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Explore Home Based Income Opportunities and Make the Most of Free Downloadable eBooks

According to a study by the University of Texas’ Center for Research in Electronic Commerce,The Internet Economy generated an estimated $301.4 billion in U.S. revenue and was responsible for 1.2 million jobs in 1998.It is known for a fact that Professional Internet marketers are now earning $100,000+ per year but the average InternetEntrepreneur would be struggling to make a few dollars. Finding home based income opportunities is becoming harder as competition becomes fiercer with everyone marketing similar products. Having said that,the internet offers huge profit-making possibilities.The number of net surfers is increasing exponentially while more and more people buy goods from the internet. In fact in 2003, it is estimated that business-to-consumer sales has reached $108 billion or six percent of retail sales (currently at two percent ) and business-to-business sales will reach 1.3 trillion.Most internet marketers are earning a fortune by selling affiliate products on the internet. An Affiliate program is an arrangement in which a company pays you a percentage of the sale for every online customer they get through a link from your website to their sales page.Commissions range from 1% to 75% and are determined by the publisher of the product. The commission can be as low as $0.25, but as high as $100.00 per sale.One of the most successful and best affiliate products to market nowadays are ebooks. The Key Benefits of marketing ebooks being:1. Cheap Buying Cost- between $5 – $2002. Full Resale rights – You can sell an unlimited amount of ebooks3. No Shipping Cost – In fact, Electronic products are downloaded onlineIn order to make the most of online products, one has to be aware of the essential steps.These are:1)Shop around – there are so many websites selling ebooks on theinternet. While one site may be selling one ebook for $200, you can get the same ebook for less than $20 on another site.2) Buy in Bulk as it costs cheaper.3) Don’t let yourself be fooled by ebooks’ covers – some sites just change the covers of ebooks to make them more attractive in order to charge higher prices.Having gone through the steps above myself, I have come across this exceptional website: http://www.ebooks-marketing.comIt is one of the best ebooks websites by far!The advantages of buying from them are HUGE. It has one of the widest Collection of eBooks ranging from Internet Marketing Strategies to Cooking Recipes. The key benefit is that you can buy all those ebooks in bulk for only $30. Nowhere else can so many ebooks be purchased at such low price. Moreover, the current deal mentions that as the Collection is updated, members have free access to ALL new eBooks added.The unique feature of ebooks-marketing is that you can also Request eBooks of interest to you. While eBooks-marketing purchase rights for these ebooks you don’t have any fee to pay and get Free Downloadable ebooks for years. It is definitely a MUST for those who wish to kick-start their own home-based online business and those who simply enjoy reading!

Faith, Family, Business: Tips To Achieving Balance

Do you find yourself struggling to balance spending quality time with your family, exercising your faith and running a business all in the same day? Is it really possible to have the best of every aspect of life and still keep your sanity?Time management or should I say, “Life” management, is a very critical piece in every persons life that desires to leave a legacy in this world. Life is no longer as simple as it used to be and we all thought that as new technology is introduced, it would make everything easier, but unfortunately it makes everyone more demanding.There are a few key steps to achieving balance in your life, and I believe that if applied correctly, it will dramatically improve your lifestyle.#1. Keep a journal for one week that clearly outlines where all your time is being spent. This will help you see where all your time is being invested. This may sound foolish, but the average person spends about 72 hours watching television over the course of a week. We all enjoy good entertainment, but some of that time could be spent building relationships or making a few extra bucks.#2. Review the journal and analyze where the time is being spent. This will help you to see who or what is getting the most attention and where adjustments may need to be made.#3. List your priorities. These vary from person to person, but we all have them. This is a step that cannot be skipped because here is where you list your passions. Mine are as follows: God, Family, Ministry, Work, Hobbies and everything else falls below that.#4. Place two columns beside the priority list. The first column is the percentage of time that your journal says you spent in each area. The second column is the desired percentage that you want to reach in that area. This is where is begins to be fun because you have reached a point in which your taking action to improve your life based on your priorities.#5. Set goals. For each of your priorities set a one year goal that you would like to attain outlining the percentage of daily or weekly time you would like to commit to it. Then set a six month goal after that which will act as a key milestone. Next, list a 3 month, 1 month, 1 week and tomorrows goals after that. This will help in you in taking a little action each day towards that one year goal.#6. Stick to your plan. Procrastination is probably the number one reason for failure. Nobody wants to fail and I believe that each person in this world has the potential to be successful at whatever they set their heart to do. Perseverance is the ability to pick yourself up after failure and continue moving forward towards your goals.Hopefully this article is helpful to you in achieving balance in your life based on the things that are most dear to your heart. There will be days that you’ll fall short, but if you keep focused and don’t give up on your goal, you will reach it.

