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Top Reasons Why Your Mail Order Business May Fail

Read, study and digest this list and with you in mind, evaluate which one or more of these causes for failure could become a barrier between you and success.1. Lack of a Positive and Well Defined Purpose for Your Business Idea.Success will elude all who do not have a high primary purpose, idea or goal at which to aim. With evaluation and desire, you’ll arrive at a decision knowing exactly what that goal is or isn’t. Lacking a fixed goal is one of the major causes in over 90% of all failures.2. The Lack of Ambition to Rise Above MediocrityHow much hope is there for a person who doesn’t care whether he improves his lot in life? Either that person is lazy, fears or is naive. The requirement is to elevate one’s self in business, life and to achieve any kind of success, and one must pay the accepted price.3. Lack of a Sufficient Education.This hindrance can be overcome by attending a class(es) to improve what you feel will aid you towards a greater knowledge of your idea, plan or business. The primary education begins with learning how to get whatever one wants in life without violating one’s own values or the rights of others. If this knowledge is effectively and persistently applied, it can be described as an education in itself.4. Disregarding Self-Discipline.Self control of thoughts, actions and desires is achieved by accepting always, only positive mental patterns and dispelling all negative influences.5. Practicing Procrastination.Allowing yourself to put off and wait for when the time is right to begin, continue or finish fulfilling your goal. By beginning and continuing on you’ll fully realize that the right time is now. Avoid the habit and apply you ability and experience to accomplish it now and not let today’s duties be a late arrival.6. Not Being Persistent About Persistence.Not knowing how or not having any desire to quit day in or day out if and when confronted with a tough break, Murphy’s Law, or an uncontrollable circumstance, makes for a perfect positive asset – by not accepting it as a setback, but as a lesson and self motivator to continue on.7. Having a Negative Personality.All hope is lost when a person wanting success continuously turns people away by saying, doing or thinking contrary to accepted positive behavior. Success is achieved when co-operating with others and in return receiving cooperative attitudes. A win-win situation!8. Wanting Something for Nothing.Crooks, gamblers, cheats, scams, intimidators and plain dishonesty have affected many people who have, are or will become victims of the “something for nothing” instinct of real losers. Much has been written on this subject. The title should read “Work and Do Something Good and Be a Winner”.9. Not Understanding the Strength of Decision Making.Efficiency, productivity, co-operation, profits, growth, trust, respect, etc. is a direct result of successful people who are able to make the right decisions quickly when the opportunity presents itself or change a decision, if at all necessary, slowly and cautiously. The opposite of that, failure, is a result of people who are slow to reach decisions, if they can at all, or who more often quickly change decisions. Indecision and waiting for the right time go hand in hand. Make a decision now, stick to it, in order not be a failure.10. Being Over Cautious.Don’t let over-caution deprive you of making the right move at the right time. Do not hold back on making decisions. After a period of evaluation of your project’s direction, value, resources, potential, costs, finances, and the demand, you can make a wise decision. When you decide that any or all of these considerations will benefit you and your project, that it has a lot of merit, then you must make a positive forward decision.11. Unsure or Wrong Selection of a Business.Avoid accepting a sugar-coated offer or idea. Under the sugar there may be a sour smell just waiting for the unsuspecting soul. Research the plan and dig up all the facts to familiarize yourself with the complete picture. Seriously consider just how you will fit into becoming a part of or the whole picture of the operation and the financial obligations before and during your involvement. Finally, if your decision is to enter a business, consider and choose the one where you’ll feel most comfortable with, the one you understand and most of all, the one you can afford.12. No Concentration of Effort.Always concentrate on every aspect of your business plan. It breeds desire, knowledge, familiarity and results. Avoid straying into an unrelated direction, creating distractions that break the momentum of continuity. Concentration will reward you with quicker completion, a quality product, faster and better customer response and profits.13. Lack of Controlled Spending.How much you spend and for what purpose should start with a need list. Over and above all, the basic equipment and supplies will always be determined by the growth, production and profits derived from increased sales. As your business grows, so does the need for faster completion and movement of the products, record keeping, customer lists, etc. Spend if you must, but move with preparedness and be certain the new equipment justifies the cost in terms of purpose and expediency.14. An Absent Feeling of Enthusiasm.Enthusiasm is an offspring of desire. Never be willing to accept a 9 to 5 mentality which leaves no room for the following: confidence, effort, willingness, progress, and desire to grow. Your enthusiasm can affect you, your co-workers and others and is always accepted and welcomed.15. Being Intolerant.Anyone with an idea or plan must also be of the mind to accept new thoughts, when it comes to tolerating advice, comments, criticism and opinions, in order to further understand, create, solve and acquire knowledge when dealing with a business or for that matter, with life itself. An open mind is what usually overcomes the competition.16. Unable to Co-operate with Others.This behavior is detrimental to success for two main reasons: without co-operation one can jeopardize oneself with one’s job or with that big opportunity that just might come along. This negative trait is so detrimental that no informed business person would ever accept it.17. Deliberate Dishonesty.Any dishonest person that commits any dishonest act, has to realize that what has been done, cannot be undone. A self examination, coupled with a sincere desire to acknowledge it, can avoid any such further behavior. Being dishonest by choice is permitting oneself to become a prime candidate for increasing and more serious acts of dishonesty. Such a person is not fully aware just how far it will go and how it will all end.18. Egotism and Vanity: All for One.This type of person’s train of thought is aimed in only one direction – his own. This person has shut down all the avenues of thought in order to recognize his own happiness, progress, knowledge, wealth or success. His only escape from this dilemma is when he fully realizes why he is not accepted, asked to co-operate, asked to share or asked to lead.19. Guessing Without Thinking.What is your value worth if you guess at making decisions or choose a direction or create multiple answers? Knowing, understanding an accepting totally whatever it is you are involved with, takes the guess work out whenever it comes time for you to make wise and accurate decisions. Knowing how and when to make good decisions will show up in many areas of your business. The physical part of your growth will be staring you right in the face… But the profit growth, on computers and charts tell no lies.20. Start Up CapitalSpare time – full time – retail location – office – factory. Everyone requires different arrangements, sources, and information, to fill a need. By calculating equipment, material, labor and up front cash, you can pretty much arrive at a good ballpark figure as to what amount you should have to start to begin operating your business. You may wish to write or contact owners with a similar business. Always ask the most vital questions first. You may be surprised at all the help and information you receive.This is the list of strengths and weaknesses which you must seriously understand before you go forth in any business. It is your greatest asset to know what you strength is… BUT equally as important is knowing your weaknesses and making a vow to correct them.Write your own ticket and make life yield what you want and ask for.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer

The Freelancer Within

Every day, I’ll get an email that goes something like this: “I’ve been looking for a homebased job for x number of months now…with no luck. I just want something I can do in the evenings or on weekends so I can supplement my income. Can you help me?”You might be thinking, “Yeah, I’d like that too… can you help?”Well, I just might, though my suggestion might not be exactly what you had in mind.A lot of the peple who email me have marketable skills. Skills like typing, word processing, accounting, human resources, transcription..the list goes on. Here you are working all day long, then spending all this time searching for that ever-elusive telecommute job. Well, there may be another option- freelancing.You might say, “Me? A freelancer? I don’t think so. I don’t have the time to go out drumming up business.”I say, “Oh, but you do!” Among all the other nifty conveniences the Internet has given us (Finally, a place where I can get garden gnomes 24 hours a day!), there are now “Freelance Marketplaces”. These are sites that enable the freelancer and the employers who need freelancersto hook up.Most of these sites work something like this:ABC, inc. is a relatively small company that doesn’t have a Human Resources department (or Accounting department or Transcription department). Rather than take on the expense of creating an in-house HR department , they want to contract out their HR related projects. They go to a Freelance Marketplace, post their projects and then wait for the bids to roll in.This is where you, being the consummate Human Resources Professional (or Accounting Professional or Transcriptionist), will go and post your bid for the project..and voila! You’re a freelancer.Some sites that offer this type of service are eLance.com and Ants.com. While both registration at both sites is free, Ants.com charges a fee of 5% for all jobs completed by you. eLance.com is currently offering their services for free during the Beta period, but it is clear that this will change at some point. At eLance.com, freelancers (or e-lancers) can leave feedback regarding project posters. This is a handy feature that can help you to decide who you want to do business with.The beauty of being a freelancer is that you can often do your work on a part-time basis- at your convenience. The bottom line is that you will typically have a deadline to meet, so when you do the work is flexible. Another benefit to this is that as you build your clientele and your reputation as a freelancer, you may find that you have enough business to freelance full time.

