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Developing Multiple Streams of Income for Your Home-Based Business

Many home-based business owners have a single service or product they provide. They may sell e-books or crafts or speech-writing services. Specializing in one area is good for many reasons. For one, it makes marketing easier and helps that business build a solid reputation in one area.Although specialization has its benefits, businesses who derive all of their profit from a single area are overall more susceptible to economic fluctuations and less profitable long term.A good example of multiple streams of income at work in traditional business is the modern newspaper. A newspaper company brings in revenue in three ways: by selling the papers, by selling advertising space, and by selling classified ads. Each of these is another stream of revenue for the newspaper. Furthermore, some newspapers have added an additional stream by charging for access to their online content.For the home-based business owners like yourself, the key is to follow the advice of the old saying: “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Instead, you should work on developing multiple streams of income.Think in terms of a river. One river may have hundreds of small tributaries and streams emptying into it along its path. Without these waterways, the river level would fall considerably and may one day disappear completely. The same is true in business. Your revenue is like that river; it needs to be nourished by many sources, not just one. If that one source slows down or dries up, the negative impact on the flow of your revenue is dramatic.Once you understand why you need multiple streams of income, the question is how do you create them. One home-based business owner who specialized in writing secured her multiple streams of income by owning her own business, doing freelance work for two other companies, and teaching a class at a local business college.Another home-based business owner joined affiliate programs offered by big name retailers and earned money by imaginatively incorporating them into her heavily trafficked web site.Still another took his existing product which was designed to help marketers produce effective e-zine articles, made some minor changes, and re-packaged it as a tool for students struggling to write school essays.As these examples show, multiple streams of income can be derived in a number of ways if you think creatively. The key is to look for ways that complement your existing business.If you sell gourmet cookies, for example, you could produce cookbooks. If you work with Internet marketing, set up an online bookstore full of marketing books via an affiliate program. If you design web sites, teach a course on it at your local college or offer it online through your existing business site.The possibilities for establishing multiple streams of income are endless. But you must always remember that the key to successfully managing multiple streams of income is not to lose focus on your primary revenue generating activity.Have you ever been to a web site so covered in ads that you could not tell what service or product was even being sold? Most people have. The people who run those sites do not realize that visitors are not coming to see banner ads for other companies’ products, but to learn more about theirs.When visitors are bombarded by these other ads, they leave in frustration. In the long run, the site loses money because it simply isn’t generating enough sales to justify charging a decent rate for advertising. The idea is balancing these other ways of earning you money without taking away from the income stream you already have.Once you have your streams in place and learn how to maintain this equilibrium, your revenue will flow like a steady river and will keep your home-based business on solid ground.

