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Making Money on the Internet for Beginners

If you’re interested in making some extra money to pay off creditors or earn enough income to replace your current job or career then the Internet is the place where aspiring entrepreneurs are turning. Unlike traditional businesses, a business on the Internet can be started with virtually no capitol, with the exception of your website expense. You have to have a website if you want to do business on the Internet…PERIOD.If you don’t have your own product to advertise on your website, there are literally millions of affiliate programs on the Internet who do have products and will pay you commissions to sell their products from your website. You can choose to sell cell phones, or internet services, candles, furniture, or maybe insurance, the field is wide open. The affiliate program you choose will also handle all the money, shipping and correspondence with your customers. All you need to do is to generate the traffic to your new website in order to make the sale.Often times the affiliate program you join will offer you free websites and that is great, but you will never generate enough free traffic to these affiliate sites to succeed without having your own website. Why you ask? For one, the search engines don’t list affiliate sites and you definitely want to get listed in the search engines, this will be your biggest free traffic source.One of the best ways to generate free traffic is to get involved in link exchanges. You will basically place a link to another site on your website and they will in turn place a link on their site to yours. Once you have exchanged several hundred links a portion of your link partners traffic will come to your site. The free websites you have been given via your affiliate program will not be able to be edited in anyway, thus link exchanges are not an option.Link exchanges produce a double bonus also. Not only will you get traffic from your link partners, the search engines will place you higher in their listings when they see lots of links pointing to your site.The Internet was created to provide information, so if you want to succeed on the Internet and generate lots of free traffic, you are going to have to provide information on your website. Often times we do this by providing free information or articles on our website.Offering free and useful information will keep your visitors coming back to your website, and the double bonus here is that the search engines love content. The more content your website has will produce better listings in the search engines.Once you have perfected this process of building a website, getting listed in the search engines and have developed a huge traffic stream to your website, your going to be making sales. It will start out slow and as you build links and content, the traffic will grow and so will your sales.Affiliate programs can be a great stepping stone to get your foot in the door towards cashing in on the riches that the Internet provides.As time goes by you will find that you have learned so much and have evolved into an Internet Guru and now it’s time to take it one step farther, and start selling YOURSELF.Using the knowledge that you have gained, you may want to venture into selling your services to other entrepreneurs just getting started. You could start a consulting business, or you may offer to build websites, or to help your clients get listed in the search engines. You may want to start writing E-Books and selling them. The possibilities are endless.The Internet is a huge marketplace that is still virtually untapped. Don’t waste another day worrying about how you’re going to pay your creditors or provide for your family in the future. Start an Internet business today and see how your life can be changed for the better.

Take A Break!

Calgon… Take me away!Okay, sorry about that.. a bit of an inside joke. Or, was it? How many times a day do you find yourself muttering those words to yourself.I may be aging myself here but I think that sentiment is felt by everyone, at some point. As busy entrepreneurs, we need to “get away from it all” in order to rejuvenate our bodies and our minds.Our days, as home-based business owners, are filled with task after task, project after project, both personal and business. And, if we don’t take a little time to take a breather, we can end up burning ourselves out.How you choose to recharge your batteries is a personal choice. For myself, I make sure to take ‘family time’. When 6 o’clock (at the latest) rolls around, my computer goes into sleep mode and my brain officially switches to “life” mode. I don’t know what it is but, just the thought of relaxing (even if it is mixed with a few household chores) has a calming effect on me. It’s kind of like a winding down feeling.There are many other ways to help you calm your nerves and take a break:Get back to nature.Puttering around in your garden can make you feel very relaxed. Sure, pulling weeds and watering your plants may seem like hard work but the rewards from your efforts have a calming effect. Watching your plants blossom and flourish is a wonderful site.Curl up with a good book.After you have put the kids to bed, find a quiet place and open up a favorite book or that book you have always wanted to read. Winding down this way may go a little far and you may fall asleep. But, if that does happen, who cares? And just imagine what it will do for you.Go to the movies.Actually, why not bring the movies to you? You local video store has all the latest releases and most of the classics. Grab a healthy snack, curl up on the couch and pop the movie or DVD in. Again, if you fall asleep… so be it. Just pop that movie back in later, when you are more awake.Sit down to a special meal.In our busy lives, our schedules can sometimes cross paths and we may not have time to eat meals together. But, we need to! So, whether you want a romantic meal with your partner or a family meal without the TV turned on, be sure to mark it on everyone’s calendar and then just sit and enjoy each other’s company.Take a trip.Once again, it is important to take yourself completely out of the entrepreneurial setting. That means that you need to get away from home… the place where your office may reside. Whether it is a day out with the family, a weekend away at the cottage, or a week or two on a sunny beach, every little bit of R&R can have a rejuvenating effect.Soak your troubles away.One of the most relaxing feelings there is! There is nothing like a long soak in a warm tub or whirlpool. Even a sauna or hot shower can do wonders to relieve the tension.Take up a hobby or exercise.Have you always wanted to build birdhouses? Or, how about joining a gym? Why not start now? It may be helpful to start off slow so, don’t choose something that requires following a schedule. Eventually you can move on to taking classes or joining a sports team. Hobbies and sports can help to get your mind off of any worries you may have.Even sitting down in a quiet spot to write an article, like this one, can help ease frayed nerves.So, no matter how you choose to relax, please remember that you are entitled to some time to just put your feet up, at least for a little while. Taking a break can help you to relax and perhaps get a new perspective on things.

