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How to Start Your Own at Home Manufacturing Business

When it comes to at home manufacturing businesses, most people choose to do the manufacturing off-site, and simply manage the day-to-day business it involves from their homes. If you’re thinking of how to start a manufacturing company, here are some tips to consider.If you’re planning any sort of manufacturing at home, you must have a license to do so. In many neighborhoods, at home businesses of any kind just aren’t allowed. With a home based manufacturing business, even where they are allowed, there will be many regulations and laws that you will have to follow. And you should know that any rules that apply to the big manufacturing companies will also pertain to your starting a manufacturing company from home.These rules and regulations will primarily concern safety, pollution, and quality control issues. You likely have to do some major work on your home to meet these regulations, as well as setting up the necessary equipment for your at home manufacturing business. Getting all the licenses, approvals, certifications, and permits takes time. Doing these things can also be quite daunting.So daunting, in fact, that most people who are involved in starting a manufacturing business choose to run the business from their homes, but do the actual manufacturing in another location.By doing this, the facility where they do their actual manufacturing is in a place where all the codes and regulations are already met. They will often also have all the necessary equipment so that all a person does is have to staff up to get their at home manufacturing business going.Regardless of which way you choose to go, you should understand that it will take time to have everything in place before you can actually start your at home manufacturing business. This is not a start-the-same-day business opportunity. You will need to have a business plan that maps out your strategy for starting your at home manufacturing business.Some questions to think about as you plan your at home manufacturing business strategy are:
Where’s the best location?
How will I finance my home manufacturing business?
Will I need to hire people?
If so, how many people will I need?
Should I hire an accountant?
What equipment and supplies do I have to have?
Do I have the business knowledge I need?
Are any special permits or certifications required?
Are there any government regulations concerning the product my home manufacturing business will be making?
Where do I want this business to be in 6 months? A year? Two years?
Am I willing to do what’s necessary to make this business a success?
Does my family support my at home manufacturing business idea?
Do I have the space I need for an at home office?
Would having a partner be beneficial?
What sort of tax plan is best for me?
Who’s my competition and what are they doing?
Is there a need for my product?
How will I get my product to market?
What sort of advertising and marketing should I do?
As you can see, there are lots of things to think about when thinking about how to start a manufacturing business at home. But to be successful, it’s necessary to do as much research and planning in the beginning as possible. This saves you a great deal of time, money, and frustration in the long run. No one has ever regretted taking the time to do something right, but far too many people have huge regrets over leaping before they look. You don’t want to be one of them.

My Work At Home Story

In November 2004, I sold my house and was ready to embark on a round the world trip of a lifetime. I didn’t want to have to do all those mundane jobs travelers do so I scoured the Internet for work at home opportunities. I joined SFI in the same month.I attempted to start my own website promoting affiliate programs prior to joining SFI and had limited success. Under the guidance of my sponsor, Kevin Hass, I made a steady climb with my SFI business. Like most people I was skeptical about the program as I had been burnt before by Internet hype and scams. However, I’m not sure what it was with SFI, I just felt they had an honesty to them that I hadn’t found before. This was realized when after upgrading in my first month SFI sent me a commission check! It was small, in fact less than $4.00 but you know what, they sent it to me. (I was not 100% relying on this money to travel as the bus fair to the airport would have used my first SFI check!) This experience made me realize that if they actually took the time to organize that check, for such a small amount, they must be a legitimate company, and what’s more they had stuck to their promise!Shortly after joining SFI, in January 2005 I was able to launch my own website: http://homebusiness-no1.ws. This was made possible through the Wealth Online Website (WOW) system. The guys at WOW set up my site for me within 48 hours and provided the web hosting for a very reasonable price. The WOW system enabled me to bring together 6 legitimate programs that would provide me with multiple streams of income. Having multiple streams of income is the only way to succeed: why do you think your supermarket now sells car insurance or loans? There are only so many tins of beans you can sell.I am taking this opportunity head-on, and am slowly beginning to build the business that I’m confident with result in success. My sponsor, Kevin Hass, has been instrumental in all of my progression through the home business jungle, and I will aim to do the same for my team members.I have learned a few very important things about home-based businesses:1. If you want to be successful you must work your business and take action every day. If by upgrading you can earn more money, then upgrade, especially if that is how you will earn your money, by others upgrading!2. Be patient. Sometimes it will be frustrating. It won’t happen overnight, but keep plugging away. It is almost a business certainty that any big business went through growing pains before it succeeded. Those that do succeed don’t give up.3. Develop a plan! Every business needs a business plan. It seems that since we work from home most of us forget this. Spend time developing your home business plan, stick to your plan, and you will achieve your goals.I will not pretend to be financially secure or even in a position where my WOW site can support me independently yet. But I already see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but a legtimate business opportunity. Any business takes time to build and achieve your goals. The power of the Internet has changed many things but some of the business aspects are the same online and offline. The WOW system can help you achieve your goals, and as my results improve I am more and more glad I took action and joined! My traveling has been a great adventure, and so is my home business venture. They are complimenting each other, because as I travel I market my business to everyone I meet. My business is growing daily and my Internet business can be managed from anywhere in the World!Michael Webb Owner:http://www.HomeBusiness-No1.ws

