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Home Based Business On A Shoestring-Or Even A Thread!

Because often all you need to have a home based business are your special skills and talents. For instance, do you know your way around a computer? Then your home based business could be to offer computer tutoring, because believe it or not, many people still think reboot means to put your boots on again and that a search is something you do when you’ve lost something. You can post flyers or posters at the local library and branches to advertise your computer tutoring service. Daycares and schools are also good places to get the news out about your home based business computer tutor service because many parents want their children to learn how to use a computer correctly.Another home based business that’s cost little to nothing to start is a garage and attic cleaning company. The great thing about this is that not only do you get paid for doing something most people hate (which ensures you’ll have lots of customers!), but often you can also pick up treasures that you can resell at garage sales or online auctions. And as people today get busier and busier, the demand for this service is increasing faster than you can say trash–and people willing to pay big bucks for the service. This is a great home based business to have if you get a lot of satisfaction from getting things in order and like physical labor.Personal errand or personal concierge services are becoming the hottest home based businesses going these days. People just don’t have time to go to the cleaners and do their own grocery shopping. They’ll gladly pay someone, and pay them well, to do these chores and others like them so they’re not as stressed. Some of your best customers will be parents whose children are involved in a lot of extracurricular activities because they’re some of the most time-strapped people of all. Put up some posters at little league fields, dance schools, daycares, schools and similar places to advertise your home based business.If you want a home based business where you will be able to stay at home rather than be out and about, consider becoming a freelance writer or proofreader. The demand for this type of home based business service has increased dramatically in the last two years as more and more businesses are outsourcing this sort of work. There are also websites like Elance and Guru where businesses post writing and editing jobs that you can bid on. You will have to pay a subscription fee in order to bid, but there are several levels and payment options available. You can also approach businesses and publishing companies directly and provide them with a portfolio or samples of your work. This can be a fun home based business to have and also one that has a great deal of growth potential if you’re especially talented with words or have eagle eyes when it comes to typos.And if you’re a person who loves planning events, then a home based business as an event or wedding planner just might be perfect for you. Home based businesses of this type are another popular trend right now, and you can earn you a much larger income than you might expect. You’ll do better in a home based business like this if you specialize in planning one type of event and become an expert at it rather than spread yourself too thin, trying to be all things to all people. Wedding planners, for example, can stay extremely busy and earn good money planning only weddings–as much as $3000 per wedding in many cases. There are books that will teach you all you need to know, and there’s also software available to guide you and to keep track of the details.There are many other types of home based businesses that are simple and inexpensive to start. The main thing to do when selecting the home based business you want is to focus on your skills and what you like to do. Passion plays an important part in making a stay a home job or business successful. To keep your costs down, think of the tools and equipment, like a computer or truck, that you already own–then put it to work for your own home based business!Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality: How to Market Your Intellectual Property to the Global Market

Turn your dreams into reality: How to market your intellectual property to the global marketWhether you have tried to market your invention, art, craft, book or other talent in the past and failed or whether you have never tried beyond nurturing your ideas in your mind, please remember this–if you deeply believe in your talent, and if you have a vision of greatness for your ideas, one day you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.Remember Carl Carlson’s 17-year efforts to make his copy machine (Xerox) a reality and Thomas Edison’s 10,000 experiments to invent the light bulb. The powerful lesson from many great inventors and entrepreneurs in human history is–Never Give Up! Even if everybody around you keeps telling you to give up, you should remember that negative people and negative reinforcements are only barriers to transforming your dreams into reality.Many famous inventors, entrepreneurs and authors refused to give up regardless of how many people laughed at them or how many times they failed. They knew that one can never be sure of how long it will take to succeed. And so, they never gave up. All the negative people and negative reinforcements could not destroy their spirit of endurance, perseverance and resilience. They remembered the famous quote “Most people succeeded just one step beyond their greatest failure.”They kept on trying and did not allow the rejections and negative reinforcements to kill their hopes and dreams. They took every obstacle as a challenge to overcome. They deeply believed that one day, the right opportunities will present themselves and will open the doors to their hopes and dreams. In the end, their confidence, perseverance and hard work helped them turn their dreams into reality.The intellectual property transfer market is now estimated to be worth over $100 billion. Today, the Internet provides a wide range of tools and resources to the innovators. A number of online forums, including Minnesota-based NewIdeaTrade.com (http://www.newideatrade.com ), California-based Pl-x.com (http://www.pl-x.com ), and Connecticut-based PatentTriage.com (http://www.patenttriage.com ) links buyers and sellers of intellectual property. The traditional transfer of intellectual property is complicated, costly, and can take up to one year. However, these online forums simplify and speed up the process for transfer of intellectual property.Additional information on how to market intellectual property is available at http://www.newideatrade.com

