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In Home Daycare Businesses For Profit

To have one of the popular in home daycare businesses. Many people think all you have to do is love kids and have a home. But to have a successful daycare business, it takes a little more than that. Actually, it takes a lot more.Yes, to have one of the in home daycare businesses, it’s a good idea for you to truly love children. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. And if you have your own children at home, you have to consider the impact having other children around all the time will have on them. Usually, it’s a great combination for all involved, but there are obstacles. You will need to think about the ones that affect your family the most with the in home daycare businesses.If Joey has a hard time with sharing, you’re going to have a lot of problems on your hands if he has to do so on a regular basis, at least initially. This may be the sort of problem you’re great at handling and that doesn’t bother you a bit. If so, then starting your own day care business is a wonderful option for you.When it comes to how to start an in home daycare businesses, you need to go on a fact-finding mission. You’ll need to find out if your state requires a license for in home daycare businesses. Plus how many children you’re allowed to provide care for. You also need to know if it requires any changes or additions be made to your home. States have different guidelines and regulations on these things, so know what yours requires before you invest in that great backyard playhouse you found for sale on the Internet.Also, in home daycare businesses probably will be required to have CPR certification. While it may not be, you’ll most definitely want to become certified in CPR and first aid. You never know when accidents might happen, and you want to be prepared for them.This can also be a big help if, heaven forbid, you ever find yourself involved in a lawsuit. Having your certifications show, not just the parents of the children you provide in home daycare services for. But also law enforcement officials, that you’re dedicated and serious about your in home day care business.You also need to check into liability insurance. You’ll definitely need it. And you want to check with your insurance company about your homeowner’s insurance and find out what sort of protection it provides for accidents that happen on your property.The policy may have different payouts and procedures if you have an in home business, so you want to know about this before you start your own day care business.As with any other home based business you might go into, you want to have a day care business plan. You want to plan for accounting and tax expenses, back up providers for if and when you get sick, necessary equipment, and insurance. If you plan on growing your in home day care business, you want to plan to set aside a certain amount of your profits to help you do so.For an in home day care business plan, you may also want to set aside money for entertainment expenses so that you can take your tots on field trips. Which, of course, you know you’ll have to have the proper permission slips signed before you do.And do lots and lots of research. Read childcare books and articles about successful in home day care businesses online. Go to different day care centers in your area. Talk with the owners, the parents, and the children, if at all possible. Find out about their likes and dislikes.Or you can purchase a business plan/kit to help you with all of the planning, forms and policies you need, and curriculum ideas.This will help you immensely in creating a successful in home day care business. In short, find out everything you can about children and the day care business before you go through with starting your own day care business. This preparation is vital in making your decision about whether or not you want to have a home day care business, as well as in creating one of the best in home day care businesses in town!

Start Something Big When You Start an Online Business

You life is an open path before you, but you might not see it because of the over full inbox tray obstructing your view. Its hard to be philosophical and wise when you just need to finish a few more things in order to see even a little of the soccer game, piano recital, or first steps you heard were happening but had missed because of work. Worse, you missed a lot of important events for work you did not even like or want to be doing. People change and grow, and perhaps you have outgrown your job and present career. It may be time to look into something more, something different. Start something big in your life, and start an online business.Starting an online business is not difficult. YOU do not have to be a computer expert. You do not have to be rich, successful, or any preconceived notion of a business person. Thanks to the Internet revolution, people of many backgrounds can come together and run businesses and achieve financial freedom from the comfort of their own homes. There are many viable options for individuals interested in trying to start an online business. This career avenue affords personal freedom, lucrative financial success, and the personal satisfaction of owning a business. Few business opportunities can offer these three attributes in one stunning package, asking little down and demanding little background knowledge. Start an online business, no matter what your background and interests, and you will be starting a change in your life that will reach beyond your pocket book and into your self-esteem. You can know every day that you are working for yourself and your own goals. You set your bottom line, and you decide what issue you will tackle each day. This startling independence will bring out the best in you, motivating you to challenge yourself and reach for new heights.If you are truly interested in the process to start an online business, look no further than the Internet itself for information and helpful hints. The web is full of information relating not only to the various kinds of businesses you could start, but also to the unique issues you will face operating your own online business. You will find step-by-step guides to lead you through the process, and you will never feel blind as you take this risk for your future. These guides will prepare you for important decisions and prep you for all the next steps. You will find a community of other individuals, as varied from you as can be, who share similar interests in online business and who can share a wealth of knowledge. When you start online business, you are walking into a new lifestyle of community, personal freedom, and financial success.

