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How to Create and Sell *Your Own* Product or Service

It’s one thing to join affiliate programs and earn commissions but in order to make serious amounts of money, you need to have your own product or service to sell.The best thing to sell on the internet is a digitally delivered product or service. Examples include ebooks or electronic books, courses, membership sites and software. The reasons digitally delivered products and services are so great are numerous.People surfing the internet want instant gratification. Digitally delivered products and services can be accessed or downloaded immediately upon online credit card payment. This is not possible with items that require shipping.Digitally delivered products and services cost little to produce and have the potential to yield never-ending revenue. Once you have your site completed and your product or services ready, there are no additional costs. The product or service is created once, and then sold and resold. Such products and services have no overhead, don’t require and need for storage space and have no shipping charges.You create it once and sell it forever!How to come up with your own product or service is actually quite easy. The key is to ‘sell your knowledge’. You have knowledge on some subject or another that many other people don’t. It’s your job to figure out what it is that you know, that others could benefit from. Perhaps you’re a great cook. Put together an e-cookbook. Are you an artist? Sell an online course on how to paint and draw. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who has learned just about everything there is to know about infant care – sell it! Try asking yourself the following questions and do some brainstorming.What do people seek my advice about?What hobbies do I have?Are you successful in your career? How did you become successful?What are you passionate about?Write all your thoughts down without judging them. Once you have a list of about 10 ideas start to work them through. You’ll be amazed at just how much you know about certain subjects.You have permission to reprint this article provided you include the following resource box:

New Business Crisis: In Your Mind Or In Your Market?

You just started a new business — and you’re becoming convinced that no one wants your services — at least enough to pay for them! You’re ready to give up. Are you being negative — or facing a tough market?1. Take a reality check. Are others in your field experiencing similar frustrations? Do you resemble those who succeed or are you a maverick?Research has demonstrated that some people are misfits for specific places, jobs and organizations. And some products will be misfits for some markets.2. Reframe your question. Instead of “Should I give up?” ask, “What are my options? Which option fills me with the most energy?”3. Review your game plan. When tactics and techniques don’t work, you may need a new strategy, i.e., “Who am I and where do I want to go?”4. Honor your feelings. After a big loss, or a series of defeats, many people need downtime to regroup. But when you become too negative to act, you’re probably depressed — a signal you need specialized help.5. Rule out economic explanations. In his classic book, The Making of a Psychiatrist, Dr. David Viscott described a true case in a prominent hospital: A patient’s leg pain was diagnosed as psychological, delaying x-rays that eventually revealed a broken bone.Similarly, consultants sometimes diagnose business and career crises as “negative thoughts” or “lack of confidence.”Sometimes they’re right. But sometimes you visualize clear skies and, when you open the door, it’s raining. Better to open an umbrella than blame yourself for lack of sunshine.I offer one-to-one consultations on career strategy.

