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In A Business Where Baby Is Boss

The statistics for Moms who work outside the home are staggering. One study reads that after daycare, taxes, gasoline, and food and clothing expenses, the average woman working outside the home earns approximately $1 per hour. Mothers facing this kind of financial reality often look for ways to earn money right from their homes, thus cutting out the extra expenses related to maintaining an outside career. But they soon find out that staying home with the kiddos presents its own unique challenges. Without the solid line between work and home, how do moms with home businesses juggle the balance between their business and those they do it for?Susie Arevalo, owner of the cloth diapering business Lucy Luvs, has found many ways to keep her business growing, while raising three small children. Not only does she homeschool and have an active toddler underfoot, she is also alone for an extended period of time while her husband is deployed in Iraq as a combat medic.First things first she says is to treat your business like a business, not a hobby. She has set business hours for Lucy Luvs and keeps them religiously. Otherwise the demands of household and childcare tasks can very easily compete with the work she has committed herself to doing. Recently, she hired a mother’s helper to come care for her children during her set business hours of 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While they are under the care of the mother’s helper, Susie can still keep an ear out for her little ones while still being able to concentrate on her business activities. One phrase she hears a lot when recommending a mother’s helper to other work at home moms is that they cannot afford it. As she says “I can’t afford not to have her.”Without regular business hours is often difficult to find the time to attend to your business without the guilt that you could be doing something else. As they say a woman’s work is never done. A majority of mothers with work at home businesses try to isolate their work to the hours after the children go to bed. While a lot can be done after their bedtime, you also take the chance of being ready for bed yourself by this time of night. To combat relying only on nighttime hours to do your work, an established daytime routine, that includes time for your business is essential. This can be very hard to establish, with laundry needing switched, dishes needing done, etc. But it CAN be done. Write down a routine you feel comfortable with and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be strict. Just write down the order in which you would like to see things done during the day. I have found that if I keep a schedule that relies heavy on getting certain tasks done by certain times in the day, I always get “behind” and then discouraged. One lifesaver for me has been the Flylady routine. The email reminders get deleted all day long, but they still serve their purpose, even if I don’t always read them. One thing I have found is that most of the tasks I always thought took so long, don’t take anymore than 15 minutes. Dreaded tasks like laundry, which I somehow never have managed to endear myself too, take a lot less than the allotted 15 minutes.One of the sweetest aspects of running a work at home mom business is the free advertising you can get just by living your life. Susie has built a solid local business just by having her daughter in one of the diapers she sells on her website. Her daughter is a walking advertisement. With new websites like Café Press, you can have your business logo printed on any number of items to carry with you, or to have your child wear. These are bound to stir up some conversations when you go on an outing. High dollar advertising is not required when you truly love what you do. Your passion for your product or service speaks for itself and it gets people interested. It also speaks volumes to those who can see you have a family and still find the time to pursue this business, which says it’s something worth while.Running a business from home does include one very important aspect… the home. This can and should be your first priority. If you have chosen to stay home because you want to be with your children, or don’t want someone else raising them, keep that your focus. This business should run around your family, not the other way around. This is the beauty of owning your own business. If your little one is sick and just needs Momma for the day, you can shut your phone off, refuse to answer emails and just be the Mom for the day. If you need to answer emails, you can keep a basket of your baby’s favorite toys beside your desk to keep them occupied. It really is all about what works for you. Don’t ever get frustrated and give up you hit a bump in the road. Find a solution that’s all your own and fits with your family. When you are overwhelmed with business piling up, take a break and go play Legos or dollhouse. There’s something so relieving about taking the time to remember why you are doing this in the first place.In a business where Baby is boss, there are many ways to keep the balance. There is no magic formula, no right or wrong way and nothing that can make success come faster than the problems you have to solve to get there. Because no one has been the Mom in YOUR family, no one will be able to tell you exactly how to set up your own home business. It’s all trial and error. Your job is to take each obstacle and find a way that you can overcome it. For some, it’s cutting back business. For other’s it’s finding a way to treat the business more like a real business and for yet others its simply finding the perfect toy to keep baby occupied while you complete a needed task. Just keep trucking along and doing what you love, for the people you love. That’s the true measure of success!For more information about how to set up and run a home based business please visit www.diaperdecisions.com and click on “Small Business Tools.”