Multiple Streams of Income: Internet Myth or Vital Business Strategy?

So often we, as online business owners, fall victim to the hype surrounding the latest buzzword or idea. It’s a truly pitiful state of Internet affairs when we can’t distinguish sound truth from blurred theory. So what is the truth surrounding one of the most talked about Internet catch phrases, “multiple streams of income”?In all actuality, the idea of multiple streams of income is not a new concept. Those who have been successful in business (in life for that matter) have long understood that you simply aren’t acting wisely if you place all your trust in one wealth-generating company, idea, or tool. Those in offline business refer to “multiple streams of income” as “diversification.”Take a look at the stock market for a moment. This is a prime example of diversification or “multiple streams of income” (MSI). For as long as it has been in existence, the stock market has thrived on diversification. Stockbrokers encourage (almost insist) that you keep your funds split between multiple companies. Why? Because if one company goes under, you’ll have additional sources of revenue through the dividends of other companies.How about business purchasing? Professionals in business procurement will advise you to line up and use several vendors for the same products/services. Why? Again, to protect yourself should one or more of your vendors close their doors at the same time. If this happens, and you have other vendors lined up and ready to go, you won’t lose any time in getting the supplies you need to continue conducting your business.These same proven tactics apply to MSI online. Just as you wouldn’t want to invest all of your savings with one retirement fund company, you wouldn’t want to derive all your income from one source. Just the opposite. You’ll want to ensure you have revenue coming in from as many different sources as possible.MSI is a solid business principle that should be at the very foundation of your company. Whether you sell others’ products through affiliate programs or have a service-based business that you operate yourself, find multiple streams of income to back up your primary stream.Don’t know where to look? Try these!1. Add affiliate products to your site (or start a new site and offer them there).2. Produce your own ebook, software product, or automated service that can be created once and sold over and over with little effort on your part.3. Find others to partner with. Bring a combination of your products/services to market and give yourself twice as much income for half as much work.The Same or Different?Should you aim for adding MSI that are similar to your current offerings or different? There are pros and cons to each. You’ll need to examine both sides of the story and make that decision for yourself.While products/services that are similar can be added to your current marketing plan more quickly, those that are different allow your company to expand and reach more target groups. Similar products/services integrate easily into your current business strategy, but different products/services help you achieve more security. The “correct” decision is one you can make according to your situation.Regardless of whether you decide to go with products or services that are similar or diverse, affiliate or your own, give some serious thought to shoring up your finances through multiple streams of income. When you do, you can be rest assured knowing your future is secure.Copyright 2004 Diane Hughes