Mail Order Success Reports Can Make You Wealthy

A mail-order business is a great business to start, either part-time or full-time. It’s exciting, because it’s always changing, and it can be very profitable, if run correctly. One important thing to remember, though, is that mail-order businesses are easy to start, but take work to maintain. Don’t believe the hype you hear about making millions overnight in mail-order. It’s happened to a few lucky fools, but that’s about it. You have to use your head in mail-order, if you want to survive. There are five extremely crucial rules to remember when running a mail-order business. You still won’t be guaranteed success, but it will be a whole lot easier, if you follow these rules.1) EXPLORE FREE AND LOW COST MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. Too many people jump into a mail-order business with an expensive, flashy full-page ad in a big magazine. That’s great IF it’s successful, but what do you do when your ad only pulls enough orders to cover it’s cost, and you have no marketing budget left for new ads? Lick your wounds, and close down your business. The smart thing to do at the start (and throughout your mail-order career) is to take advantage of all the free and low cost marketing options at your fingertips. You say you don’t know about any? Well, here are some ideas. Send a sample of your product along with a press release to the products reviewers at the magazines your customers read. Also, write a short article about a subject or issue that will interest your potential customers and that has a connection to the product you sell, and submit it to those same magazines. For example, if you sell bass fishing lures, write an article on the best times of the day for bass fishing. Offer to talk about the subject on radio or TV talk shows regarding this subject. Cable TV, in particular, has plenty of talk shows with specific audiences that are desperately in need of guests.In all of these instances, include a shot paragraph with information on how to contact you and a general description of the products or services you sell. Offer your articles or expertise for free, in return for this paragraph either appearing at the end of your article, or being read after the interview.Marketing yourself as an expert in your business will get you far more publicity than placing an expensive ad, and it’s virtually free, except for your time, a few stamps and a few phone calls. It works for me, and I know it can work for you.2) PYRAMID YOUR PROFITS. What does this mean? It means that you should take at least half of your profits and reinvest it in more advertising. When you make your first batch of sales, don’t take your profits and throw a party. It might seem like a good idea now, but you’ll regret it later. A good way to grow your sales is by expanding your advertising. If you can only afford one or two small ads in the beginning, that’s fine. If those ads are successful, make sure you take the profits from the sales they generate and reinvest them in four or five of the same ads in different magazines. Then, reinvest the profits from those ads into seven or eight ads, and so on. Don’t be concerned about making immediate money. You’ll make a larger profit LATER if you reinvest in your business NOW.3) TRACK YOUR ADS. Suppose you have ten or fifteen different ads running in different publications. All of a sudden, you get a whole load of orders. Of course, you want to continue running the ad that pulled in the orders, in the same publication and in ones you haven’t advertised in before. This will bring in more loads of orders, right? But, when you look at the orders, you have no idea which of your ads was the one that clicked. When you’re done crying, resolve that, from now on, you will KEY and TRACK your ads.Keying and tracking ads is so simple that many people miss it. Here’s all you have to do. On each ad, preferably on the address, add a letter or number code that will indicate to you where the order came from. For example, if you’re advertising in the August issue of Popular Mudbogging, and your business name is Joe’s Knobby Tires, put your name in the ad as Joe’s Knobby Tires-PM8. PM stands for the issue name, the 8 is for August. Then, you can look at the envelope and you’ll know instantly where the order came from. Make a table on a piece of paper with columns for date, item ordered, amount paid, and date the order was shipped. At the top of the page, tape a copy of the ad, and write the ad key next to it. Then, when you receive orders, record the information on the proper page.4) DO SMALL SCALE TESTS BEFORE LARGE SCALE ADVERTISING. Before you sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into a large ad or mailing, test the waters. Place a smaller ad with the same message in the magazine for two or three issues, and see if it pulls. Or, if you’re renting a mailing list, do a smaller mailing to a small percentage of the list, instead of just rolling the whole thing out. Testing is important in this business. There are two possibilities that can come out of a test. Either the ad/mailing works, or it doesn’t. Now, it’s up to you to figure out WHY it didn’t work. Either the ad/mailing copy isn’t effective, or you’re reaching the wrong audience. Review the whole picture, find out what needs to be changed, make the changes, then retest. When you hit on the right combination, THEN take the big plunge.5) DON’T BE AFRAID TO ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES OR FAILURES. Let’s face it. You won’t hit a home run in this business every time you’re up to bat. In fact, just like in baseball, you may strike out more times than not. But, the times that you’re either lucky, and get to first base on a walk, or you get a hit will make up for your strikeouts. You need to keep a stiff upper lip, admit that you didn’t get a hit, and move on. Mail-order success comes not from overnight millions, but from steady trickles. Put another way, mail-order is really a cartoon porn “get-rich-slow” business. If you keep plugging away, keep learning from mistakes, and keep trying new things as you find them, you’ll at least be headed for success.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna SpencerNote to editors:To show my appreciation to the editors that use my articles, I offer a free solo ad. Simply send an email to me by using the form on the contact me page on my website to tell me the url the article was used on or send me a copy of the ezine it was used in.

