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Key Secrets to Being a Great Entrepreneur

You may have an exceptional product that can improve the lives of many.You may provide a service that is second to none.BUT …if you don’t have exceptional sales skills, you will lose out on many an opportunity to demonstrate or provide value to anyone.The most important, yet least developed business skill in many small and home-based business owners is selling.You may associate selling to undergoing a root canal because of the bad experiences you have had with sales people.Lack of effective sales skills is a major contributor to the demise of a business.The great thing to realize is that selling is a skill. It is not something you are born with. It is a skill that is learned and cultivated.Do some people seem to be naturals at it? You bet! I am in awe of some people who seem to just learn a technique and after practicing it once, are off to the races like they’ve been doing it for years.For others, a little more practice and polishing may be required, but in the end, they can be just as effective and successful as those who seem to have it mastered right out of the gate.A major block in selling is the stereotype of salespeople. When I say, “Salesperson” to you. What immediately comes to mind?Do you see a fast talker in a bad suit?Is this person arrogant and pushy?Does this person hear a word you’re saying or does he/she speak over you?Does this person ignore your questions?Is this person a know-it-all?Will this person not take “No” for an answer?If you raise a concern will this person make you feel stupid?I had first titled this article, “Key Secrets to Being a Great Salesperson,” but recognized that just by using the word, “Salesperson,” fewer people would read the article.The negative or positive association of a word is powerful!Although you are an entrepreneur, you are also a sales person. You are in the business of selling a product or service to others.How would you like to be viewed as a salesperson? Would you like others to see you as:Authentic?A good listener?Genuinely concerned for the best interests of the buyer?Understanding?Professional?A person of high integrity?Trustworthy?Knowledgeable?Honest?These are not only skills. They are behaviors; behaviors that must be embraced and practiced.Others may have a better product or service, or lower price than you, but clients and customers will naturally gravitate to the seller who makes them feel valued, respected and heard.I’m sure you have been in a situation where you opted for a product or service you didn’t originally have in mind because of the way the salesperson made you feel.I know I have.Buyers need to know the facts and benefits of a product or service, but they also need to have a sense of relationship with the salesperson.Take a look at yourself from the buyer’s perspective. How are you coming across? Does the prospective customer or client walk away from your interaction feeling empowered, valued and understood?These skills are not only necessary for selling products or services. You sell yourself to others every single day.How you make people feel determines whether or not they want to do business or have any other type of relationship with you.Keep these thoughts in mind as you go throughout your day.Become aware of the impression you create for others and if you are not satisfied with the results, modify your behavior, measure again and keep fine-tuning until you see positive results.Become the kind of salesperson people will recommend to their friends and acquaintances and watch your business grow.

Starting Your Internet Business

Starting your Internet Home Business isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. (Aren’t you glad I cleared that up?)What I mean to say is that if you have a product or opportunity that the public is interested in, it isn’t hard to start an internet business and get your product or opportunity noticed.First of all you will need to build a website. Although, you will go through your headaches with your website building adventure, it’s fairly easy, ultra cheap, and these days you can even build a website without any knowledge of html.After your website is built, you will have to work on getting traffic to your website. Without traffic you will not make any sales and your internet business is sure to fail. It would be like your website sitting in a dark closet, because no one knows it’s there.So, you go through the long hard task of linking to other webmasters, submitting your site to the search engines and directories, because this process of getting links to your website is what drives traffic to your site, both from your link partners and a vast number of link partners is what moves your website to the top of the search engines.This isn’t a hard process, it just takes time and that is the hardest thing about starting your own Internet Business. It takes time, but in the end it’s worth every hour that you have invested. A top listing on any search engine or directory is sure to bring any website enough traffic to sustain a business.When I built my first website, I exchanged links with other webmasters and spent long hours submitting to directories, writing articles and all the things that you do to create traffic, and after about 16 weeks of doing nothing else and starting to have doubts on whether this was ever going to happen for me…it happened. My website got listed on the first two pages of the major search engines for a few low traffic keywords.Little by little, I was able to procure links from some very popular websites because my website was becoming more popular. Directories were starting to pick up my website, and I was slowly moving to the top of the search engines for various high traffic keywords.So as you can see, starting an Internet Business is not hard, it does take an incredible amount of time and patience, and that is a hard thing for most people. Most people who fail on the internet may give it a try for a couple of weeks or even a month. When they don’t see any benefits from their work, they will give up.It’s sad really, little did they know they were within months of creating a successful Internet business that would have provided for their family and loved ones beyond their wildest dreams.If your just starting out with your own internet business. Be sure that you don’t set your expectation too high. It will take at least six months of hard work before you start to see a dime for your time invested.”We reap what we sow, but the harvest is never in the same season as the planting! Today you are planting…and will be at least for the next few months. Your harvest will come in time. Be persistent. Be patient” Gary Carson SFISincerely,

