-Now is perfect time.-Now you have the right finances.-Now you have the right knowledge to start.Catch a dream. Make a plan and “Just do it.”Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Cereal Mom

I recently heard a woman say that being called a “work at home mom” was professionally demeaning. Being one myself, my initial reaction was to agree with her. “That’s right, I’m a professional, I’m not just a bored housewife dabbling with a hobby here,” I said to myself.Upon reflection however, I came to realize that I disagree. Deeply.Working out of your home while caring for children makes for some unique (and comical) situations. If you can’t have a sense of humor about these things, then maybe a field job is more your style.But let’s face it, just how professional can you be when much of your work is done with a toddler on your lap? And that is, after all, one of the great benefits of working at home; you can consult with clients wearing bunny slippers if you like. Who’s to know? Sometimes we just need to keep things in perspective. I know that the work that I do is top quality, and I don’t sweat what others think of my work environment.But I do wonder how that woman deals with some of those little challenges that come with being a work-at-home parent.For example, maybe she feels that going out of the house with soggy Cheerios stuck to her behind would be professionally demeaning. She must have found a way to avoid this. I should call her…Not being able to locate a pen because they’re all in use fishing Barbie clothes out of the toilet. This might be seen as unprofessional.Or, while trying to convince a potential client how you would be the best choice if he’s looking for quality, professional results your 2-year-old is proclaiming proudly, “I went poo-poo Mommy!” over and over.I’ve known others who have tried to mask their true work environments using some creative metaphors. For example:”As soon as my colleague completes his current assignment” really means…”As soon as my 5-year-old is done with his Mr. Potato Head CDRom”"We’ll be outsourcing the finishing work” really means…”My teenaged daughter will be earning her allowance by collating and stapling your reports”"I have an urgent matter to attend to” really means…”My 3-year-old has been awfully quiet for the past few minutes and she was recently asking for a haircut”Does this mean I should lock my kids in their rooms while I’m on the phone? While that can at times seem like a perfectly sensible idea, usually basic time management helps to avoid these situations. My view is that if a client thinks that the quality of my work will be less just because I have children, he can look elsewhere.Maybe I’m shutting the door on some business, but I refuse to have my children feel that they come second. And I do, in fact, think of myself as a Mom first, and a business owner second. Besides, I think that the day is getting nearer that people really won’t mind their projects delivered with a few soggy Cheerios on them.

Are You Ready to Start a Home Based Jewelry Business?

Owning or operating a small jewelry business – no matter what type of jewelry or where it is – can be a challenge, but it really takes a special kind of person to operate a home based jewelry business. Most people who run their own home business probably have asked themselves at some point, “What do I want from my business? What do I want from my life?”I asked myself these same questions seven years ago. At that time my daughter was entering kindergarten and my son was in preschool. I was spending three hours a day in my car commuting to a job, and during the short days of late fall and early winter, I didn’t see the light of day at home until the weekend. More importantly, I was losing three precious hours a day that I could be spending being creative and being with my family.Although there are many answers to the question above, the clear-cut choice for me was the need to spend more time at home on what I truly love to do and being with my family. By being honest with myself, I was able to make the courageous leap from being employed by someone else to starting my own jewelry business.You might think that a home based jewelry business is the ideal situation, but working at home can – and will – be challenging. You may find yourself working longer hours due to the fact that the survival of the business is totally your responsibility. Because your studio is in your home, you and your family may feel an intrusion of the business upon your personal life, especially if you have clients come to your house.Before embarking in a home based jewelry business, you must first honestly, critically answer the mobile porn following three questions:1. Are you disciplined enough to set and meet work schedules?2. Can you make a transition from home to business during the work hours you set for yourself, and from business to home during off hours?3. Can you deal with the isolation of working from home?Discipline plays a large part in answering the first two questions. At times there will be distractions at home. For example, you may become more aware of dishes that need to be cleaned, laundry that needs to be washed, the lawn that should be cut, or even the weeds that have to be pulled. This is where you must set your work schedule each day, and stick firmly to it.At the end of your work schedule, you should keep your focus on your home life once you call it quits for the day or you may find yourself burning out quickly. It’s extremely difficult not to run to the office to pick up a phone call, play a message on the answering machine, or read a fax that just came over, but with a bit of practice you will soon realize that the work you put down at 5 p.m. will still be there for you in the morning at 9 a.m.In answering the third question, you no longer work for a company where co-workers and staff are available for support. Nor do you have an endless stream of company supplies and materials at your disposal.This is where setting yourself up with a network of confidants can be helpful. Surround yourself with people that are reliable, knowledgeable and possibly veterans of the craft. Join your local or state guild of craftsman. Get to know the other artists in your community. When you attend fairs or shows, get to know some of the other artists. Find a friendly forum on the internet where you can bounce ideas off other members or trouble shoot a problem. You already found one site with great resources!Other sources may be your local Chamber of Commerce, and manufacturers and suppliers of small business technologies and products. The Chamber can provide networking opportunities for you with other business members of your community, some of whom may be in a similar situation that you now find yourself.Once you have committed to running a home based jewelry business, it should be treated as a separate entity from the rest of your house. Whether you are using a garage, a basement, or a spare room as your studio space, you should maintain a professional environment in your work area. Rooms such as the bedroom or kitchen, in my opinion, are not suitable for a professional set up because they do not afford your business privacy and separate space from the rest of the house.If you are going to take this seriously, then you will need a more permanent solution, a situation where you can leave your wares out without being disturbed by family or curious pets. In addition, your business should have its own phone line, mailing address and bank account. This makes tax time much less complicated and it will appear to the IRS that you are a REAL business versus a hobby.Many home based business owners are honestly unaware of Federal, State and Local regulations. A good place to start is by consulting with your CPA or local tax authorities for specific recommendations appropriate to your individual situation. Finding out this information is important when considering what type of business you will run from your home.Zoning regulations may not allow you to run certain types of businesses from a residential home – for example, the manufacturing of certain goods or using equipment like a torch or kiln.You should also respect your neighbors and the type of neighborhood you live in. By having a home based jewelry business, there will more than likely be an increase of traffic in your immediate neighborhood from your clients, suppliers and any mail services you use. Keep in mind that you must register your business with the proper authorities.Owning and operating a home based jewelry business is a lot of hard work, but it can also be very gratifying, especially when you realize that the things you’re looking for in life are being made possible by your dedication to this idea.One of the most positive advantages I have found by running a home business is being able to say, “Yes, I can do it.” In addition, not only do I see my children off to school in the morning, but I’m there for them at the end of their day.