Do You Need Money Right Now? Take Heed!

At a certain point in our lives, nearly each and every one of us have found ourselves in the unenviable position of being cash strapped for any number of reasons such as losing a job, falling ill, having unmanageable credit card bills and so on. When a situation arises in our lives where we find we do not have enough money coming in to meet our expenses or allow us to live the sort of life we desire, we begin to search for solutions. Sadly, our modern culture has taught us to look for an instant resolution to our problems rather than devising a long term and well thought out strategy that will ensure our security.It is imperative to recognize that fast and easy solutions to financial hardship don’t exist. The above statement is not taking a negative stance. Recognizing that recovering from financial difficulty will take internal organization, resolve, and action that will ultimately set in play a long-term recovery leading to economic security and independence, is taking both a healthy and realistic attitude. Ultimately, the solution to our problems lies within our own capacities as individuals, and if we chose to recognize this, we will find our individual capacities to be infinite. Relying on some external source and simply saying, “fix it” won’t accomplish anything except to further disappoint us.The concept of a home based business fits the scheme of this topic. Finding oneself in dire economic straits can lead on to grasp at the “home business straw” in hopes of grabbing onto the brass ring leading to an instant wealth and success which in reality does not exist. Yet, if we acknowledge that our internal capacities are indeed infinite, then a home based business can lead us to success and independence down the road IF we form a proper strategy.If you cannot pay our bills do not rely on a home based business to solve that situation for you tomorrow. It won’t. Period. You must find a source of income for your immediate needs. Excellent employment resources exist on the Internet such as Yahoo Hot Jobs http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/ and Monster http://www.monster.com . Find the solid salary you will need until you can “phase in” your chosen home based business.If your credit is in ruins, don’t rely on a home based business to fix your credit for you tomorrow, it won’t. Consider, perhaps consulting with professionals to help you sort out your credit issues while you work on your home based business in your spare time.There is no shame in economic hardship. Yet grasping at non-existent straws to end current discomfort is foolish. Hunkering down and coping with the reality of the situation is admirable and takes courage. If you desire to reverse your situation by starting a home based business, proceed in a well thought out manner to lay the groundwork for your ultimate home business success taking your immediate priorities into consideration and acting accordingly. Ultimately, by tapping into your infinite capacity in a strategic rather than a wishful manner, you may well exceed your wildest home business ambitions!

Are You In The Right Online Business?