Work At Home, Go Bankrupt At Home–It’s Your Choice

If you want to make an income working at home, you must mitigate spending in the early phases of your venture. If you spend wildly, you will never make money. I can promise you this now. It happens to almost every person who tries to work at home; it happened to me and I nearly gave up, too.It is fine to set high goals, but you must always be grounded in reality when it comes to your finances. You must record your expenses and you must plan to buy certain products and services at certain times. If you do not do this, you will overspend and you will fail. This is a guarantee.Part of careful budgeting is learning what works and what does not. As annoying as it may seem, it is essential to track the results you get from all forms of advertising and expenses. You will have to slash unnecessary costs if you want to succeed. If your marketing plan is to purchase every opportunity you find, operate on a high out-of-pocket budget, and hope that throwing money at your problems will fix them, you wont see the results you want. You will slowly lose money and confidence.I do not care how much money you are willing to lose: your success will be directly related to your patience and the economics of your business model–not an opportunity you might happen to stumble over one day.Patience is something you either have or will develop quickly working at home. If you do not have the patience to work out problems, to find the best products and services without buying each one, and to buy only when you need to–not when you feel the impulse–you will waste a lot of money; however, this problem will work itself out: either you will go broke and give up–or you will learn to have patience.The economics of your business model is also something that you will shape over time and continually change. When you begin your work at home venture, it is essential to research your field, find the best opportunities, verify them through multiple independent sources, and then create a budget based on your best judgement. It is also essential to be selective when you alter your budget. When you find an opportunity or service that you mobile porn really want to purchase, write it down. Find more information about it. Come back to it at the start of your new budget period.If you want to get the highest possible consistent return on your spending, you must maintain a focused, dynamic budget. This means you must concentrate your spending, track the results, and then be ready to change your budget for the next period to reflect your analysis of the previous month’s outcomes. Do not shift from service to service during the same budget period. This will only obscure your results.Joining a group of people who want to work at home is one of the best ways to artificially shape your budget model faster. You can find hundreds of these groups on the Internet alone; and in each of these groups, you will find people who are more experienced than you are, have tried some of the things you plan to try, and can tell you what has and has not worked for them. If you want to maximize your spending, this is one of the best places to start. There is no better resource than real, live people, who have succeeded in your field and are willing to tell you how you can do the same.In summary, working at home offers opportunity-seekers flexibility and unlimited income possibilities, but if you do not apply the correct business model to control your spending, your statistical chance of succeeding is low. If you do the following things, you will succeed:1. Keep a dynamic, focused budget.2. Remain patient.3. Track your results.4. Find mentors and friends in your field to help you.Remember: You can go broke at home or you can retire early working from home. The choice is yours: be patient and economical and you will see results; or act spuriously and reap failure.You may use this article for reprint, as long as it remains unaltered and the resource box and author information are included. – Isaiah Hull

Waffle House and the Work At Home “Anti-Guru”

