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In Home Daycare Businesses For Profit

To have one of the popular in home milf porn daycare businesses. Many people think all you have to do is love kids and have a home. But to have a successful daycare business, it takes a little more than that. Actually, it takes a lot more.Yes, to have one of the in home daycare businesses, it’s a good idea for you to truly love children. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. And if you have your own children at home, you have to consider the impact having other children around all the time will have on them. Usually, it’s a great combination for all involved, but there are obstacles. You will need to think about the ones that affect your family the most with the in home daycare businesses.If Joey has a hard time with sharing, you’re going to have a lot of problems on your hands if he has to do so on a regular basis, at least initially. This may be the sort of problem you’re great at handling and that doesn’t bother you a bit. If so, then starting your own day care business is a wonderful option for you.When it comes to how to start an in home daycare businesses, you need to go on a fact-finding mission. You’ll need to find out if your state requires a license for in home daycare businesses. Plus how many children you’re allowed to provide care for. You also need to know if it requires any changes or additions be made to your home. States have different guidelines and regulations on these things, so know what yours requires before you invest in that great backyard playhouse you found for sale on the Internet.Also, in home daycare businesses probably will be required to have CPR certification. While it may not be, you’ll most definitely want to become certified in CPR and first aid. You never know when accidents might happen, and you want to be prepared for them.This can also be a big help if, heaven forbid, you ever find yourself involved in a lawsuit. Having your certifications show, not just the parents of the children you provide in home daycare services for. But also law enforcement officials, that you’re dedicated and serious about your in home day care business.You also need to check into liability insurance. You’ll definitely need it. And you want to check with your insurance company about your homeowner’s insurance and find out what sort of protection it provides for accidents that happen on your property.The policy may have different payouts and procedures if you have an in home business, so you want to know about this before you start your own day care business.As with any other home based business you might go into, you want to have a day care business plan. You want to plan for accounting and tax expenses, back up providers for if and when you get sick, necessary equipment, and insurance. If you plan on growing your in home day care business, you want to plan to set aside a certain amount of your profits to help you do so.For an in home day care business plan, you may also want to set aside money for entertainment expenses so that you can take your tots on field trips. Which, of course, you know you’ll have to have the proper permission slips signed before you do.And do lots and lots of research. Read childcare books and articles about successful in home day care businesses online. Go to different day care centers in your area. Talk with the owners, the parents, and the children, if at all possible. Find out about their likes and dislikes.Or you can purchase a business plan/kit to help you with all of the planning, forms and policies you need, and curriculum ideas.This will help you immensely in creating a successful in home day care business. In short, find out everything you can about children and the day care business before you go through with starting your own day care business. This preparation is vital in making your decision about whether or not you want to have a home day care business, as well as in creating one of the best in home day care businesses in town!

