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K.E.Y.S. To Your New Life

Starting a home-based business is a scary step in most peoples lives, but with the right attitude and a solid plan financial freedom is just around the corner. I don’t know were to start, how do I promote, and I just don’t have the money is what most of you are saying. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for to get a look at how to get you K.E.Y.S. to a new life.Keep the dream alive. We all started with one thing in common and that is a dream to make it big on the net. The most deadly thing a marketer can do is forget the reason they started. Keep a close eye on your dream and do not let it slip. A few good was to remind your self are:
write your dream down on three pieces of paper one to keep with you at all times one to put on the mirror you go to first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and one at the computer.

Before you go to bed at night say your dream out loud in the present tense with convection and do the same thing in the morning.

Tell everyone you know what you are going to accomplish.

Everything revolves around building an opt in list. Buy all the books you want about marketing on the net and the one common denominator will be build a list. If you want to make consistent money on the net you will need to build an optin list of subscribers. The best way to do that is build a lead capturing page and add it as a popup or pop under on your main page and your order page. This technical alone will increase your profits dramatically.Your advertising budget is also a key factor. If you have the money to spend on advertising make a budget and stick to it every month a few good places to advertise are:

Google Ads

Pay per click exchanges

If milf porn money is an issue don’t worry there are great places to advertise that are completely free a few of great places are:
Traffic exchanges

Safe lists

Banner Exchanges

Supply your knowledge. When ever you get a new recruit let that person know you are there to help. If you are a beginner don’t worry because chances are so is the person you just recruited. Remember the better your downline does the better you do! Be a leader and people will follow.Keep your head up and never stop striving to reach you dream. The K.E.Y.S to your new life are setting in front of you, now you just need to unlock the door!

Starting a Home Business – How to Write a Business Plan That Guides Your Success!