Retired? Need Some Extra Cash?

Are you retired? Are you considering part-time work to make some extra cash? Have you ever considered the Internet as a means of making that extra cash? Questions, questions, questions! Well, here is an idea for you.Technology has become much simpler over recent years. The learning curves are not as severe as they once were. The invention of the mouse and the Window’s operating system has made operating a computer easier than ever. So, why not have a look at the Internet as a means of making money. With all the experience that a retired person possesses from years of employment and hobbies, this medium is definitely worth taking a look at. And, the great thing about working online is that you can work-at-home. No long commutes to work. No 9 to 5 either, your hours can be flexible so you can still enjoy your retirement. Plus, your online business can lead to that extra income you’re looking for.What would you need to get an online business started? There are no special skills required for this home-based-business. But, you would need the confidence that you can be successful with an online business regardless of your computer or Internet experience and skills. And that would be just basic computer and Internet knowledge. Surfing the Net, reading and sending emails, creating webpages and uploading them, really are not that difficult to figure out. Most eight year olds can do it at a drop of a hat, it is that easy. Then of course you will need a computer and Internet service, but since you are reading this article you already have that.Next is the question, “What kind of Internet business should I look at?” I am going to suggest eBay. eBay is an online auction community allowing it’s members the opportunity to both buy and sell items online. The eBay site is very easy to use. You won’t even need any inventory to get you started! Why? Well, you know all that stuff around your home you’ve been wanting to get rid of, sell it on eBay. That’s right, sell it on eBay. You can clean out your closets, basement, or garage and make some extra cash at the same time. As well if you have a hobby making crafts, these items can be sold on eBay too.Selling on eBay can be a most rewarding venture. Once you get your closets cleaned out ;-) you can then graduate to using Dropshippers, from there maybe using Liquidators. As explained in my book “eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak” using Dropshippers is a smart way to get your Auction Business up and running, especially in the beginning as you won’t have to invest in costly inventory. From there the sky is the limit, the products are endless. If you have something worth selling, you are bound to find someone on eBay who wants to buy it. So, if you are looking for some part-time work to make that extra cash. Work for yourself, have a look at eBay!Happy Selling!Joe Clare