What’s Your NICHE Market – II ?

In my online Internet Marketing classes the most common question that is asked by most netpreneurs new and old is “WHERE DO I FIND MY NICHE.”In order to understand NICHE marketing you first need to understand MARKET TRENDS.Now don’t get all freaked out on me, because it’s not that hard to understand. I’ll give you a very brief, short version of MARKETING TRENDS 101.1. There is a population demographic worldwide who have driven market trends since the mid 1940′s. This demographic group in the USA alone is approximately 1 Billion people this group of people are commonly known as the Baby Boomers, babies born during 1946 – 1964.2. Every baby company during the late 40′s – 50′s made huge amounts of money hence the market trends revolved around this industry and similar3. As the baby boomers get older, industry is created to cater for the 1 billion population4. The top end of the baby boomer market are now in there 50′s and the bottom end are now in there late 30′s5. The top end of the baby boomer market drives the trend and this is the area you need to concentrate on.So, if you have a demographic of people in there 50′s…where do you think the MARKET TRENDS will be?There is an industry that will go through a BOOM just like the baby industry, just like the housing industry, just like the car industry, computer industry etc.But that’s another story.To Your Online Success!

Wrestling with Home Based Business Opportunities!

What’s that you say? You say your home business has you frustrated and at your wits end. You say no matter what you try you it seems you’re only making the network marketing companies and those guru guys richer. Well, you’re probably right. But, so what!Here’s a little s cartoon porn tory I’d like to relate to you about my own life and it has nothing to do with home based businesses. Though, by then end you should be able to draw a few parallels.As a kid in the sixth grade I weighed 198 pounds and I was teased like most fat kids. I hated it. At that time, I played football and I wrestled (heavyweight of course). I was the worst kid on both teams. I hated sports and I probably hated myself for the most part too. Even the coaches made fun of me. I really felt like I had no one on my side. Life sucked.That went on for a few years. Then in the eighth grade I got a new wrestling coach. A short Russian man named Alex who was very hard to understand until you got use to his deep accent. I still was the worst kid on both the football and wrestling team, but for the first time in my life the coach didn’t make fun of me. This guy actually looked out for me.Call it coincidence, but by the end of wrestling season eighth grade year, I had lost 45 pound and actually looked forward to wrestling the next year. I still wasn’t that good, but I didn’t hate the sport anymore. The next year I didn’t play football, but I started going to wrestling camps every summer and I even took notes. I note here, it wasn’t until I went to camp and started to take notes that I really learned the fundamentals of the sport.Each year I progressively got better from that point on. My junior year in high school I was named to the all county team. By my senior year, I was named to the All-State and All-America team. I even went on to wrestle NCAA Div I for four years in college. Not bad for a fat kid. Get this, my senior year in college I wrestled in the 197lb weight class. That’s less than I weighed as a sixth grader!I tell you this little story first to take your mind of your home business woes, but second to illustrate a few points to you. One person can change your life if you let them. Finding a good mentor that will support you even at your lowest points is worth more than any amount of money can buy. But, don’t expect that mentor to have all the answers. Go out and learn what you need. Make sure you’re fully versed in the fundamentals. After this your only limiting factor will be you.One more thing, I started wrestling when I was 12 and I wasn’t that good until I was 18. Developing the proper skill sets that will work for you based on the fundamentals will take time. But if you take that time, the rewards will vastly outweigh the short term growing pains of getting there. If your home based business sucks right now, so what? Wrestle with it!

