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Design Website For Pre-Selling

How do your feel when salespersons knock at your door at odd times trying to sell something you are not interested in? I feel pity for these people who have to toil from house to house facing rejection at most of the places. And yet they wear a forced smile as they start their rehearsed sales speech. When they come to me at most inconvenient time (for me) and insist on selling when I do not want to talk to them, I find it, if you will pardon me, irritating; although I do my best not to show it as I turn them away as politely as I can.Websites which have only sales pitch as their main content are very much like these salespersons who arrive when you are not looking for them. Visitors go web browsing primarily looking for specific information and not sales offer. When a visitor arrives at a website which offers information she finds useful and solutions to her problems, she is likely to visit again.A website should not be designed only for selling something, though that may be purpose for setting up the website in the first place. The website should provide information and commentaries which can pre-sell the product to the visitor. It should attract targeted visitors interested in the content. Pre-selling arouses interest in the product prompting the visitor to visit again. She will try to satisfy herself with information provided, testimonials, bio of the webmaster, links to related sites and other considerations before she will actually buy the product. In a way, pre-selling tries to guide her in this direction and makes it easier for her to make a decision.People are more inclined to buy what they “want” instead of what they “need”. Once they set their minds on buying something, they look for reasons (or call it excuses) why they should buy, only to satisfy themselves, though the decision for the purchase has already been taken. Pre-selling provides reasons which they find “compelling” enough to part with money.The website which has valuable content the visitor is looking for produces a pleasant experience for her. By pre-selling she is made to develop trust in the website and the webmaster and will look at the recommendations with an open mind. Once the visitor decides to buy, the website should ensue that she does not face any problems in making actual purchase. The links provided for the order page should work properly and the whole process should be kept simple. It will be very unfortunate if the prospective buyer calls off the purchase only because she finds that the ordering process does not work.How will your website appear to your visitor? That is an important question which should be asked often. Try to visualize yourself as a first-time visitor to your site. Then see you site as if you looking at it for the first time. How does it appear? Does your headline create a curiosity? Are you drawn towards the main content or other features of your site grab your attention? Is your main content “readable”, interesting and not a sermon? How far does it succeed in pre-selling?Ask your friends to see your website and give their opinion on these and other questions. Website building is a dynamic process and is never complete or perfect. But whatever changes are made, they should enhance its pre-selling ability. It is good idea to actually test the website after changes are made. Any change which tends to reduce the traffic needs to be modified. The changes should gradually refine the website to attract more visitors.Pre-selling should be seen as a service to satisfy the needs of the visitors who arrive at the website. It should be considered as the first step before actual sale. Pre-selling forms a bond, an understanding built on trust between the seller and the prospective buyer which eases the process of actual sale.

Attitude is More Important than Age to a Home Business Entrepreneur

Does an older person has a chance to become a successful home business entrepreneur?Your attitude plays a very important in determining whether you can be a successful Home Business Entrepreneur and make money out of it.A positive attitude person who start his Home Business career at age 65 can be MORE successful than a young person at age 25 who has a negative attitude.Do you know that Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken was turned down about a thousands time trying to sell his secret chicken recipe. He maintain a positive attitude despite his many rejections and firmly believe in himself and hissecret chicken recipe. At the age of 65, he manage to find his success and KFC is now a world wide brand name, creatingjobs for zillions of people around the world.Starting a Home Business requires Colonel Sanders kinds of positive attitude.First, determine whether it is a viable Home business to commit into by doing some research on the company that you areinterested in.- Does the home business provide you with the necessary business tools to conduct your business?- Does it provide a good support system such as a company business forum to allowed NEW Home Business Entrepreneur toseek help and asked questions as well as to learn about marketing strategy from those experience Home BusinessEntrepreneur?- Does it has a good compensation scheme that pays well and rewards those hardworking Home Business Entrepreneur?- Has the company been existence for many years and does it practice good business ethics?Once you determine that the business is workable, go all the way and LEARN whatever it takes to make it a success.In life and in business, adversity will make its appearances. Obstacles and frustrations are created not to destroy you but toMOLD you into a better person.The most important attitude a Home Business Entrepreneur MUST adopt is to get into ACTION even if might be a bit MESSY and scary at first.Successful Entrepreneur JUST DO IT. They might not know how to swim at first but they have the spirit to fight till their lastbreath and that alone kept them from sinking into the water.To an Entrepreneur, failure is not a choice. They don’t depend on luck and are not afraid to learn no matter how old they are. They believe that the mountains they wish to conquer will not grow taller as they climb closer and closer to the TOP.Thomas A. Edison quoted: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work.”Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) quoted: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude is VERY important for a Home Business Entrepreneur and don’t let age destroy yourEntrepreneur dream.Wishing you success in achieving your goal as a Home Business Entrepreneur with many profitable years ahead no matter howold you are.By © Arthur, The Online Internet Home Business Opportunity