Writing a business plan isn’t optional just mobile porn because you consider this simply a home business. You are a small business owner. A written business plan is required to secure finances or investors in your new home business. Starting a home business with your own funds and ideas doesn’t mean you don’t need a business plan.A written business plan is critical to every home business. The thought process and research involved in writing your business plan will reveal the blue print for your home business.There are numerous paid and free business plan products that you can use to develop your own home business plan. Unless you are seeking investors in your small business, you can learn how to write a business plan that keeps your business working toward your goals. To have a well written small business plan, you will find your goals easier to reach and keep track of your progress both with building your customer base and sales.Starting a home business without a writing a well thought out business plan is like building a house without a blue print to guide you every step of the way.Your home business foundation built on these eight areas will give your business a strong identity and focused sense of direction to help you plan and manage your business effectively.#1) Business Summary.Write out a description of your business. What kind of company do you want to build? A well written description or summary of your business often propels you through each step of how to write a business plan. Writing the summary first means you will always have the basic premise of your home business idea at the top of everything you put in your business plan.#2) Name Your Business.You may think that your direct sales business already has a company name but that is not the name of YOUR business. Creating a distinct name for your business will help make your plan. Does your business name reflect what you offer? Is it easy to remember? Does it have strong branding potential? Should you reconsider your current business name if it not working with your product? Make sure the name of your business fits not only your product or services but your mission statement.#3) Itemize Your Products or Services.Write out descriptions of your products; how do they look, smell, taste, feel or how your services will help others reach their own goals in life. How will your offerings improve the lives of others? Sort through why others aren’t already doing it and if they are offering exactly what you are going to offer then what prevents the competition from doing it better or more cheaply than you are.#4) Mission Statement.Your mission statement is a concise clear summary of the goals of your business. In your mission statement, you will define exactly what your business does, the products or services offered and what makes your business unique above the competition. Writing the bottom line of your business goals into your mission statement will guide the rest of your business plan.#5) Business Assessment.A major portion of your home business plan is a detailed assessment of four areas: your strengths, your weaknesses or limitations, business and marketing opportunities and threats or barriers to your potential success. At this stage of your business plan, you will be looking at your industry. Your work experience and talents that will add to your business would fall under your list of strengths. Your lack of knowledge or funds could be listed as your weaknesses. Take into account how broad your industry is when you are looking at your strengths and weaknesses. If you have little money for start up then you will need to be creative in your marketing and running your business. Will your weaknesses mean your opportunities for success are limited? Will your talent surpass your lack of funds?Opportunities for business growth may be dependent on your networking contacts or website design. Every business owner should remain wary of all threats to business success. Planning for problems before they arise will make running a business easier and more successful in the long run. As you can see this aspect of business planning is critical to all of your vision, your mission statement, your goal setting and running your home business.#6) Goal Setting.Write your vision for your business. Be specific. You can revise this as your goals and mission changes. How do you envision your business a year from now then five years from now? Write out your goals and objectives. Break down each product or service into their own set of goals. Plan for expansion as your business evolves.Goals are useless unless you can measure your progress towards them and plan to regularly assess which goals have been met or still need to be fulfilled. Make your goals specific and time sensitive. With each business goal, itemize what needs to be in place to reach each of your goals. Outline what steps you will take to reach the goals for your home business. Mark your calendar when its time to re-evaluate your goals and re-align your vision for your business to match the direction your business is going.Celebrate when you reach your goals and regroup when you realize you missed the mark. It’s important to decide what you consider to be a major loss and what you will accept as unsuccessful. Knowing what you will accept and absorb as a business loss before it happens will help prepare you for when it actually happens.#7) Target Market.Research your desired target market. Identify who you expect to buy your products or services. Write a profile of your average customer. You need to know your target before you are able to aim. Study your potential customer’s behavior. Where do they shop? What do they read? Do they move in specific social circles? Who wants or needs your business? Who will benefit from your product? What type of people will find your business a necessity?You cannot expect to fill a need or desire of a customer if you do not know what makes your offer unique and necessary. Look at those that offer similar products with success. Write out how you can rise above and differentiate yourself from the competition. At this stage of your business plan, describe how you can stand out from the crowd. Write down how and why your company is better than the competition. Study the competitions latest marketing strategies then outline here how you plan to counteract their business moves to give you the edge you need to stay unique and effective.While studying your customers and competition, take the extra time to identify complementary products or services that may fit your current business plan that may give the edge you need to compete in the future.#8) Sales and Marketing Strategies.How will anyone know your business exists? What steps will you take to make your business known? How will your customers find you? What can you do to ensure that you attract the customers you seek? How will you track your efforts? How much money do you have to put these strategies in place?List your strategies – press release, printed catalogs, business cards, open house, craft fairs, business, conventions, virtual expos, sales letters, etc.Determine whether you will market exclusively online, locally to your warm market or a combination of both. If online marketing is part of your business plan then include an internet marketing plan to include your domain name and host, whether you will hire a professional website designer or do it yourself, your business logo and e-commerce set up.#9) Business Start Up.Determine what equipment and services you will need to run your business to include setting up your home office, equipment, supplies, product inventory, customer record keeping, and book keeping. Create a checklist of professionals you need to secure for legal and financial advice, advertising expertise, office assistance or tax expertise.Starting a home business can be exciting and scary because it is Your dream that you are working towards with each work day. To write a business plan, means a great deal of commitment to the process. The process of writing a business plan will bring you closer to understanding yourself, your business goals, your company identity and reaching your potential customers.Although these areas are critical to writing a business plan, there is much more that will be added to your plan over time. Each time you reach a goal or discover a barrier to making the sale ~ you will return to your business plan and revise your goals, strategies and techniques.Business success is in the plan and implementation but also in the ability to adjust and redefine your business goals to meet your customers need or desire while letting you design your home business your way!

Can’t You See I’m Working?