Home Office Essentials Part One

So you’ve decided to set up your own business. You’re following the same route taken by thousands of new entrepreneurs each day. You’ve settled on your business idea, designed a marketing strategy and are looking forward to a bright future.Did you stop at any point and think about how your home office should be designed? What type of office setup do you need? Most entrepreneurs have their offices at home. Do you evenhave space for an office at home?The purpose of the following two articles is not to give you a blow-by-blow plan of how to set up your home office but more to give you tips and advice that’ll save you time, heartbreak and money.Your DeskNewspaper ads years ago were filled with adverts stating “start a business from your kitchen table”. While in theory (and in bad advertising) this is fine operating your business from a kitchen tables is entirely unpractical.A good home office desk is functional, sturdy and has a clear, flat worktop. You’ve seen those office desks that are filled with drawers, shelves, keyboard trays and tons of other nooks and crannies. Firstly this type of desk looks fine in a catalogue but is far smaller when you actually build it.Secondly all those drawers and shelves only give you more places to lose stuff. Keep your desk simple.The ideal home office desk has a large, flat working area with at least one deep drawer for storing files and another shallow drawer for storing pens, paper and other consumables.Ideally the desk should also be L shaped. This allows you to place your work around you as opposed to constantly having to stretch and reach for different items. The L shaped desk will provide you with a more practical working environment as well as saving you backpain problems later in life.Your ChairThis is where you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time. Never, ever skimp on your home office chair. It is absolutely essential that you have a good office chair.Many new home business owners make the critical mistake of using a kitchen, spare household or even a garden chair for their home office. This boggles the mind considering the same person probably wouldn’t think twice about paying $1,000 for a new computer but won’t pay $100 for a quality office chair.Using a cheap chair that doesn’t provide proper back and lower limb support can and will lead to lower back and shoulder pain. It can also provoke migraines and other headaches. Poor posture should never be underestimated – it can have far reaching effects.Features you should look for in an office chair:* Adjustable backrest* Swivel base* Adjustable armrest* Adequte lumbar support* Deep cushioned seatA great home office chair can be purchased for as little as $60 brand new. If you’re finding yourself strapped for cash then check local auction houses for office clearance items.Other source of “cheap” office chairs are IT firms and call centers. They’re constantly having to replace their furniture to meet legal ergonomic requirements. That $200 office chair can often be purchased slightly used for about $20.Your Ergonomic EnvironmentThe 3 key environmental factors in a suitable home working environment are noise, light and heat.NoiseExcessive noise is not only distracting but also debilitating. Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can and will affect your hearing.What counts as excessive noise? Most experts agree that anything over 45 decibels or the equivalent of a really loud office fan is counterproductive to your work. You’ll have trouble focusing or thinking clearly for more than a few moments.Your home office needs to be a relatively peaceful environment. You’ll do your best thinking, be at your most creative and work most effectively in a quieter office space.Avoid using laundry rooms, TV rooms or other areas with excessively noisy equipment of any kind.LightYou need to be in control of the light in or coming into your office. Light sources that are too bright will cause glare on computer screens and documents.A home office that is too dimly lit will lead to eyestrain and headaches over time. If the area is too dark you’ll lean closer to the computer screen and documents to read them thus causing discomfort.Natural light is ideal because it provides diffuse (soft) light. An added bonus is that natural sunlight has a beneficial effect on our physiologies – our bodies produce more “feel good” chemicals when we absorb natural light.Obviously don’t put your working area in direct sunlight as it will be far too uncomfortable to work in. Simply arrange your office in such a way as to maximize the benefit of the natural light in your immediate surroundings.If you’re a nightowl then simply point your desklamp away from the desk towards a wall behind you. Why? This provides the same type of diffuse light that you’d experience during the day. Adjust the lamp until it provides enough light to read your screen or documents comfortably by.HeatThis is the easy bit. Your home office should be neither too hot nor too cold. Is that stating the obvious? Any extremes of temperature in your home office will lead to decreased work performance. Normal room temperature is 37 degrees celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) so you need to aim for something in that region.If your home office is too cold you won’t be able to focus. You’ll spend more time being annoyed at being cold than getting any work done.Too much heat and you’ll find yourself becoming irritable, lethargic and distinctly uncomfortable.Your body is no different to the engine of a car or a piece of electronics. We all have optimal working temperatures. Otherwise we break down.continued in Part Two