Moving On to the Next Thing

“On to the Next Thing” — Ross Perot used to say this, and we can’t even remember the precise context–but the application for work-at-home moms and dads is simple. Remember Ross Perot? The guy who was running for president several races ago? He was refreshingly straightforward — almost folksy — in his use of uncomplicated language that didn’t exclude the simple and the plain-spoken.All of that to say, Mothers Working From Home, that when you’ve had your head in the proverbial ovens of web design and internet marketing for several hours a day, and you’ve decided to take a mommy-break, you need to consciously lay down the Marketing-Director-In-Training hat. Understanding the concepts and seeing how they all work together might well be fascinating for you, but rest assured, it is less so for the moms coloring in the children’s section of the local library.Keep in mind that networking with other moms, in your capacity as a parent, is just as important as learning html, returning phone calls, and making business contacts. The other thing to keep in mind is backup childcare.Last week, I was fortunate enough to get an appointment at my doctor’s office the same day I called. My little one and I went to my neighbor’s house, intending to take advantage of a recent babysitting offer. She wasn’t there. The other neighbor we thought of was on her way out the door. Unable to think of anyone else to help get me out of this pinch, but bound and determined to keep the appointment, I packed books, toys and an array of snacks, and buckled my daughter into her car-seat.When the doctor came into the room to examine my throat, we were sitting on the floor, reading. Snacks and juice-box were carefully laid out on my coat, which we were using as a picnic blanket. I tried to pay attention to my conversation with the doctor, while keeping a watchful eye on my child, whose curiosity about the cabinets and drawers was getting the best of her. Later, we both climbed onto the table. I held her in my lap with a thermometer in my mouth and the little one’s head resting on my chest. Good grief, I thought, staring at the ceiling tiles. If there were other moms in the waiting room, they had obviously found a more suitable childcare solution.I wish I had known about backup childcare services. I will certainly breathe easier next time I have to spend a couple of hours at the mechanic’s. Such services are often available through childcare centers, and sometimes through agencies specifically designed to enable parents to get their annual auto inspection, get their hair cut, or just take a break from being the One In Charge long enough to be the Patient.copyright 2003-2005, little-turnips.com. All rights reserved.

How To Escape The Corporate Trap and Go It Alone

- make your new business idea happenIntroductionDo you work in a corporate environment with all of the so-called benefits that brings, yet don’t feel listened to, your work is unappreciated and undervalued, perhaps you may have been overlooked for promotion for no good reason?Which probably means that you are bored stiff, yearning for a new challenge, maybe feeling totally trapped and thinking there MUST be more to life than the 9-5. Do you regularly wish someone could set you free? Perhaps this sounds like you! If so, you might be suffering from an entrepreneurial streak! Have you often dreamed of being your own boss but don’t know where to start?So if this is you – then how do you make it happen? It is true that you can create a life with more money, more free time and more enjoyment by running your own business, but where do you go from here?What does it mean to you?So you’ve decided you want to run your own business? What does that mean to you? Think about what it means in terms of your lifestyle, the time you want to spend and what you want to achieve, as well as what precisely you want to do as a business.Do you know? I hear from quite a few people who have decided to run their own business or work from home but don’t actually know what business they want to be in! If this is you don’t worry – you’re not alone.Clearly until you decide you cannot move on to the next stage of actually getting going, so if you don’t know think about what you enjoy doing, what skills you have and what experience you have. What could you do with these? And don’t just think about the obvious things – you don’t have to just “give yourself a job” doing what you did for your last employer.Talk it over with other people, they will see different things to you so will give you a different aspect on your thought process. If you don’t have something of your own perhaps you might want to look at buying a franchise – there are many different types of business available.Do some research. Look into the type of business you want to run and find out what is happening in the industry, where the demand is and how you could fit into that.Once you know what you want to do, you want to get it right first time if you can. We have all read the statistics about new businesses – some cartoon porn 80% of them don’t make it. So how to you give yourself the best chance?How do you make it happen?In order to get your business off to the best start I think there are a number of things that you can do. In a nutshell they are planning, passion, people and practicalities.Firstly passion – will you be doing something that you enjoy? I hope so! If you don’t answer yes to this question, then why are you thinking of doing it? If you enjoy what you’re doing it will seem a lot easier and you will ultimately be more successful than someone who doesn’t.Secondly planning. This comes in at all stages of setting up and running your business and at many levels. To start with you need to look at your goals or vision for your business. Once you have a clear picture in your mind about what you want to do think about what you want from the business and what you want to achieve. This will be different for everybody, we all have our own goals and ideas so don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or wants. Are you looking for an income, a high profile, a good reputation, or any combination of these and other things?Think about how long you want to do it for, and how you will get out of it when that time arrives. Think about whether you will sell the business, pass it on to your family, or just close it down.All of these things will have an effect on how you plan and structure your business.”begin with the end in mind”Thirdly – people. If you look at any famous entrepreneur and look at how they achieved what they have done, you will find that none of them did it alone. Most will cite a mentor or coach who supported them. It is a great idea to get yourself somebody like this who can help you focus your ideas, and keep you on track with your plans. This could be a business coach, a life coach, a professional advisor another business owner or maybe even a friend or family member.Start to think about building a support network of people who can help you, and people you can share ideas with. This might be through face to face meetings, by telephone or on line.And once your business is up and running you will need to think about staff, suppliers and of course customers. But that is for later. Here we are looking at getting you going.Finally, the practicalities. How do you Start Up Right? Where do you get all the information about tax, VAT, employing staff, computer software, where to work, selling and so on?Many people start in business with no real idea of what is involved. I don’t doubt you are an expert at your trade, or skill or you wouldn’t be contemplating starting a business – but have you run a business before? Do you have the first idea about what to do for tax, financial information, and marketing? Often people learn these things as they go, and find out about what they need to know when it is too late – often at great cost. How often have you heard “if only he had told me that before…”?To avoid this it is worth putting in some time up front to find out what you need to know. Do some research – there is plenty of information on the internet now. And ask the experts, you will need to use professional advisors such as accountant in your business, so take the opportunity to find out some useful information whilst you are interviewing them. That is why I wrote my eprogramme, so that people could find out about all of this kind of information in one place.And once you have done your thinking and research and decided that the business is right for you you need to take action! A great idea is completely worthless…. until it is turned into action. Without action there can be no success.Remember Nike – Just do it!SummaryMaking the decision is often the hardest part. Once you have decided to run your own business and know what you need to do you can move forward with the planning and research to make it happen.Think about what you need to do to move towards your goals. It helps to involve others to help you. This may be by bringing in an expert, or it may mean reading a book, listening to tapes or watching videos. Learn from those who have done what you are trying to do.Think about whether it would help you to have a mentor or a coach. Promising someone else that you will do something usually means you are much more likely to do it. It often helps to have someone who can act as a sounding board, or ask you some searching question s to help you on your way.And most importantly of all – go do it!