Let’s start with the second part of the article title – who, or what, is the “anti-guru?”Well, the WHO would be me, of course.The WHAT could be defined as any individual who does not claim to have all the answers on a particular subject. Hence, I’m the work at home anti-guru, since that is the focus of my website.And I do not have all the answers, believe me.Just a lot of them. And learning more all the time.Of course, if you’re working online, you’re always learning, because the minute you think you’ve got something down pat, it all changes.Take for example this idea of publishing a newsletter. When I first started out, it was the one thing you absolutely HAD to do in order to be successful. So I did it – and I think I did a pretty fine job, if I say so myself. (I just did).But we all know what a nightmare that has become.Yet and still, the “gurus” will tell you it has to be done. They educate you on the best ways to get your email delivered. They explain how they have overcome the you-know-what filters and how you need to adjust your own marketing to come into compliance with the situation as it is today. They introduce you to the latest technology that is designed to assist you in getting that oh-so-important newsletter out to your list.I think that, for the most part, it’s a monumental waste of time. At least in the current online climate. Perhaps it will change and once again we’ll be able to get our mail to our intended recipents. Until then, I’ll focus my energies elsewhere.But then again, I am the anti-guru, so what do I know?Which brings me to the first part of the title of this article.Waffle House.Gurus are always talking about how they spend their mornings sipping their lattes at the local coffee house while working on their laptops and how you can do the same when you become as successful as they are.Now I love a good cup of java as well as the next guy. And I’ve spent my fair share of time at the local Starbucks, a particular favorite of the gurus.Ever REALLY look around at those people there?B-o-r-i-n-g.Since I don’t own a laptop, the idyllic picture of sipping my Americano while working on my website isn’t going to be a reality for me. Nor is it for most people who work at home.So why not just go someplace where the people-watching is significantly more interesting?That’s right – when I get that restless feeling that tells me I need to get out of this office and into society, I head straight for my local Waffle House.For those of you who don’t have one near you, I have two words for you -I’m sorry.For those of you that do, I highly recommend it. The coffee is adequate, the service generally acceptable, and the fare is what can best be described as “comfort food.”Especially the hash browns – I like mine scattered, smothered, diced, and cooked really well. Like burned, almost.And while you’re there, take a look around. Now here’s where you’ll see much more of a cross-section of society, because just about everyone LOVES Waffle House. If you don’t, well – everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I suppose.That’s where this anti-guru hangs out.And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Stay Sane as a Work at Home Mom – Top 10 Ways