Pick A Passion To Intensify And Fuel Your Online Business

I remember watching the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, six time NBA Champion Michael Jordan. On many different occasions Michael Jordan clearly stated that determination, focus, and persistence is what helped him reach his amazing accomplishments. There was one feeling in particular that gave Michael the strength, power, and desire to succeed as the greatest player to ever play the game. PASSION.Webster’s dictionary defines the word passion as a powerful feeling or an outburst of strong feeling towards something. This powerful feeling towards something can motivate us to accomplish anything. Passion is also the same feeling that has allowed hundreds of individuals run a successful online business.Think for a moment of the many different occasions that a friend, coworker, or family member has told you that you didn’t have the ability to accomplish something. After they tell you that your plan will not work then they advise you to move on to something else. This is the first obstacle that anyone who wants to start an online business has to bypass.Here’s the big question. Are you going to pick a business that your peers recommend or are you going to pick an online business that you are passionate about? There are two important questions that must be considered before you start an online business. Is the business or product marketable, and do you feel passion for it? If you can answer yes to these questions, you can start building an online business.Over 90% of individuals that start an online business fail. There is only one way to fail. You fail when you quit. Some of the responsibilities of starting an online business include:
Finding or creating a product

Finding a web host

Creating a web site

Finding a domain name, plus much more.

More than 70% of the time that you use to run your business should be spent marketing. In the beginning you will have to keep your regular job and run your online business part-time. You have to set up a strict schedule and you must follow it.Education is another important aspect of running an online business. You want to stay up to date with your competition and new marketing techniques. During the first few months of your business you may not see any profits. Any profit that is earned during the early stages of your business should be reinvested in the business.Working when you are tired is another obstacle that you must bypass. There will be many occasions that you will feel like sleeping after working a full eight hours on your regular job. Friends and family can be another obstacle. You have to include your friends and family in your schedule and at the same time reserve time exclusively for your business.All of the factors that we just mentioned must be taken into consideration when starting an online business. It takes tremendous amount of energy to build a successful online business. Will you do it? Only if you start with one thing. Pick a passion. Pick a business that you feel an outburst of strong feelings towards and you will fuel yourself with the intensity and power that only passion can supply.Copyright 2004 Benjamin Scott