Home Business Leads Can Turn Into $$$

Home business leads are one way to maximize the growth of your business. Every business owner wants his/her business to expand. Everyone is interested in qualified home business leads and prospects. Simply by using only interested and responsive leads, you can quit working your tail off and turn prospects into profits! The key to business success is to keep costs down to the minimum while maximizing every advertising dollar spent. Network marketers can spend a fortune on advertising and searching for leads. Home business leads do not have to be expensive.Home business leads are people that are interested in making money from home. They have either filled out a form with one of the lead generation companies or stated they want to pursue home based business on an Internet bulletin board. Simply keeping connect to other marketers, you can form a network where you can share hot prospects and information to help each other. Do not try to go it alone; use the help of your fellow business people to grow your business.Another way to find home business leads is through lead generation companies on the Internet. These businesses compile information about prospective customers and sell it to business owners to use. You can also rent leads to use for a certain amount of time. What you want to look for in searching for home business leads is companies that offer double opt-in leads. This means is each lead filled out a questionnaire with a variety of different questions. Some of the questions include how much time a week are you willing put towards your business, how much money would you be willing to invest in your business, and why do you want to work from home. Then they had to put a valid email address on their form so the company could email them for confirmation.Some things to consider when searching for qualified home business leads:-Find the right businesses and contacts for your business. Do your research before contact them directly.-Use mailing lists to send out letter and catalogs.-Consider an e-mail promotion.-Target only your best leads.

A Presidential Debate

Talk about a controversial topic!The recent debates were something else.The interesting thing is this, if you’re like me, you’d probably already decided who you were gonna vote for, long before election day ever came.And then, as you watched the debates, the guy who ain’t gettin your vote tended to get you a little riled up.Yesterday afternoon I was reading an article that really got me going.Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out where in the heck this guy was coming from, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.Here’s the content I’m referring to, in his own words.= = =There is no need for my readers to get more out of life by doing less.To start with, this is a ridiculous concept. We all know that the more you put into anything, the more you get out of it. For instance, if Bridget Jones had not put that blue string in the pot, all she would have had was soup.I say, cram your agenda. Cram. Cram. Cram. Put as much as you can into life, so you can gets lots out of it. Never mind wasting your time eating, sleeping or showering…OK, maybe showering, but get as much done as you can today. You would not want to die with windows unwashed now, would you?= = =Now…I don’t know how you feel, but let me tell you my thoughts.I used to be a serious workaholic. I spent seven years fishing in Alaska prior to owning my own business, which I began in 1996.So trust me, I know what it’s like to cram your schedule full.I also know what it’s like to work your fingers to the bone, putting in long hours for very little pay while you get your business off the ground.The whole time you’re holding out hope that you’ll figure everything out and things will improve soon.But meanwhile, you know the statistics.You know that most businesses fail within the first few years.And the fact is, in the back of your mind, you keep wondering if yours will succeed.Now, lest you think I’m getting off tack, I tell you this to make an important point.Working hard has absolutely no correlation with how successful you are (although I firmly believe it affects your health, in a negative way.And working hard has absolutely no correlation with how much money you make.Most people would tend to argue this fact with me, and who can blame them.I used to think there was a link myself.Why else would I work so damned hard?But here’s the truth…I now work only a fraction of the time I used to, yet I make more money than I ever have in my life.Now don’t get me wrong, I do put in my time, and yes I have to be disciplined.But the fact is, many days I now quit working around 2 in the afternoon.I no longer work weekends.I take more time off to enjoy life.I take no less than 8 trips each year, because I love traveling.And as a result, I’m a much happier and healthier person because I have so much less stress in my life.So here’s my theory…The concept of getting more out of life by doing less is far from ridiculous.It’s too bad more people don’t understand the theory.I have to admit, I wish I’d picked up on it long ago. But even at that, I sure am glad I understand it now.I’ll be sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months, and who knows, I might just show you a thing or two that will drastically improve your life, and your health.