Did you select the right online business to pursue? People that are struggling find it difficult to admit they are possibly in the wrong business. Fortunately for everyone, many bad decisions can be corrected if recognized early enough. This article is intended to help you understand the available opportunities and hopefully improve your chances for future success.Supply And Demand!Everyone knows that the Internet is huge. Commerce (“buying and selling”) on the Internet is growing by leaps and bounds. It is controlled by the actions of the buyers and sellers. There is no traffic cop that makes decisions for each buyer and seller. The buyers and sellers are fr*ee to make their own decisions and pursue their own self-interests.The Internet market is held in check by the economic principle of “supply and demand.” Buyers behave (demand) in a way to make buying decisions that will maximize their satisfaction. Sellers behave (supply) in a way that will maximize their profits. In a completely fr*ee market economy, buyers and sellers interact to determine the price of the product being exchanged.Why Do People Buy On The Internet?In order to understand the actions of buyers and sellers on the Internet, the following question needs to be answered: “Why do people buy on the Internet?” Simply stated, People buy on the Internet because of the ease, efficiency, availability, price and fun of purchasing the product or service online.What Internet Opportunities Exist?There are many types of profitable business opportunities to consider on the Internet. The major opportunities considered in this article are:
Join and promote an affiliate program.

Write and mobile porn sell your own electronic book (“ebook”).

Start an electronic newsletter (“ezine”).

Open an online store.

What Is Included In Each Internet Opportunity?The following is a summary level review of each opportunity:1. Join and Promote an Affiliate Program:In this business, you establish a relationship with the owner of an existing online product or service for sale. You become an affiliate of the owner. As the affiliate, you are allowed to promote and sell the product or service for a commission on the sale. This can be an easy business to start. It is a good choice if you do not have your own product to sell. The owner is happy to pay the commission because your sale is revenue they probably would not receive without your help.2. Write and Sell Your Own eBook:In this business, you sell the ebook that you wrote. Most people believe they do not have the ability to develop a topic and write an ebook. This is an incorrect belief. You have the ability if you can think, speak and read. The basic requirements to write a successful ebook are:
Need an objective.

Need to identify a niche market.

Need a killer topic.

Need the desire to write your thoughts.

If you do not have the appropriate knowledge, you can develop an ebook by using the help of an “expert.” The “expert” provides you with content for the ebook and you write the ebook.3. Start an Electronic Newsletter:In this business, you become the publisher and editor of an electronic newsletter (“ezine”). The newsletter can be published as often as you like whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. The frequency depends on how often you can deliver content of value to your subscribers. Distribution of the newsletter through email is generally based on an “opt-in” list of subscribers. The typical newsletter will contain: editorial by the publisher, tips and recommendations, featured article, advertisements, and links to specific affiliations.4. Open an Online Store:In this business, you either setup your own website store or rent a storefront site in an established Internet mall. The Internet store requires a website, products to sell, a shopping cart and the ability to accept customer payments. It is possible to have built-in traffic if you are part of an Internet mall.Conclusion!Each business has a definite set of activities to be performed in order to be successful.Your success in a specific business is dependent on how well you perform these activities.You should select an online business to pursue based on your:





Make a complete evaluation of the opportunities available before you make a decision.Do not expect great results if you do not get excited about your business and put the necessary time and energy into your online business!Low interest, low motivation or low commitment will lead to bad or less than acceptable results!Examine closely what you want to achieve out of your online experience.Take the extra time now and it may make a big difference in your future success.Make the right decision and you have a very good chance to succeed!Make the wrong decision and you probably will fail like so many others!Get my FR*EE 8-day “Internet Business Mini-Course” for a close-up look at each business opportunity discussed in this article.Best wishes in your future online business success.Copyright © 2003 F. Terrence Markle – All Rights ReservedFR*EE 8-Day “Internet Business Mini-Course” at http://www.QuikSystems.com/BMC/FreeBizCourse.htm