For many working parents, telecommuting or a home business may seem like the answer to your prayers. You want to have more time with your kids and greater flexibility, so you take the leap, install a second phone line, and set up a computer in the dining room.But the first thing you may discover is that working from home includes many unexpected distractions. Children, your spouse, neighbors, and the family dog come and go. They make loud noises, ask for your help, or interrupt to ask a “quick question,” always just long enough to break your concentration.Your family and friends don’t seem to understand that you’re working. They ask you to run errands, expect you to handle chores, and want to chat on the phone. When you see the pile of laundry or stack of dishes sitting there waiting, you may be tempted to take time out from work to clean up a bit.You’d like to keep your house livable and be available to the people you care about, but it’s just too much for one person to manage. When can you get any work done?The way out of this dilemma is to set clear boundaries on your space, time, and responsibilities. If your office has a door, try having “open-door” time and “closed-door” time. When your door is open, the kids can come say hello, ask questions, or tell you about their day. When the door is closed, it means “Do Not Disturb.”A good way to explain this to children is to tell them you need some private time, not just that you are busy. If your office doesn’t have a door, you need one! Try to find another place in your home where you can create some private space for at least part of the day.Setting regular working hours will help you manage your time better as well as give some guidelines to your family. Build your hours around the family activities that are important to you. If your kids get home at 2:00, for example, set up your work day from 8:30 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 6:00.Your schedule can change each week to allow for your children’s activities, when necessary. Choose how many work hours per week makes sense for you, design a schedule, and post it on your office door. Highlight the open times, and let everyone know that’s when you are available to them.If your family expects you to run errands and handle chores during your work day, it may be time to hold a family meeting. Explain to your children (and remind your spouse) that it may look like mommy or daddy is playing on the computer or chatting on the phone, but this is his or her job, and it contributes to the family’s income.Start by listing all the jobs that need to be done for the household, and who does them now. Instead of assigning chores, try asking each family member to volunteer for something. If there are lots of tasks left over, be sure to ask if they really need to be done, or done as often. (Dusting, for example, may need to go by the wayside.) If you are doing chores during time you could be making money, consider hiring someone else to clean your house, service the car, or drive the kids to after-school activities.When one of your boundaries cartoon porn gets tested, learn to hold the line. If you give in even once, don’t expect the boundary to hold up. Try making the closed door, posted schedule, or job roster the bad guy instead of yourself.Instead of, “I’m too busy to talk right now — you’ll have to wait,” say, “The door is closed now, would you please come back when it’s open?” When friends phone during work time, ask them to call back after hours. And when someone doesn’t do one of their chores, don’t do it for them. Serving a meal on dirty dishes may seem extreme, but it will get the message across.

All In The Perspective

Today I almost rented an office.I know, I know. How on earth could I ever consider giving up working at home?Well, I did say, “almost”. But there are days when an office looks pretty darn good.Because I work from my home, there are distractions and demands placed on me that just didn’t exist when I worked outside of the home.Take today, for example. I was trying to work on a programming project that required my concentration. Of course, the kids are home from school for the summer and it seemed like every 5 minutes one of them needed me for one reason or another.”Can I have another snack?”"Watch me, Mommy!”"But I’m DYING of thirst!”You know what I mean.I began to wonder how it would be for my husband to have to deal with these types of demands while trying to do his job.So, I started fantasizing about his workday:He works for the local phone company and drives one of those big trucks with the bucket that lifts him up to the tops of the telephone poles. I envisioned him up there in his bucket, needing to concentrate on which wire goes where- with the kids up in there with him.”What’s that, Daddy?”"Can I have a snack?”"I have to go to the bathroom.”So then, I thought about when I used to work in an office. I imagined being at my desk, interviewing someone, when in walks my daughter, “Mommy, will you play a game with me?”A stage whisper conversation ensues:”Honey, I can’t play right now. I’m in the middle of an interview.” “But you black porn said you’d play a game with me, and that was like 50 HOURS AGO” “I’ll play a game with you, but you need to wait patiently until I finish.” “You NEVER want to play a game with me!”At this point, I’m smiling at my interviewee through gritted teeth while I give my daughter THE LOOK.What if I was a doctor? A surgeon?”DON’T TOUCH THAT!”"Mommy, would something bad happen if I accidentally dropped my gum in there?”Suddenly, my reverie is broken my 5-year-old loudly complaining, “Mommy, Lauren burped and she won’t say ‘excuse me’!”Ah well, I’ll just have to do that programming project some other time.I guess the things that are most rewarding about working at home can at times be the most annoying.It’s all in the perspective.

How to Start and Suceed with a Home Business

No matter who you are, remember everyone starts from ground zero as far as experience is concerned. Building a home business is no different. One will have to lay the foundation first of all which will consist of choosing a product or service, that requires knowledge of what you are trying to sell. You can’t help your customer very well if you are unable to fully answer their questions. Do your research so that you may present yourself in a professional manner. This will compliment you in the future.Learn how to promote your business. The big companies learned this long ago or they would have never become big. If you don’t believe me look at the flyers in your mailbox or just open the paper. Advertising is the key to letting the world know that you have something that they need or want. You can not drive down the street with out seeing signs, posters, billboards, or a store window that says 30% off. Remember advertising is your voice, without advertising no one will know you exist. The louder your voice the more that will hear. Isn’t that what you want, for them to come to see what you have? Don’t whisper, scream to the world!Now that you have brought the customers into your store whether it be a physical store or an internet site, be excited about your products or service. People love to be around exciting people. It creates an atmosphere in which sales are much easier to make. Let them know that you believe in what you are doing, in other words don’t be a fake, customers can sense this and are turned off by it. If there is a warrantee or guarantee let them know this, it will help to make the sale. Always let the customer know that you are going to be there to assist them if any problems arise.Now you need to establish a customer database, keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis. This is important! Send them advertise-ments, inform them of new products or services that you have added to your business. These steps will help you create confidence with your clients. It is also important to ask them for their feedback and suggestions that might prove to be beneficial to your business. Remember the customer is looking from another vantage point and may be more helpful than you might imagine.Finally, don’t be afraid of change or updating your business when needed. Times and trends change rapidly these days. Technology demands changes and requirements continually. Most of the time it is to our advantage to change with it so that we can meet the needs of an ever changing world and customer demands.Just as computers and software demands are changing, so are the needs of your clients. The world is always moving and so must you to keep your business healthy and prosperous. By following these basic rules and using good old common sense you can and will have an enjoyable and rewarding business future. You make your own future…so make it bright!