How to Make Money in Sales Without Selling

Sales is the best paying profession there is. If you can really sell, you can always find a job and earn money. Those who run the world’s largest corporations, are generally great salespeople. They sell themselves and the company to investors and customers.The home based business arena has exploded in recent years for several reasons. People have been laid off. People have had their hours cut. Even those working full time find it difficult to pay the bills with just one source of income.As people turn to starting a home based business to make ends meet, they find they can make a few extra dollars with non-sales businesses like stuffing and addressing envelopes. However, like in the corporate world, the real money goes to the salespeople.That brings us to the next big thing in the home based business arena. It’s not a new lotion, potion, or insurance plan. In fact, it’s not a new product at all. It’s an amazingly simple selling system that’s producing record breaking results.Most home based business opportunities tout themselves by saying there is no selling involved. Look at the business opportunities section of your local newspapers. The words “no selling,” “no personal selling,” and “no selling system” dominate. The opportunities tell their prospects that because they are calling leads who asked for information, they are not selling. Over the years “selling systems” have been developed whereby the home based business marketer sends leads to websites that explain the benefits of the product. Some even have fancy flash movies that convey the information. Auto-responders are used to keep sales pitches via e-mail in front of the prospects. What all those elaborate systems have in common is that after one or several exposures to the “selling system,” the home based business marketer must call and ask for the money. When someone calls clients to ask for the sale, and of course, the money, I call that person a salesperson.Why don’t these home based business opportunities come clean and call their associates salespeople? Simple, marketing experts say that 95% of all home based business owners hate to sell. Referring to their associates as salespeople would be like advertising a dentist’s services as “extremely painful, but fast.” That’s not what most people are looking for.Since 95% of home based business owners hate to sell, it’s not surprising that about 95% of all new home based business entrepreneurs fail to make money.A revolutionary sales system is changing those statistics in favor of the home based business owner this year. In the age of computers and the information super highway, the magic missing ingredient in the other “so called” systems is amazingly simple. The ingredient is humans. Not just any humans, but experienced professional salespeople who are highly motivated to make the sale.In February of 2005 Clear Business Solutions chose the Coastal Vacations travel product for marketing at their professionally staffed call center. The Mesa Arizona based company previously had success marketing the Ameriplan insurance product, but the pay plan with that company meant that clients would not see a profit for 9 months.An exhaustive search of home based business opportunities led them to the Coastal Vacations travel product for several reasons. Coastal Vacations has been selling lifetime vacation memberships for over 26 years, and has offered the home based business opportunity for over 10 years. Travel has universal appeal and is the world’s largest industry. The Coastal Vacations product has great value, and the $1000 profit margin means that clients could earn a better than average income with just one sale a week.The revolution began in February 2005 with a 6 week test marketing program that produced 22 sales with a total advertising budget of about $5000. 50% of the people who got started completed their first two sales within a few weeks, and another 14% to 17% had completed at least one sale during the same period.The concept is simple. Coastal Vacations call center members market an 800 number and unique ID number. When prospects call, they talk to a professional salesperson in the call center, who explains the product, leads them to a website, and sets a follow up call to close the sale. The salespeople are well paid, so its no wonder that they have a daily closing rate of up to 38%. When clients say yes, the qualified Coastal directors in this program get $1000 each time.The immediate success of the Coastal Vacations call center operated by Clear Business Solutions has spawned hastily thrown together imitators. This is the next big thing in the home based business marketplace, and since most people don’t like to sell, it’s very difficult for others to sell against this concept. For more information about Clear Business Solutions Coastal Vacations call center visit http://www.passivecoastalincome.com.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality: How to Market Your Intellectual Property to the Global Market

Turn your dreams into reality: How to market your intellectual property to the global marketWhether you have tried to market your invention, art, craft, book or other talent in the past and failed or whether you have never tried beyond nurturing your ideas in your mind, please remember this–if you deeply believe in your talent, and if you have a vision of greatness for your ideas, one day you will be able to turn your dreams into reality.Remember Carl Carlson’s 17-year efforts to make his copy machine (Xerox) a reality and Thomas Edison’s 10,000 experiments to invent the light bulb. The powerful lesson from many great inventors and entrepreneurs in human history is–Never Give Up! Even if everybody around you keeps telling you to give up, you should remember that negative people and negative reinforcements are only barriers to transforming your dreams into reality.Many famous inventors, entrepreneurs and authors refused to give up regardless of how many people laughed at them or how many times they failed. They knew that one can never be sure of how long it will take to succeed. And so, they never gave up. All the negative people and negative reinforcements could not destroy their spirit of endurance, perseverance and resilience. They remembered the famous quote “Most people succeeded just one step beyond their greatest cartoon porn failure.”They kept on trying and did not allow the rejections and negative reinforcements to kill their hopes and dreams. They took every obstacle as a challenge to overcome. They deeply believed that one day, the right opportunities will present themselves and will open the doors to their hopes and dreams. In the end, their confidence, perseverance and hard work helped them turn their dreams into reality.The intellectual property transfer market is now estimated to be worth over $100 billion. Today, the Internet provides a wide range of tools and resources to the innovators. A number of online forums, including Minnesota-based NewIdeaTrade.com (http://www.newideatrade.com ), California-based Pl-x.com (http://www.pl-x.com ), and Connecticut-based PatentTriage.com (http://www.patenttriage.com ) links buyers and sellers of intellectual property. The traditional transfer of intellectual property is complicated, costly, and can take up to one year. However, these online forums simplify and speed up the process for transfer of intellectual property.Additional information on how to market intellectual property is available at http://www.newideatrade.com

Follow The Leader?