Earn Income By Starting Your Own Home-Based Business

Are you interested in starting a home-based business? You may want to work from home for several reasons, including dissatisfaction with your current job, because you have small children or elderly parents that require you to be at home, or you may just need the income a home-based business opportunity can provide. Since you have come this far, you are already an Internet entrepreneur ready to take the first step in creating a steady income and implementing your home-based business ideas. You can be your own boss and generate steady income with your own home-based Internet endeavors.The first step in starting a home-based business is to develop a business plan. Researching your options thoroughly and making wise decisions can make your home-based business very successful and give you a steady stream of income, all from the comfort of your home. There are numerous business opportunities geared towards those who want to work from home. Some promise instant wealth and long lasting success for simply signing up. The truth is that any home business will require effort, marketing, and a network of contacts. The amount of work you are willing to put into your home-based Internet business is directly related to the amount of income you may earn.Plan each step of starting your business carefully. Examine your short and long-term goals and plan how you are going to achieve them. Some home business opportunities are free while others require an investment. Check into free affiliate programs, free home-based businesses, and take a look at those which will need an upfront financial commitment from you. It is possible to earn serious cash from home, but you will have to commit to your business plan and follow it closely. A home-based business must follow certain guidelines. The difference is that the business is located in your home.Do not restrict what you do based on self-imposed doubt and lack of confidence. If you have an idea to start your own home-based business and are truly ready to take that step towards making your dreams a reality, then develop your plan and implement it. It takes self-discipline to plan your business and your life then work towards turning your ideas into steady cash. Make informed decisions and give your home-based business the time and energy it takes to build wealth. Distinguish yourself from the competition and you will be on your way to financial independence.Successful home-based businesses utilize all available resources. There are many tools and sources of information freely offered that will assist you in achieving your goals. You can find any number of tips, marketing plans, strategies, and advice from the Internet and small business organizations. It is common for those starting an Internet or other home-based business to feel as if they are getting nowhere fast. Patience, discipline, and old-fashioned hard work are the key in creating a constant cash flow. If you have the motivation and discipline it takes, you can operate your own successful home-based business, generate the income you need, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.To your success!Copyright © Paul Jesse – All rights reserved

The Future Of Partnering

Partnering between home-based businesses is a natural result of corporate downsizing. Many professionals who have left large companies and started home-based businesses are successful and don’t want to return to the corporate world, but they recognize the need for and benefit of alliances.Partnering will continue to gain respect and recognition among home-based entrepreneurs seeking top talent for short and long-term business needs. Across the scope of business today, joint-venturing is in. When it comes to partnering, the home-based business has an advantage in flexibility, overhead structure and unique sources of talent. In other words, getting together to combine the best of talents, the best of direction and the best of enthusiasm is a win-win situation, period.A couple of examples would be: you partnering with real estate agents, and brokers in regards to lease purchasing; or to use a specific company for inspections or clean up of the property. Or contracting with a web designer to design pages for your clients.Tips for Effective PartneringChoose your partners carefully. Be sure they have the skills and abilities you need, and share your level of commitment. Define the scope of the partnership. Are you working on an equal basis, or will one of you function as the managing partner? What roles will each partner play? How will the compensation be calculated and distributed? Put it in writing. A detailed, well-crafted partnership agreement prevents misunderstandings, memory lapses and future conflicts. Develop and stick to an operations plan. How will the work actually happen? How and when will the partners interact? Plan for the unexpected. How do you plan to handle problems and resolve conflicts? If a partner wants to dissolve the agreement, who ends up with what? Set a minimum “no exit” time period. New ventures take time to become productive. Make a mutual commitment to stick with the partnership long enough to give it a chance to prove itself. So, who do you want to partner with?Copyright 2004 DeFiore Enterprises

Getting Started

One of the first things we do with our Partnering For Your Success students is to have them plan out how many hours they can spend on lease purchasing. We know that many of you are working and want to start part-time. Well the best way to do this is to take a calendar and to put in the times you will work your lease purchasing business, or whatever business you want to get started. Your initial planning is the key. The number of hours you can spend, getting your identity package done, setting up your office, making the contacts, making your calls, and setting your goals (both short term and long term). In effect, getting your ducks in order, being sure all your P&Q’s are taken care of, and then just getting started. However, the first step is yours. If after doing all the planning, you never make the commitment, all is lost. You have to implement the plan, and make the commitment to follow through. And when there are bumps in the road, and believe us, there will be, ask for help, don’t just give up. If you just give up, you’ll never know what you could have accomplished. Think of the bumps as challenges, and learn from the bumps rather than just giving up. Nothing comes easy. You are not going to be a millionaire by next week (unless you win the lottery), it is not going to work on auto pilot, you need to stoke it and help it grow. So start planning and doing today. Let this year be a new beginning for you. If you feel you can’t do it on your own, check out our Partnering For Your Success program.Copyright DeFiore Enterprises 2001

Do You Know Who You Are?

