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Home Office Essentials Part One

So you’ve decided to set up your own business. You’re following the same route taken by thousands of new entrepreneurs each day. You’ve settled on your business idea, designed a marketing strategy and are looking forward to a bright future.Did you stop at any point and think about how your home office should be designed? What type of office setup do you need? Most entrepreneurs have their offices at home. Do you evenhave space for an office at home?The purpose of the following two articles is not to give you a blow-by-blow plan of how to set up your home office but more to give you tips and advice that’ll save you time, heartbreak and money.Your DeskNewspaper ads years ago were filled with adverts stating “start a business from your kitchen table”. While in theory (and in bad advertising) this is fine operating your business from a kitchen tables is entirely unpractical.A good home office desk is functional, sturdy and has a clear, flat worktop. You’ve seen those office desks that are filled with drawers, shelves, keyboard trays and tons of other nooks and crannies. Firstly this type of desk looks fine in a catalogue but is far smaller when you actually build it.Secondly all those drawers and shelves only give you more places to lose stuff. Keep your desk simple.The ideal home office desk has a large, flat working area with at least one deep drawer for storing files and another shallow drawer for storing pens, paper and other consumables.Ideally the desk should also be L shaped. This allows you to place your work around you as opposed to constantly having to stretch and reach for different items. The L shaped desk will provide you with a more practical working environment as well as saving you backpain problems later in life.Your ChairThis is where you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time. Never, ever skimp on your home office chair. It is absolutely essential that you have a good office chair.Many new home business owners make the critical mistake of using a kitchen, spare household or even a garden chair for their home office. This boggles the mind considering the same person probably wouldn’t think twice about paying $1,000 for a new computer but won’t pay $100 for a quality office chair.Using a cheap chair that doesn’t provide proper back and lower limb support can and will lead to lower back and shoulder pain. It can also provoke migraines and other headaches. Poor posture should never be underestimated – it can have far reaching effects.Features you should look for in an office chair:* Adjustable backrest* Swivel base* Adjustable armrest* Adequte lumbar support* Deep cushioned seatA great home office chair can be purchased for as little as $60 brand new. If you’re finding yourself strapped for cash then check local auction houses for office clearance items.Other source of “cheap” office chairs are IT firms and call centers. They’re constantly having to replace their furniture to meet legal ergonomic requirements. That $200 office chair can often be purchased slightly used for about $20.Your Ergonomic EnvironmentThe 3 key environmental factors in a suitable home working environment are noise, light and heat.NoiseExcessive noise is not only distracting but also debilitating. Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can and will affect your hearing.What counts as excessive noise? Most experts agree that anything over 45 decibels or the equivalent of a really loud office fan is counterproductive to your work. You’ll have trouble focusing or thinking clearly for more than a few moments.Your home office needs to be a relatively peaceful environment. You’ll do your best thinking, be at your most creative and work most effectively in a quieter office space.Avoid using laundry rooms, TV rooms or other areas with excessively noisy equipment of any kind.LightYou need to be in control of the light in or coming into your office. Light sources that are too bright will cause glare on computer screens and documents.A home office that is too dimly lit will lead to eyestrain and headaches over time. If the area is too dark you’ll lean closer to the computer screen and documents to read them thus causing discomfort.Natural light is ideal because it provides diffuse (soft) light. An added bonus is that natural sunlight has a beneficial effect on our physiologies – our bodies produce more “feel good” chemicals when we absorb natural light.Obviously don’t put your working area in direct sunlight as it will be far too uncomfortable to work in. Simply arrange your office in such a way as to maximize the benefit of the natural light in your immediate surroundings.If you’re a nightowl then simply point your desklamp away from the desk towards a wall behind you. Why? This provides the same type of diffuse light that you’d experience during the day. Adjust the lamp until it provides enough light to read your screen or documents comfortably by.HeatThis is the easy bit. Your home office should be neither too hot nor too cold. Is that stating the obvious? Any extremes of temperature in your home office will lead to decreased work performance. Normal room temperature is 37 degrees celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) so you need to aim for something in that region.If your home office is too cold you won’t be able to focus. You’ll spend more time being annoyed at being cold than getting any work done.Too much heat and you’ll find yourself becoming irritable, lethargic and distinctly uncomfortable.Your body is no different to the engine of a car or a piece of electronics. We all have optimal working temperatures. Otherwise we break down.continued in Part Two