“Leaders are like Eagles. They don’t flock – you find them one at a time…”If you say to me “is running a nightclub a lucrative business” and I say yes, then that’s as far as it will go. Are you going out tonight to open your own club?In all probability you are not.But if you say to me “is running a NWM company from your own website lucrative” and I say yes, I can sign you up to my affiliate program and give you our Action Plan to show you how to build a team and make residual income. A business you can build over the next few years and go fulltime if you want.Will you become a millionaire like Corey Rudl or John Reese?Again probably not.But then, even if you did start a nightclub you would probably never become a millionaire like Peter Stringfellow or Stuart Cadwell.The difference between owning your own nightclub and owning your own website is that the website is realistic.As long as you remember it is a business and you have to work it as a business, then you will make more money than you ever would at a J.O.B.And that’s as good a guarantee as you’re going to get.At our karate dojo, our Sensei’s nephew got his black belt at 15 and was put in charge of the beginner’s class – both adults and juniors. So we had these guys in their 20s and 30s, some of whom had kids and underlings at work, who had to bow to a 15 year old “kid” and call him “Sir”.Some complained about this and some actually left citing this as the reason. However the ones that swallowed their egos and stuck with it – “became true white belts”, were the ones that went on to become very good students, karateka, and good people. They had to really “empty” their cup” so it could be filled.It weeded out the people with the character flaws and the ego problems. (Like the double opt-in procedure!)So when it comes to Home Business and Internet Marketing I use my name and face and lead as a person first, and the programs and products come second. What you get is what you see.What you get is a young woman as your mentor and team leader, not some middle aged guy in a suit or a “guru”.What you get is someone who runs their business fulltime from home and can show you how to do the same.Anyone who’s ego and character flaws won’t let them separate the two is someone I don’t want on my team anyway.Same goes for guys who come to my karate class who don’t want to be taught by a woman, or won’t get in the boxing ring at our gym for fear of being “beaten up” by a woman (or worse the ones that think that CAN’T happen!)I run my business the same way as I run my classes – leave your ego at the door and empty your cup, put on the white belt, then I will except you. And whether you go on to become a black belt, teacher, mentor, team leader – in or out of the dojo – depends on that.Personally I’m only looking for a higher class of recruit – those who will go on to become a Leader themselves, not somebody looking to follow one.Silke Stahl “The Internet Warrior Princess”- on the mat, in the ring, and on the Net!

Home Based Business Money Saving Tips

One of the first ways you can save on your home based business expenses is to buy used furniture and equipment. Some great places to look for used office furniture and equipment is in the classified section of your local newspaper, consignment furniture stores, flea markets, online auctions and bankruptcy sales. Other good places to check into for home based business furniture and equipment are new furniture stores because they often take trade-ins or have repossessed furniture that they’re willing to sell at greatly reduced prices. Of course you would never want to sacrifice the quality and safety of your home based business equipment, so be sure, especially if buying online, that the dealers are reputable ones.Another way you can reduce your home based business expenses is to team up with other small businesses and home based businesses to increase your purchasing power. Many companies give terrific discounts on items bought in bulk. This is especially true for items like paper where in exchange for large orders you not only get a discount, but also often get the shipping for free. There are many types of home business supplies that you can get big savings on when buying this way. When making bulk purchasing arrangements with other small businesses and home based businesses, spell out the terms of who’ll be placing the order, how delivery will be made and any other details–and put them in writing.It’s also a good idea to join professional associations connected to your home based business. Many on these offer a wide variety of benefits to their members. Often you can get group insurance through a professional association at a fraction of what it would cost you on your own. Many times you can also get large discounts for using suppliers that these organizations have contracts with. Being a member of professional organizations and groups is also a great way to network and get new clients. Also, going to the meetings is a wonderful way to offset the isolation that many home based business owners feel and to pick up some new ideas for your business as well.Whenever possible, buy home based business supplies wholesale. Also, join discount and warehouse clubs. This is another good way to get office supplies for your home based business at huge savings. Also, check into any possible commercial discounts that may be available that you don’t know about. Never pay retail unless you absolutely have to. And don’t limit yourself to offline suppliers. Many online companies offer tremendous savings and are definitely worth checking into.Finally, do some comparison shopping on everything you use for your home based business. You may think you don’t have time, but the amount of money you can save is well worth the time it takes. Compare cell phone plans, insurance companies, shipping services and Internet providers. When you find a good deal, jump on it–but don’t settle for it. Just because a certain insurance company gives you the best rate today doesn’t mean it will still be the best in six months or a year. Remember your home based business isn’t the only business that has to compete to get customers, and all types of companies are changing their plans and reducing their charges constantly. So make it a habit to compare rates every six to twelve months, and switch anytime you can get a significant reduction because every penny you save is a penny you can count as profit.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comhttp://charlesfuchs.blogspot.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Your Home Based Business Opportunity – 5 Powerful Key Facts To Drive Your Business Forward