11 Secrets To Succeed With Your Home Business

1. Your first ultimate start must include written goals and plans. Formulate a plan of weekly activity and be persistent in following it–if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sticking to your plan is essential for success.2.Don’t wait for everything to be exactly right to start…THERE WILL NEVER BE A “PERFECT” TIME! Start now, with whatever you have.The things you need will come to you as you work toward your goal. You cannot become successful in anything when you’re trying to do too many things at once.3. Treat your business as a serious, full-time business, and it will become one. Think of your first six months primarily as a training period. Don’t expect large earnings until after you’ve educated yourself.4. Be patient. You’ll work the hardest your first six months or so and get compensated the least. Big incomes never happen overnight.They only come after you’ve properly shown your affiliates how to duplicate your efforts. Always be ENTHUSIASTIC!! Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations.5. Don’t complain to your upline leaders. Realize that what you accomplish is mainly in your hands, no one else’s.Also realize that, when you see a problem, 95% of the time there are factors you are unaware of. Don’t jump to conclusions. When you have a problem, present it in a concise letter as positive, constructive criticism. Offer solutions if possible, too.Not only will this approach get you better results, but you’ll be building your relationship with your upline instead of tearing it down.6. Be organized, but don’t allow the act of organizing keep you from the most important element of a successful business: MARKETING.Market and promote your business EVERY DAY! Don’t let little problems upset you. Concentrate on the many positives…and the “big picture.”7. Always remember that the only thing that will never change is that there will always be changes. Don’t let changes upset you.Know that you will have to deal with changes and other obstacles, both big and small, continually. Be prepared to be flexible.8. Don’t be a negative thinker and don’t let the negative attitudes of others (even if they’re family members, friends, or peers) influence you.All the great men and women in history had to overcome the naysayers who said it couldn’t be done–and then went out and did it. Think for yourself!9. Don’t be derailed by “perfection paralysis.” Realize that you won’t be able to do everything perfectly. Do the best job you can, then move on to the next project. Keep learning and keep moving ahead.10. Read books (such as Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think And Grow Rich”) that will convince you how powerful your mind really is. Develop the tremendous potential in you (that we all have) that has never been tapped!11. Don’t quit. The only way to fail is if you give up. Remember always…”You are what you think you are”Copyright © Michel RicherPERMISSIONS TO REPUBLISH: This article may be republished in its entirety free of charge, electronically or in print, provided it appears with the included copyright and author’s resource box with live website link.Courtesy of: http://hombyz.com