Don’t Get Above Your Business

Young men after they get through their business training,or apprenticeship, instead of pursuing their avocation andrising in their business, will often lie about doingnothing. They say, “I have learned my business, but I amnot going to be a hireling; what is the object of learningmy trade or profession, unless I establish myself?”"Have you capital to start with?”"No, but I am going to have it.”"How are you going to get it?”"I will tell you confidentially; I have a wealthy old aunt,and she will die pretty soon; but if she does not, I expectto find some rich old man who will lend me a few thousandsto give me a start. If I only get the money to start with Iwill do well.”There is no greater mistake than when a young man believeshe will succeed with borrowed money. Why? Because everyman’s experience coincides with that of Mr. Astor, whosaid, “it was more difficult for him to accumulate hisfirst thousand dollars, than all the succeeding millionsthat made up his colossal fortune.” Money is good fornothing unless you know the value of it by experience. Givea boy twenty thousand dollars and put him in business, andthe chances are that he will lose every dollar of it beforehe is a year older. Like buying a ticket in the lottery,and drawing a prize, it is “easy come, easy go.” He doesnot know the value of it; nothing is worth anything, unlessit costs effort. Without self-denial and economy, patienceand perseverance, and commencing with capital which youhave not earned, you are not sure to succeed inaccumulating. Young men, instead of “waiting for dead men’sshoes,” should be up and doing, for there is no class ofpersons who are so unaccommodating in regard to dying asthese rich old people, and it is fortunate for theexpectant heirs that it is so. Nine out of ten of the richmen of our country to-day, started out in life as poorboys, with determined wills, industry, perseverance,economy and good habits. They went on gradually, made theirown money and saved it; and this is the best way to acquirea fortune. Stephen Girard started life as a poor cabin boy,and died worth nine million dollars. A. T. Stewart was apoor Irish boy; and he paid taxes on a million and a halfdollars of income, per year. John Jacob Astor was a poorfarmer boy, and died worth twenty millions. CorneliusVanderbilt began life rowing a boat from Staten Island toNew York; he presented our government with a steamshipworth a million of dollars, and died worth fifty millions.”There is no royal road to learning,” says the proverb, andI may say it is equally true, “there is no royal road towealth.” But I think there is a royal road to both. Theroad to learning is a royal one; the road that enables thestudent to expand his intellect and add every day to hisstock of knowledge, until, in the pleasant process ofintellectual growth, he is able to solve the most profoundproblems, to count the stars, to analyze every atom of theglobe, and to measure the firmament–this is a regalhighway, and it is the only road worth traveling.So in regard to wealth. Go on in confidence, study therules, and above all things, study human nature; for “theproper study of mankind is man,” and you will find thatwhile expanding the intellect and the muscles, yourenlarged experience will enable you every day to accumulatemore and more principal, which will increase itself byinterest and otherwise, until you arrive at a state ofindependence. You will find, as a general thing, that thepoor boys get rich and the rich boys get poor. Forinstance, a rich man at his decease, leaves a large estateto his family. His eldest sons, who have helped him earnhis fortune, know by experience the value of money, andthey take their inheritance and add to it. The separateportions of the young children are placed at interest, andthe little fellows are patted on the head, and told a dozentimes a day, “you are rich; you will never have to work,you can always have whatever you wish, for you were bornwith a golden spoon in your mouth.” The young heir soonfinds out what that means; he has the finest dresses andplaythings; he is crammed with sugar candies and almost”killed with kindness,” and he passes from school toschool, petted and flattered. He becomes arrogant andself-conceited, abuses his teachers, and carries everythingwith a high hand. He knows nothing of the real value ofmoney, having never earned any; but he knows all about the”golden spoon” business. At college, he invites his poorfellow-students to his room, where he “wines and dines”them. He is cajoled and caressed, and called a gloriousgood fellow, because he is so lavish of his money. He giveshis game suppers, drives his fast horses, invites his chumsto fetes and parties, determined to have lots of “goodtimes.” He spends the night in frolics and debauchery, andleads off his companions with the familiar song, “we won’tgo home till morning.” He gets them to join him in pullingdown signs, taking gates from their hinges and throwingthem into back yards and horse-ponds. If the police arrestthem, he knocks them down, is taken to the lock-up, andjoyfully foots the bills.”Ah! my boys,” he cries, “what is the use of being rich, ifyou can’t enjoy yourself?”He might more truly say, “if you can’t make a fool ofyourself;” but he is “fast,” hates slow things, and don’t”see it.” Young men loaded down with other people’s moneyare almost sure to lose all they inherit, and they acquireall sorts of bad habits which, in the majority of cases,ruin them in health, purse and character. In this country,one generation follows another, and the poor of to-day arerich in the next generation, or the third. Their experienceleads them on, and they become rich, and they leave vastriches to their young children. These children, having beenreared in luxury, are inexperienced and get poor; and afterlong experience another generation comes on and gathers upriches again in turn. And thus “history repeats itself,”and happy is he who by listening to the experience ofothers avoids the rocks and shoals on which so many havebeen wrecked.”In England, the business makes the man.” If a man in thatcountry is a mechanic or working-man, he is not recognizedas a gentleman. On the occasion of my first appearancebefore Queen Victoria, the Duke of Wellington asked me whatsphere in life General Tom Thumb’s parents were in.”His father is a carpenter,” I replied.”Oh! I had heard he was a gentleman,” was the response ofHis Grace.In this Republican country, the man makes the business. Nomatter whether he is a blacksmith, a shoemaker, a farmer,banker or lawyer, so long as his business is legitimate, hemay be a gentleman. So any “legitimate” business is adouble blessing–it helps the man engaged in it, and alsohelps others. The farmer supports his own family, but healso benefits the merchant or mechanic who needs theproducts of his farm. The tailor not only makes a living byhis trade, but he also benefits the farmer, the clergymanand others who cannot make their own clothing. But allthese classes of men may be gentlemen.The great ambition should be to excel all others engaged inthe same occupation.The college-student who was about graduating, said to anold lawyer:”I have not yet decided which profession I will follow. Isyour profession full?”"The basement is much crowded, but there is plenty of roomup-stairs,” was the witty and truthful reply.No profession, trade, or calling, is overcrowded in theupper story. Wherever you find the most honest andintelligent merchant or banker, or the best lawyer, thebest doctor, the best clergyman, the best shoemaker,carpenter, or anything else, that man is most sought for,and has always enough to do. As a nation Americans are toosuperficial–they are striving to get rich quickly, and donot generally do their business as substantially andthoroughly as they should, but whoever excels all others inhis own line, if his habits are good and his integrityundoubted, cannot fail to secure abundant patronage, andthe wealth that naturally follows. Let your motto thenalways be “Excelsior,” for by living up to it there is nosuch word as fail.Fernando SoaveEditor and PublisherCUTTING EDGE MLM[http://www.cuttingedgemlm.tk]Free Cutting Edge MLMNewsletter.This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free toreprint and distribute as needed. All that we ask isthat you do not make any changes and to be sure thatthe web site address [http://www.cuttingedgemlm.tk] andis hyperlinked correctly.