Your NeedsSo much has been said for the cus black porn tomer or client’s needs but know your own needs. You must have serious financial ambition. You need to be greatly unsatisfied with your current earnings or business growth and you need to be looking to make more. A lot more. Never ever set low or ‘average’ goals. Do this, and you will get less than low or average results. Always, always set high yet realistic goals. Even if you fall short of achieving your business objectives, your achievements will still be extremely substantial.QualityYou need an extremely good quality product or service. So good in fact that it must be able to sell itself. The easiest way to select this is by listening to what people want and giving them exactly what they want. There is a huge trap here that many people fall into which I will now mention. Beware of niches and use them wisely. Just because you know a great deal about 10th century basket weaving does not mean that your book on 10th century basket weaving will become an instant best seller and earn you a handsome profit. Here’s a hint for a home based business opportunity: What’s the current fad now? Got the answer? Excellent. Research it now, accumulate several facts about it and then write your best selling book.AdviceYour home based business opportunity has an 80 to 90 percent chance of failure. You can easily overcome this. Turn this statistic around and start a home based business opportunity that has an 80 to 90 percent chance of success. Do this by getting good quality relevant advice on a regular basis. Have a mentor who understands your needs and is in the same business field that you’re in. Set up your own expert advisory team of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and other professionals to provide you with all the relevant facts and answers so that you can always make the right decisions all of the time. If you can’t afford to pay them, offer them shares in your home based business opportunity.AttitudeYour business mind-set. You don’t know the meaning of these words: quit; fail; problem. In your Master Success Business Dictionary, these words have been replaced:’Quit’ – has been replaced with: ‘dogged determination”Fail’ – has been replaced with ‘did not quite achieve success at the first attempt”Problem’ – has been replaced with ‘an interesting development – here’s what we’ll do’You may break-even or you may be in profit right from the very start. You may even be running at a loss and subsidising your business with cash from other sources. But whatever happens, in the long run, you must see your business to be in a perpetual profit pulling state. So what if you’ve not yet attained the level of success that you’re ultimately aiming for? The bottom line is this: It’s going to be a roller-coaster ride and as a professional at your chosen home based business opportunity, you’re not interested in getting off in the middle of the journey.AdvertiseYou eat sleep, dream and drink your business. Nearly to the point of becoming obsessional. After all, this is your baby isn’t it? Every day, you dream up new ways of advertising your home based business opportunity. You do this because you know that the first rule of business is advertise, advertise, advertise. You talk to everyone that you can about it. You promote, promote, promote. And you watch your business grow.Copyright Ugo Okonkwo