The Importance Of Having A Mentor

When you first start your business everything can be quite confusing. There are many pitfalls and problems that are difficult to work out on your own. Choosing the right business for you. How to get the edge on your competitors? What to do first? How to really make money and escape that 9-5 job? These are just a few of the confusing questions that face the beginner. If you try to begin without help, you are setting yourself up for failure. Very few can succeed in business without someone to help you and steer you in the right direction. You are indeed like a ship without a captain when you try to start a business aloneHere are a few common mistakes made by “newbies” when they first start a home-based business.1. Starting a business without knowing who you should be marketing to. Without knowing how to target your market you can spend hours of wasted time and a lot of wasted dollars.2. Getting into the wrong business, with too much competition supply and not enough demand. If you do not get into a specialized market with high demand and less supply you are setting yourself up for failure and you will never make a decent living.3. Believing that a free program will make you money, these are some of the biggest scams on the Internet.4. Joining one business opportunity failing after a month and then joining another and another. This is how many beginners loose tons of money and valuable time.5. Thinking that money can be made in a short time with no work, this is another pitfall too many “newbies” fall into.Wouldn’t it be nice to have some personal guidance, somebody who can work with you one-on-one? Show you how to start right and save you all that time and money. Somebody who can help you “cut a pathway through the trees.” This is where a mentor will help you, and better still a course that comes with mentoring help.There are very few true mentoring courses, where you can really get one-on-one help. Usually you purchase your course and then have to work out the rest. However a mentoring course is different. When you purchase the course you will get one-on-one help for your questions and any problems you may have. As you progress through the course your mentor will coach you on any problems you may have and show you how to overcome them. One of the main reasons for new Internet businesses failing is lack of guidance. There is just too much to know and do without someone to help you.You can see how a mentoring course works and the obvious advantages, compared to trying to work out everything yourself. I speak from experience. When I first started my business, I had no idea what to do and where to go, until I finally stumbled upon a mentor course. After that there was no looking back, I cannot say that I did not make mistakes or come up with problems, but they were nothing that my mentor could not guide me throughRecently I came across a mentoring course that not only offers mentoring help but shows you how to start a very profitable home business, Home-Based Recruiting. Basically it is finding qualified candidates to fill job positions for different businesses, for which you will get a finders fee. When worked correctly, this is a very profitable business and one you can easily make a good living with.However, as with any successful business, some help is very necessary. Larry Denis’s “Fast Cash In Home-Based Recruiting” is the mentoring course that will guide you step-by-step, from start to success, and with his expert mentoring you cannot fail. Larry is a seasoned veteran in this field and very successful at what he does. His course will show you the tips and tricks that top recruiters use to make substantial profits. Find the businesses that are expanding and get ahead of your competition, with the true “tricks of trade” known only by experienced recruiters like Larry. Overcome the “fear of telephoning” by learning how to call people the right way. The training and mentoring you will receive from this course will be your key to building a profitable home business.A mentor course is your gateway to success. Unlock the business potential within you, and see how you can achieve what you never thought possible, with the help of individual coaching. Experience the satisfaction of starting and building a truly successful business with help and guidance from a mentor.

How to become Self-Employed Selling Silver Jewelry from Home

Making money selling silver jewelry is simple. All cartoon porn you need is a computer with an internet connection and some basic computer skills, and a suppplier that provides you more than just jewelry.You will be needing a supplier to caters to your specific needs. If you want to succeed selling jewelry on eBay you need to have a large variety of items, beautiful pictures, and new products consistently.Since you would be starting a new business, it would not be easy for you to purchase from suppliers with minimum orders, even a minimum order of $100 is too high for newbies. Silver jewelry costs around $2 and above per piece; depending on the design/make. A $100 minimum would end you up with 50 pieces; and what if the items do not get sold? Most suppliers do guarantee their products, and will refund you for incorrect merchandise. Is there any supplier that would allow you to return products that are not sold within a certain period of time?If your supplier provides pictures, it will save you a LOT of time, taking good pictures of jewelry requires a good camera, the correct lighting, and a lot of time.Further more, if a supplier packages products individually; it would save you a lot of time to package the products. You should be receiving a shipment with all the products prepackged, in either plastic bags, or bubble wrap; so all you have to do is sort them out, insert them into envelopes/boxes and mail them to your clients.You can easily profit up to 200-300% of your buying cost, ie. buying a ring for $3.00 and reselling it on eBay for $10. That is $7.00 profit, from just clicking your mouse.If you list 10 rings a day, it would be $70 In 30 days, for a total of 30 days, that is $2100.00 ; minus 10% for eBay expenses and other costs; you would be left with approximately $1900.00 This is only the minimum, by selling 10 rings / day. You can list a lot more. There are other products too, such as earrings, bracelets, pendants…and more. All of this; and more are profitable items.A supplier that allows you to return items that are unsold, is your guarantee to success. There is no real investment involved, if it does not work; just return the items. However if it works, build on from there.Visit http://www.925silver4u.com, an excellent resource for silver jewelry home businesses start ups.

Which Type of Fear Might Be Holding You Back from Success in Business?

