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The Big 3 Things You Need To Succeed Online!

The things that you do to promote your website can either make or break your ambitions to succeed in your online endeavors. In this article I am going to discuss what works and what will not.Starting a business online is a very easy thing to do. It doesn’t cost much to start. Marketing your online business is another thing altogether.You can have the best product in the world but without traffic to your site that doesn’t mean a thing. You will have to learn how to get this traffic to your site without betting the farm.The Big 3- Opt in email list- Write articles- Start an ezineAll 3 are tied together. They will work together to build your business and succeed online.1). Opt In Email ListYour email list is probably the most important part of your online business. This should be the very first thing you should work on once you have your site is up and going.You will want to build your own list and gain the confidence of your clients. You will want to become the expert in there eyes. Take the time to learn everything you can about whatever it is that you decide to do with your online business.Stay away from the people who will tell you that they will blast your ad to a whole bunch of opt in emails. Most of the email boxes these get sent to are just dump mail boxes.Buying lists is also a waste of time because most of the emails come from people who harvest emails from classified ads or free for all pages (ffa pages).Building your own list is the best way to go. This brings us to step 2.2). Writing ArticlesMost people will say they are not a writer. If you can write a letter you can write an article. Just believe that you are trying to explain to friend how you would do something.Make the article compelling so that people will want to read it. Writing articles is a subject all by itself.Writing articles is a quick way to become the expert about your product and drive large amounts of people looking for what you have to offer to your website.Write your articles and have them published at the ezines is probably the number one way to promote your business.3). Start Your Own EzineAfter you start to write articles you will want to start an ezine for three reasons:1. It will build your very own opt in list.2. It will be a way to advertise your products directly to your very own list.3. After you build a decent list you will be able to start selling advertising space in your ezine newsletter.With your own ezine you are the publisher. It is a very good way to get your message out to the target audience that you are looking for. Remember they opted in to receive what you have to say. You are the expert.To your success:Jim Johnson info@pc-webincome.com

“Work From Home Mothers – Family Strategy”

I am typing on the computer, trying cartoon porn to keep up with the flood of emails and programs that require my attention, when my 19 month old comes to me for the fourth time this morning calling ‘potty!’ I rush upstairs to the bathroom when I here the doorbell…my friends children have arrived as usual, since I care for them four days a week while their mother takes off for an adult world I hardly recognize. It is 7:20 am.Breakfast follows, I set them up and dash to the computer again to finish what I started, but then the four year olds are fighting and the one year old has dumped her applesauce on the carpet. I determine that office environments were created for a reason. It’s 7:35 am.Since I am paid to care for these children, I cannot devote much time to my other business during the days they are in my home. But that does not stop me from feeding my own children peanut buttered bread for breakfast and sitting them in front of the TV from 6:00am until 12:00 on my ‘day off’.As you can see, or know from experience, working from home in any capacity is a change to your family’s life no matter what the business. But as much as I would love to dote on my own children and spend hours baking and coloring and folding laundry (RIGHT!), I, like many mothers, have been faced with the choice of returning to the typical ‘working world’ and passing my children into someone else’s care, or juggling to bring in an income while caring for them myself.Our strategy has been for me to develop an online business while maintaining an income we can survive on by babysitting. The babysitting is temporary, and not my first choice, but I do love the children I care for, and now that we’ve all adjusted I am going to miss them terribly when we move on.However, I knew the babysitting was not the long term solution, and I ache for the independence I read about with internet based business. So I plug away early morning, nap times and evenings after the children are in bed. This is how we move towards a simpler life. Eventually, my kids and my husband will have me pretty much to themselves. I know that working will always interfere with living, but this is a solution that I can accept.My main learning, or coping strategy, is to do things in blocks. Writing an article is one block. Reading and responding to emails is another. Feeding the children, taking them for a walk, or planning an afternoon out (which is what I do with mine every day off), all combine to make this work-from-home mother’s work day move forward.Should my children be classified as part of my work? No, absolutely I do not view it that way. This is the fabulousness of working from home. Stressful as it may be at times, I am choosing a life that allows me to step out of my office (so to speak) and cuddle on the couch with four little darlings (well, some of the time!). I can shake off the frustration of figuring out HTML code by having coffee with my neighbor. This is a life worth choosing.So to all you work-from-home mothers (and fathers too), perhaps balance isn’t always possible, but keeping priorities is. You can decide that the children must quietly watch a video while you make a phone call or finish your project, and know that you are not putting them in second place. Why? Because you are there. And as long as you know when to put the office ‘away’ and be there for your children, you are giving them a life that, while busy and not always easy, it is a life that you are a bigger part of.To all of you who take on the important task of raising your children, while making a living, my congratulations and encouragement!—This article is free to reprint as long as all links and authors credits remain intact. Courtesy copy of publication would be appreciated.

Does The Lion Test?

Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid of trying new ideas to help grow your internet home business? A lot of people who start out in online business make the mistake of putting up a website and expect to make lots of sales without any revisions or alterations to the various component parts of their websites. Either they are ignorant of the fact that they should be making and testing different approaches or are just too lazy or afraid of change.It’s really important to get the basics right whenever you run an internet home business or any business for that matter and it’s very important to your long term business success that you know your customers and where they came from. Ideally you also should know what pages they click through and visit on your website and where they leave your website.If you have this data it will enable you to modify and test new approaches to your website design, your sales copy and your headlines. For example if your website has a very low click through rate you probably need to test new headlines and/or sales copy to draw prospects further into your website. This should bring you a higher click through rate, if not test again, and keep testing.I came across an African proverb recently and it has some relevant lessons in it, that we can all apply to our day to day lives and our internet home businesses.”Every morning in Africa, a gazelle awakens.He has only one thought on his mind:To be able to run faster than the fastest lion.If he cannot, then he will be eaten.Every morning in Africa a lion awakens.He has only one thought on his mind:To be able to run faster than the slowest gazelle.If he cannot, he will die of hunger.Whether you choose to be a gazelle or a lion is of no consequence.It is enough to know that with the rising of the sun, you must run.And you must run faster than you did yesterday or you will die.This is the race of life.” -African ProverbWhich one would you choose to be? I would choose to be the lion, because the Lion can afford to fail repeatedly. There is always another opportunity to catch the gazelle another day, the lion can learn and try new tricks and techniques for hunting the gazelle, all it needs is to find one successful technique and it won’t go hungry.The gazelle on the other hand, if it fails to elude capture will die! No second chances here I’m afraid.You can apply the same principles to home business and internet marketing. View yourself as the Lion, if you fail with something, try, try again, all it takes is one successful method which you can repeat to get on the road to success.There are many excellent tracking tools on the internet which allow you to track your prospects and sales. This will allow you to test new ideas or advertisements and know exactly whether the changes you are testing have been beneficial or unsuccessful.Test, test and test again, until you find that winning formula and then try to beat it!”If all else fails, perseverance prevails”. –unknownDon’t treat your home business as a hobby or you will never achieve real success. Treat each day as a potentially life or death situation, it is in these moments that we have the greatest insight, motivation and determination to be successful and to succeed.

Internet, Jeff Buckley Music, Websites, Epiphanies, Following Your Dreams…Everything’s Connected I

This may come across as a strange article contextually as I am a writer for a web hosting company who likes for me to spread the word about how cool the Internet is, so average people, if they ever get to read this stuff, may be inspired to partake in this new aspect of our collective, privileged, contemporary society. I have been an avid music listener and player for many years of my life and I want to give you the simple story of how the Internet has now connected once again with my life’s journey. I have a deep-seated dream of one day producing some music while I’m here in the world, but as in many cases, we humans have fears in relation to the ideas and feelings that mean the most to us. Recently I first heard music from a guy called Jeff Buckley.This Jeff Buckley fellow can really play, I mean he could really play. His music spoke to me instantly; he plays guitar and sings in a way that touches and even haunts the soul. For a person like myself who hopes to one day become a ‘real’ musician and not just a hobbyist, this guy is a true inspiration. Buckley died at the age of 31 years. So how did I find out about the guy? The Internet. I even read the lyrics off a website to the song I was listening to at that very moment. Looking at photos, reading his biography; the experience of hearing the music at the same time as ‘seeing’ and learning about Buckley added a whole new dimension to the experience. The Internet let me feel the music in a new way, and resulted in a moment of epiphany-and don’t these moments mean so much to us?So what am I alluding to? What am I getting at here? The idea I think I’m trying to articulate is that the Internet can add dimensions to our experiences. Of course there is nothing wrong with listening to music on its own, simplicity is one of the most beautiful ways to live life. But for me in this particular instance, adding visuals, lyrics, and information about the musician seemed to make the feelings I received via the music grow and swell in the moment. The experience became multidimensional, both a reflection and a new vision simultaneously felt.The result for me was like a big kick in the ass. If you want to make music, stop procrastinating. This guy Jeff Buckley gave it his best, made beautiful music and then died. He didn’t get to hang around very long, and the same thing can happen to any of us. If I don’t follow my dream now, in the present, I might just leave this place before I use the opportunities that have been given to me.All I’m trying to say here is that the Internet is becoming a tool that we can use in our daily lives that can add richness and texture to our lives. Like all internal and external stimulus in our world, it too just might be the medium that ignites the ‘light bulb’ idea that changes the rest of your life.