Easy Steps To Start Your Online Business

Start with a planAnyone who has ever started and managed a successful business, internet or otherwise, knows that it requires research and planning. Your business should not be a get rich quick scheme that is thrown together haphazardly.Take time to explore what it is you want to accomplish. If you expect to be successful then plan your work and work your plan. Doing it any other way will lead to costly mistakes that could be fatal to your hopes of ever creating a solid online business.Determine your interestThe first step in building your online business is to find an area where you have a great interest or passion black porn in. Here’s how you can accomplish this:1) Take time to brainstorm the best website concepts that will work for you. It is much easier to build a successful online business if you love what you are doing.2) If you can’t find your passion, create one. Find something that grabs your interest and plunge into it until it becomes your passion.3) If all else fails, go for the money. Research what is popular and sells. Find out what people want and sell it to them. You will greatly enhance your chances of success by doing so. There are a number of places where you can go to determine what sells. Just do some surfing. You will soon find something to catch your fancy.Determine your target audienceOnce you have determined your interest, determine your audience. Your audience will affect the design and content of your web site. Ask yourself these questions:1) Who is it that I expect to visit my website?2) How will they find my web site?3) What is their age, gender, education, computer experience, etc.?4) What does my audience want; e-books, article, e-zines etc.?5) What do I want them to do after they reach my site; request information, sign up for something or, order something?6) What inticements will convince them to stay and revisit my web site?Answering questions like these will be a critical step in the development of your online business. They will help you to focus on what important steps you must take to promote your business. In the end they will help you to increase your web site revenue, maximize your marketing spending, improve you web page customer conversions, increase your brand awaremess and reinforce your customer loyalty.ConclusionRemember that an effective online business starts with a clear set of objectives. Before launching an e-business be sure to explore and evaluate both your business and personal goals. It may take some time to thoroughly think through these business building concepts but once done, you will be able to use the information you have accrued, to build a comprehensive and thoughtful business plan that will help you reach your goal of making money online.

How to Set Up Your Home Office

You have taken a great milf porn step to running your own life. Now is the time to get yourself organised within your home office. What I am going to show will make life a bit easier now that you are the boss and time is money. Let get you organised. You are now the CEO of your own business and should treat it responsibly. If you treat your business as a hobby then you will only earn what a hobby would earn. However if you treat your business responsibly you will see profits coming in. Set your goals realistically, write them down, print them and stick them up where they can be seen every time you enter your office. By following this simple method you will see growth in your business.On the other hand if you fail to set up your office properly do not expect to succeed. You will find your business will become disorganised and haphazard, even you won’t want to work for you.You will need to find a quite place within your home where you can work. If you have a desk great, set it up in the area you have decided to work from. If however at this stage you do not have a desk then earmark a table top as your primary workplace. You will no doubt need to use your telephone and internet to run your business so enure that your computer, and workplace are neighbours. Your computer must have internet access and I would recommend that you have at least two email addresses if you are going to take advantage of the many free internet advertisements available. Remember that through these ads you will receive a lot of junk mail so I recommend that you do not use your main email address when advertising. If it is within your start up budget I would recommend the installation of a business only telephone line.Scheduling is crucial to your business that is why I recommend you use a daily/weekly planner. I also recommend colour coding your appointments and to do lists using marker pens. Within your daily scheduling you should include:a. Personal or family time.b. Goalsc. Workd. Administration timee. Emailsf. Appointments/presentation callsg. Training call/coaching callsREMEMBER YOU ARE NOW THE BOSS. MAKE SURE THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