Be Successful with an Effective Business Image

In the past, when someone made the decision to go into business for themselves, there was seldom a question of whether they would succeed. Many business people had no business plans, had done no market research or even understood good management skills. They just opened their doors and grew. Today, the marketplace is much different. Competition is fierce. Businesses must compete daily in order to stand out from the crowd, to be unique and to achieve brand recognition for their products and loyalty from their customers. It is not enough to know your business; you must be perceived to be successful, to provide the best product or service, and to stand by your product. Not only must you know your business, you must have a business image that reflects this.Many businesses get so caught up in the every day promoting and marketing of their products or services that they often neglect one very important item: a quality, consistent business image. Today, with so many businesses competing for the ever-shrinking consumer dollar, a professional image that stands out more than your competitor’s becomes even more essential. It is important to be recognized in a consistently positive manner.Because you may only get one chance to create a positive first impression, you want it to be the very best one.Where do you Start?Working with a graphic design professional will ensure that you achieve a successful image. All of your marketing and corporate materials will be consistent and reflect your success.Start with a LogoCareful consideration must go into a logo design in order to achieve the look you want. The type of business (including a home based business), profession and product will guide you in various directions. It is important to share your business expectations and market focus with your designer so she or he can better design an effective logo.Deciding on a designer is important–someone who can relate to your business and to your competition, and someone who takes the time to find out about your business. A good designer asks a lot of questions before beginning the design process and should give you several good designs to choose from.Good designers will keep in mind the ever-increasing uses for your logo. It must be adaptable for use not only on cards and letterhead, but on signage and perhaps the Internet. Your logo must be able to grow with your company. Remember, your logo is the image you present to the world – be sure it’s an impressive one. Fonts, Ink Colors, and Paper ChoicesVarious fonts (typefaces) are also used to reflect your image. Simplicity and professionalism are the key.The next consideration is your choice of ink colors and paper choices for producing your stationery packages. Take note of the correspondence that you receive daily in the mail. Corporate professionals tend to use conservative and strong colors of ink. Blue and dark gray are the most popular choices for this group. But with more women in the boardrooms and young entrepreneurs in the technological and computer fields, colors are changing–becoming brighter and more adventurous. Popular color trends are desert colors–rust, green and indigo, for example. Trends to recycled papers are the result of our environmental focus. Today, the recycling process is so advanced that most quality papers are recycled in varying percentages of recycled content. The speckled fiber look is not as popular as it once was; even many high-end papers have recycled content.Business CardsBusiness cards are often the first and last impression that you give a customer; so it is imperative that yours be the best it can be. A quality business card and logo reflects favorably on you. It shows that you have taken the time to properly market your products, and states, “We’re important.” even before you say a word. It reflects the quality of work that you do. In other words, ordinary card, ordinary work; great card, great work. A quality card will give you the competitive edge, especially if your card and that of your competitors’ are in the hands of a customer trying to make a decision.ConclusionYour image should reflect who you are. What image do you wish to project? And maintaining consistency with all your printed materials (logos, business cards,letterhead, invoices, brochures, advertisements and signage), as well as your web site design, will reinforce your credibility and professionalism, and enable you to build consumer confidence in your business.With a great product, a successful business “persona” and a quality, consistent business package, your company and home based business is off to a positive start. Success is just around the corner.

5 Ways To Build a Downline

We all know that joining an affiliate program is worth absolutely nothing unless you have a significant sales force under your belt to promote it and build your income… You join a program, you get a replicated website with your affiliate info, they give you ads to promote, and all that good stuff…You’re all excited (you’re going to get some money!), but what now??? It’s like giving you an arsenal of weapons, but then leaving you in a gigantic field, telling you to go get them!!! Get whom? Go where and How? OK! You start running in all directions, getting tired by the minute.The Internet can be the most confusing and distracting place you will ever be in… what you need is guidance and focus.Downline building is a numbers game… A lot, and I mean ALOT of affiliates who signup will do nothing short of nothing, really! 5 to 10% of all signups will actually do what it takes to succeed… The rest, well, they signup and wait to earn money while doing nothing. So when I say it’s a numbers game, I mean the more you recruit, the more chances you have of finding diamonds in the rough…I will give you 5 ways to start building your downline empire…1. Advertise in EzinesFind Ezines or Newsletter directly related to what you’re advertising. If you’re advertising a Home Business Affiliate Program, find Ezines that are related to Home Business Opportunities, since it’s readers subscribed to be informed of money making opportunities. Remember to keep track of your advertisement’s performance, so you can weed out the ezines that are not providing a good response.2. Pay-Per-ClickPPC is a great way to bring in affiliates. By bidding on a particular keyword or phrase, you can target exactly the people wanting to register to your affiliate program. Well researched keyword bidding can turn out to be your best investment ever, if you know how… There are many good books on the subject. There’s one called “PPC Dynamic” in the “Promotion Guide” Section of my website for FREE (see resource box for address), if you need to refer to it.3. Guaranteed sign-upsAnother great tool… you pay for the amount of signups you want. They cost a little more, but in my opinion, they’re worth it… You can buy 25 signups for $15-$20, but you need to have a great follow-up email sequence to motivate them and give them the support they need to succeed.4. Writing articlesWhat’s better then look like an expert in your field… You need to “Brand” yourself to the marketing world. By writing articles related to your market, you will be perceived as a super-affiliate. Explaining some aspects of affiliate programs and their benefits, you entice people to listen to what you have to say. They see your name and recognize you, and come to trust you.Once you write your articles, submit them to Articles Directories where Internet Marketers can go and grab your articles for their Ezines. Hey! FREE advertising!Note: Be sure to include a resources box at the end of your articles telling people who you are, what you do and where they can find you.5. Signature filesAnother free way to advertise… Viral Marketing… At the end of every email you send, include a one or two liner, plugging your affiliate program or a free book leading them to your promotion website. You just can’t image how far an email can go without any effort whatsoever.** Well, there you have it… these 5 ways are not the only ways, but they are the ones I use, and am most satisfied with.One more thing you need to do… Give your tips and techniques on how to promote to your downline… It’s called “Duplication”… If you help them succeed, then and only then, will you be successful. Be there for your Downline, and it will reward you in many ways! :-) To your mobile porn success…