The Importance of Networking

So you want to learn how to network. First thing you need to do is to get out of your head right now one major concept-advertising! Believe it or not, many people think that networking is only for advertising. Not true! Networking can be so much more.Networking is another resource you can use to get the word out about what you do, not just what you sell. Learn to be able to help others. Become an expert in what you do whether you sell products or have your own resource site.I had a client that just started her home business tell me that she only wanted to sell her products. She didn’t want to network because she didn’t have the time. Let me tell you something, just because you are on a networking group you are not going to immediately get results with your ads. You have to be able to show others that you know what you are doing. That you are trustworthy! There have been so many times I have been burned with trades, freebies or items that I have won from other WAHP’s that I will never do business with them again. This happens with others too, so they first need to know you to do business with you.With that being said, people who are on the Internet are not going to trust you just because you say you are a WAHP (work at home person). Others have been burnt from purchases or bad trades from people they have met online.You have to be willing to want to help others. When I network, I go into discussion on not only how this is going to help me, but how am I going to help others. Let’s say you know the best places to advertise online and you see a question from someone who is just starting out for the first time with a home-based business and is lost. Read their questions; see how you can help them.Diana Ennen, Author of Virtual Assistant ~ The Series, Become a Highly Successful VA, (virtualwordpublishing.com) states that this has been one of her best marketing tools. She states, “By helping others with their start-up questions, you are enabling them to achieve their dreams and start their business, and also present yourself as an expert. It’s a win win for all.”Networking can be an excellent way to reach more customers if you know the proper way to do so.Working from home is not going to be easy. You will have days or even weeks where no money is coming in. If you have picked a company or business that you love to do, however, you will be able to survive the hard times. If you choose something you enjoy, then you will have no problem telling others what you do and help them along their path to success also.Always keep an eye out for a great networking community, you can never learn enough or help others enough. Just be sure that you can be active on the boards that you are a member of. Some networks are easy and don’t require that you post all the time, while others require more posting such as once a week or more. Just be sure you know the rules before you join or start posting. Each network website is different.Taken from Rebecca White’s Newest eBook “Step by Step Marketing Plan for Your Website-How to Make Your Online Business a Success This Year!”To be released Feb 2005

How to Avoid Getting Disastrously Dot-conned Online

…It is estimated that citizens in the U.S. alone are losing as much as $1,000,000 DAILY to Nigerian scammers! As someone doing your business on the Internet, this article will show you how to stay protected online from the newer variations and twists of the scams that can defraud even the most scam-conscious individuals…As an Internet user, have you received a letter, fax or e-mail asking you to help a Nigerian {or any other citizen who you previously don’t know} with a bank transaction – and offering you a chance to share millions of dollars?This is a typical Nigerian Scam which has been around for decades, but now it seems to have reached epidemic proportions with the use of the Internet.While some people recognize that this scheme, also known as the -419 Advanced Fee Scam,- sounds too good to be true, unfortunately thousands of other people, daily, keep being victimized by this fraud.It is not really their fault because daily these scammers keep coming up with newer twists and variations to the scams to defraud even the most scam conscious individuals.Many people engaged in doing business on the Internet are increasingly becoming victims of this notorious scam despite all the warnings about scams in general.*************How The Scam Works***************In the Nigerian scam, scam artists entice their victims into believing they have been singled out from the masses to share in multi-million dollar windfall profits.Typically, a company or individual receives an unsolicited letter, fax or email from a Nigerian claiming to be a senior civil servant.In the email, the Nigerian informs the recipient that he is seeking a reputable foreign company or individual into whose account he can deposit funds ranging from $10 to $60 million, which the Nigerian government supposedly overpaid on a procurement contract.In return, the recipient gets to keep a share of the millions.There are dozens of different variations of this email originating from several countries, all involving a plea for help and a promise to share the riches.But NOTE this clearly-It doesn’t matter what the story is…It doesn’t matter what country is mentioned…It doesn’t matter how true it looks….So far as you don’t know the person before and he or she is offering you such an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ of gaining millions of dollars within a short time for doing absolutely nothing…Forget it…… every single one is just a scam!Laws passed in Nigeria outlaw the notorious Nigerian advanced-fee fraud letters. Victims of these scams have also included Nigerians… to show that not all Nigerians are involved in the scams.In short, these scams started in Nigeria and has led to thousands of Nigerians losing their entire fortunes to these scammers. Many have been known to commit suicide for losing all they own.Yes, even Nigerians themselves are victims!The scams are perpertuated by just a few bad eggs from among the millions of honest Nigerians worldwide.Such honest Nigerians have suffered in 2 ways from their few bad eggs in their midst.One- by losing millions to the scammers themselves, Two- by being blacklisted by other people worldwide.It is therefore important not to look at ‘Nigerians’ as the problem, but to look at the ‘scammers’ as the problem.*******The use of the Internet for the scams********Since April 1998, U.S. Postal Inspectors have seized and destroyed over 4 million Nigerian advance-fee fraud mails, resulting in an 80 percent decrease in the number of related complaints received by the Postal Service, law enforcement agencies, and consumer groups.But with the Internet, these scam artists are now using emails to trap unsuspecting people, especially those with email addresses and websites…… People doing their businesses on the Internet are more at danger of falling for these scams. These con artists do not target a single company or individual, but rather send out mass mailings, e-mails or faxes to as many people as possible.Even Nigerians receive dozens of such emails on a daily basis… many still fall for the tricks.The goal of the scammer is to delude the target into thinking he or she is being included in a very lucrative, although questionable, arrangement.*********Some Characteristics of the Scam***********
An urgent email from an alleged Nigerian government official offers to transfer millions of dollars in “over- invoiced contract funds” into the victim’s bank account.