Sizzling Hot Summer Sun & Money Making Fun

Did you notice the air is getting warmer, the trees are budding & your wallet is empty? Your Sizzling Hot Summer is just around the corner. You know you’ll have extra time on your hands and an empty wallet in your pocket. I bet you’re thinking that you’d like to make a few extra bucks this summer. But you’re too young for the jobs available to the 16 and older teens. And you’re bored and too old for the standard lemonade stand idea. What else can you do to make some real money?Lets first start by getting your brain into money making idea mode, you will need to ask yourself: What do I really love doing? What am I great at? What skills do I have? Here are just a few brilliant ideas to get you started and I know you will come up with many more:Doggy Daycare: Do you have experience caring for your own pampered pooch? I am sure you know people in your neighbourhood who work all day and leave their darling dog alone. You could offer a Doggie Daycare Service: walking, bathing, feeding, playing, cleaning the dog run, etc. Doggie Daycares are super sizzling hot this summer and a great way to make a ton of cash and also have a fantastic time. You can expect to make from $30 – $50 per eight-hour day; hey that’s a nice chunk of change.Certified Babysitter: Babysitters are constantly in very high demand and during the summer the demand skyrockets. You can expect to make anywhere from $4 to $10 per hour as a Certified Babysitter. Be sure to get specialized babysitter training through a Certified Course. Your local YWCA, Red Cross, local community league or even your school will have these certified courses available. You will really increase your hiring demand and wage if you become a Certified Babysitter.Birthday Party Planner: Start a Birthday Party Prep Service. You send or hand deliver invites, set up decorations, be the lead during party games, supervise party guests, assist with serving food, etc. If you possess a special talent as a magician or clown, you could even earn extra money by providing the entertainment. You could make as much as $100 for a two-hour party.Tutor Service: Do You Get Amazing Grades In School? Start your own Tutoring Service to help younger kids raise grades. A lot of kids need extra help with their math, science, and reading, Spanish & French. You could expect to make $10 to $15 per hour.Do You Love The Great Outdoors? Consider jobs that take place outside: mow lawns, wash cars, weed gardens, etc. Or you could also grow your own vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, etc to sell at a Farmers Market. You could expect to make $10 to $20 per outdoor odd job and a lot more selling your homegrown produce at a Farmers Market.Are Arts & Crafts Your Thing? Perhaps the funky things you love to make are items other people would really love to buy. Ideas could be hemp jewellery, stuffed animals, greeting cards, t-shirts, pet rocks, the list is endless, and a sizzling hot item for this summer is funky hip Tie Dye t-shirts. The amount of money you can earn varies greatly. Funky Tie Dye t-shirts can sell for as much as $30 each.House Sitter: Are you reliable, trustworthy & mature? People would then certainly employ you to look after all kinds of chores for them while they are away from their homes. You could housesit while they’re away, taking in their mail, watering houseplants, inspecting the house, making sure the garbage gets out to the curb, checking on pets, mowing lawns, and so much more. The more chores you are responsible for the more money your make. You can expect to earn $20 to $50 per day as a house sitter.That’s merely a very brief list of moneymaking job ideas. The secret to a sizzling hot money making summer, of course, is to get the word out regarding your services or products. Compose an attention -grabbing flyer one that will create a compelling initial impression with people who haven’t met you. Tack it up on bulletin boards at your local grocery store, restaurants & corner convenience stores. A sure fire way to impress potential clients is to hand deliver your flyers. Ring their doorbells, introduce yourself and hand them one of your sizzling hot flyers, how can someone not be impressed.A great idea while you are out and about working would be to carry a cell phone with you to keep in touch with your parents. Always remember safety first before anything else. Enjoy a fun, safe, moneymaking sizzling summer.