Being a Home-Based Business Owner – What’s Not to Love?

Being an entrepreneur and working from home has to be one of the most rewarding opportunities available to us.What other business or organization would allow you to work in your slippers with curlers in your hair (or whiskers on your face!) while speaking with clients, negotiating contracts, or managing transactions?How many jobs will afford you the opportunity to take a 15-minute break to get dinner on the stove or plant a flower garden?None that I’m aware of.Today was a workday for me. It was designated as record keeping, strategic planning, creative thinking, get-everything-in-order day.Today I …- wrote several business articles- cleaned up my e-mail inbox- paid bills- updated my business expense spreadsheet- analyzed my monthly income statement- reviewed last month’s activities and revisited strategies and goals for the month ahead- reviewed my client files to determine whether or not check-in e-mails were in orderI accomplished everything I set out to and more.While working on the above tasks, I took several 15- minute breaks. During these breaks I …- did two loads of laundry- cleaned a bathroom- weeded one flower bed- raked a few dead leaves off the lawn- got supper startedWhen I need to get away from my desk for a while, I take little “breaks” that allow me to work on a small task around the house.Sometimes, I just sit on my back deck with a glass of grape juice or water in my hand, and enjoy the warm sun as I watch the chipmunks; squirrels and foxes run around the yard.It’s a little piece of heaven.I remember the days when I crawled out of bed in the morning, scraped an inch of ice off my windshield, and headed to work.Parking is very expensive in our downtown core, so I would park in a lot a few blocks from my workplace to get a reduced rate. I would wear multiple layers of clothing, big mitts and a warm hat and scarf so I wouldn’t freeze while walking (make that running!) to my office building.It would be dark when I went to work and it would be dark when I left for home at the end of the day. I seldom saw the sun during the winter months.By Friday evenings I would be dog-tired and not interested in any social interaction. I just wanted to sleep.I spent my weekends doing laundry, cleaning house, and taking care of family commitments. Every Sunday evening I would feel sadness and anguish, knowing I was about to repeat the cycle again.As I sat on my deck for a short while today enjoying the warm spring sun, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my business and I acknowledged myself for the long evening and weekend hours I dedicated myself to in order to build my business.I worked hard. As a matter of fact, I still work hard, but it’s different when it’s something you love. Sometimes I put in really long days, and sometimes I slow the pace a little to maintain balance.There were times when I didn’t know if I could go on without burning out, but thankfully, I had a great peer group of coaches who were always there to back me up and cheer me on.To me, the reward of having my own home-based business is the freedom to choose how I manage my time.I have the freedom to be creative.I have the freedom to plan my tasks as I see fit, and the only person I answer to when there is a setback, is myself.I am the captain of my ship and although I run a tight one (I’m harder on myself than any boss ever was), I still consider it a never-ending victory cruise.Building and growing a successful home-based business requires intense desire, steadfast dedication, a solid plan, sacrifice, quality products and services, specific skills, ongoing support, risk taking, and an unwavering belief in yourself and your dream.Would I do it all over again given the choice? You bet!As a matter of fact, if I had a magic wand I would roll the clock back 20 years and start much earlier.Being a home-based business owner is a rewarding dream and is worth every minute of effort needed to make it real.