The victim black porn is asked to provide blank company letterhead, bank account information, and telephone and fax numbers.

The confidentiality of the transactions is emphasized.

Numerous documents with official looking stamps, seals, and logos appear to suggest the authenticity of the proposal.

Up-front or advance fees are requested for various taxes, attorney fees, transaction fees, or bribes.

Travel to cartoon porn overseas locations is encouraged to complete the transaction.

Imposters posing as real occupants or officials may use offices in legitimate government buildings in Nigeria to meet with the potential victims.

A problem with the transaction is staged, and the victim is urged to provide a large sum of money to save the venture.

It is easy to fall victim to this scam. Sometimes, it is impossible to tell a legitimate deal from an outright scam, especially if you do not seek outside help.*********How to protect yourself************
Learn how to avoid the bad deals by educating yourself and following some basic, common sense principles as outlined in ebooks like http://www.nigerianscambuster.com

mobile porn Always keep your private information private. Do not give your financial account numbers to strangers or companies with which you are not familiar. A scam artist can use this information to steal money from you just as easily as mugging you at gunpoint or in a darkened alley.

Avoid being the next victim – if you receive an offer in the mail or via fax that sounds too good to be true – throw it away!

If you get milf porn an email offer – delete it …DO NOT RESPOND!
Don’t be of the opinion that the name ‘Nigeria’ must be mentioned before you are convinced it is a Nigerian Scam. These days, the sophisticated ones no longer mention the name- Nigeria. Also, other local criminals from other countries are now using the same tactics to dupe their own people.

Learn all you can about the scam so as to avoid falling for the newer variations and twists of the scams.

Better still, visit http://www.nigerianscambuster.com so that you will be entitled to the bi-monthly newsletter which will keep you continually updated on the latest moves and tricks of these Nigerian scammers in particular and other Internet related scams in general.Remember, it is a wild wild west out there… scammers are having a field day at YOUR expense.Don’t let them!