Home-Based Business For Fun And Profit

SELF-EMPLOYMENT AND YOUThe world of self-employment can be a personally and financially rewarding one for the right individual. Many people dream of owning their own business but don’t believe it will ever happen for them. The majority of these folks see all the positives of working for yourself, but lack the drive and determination to make the transition from employee to employer.Self-employment is the ticket to higher earnings without limit and the right to control and work your own schedule. But it’s not easy work. A lot of self-employed people are working longer hours and weeks than ever in their own business. The difference is they are doing work they truly enjoy, and are getting paid for it!You have the talent and ability to work on your own! Perhaps you’re just not sure what business you’d like to specialize in. Sales aren’t just the slick folks on the automobile showroom who want to know what it will take to get you in that car today. Selling is the process by which a product reaches a consumer. It can take many forms. If you have some preconceived ideas about sales right now, erase them from your mind. Start with a clean slate by remaining open to all possibilities in your home-based businesses.After all, if you’re marketing a product you would buy yourself, it will be easy to convince others of its value. Since you’re selecting the right business opportunity, you’ll unquestionably choose the business that has the most appeal to you. Selling something you love almost never feels like work, or real selling!HOW TO GET STARTEDIf you currently have a job, you may want to break into your home-based business on a part-time basis until you’ve built up enough earnings base to leave. There will probably be no greater feeling than when you walk out the door and into a business where you call the shots!If you’re between jobs, then by all means go at this full-force. All you need to do is to contact the businesses listed here that interest you and begin the process of determining if this is right for you.There may be several opportunities here that are franchises. There is no available data that says that electing to go the franchise route to start your business has any lower success rate than beginning a new business from scratch. Again, view these choices with an open mind and investigate the opportunity thoroughly before making the commitment. If you’re working part or full time, you can, perhaps, be even choosier.THE TOP 10 WAYS TO EARN MONEY AT HOME1. ANTIQUESThe buying and selling of antiques has been and should continue to be a very productive business, financially, for those that do it. Here, you only need an extra room in the house, or the use of your garage — and you have an office!If you have a large home that has some antique furnishings, you might consider turning it into a showroom for your antique acquisitions and sales, providing you satisfy any local zoning regulations. The interest in antiques will survive into the foreseeable future. Many people choose to spend their free time on the weekends “antiquating” from place to place to try and pick up a few odds or ends and maybe a jewel or two. If you know anything about antiques, this may be a great opportunity for you.For more information, check out the book, “Buying and Selling Antiques”, by Don Cline and Sara Pitzer. Your local library may be filled with other publications on this subject that can get you started quickly. Your only overhead may be inventory and advertising!2. BAKINGHave you ever been told that you have a recipe which people would line up to get if they could? Ever had anyone tell you that you should be selling those cupcakes you make? There are a number of success stories about people who have launched successful businesses by cooking at home and then marketing to local people first. Word of mouth on a good product may start to get restaurants or bakeries interested in acquiring your culinary masterpieces. Then you progress to selling them state-wide and presto! A winning home-based business!For more practical advice on the assorted aspects of setting up a specialty foods business, you should contact your local U.S. Department of Agriculture Home Extension Agent in your county. Since every U.S. county has such an individual, that person shouldn’t be hard to find!3. BED AND BREAKFAST PROPRIETOR(S)Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast and thought, “hey, I can do this!” You probably went on vacation and simply chalked your thought up as one of those pipedreams one gets when they stay in a beautiful spot.Don’t toss that thought away! While it’s not easy work as the hours can be long and it’s usually a seven days per week business, it’s often something that you can work into a daily schedule. After all, it’s merely an extension of doing the housework for family, right? More and more Americans are taking after Europeans and opening their homes to travelers. If you have an extra room or two since the kids moved out, you can start a bed and breakfast in your own place!Bed and breakfast popularity will continue as more and more vacationers and business travelers seek a different accommodation away from the predictability of the average hotel room. If they enjoy their stay, many become “repeat” customers, coming back to the same familiar surroundings time and again.If you don’t need to do any major renovations in the house to accommodate this type of establishment, you can be off and running with very little money invested, other than advertising and some new “guest room supplies”. If your dream is to buy a bed and breakfast somewhere in a vacation paradise, there are probably houses for sale that will work for this purpose.Whatever your design, there are several good books on the subject of starting your own bed and breakfast, including “Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast”, by Beverly Mathews. Check them out at your local library.4. CHILD CAREDue to the financial pressures many families face today, many parents work outside of the home to bring in enough income to pay daily living expenses. A single parent is obviously working but all too often both members of a two parent family are in the workforce.This creates a home-based opportunity. Children must be watched, all day if they’re not in school, or, otherwise, for a brief time after school before the parents finish work for the day.Caring for one additional child may not be that lucrative, but taking care of several children can certainly be a full-time, financially successful business. Often, taking care of several children is made somewhat easier as the youngsters often will play together.You can do this at home for only a small investment in basic equipment