Good ideas are literally “a dime a dozen”. Individuals conceptualize revolutionary new products and new services with each passing minute of each day. Although there is such a steady stream of ideas that can be marketed successfully and developed in milf porn to a lucrative business, there are actually few new businesses that make it past the “initial stages” into actual existence.Why is this, and what factors contribute to the abandonment of great ideas that could’ve possibly netted the creators a small fortune?There seem to be two major psychological forces at work when a great idea is abandoned before completion or a business fails for no apparent reason. These two psychological syndromes are:1. Fear of Success 2. Fear of FailureIt is a very frightening prospect to start and maintain a home-based business. There’s no doubt about that. And every business owner feels the “fear” of being responsible for their own destinies, and for their own futures. It’s quite common, to be somewhat nervous and stressed about our businesses, especially in the beginning.Conquering this fear is a necessity, however, as no one can be effective in a business if they allow the fear to overwhelm them.Fear can be “healthy” in a way, as it can keep an individual alert and aware of any failures of the business, which thwarts problems before they start. Fear can also be “unhealthy” when an individual experiences such fear that it leads to inaction and the business never really gets off the ground as a result.The two fears above seem to be the most prominent among new business owners. In the first, Fear of Success, a new business owner may have a great idea, and may develop every facet of the business thoroughly, yet they never seem to “open” the doors of the business. They may find excuse after excuse, why they can’t really put the business into play, although all facets of the business are established. They may find that they run into repeated crises in their lives, sickness of themselves or a loved one, disasters that are not “really” disasters crop up repeatedly. This is simple Fear of Success, and part of a psychological pattern.Although crises do occur to us all, we go on with life despite these, and no one has crises that are continuous. A business owner with this syndrome is merely afraid that success will “change” their lives and they are afraid they won’t be able to cope with the changes. Of course, success will change someone’s life. However, the Fear of Success can be so overwhelming, that some new business owners simply let the business fall by the wayside, thereby ensuring its failure. After all, if the business fails to get started or to succeed, they never have to face the reality of their “Fear of Success”.The second fear is just as detrimental as the Fear of Success. This fear is the Fear of Failure. This fear seems slightly more common and is characterized by the inability of future business owners to even get “started” with any plans or any concrete method of establishing a business. They constantly procrastinate in even the most simple of business chores. They fail to ever establish the business in any way, and for the most part are always promising to “start tomorrow”, only tomorrow may never come. They also may jump from “idea to idea” always hatching a new plan for the next great business. Unfortunately, the plans are the only thing that is ever hatched, as nothing concrete ever materializes. They can be seen by their family and friends as mere “schemers”/ “daydreamers”.Occasionally, business owners can “waver” between the two fears, actually experiencing both Fear of Failure and Fear of Success simultaneously, becoming almost paralyzed with the emotions of all this, and unable to attend to the business with any degree of rationality. They can start businesses over and over, or make plans for businesses over and over, and yet never see any real degree of success.These fears, like all other fears, can be overcome. There are many methods to use to overcome them:1. A business owner needs to stop “projecting the worst case scenarios” onto the business. This is by far the most effective method. Business owners that worry too much about the worst happening, eventually make this projection a reality.2. Business owners need to be realistic about the timeframe involved in success. A good business may take months or even years to stabilize.3. Business owners need to be aware of their own feelings and motives. When “stalled” within a business, they have to question their own inner emotions and ask themselves if perhaps their emotions are overruling their own common sense.4. A business owner will need to have as much personal and business support as possible behind them. This includes family, friends, and of course, other business people. Knowing we are not “alone” can easily alleviate misgivings and misconceptions.5. A business owner should take time to relax and de-stress whenever needed. Fears become more palpable and real during times of extended stress.6. Business owners should always have well thought out plans of action. Good plans reduce stress and the symptoms of stress, which exacerbate our fears overall.It is best if any potential business owner addresses their fears and their approach to life as well as their motives before starting a new business. It is better to address any underlying issues prior to beginning a business, as addressing them while “within” the throes of a hectic business start up is difficult, if not impossible.Remember all fears can be conquered, and it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all!