Finding The Right Business For You: Keep Costs Down

Any business, whether online or traditional, will have costs associated with it. Initially there will be start up costs and there will also be ongoing operational costs. One of the major advantages of network marketing is that both startup and running costs can be kept to a very low level.Most people who decide to get involved in network marketing work from home (for many this is their goal) so, as a general rule, there will be no additional cost incurred for business premises, employee salaries, telephone and electricity supply etc.However, there is normally some cost associated with starting your network marketing business. This is perfectly acceptable provided that you get something of value in return. Some of the things that you might expect to receive are listed below.
A website for marketing your product/service, the business opportunity or both.
Marketing materials, brochures, catalogues, downloadable banners, posters etc.
Training resources – audio tapes/CDs, written material, dedicated training events.
Any paperwork required to take orders offline (if appropriate).
Product samples and demonstration items.
Make sure that you know what you’ll be getting for your money and try to work out a rough cost for comparison. Don’t worry if the two sums don’t balance exactly – perceived value will vary from one person to another. Just make sure that you’re getting something of genuine value in return for your cash.You should also be covered by an unconditional money back guarantee for at least the first 90 days. Regardless of how committed you are and how certain you are that you have found the right opportunity for you, it is still possible that something in your circumstances could change which would make it unfeasible for you to continue.If you’re happy with what is provided in your startup package, then take a moment to consider any other items that you might need and which aren’t included. You might need to buy business cards, order stationary, obtain additional webhosting or buy your own unique URL.All of these costs can mount up and may surprise you if you’re not careful. Of course, these are discretionary items and you can control them. Do your best to keep the cost low by spending only on items which will provide you with genuine benefits in terms of new sales or recruits.Don’t forget to make some assessment, however approximate, of your likely ongoing operating costs. You may have repeating monthly costs, website hosting, autoresponders etc. and these should be budgeted for. If you use brochures and catalogues then these will almost certainly need to be replenished at some point. Even if you don’t run out of them, product lines will be revised, prices will change etc.You should also allow yourself some advertising budget, however small. There are many ways to get free advertising on the web but these often require a significant investment of your time – time which cannot then be spent on growing your new business by different methods.Finally, don’t forget that many of your costs will be tax deductible. Keep receipts of all your expenses as you will need these to support any claim you make.

Marketing Your Home Business For Big Profits

Marketing your home business for big profits takes some due diligence and the right resources.In 1999 I started a home based business, and I submitted my website to every search engine that would take it from here to the North Pole.I submitted classified ads; I had more links on my website, than Carter has pills.I bought the submission software’s, the top ads on classified ad sites, the linking programs and so on.I had about $500 to black porn spend on this venture and I spent it all on marketing.Yes I got a few hits, and some replies. But after a year of not really getting off the ground, I closed down shop and stuck my tail between my legs and just took the loss and figured this home business stuff was not to done.Jan 2004 I wanted to try this home business venture again, only this time I was going to some research on home business and how people succeed in it.I read news articles on the internet, went into forums to see what others were doing, and so on. Found out quickly everyone has an opinion on what works and what doesn’t.Well I did learn quite a bit, like on my first venture I was linking to every website that would take my link. I found out, it is not the amount of links; it is the quality of websites you link to.That was one mistake. Found out also that these submission software’s and programs are not all that great either.After about 6 months of research and reading, I reopened a new home business in July 2004. I applied what I had learned to this business.To my surprise after about 2 weeks I started getting some affiliates, had a couple sales, and things were off and running.A little over a month went buy and I was continuing to make progress, and then I stumbled on to what I consider is one of the best business tools out there.It was an organization that had all the proven tools, resources, experts, materials, books you name it on how to get make big profits on your home business.Well I signed up, and for once that was the best money I spent, a low monthly fee for all of there resources. Well let’s just say, that in 1 month my profits doubled.The next month they doubled again! All this buy just having the right resources and tools at my disposal, is what made the difference in 2004, compared to my flop in 1999.I turn 45 years old in 2005, and have planned on retiring from my full time job in the aerospace industry. My home business as gotten so big and so profitable that I know longer need my other job.You know what J.O.B. stands for (Just over Broke). Well I know longer need to worry about that, now that I have the financial freedom to support my family for years to come.Copyright 2004 Jim Noel