Elements of Decision Making in a Home Based Online Business

Why black porn is Decision Making Important?This is the first in a series of short articles on decision making, as it may affect the progress, or otherwise, of your home based online business. The main purpose of the articles is to get you thinking, more than you might have done, about decisions that affect your business. It is not possible in short articles to cover what is really an endless subject, but I hope by the end of the series you will be more conscious of the decisions you make which may affect:1.The profitability of your online business.2.The scope for expansion.3.Your efficiency.4.The productive use of your time.5.Your family.6.Your enjoyment of working online.plus many other aspects of working at home online, in your own business.Why is decision making important? You only need to consider that for a moment to realize: that it is a dumb question. From the moment you wake, you are passing through a series of tens of thousands of little decisions. You are not very aware of most of them, they are routine, semi or sub-conscious decisions. Any one of those “little” decisions could have a major influence on the future path of your life.For example, you are in a hurry and decide to cross the road at a certain point. A car comes hurtling around the corner, and knocks you into the air. Thankfully you are still alive after you land, but are taken to hospital and are there for a couple of weeks, at one point in Intensive Care. You are employed, but your employer is not sympathetic, will not pay you, and for a few days you lie there worrying about losing your job. You have no insurance, so how will you pay the bills?Was crossing the road at that point, at that time, a bad decision? On the face of it, yes, it was stupid to say the least. But what if, in the two weeks in hospital, you fall in love with a nurse? Later, you marry and have several wonderful children? Was that still a bad decision, crossing the road then and there?Not only did you meet your future spouse, the person in the next bed turned out to have some good business ideas they wanted to put into practice. You got chatting about them as your condition started to improve. The two of you found you saw eye to eye on lots of things, and it was clear that you would both benefit from the synergy of working together on a business project. The other person had the ideas and money in place, but needed you as a partner to take it forward. When you were both fit and well again, he subsidized you while the business was set up. It prospered, and within months you were earning 4 times your previous income. Was that still a bad decision, crossing the road then and there?That is fiction, but is it unrealistic fiction? No. There are probably many thousands of very similar stories. And there are countless millions of true stories about seemingly little decisions that have altered the course of people’s lives.What I have been referring to are almost random events. I say “almost” because the decision to cross the road was not random. An adult crossing the road like that had sufficient information to make a correct decision. They did not make use of their knowledge and information. As decision making goes, it was a bad decision, regardless of what random events followed.Making decisions in your every day business needs to be more focused, more scientific, and much more aware, than you may have been used to in your life as an employee. Most of us have, at some stage, passed through a zombie like existence of repetition, working for a company or other organization. It may even be that you have had little scope to make decisions other than when and where to cross the road, what to eat for dinner, what to watch on tv, and what to wear today. Now, though, with your own online business, there is massive scope for making key decisions, every day. How you do that will have a serious impact on the future of your business.I believe that just by being more conscious of your decisions, your business will benefit, and so will you. Relying on the business equivalent of crossing the road at the wrong time, meeting the love of your life and your perfect business partner, is not an option if your are serious about your business. You cannot rely on random events, although undoubtedly some random events will affect you in the future. Business is often a percentage game, and you want to make decisions that tilt the odds in your favour.Decision making in business is about bringing together as much relevant information as possible, in a structured and understandable way, and consciously reviewing that information before arriving at a decision. It is about assessing possible outcomes, probabilities, future trends, past experiences and all other relevant factors. Ignoring those factors may not put you in hospital, but would harm your business.I will cover elements of business decision making in future articles. In the mean time, if you are in search of a new loved one and business partner, please do not step out in front of a car. Your local hospital may not be the place where they are currently waiting for you.

The 7 Elements of A Successful Online Business

What is success to you?Definition:Success n1. the achievement of something attempted.2. the attainment of wealth, fame or position3. a person or thing that is successful.4. an outcomeSuccess is after all a satisfying state of mind.When one achieves an objective, and has a feeling of good emotions about the situation or circumstance, this is the attainment of success.The 7 Elements of a successful online business are:1. The Love for the Business.2. Time for the Business.3. Knowledge.4. Finances.5. Personal health.6. Creates and seize the Opportunity.7. Personal Development1. The Love for the BusinessLove for the business plays an important part in its success. The driving and motivating factor of its success.2. Time for your Business.To make your online business a success you must spend productive time on it. Spending time and efforts to research the business niches, your competitors and the market itself. Spending time to find ways to market your products and your websites.3. Knowledge.Knowledge gained through the learning process, through books, courses, seminars, training etc. Most importantly, knowledge is gained through the processes of practices and experiences.4. Finances.Money or financial support is critical to the success of your online business. Your online businesses can not expand and grow without the aid of finances. Money pays for hosting, advertising, tools etc. Initial finances are needed to start your online business, and more to keep the business going; what we termed operating costs.5. Personal Health.To achieve online business success we need metal as well as physical health. Healthy mindset to think, plan and make decisions. Healthy conscious as well as sub conscious mind, do make or break a successful business.6. Make and seize the Opportunities.Opportunities may drop in any time from nowhere; or when it is created. Most importantly is that when opportunity does come or when created, are you prepared to seize it? Be alert and always on the lookout for new technologies, new softwares and new ways of doing things, what is trendy and what is hot on the market.7. Personal Development.Continuous personal development is very important, for someone to be successful. Not only in the business sense, but also the personal development, in areas of personal and mental skills. Should it be spiritual growth, motivational, leadership skills, relationships skills, communication skills, marketing and sales.There are many people who spend their time talking and just dreaming about online business success; but never making the effort to do anything about it. Some put in the knowledge and the time, but when opportunity comes knocking they do not respond and therefore nothing happens.Only those who work on the elements of online business success, and when opportunity knocks they do not hesitate to seize it. Online business success goes to people with desires for success.Are you one of them?