Home Business Happiness

Defining Your Happiness For Home Business SuccessYou might be saying now “Steve why are you writing an article on happiness? This is a Home Business Site!” The reason is that I estimate that at least 70%+ of you are making the switch to Home business due to lack of feelings of happiness and fulfillment in your life.For this reason, it is important for you to understand what you really want to achieve from your home business.Personally, I have been trying to define in my life what really makes me happy and how I can make money at it. What I am looking for is much more than money. I am looking for calm and a sense of peace in my life. To find out if you are really ready to work for yourself from home? Ask yourself the following questions:1. Do you have a hobby that you would do daily for free?This is one of the keys to success and happiness in a home business. You must have drive and passion in order to succeed. Doing something you really enjoy will help smooth out the bumps in the road. Also, doing something you really enjoy will help you to tolerate the remaining time at your ‘other’ job. Please do not choose a home business based only on your perceived earning potential. If you do, the chances are you won’t have the long-term persistence needed to succeed.2. Is it money that you really want or is it the freedom of choice you really want?This is a critical question because, again, if it is solely money you are looking for you will not have the enthusiasm and passion needed for long-term success. Focus on doing what you love and the money will follow. People will see your enthusiasm and it will spread to your clients.3. Are people you work with dragging you down emotionally and spiritually?One thing I know for sure is that I no longer want to be around negative people. Mark Twain has a great saying “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.Everyone knows a person like the character on Saturday Night Live “Debbie Downer.” Lets face it, some people are only happy if they are complaining about something or are raining on someone else’s parade. Avoid these people at all costs, remember it is better to be alone and focused and passionate about what you are doing.4. Do you want to start off fresh where you are in control?Starting your own home business is like having a clean tapestry for painting. You control your destiny. You control what “colors” to use. Think big, never small, and you can do it.Jeff and I have created our site to help you with home business questions from A-Z, please use it and sign up for our newsletter. We will be updating the site weekly with info to include: Interviews with some of the top Internet marketers and some of the top self-improvement people on the net.5. Do you enjoy helping others when you can?Owning your own business provides you with an opportunity to give back to your community. This also provides an excellent Barter and Networking opportunity. Help as much as you can afford to and these good deeds will come back to help you in the future.Have faith in the overall good in people but, at the same time, realize that some people might try to take advantage of your generosity. Use bartering in some of the situations to help lower your overall costs.6. Do you believe in expanding your mind through research and networking?If you enjoy research you will be well served by starting your own business. You will have to learn some Accounting basics and Marketing skills as well as some Tax basics. Network with people who can help you in these areas. Suggest bartering your services with them. This is a great grass roots way to get advertising for your home business. If you come across a dishonest person, break the relationship as quickly and tactfully as possible – they will only cause you harm and heartache.7. Are you dedicated and disciplined?Setting up a schedule and ‘things to do’ list will greatly help with your organizational and time management problems. You must be disciplined and stick to your schedule. Complete one task at a time and move to the next. MANY business have failed because of having to many’irons in the fire.’ This leads to lack of focus, which is one of the number one reasons that businesses fail.8. Are you prepared to ignore the negative ‘nay sayers’?Be prepared to have to ‘cull’ some of your friends, There will always be people who are jealous of your drive, passion and determination. Accept that fact and don’t let them take up any of your time. If the Nay Sayer is your spouse or another family member, sit them down and tell them how much your new business means to you and your future together. If they cannot be positive, ask them not to comment at all. Usually after family members see how hard you are working they will come around and begin to support you. Try getting them involved with smaller tasks that they can take off your plate.9. Are you prepared to work at your other job until your Home Business takes off?This is something that people don’t think enough about. You should be prepared to stay at your ‘other’ job for at least six months while building your home business. Many people have quit only to find the HB doesn’t provide enough immediate income so they have to crawl back to the old job, or worse find another lower-paying job. I personally made this mistake10. Are you prepared to take an open and honest look at your behaviors? This is something that I really had to be honest with myself about. For years I had grown a negative attitude, almost to the point that I had a chip on my shoulder. I sat down with an old friend and discussed my situation and he said “Steve your attitude stinks.” I was in shock. Upon really looking at my behavior I saw that I had created negative ‘anchors’ that were standing in the way of my success. When I looked at a job, all the negative feelings from my previous jobs flooded into me. Be conscious of what you are feeling, and be prepared to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. Remember, Bill Gates started in a dorm room, Michael Dell started in a garage. Do not be afraid. You CAN do it – it takes a plan, discipline, hard work and follow through.In closing, let me say once again that you can do it. You deserve success and the happiness it brings. Franklin D. Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Don’t be afraid – you deserve this success. We all do. Nelson Mandela put our ideas about self doubt and fear far better then I ever could:”And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Nelson MandellaNow get out there and kick butt. If you would like to contact me please see below.We are always looking for positive, persistent people to partner with. If we can help you in your success we will be glad to do so.