Remember the 7 Words of Success

In any walk of life, sport, business, family life, etc, there are always going to be times when you feel like throwing in the towel. Its human nature, we do not enjoy conflict, lack of progress, always finishing runner up. These 7 network marketing success words are simple and can’t be underestimated “never give up, never never give up”. Historians say that Winston Churchill’s exploits in the second world war is the best testimony to these words. When the whole world thought that Britain were doomed, by adopting a never say die attitude they eventually prevailed. I think what start up network marketing business’s need to digest here is that success is very much possible but1) You are always are going to go through rough times and you need to accept this fact immediately2) When rough times strike in your network marketing business, you need to react to the situation correctly.It’s a common fact that network marketing entrepreneurs making it on the internet today are not the best network marketers, they are not the best web designers and not the best business people. In basic terms they are making it in network marketing because they are the ones that want it the most. Whatever you do in life, its not how good and talented you are in any given area, it inevitably comes down to how badly you want it. Drive and dogged determination are huge traits that MLM entrepreneurs have in the modern age. They thrive on challenges, determined that the challenges wont get the better of them. In time like Winston Churchill, they overcome them.If you are going out on your own for the first time online, I suggest choosing a business where a team is incorporated. There are a multitude of programs where you can still have your own home business but will also work as part of a team. A network marketing business would be a good example. Here if rough times strike, at least you will have more than one head to tap into to solve the problem. When you are more experienced and would like to do something off your own back, you can always start another venture where maybe the risk in the start-up period would be greater.Nobody says that network marketing is easy. Like everywhere there is a lot of competition and a lot of marketing work must be done in order to drive potential customers to your web site. Don’t expect big returns in this period and don’t let lack of income affect your drive for your business. It’s imperative in these times to keep working diligently to your plan believing that your present work is for future investment. The real question that each individual must ask themselves internally is how far you will go and how determined you are to succeed in creating YOUR OWN destiny through network marketing. If the answer is positive, believe me you are half way there already.To turn your tribulations into success, see below…

Online Business Success – Give It To Me Short And Sweet

When an EMT is bringing a dying patient into the Emergency Room, the doctor that meets him might say “Give me the bullet”. A euphemism for “we don’t have time for small talk or a lot of questions, tell me everything I need to know and be quick about it”. This article has to be short, so here comes the bullet.My website will show you a very smart way to take some area of knowledge or interest you have and create a website that carefully targets the specific nuances of that subject that offer the greatest potential for profit. Further, it includes a means to very quickly and easily dump your knowledge into what I like to call an “online business creation tool” that cranks out a high traffic website with the absolute minimum of time and effort.The method involves being very smart about how people use search engines, very smart about search engine optimization (designing a website to rank highly with search engines to increase traffic), very smart about other traffic strategies, and very smart about turning the resulting traffic into money in your bank account.It also involves being very smart about gathering everything that goes into creating this kind of a business into one place, and hiding it’s power and all of the technology needed to put it there from the end user — you. So, all you have to know is your subject (it can be absolutely anything that people search for on the internet), and you need to know precisely zero about the huge pile of technology that is needed to make a business on the Net succeed.I’m a retired Software Engineer. I know internet technology inside and out, and like a welder who stands before a remarkable skyscraper and truly appreciates the steel that makes it stand there, I am awed by how this method simplifies the process of building a website, tweaking it to within an inch of it’s life to get the most out of the search engines, doing all the right things to get it noticed and ranking high in the search engines, and setting up the necessary “monetization” strategies to pull in money with that traffic.Before I came across this method, I started three different online ventures, and all of them failed. Not for any technical reason, but simply because I didn’t do the right things from a business standpoint to rake in the money. I had fancy pages that used CGI scripts and php and server side includes and the whole works…and none of it brought in any money.Now though, I use this fabulous gadget called SiteSell to create my web businesses, and sit back and marvel at all the great stuff that I know is going on behind the curtain. Does it bother me not to be writing HTML code and hooking it to an SQL database and on and on…nope, I have another non-profit website for that sort of fun. Will it bother you not to be wallowing around down in the depths of the internet technology that you are controlling from the easy chair…I doubt it, especially after the checks start coming.