All Successful Entrepreneurs Do This

Everyone wants to make money! Some want to make money by owning their own business. All successful entrepreneurs have the self discipline to build their business. Most of us have heard the saying “you need money to make money”. Basically what this means is you must invest money in your business if it’s to make money. Some 24% of all startup small businesses fail within two years. That’s because the life of your business depends on you during these early years. If you must depend on the business it will probably fail. The first years of a business rarely show profit, because you are re-investing your money back in it.Most of us spend money on entertainment, whether it’s eating out at nice restaurants, movies, cars, bikes, games, big toys, etc….. Some of us can come up with cash for our online business by not eating out one time a month! That should not be so hard to do, as lots of us are spending more and more money on weight loss products!If you want your business to grow you must feed it. You must spend money to make money, even if it’s a small amount, it will still grow some. You cannot win the lottery without first buying a ticket!All successful entrepreneurs spend a certain amount each month on their business. Sure you say they are making money so they have it to spend. But actually you start out investing a larger percentage of your profits then you will later on as your business grows. Most people who start an Off-line business usually invest a large amount of capital before they see any money coming in. You have to continually re-invest your money.That’s where an On-line business is unique. You can start with very little capital and invest as you learn. You do still have to invest some money and time, or you will not grow. You have to spend wisely though, where you will see results. You must read and do some research before you spend. There are lots of ways to throw your money away if you are new and not careful.There are also many ways to receive valuable information online that’s Free.One way is reading Free articles by those who are successful. You will find many of these Free articles at: [http://www.best-home-business-ideas.net]Also if you’re in an MLM or affiliate program, you should have an up-line leader. They will help you along with good advice because it’s in their best interest for you to succeed!–This article may be reprinted providing it is published in it’s entirety, including the author’s bio and hyperlink to the URL below.

You Can Work at Home and Love It

What are you passionate about?What do you believe in?Is there a product or service that you find yourself just raving about with friends and family!Share your talents, experiences, and beliefs through a home business.Choosing a work at home business is rewarding.Earn extra money – meet your savings and debt reduction goals faster! Have Flexible Hours – schedule your work around other duties or your household duties around your work. Either way, you set the schedule. Set your own goals – You decide what is enough. Provide a creative outlet to do something you love to do. You might feel motivated to work at home because you need a little extra money. Perhaps you just need a creative outlet.Maybe you’ve become so good at your household management skills that you just have too much time on your hands. With the many challenges of family and household management I congratulate you if the latter is the case! Give yourself a pat on the back!You know we learn our most valuable lessons from our failures and successes. Hopefully, Right!I have learned one undeniable truth in my work experience. If you love it and have a passion for it, you WILL be successful.There is nothing easier than doing what you love to do. This is an undisputable fact of human nature. We all know this instinctively, but somehow fall away from the idea.If you can incorporate what you love to do, are passionate about and truly believe in, into your work at home business you will find success!You can choose to live your work or work to live. The decision to live your work can only be successful. It just makes sense!Until you find your niche in life you are just trudging along doing the necessary steps to survive.It’s when you find and work your passion in life that you begin to live.Your work naturally becomes your life.No, I’m not talking about being all about work 24/7. I’m talking about bringing something you are passionate about in life into your work at home business.There’s a huge difference.That being said, you need to really analyze what it is you like to do. Think about something productive or creative that you love to do in your spare time.WHAT IS YOUR “THING?”You may instantly know what your “thing” is or it could take you several days to figure it out. You may not have been able to do what you love for so long that you have forgotten what it actually is you love to do. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of us.For example, through all my experiences I found nothing that excites me more than what I am doing right now! Bringing my family back to basics, getting my financial goals back on track and teaching my children to be financially responsible and successful.When I started looking for an extra income I tried so many things that just seemed to be out of character for me.I accepted offers only to discover that the program either required me to sell something (which I determined early in life was definitely not my thing), or required me to do something that I had no clue how to do. Like building a website or internet marketing.I was shot down from the start and couldn’t even get motivated to try.I learned that you don’t always get what you expect when you accept a work at home offer. You have to be careful to read everything.Make sure you know what you’re getting!If you choose an internet business and you’re a “newbie”, make sure you will be provided with all the educational and technical tools you need.Internet marketing and website building is very technical. If you have no knowledge of …….writing HTML textSearch Engine Optimization – click and pay hits – search engine spiders? Keyword brainstorming affiliates – associate programsWell, you can see it’s another college degree it seems. At the very least it would involve a great deal of reading, studying, and trial by error to create a website much less be successful at it.You need a step-by-step program to help you through. Some programs can leave you in a sea of confusion! Where do I start? What’s that mean? How do I promote it? Build a website? Advertise with search engines? You will be defeated before you’ve even begun if not careful.If you’ve bought into any of these informational offers and still feel lost on how to get started on your work at home venture, you know exactly what I mean.So, if you’re not internet savvy, or a webmaster, be sure the program offers the assistance that you need to be successful!Perhaps a work at home internet business is just not your cup of tea. There are lots of other wonderful ideas for generating a home based income.Child Care, crafts, and cleaning services are just to name a few. And, yes, there are people out there that do love to clean! Just remember – Do what you love to do to be successful!Find something that interests you or adapt an idea to suit your interests. You’ll be meeting your goals in no time! No matter what it is you love to do, you can find a way to use it to make extra money.The best part is you’ll love doing it if you love the work!If you choose to include a work at home business to strengthen you family’s foundation, I wish you the best of luck.Remember, if you pursue what you love and are passionate about, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Your Own Home Business – Dream or Reality?