Internet Based Business Models – Part 2

Getting Started At Home in Your Very Own BusinessInternet Based Business Models – Part 2Still here? Excellent, I’m proud of you.Really, I mean that.Never give up on your dreams.. ever, and they will rewardyour persistence and faith by coming true. A simplephilosophy but incredibly powerful one that Iwhole-heartedly believe and beginning to experience.OK, let’s pick up where we finished last time.Last time we discussed:o Turn-key businesseso Affiliate programs ando Drop shippingNext I want to talk about:Advert Revenue – did you know when you visit someone’s siteand click on a Google advert the website owner makes money?It works like this, Miss A has a product to sell so she paysGoogle (in this example) to advertise her product.There are 2 places to put the ads -(1) on the Google results pages, you know the ads you seedown the right hand side of the results pages, they arecalled ‘Adwords Ads’ and every time someone clicks, Miss Apays for it.(2) The same type of ads are also sometimes displayed onwebsites, usually, but not always, they are also displayedby Google but this time they’re called ‘Adsense Ads’.If you are the website owner in situation (2), every timesomeone clicks on one of Miss A’s ads on your site, half ofthe fee she pays will go to you and the other half toGoogle.Get a lot of clicks and it can add up fast. I’ve only juststarted doing this and found it an excellent additionalanother revenue stream for my business.Selling on eBay – its no secret that eBay has created moreat home buzinesses than anything else in the history of theworld. Its not difficult to set up and the great thing isyou don’t have to go looking for customers.They come to you with their credi.t card already in theirhands. Believe me, when you begin your very own business,you will appreciate the beauty of having customers that’look for you’.You would be excused for thinking eBay is only a place tosell that old skate board, or retired TV but it is much,much more than that. With supposedly over 30,000,000registered users, everything imaginable is being sold.I’ve seen websites selling for 8-figures, $300,000 Ferrarisand $1.20 vintage clothes pegs. Because there is such ahuge scope of possibilities, there are many ways to makedollars.For example:- You can use drop shipping to sell product warehoused bysomeone else. This is the method used by most BIG sellerson eBay.- Or purchase things cheap on eBay and resell them at ahigher price by writing a better advert and listing it in abetter category.- Or pick up bargains at your local trash ‘n’ treasure andsell them on eBay for a profit.- Or resell a digital product (eg. ebook, software, audioetc) created by someone else but you own the resale rightsto (very simple to do).- Or create your won digital product and sell it on eBayRecently I’ve been testing how selling one of my ownproducts on eBay will go. I’ll keep you posted.Resell Rights – many book authors sell resell rights. Thatis, for an additional fee, you can purchase the right tosell the book and keep 100% of the proceeds. Often, therights come with the book at no extra expense. Why wouldsomeone ‘give you’ the right to sell their book and keep100% – I’ll tell you when we look closer at resell rights.There are literally hundreds if not thousands of booksavailable with resell writes.Well, that’s another 3 methods for you to think over. Whatdo you like so far, you don’t have to decide now because wewill give each a closer look soon.Next time we will continue this discussion and I’ll coverthe remaining ways for getting into your very own businessusing the Internet.Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.Your Friend,

Mail Order Tips

There is a lot of excellent material being written and sold for beginners to the mail order field. It seems everyone is ready, willing and able to offer their “words of wisdom” to the new business owner – and this is GREAT! This action on the part of almost every stable mail order dealer only goes to further prove my point in this report.Mail order is loaded with the best people in the world! Walk into any corporate-owned establishment and be introduced to “greed” first-hand. Please don’t get me wrong – there are some very well run organizations, but any time you hire employees, the dedication to your product or service begins to deteriorate.In the early 1800′s most of the businesses were owned by one person or one family. They took pride in their product and took the time to provide their customers with high quality. The other day one of my customers called to thank me for a publishing job I had completed for them. They said they couldn’t find my company’s type of quality at any price locally. They explained that the majority of people don’t take “pride” in their wares.But what is mail order filled with? Small, one-person-owned businesses. We have built them from the ground up and we are PROUD to be able to service our customers. And when we have a customer complaint, we normally do every- thing and anything under our power (even if we lose money) just to make that customer satisfied! This is PRIDE! And I’d like to believe that most of us all have it!Multi-level companies also sell excellent quality products. The shampoo and conditioner I use, the cream I put on my face every night, the mail order printing company I utilize as well as the many other products and services I order through the mail are products I could NEVER purchase locally. So don’t forget to let the beginners know who we really are! Beginners arelike children (sort-of-speak.) They come into this industry with the willingness to learn from experienced professionals. They do not know when they are told to hand address their envelopes in red ink that this is ridiculous!If you take a 2-year-old child and tell them that people in Russia all have green skin – they will believe you without question. They will never doubt your word until someone else comes along and convinces them otherwise. Beginners to mail order are the same way. We have a duty to train them correctly and give them honest and sound advice.The problem is that some people are greedy and don’t want to train them properly. They are afraid if they teach them what they know that the beginner will be better than them; make more money than them; outshine them and be more successful.Unfortunately this is greed mobile porn talking. Any beginner you help to become successful will take you right along with them. They’ll never forget you taking time and educating them on exactly how to make money. The more money they make – the more money you will make. But even besides this – they will benefit the mail order industry as a whole. You won’t live forever. The mail order industry will continue thriving long after you are dead and buried. Shouldn’t it be our concern to teach people to carry on what we started?Sure, there are some beginners that are only looking for a fast buck and a way to make some easy cash. These people don’t need your time and dedication, but they don’t need you lying to them either and robbing them. Instead, steer away from these types and concentrate your energies on people who really want to succeed. The beginners who have pride in their business is the same beginner that will grow up and remain dear to you.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna SpencerNote to editors:To show my appreciation to the editors that use my articles, I offer a free solo ad. Simply send an email to me by using the form on the contact me page on my website to tell me the url the article was used on or send me a copy of the ezine it was used in.