Working At Home And Time Management

Time management and organisation is so important in mobile porn life and when it comes to working at home it is doubly important. As a matter of fact Time management, oganistaion, schedules are all prominent in any successful organisation.Time is the one thing that we do not have enough of it is the one thing in life that is constant. Time will wait for no one so we have to utilise it the best way we can.It makes no sense to try and cram everything in to a short space of time because it will become counter productive. can you imagine a plumber trying to make a deadline of finishing 3 days work in one day. His work would become sloppy he would make mistakes then he would have to go over the job again.So really the answer to the question of not having enough time is organisation, writing schedules and keeping a diary. This is vital for a home based entrepreneur!Organisation means keeping all your documents, invoices, accounts and everything you use in your business in their proper place. This will save time because you will know where everything is It will also lead to a less stressful home/working environment.Keeping a diary, filo-fax or some kind of personal organiser is a vital business tool for obvious reasons.Another system that is invaluble is writing rotas or schedules.Now it is no point writing a great schedule and not sticking to it is there? When one writes a schedule they must take into account all the aspects of their work and there family life. remember when working at home a happy work environment will lead to more productivity which equals more profits.When writinga schedule It is important to encompass everything that could mean taking the children to school, shopping feeding the dog. as well as all your business commitments. Always make time for the famil,y especially when working at home. Make sure you have an arrangement with your spouse about your working hours, and that the children realise as well. Of course If you have younger children you have to give a bit more of your time or get child minders.Having an office or a part of the house where you can work undisturbed would be fantastic. because you can then have all your tools i.e computer, telephone, files and stationary in one place. Hence saving an emense amount of time.Planning is another useful skill to have in the quest to save time and be more productive you should take a couple of hours in the beginning of the week to plan for the coming 2 weeks. Again take everything into account then write your schedule.Having planned your schedule for 2 weeks give yourself some leeway like an extra half an hour in between chores. As you never no what can pop up.So in summary to help in having a smooth profitable home business you must be organised. Plan your weeks ahead then write your schedule remembering to be flexible. Let your family know what your schedule is and you will find that time is not a problem at all.

Offline Promotions For Your Home Business

Promoting your home business is obviously one of the most important aspects in terms of becoming successful. The internet is full of opportunities where you can advertise your business. But, what about offline advertising?Offline advertising is often one of the most overlooked ways of advertising for internet based home businesses. Let’s examine some ways you can use offline promotions to better advertise your home business.Create FlyersThis is a great way to get the family involved in your home business! Using your computer, you can create attractive looking flyers that you can get your kids or spouse to help you hand out at the local mall, post on billboards at the shopping market or place on car windshields in parking lots. You just have to be creative. This is a very inexpensive form of advertising for your home business, and can be fun when you get the family involved.Business CardsThis is a relatively cheap way of promoting your home business. You can find companies that can make your custom business cards for you, for very little money. Some companies I have dealt with will give as many as 250 free (excluding shipping charges), the only draw backs are they use the back of your cards to put there own business logo and usually the selection is limited compared to paid or premium business cards. Still a very good way to promote. You can leave your business cards around for people to find, leave a stack by payphones, in restaurants, in mailings to your customers. You can even save more money creating your own business cards with your home computer.Bumper stickers/T-ShirtsAnother very inexpensive way to promote your home business offline is by making up bumper stickers and/or t-shirts. This is a great way to get the word out about your product and/or service. Just give them away to everyone that wants one.CalendarsThese are great to give away as free gifts to potential customers. Other promotional items may include coffee mugs, key chains, magnets, pens, etc.SponsorshipSponsor a youth athletic team, or give away free prizes at a golf tournament. Every organization is looking for sponsorship of some sort, create a plan of what you are willing to do to sponsor a organization.MediaUsing the media is a great way to promote. If you can afford it, doing a radio or television spot can bring in a ton of potential clients to your product and/or service. Classified ads in your daily newspaper is also a great way to promote your business. You may also consider sending out a press release to the editor of your newspaper about your home business.Direct MailYou can purchase or rent mailing lists to send out promotional material about your product and/or service.NetworkingUnless you never leave the house, networking within your community is a great way to let other’s know about your business. You can join in community groups, chamber of commerce, kids school functions etc.Word of MouthStill one of the best ways to let it be known that you have your own business. Talk about your business and website as often as you can. Encourage other family members and clients to do the same.There are many ways to advertise your home business both online and off. For best results you really should be using both forms to advertising.Copyright 2004 Dirk Wagner