How to Find a Worthwhile Online Business

Almost every search we operate on the web beginswith a search engine, for most of us Google. usuallyafter the first optimistic shot, we get thousandsof results, some of them non relevant, others full ofpop-ups and when you’re lucky you finally enter anenjoyable site that soon becomes very annoying whenyou find out that your credit card number is actuallyof greater importance than your first name.The Internet as we know it today definitely has thegreatest money-making potential power in the world,but let’s not forget it’s also the easiest place to lose your money at, even the money you don’t haveyet! so you better be very careful when choosing a business opportunity. I’ll try to give you 3 of themost important tips when doing that.1)The first thing you want to avoid and revoke arescams and frauds, once falling into one of those youwill feel so deceived it will probably smash all you’re plans and dreams for a better future and by thatmiss real opportunities to start your online career.it’s actually very easy to do that, all you have to do when you find a so called “make money online” offer is to type the name of the business/individualin your search engine together with “scam” and “fraud”for example, usually you’ll find out very fast if you’redealing with a serious business offer or not.2)The second thing you want to do when looking forthis kind of opportunity is enter forums which topicsare related to “online business” and “work at home”for example. talking to real people and getting realresponses, there’s nothing better than that, if thereis something wrong about the system you’re investigating, you will usually find out about it this way.3)Follow your instincts! if something “smells bad”don’t go further, you’re probably right about that!don’t base your decision on your instincts only either,but sometimes you might find something othersdidn’t see and by that put yourself ahead of them.So, “where should i start?” is the real questionisn’t it? well these opportunities are everywherearound you, many of them will find you if you justlet them. the most important thing for you to remember wile looking for the “right” businessis: TAKE YOUR TIME! don’t get all rushed up! explore,investigate, ask questions and get your answers.only that way you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Have You Done Your Market Research?

You’ve just decided to start an online business. You have a great idea for a product, the adrenalin’s pumping and you’re anxious to get started.One important question — have you done your market research?I know –market research, how boring!But before you tune out and disregard the question, think about what it will take to start your online business. Chances are you’ll be investing large amounts of time, energy and money, so don’t you want to make sure your product or service has potential? You bet you do! Otherwise, all your efforts and money could be wasted and your business may become another online casualty. It happens all the time.So, before you get too anxious, consider the following:Is there a market for your idea?Don’t assume because you, your family and friends love your idea, that it’s going to be a profitable one.There are 4 things you need to consider:- What is the online demand?- Who’s your Competition?- What kind of profit can you make?- Online DemandThe simplest way to find out if your product or service has potential is to simply find out what the online supply and demand is.This is done by taking the supply, or the number of competing sites for a product or service, and dividing it by the demand, or how much the product or service is searched for. The lower the result, the better.For example, let’s say you want to sell ‘porcelain dolls’ but you’re also considering selling charm bracelets. Let’s see what the better choice might be by looking at the supply and demand.My search engine of choice is Google, so when I type in ‘porcelain dolls’ into Google it returned 3,630,000 competing sites as of this writing.My keyword search tool of choice is Overture, so when I type ‘porcelain dolls’ into the overture search term tool the results are 17946.When I divide the number of Google’s competing sites by the number of Overture search count, the total is 202.27 (3,600,000 / 17946 = 200.60)Now let’s do the same thing for ‘charm bracelets’. At the time of this article Google returned 1,950,000 competing sites and Overture returned a count of 50417. The result was 38.67 (1,950,000 / 50417 = 38.67).Charm bracelets is the winner because the ratio between searches and the number of competing sites will make it easier for your site to be found.This is online demand in its simplest form but it will give you a good idea of what you are up against.Next you must research your competitionAlways know what your competing sites are doing and how they are doing it. Let’s say you decide to sell those charm bracelets. Type ‘charm bracelets’ into Google and take a good look at the first few pages of listings that come up. Look at each site and study it. Make a chart and note the following for each site.- What products do they offer?- What are the strengths and weaknesses of each site?- What information or services does each site provide?- What did you like or dislike about each site?Once you’ve compiled your chart, this will help you determine how you can make your site better and what information or services you might want to include that would offer better value and/or service. The key here is to find out what is out there and how you might deliver it better.What kind of profit can you make?Profit is calculated milf porn after all your expenses are met. It’s basic business 101 but sometimes online business owners forget that.If your porcelain doll cost you $10 and you sold it for $30 you may have made $20 but your profit may be lower. You also need to take into account what it cost you to make that sale, advertising, website costs, merchant account costs, shipping, etc.After expenses, 30-50% can be very good. Anything more would be ideal, however if you can’t show a profit after expenses it won’t be worth your time.Study your competition, keep your costs down, keep your price competitive, offer something free if you can, stress your value and be sure to take all facets of cost into account.