A close friend of mine is a coach and has a phrase she uses quite frequently – “Be, Do, Have.” As Jeanne Sharbuno puts it, you need to do it in this order for you to have success in your life.In fact, if you go in this order you’ll have success from the inside out. It is a type of success that is transformational.So I started thinking the other day – what is it that most people who are creating a home based business do? Why do they create a home based business?Some of the common reasons are:
Work at home
Time Flexibility
Tired of the Rat Race
Tired of Delivering Products
But what many of us fail to do is look at what we want to be before looking at what we’re going to do and what we’re going to have.Think about it for a moment. If you know who you are — I mean, who you really are — then you’re more likely to DO the things that are important to you.You’ll do the things that you love and as you do the things you love you’ll get what the things in life that you want. You’ll have all those fancy toys, money, whatever it is that you want.But for all of this to happen, you’ve got to do it in the correct order – BE, DO, HAVE.Don’t fall into the trap of becoming who you want to be after you’ve gotten the things you want. It’s is possible for you to be successful this way but you’re much more likely to have a hollow success that fades away with time.And you’re not creating your home based business for that are you?

Thats Nice Dear

Does that sound familiar? Do you have family members or close friends who tend to think that working from home is just a little hobby, something to keep you busy while you are watching the children grow up, and something to lift the burden of housework or the boredom of being a stay at home parent? For many of us, this is very true. Spouses, parents, and extended family members, especially those who have grown up in the business world, tend to look at people who work from home (especially if that business is virtually based) as being our little “hobby”.How do you manage to cope with this? Do you try and explain your hopes and aspirations to your loved ones without it sounding like you are getting on a soapbox? And when you do explain, does it sink in? Do they finally understand how you feel and what you are trying to achieve? In fact was it worth all the trouble in the first place? I don’t think it gets any easier or difficult in time, it’s just “different”.It’s tough enough to make the business world realise that there is life outside of a skyscraper, that the rat-race only exists if you make yourself a part of it, that there are substantial rewards running a business from home, and Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus. What I mean by this is if you truly believe in yourself, and in your success, then it will happen, it will be a reality for you and more importantly for those who have trouble understanding.It will take time. Nothing ever happens overnight (except in the movies of course) and this same scenario can be used when dealing with those who are skeptical. Make them aware of your achievements, your growth and your abilities. Show them what you have gained, in both a business and personal level. Don’t be ashamed to say “Hey I work hard at making this work and I am proud of what I have achieved. As the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words” and you can paint a picture of your achievements then you are well on the way to gaining support from those around you.

Universal Success Secrets

Are there any universal laws that mostsuccessful people seem to follow? Great question, huh?With that in mind, I began listing some common denominators in order to share them with others. I’ve been very fortunate to have had some success in my life, as well as the opportunity to meet with some very powerful and influential people over the years. These are the common laws that each seemed to follow, and I now wish to share them with you.Universal Success Secrets 1. Always maintain a positive, solution-seeking attitude.2. To truly succeed at anything, your chances increase when you enjoy the task. When you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll have success your whole life through.3. The only limitations you really have are those you give yourself.4. The only expectations you need to fulfill are those you give yourself.5. Nothing is as powerful as a positive attitude, and nothing is as detrimental as a negative one.6. Morally speaking, if you have to wonder whether something is right or wrong, chances are it’s wrong.7. When you focus on other people’s success, yours is sure to follow.8. Live your word. Lead by example.9. Share. (Wealth + Information + Glory = Success)10. You have the best chance of reaching a goal by simply giving yourself one to reach.11. Observe every obstacle as a learning experience. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward.12. Do the hardest thing first, and the rest will be easy.13. Treat others the way that they want to be treated.14. Few great accomplishments have ever been achieved by anyone alone; seek support from those whose talents exceed your own. 15. You are the reflection of the five people you associate with most, and your income is the average of those five people. Choose your friends wisely. 16. A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dream come true.17. You can learn more about someone’s character on one bad day than on all their good days put together. The true measure of all great leaders is how well they weather storms.18. It’s better to invest time doing what pleases you, rather than to waste time trying to please everyone else.19. In the end, the extent of your own success will be measured by the accomplishments that you have helped create in others.20. Having potential simply means that you possess talents and abilities you aren’t applying.21. Things are the way you think they are, because you think they are that way. Your perception determines your experience. ************************************You have permission to publish this article electronicallyor in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines areincluded. A courtesy copy of your publication would beappreciated – send to: GregReid@AlwaysGood.com