The other day, someone asked me what it’s like to be a work at home mom. I just blinked back at him, my mind blank. How could I possibly describe life as a work at home mom? Only someone who’s lived it can understand the juggling act it requires.Work at home moms have the usual responsibilities of being a mom – folding laundry, scheduling doctor’s appointments, helping with homework, reading bedtime stories, and basically being on call 24-hours a day. In addition, there is the conundrum of how to find time to work and answer emails, do networking, update bookkeeping, make phone calls, and more. And, it must fit into a 24 hour day. So, how do we do it? How do we stay sane in the chaos?It’s disclaimer time. I am not the person to give advice on sanity. I’m pretty sure I filed away my sanity last year when I did taxes. I have my days where I say “That’s it! I’m getting a regular job!” But, then I talk to my wonderful friend who reminds me of the reality of the real world — the traffic, the boss who won’t let me go to my son’s field trip, and the fact that I’d probably have to buy pantyhose again. She manages to slap some sense back into me every time. I hate pantyhose.Working from home the last few years, I’ve picked up a few handy tips. They aren’t magic beans, that, when planted, will grow you a nanny and a housekeeper, but they can help you to enjoy being a work at home mom just a little bit more.10. Freezer Cooking! This is my personal life-saver. Spend one day during the week or one day each month assembling meals and your reward is a freezer filled with food. Then, when it’s time to make dinner, just grab a healthful, inexpensive meal from your freezer, heat it up and serve. Think about it. Next time you cook dinner, quadruple the recipe and put what you don’t eat into the freezer for later. Presto! Magic food will appear in your freezer the next time you need it.9. Pay it Forward- By helping others, it reminds us that many of our own problems are much smaller than they appear. Whether you donate money, give blood, or volunteer your time, you are setting a beautiful example for your children. Involve your older kids and make volunteering a family activity.8. Stay Healthy – Dust off your rollerblades, strap a pillow across your bottom and hit the pavement. Or surprise your children and the dog with a nice long walk.7. Organize, organize, organize! If you’re spending hours each week sorting through piles of paper, looking for receipts or “to do” lists, that is wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Sweep the Magic 8 ball, the empty jar of peanuts, the Slinky, and the Snickers wrapper off your desk right now. You can do it!6. Save Money – As Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard’s Almanac “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Work at home moms know how hard it can be to earn a penny. So, do everything you can to save those hard-earned cents.5. Time Management – Don’t let Time Stealers make you work any longer than you need to. When you’re sitting in front of your computer or talking on the phone, that is time away from your children. Always remember your “why”. WHY are you working from home? If the reason is to spend more time with your kids, then figure out how to make that happen!4. Learn and Learn some More! – Find a mentor or someone who you like the way they handle their business. Network with other moms who are successful, take online classes, or hire a coach. Invest in yourself and you’ll invest in your business.3. Play with your Kids – Whether you sit down to play a board game, or drive Hot Wheels around the carpet, there’s always fun to be had. If you need some ideas, check out http://www.ShowKidsTheFun.com2. Keep your sense of humor. Laugh every day! Turn off your computer, put in your copy of The Village People “YMCA” (I know you have one) and Dance! Dance! Dance!and the number one way to stay sane as a Work at Home Mom …..1. Always remember “The days are long, but the years are short.” Although it oftentimes feels like the days drag by as a work at home mom, remember that the years are flying by. It’s that reminder that keeps me grounded on days when the projects are heavy and the beach is calling.If you’re looking for me, you can find me at the beach!

If You Do Nothing, You’ll Get The Same Results – NOTHING!

We, as Internet marketers, must learn various strategies for getting visitors to our websites and making sales. After all, that’s the object of this game, right?Time after time, you’ve probably read that writing articles will bring traffic to your site.Time after time, you’ve probably heard that doing Joint Ventures with other marketers will make you more profits.Time after time, you’ve probably been told that the “money is in the list” so you must build a bigger list.Time after… well, I think you get my point. You’ve *repeatedly* learned the tried, true and proven methods used by the top-earners.But do you *use* what you’ve learned? Do you *really* take action or do you sit around and say to yourself, “That’s a great idea! I’ll have to try it!” but then you never quite get around to it?Uh-huh, that’s what I thought. It’s too easy to put it off for another day. It’s so simple to think up a plan, then never put that plan into effect.Do you think the six-figure-income earners work that way? No, they act on their ideas and plans. How do you think they *earn* those six figures? Not by sitting around thinking about it, that’s for sure.Maybe you think you’ll get lucky someday and things will “just happen.” Suddenly lots of money will fall into your lap. Your website will be flooded with buyers, not just browsers. Right?Wake up and smell the coffee! You have to *make* it happen!That’s right, I’m telling you to get up off of your duff! I’m telling you to implement what you’ve been taught, use your noggin and come up with a plan. Then put that plan into action because……if you do nothing, you’ll get the same results – NOTHING!Catchy little phrase, isn’t it? Thanks, I coined it myself. :~) And it’s true.While some who call themselves Internet marketers are spinning their wheels hoping to “strike it rich” someday, those who really want to “make things happen” will find a way.I, for one, am a go-getter. I’ve learned that when I really want something from life, I have to set a goal, then find a way to reach that goal. Otherwise, nothing happens. What else could I possibly expect?If you want more traffic to your website and more profits in your pocket, “just do it!” as Nike would say. But since I like 1980′s movies, I prefer to quote Irene Cara in the themesong from Flashdance – “Take your passion and make it happen!”

Don’t Let Them Take Your Money and Run!