Quick & Easy Tools for You to Effectively Market Your Home Business

A home business is a paradise for those who have spent years working 50-hours a week in a cubicle, dealing with terrible bosses and pesky co-workers, and yes, you guessed it- a daily dose of ulcers trying to make it to work on time! It is no wonder more and more people are turning into home business entrepreneurs, making it the most rapidly growing segment in the economy.For the home business owner who has just put most of his eggs in this basket, you’d think it would be twice as tough to market his products and services. Well, think again! It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to put your business on the high road; all you need is some basic rules, some sound thinking and a lot of imagination.Give these low cost strategies and marketing tools a try and you will be amazed at the results:1. Network: a cardinal rule of marketing is to Network, Network, Network! You never know from where a good business lead will come your way. The question is, with whom do you network? That’s easy…Use your contacts! Even before you started your business you knew at least a couple of hundred people. They in turn would know a couple of hundreds themselves and so on and so forth. That’s a good database to begin with. Spend time developing relationships with the people you already know. Ask them to refer business your way and educate them about the products and services you sell.2. Use the Internet: One of the most cost- effective and easily accessible marketing tools available to the home business owner is the Internet. Marketing through the Internet cuts across geographical boundaries and creates a high impact in a much lesser time. So, it would do you a world of good to employ email as a key marketing tool. Spend some time in crafting out a business letter that clearly spells out the Why, Where, How, What and When of your business. Flesh out a mailing list of your current and prospective buyers and start hitting the send button.3. Publicity: Use the power of the written word to your advantage. Advertising costs a lot of money & time, PR is more cost effective, gets you recognition and lends instant credibility to you business. Focus on local dailies, relevant magazines and trade magazines. It would not be a bad idea to also target web- based publications and ezines. You don’t need to hire an expensive PR firm to do this job for you. You could write the article yourself or enlist the help of a friend or family member who has some experience at newspaper writing. Two keys to a good press release are a succinct headline and making sure it doesn’t read like ad copy.4. Jump “Out- of -the- box”: Get creative. The best ideas are the ones that catch the customer by surprise. A small Non-profit organization, which raised funds through its events, created a painting contest for kids and called it “Colors of Concern”. The paintings sent for competition could only be in shades of blue; which was the organization’s corporate colors. A challenge like that got them entries in thousands and caught the attention of the local papers and news channels as well. A winning idea does not necessarily have to get you praying for a fortune; just some creative, lateral thinking would work wonders.5. Follow up: Follow up on sales calls made earlier, on emails sent out and with your contacts to see if they have any new references for you. Go all out keeping in touch with your contacts. It not only allows you to keep a sales lead hot, but also gives you the opportunity to talk about the new developments at your company, fill in any communication gaps and well, just stay in touch!6. Talk to your existing clients: More often than not, one of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to get complacent about existing customers. A rule of thumb to go by here is: “80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers”. It is anybody’s guess that the 20% of the big business generating customers are the ones that you’ve already been selling to for some time. Don’t ignore them. It is easier to retain old customers than to make new ones. Build a system to get regular feedback from existing customers on products, services, new requirements, post-sales support and new requirements that they may have. Remember, that in the end it is more about how much your customers value your services than about how satisfied they are.Success is not a function of size. Success is all about being an effective marketer and a creative one at that. So get out of the box and get smart about your marketing with these simple, time tested rules, and watch your business break into a faster pace.Also see: http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol109/cashcow.htm

How To Choose A Home Business Opportunity

Making the decision to work from home can be easy. Deciding to go with a home business opportunity can also be relatively simple. But picking which home business opportunity to go with can be pretty difficult!There are so m milf porn any home business opportunities out there that it’s hard to know where to start. And how do you know you have chosen the best one? It can all get pretty confusing.One thing that helps when choosing a home business is knowing exactly what it is you want from a home business. That way you can cross off any home business opportunites that don’t meet your criteria, and concentrate only on those that do.But sometimes we don’t even know what it is we want from a home business. So I have compiled a short list below about things you might be looking for in a home business.1. Low start up price. Most people don’t want to pay a lot of money before starting up a home business. How much are you willing to spend? Can you afford $2,000? And even if you can, do you want to spend $2000? Or are you looking for something more reasonably priced – say $50 to $200?2. Money-back guarantee. Is the Company willing to give you your money back if you decide it isn’t for you? Is a money-back guarantee important to you?3. Support and training. What kind of support and training does the Company offer? What kind of support and training do you want when you start up your home business? Are you happy with general training materials or do you want more personal support and training?4. Products you love. Obviously, it’s pretty hard to decide whether you love the products before you have tried them. But does the Company produce top-quality products that you think you will love once you try them? And is there a money-back guarantee for the products in case you find you don’t like them? Do the products come with testimonials? This might also be a good time to think about the type of products you would like from your home business opportunity.5. Compensation plan. What type of money and rewards system do you want to see in your home business opportunity? How easy/difficult does it seem to achieve any financial success? Are there clear goals that you can strive for and achieve? Does the Company reward success?This is just a sample of the types of things that may be important to you. Feel free to change it or add to it as you wish. The important thing is for you to gain a good picture of what it is you want. That way you can pick the home business that is right for you.