Elements of Decision Making in a Home Based Online Business 3

Information You Need To Make DecisionsThere is no disputing the fact that to make decisions, you need information. Without information, you are guessing in a vacuum. If you guess instead of decide, you are reducing your chances of success with your business.Company Decision MakingA large company will probably have, or at least should have, quite sophisticated management information systems. The systems will be computerized, bringing information from all the key areas of the business. The management team will have a process for reviewing and monitoring that information, through the circulation of summary reports, meetings (regular and ad hoc), and other means of communication.Those same sources of management information will be used as a basis for important decision making. Past sales reports; cost reports for different products, manufacturing processes, and cost centres; market intelligence; material cost reports; supplier reliability reports. Depending on what type of decision is being made, some or all of these, plus more, may be taken into account.There is no doubt that such information should be crucial to making key decisions in that business. However, some companies fall into the trap of allowing the information system to become an internal industry in itself, with no checks and balances. If a company becomes complacent, if the whole process becomes routine and habitual, then the value of those systems dissipates. It turns the information systems themselves into a bottomless pit for management time, bringing no valuable return.Let me illustrate. In the early 1990′s, there was an internationally known British company, which, like most companies, had a budget setting process each year. That was an important time for decisions; absolutely critical in one of the most competitive markets in the world. That particular company was near the top of the tree, if not at the top. It had won a reputation for modernization, innovation, and efficiency, in an industry bogged down by cartoon porn state intervention across the world.The whole budget setting process went on for many months before the start of the financial year. Every manager of every department was geared up for it, and it had become a highlight of management activity. So how did they go about deciding the next year’s budget for each department?Across the board, in each department, their starting point was the current year’s budget. Each manager would add a bit here and there for anything new they needed to spend money on. We’re talking many millions of pounds here. Then the Finance Director and Chief Executive, as they went through their budget setting meetings, would get individual managers to knock off a bit to make the cost base look better. So, they would end up with a budget very much like the last, regardless of whether the last budget was nonsense.One year the Chief Executive decided the whole system was flawed. He threw out the system of “top down” budgeting, and forced every department to start from zero. They now had to justify every penny they spent to get their budget for the year. Out went the complacency and blind acceptance of what had been happening in the past. From then on, the management were forced to justify what they were going to spend. Each item of expenditure became a decision, rather than a habit. Habits continue unless you “decide” to stop them. Fewer habits and better decisions ultimately means higher profitability.I can say with confidence that such examples of poor use of management information systems is common. Often, too, users of those systems come to accept them as gospel truth, when in reality there may be errors in the figures or they may include a lot of estimates. They may, on the face of it, appear to be sophisticated, but under the surface they are often not.Applying Company Lessons to Your Own BusinessSo, why have I spent so long writing about large companies when you are probably just a one man band?First and foremost, you will have an advantage over many others if you are fully conscious of the fact that you are making business decisions. I have given the illustration because you are more likely to remember that than a whole load of theory. It is a hook for your memory, which I hope may aid you in remembering as you go through your business life:”I need to make decisions based on good, accurate information, and not let my decision making becoming a habit that skirts the truth.”It is amazing how differently you may view a situation given hard facts, rather than just your memory and perception, mixed in with emotion and mood. A few years ago my partner at the time wanted to drop one of our magazine clients, because they brought in only about $300 a month. It took only a few minutes to change her mind. I worked out the income per hour from that magazine, and out of the 7 magazines we handled, that had by far the highest income per hour. That was a simple decision, and one we were able to make because of a simple part of a very basic information system – a record of time spent on each client.It is not possible, in a short article, to give a comprehensive list of all the records you should keep, and how you should use them, to aid your decision making. Whatever you do, do not become over enamoured with any systems you set up to get the information you need. You need accuracy and relevancy; you need only the information necessary for the decisions you are likely to need to make.In your business, you know your cost base, markets, clients, customers, suppliers and the way they interact within your business. Think for a while what type of decisions you are going to need to make, and then ensure you will always have up to date and accurate information in order to make those decisions. Here are a few closing tips:o Much of the information you will need will be of a financial nature. When you set up your accounts for statutory purposes, use a software package, like Quickbooks, that allows you to break down figures into cost categories, products, markets etc. For example, if you have a bill from an advertising medium you have used for more than one product, ensure you can input not just the total (for statutory purposes) but can then allocate the costs to each product A, B and C etc. That will give you a lot of information that can be summarized quickly for decision making. Similarly with sales income or commissions. A cheque from Clickbank may include several products; ensure you break it down.o Try to master the use of spreadsheets. They can be used for simulations or “what if?” scenarios in decision making, and once set up can be very powerful assistants.o If you do use spreadsheets, ensure they are 100% right before using them for decision making. Complex spreadsheets in particular can harbour mistakes in formulae that have not been immediately evident. If information is not accurate, it is dangerous or worthless, usually both.o If you are spreading your time between separate sources of income, try to keep a rough record of time spent on each. As a sole proprietor with no staff, time can be particularly critical; you only have a limited time each day to work, you want to make the most of it.o Try to set aside some quiet time when there is a need to make a significant decision of any sort. Think first about the information you need to make a good decision, and only when all that is in place should you “decide”. That will help neutralize moods and emotions that may distort your decisions.o If you have a decision to make, and find you do not have the necessary information from your records, ask yourself if you need to alter your own record keeping for future decisions.What I have aimed to do with this series of articles is to increase your awareness of the need to separate business from personal decision making. In your own business they do overlap, but you will make better decisions if you not only separate them, but treat them differently also.I have also tried to encourage you to be aware of the need to gather relevant information that you may require in the future for making decisions. Often, being prepared right at the beginning will make things a lot better for you later on.As your business grows, you may need to think about some of the more sophisticated and statistical decision making tools and techniques. I will not go into those here, just ask you to remember the lesson from the British company I mentioned earlier. Bigger is not always better. Accuracy and relevancy are always better.