Equipping Your Home Voiceover Studio

To make a living, voice over talents used to have to physically go to gigs recorded in commercial production facilities. Now, gigs can come to them-in home studios and through the Internet. But for many voice over talents, newbie and old pro alike, outfitting a home studio is technically baffling. So, how do you make that spare bedroom or corner of your studio apartment (no pun intended) into a functional voice over facility, with decent acoustics and the appropriate equipment? Let’s take a look at the basics involved in setting up a home voiceover studio.Selecting your studio spaceA studio of any size or recording purpose starts with the space in which it will be located. Isolation from outside sounds is important. If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, then try to locate your “studio” in a corner as far from the door to the hallway and away from windows. Also, a closet can work well as a recording booth. Set up your recording equipment just outside the closet and your microphone inside the closet.If you live in a two-plus bedroom unit or a single-family home and can dedicate an entire room to your studio, then you’ll have more options available for controlling the acoustics of the space. You’ll want to make sure the room doesn’t sound too “echoey” or “hollow.” Treating these problems can be as simple as putting some overstuffed furniture in the room, along with a rug and some drapes over the windows. Have a lot of old clothes sitting in an attic or basement? You can use them to create a recording “booth” around your mic. Fill three or four rolling clothes racks with clothes and then position them on the sides and back of your mic position.Of course, you can use professional acoustic materials to control sound reflections. You’ll find an excellent primer on acoustical treatment-in plain English-at Auralex. Check out these acoustical treatment production companies, too: HSF Acoustics; Silent Source; Vocalbooth; Whisper Room.Selecting your equipmentOnce you have your studio space selected, you’ll need to properly equip it in order to deliver pro quality voiceovers to clients. black porn With the latest in digital recording technology and reasonably priced pro microphones, you could spend as little as $1000 for a very basic, yet serviceable, home voiceover studio. That’s assuming you have a decent computer sound card and speakers. The list is quite short: $200-$250 for a microphone. $40 for a mic pop filter to prevent “popping” your Ps, Bs, and Ts. $45 for a mic stand. $200-$250 for a USB or Firewire digital recording interface. $65 for shareware recording software. $45 for headphones. $40 for cables. $100 for sundries. Bare bones, but it will work.Plug your microphone cable into the digital recording interface, which is a little box that amplifies and processes the signal from the mic. Plug the interface into your computer’s sound card. Plug your headphones into the interface. Load the recording/editing software. A couple of adjustments to volume in and out and you’re ready to record. Voice the copy. Clean it up with an edit or two. Then convert it the voiceover sound file to an.mp3 file, attach it to an email, and send it off to the client via the Internet. To learn more about the equipment listed above, search the web or visit online pro audio dealers. A few good ones are: Full Compass; Sweetwater; B&H Pro Audio; Boynton Pro Audio; BSW.This simple studio set up is serviceable, but it has its limits. If a client wants to direct you via the phone, then you’ll have to either hold the phone to your ear while you record, or get a hands-free headset. You could also buy a gizmo call a phone hybrid that allows you to speak through your mic down the phone line to your client as you listen to the client’s direction through your headphones.Learning moreAs with any investment, you’ll need to research the equipment you’ll need for your studio, and how to install and use it. See if you can locate a voice talent in your area that may let you visit his or her studio. Visit Mix Magzine or EQ Magazine and check their archives for articles on home studios. Local production houses may be willing to make suggestions, but, remember, by setting up your own studio, you’re indicating to clients that they can cut out the production house by working directly with you. That may not sit well with some production house owners, because the home voiceover explosion has had a detrimental impact on many commercial recording facilities.That’s a basic home voiceover studio in a nutshell. If you can operate a home stereo and have experience in front of a computer screen, then you can put together and operate a home voiceover studio. With a little practice recording and editing, and some promotion of your home studio, you can quickly recover the cost of your studio and add to begin to add to your bottom line. Happy voicing!©Peter Drew

A Window Cleaning Business Depends Upon Top Customer Service for Ultimate Success!

The window cleaning business is a “service” business, but yet most window cleaners have forgotten about the service part of it. And since most window washers don’t implement top notch customer service into the daily running of their business, that’s great news for you, IF you follow the tips below!Have you ever walked into a store and all the employees seem to run and hide? Have you ever contacted a business just to be put on hold or be talked rudely to by some $5 an hour clerk? Have you ever asked for a business to do something, and they finally get around to it at their convenience instead of at your convenience?Dumb questions I know. Because we’ve all experienced that.I write in my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business about this lady who became my customer due to her previous window washer being “unavailable”.This frustrated customer of a previous window washer would call her window washer repeatedly to see if she could have her windows serviced. She never got a call back, so she ended up calling me from the phone book.The end result is that I ended up having her as a customer for many years all because of poor customer service given to this customer.But here’s the kicker of the whole thing…this window washer probably ended up losing thousands of dollars in business to me over the years just from that one mistake. I’ll explain how in a minute, but first let me give you a little background on this individual.I actually have known about him for quite some time. When I first got into the window washing business, I tried to call him four times just to introduce myself to him.I never said that I owned a window washing company or gave him any impression that I was a competitor. For all he knew, I could have had a multi-million dollar house that needed a good window cleaning.Well…he never called me back. I left four messages on his machine (it was always a machine, never a person that answered the phone) and I NEVER received a call back. That just blew my mind.I saw him washing some windows one day so I finally was able to talk with him. He seemed like a nice guy, but I’d be embarrassed if I treated my customers or prospects with that kind of disrespect.I made it a point to always answer the phone in person (my business phone line forwarded to my cell phone), so if I was on top of a ladder, I answered the calls. My customers loved it.But let me get back to my explanation as to why this guy lost a lot of business to me.Due to his never calling back that customer, she called me, as you already know. She was tickled pink about the job I did, and again…she became my customer for years.But here’s the best part…her next door neighbor saw me, and with some kind words from my new customer, I got that job (at a high price I might add). PLUS…the next door neighbor owns a screen enclosure business where he encloses swimming pools.Needless to say, he deals with some clients who have money-the perfect type of person in need of window cleaning services also. So because of this next door neighbor’s complete satisfaction on the job I did for him, I have received numerous referrals from him. Jobs that have made me lots of money. And how did this all start? Poor customer service to just ONE customer by a previous window washer.Funny how it worked out, huh? Do you think I should tell this guy to get rid of his answering machine? Um…no I don’t think so.And that situation repeated itself many, many times with other window washers being non-responsive and/or doing a poor job for their customer. Customers will only put up with so much before they’ll move on.Customer Service is really simple. It consists of:* Answering the phone in person when someone calls (or at the very least calling them back right away).* Showing up on time for the estimate-if you’re running late, that could make a difference between you getting the job-or not.* Calling the customer the night before your scheduled job as a courtesy reminder for them.* Showing up on time for your scheduled job. If you’re running late, call them.* Doing an excellent job on their windows.* Sending a thank you note after the job is completed.That’s it! Everyone CAN do it, but as I said earlier, very few window washers DO do it. That’s good news though. I’ll take disgruntled customers who are unhappy with their current window washers all day long.So the moral of the story here is to just treat your customers to outstanding customer service. It doesn’t take much effort or time to do, and will directly affect your bank account in a positive way.Best Wishes,Steve256-546-2446