and toys for the kids in addition to the advertising of your business. There are several publications that address starting this type of business, including “Family Day Care”, by Betsy Squibb.Another resource is the Day Care Council of America, 5730 Market Street, Oakland, CA. 94608.5. COMPUTER SPECIALISTThe advent of the computer age has changed the concept of self-employment. Having a computer at home has opened a number of opportunities for running your own business utilizing this equipment. Companies everywhere are “outsourcing” work that can be done by someone else on their computer, out of their own home.If you’re not that familiar with a computer, there are many low-cost (or free) seminars and classes that will teach you what equipment you need and how to use it.If you’re a whiz in computers, you may end up working as a consultant, writing programs for companies. If you’re a beginner, you may find yourself able to obtain work as a writer, using your computer to produce copy that’s easy to edit. You can also keep accounting and payroll records for companies on your computer’s database.Word processing software can be used not only for writers but for those that can offer secretarial services out of their house. Desktop publishing software can allow you to do newsletters for businesses and other organizations.For more educational data, contact the Information Resources Clearinghouse at Syracuse University’s School of Education, 030 Huntington Hall, 150 Marshall Street, Syracuse, N.Y. 13244. Their phone number is (315) 443- 3640.There are a substantial number of good publications, too. Your local library will have several books on computer occupations. If you can operate a computer, you can find work in the information age today.6. GARDENINGIf you like working in your garden each year and growing vegetables for your family to eat, it’s a definite possibility for home-based employment. Imagine clearing a little more space and growing more items that you can sell directly to the consumer.Most produce stands will buy from you if your product is one of high quality. If you enjoy gardening, this could be your ticket! If you have some more land to use, do it! Plant what you can, when you can! Contact your local produce stands to ascertain their buying habits.You can even inquire about your own produce stand if you have enough product. The more space you have on your land, the more likely you will be able to generate enough crops to run the business.People love home-grown vegetables. They just don’t have the time or want to be bothered doing it themselves. That’s your open door!For more information, consult books like “Plants for Profit,” and “A Complete Guide to Growing & Selling Greenhouse Crops”, by Francis Jozwik.7. IMPORTER AND DISTRIBUTORThere are a substantial number of products manufactured in other countries which can be bought inexpensively and sold here in the United States at a profitable level. The recent passages of the Congressional bills, NAFTA and GATT, may make it easier to bring in other products from other countries.This is a business easily operated out of the home, depending on the types of stock you’re carrying. You may have to rent some storage space, but the capital required to start should essentially be limited to the products you’re buying to sell here.Two good resources for you are:* American Importers Association Membership Directory, 420 Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017; and* American Register of Importers and Exporters, 38 Park Row, New York, N.Y. 10038.You can also look at books in your library such as “How To Make A Fortune In Import/Export”, by Howard R. Goldsmith, obviously an optimistic look at this type of business.If you know the type of product you want to import and the market most likely to purchase your goods, you have great potential for a successful home-based business.8. INTERIOR DECORATORWhile this business will require you to be out and about, meeting with customers, it’s the type of work many people would love to do. If you have a fascination for decorating a home, this could be your line of work.Many people don’t know where to start when they are remodeling or buying a house for the first time. If you have the knowledge of colors and patterns and what looks good together, plus the expertise of knowing where to get materials and furnishings, this can be a winning home-based business for you.One excellent resource to consult is the “Interior Design Directory”, available through Whitney Communication Corporation, 1050 E. 58th Street, New York, N.Y. 10155.9. PHOTOGRAPHERThe sky’s the limit here! Armed with your trusty camera and some good advertising, you can do weddings, models, family portraits, passports, student photos, local newspaper coverage; almost anything that requires a picture!You can easily start this work, part-time, and work into full-time work based on your success and inclination. Not much equipment is necessary to get going as a camera off the store shelf can often do the trick today. Picking up a tripod and having a room sufficient for developing your pictures, and you’re in business — at home!There are a number of excellent books available in your local library to get you started on the path of professional photography.10. SEWING & ALTERATIONSMany people love to sew. If you’re one of them, consider offering this service out of your home. When someone buys a new outfit, it rarely fits perfectly, meaning some kind of alteration must be done.People look long and hard to find reliable individuals to do their alterations. If you can sew, you’re well on your way to opening the doors of this type of business.One resource you can review is “Sewing for Profit”, by Judith and Allan Smith. Or your library will have a handful of capable publications on starting up this type of business.These are our suggestions as to the top 10 ways to earn money at home, enough to be a full-time self-employed businessperson!But there are many other opportunities. The listings that follow may give you some other ideas you need to get started in business for yourself.SUMMARYAre you ready to start up your own business now?Whether you begin from scratch or invest in a franchise, the time has never been better to get a home- based business off the ground. It’s become almost routine in the business world to work with independent contractors. Many times, it’s more cost-effective, too.Most of these businesses do not require a substantial amount of start-up cash. Many of these franchise opportunities offer financing.With Internet’s help, your home business can be moved online and expand globally. Your profit will be significantly improved if you can integrate your traditional business into online business.