Earn Income By Starting Your Own Home-Based Business

Are you interested in starting a home-based business? You may want to work from home for several reasons, including dissatisfaction with your current job, because you have small children or elderly parents that require you to be at home, or you may just need the income a home-based business opportunity can provide. Since you have come this far, you are already an Internet entrepreneur ready to take the first step in creating a steady income and implementing your home-based business ideas. You can be your own boss and generate steady income with your own home-based Internet endeavors.The first step in starting a home-based business is to develop a business plan. Researching your options thoroughly and making wise decisions can make your home-based business very successful and give you a steady stream of income, all from the comfort of your home. There are numerous business opportunities geared towards those who want to work from home. Some promise instant wealth and long lasting success for simply signing up. The truth is that any home business will require effort, marketing, and a network of contacts. The amount of work you are willing to put into your home-based Internet business is directly related to the amount of income you may earn.Plan each step of starting your business carefully. Examine your short and long-term goals and plan how you are going to achieve them. Some home business opportunities are free while others require an investment. Check into free affiliate programs, free home-based businesses, and take a look at those which will need an upfront financial commitment from you. It is possible to earn serious cash from home, but you will have to commit to your business plan and follow it closely. A home-based business must follow certain guidelines. The difference is that the business is located in your home.Do not restrict what you do based on self-imposed doubt and lack of confidence. If you have an idea to start your own home-based business and are truly ready to take that step towards making your dreams a reality, then develop your plan and implement it. It takes self-discipline to plan your business and your life then work towards turning your ideas into steady cash. Make informed decisions and give your home-based business the time and energy it takes to build wealth. Distinguish yourself from the competition and you will be on your way to financial independence.Successful home-based businesses utilize all available resources. There are many tools and sources of information freely offered that will assist you in achieving your goals. You can find any number of tips, marketing plans, strategies, and advice from the Internet and small business organizations. It is common for those starting an Internet or other home-based business to feel as if they are getting nowhere fast. Patience, discipline, and old-fashioned hard work are the key in creating a constant cash flow. If you have the motivation and discipline it takes, you can operate your own successful home-based business, generate the income you need, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.To your success!Copyright © Paul Jesse – All rights reserved

The Power of Membership Programs

Membership programs are the best way to create residual income. You know the kind of income that is coming in month after month for years to come or at least as long as the referral remains a member of the service you sold.There is no difference in how you advertise for this programs compared to how you advertise for one time sales like ebooks or software. There are membership programs available for almost every thing you can imagine. It would take weeks for you to sort through all the possibilities.In my opinion membership programs are the best products to advertise for. Even if you only sell one membership per month. Doesn’t sound much, doesn’t it? But it’s probably more realistic than the high flying promises of the membership program owners. Focus for just a minute mobile porn and follow my math.1 membership sale per month. Let’s say your commission is $5, this is a realistic amount not a fantasy commission nobody ever gets. After selling this program for 1 year you have 12 paid memberships, which now totals $60 per month. Plus the commission from all the other members as well. You will earn $390 in your first year. Hmm, not quite enough to quit my job.Let’s continue. The second year you already start with 12 members and $60. By the end of the second year you have 24 members and $120 residual income per month, which is $1110 per year. If you continue this for the period of 5 years your monthly residual income will be $300.Ok, still not exited. I don’t blame you. Here’s what you can do. Run free classified ads and slightly increase your sales rate to let’s say 1 membership sales per week. You just shortened to length of time to get $300 a month from 5 years to 1 year. Now let’s further assume that you promote more than 1 program. Promoting 5 membership programs at the same time is no big deal to do and it will increase your monthly income from $300 to $1,500.Of course these are all just numbers and speculations. To make my point. Selling on the internet is a numbers game. To make the numbers work you need to sell a lot and often. Membership programs are a perfect product to get the most out of your advertising efforts. Remember: The income potential is too low to run massive paid advertising. Stick to free classified ads and use the method “set and forget”. The less attention you pay the more effective your campaign will be.This is my list of membership programs that are free to join as an affiliate. They never will cost you any money to promote their membership program. Remember, the subscribers are making you money not the program.o Search Engine Blaster – Search engine submission service for a monthly fee.o The Secret To Their Success – Corey Rudl’s membership program for power affiliates.o Guru Mailer – This is the premium email list builder. Solid performance and quality leads.o Convert More Traffic – This is the premium membership site that offers proven tactics and strategies to improve your traffic conversion rates. You can have all the traffic in the world as long as you can’t get any profit out of it it’s useless.If you like to learn more about the power of membership sites visit my web sites or send me an email.Copyright © 2005