Make Money Online Taking Free Surveys

Is it really possible to make money taking free paid online surveys? The answer is a resounding Yes!! As a stay-at-home Mom, taking surveys was one of the first things that I decided to try. I currently am making an average of $100 to $200 per month, not including any prizes won, and I’d be happy to show you how.The first thing you should know is that you should never pay money to join any survey company. Any legitimate survey company is free to join.Survey companies will compensate you for taking surveys in several ways. Most initiative include entries into drawings for cash, free products, gift certificates, points redeemable for various incentives, and cash via check or pay-pal.You should sign up for several companies in order to maximize mobile porn your profits. I am currently signed up with all 200 free online survey companies listed on Melody’s Mommy. You can view this list by going to Melody’s Mommy [http://www.melodysmommy.com] and going to the section called Paid Surveys. This gives me an average of five to ten surveys to fill out per day. It takes me approximately a half an hour per day to respond to all the surveys. The more surveys you take, the more invitations you will receive, and the greater the incentives become. It is very similar to building a business.Filling out the initial questionairs on each of the websites can be time consuming. In order to cut down on your time you can use a free form filler to process most of the work for you. One that I personally use and recommend is Roboform. It is free and very easy to use. You can download your free copy at Roboform.Once you’ve completed the initial surveys for each website, the surveys will start rolling in. You want to check your e-mail as often as possible. The reason for this is that you want to respond quickly to the ones that offer higher incentives. These invitations sometimes are limited to a select number of responses. If you scan your e-mail frequently, you will ensure that you don’t miss any of these opportunities.

Why Not Go Into The Security Products Business?

Now that you have made up your mind to go into your own buiness, whether home based or not, you have to figure out what to do. How do you decide which direction to go? You will be bombarded for all types of ventures, from MLM to Franchises. If you are a person who would like to be lead, you may opt for a Franchise, where they will give you guidance.If you are more of an Entrepreneur, you will want more conrol over your new businss. Why should you pay Royalties from all of your hard work. You can find a successful business that interests you, and use them as a business model. There is a lot to be learned from a successful operation.What turns you on? I mean business wise! If you don’t love what you are doing, you will not succeed. You have to be excited to go to work everyday. Find something you can enjoy, and see it’s potential.One such business is the Security Products Business. This is the hottest growing business sector of all! People were always very security conscious, but after the terrorists struck, we are all extremely aware of our security, or lack thereof.I am not talking about starting an Alarm Company. The Security Products Business can be broken down into a few categories:* Self Defense Items —- Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Batons* Personal Safety —- Door Alarms, Motion Detectors, etc.* Martial Arts Items — Throwing Stars, Samuri Swords, etc.* Surveillance Equipment —- Hidden Cameras, Wireless Cameras, Nanny Cams, Night Vision Cams, Outdoor Cams, Observation Systems, Quads, Multiplexors, VCR’s, etc.* Gas Masks* Knives & Swords — Including Collectors ItemsThere are many ways to sell these products without expending large cash outlays. Of course, if you are in a good cash position, you can Import these items for an incredible profit potential. All of these items are available from suppliers in the good old USA. Some of them will Drop-Ship to your customer using a return label with your name on it.You can sell these products door-to-door, flea markets, direct mail, classified ads, Websites, Space Ads,etc. First thing is to get your hand on a freshly published Security Products Directory. This should give you all of the contact information you need to get started in this very lucrative business.Good Luck! Don’t be a procrastinator, get yourself in gear, and let the world know you are there!

10 Reasons for Starting a Home Business Online

1. You want to escape the rat race. You’d rather spend the 2 hoursyou waste every day with your family, or on a hobby. Runn milf porn ing yourown business online you can stop the commute, and you can feel goodbecause you are helping to cut pollution too.2. You can work part time building your new home business online untilyou see it taking off. You aren’t giving up your bill paying regular job to jump in without any income.3. It’s possible to start a home business online with very littleoutlay. Webhosting is cheaper than a bricks and mortar shopfront.You already have the pc to access the net, it can start workingfor it’s keep.4. You can choose your own hours. If you have an appointment to keepin the morning, start your online work in the afternoon. No one cantell you “you can’t have that week off in August, Bill got in first”5. If you work harder you can benefit directly, you put more hours inand your online business makes more profit, your wages go up. Yoursalary isn’t fixed by someone elses view of what you’re worth.6. A lot of online business tasks can be automated, using readilyavailable tools. Emails can be automatically sent by autoresponders, even regularly asked questions can be sorted andanswered by software.7. A website works 24 hours a day without complaining. Even if you’reon holiday your online business website can be working online for you bringing in money.8. Your online business can be as far reaching as you want, it canoffer something for your local community. It can equally sell topeople around the world, without penalty. It doesn’t cost any extrato send an email to Australia, or for your website to be used tomake a purchase by someone in Europe.9. Starting a home business online means you have a continuouslygrowing market as more and more people come online everyday.10. It’s dress down day everyday. You can work in your pyjamas if youwant, nobody’s going to stop you in your own home. No more suits and ties unless you want to wear them, but that’s your choice.