Networking – Relax!

Networking – relax! – Gill Fernley and Justin Baker, Six Degrees NetworkAnyone who has been to a networking event has met business card thruster guy. Won’t leave you alone, thrust their card in your face, every attempt at conversation gets quickly turned into a sales pitch. These people aren’t networking, they’re selling. Badly.Let me share with you some of my thoughts on what puts the ‘work’ in networking. Networking is a form of cartoon porn marketing, and any form of marketing is most effective when you don’t come straight out and say “buy this!” The best marketing techniques work on building relationships – courting trust, showing your intentions to be honourable in what you are offering. And there are certain market characteristics too:
People buy people.

People work with (and milf porn refer) people they like.

People don’t like being sold to.

That’s why the best networkers aren’t the great sales gurus, they’re the archetypal ‘people person’. They are interested in other people and what they do. They want to help as well as be helped, not just because it will see them get business in the future, but because they like helping others. And most importantly, they don’t talk – they listen.Many networking events involve a ’round robin’ of everyone there, which certainly has its uses – you get to tell everyone who you are and what you do, and if there is someone there who is looking for the service you provide, they will very likely come up to you for a chat. But that’s not networking, that’s hit and miss, and it’s very important to understand the difference.What I call hit and miss is what I just described above. You tell as many people in one go what you do in the hope that one of them is looking for it – the social equivalent of a mailshot, and just about as effective.When you network, it involves who you get to know, and who they know, and who they know. This is called Six Degrees of Separation, the theory of psychologist Stanley Milgram. Milgram theorised that there was a chain of six people or less connecting us to everyone else on the planet, and this is also where Six Degrees Network gets its name from. This, to us, is exactly what networking is about: working that chain, getting your details through to the person at the other end, by getting to know people who can pass that information on. Word-of-mouth marketing relies on this being a small world, and networking makes it even smaller. This is also why the IT mobile porn consultant, for example, shouldn’t ignore the mechanic or the florist – firstly it’s rude, and secondly who knows who they know?So how do you get your name down that chain? It’s unfortunate but true, that meeting a truly nice person is a rare occurrence these days. People remember meeting them when they do, and they feel an obligation to do something nice for them in return. Business card thruster guy will be bunched in with all the rest that person has ever met, but you, the sincere, friendly person who they chewed the fat with for half an hour about their business, their family and life in general, will be remembered. And if someone ever mentions your type of service to them in the future, you get the all-important “You know, I met a really nice guy/girl who does that called…” Just in case business card thruster guy is reading this and wonders what my point is here, this is called a referral. Its ok, I know you haven’t seen one before. Don’t be scared.