The Job Loss Myth

Presidential candidate John Kerry is fond of stating that “… not since Herbert Hoover has any president lost more jobs than George W. Bush.” And there is a kernel of truth to the statement; thanks to technology, jobs require less human intervention to complete. However, a larger factor in this seeming loss of employment is due to the evolution of the American workforce from a lot indentured to the confines of one company or one job title toward the Jeffersonian ideal of every person being a free agent, or indie.The explosion in the number of people going indie has a number of causes. Downsizing created the realization that “job security” isn’t something other people provide, but something you have to create. Two-income families discovered that with their increased tax burden and overhead expenses for daycare, cleaning, housekeeping services, home maintenance and lawn care, a second income from paid full-time employment can actually be a liability.Individuals interested in becoming self-employed can segue more easily from employee to entrepreneur via the indie route. Finally, career changers can obtain valuable experience and networking opportunities in their field of choice with contract work.Indies may lose company-provided benefits, but that doesn’t mean they are without means. As an independent contractor, they are eligible to create Medical Savings Accounts, or they may be eligible to participate in a group health plan through organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. They can create their own retirement programs via SEP, SIMPLE, or IRA investments, or the direct purchase of government-backed I-bonds. If they work out of their homes, they have access to extensive tax deductions not available to wage earners.In short, indies can have the best of all possible worlds – steady income, health and retirement benefits, more real income, and a life.What kind of jobs are available to independent contractors? Well, here are some of the indie jobs I’ve done:
Telephone psychic milf porn ($20.00 per hour, work from home)

Mystery shopper ($15.00 per hour + expenses)

Virtual assistant ($15.00 – $30.00 per hour, depending on the task)

Editor ($35.00 per hour)

Ghostwriter ($50.00 per hour)

Many creative and professional jobs, such as technical writers, webmasters, graphic designers, programmers, teachers and tutors, etc. are done by independent contractors on a project-by-project basis. However, the FedEx Home Delivery and Schwann’s Ice Cream drivers are also independent contractors, so not having professional credentials is not necessarily a barrier to indie work.Not everyone is suited to cartoon porn life as an indie. If you absolutely need the structure imposed by a job, a manager and a time clock in order to function, then don’t consider going indie. If, however, you like having some freedom, are self-disciplined enough to complete jobs on time without being told, and can organize your day and yourself to maximize your productivity and meet your clients’ needs, you have the necessary personality traits to become a successful independent contractor.Ignore the gloom and doom scenario painted by politicians eager to have a job with perks you pay for. Join the indie revolution, and gain an income – and a life – without a traditional job. It’s a choice you won’t want the government to “help” you out of.