This is a question many people have asked themselves, sometimes over and over. Is it possible for the average person to start and run a successful home business? I’m here to say that the answer is a resounding YES!With that said, there are some specific questions you should answer before starting your business. This list is by no means a complete, comprehensive all-encompassing checklist, but it will give you a good starting place.What type of business to start?1) Do I have any knowledge in this area?2) What skill do I have to run this business?3) Is this something that I will enjoy doing?4) How much will it cost to start?5) Do I have the money this would require?6) Is there a market for this product/service?7) How will I promote my business?8) Am I willing to put in the black porn effort to make it work?9) Am I dedicated enough to “stick with it”?10) How much income will this business have to create?11) How big do I want this business to become?12) What are the tax implications of owning a business?13) Are there any regulations (federal/state/local) that I need to be aware of?14) Am I capable of doing the bookkeeping required or do I need to hire out?15) What type of insurance will be required?There are numerous resources online to help you answer some of these questions. Here are a few of the sites I recommend.http://www.sba.govhttp://www.bcentral.comOf course, some of these questions can only be answered by you. Be honest with yourself. A successful home business is a wonderful thing, but a failed business can be a hard pill to swallow. Honestly answering these questions (and others) will help direct you on the path to success.

Part 2 of 5 On The Home Business Set-Up Guide

Part 2 of 5 On The Home Business Set-Up GuideDear Reader,These articles will provide a step by step guide on how to start and run a home based business based on my experiences and other home business owners. This is part 2 in a series of 5 articles. They are written in a basic format and where possible main points are summarised in an attempt to be understood by all. I have tried to minimise the technical jargon as much as possible.So lets jump right in and see what we need to know about starting and running a home based business.Regards,Alvinhttp://www.parttimeincome.orgI publish Home Business Tips, a fresh and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people like YOU! If you’re looking for the best rated home business opportunities, latest time saving tools and helpful support from a friend in the business, come by and a grab a F-R-E-E subscription today at: http://www.parttimeincome.orgLegal StructuresThe legal milf porn structure of your business is very important as it is a function of liabilities and tax deduction. The most common structures are:§ Sole trader§ Partnership§ Company§ TrustSole TraderWhen you are a sole trader you are personally responsible and liable for the business and its activities. Commonly you may start out as a sole trader, and as you expand, you will need to seek out partners or investors. Your accountant is the best person to advise you if this is the best structure for your business.PartnershipThis arrangement is where you and your partner are liable for anything related to your business. It is a very good idea to get a solicitor to write up a partnership agreement to avoid disputes down the track.CompanyThis is a legal entity liable for the debts it incurs and paying tax on income. Your accountant can help you set a company up, or you can buy one off the shelf, which may be more cost effective.TrustDepending on your personal circumstances, and the country you live in, trusts can be useful in business and estate planning. They can be quite complex, and again, your accountant is the best person to speak too.Registering Your Business NameYou can operate a business under your own name or register a business name. Registration of a business name allows you to operate under that name.Select a name for your business that describes to your customer what you do. A descriptive name promotes and advertises your business more effectively.Licences And PermitsDepending on your municipality, you may need licences and permits. Do the right thing and check with your local council. Doing the right things now will save you a lot of unnecessary leg work later.InsuranceOften overlooked, insurance is an important part of your risk management plan. There are two types of insurance: general insurance for loss/damage of assets and risk insurance which is your personal insurance cover.Ensure your business insurance is separate to your personal insurance.To establish the type and amount of insurance you need for your home based business, check with an insurance broker.Managing RiskYou must have a risk management strategy for your business. Your SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis from article one, will show what could expose your business to loss and what actions to take to reduce that loss.MarketingAs a home business entrepreneur, you must understand what your customers want and give it to them. You must strive to have a service or product that meets and excels your customers needs and expectations. This is what makes them come back to buy from you, and this is how you grow your profit. Try and think