5 Tips for WAHMs (Work at Home Moms)

So you thought working at home would be an easy thing? Sometimes itâEUR(TM)s just like working outside the home, or even worse. Along with your full time job as domestic goddess, you are now a CEO of your own company. Here are a few tips for keeping your family as priority while reaching your business goals:1 – Prioritize. Get your Day Planner and set aside all the time you want to spend with your family. Mark out your daughter’s soccer schedule, evenings out with your husband and all other family appointments like doctor visits. When you have someone calling for an appointment for your services or to book a home party, you will have all your “business” time in front of you.2 – Delegate. Discover what you can and can’t live with when it comes to housework. Do you hate dirty dishes hanging out overnight? Can you live with dust? Does it really bug you to have toys all over the floor? Once you have established that, delegate responsibilities to the family. Kids as young as 18 months can help out. My oldest daughter LOVED to help feed the dog at that age. She would bring his bowl to where we kept the food and help scoop it into the bowl. Children can also learn to empty the dryer or put toys in a basket. While they are this young it will require you to help a bit, but as they get older your investment will have paid off. Also employ hubby to help out too!3 – Automate. Technology is a wonderful thing. Use email forms, voicemail, or ipods to your advantage. Let the voicemail get your business call if little Suzie is screaming her head off and you can’t take time to devote to your customers. Do not let technology overtake your free time. Machines are there to help you do your tasks, not to make more time for more tasks.4 – Re-evaluate. Every once in a while (I recommend every 3 months), look at what you are doing and redo things as needed. Your son may have earned his next karate belt and now his classes are on a different day. Change your calendar to reflect this. Update your voicemail or email responses to reflect your new schedule.5 – Enjoy. You are a WAHM (Work at home mom) for a reason- to be there for your kids. So whether they are in school or you are home schooling, set side time to go to the park, take in a movie, or just goof off at home. Resist the temptation to do business on family time.

Medical Billing From Home? Impossible

As I read yet another article last week about how medical billing from home was a scam I became concerned (as always) because these articles tend to be one sided and it’s not fair that people aren’t being told the other side. So how can one really make an informed decision about the field on a whole?Make on mistake about it, medical billing as a home based business is Not A Scam, it’s a very lucrative business, a very hands on business, a personally rewarding business and there are thousands of business owners and physicians nationally that can attest to the fact that they benefit highly from it.This industry is so big and profitable that companies abroad are bombarding medical billing owners with the prospect of outsourcing our workload to them for little to nothing so that they can get a piece of the pie.There are only two reasons why this profession gets a bad rap:1.) There are several companies out there preying on those that are not educated enough about the field to realize that most companies, newspaper ads and software vendors are scam artists in disguise and…2.) Most if not all of those that don’t succeed or got scammed along the way never did the initial research necessary from the start and then jumped in with booth feet not knowing what they were up against. Thus, they set themselves up to get scammed but instead of taking the responsibility for their actions they cry foul, blame the industry in general and say it’s nothing but a scam.As a seven year home based medical billing business owner I’ve heard all the heart wrenching stories of failure but it always leads back to the story teller admitting to me that they were not really aware of what the business entailed outside of what they were told or heard. They went ahead anyway because they wanted to get some of the fortune that goes along with this multi-million dollar industry.I do agree that this business is not as easy as some make it out to be but then again what business is?! Sure there are steps that you will have to take and you will have to be passionate about what you’re doing to increase the chances of success. Again, that’s true with any business!So when you hear people saying that medical billing is a scam or you can’t do it without years of prior experience just think to yourself “who are they to tell you what you can or can’t accomplish especially since they don’t know what you’re capabilities are, what you’re passionate about or what drives you”. It’s bad enough that we tend to hold ourselves to a limitation but it’s even worse when we allow others to do it to us. Plus it’s just not true anyway!The medical billing scam artists that you may encounter are no different than the majority of people on the web that tell you “if you buy into my product, program, website, safelist, downline or service you’ll make thousands of dollars in no time”.So it’s not medical billing that’s the scam! It’s peoples greed that allows them to take advantage of those that are tying to change their lives for the better.The only way you can avoid being taken advantage of or failing at your prospective home based business is by educating yourself first, through researching whatever it is you are looking to get involved with and lastly by getting a mentor that’s been in that field for a while to help guide you along the way!