Web Site Can Be Made More Presentable

Your website works as your spokesperson presenting the message you wish to convey. Thinking in terms of this analogy often helps you to look at your website from a different angle and make visitor-friendly changes.Imagine a situation – you have to make an announcement about an exciting event or an opportunity. You have appointed a spokesperson to make a presentation on your behalf to an audience consisting of invitees, interested persons and on-lookers. How would you like her to perform? Your website should do the job of a real, living spokesperson. Following considerations will make your website more presentable.1) Main Theme – The presentation in the above example has been organized for a particular occasion. Similarly each webpage should be built around a particular theme. It doesn’t help if too much information is given on a webpage on seemingly unrelated issues.2) Fast Opening – You would certainly not like your spokesperson to be late and make your audience impatient. When a visitor clicks URL of your webpage or is redirected there, the webpage should open real fast. Your webpage gets just a few seconds to engage your visitor’s attention. You would like your visitors to spend those few seconds looking at your webpage rather than waiting for the webpage to open.3) Appearance – The spokesperson should have pleasant appearance and should wear a welcoming smile. This is to ensure that the audience is not put off even before start of the presentation. Your webpage should have a pleasant, inviting appearance to attract your visitor. If spokesperson is very gorgeous looking, she will distract attention of the audience from the real issue. Your website should avoid loud graphics and distracting colors so that the visitor remains focused on the main theme.4) Make Text Interesting – You would like your spokesperson to use clear, flowing language, keep the audience interested and gradually lead them to the main theme. The presentation should be interactive, made lively by stories, snippets etc. Monotonous speech should be avoided. All these ideas can be incorporated while designing the website. The text should be broken into small paragraphs of 4-5 sentences or less, subtitles should be added for clarity, key words should be made bold. These are some ideas to make text more readable. Often a visitor will see only titles and subtitles. Therefore on their own the title and subtitles should convey the basic message.5) Highlight Benefits – Other methods can be used to make the audience interested. The audience is really interested in what benefits they will derive; therefore this point should be highlighted sufficiently. The visitor to a website is interested in what is there for her. The potential benefits to the visitors should form a part of the main theme. This is an important consideration and cannot be over-emphasized.6) Free gifts or Bonus – The audience attending the conference can be given gifts – after all they are investing there time for the presentation. The website can also offer several incentives to the visitors and lure her to visit again and again. Free ebooks, subscription to newsletters, links to related resources, articles and additional information are some of the simplest incentives that can be offered to the visitor.7) Anticipate Questions – When a question is put up to the spokesperson, she should accept it with understanding showing that she had been expecting the question and was prepared to answer it. This approach will re-assure the audience as they develop the feeling that “everything has been taken care of”. While designing a website anticipated questions should be compiled and answers should be provided. It may be helpful to provide separate pages displaying common questions and answers.8) Testimonials – After the end of the presentation, very few people are likely to sign-up immediately. Those who are still interested after the presentation would like to take some time to decide. They are likely to seek additional information and confirmation of the information already provided. The spokesperson should clearly spell out how easy it would be to get any further information. Visitors to the website often re-visit several times before they take any decision, particularly the decisions involving money transaction. Testimonials and endorsements appearing on the website are very effective in getting a favorable response from the visitors.9) Follow-Up – During a presentation it is common practice to register the names and other details of the participants. This information can be used to follow-up with them by sending further messages. The website should be used to perform a very important function of capturing names and e-mail addresses of interested persons for following-up with them.Thinking of website as a spokesperson adds a human dimension with which we are more familiar. Reviewing your website from a new angle can reveal ways of improving it.