Creating Momentum For Your Home Business

Have you ever experienced momentum in your home business activities? If so, then you have really been working to make things happen for yourself. Great job. If not, you probably don*t even know that momentum exists. Everything will seem easier for you when you can get the ball rolling. That means working hard consistently and staying focused as best you can.If this sounds like work, you*re right. I hope you know by now that a *fr ee home business* does not exist. The phrase sounds so ridiculous, but thousands of people still search for that term on the internet daily. There are many people out there that actually believe that you can make a living online without doing anything.The fact that making a living from home does require effort is actually a good thing. It keeps the wannabees out of the way of the people that are actually making things happen. You*ll see that when you put more work into your home business, you will develop a sense of momentum. Before long, the work seems easier and you are more able to focus. The money comes in more steadily then, too. The bottom line is — You will be getting more done on a regular basis.Momentum is an important asset to have when working toward any goal. If you won*t do what it takes to get your home business up and running, momentum will always be out of reach. That will make achieving your most desired goals that much harder.Doing what it takes does not mean checking your email ten times a day. It does not mean spending most of your spare time in front of the TV, either. Momentum can only be achieved by continuous effort and total focus on your main goal. If you are committed to having a successful home business, this should be no problem for you.The best way to maintain steady effort is to never forget the big picture. Remember your ultimate goal every day and let that motivate you. You will soon achieve the momentum you are searching for. That momentum will in turn help you reach your ultimate goal.Once you enjoy momentum with your home business you will kick yourself for not getting with it sooner. Having momentum behind you helps to get through the *downs* of business and helps you ride the wave during the *ups*. Working hard now to get your momentum going later will make your life a lot easier sooner. And that*s the whole idea, right? You bet.

Selling Online? Get Ready To Meet These Guys (And Girls!)…

If you are thinking about starting an online business, I need to warn you about some of the people that you are going to ‘meet’. Once you have a website or any form of online presence, these people will seek you out – I guarantee it!THE ADVISORThe Advisor is far more common than you might think. He (or she) will choose your website at random and then email you (often at considerable length) to explain exactly what is wrong with your site. The Advisor will often not have a website of their own but will be a self-appointed expert in website design and online marketing. The beauty of this advice is that it is free and you don’t even have to ask for a review – The Advisor will just send his opinion to you.The Advisor is ALWAYS right. Regardless of how successful your site may be, The Advisor will always find something wrong with it and kindly inform you so that you can correct it.Irritability Factor: 7 – fairly irritating but easily ignored.THE WHINGER (also known as The Whiner)Whingers and Whiners are a breed unto themselves. As the name suggests, they will whinge and moan about ANYTHING! You can spend hours helping these folk (free of charge) yet they will still find something to gripe about. It is impossible to please a Whinger and the best thing to do is to avoid getting involved in the first place. Learn to spot the signs of a Whinger from the first email they send you. If the email contains more than three ‘moans’ in as many paragraphs, you have probably got yourself a Whinger.Irritability Factor: 5 – best to ditch the Whinger ASAP or they will become highly irritating.THE MAGICAL CRITIQUEThese are one of my favourite types of people. The Magical Critique surely does possess magical powers. They are able to review your products without ever having seen them! That’s right, they will offer their considered opinions on your products (whatever they may be) regardless of the fact that they have never made a purchase from you! The review will almost always consist of just a single sentence (but hey, this is magic so you really should be grateful for whatever is thrown at you!). An example review could be:’Your eBooks is complet and utter trash and anyone that byes it is an idiot’Quality stuff I think you will agree. Also, please note the spelling mistakes – The Magical Critique will invariably have a poor grasp of the English language but as I have already said, this is magic so don’t knock it :-) Irrit mobile porn ability Factor: 4 – more amusing than irritating.THE FURIOUS EMAILERI think it is fair to say that the Furious Emailer probably has serious personality issues that need to be dealt with. You will recognise the Furious Emailer immediately as the first email you receive from them will be full of CAPITAL LETTERS and obscene language. It is likely that the reason for the initial contact will be that the Furious Emailer has made a purchase from you and something minor will have gone wrong (for example they did not receive a confirmation email after paying etc). Whatever the problem, it will always be obvious to any normal person that it isn’t your (the sellers) fault as they will realise that computers and the Internet are not 100% reliable and these things do happen. Unfortunately the Furious Emailer will not realise this and will spend a few minutes working themselves up into a rage before blasting you with the email equivalent of an Exocet missile!Strangely enough, when you reply to the Furious Emailer and resolve the problem, they will usually roll over and become one of the nicest people you have ever corresponded with. Apologies will flow and everything will be happy and calm once again – like I said, serious personality issues. Be aware however that this is not always the case and in the event of further ‘furious emails’, you may well have found yourself a Complete Fruitcake (see below).Irritability Factor: 8 – can be very irritating simply because of their lack of manners. After all, they wouldn’t walk into a store and speak to the assistant in the same way would they? Easily dealt with though (especially if they are asking for a refund). Simply reply and explain that you don’t respond to abuse and if they would like to apologise and send a polite email, then you will deal with their request immediately.THE COMPLETE FRUITCAKEThis type of person is difficult to quantify and will often display traits of several different types of character. It will usually be possible to spot a Complete Fruitcake due to the fact that their emails won’t make any sense or will not even relate to your website or products. If you reply asking the Fruitcake for more information or details about their purchase etc, you will simply receive further emails that make even less sense than the first.Irritability Factor: 9 – The only way to deal with a Complete Fruitcake is to reply with a similar nonsensical email to that which you have received. Be warned, this can result in you going round in circles having a meaningless conversation with someone that really needs medical attention.On the plus side, if you do work online, you will find that 99% of the people you meet are perfectly pleasant folk. I have made some excellent online friends since I started my web businesses in 1998 and I don’t include any of you in the list above (because I always delete members of the above groups from my mailing list as soon as I possibly can!) :-) Copyright 2004 black porn Richard Grady