Building a Home Internet Business

Building a home internet business can be daunting, but with the right effort, it can be done. Developing a marketing plan will help your business grow. It’s not hard to create or utilize. Yet it does need to be used regularly for it to be effective.In building a home internet business, your advertising strategies need to be planned every week. To start with, advertise in the same areas all the time and record your responses. Find out where and when your ads were, and how many people looked at them. Doing this online is easy with “ad trackers” and “website statistics trackers”.After you find out how your first ads did, branch out to other kinds of advertising both online and offline. You can start with free ads and maybe even to go to “pay per click” submission services” after earning some money. Research has indicated that a customer may have to view an ad five or six times before making a response. You may have to place ads for weeks before you see results.To help determine a marketing plan for building a home internet business, ask the following questions:Who would be my customers and potential customers?What characteristics would they have?Where would they live?How much spending power do they have?Is my product the best it can be?Would my prices be considered right by potential customers?What is my business’ reputation?How does my business compare to businesses in the same field?The answers to these questions would help you devise a marketing plan. In answer to the first question, you can find out who your audience is by making a profile of your ideal customer. In answer to the last question, study your competition. Find out their strengths and weaknesses. Can you do something that they can’t? Can they do things you don’t or can’t do?Advertising is a crucial factor in building a home internet business. Advertising can inform customers of the benefits of your product, give you an identity and reputation, and lure new customers and replace lost ones. You can do cheap advertising research by going to the library. Sources you might want consider in a library are Gales directory, Bureau of Labor Statistics, economic statistics and research, and population and demographic research.Emarketing is viable in building a home internet business. It’s much cheaper than direct mail and can be as effective. Studies have shown that emarketing response rates are higher than direct mail’s–5% to 35% compared to 1% to 3%.If you offer an email newsletter, you can gather demographic information of customers such as age, gender, income, and hobbies which can help you target your advertising. With careful research, you can use advertising to your advantage in your home internet business.

Ideal Marketing Methods for Home-Based Businesses

What is the difference between a small business that makes it and one that does not? Most likely, the one that was successful engaged in some effective marketing. Wise marketing is critical for owners of home-based businesses for a number of reasons:1. Marketing keeps you ahead of the competition2. Marketing brings you a steady stream of revenue3. Marketing provides leads for future sales4. Marketing helps increase awareness about your businessMarketing is not something you just jump into, however. It requires careful examination and evaluation. Not every method, after all, will lead to the benefits mentioned above.When it comes to selecting the methods you use with your business, remember to keep in mind your target audience and your budget, then start narrowing the list of possibilities. You may also want to try a few of these marketing methods which have been proven effective for other home-based businesses:Affiliate ProgramsAlmost all home-based businesses can work with an affiliate program. With this type of program, you recruit other people to sell your products/services and reward them with a percentage of the revenue (usually 3 to 10%).The mechanics of these programs works like a restaurant franchise. Because your recruits are now associated with your company’s name, you want to be sure that they are maintaining your standards of quality and professionalism, so many affiliate programs include ready-made web sites, sales materials, and more.These recruits then attempt to make sales on your behalf. The benefit is that all of their marketing efforts (beyond what you provide) are not part of your business’s expenses, and they have the potential to reach new segments of potential clients and customers.GiveawaysThis type of marketing is one of the most popular with all businesses and can be handled in at least two ways: free gifts with a purchase and/or contests.You have probably come across ads or web sites that sell e-books or other products and offer a number of free gifts with the purchase of the product. The lure of freebies helps people make the decision to purchase. You can do the same thing with your product or service. Keep in mind that whatever you offer as a free gift should be inexpensive to produce so that you don’t lose money on the deal.Contests can also be quite effective if done creatively. For example, if your business was selling e-books, you could hold a contest with the grand prize being a free copy of one of your top-selling e-books.But what about second place? Many people don’t realize that there’s no rule or law against giving a prize to every person who enters your contest so why not reward all of the other people who entered with a significant discount on the price of that same e-book? Many of those second place winners will take the discount and make a purchase.Search Engine OptimizationIf you do any business online, an important part of your marketing efforts should be search engine optimization or SEO. SEO essentially means that you tweak your site so that it appears near the top of search engine results for certain keywords.Generally this involves repeating those keywords frequently and placing keywords in headlines, meta tags, and introductory paragraphs. While it may sound easy, most businesses turn their SEO efforts over to professionals. If bringing an expert in fits your marketing budget, you may want to enlist their assistance.Referral Reward ProgramsAnother type of program aimed at bringing people to your site is a type of referral reward program. During the Internet boom, many sites had these type of programs which paid a few cents for each person who visited a site from a link listed at your site or through some other means.Now, however, they simply are not as popular, but they can still be beneficial. Instead of offering a cash reward, allow your customers to earn your products/services by referring new business to you.For example, you may want to offer a free e-book to customers who refer five new customers to your site. These new customers may have to make a purchase, join the referral reward program, become a member, or sign up for the newsletter. People will do a great deal if the reward is right.Whether you elect to use one of these marketing methods or choose one of your own, the key is to test its effectiveness. Try it out for awhile and see if the results are satisfactory. If not, return to the drawing board. If so, then implement it on a larger scale. With careful planning and testing, your business will experience the benefits of marketing firsthand.