Strategies for Creating a Niche Business

The customer told me, “My immediate goal is to get milf porn more customers into my business. My second agenda is to move slowly towards becoming more specialized as a business.” Here are the six steps we used with this business owner to make his transition to a niche business.MarketingWe completed an exercise that evaluated his current marketing efforts. (Yellow page ads, brochures, networking, professional referrals and other forms) What was working? What was not working? We dropped the losers. As part of the marketing analysis, we implemented 2 new marketing approaches. The result of these efforts identified his best marketing strategies.Customer AnalysisWe completed an exercise that identifies his current customers. Who are they? How do they buy? How many are there? What do they buy? Where do they come from? Why do they buy from him? The result of these efforts was an understanding of his current customer base and the foundation for his new business niche.Customer Referral ProgramWe worked with the business owner to develop a customer referral program. Th customer referral program added another tool to increase the current customer base. The result of these efforts was in increase in his current customers.Unique Marketing MessageWe developed with the business owner a unique marketing message. Why and how did he differ from his competitors? Why should customers buy from him and not his competitors? What benefits do customers receive from his services and products? The result of these efforts was a marketing message that was unique and special. This will be used as a foundation for future marketing efforts.Customized Selling ModelWe completed an analysis of the current one on one selling model he was using with customers in their home. What materials did he use? What was the sales presentation? What were the words used? How can this sales model be made more effective? What materials will help to distinguish his business from other bidders? The result of these efforts customized a sales model that made him more effective in his current selling situations.Management SystemWe create a simple management reporting process. This involved record keeping, goal setting and testing the different strategies being used by the business owner. The result of these efforts will be ongoing data on what is working and what is not working for his business.By using these six steps over a 3 month period of time, the business was able to increase the number of customers and create the foundations for building a business niche.If you want to learn more about how you can use niche building strategies to increase your profits, email me at al@hanzal.com. For more articles on small business issues click www.innovativesellingskillsforsmallbusiness.com.Copyright Al Hanzal, 2004. All Rights ReservedHanzal Enterprises, Inc.4191 Granite CourtEagan, Minnesota 55123651-495-3340

The 9 Critical Steps To Success In Demolishing Your Money Worries For Good!