How To Capture Leads with Classified Ad

There are many free online/offline classified adout there. Some people thinks that it doesn’t really work to get the prospect with that service.The fact is that many new marketers using it, posting their offer over and over again. Why?because its easy and FREE.I’ll show you the right way to advertise with it.You must use a two step ad.this is the working example:Ordinary people are making EXTRAORDINARYmoney WORKING FROM HOME on the Internet!Get FREE info by email. Send your request to:pathtosucessonline@getresponse.comYou can see that the Ad is short eye catching,but the reason why it calls a two steps Ad isbecause it does’nt lead your prospect directlyto your promoted website. It works two steps:Step 1 asking the prospect to send email to theautoresponder address.Step 2 the autoresponder capture the email andthen send an offering email with your websitelink in it. You can send blank email to the above address to see how it work from inside.Most of the time this is the most effective waywith Classified Ad, where you can only put a veryshort Ad in it. So the job of your ad only tograb the attention and drive them to send an email for complete information, make them curious about your product!In order to execute this type of promotion youneed to have your own autoresponder, there aresome free autoresponders out there. The autoresponder will capture the email and sendthe offering email automatically so your job onlyplacing your ad to many free classified ads outthere. You need to set up the offering letterfirst in your autoresponder before placing the ad.I have used this strategy with local yellowpagesand I put my ad only once a week and I got newleads/subscribers everyday with the little effort I’ve done.Happy List Building!

Are You Hitting Your Target?

Interesting question huh? I’m not talking about hitting target sales, hitting your target budget, or hitting your target margin. I’m talking about hitting your target market. If you can find your target market and hit them dead on then the sales and margin will be sure to follow.Every business owner knows who their target market is but where most fall short is knowing how to reach them. If you can unlock this mystery your business is sure to flourish. Unfortunately, thousands of marketers have been led to believe that by advertising their products and services to hundreds of search engines and FFA links, that millions of people will see what they’re offering and thousands will buy it. Sounds reasonable right? No! Think about it for a minute; would you try and sell an ice maker to an Eskimo? Heck No because they don’t need it. By posting to thousands of FFA sites you are precisely doing this. You need to think more like your potential customer and narrow your focus.Whats the easiest way to find out how to reach your target market in the most efficient manner? Take a walk in their shoes! Think like your potential customers and how you can reach them online. Think beyond search engines and search engine optimization because cracking this puzzle could take you years to figure out.Where do your potential customers hang out? You really have to become your customer and figure out what trips their trigger. It has been my experience that people like to feel like they are a part of what they are interested in. They will want to interact with other people with similar interests as them. For instance you are reading this article likely because you are interested in earning money on the internet. This article is a part of an ezine I have put together at my website [http://www.home-biz-wiz.com]If someone who had similar interests as you wanted to advertise a product in my ezine they would be reachingtheir target market. YOU:)Discussion boards and Ezine advertising really do work. Most subscribers to these types of services havevery targeted interests depending on what the subject matter is. With the internet growing like it isthere are hundreds of ezines and discussion boards out there that pertain to your particular business. All you have to do is find them and harvest them! If you can find a large targeted market for your product in an E-zine it is definitely worth your time to check out and possibly work out some sort of advertising deal with the Ezine owner. If you have your own list many Ezine owners will exchange a one time email mobile porn marketing campaign with you. You blast their list and in exchange they will blast yours.So think about who your target market is and figure out where they hang out. You will be doing yourselfand your business a great favor by doing so. Become a part of your particular business’ community and make friends. Who knows they could be your next best customer or a super affiliate themselves!I wish you all success.