A Common Frustration When Operating A Home Based Business

The source of frustration addressed in his article may be all too familiar if you happen to work at an Internet-based home business which relies on personal relationships and/or teamwork.I am often contacted by members of my business team with a taleof woe regarding a lack of response from their affiliates. Ittypically goes something like…”I send out lots of emails to allof them and I very rarely get any response. What am I doing wrong”.If your particular internet business involves selling well knownbranded items, personal feedback is not an issue. Visitors toyour website (potential customers) are primarily interested inselection, availability, and price. If it is a returningcustomer, then you can also throw customer service into theequation. Once the desired item is selected, your mouse doesall the “talking” without any human interaction involved.However, there are many types of internet-based home businesseswhere feedback and interaction are quite important and getting anaffiliate or business team member to communicate with you is adefinite objective. It’s not at all surprising that this can bea challenge when you stop to think that what you are trying to dois initiate a dialog between two complete strangers who have never even seen each other.Heavily branded websites like walmart.com or amazon.com are household names and carry an implied trust with visitors. However, the vast majority of websites are not well known and are found and visited as a result of searches performed by search engines. In these instances, the visitor is probably arriving at the website for the first time and human nature often dictates a sense of fear or suspicion of the unknown which is manifested by a reluctance to respond to email messages from an unknown party.It seems that there is no pat answer as to the best way to elicitan initial email response from a person. I have tried several approaches with varying degrees of success. Individual styles will vary, but the following four points should be kept in mind:
you need to build trust & credibility with thorough knowledge of your business and with straight forward talk about realistic expectations

don’t over-sell or indulge in hype as many people are expecting this and it can be an immediate turn-off

send messages with at least one open-ended question that requires a response

keep the messages fairly brief, long winded messages that go on and on quite frequently will not be read
One other thing to keep in mind is that your messages may not even be reaching the intended recipient and they have no opportunity to give you a reply. At the end of your messagesyou might want to ask the recipient to send you a return emailjust saying “got it”.We all agree that spam is a very serious problem. These days, many email providers and ISPs have appointed themselves to be the “information police” and are employing various schemes to try to recognize and block messages that constitute spam. Unfortunately, these mail filtering or blocking techniques are often very inaccurate and many messages that people actually want to receive are arbitrarily being sent off into the ozone.I have some first hand experience with this situation. Not longago, the ISP that my mother was using suddenly decided that shewould not be allowed to receive messages from me! It took us awhile to figure out what was going on, but once we did, that ISPwas going to soon become history as far as my mother was concerned.In the final analysis, all you can do is give it your best shot.Some people will respond, some won’t…and the beat goes on.Remember, it’s nothing personal, just human nature at work.—————————————————————-This article is freely available for reprint provided that the resource box at the end of the article is left intact and the article is published complete and unaltered. If you are using this article on a website or e-book, please make sure that the link in the resource box is live or clickable.—————————————————————-