Creating Success with Newbies in e-Business

There are hoards of people fed up with their current lack of success who are desperately seeking fulfillment in the seemingly endless parade of too-good-to-be-true business opportunities on the net. Unfortunately, most things that appear too good to be true generally are.The inexperienced online marketer seeking the ultimate opportunity must not only sort through tons of garbage to find a single gem, but is also faced with the choice of a low cost bizopp generating meager returns, or a high cost high maintenance one that is likely to take many months attain a financial break-even, let alone make a profit.The happy medium would seem to lie in an opportunity that has a proven track record (stay away from startups and prelaunches), costs about $100 a month (affordable, yet income-generating), will provide a short term break-even, and can generate a significant income in the first year.That single opportunity continues to elude me.The $20-$40 a month opportunities just don’t generate enough income. At $2-$5 a month per customer (downline member) it takes forever to create even the tiniest positive cash flow. This causes a high dropout rate and thus a two steps forward one step back effect.The $50-$100 a month opportunities often have additional startup costs and additional monthly overhead such as leads or co-op advertising. They tend to be expensive and risky for the newbie. Attaining a financial break-even often takes the newbie many months. The upline support is often inadequate to coach the new affiliate, which again results in a high dropout rate.My solution to this dilemma has been to scrutinize some good entry-level opportunities ($20-$40 a month) and use them to build up to sold $100+ a month opportunities. This allows the novice marketer to get his feet wet, make some money, and build up to a more lucrative program. By bringing others into the entry-level programs, the online marketer uses those opportunities as a feeder into his more expensive program.I searched out some good companies with a proven track record and devised a system where the new marketer commits to investing $100 for several months. The newbie starts with a couple of entry level opportunities, then builds up to the higher investment and higher profit ones.By analyzing monthly costs and compensation plans you can develop such a system where the new marketer invests $100 a month out of pocket plus profits for four months, profits only for another four months, and has a positive cash flow of $6000 a month by the end of the first year. This can be accomplished by each new member bringing only two new people into the organization each month. If you factor a couple of leads programs into your group of opportunities, this assures the affiliate will have plenty of new people coming in to fulfill his two per month recruiting requirement.Setting the monthly investment at $100 a month will weed out those who aren’t serious, but will keep it affordable for the entry level marketer. By beginning with entry level programs you keep the learning curve gradual. By laying the system out in black and white, explaining what programs to join and at what point, you reduce frustration and confusion. By using multiple programs you create multiple streams of income. By keeping the recruiting goals at two per month, you keep it realistic.Develop your system, test it, put it in e-book format, and give the book away. Create branded copies for your downline to give away. This is a great way to bring new people into your existing business, get some money in their pocket quickly, and create a large and loyal downline.You may get a copy of the system I developed using this method at [http://www.homebizphd.com]copyright 2004 John Rogers