The Internet is full of scams and fraud. Many are in the form of “income opportunities” and “investment programs.” Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a company is legitimate or not. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t and people get scammed into losing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.The Internet gives bogus companies the opportunity to “take the money and run” with less chance of getting caught than in the offline world. It’s fairly easy to hide behind a website and an, oftentimes fake, e-mail address.I recently came upon this program, Invest With Gold, (http://www.investwithgold.com) when asked by one of my newsletter subscribers to try and find out whether it was legitimate. It only took me about 5 minutes to make my decision on this one.Here’s a direct quote from the main page:”Welcome to InvestWithGold.com, Consistantly paying out our investors since 1998! The only site on the internet utilizing the currency exchange markets for our investors, and making them money. We offer you up to 800% PROFIT in 2 weeks, GUARANTEED, and completly hands free! And best of all, you are NEVER in danger of losing your investment capitol!”So they invest their clients money into foreign currencies and make a profit. The profits, less a 1% service fee, go back to the clients, thus earning money on their investment.It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 800% profit in 2 weeks? What a deal! And they’ve been in business for 6 years, so they must be good, right?Not so fast! Keep reading before you hand over your money.The second paragraph on the page invites the website visitor to “Just look what our investors have to say” which is a clickable link to a message board for investors to add their comments.The problem is the message board is empty! I’d assume happy clients would post *something* there. (Well, maybe they’re working on that page. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.)I continued reading the main page and saw this:”Although we can not “legally” say you will never lose any money, we can tell you that we have NEVER LOST MONEY in over 6 years! If you’re interested, take a look at the tracking section, to see how other people’s investments are doing, and then read the message board, and comments from our clients.”I’d venture to say that “they” probably haven’t lost any money, but their clients, if they have any, probably have. I already knew the message board was empty, so I decided to check out the tracking section.Here’s where it got *really* good. I went to the page and, lo and behold, I found a list of e-mail addresses of this company’s clients! They didn’t list the complete extension (.com, .net or whatever) but the rest was there.Wait a minute! Don’t they have a privacy policy? I wouldn’t want to have *my* e-mail address plastered there for the whole world to see. How unethical!I slowly scrolled down the page and certain things caught my attention. I recognized 10-15 names as Internet business owners, several of whom are quite well-known. So I e-mailed 8 of them to ask if they’ve really invested money with this company and, if so, whether or not it was a good investment.I wasn’t surprised to learn that, of the 4 people who have replied to me so far, *none* of them has ever heard of this company, much less invested money with them. (I e-mailed them less than 48 hours prior to this writing, so hopefully the remaining 4 will reply to me soon. But I don’t expect their answers to be any different.)I also noticed as I scanned the listing of “clients” that approximately 75% of the e-mail addresses looked like this:










Hold the boat! Why on earth would people use their website contact-type e-mail addresses for their investment program? It looked like the website owner bought or harvested e-mail addresses to use as his “client” list.A lot of the addresses were for the same domain, but with a different “name” – i.e. admin@business, contact@business, help@business, etc. And many of the addresses listed were autoresponders to subscribe to newsletters or receive other information.Here a few e-mail addresses that I got a real kick out of:





But the absolute *best* one is …. (drum roll please) …..