FFA — Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Whether you are an experienced online marketer or just starting out in your own home based business, you’ve probably heard someone tell you to FFA.No, they were not being rude!Actually FFA stands for Free For All, and Free For All sites are advertising sites. Whether you should use them or not is your choice.In order to help you make an informed decision, I offer you this article.There are literally millions of FFA sites on the internet. All one has to do is to go to any search engine and type FFA into the search box. With most of them you have to register before you can submit an ad and there is good reason for this, as you will see below.Normally all you get to put on FFA sites is a one line ad linking to one URL. You usually get the opportunity to choose a category for your ad, so that may help a bit. Unfortunately, you can’t say much in one line so you better make your ad stand out.Another thing you should know is that most of the people visiting FFA sites are other advertisers placing their ads. That could actually be a plus if you are advertising something that online marketers may be looking for.Of course, there is always a downfall to that. Today many marketers have access to programs that will submit their ads to the FFA sites automatically, therefore there may actually be very few visitors to the site.Something else you should be aware of is that every time you place an ad on a FFA site you will receive an email back confirming your submission. If you place hundreds of these daily, you are going to get hundreds of emails. A good idea is to get yourself a free email account (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Lycos, etc) and use that email address instead of your normal home email address. It won’t take long before it is overloaded with spam.Now you may ask yourself, why use FFA sites if I can’t say much about my product, nobody is going to read it anyway and I’m going to get tons of spam?Good question.Remember I mentioned about registering? Well, the owner of the FFA site gets to send a confirmation email out to every advertiser who posts an ad. If you think about it for a minute you will see that could mean sending hundreds of emails a day. And hundreds of ads!That’s right, every confirmation email will have the owners ad in it. And that, my friends, is the upside of FFAs. Free advertising for you!You simply sign up for a free FFA site of your own, set up your email using the site’s autoresponder and let it do it’s thing. Every time someone places an ad, they automatically receive your email with your ad in it. And, if you have your own web site, simply put a small ad on it somewhere giving people the opportunity to place free ads and send them to your FFA site.Most FFA sites will also let you upgrade, for a fee, and be able to collect the email addresses of every person who posts an ad. This could help you build your own email list, however, unless you have something of value to keep them interested, most of them will unsubscribe.There is another small plus for using FFA sites. If you are advertising your own web site all of the ads you place using your web site’s URL gives you another link back to your site. Although most search engines place little value on this type of link for ranking purposes, I believe any link back to your site is of value, especially since many search engines use spiders to find sites by following links.So there you have it, FFA sites, should you use them or not? It’s up to you.Randy Justason

What are You – an Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Birds are typically the people who love to get up at the crack of dawn and generally use the rising sun as their natural alarm clock.It does not take much to get them out of bed and once their feet hit the floor, well they are almost instantly ready to start doing whatever needs to be done.Some might turn on the tunes, singing along happily and are up to date on world news before the sun has even peek its entire head over the horizon…Around midday, their chirpy mood starts to wane, making way for the unexplained grumpiness that starts to set in. By the time the sun is getting ready to retire for the day, the bed is about the only place that will welcome their company…These Early Bird individuals need “wind down” activities at night. Now, meet the Night Owls, who need “wind down” activities in the morning….We are all aware that everything in nature has an opposite, so it goes without saying that the Night Owls have a rightful place in this world too…These are the individuals that need a really loud sounding alarm clock to jolt them from their dreams. The snooze button must be unmistakably big and easy to hit with eyes still tightly closed.Getting up early is not a pleasant experience for them. Given the slightest chance they will gladly doze until well into the morning.When they eventually venture out of bed, they seem to daze around for a few more hours before they manage to get themselves dressed and ready for the day.Generally they will find some errands or effortless chores to pass the first half of the day. By midday, they are usually ready to take a little nap…But once they awake from the nap, there is no stopping them. Their minds start racing in a frenzied fashion from the one project to the other and they start performing miracles, working well into the night, seemingly effortless…If you are considering starting your own business, it is vitally important to determine when you work best and to choose a business that allows you to work when you are at your peak performance levels.When you work for yourself, there is no paycheck just for showing up to work! No, you actually have to produce concrete results in order to get paid.Running your own business is no joke, but the rewards are worth far more than the initial effort that you have to put in. But, here is a little known secret for you…If your business requires you to work against your inborn natural performance pattern, you will most probably fail no matter how hard you try. It is really as simple as that.Look at it this way, if the business requires you to make important sales calls first thing in the morning, the Night Owl will surely fail because he simply won’t feel ready for that type of pressure first thing in the morning.Similarly, if the business requires sales calls that can only be done after hours, the Early Bird will fail simply because he is not at his peak performance levels at night.In both cases, the individuals will start experiencing high levels of frustration and start thinking that they are not capable of doing what it takes to succeed and many will likely quit trying at this point.But in reality, both individuals could have had success, had they been working with their inborn natural performance patterns. Some business owners need to find a system that allows them to work during regular office hours, while for others they need a system that allows them to work after hours.So, where do you start to find a business that allows you that type of flexibility. E-commerce is the answer. It allows you to take full control of every minute you feel like working, no matter what the time of day or night is.Early Birds and Night Owls alike can operate at full potential 24/7 and it is the only business solution where it is never too late or too early to grow your business into the successful venture you have always longed for.Starting your own business will definitely be the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. For tips on how to naturally energize your environment while you are working, sleeping or relaxing, please visit http://www.naturalindoorwaterfountains.com for some great information on the positive benefits of negative ions.