like your customers and you will find they want:§ Satisfaction§ Value for money§ Performance§ Reliability§ PresentationDon’t confuse marketing with selling. In a home based business, marketing is much much more and involves all aspects of the business- pricing, advertising, customer service to sales.Marketing MixCommunication with your customers is essential and develops the framework for your marketing strategy. You must tell your customers these important bits of information§ Product- describe it in full detail, its special features and of course how it will benefit the customer§ Price – explain your pricing strategy, don’t forget to consider your costs, discounts you will offer, payment policies§ Promotion – choose the most effective for your type of business. If you don’t know, think about what you would prefer if you were the customer. Eg: telemarketing, flyers, e-mail campaigns§ Place – what place will your product be so customers can find it and contact you. How will you deliver the product to your customers? You may need to consider getting a website.Your Business ImageEven though you are running a home based business, make sure your office is comfortable and professional in appearance. Your website also needs to project the same kind of professionalismLocationYour home based business needs its own dedicated area. Very often the living and working areas muddle into one, not allowing you to distinguish which is for work and for play. Keeping these separate is essential for running a home business. You must ensure that all family members understand this too.A telephone is essential in your home office as it will be the first point of contact with your clients. Installing a second phone line separate from the personal line is essential along with a cell phone, answering machine and a pager. Talk to your telecommunications company, very often they have some great packages suited to small businesses.Furniture And EquipmentChoose furniture that is comfortable and professional. This helps distinguish this area from the rest of the household.Your office needs equipment and here are a few to get you kick started:§ Computer§ Chair(S)§ Desk§ Fax machine§ Filing cabinet§ Mobile phone§ Telephone§ Heating/cooling§ LightingI hope this article has set you on the path to create your own home based business and empower you to reach your financial destiny. In the next article, I will cover some of the ins and outs of operating a small business from home.

3 Secrets To Success In Your Home Business

Anyone believe it or not can be successful tomorrow in their home business. The problem is most people do not know where to start and what to do. This article will cover three secrets that any home business owner can use to vastly improve their home business.Firstly, any successful person needs to dream of a future where there is more rather than less money on the table. Napoleon Hill of the “Think and Grow Rich” fame discovered that rich people become rich because of their mindset. If you want to be a really successful home business owner, you need to learn the mindset of wealth.Where do you see yourself in your home business in the next few years? Do you have clearly defined long term, medium term and short term goals? Spend time thinking and planning your strategy and you will be one step nearer your goal of making serious money in your home business.Secondly, know the medium where you carry out your sales really well. Today with the advent of the internet, internet marketing is fast becoming a great way for a home business owner to promote his products online. A good home business owner today will therefore start learning how he can make use of internet marketing to boost his business products online.Imagine making the sale while you are sleeping. Such is the allure of internet marketing today and if you learn some basic Search Engine Optimization you will be on your way to online profits. But it will be a long process but worth it in the longer term.Thirdly, always remember that in any business whether offline or online, you focus should always be on generating the sale. The story that was related in Rich Dad and Poor Dad was quite poignant on this point. Robert Kiyosaki was telling of the class where one of his students was saying that he did not want to sell but wanted to be a CEO. Robert later told him that he had nothing to teach him if that was the case. The lesson here is clear, it does not matter what industry or what business you are in.Your job when you own a home business is to promote your services and build your client and customer base. While managing your business is true half of the time, the other half is building your own business. Most people just cannot get that and tell you, they hire this salesman or sales team. Like in most things in business building a client base is valuable, so spend time learning the art of selling whether online or offline.In conclusion, a home business is hard work but like most other things in life, one has to focus on the important things rather than the less important things. These three secrets if focused on well will result in long term growth in your home business no matter what the sector or industry.By Joel Teo 2005 All Rights Reservedhttp://www.MakeThousandsToday.info