Now, what should I do with that one? You guessed it! I’m sending them a copy of this article. I wonder what they’ll think when they see that they supposedly invested in this program? What I really wonder is how fast they’ll get it shut down so people don’t lose money to such scam artists.In all fairness, I looked at the contact information at the website. Here’s what it says:”Unlike many ‘businesses’ on the internet, we do not ‘hide’ behind our website. You are free to contact us at any time, even the CEO if need be. All the information is listed below, or use our Live Help chat on the left.”Unfortunately, the live chat was “temporarily down” so, of course, I e-mailed the CEO with several questions and I’m waiting for a reply. (But I do find it strange that his contact address is a hotmail account.)At the time of this writing, I checked the list of “clients” again. They’ve updated it and the e-mail addresses I saw 2 days ago are no longer there. Neither are the domain names for those that have taken their place. And most of the addresses now appear to be personal addresses, not those of business websites.They’ve also posted this message:”Sorry, but we had to remove the ending of the email address because we received a ton of complaints about someone spamming our investors”I wonder if that’s the *real* reason. My guess is that at least one of the people I wrote to contacted them, probably threatened legal action, and the website owner bought a new list of e-mail addresses to post as his “clients.”But wait! There’s more! I decided to check the domain registration information at WhoIs.com. And *that* gave me yet another clue that something might be rotten in Denmark.The website name, InvestWithGold.com, was registered on April 19, 2004 – a mere 10 days before I discovered the website and 12 days before I wrote this article. And yet the company claims to have been in business since 1998!The dates the “clients” supposedly earned huge returns on their investments were from April 9th through 16th the first time I visited the site. Today’s update shows profits for April 17th through 23rd.So, unless the owner changed the name of his company and/or registered the new name with a different domain registrar, his “clients” made money *before* he even had his website!Granted, he could have had his business offline until recently. But the copyright at the bottom of the site says “2001-2004″ which indicates that he’s had the website since 2001.Alas! A scammer’s work is never done! They’ll always find a new scam to run and con as many people as they can. They have no integrity and they don’t care who they rip off.Always do your homework before investing in any income opportunity. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the bogus “get rich quick” aspects that can sound so good. You don’t want to learn the hard way that they aren’t what they claim to be.

My Career As A Hermit

“Work from home. Make big bucks in your pajamas.” – typical work-from-home ad.Quick. What do writers, stay-at-home parents and online marketing geeks have in common? I mean, besides insanity? They are all hermits.The typical writer locks himself up for years brooding in a dark room, surfacing only long enough black porn to find out who this year’s American Idol is. This solitary brooding is supposed to help him develop a keen sense of the human condition.Stay-at-home parents are prisoners in their own castles, as each child has a different toilet schedule. And a different nap schedule. And a different tantrum schedule. By the time they are all buttoned up in their snowsuits and hopefully not needing the bathroom in the next fifteen minutes, the stores are all closed.Online marketing geeks sit down to their computer screens in the morning. When they look up, they wonder how it got so dark. The next time they look up, they wonder how it got so light again.What a sad bunch. What a sorry lot. Who would take on such careers?I would.I’m a writer. I’m a Stay-at-home Dad. I’m an online marketing geek. I’m … Super Hermit!”Get dressed.”"Why? Don’t you like my pajamas anymore?”"You have to go out.”"What?! Why would I do something so radical?”"It’s Tuesday. You have a big outing.”"Tuesday? Tuesday? What’s Tuesday?”"Garbage day.”In the country, three minutes to the road and back with the bags, then again with the recycling, qualifies as a big outing for a professional hermit. In fact, that’s more time than most couples spend each week being a couple.If this sounds like just the kind of self-inflicted bliss you’ve been itching for, there are a few things you should know before making the big career switch.A dedicated hermit often skips a shower. Sometimes, the hermit gets away with it. To help the hermit remember when shower day arrives, there is a simple four-part clinical procedure:
Lift arm.

Insert nose.

If you faint, it’s time to shower (when you regain consciousness).

If you don’t faint, schedule a shower — as early as next week, if you have an opening.

Personally, I apply a simple rule of thumb. As long as I spend more time showering each week than I spend taking out the garbage, my wife probably won’t divorce me. Unless I forget milf porn to take out the garbage…again.Here are a few more tips for shower-challenged hermits everywhere:
Wear cologne. cartoon porn Lots of it. Your partner will think you did it just for her. Or him. Or it. If you wear enough, the kids might even let you out.

Wear many layers of thick clothes. Warning, if you live in Edmonton or Moscow this might force you to open all the windows to keep from smelling even worse. If you live in Dallas or Delhi, it might force you to close all your windows to keep from smelling even worse.

Eat garlic for breakfast. If that doesn’t work, eat garlic for lunch, too. And for dinner. And for dessert. Nobody will notice your shower schedule, and the kids will definitely let you out.