New Marketing Techniques, Growing Economy Jumpstarts Giftware And Collectibles Profits

Today changing market conditions and evolving consumer habits have converged to make home-based selling businesses a realistic opportunity with real profit potential.This is especially true in the world of collectibles and giftware. In years past, collectors–who are among the most discerning shoppers–had few avenues for conveniently finding and then purchasing the items they were seeking. They would have to visit specialty shops and expensive boutiques. They often waited for the right specialty event or show, and then would drive many miles to attend so they could look for that exceptional piece. With Internet retail sites, online auctions, and a growing body of home-based entrepreneurs, these shoppers now are able to take advantage of many new resources.For those considering home-based businesses, there are many avenues. There are franchises, partnerships and other business relationships that involve other people. Many of these require an investment in someone else’s business, and unfortunately, many of them turn out to be scams. For those looking to sell collectibles and giftware from home, the only investment that is made is in that person’s own business. The start-up costs depend on how much inventory the entrepreneur can afford to have at first.With our economy poised for what some economists are calling a potentially unprecedented recovery, those searching for high-quality collectibles and giftware will have more money to spend on those items they cherish, and they will be looking for convenient and inexpensive ways to collect them. Selection, price and superior customer service will differentiate the successful entrepreneurs in this area.Collectibles and giftware are sold by home-based entrepreneurs using several marketing programs: retail sites on the Internet, online auctions such as eBay and others, swaps and flea markets, mail-order, catalogs and in-home parties. Some people sell collectibles and giftware for supplemental income, and some make a business of it. Either way, selling collectibles and giftware is a proven way to immediately improve cash flow. Collectibles and giftware are also often sold or auctioned to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.Entrepreneurs often get into the business of selling collectibles and giftware in stages by setting up a small Internet retail site, or attending flea markets on the weekend, or putting a few items up occasionally at an online auction site. Because the profit margin in selling these items can be great, in many cases these people soon “quit their day jobs” to sell collectibles and giftware full time.D.Sponsler of California has been selling collectibles and giftware for more than 20 years to supplement her income. “In the flea markets, people who do this always have a love of it,” she said. “They’re always in search of the Holy Grail, and they’re selling all of their little treasures on the way to their search for the Holy Grail. That’s the way I look at it. It’s like being on a treasure hunt all of the time, whether you’re buying or selling, and it’s fun.” She also has another goal in mind soon for her sales. She plans to “gear up for retirement” by selling collectibles and giftware to build a nest egg.Collectibles and giftware shoppers generally know what they’re looking for and they now have many more options for finding what they want. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to do four things:Stand out from the crowd by selling the types of collectibles giftware that people are buying.Offer some exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else or that cannot be found easily.Be a resource for your customers.Keep prices low.Home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware need to keep on top of what their customers are buying so they can stand out by selling popular items. Tastes and trends in collectibles change over time, so these entrepreneurs need to do their homework, using research tools such as the Internet and keeping a close eye on the competition.Offering exclusive or hard-to-find items is another way to stand out in the collectibles and giftware world. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that collectibles encompass a mind-boggling number of items, since the term refers to anything that people might collect. Often, specializing in a certain type of item can be profitable if there is a large enough demand and there are few sources for the item.Even with all of the technological tools at their disposal today, collectors still have trouble finding an item that they desire. Some collectors may not be Internet-savvy, or may not be familiar with sources in their areas. The more adept that home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware become at finding specific items for customers, the more they will be relied on as a resource, and the more customer loyalty they will develop.Even if an entrepreneur does provide all of this added value to the customer, prices should be kept low. Customer loyalty can quickly turn if they realize that the items of a certain seller are obviously overpriced. The profit margin for collectibles and giftware is generally high, so prices can be kept low while the profit margin can remain relatively high for the seller. Keeping prices low will help the collectibles and giftware seller attract many more customers.One of the best aspects of selling collectibles and giftware is that it is a year-round business, unlike the huge seasonal highs and lows seen in other retail areas. At the same time, the Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping seasons always bring a big boost to the collectibles and giftware business.Selling collectibles and giftware can be a rewarding home-based business in which the entrepreneurs are truly their own bosses. Because of the changing habits of collectors and the impending economic upturn, selling collectibles and giftware is perhaps one of the brightest opportunities in the world of home-based businesses today.