Articles on ‘How to make money’ come a dime-a-dozen. How about a fresh, new perspective? Here’s a rather unique, untapped, revolutionary article about the 9 Simple (Yet Powerful) Steps You can use right now to Demolish Your Money Worries for Good,…for Life,…Forever!1. Evaluate Your OptionsWhat are Your ‘Income Today’ Options and Selection Criteria?Use the following 5 key evaluation points to determine the ideal ‘Income Today’ source for You and Your situation:1.) Is it Worth Your Time? If you’re trading time for money, you want the highest possible for your effort. 2.) Compatible with Your Skill Levels right now? Does it have a short learning curve, or can you really earn-and-learn at the same time? 3.) Provides Instant & Immediate Cashflows? It’s not a true ‘Income Today’ source if it takes longer than a week or two to get cash in hand. 4.) Will it Last Long Enough? This cashflow must carry you through to the second phase of stability, as you build your ‘Income for Tomorrow’. 5.) Abundant Supply of easily-targeted Prospects? You must have a continuous supply of easily-identifiable people that want the Value of your source.2. Select & Quickly Build an Additional ‘Income Today’ SourceNow that you’ve learned how to evaluate the various “Income Today” options that are available to you, the next step is to simply Choose One and Get Started! This is where you’ll build a second income stream.Here are some powerful, viable ideas to get You started right now:1.) Home Parties for various products/services (i.e. basket parties, gourmet food, candle parties, lingerie parties, scrap-booking, jewelery, etc), all for instant cashflow with people that are not only attending for fun, but also knowing full well that they’ll be making a purchase! 2.) Get a Second Job (self-sxplanatory). 3.) Flea markets & yard sales to generate immediate cashflow from knick-knacks, and strange or odd things (it doesn’t have to be sexy or fancy to generate a great income source!) 4.) Use eBay like an automated version of the yard sale, completely online. 5.) License a product for immediate profit which already has a proven marketing sysem for a highly in-demand product, with a built-in proven track record. 6.) Become an authorized Dealer/Distributor of highly-valued online information products, such as the “Income For Life” Ebook, or any any other ebooks with re-sell rights which also come with built-in proven marketing methods, ready-to-use for immediate cash in hand.3. Learn Net-Profits-On-Demand (NPOD) KnowledgeN.P.O.D. principles are based on “Emotional Direct Response Marketing”. In its most basic form, emotional direct response marketing is making a specific Offer to a qualified group of prospects and then Measuring how many of that group of prospects take Action and respond to that offer. The “Action” could be to request more information (lead generation) or to make a purchase/sale (profit).4. Apply Your Net-Profits-On-Demand (NPOD) KnowledgeThis step is simply about applying and putting into action, your new-found N.P.O.D. knowledge from the last step. You can either apply this new knowledge to a brand new business model, or you can apply it to a business that you already have up and running to make it run better, make you more money, grow it more rapidly, and create bigger and bigger ‘Income Tomorrow’ reserves.5. Leverage Your Net-Profits-On-Demand (NPOD) KnowledgeThis is the fastest way you’ll ever find to creating a huge spike in your cashlow should you ever need it. Word of Caution: Some are tempted to stop once they’ve reached this level … if You’re smart, you won’t.Most businesses are doing the same stodgy thing. They spend all their time & money efforts on attracting only the “new” customer and doing business with them one time. The real money, however, is made on the “additional purchases” that the new customer will buy in the future from that business (also known as the LTCV, which we’ll talk about in the next step). This is quickly, yet carefully crafted through the mutual Trust and Respect developed in the relationship between the new customer and the business.6. Maximize the LTCV (LifeTime Customer Value)What is the LTCV? The Lifetime Value of the Customer can best be explained in the following premise. Once a new customer has made that initial purchase from a business by means of mutual trust & respect, the likelihood of that same customer going back to that business to make more & future purchases is very high, especially when the product/service is of great value, and the customer is beyond satisfied.There are 3 main categories that will Maximize Your LTCV to its fullest possible potential: 1.) Getting more sales of additional products/services to your already Existing customers. 2.) Increase the size of an average purchase (ex. if the avg. customer spends about $100 every 3 months with you, how do you increase those numbers so now they spend an avg. of $125 or $150 every 3 months instead?) 3.) Systems & methods to attract more first-time, new customers and prospects to You.7. Automate Your Net-Profits-On-Demand (NPOD)This is the Most Critical of all 9 Steps. This step either makes or breaks your business!The Secret to turning your business into a true asset is to set it up so it does the work Without You by Systemizing (automating) it in every way possible. Look at your entire business, front-to-back, and look for every single place in it that is dependent on you, and figure out how to automate that function to remove yourself from the process. By doing this, you are now escaping the trading of your time for money, in a highly powerful and leveraged way, and can now focus all of your efforts on building your ‘Income For Life’ through Diversification.8. Diversify It!This is the Secret of the Wealthy: when your money/assets (not your time or knowledge) makes you more money…The Power of Diversification.The point of this step is to take some of the income you’re making from your first business asset (i.e. your NPOD business model), and turn it into additional assets working for you to generate even more additional income.You’ll discover that a whole new world opens up to you when you’ve got money to work with. Be sure to invest a good portion into diversifying your holdings to other assets you can leverage for increased wealth creation.Here are some excellent highly-recommended ideas: investing in real estate, getting into the stock market, investing in mortgages, mutual funds, joint-venture direct marketing projects and splitting the profits, etc., or how about creating another successful NPOD business model???9. Protect It!The 9th and final step is to simply employ some asset protection strategies (i.e. corporate entity structuring, such as LLC’s, S-Corps, C-Corps, etc.) so you can sleep soundly at night, every night.This is a critical piece of your puzzle that you’ll want to factor into the process here, but when you get to this stage of the game, be sure to seek professional counsel to guide you, educate you, and advise you on the correct & legal ways to carry this part out.In a nutshell, what you’re really doing here, is making sure that all of the hard work that you’ve done up till now, is completely protected from unfit lawsuits, claims, etc. against you.On a parting note, no matter what you do, don’t stop your forward momentum…because you now have the basic knowledge and 9 critical steps of what truly guarantees your Income For Life (IFL) with Net Profits On Demand (NPOD)! Put these 9 Steps into action either by yourself, or with some FREE help (see website resource below!). But do it Today! Life’s much too short to miss out on!Copyright 2005 The-ExEnron-Guy.Com [http://www.The-ExEnron-Guy.com]