We professional hermits also lose touch with our friends.”Hey David. How have you been? It’s Al.”"Al? Al who?”"It’s Al. Your friend.”"I have a friend?”If working in your pajamas appeals to you, perhaps to avoid being the next victim of the “What Not to Wear at Work” TV crew, a career as a professional hermit is your ideal gig. Pick up a pen and paper, get yourself a second-hand computer, or borrow some kids.If you barricade yourself in your house long enough, you can enjoy your very own life of abnormal isolation and solitude. And everyone will know just what to buy you for Christmas – pajamas.

How to Get from Market Niche to Passive Income in Three Easy Steps: Step 1, Your Customers

One of the surprising truths about marketing a product – a book, workbook, booklet, recording, etc. – is that the most effective marketing begins before you even decide which product to create.It’s easy to be successful if you remember the ART of marketing:A – Ask what your customers wantR – Review your strengths and interestsT – Tailor your product to capitalize on bothIn this article, we’ll take a look at what your customers want – to ensure that your product is one that will love, and purchase.1 – What do you want to know?In a nutshell, everything! Start learning what your customers want and need by asking questions like these:o What’s the biggest problem that you encounter in your business (life, family, etc.) on a daily basis?o What one thing, if you could change it, would make the biggest difference in your business (life, family, etc.)?o What do you need to learn in order to do your job (increase balance in your life, etc.) better?o Are there any books or publications that you’ve found particularly helpful?o Of the following topics, which most interest you? (List 10-12 topics you think might be of interest to your audience; ask them to choose their top three, and then add in any topic they’d like that you didn’t list)And my two favorite questions:o What keeps you awake at night?o What would make you deliriously happy?2 – How and where can you get your answers?It’s easier than you may think. Here are some places to start:o Call or meet with several of your clients and simply ask themo Use your newsletter: Ask the questions within an issue, or send out a special editiono Create and use an R&D teamo Look at the helpful books/publications your clients and customers listed (section 1, above), and try to determine why they were selectedo Check your e-mail: What questions do your clients and customers ask you over and over again?o If you know other coaches with a similar client base, ask them which questions come up most often with their clientso Add an “Ask Kathy” page to your website, and invite readers to write in their questions (you can answer them online)o Join online listgroups or discussion groups to learn the topics that capture your clients’ attention3 – Rank your resultsWhat are the top three topics, questions, or needs of your target audience? Write them down (yes, now).If the product you create answers one – or more – of these questions, you’re well on your way to success.(More on this in my article, “How to Get from Market Niche to Passive Income in Three Easy Steps: Steps 2 & 3 – Make the Match,” also available on this website.)

Work At Home Computer Jobs Can Give You Freedom!

Work at home computer jobs can be a rewarding and profitable business that you can get in on. If you have a home computer, basic software, and an Internet connection, you can start your own work at home computer job within minutes. Working from home gives you freedom and flexibility to control your own life. Set your own work schedule, be at home for your children when they get out of school. With a work at home computer job, you can start work early in the morning or late at night, whichever you prefer. Your work schedule will be determined by you alone.Often, work at home computer jobs requires no investment. Some promise “pie in the sky” claims and seem to offer riches beyond belief. Unfortunately, sometimes their claims are. Online scam artists prey on those looking for alternative work opportunities. You may wish to contact the Federal Trade Commission for advice when searching for work at home computer jobs. Legitimate jobs do exist on the Internet that requires no up-front money or huge investments.Many companies are now offering work at home computer jobs. With so many opportunities, you can have all the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. One great thing about working at home is the freedom of mobility that you will enjoy. You can live anywhere in the United States and still have a profitable home-based job. Your employer or client may be located hundreds of miles away. With the computer, you can work in your living room in your pajamas if you wish.Work at home computer jobs is available for almost every skill and talents. Some of the jobs currently being offered include: Internet research, medical transcription, data processing, accounting and bookkeeping, graphic web artists, and proof reading just to name a few. Check on the Internet for other opportunities for work at home computer jobs.