Business Stationery, Part 1

One of the greatest forms of advertising is to create stationery that advertises your business. Just think, you would be exposing the Post Office and others in between to your business!First let’s create a folder to put your work in. Go to ‘start’ — ‘Documents’ — go all the way to the top and click on ‘My Documents’. Right-click in any open space and choose ‘New’ — ‘Folder’. A folder with a box next to it will appear. The box will have ‘New Folder’ in blue, with a blinking cursor. Start typing in the name of the folder. In this instance, we will type in ‘Business Stationery’. Click ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.Go to ‘start’ — ‘Programs’ –’Microsoft Word’. When the document opens, save it as a letterhead. To do this, go to the ‘File Menu’ and choose ‘SaveAs’. Make sure the top box of this screen says ‘Business Stationery’. If it doesn’t, click on the drop-down box and go to ‘My Documents’. Find the ‘Business Stationery’ folder and double-click on it. It will then appear in the top box. This means we will save it in this folder.In the bottom box, where it says, ‘File Name’, give your document a name. Example — ‘Business Letterhead’. Click on ‘Save’.You will then get a blank screen. To insert a ‘ClipArt’ image, go to the ‘Insert menu’ — ‘Picture’ — ‘ClipArt’ . Click on the different categories, until you find a picture that would represent your business. Click on the image you have chosen. Click on the ‘Insert’ button. If you need to reposition or resize your image, click on the picture in your document. Go to the ‘Format Menu’ and click on ‘Picture’. Click on the ‘Size Tab’ and go down to ‘Scale’. Click on the ‘height’ % and change this to where you want it. This will make the picture smaller. Play with it until you achieve the size of the picture in ratio to the text. To move the image, click on it and drag it to where you want it. Then go to the ‘File menu’ and click ‘Save’.Type in your Company’s information [ie- name, address........]We will now ‘Format’ our information, by going to the ‘Format Menu’ and clicking on ‘Font’. Choose a Font, Style, Size, Color and Effect from the lists and click ‘ok’. Remember, you can change these until you get the right feel and look for you and your business. Style the remaining text in the same way.To put in your email address, without the hyperlink, go to the ‘Tools Menu’, choose ‘AutoCorrect’. Click on the ‘Autoformat As You Type’ tab. Uncheck the box beside ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’ — click ‘ok’.'Template’, refers to a pre-designed file. This is a handy tool to use when the basic look of the document will always be the same (invoices, letterheads….). We will need to save it as a template. To do this, go to the ‘File Menu’ and click on ‘SaveAs’. Click on the Drop Down Box, where it says ‘Save as type:’ and choose ‘Document Template’. You should already have a ‘File Name’ in the box for that. If you don’t, type in a name for the document. I save mine as Business Letterhead. Click ‘Save’.You can also do this task with Microsoft Works. This program has a wizard to help you create your letterhead. When Microsoft Works is opened, the ‘Works Task Launcher’ dialogue box appears. In the ‘Common Tasks Folder’, double-click on ‘Letterhead’. You will then follow the instructions.You can take a look at my ‘Business Letterhead’ here: http://janes-place.com/business_letterhead.htm

How To Make Money With A Home Based Business Online Without Spending a Dime!

If you are reading this you must either already be working online or thinking about it. So many people are working online today and making a great deal of money doing so. I’m here to tell you how you can make money…and do it without spending a dime.First I want to tell you I don’t believe it is possible to “make money fast”, online or off. Any business, online or off, takes time to build and to see profit. I do believe that if you want to make money faster than you need to spend a little, but, as I will show you, you can do it with no cost to you, it will just take longer.About 95% of the programs out there are scams and many advertise that you can “make money fast”, but first give us your credit card number. This leads me to my first tip:Never join a program that wants a payment upfront.I don’t know about you, but I’m much more confident joining a program that tells me I can make money and don’t have to pay for it. It shows me the company is “real.”Get a WebsiteYou joined. Ok, next step. You now have something to sell or promote. But how? With a website. You need to show people what you are selling or promoting. Some companies give you “gateway” sties and that’s good, but not good enough. You need another avenue to “show” or link to these sites. These sites alone will not make you any money. There are many of free hosts out there that provide free web space and html editors.When looking for a place to host your free site you have to keep a few things in mind. How much space will they give you, do they put ads on your site, and do they have their own program to help you make your site if you don’t know html. Here are some free sites but there are others:



Keep in mind that most free sites WILL put ads on yours. Because of limited space you are going to want to upgrade to a better web host…one that you will have to pay for, after you start making money with your business.Now we will talk about how to advertise your website.Reciprocal LinkingThis is simple but time consuming. Even if you spend money on your business this is something you are going to want to do. This is what helps get your page listed higher in search engines.The process is simple. You do a search in the top search engines using your keywords and keyword phrases. You are looking for sites with similar content to yours. Let’s use “home based business” as an example. Go to Google and put the keyword phrase “home based business” in the search box. Click the first site listed. Make sure the site contains content similar to yours than scroll looking for something like “add link”, “submit your link”, “link exchange”, etc. Once you find it click on it and fill out the form. Fill in all the information it asks. Usually they will submit there information so you can link back to them. If they link to you, you must link back to them. If you can’t find anything on their site to link to, send the webmaster and email asking to exchange links. You want to include the title of your website, your url, and a brief description of your site.Now do the same for the first 2-3 pages of search results. Repeat for other search engines such as Yahoo and repeat using different keywords. You will wait anywhere from an hour to a few weeks to hear back from people, you may not hear back at all. But the more links you get on your site the better your search ranking will be.You are going to want to put links on separate pages from your home page and put no more than 99 on a page. Doing this for 2 hours a day for 2-3 months will get you high on the search engines and a LOT of traffic.Traffic ExchangesMany people don’t like traffic exchanges because the traffic directed to your site is not targeted. You may receive 1,000 visitors or more before getting even 1 sign-up or purchase, but if you don’t want to spend money, traffic exchanges won’t hurt.A traffic exchange is giving you traffic in return for visiting other sites. You will only have to visit these sites for 10-30 seconds. The more you use, the more traffic you will get. Here are some traffic sites to use:





Raging Bull black porn Traffic





Classified and Free Ad SitesWhether you are selling a product or promoting a business opportunity, free ad sites are great tools. You can download AdWizard for free. It will help you keep track of your ads as well as provide you will free ad sites.Using these simple strategies will help make your business grow. I won’t lie, it will take time, but what good business didn’t take time to grow?

A Common Frustration When Operating A Home Based Business

The source of frustration addressed in his article may be all too familiar if you happen to work at an Internet-based home business which relies on personal relationships and/or teamwork.I am often contacted by members of my business team with a taleof woe regarding a lack of response from their affiliates. Ittypically goes something like…”I send out lots of emails to allof them and I very rarely get any response. What am I doing wrong”.If your particular internet business involves selling well knownbranded items, personal feedback is not an issue. Visitors toyour website (potential customers) are primarily interested inselection, availability, and price. If it is a returningcustomer, then you can also throw customer service into theequation. Once the desired item is selected, your mouse doesall the “talking” without any human interaction involved.However, there are many types of internet-based home businesseswhere feedback and interaction are quite important and getting anaffiliate or business team member to communicate with you is adefinite objective. It’s not at all surprising that this can bea challenge when you stop to think that what you are trying to dois initiate a dialog between two complete strangers who have never even seen each other.Heavily branded websites like walmart.com or amazon.com are household names and carry an implied trust with visitors. However, the vast majority of websites are not well known and are found and visited as a result of searches performed by search engines. In these instances, the visitor is probably arriving at the website for the first time and human nature often dictates a sense of fear or suspicion of the unknown which is manifested by a reluctance to respond to email messages from an unknown party.It seems that there is no pat answer as to the best way to elicitan initial email response from a person. I have tried several approaches with varying degrees of success. Individual styles will vary, but the following four points should be kept in mind:
you need to build trust & credibility with thorough knowledge of your business and with straight forward talk about realistic expectations

don’t over-sell or indulge in hype as many people are expecting this and it can be an immediate turn-off

send messages with at least one open-ended question that requires a response

keep the messages fairly brief, long winded messages that go on and on quite frequently will not be read
One other thing to keep in mind is that your messages may not even be reaching the intended recipient and they have no opportunity to give you a reply. At the end of your messagesyou might want to ask the recipient to send you a return emailjust saying “got it”.We all agree that spam is a very serious problem. These days, many email providers and ISPs have appointed themselves to be the “information milf porn police” and are employing various schemes to try to recognize and block messages that constitute spam. Unfortunately, these mail filtering or blocking techniques are often very inaccurate and many messages that people actually want to receive are arbitrarily being sent off into the ozone.I have some first hand experience with this situation. Not longago, the ISP that my mother was using suddenly decided that shewould not be allowed to receive messages from me! It took us awhile to figure out what was going on, but once we did, that ISPwas going to soon become history as far as my mother was concerned.In the final analysis, all you can do is give it your best shot.Some people will respond, some won’t…and the beat goes on.Remember, it’s nothing personal, just human nature at work.—————————————————————-This article is freely available for reprint provided that the resource box at the end of the article is left intact and the article is published complete and unaltered. If you are using this article on a website or e-book, please make sure that the link in the resource box is live or clickable.—————————————————————-