Keeping Up Appearances

Like a lot of other people, you run what you hope to be a successful business. Perhaps you sell a product or maybe you provide a service. It doesn’t matter which. The difference is that you run this business from a home office.Your office is set up, you have the phone, the fax, the computer connected to the Internet. Beside you, or behind you are the bookshelves, the filing cabinets, the corner window on the world outside. Your inventory is at hand, whether it be the products you sell or the services your provide. You are ready to face the world. But, are you keeping up appearances?Do you start your day as you mean to go on? Do you dress for success? When you get up in the morning, say goodbye to your partner as he/she heads off into corporate land, kiss and hug the kids as they head off for school, do you turn around and “plonk” yourself at your desk, still half asleep, dressed in your night attire, hair all askew?Having a home based business shouldn’t mean that you give up on dressing correctly.Imagine this. There is a knock at your door not five minutes after saying goodbye to the family and it is a current or potential client! and you are still in your dressing gown and slippers. How will they react seeing the “real” you. Will they still have respect for you and your business seeing you in this “new” light?Each new day should start with dressing for success. Ensure that you are as ready to face your business world as you would be sitting in a city office. Dress appropriately every morning so that you can be assured of providing any unexpected visitors the same respect as they would get going to visit any other business.Now I am definitely not saying that you should be dressing in your best outfit. But ensure that you are dressed in clothing that is suitable for the business you are in. Sweats and jeans are not the best choice if you are providing a service, but corporate wear may not be appropriate either. Your best choice is going for business casual. Nice skirt or slacks, wrinkle free shirt and comfortable shoes are best. Ensure that your hair is tidy and makeup (if used) is not “over-used”. Remember, you are going to the office for the day and are not relaxing at home. If you are spending the day in your studio, designing or packaging products, wear an apron or coverall to keep your business clothes clean.Being dressed for work also helps when dealing with telephone calls. Your voice and manner coming across on the phone are reflected in your appearance. You will project more self-confidence to your callers when you are in your business dress than you would when you are casually dressed.Now I hear you say “I don’t get clients visiting my house”. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. You may not promote your personal address online but it only takes word of mouth about your business to spread locally through friends and family for it to become public knowledge.You just never know when you are going to get a knock on your door.

This Virus Won’t Hurt!

Viral marketing is a powerful form of Internet marketing that utilizes the power of dduplication and cutting edge advertising technologies to spread your business gospel throughout the Internet and to attract customers.Viral marketing works when applied consistently over time and cab be used to sell products. It is a process which uses duplication to get your ads to as many people as possible.It can be applied to many Internet advertising resources such as classifieds, emails, websites, traffic exchanges, banners and links.The idea is to give your customers a reason to duplicate your ads. Common examples are giving away free web hosting and email accounts in exchange for your ads being left on the webpage or outgoing emails.Most virals are simplified viral marketing systems which extend their benefits to their customers. Traffic exchanges give you free traffic for your referrals. Some classified sites allow you to signup for your own page with ads from your sponsor.When someone signs up for their own classified page from yours, their page will have your ads on them. There are also viral email marketing systems which progress by allowing you to email an entire network of individuals who have signed up for the system either directly from your page or indirectly through someone who has signed up from your page.For most businesses, virals are the most cost effective advertising solution.