Extra Income – That Would Be Nice

In the mid 50′s, a family could survive on one income. Today, very few can manage on two. And that won’t be enough in another few years.It’s a shaky future. All of us would be wise to have multiple incomes flowing into our bank accounts.Prosperous people have always known this. If one income vanishes, they have others to support them. Ordinary people are much more vulnerable. If they lose even one of their incomes, it wipes them out. It could take years to improve this situation and the rippling effects can be disastrous.It won’t be long before people will need a portfolio of income sources – AND from completely different and diversified avenues. If one source dries up, you will barely feel the bump. You are sound. You have time to adjust, regroup. You are safe.Do you have multiple incomes flowing into your bank account at this time? Are they Linear or Residual? And do you know the difference?You have a Linear source if you get paid for every hour you work. You have a Residual source if you work hard once, and it releases a steady flow of income for many years. You are rewarded over and over for that same original effort.Even doctors and attorneys are not as wealthy as they appear. They don’t earn residual incomes. They can only see a fixed number of people per day and they have to be there every day to generate their single Linear income. They may appear to be wealthy, but they work the same hours and days that most of us do. The only difference is their Linear income is higher than ours.If you are smart, you will start shifting your income sources from Linear to Residual and eventually realize the freedom to do what you want, when and where. This can be accomplished easily, without a lot of fuss. Start with ONE new residual source this year. How about right now?Of course most of us cannot write a book or compose an opera in order to generate lasting Residual income. But the Internet has given us the chance of a lifetime. There are many programs not worth their print, but there are others that will indeed, give you the Residual income we speak of. The trick here is to recognize the difference between hype and straight talkin’.Just as we must first walk before we run – to become a Leader, we must follow.The best place to look for an ‘honest’ Residual income is to find someone you trust and follow him/her. A name that you recognize, a name that has a substantial following already, a person who over-delivers on promises. These are the true “gurus” — and if you’ve been on the Internet for more than a month, you know who they are.All of them have programs designed to give you Residual incomes. Look over what they offer and make your choice. Give it everything you have in promoting it, and when you have it off the ground — look for your next Residual source.Success is a marathon, not a sprint. I did it — so can you.

Voice Over Talent – Getting Paid For the Gig

You’ve launched your voice-over business. You market your demo. You network. You audition. You get gigs. Now all you have to do is get paid.Union or Non-Union?For AFTRA and/or SAG union talent, getting paid in a timely fashion is a benefit of union membership. It’s built into the union contract. Union talents fill out a form at the session and then submit it to a paymaster (someone contracted with the union to handle talent payroll). The paymaster ensures that the talent is paid within a time period specified by the union contract.Non-union talent and financial core talent doing non-union work are totally responsible for collecting what’s owed to them. Financial core, if you aren’t familiar with the term, refers to less than full union membership. Financial core union members have paid the portion of dues and fees dedicated strictly to collective bargaining, excluding any activity not directly related to collective bargaining. You might call it “union lite.” Financial core members do not have voting rights and cannot hold elective office in the union, but they also do not have to abide by union rules and regulations.Types of ClientsSo, what payment policy should you, the non-union talent, adopt? Just as the Internet has changed the voice-over business by making the home voiceover studio possible, the Internet has changed collection by making it possible to take payment electronically. PayPal is just one of a number of the online options that make requesting immediate payment possible, instead of sending a paper invoice through the postal system and then waiting for a paper check to be sent to you. But before discussing methods of accepting payment, let’s look at the various types of clients out there and the payment policy that may best apply to each one.Most businesses base their payment policies on assessment of risk. Assessing the risk you take with a client usually is a matter of simple common sense. If an individual contacts you through your web site and asks you to narrate a wedding video or tribute to a deceased relative, then probably it would be wise to request payment up front before delivering the voice over. If the individual balks at paying up front, then you can agree to voice the script, play the voice-over down the phone line to prove you did it, get paid, and then deliver the voiceover.Working with ad agencies and production houses usually means giving up a little control of payment terms. You can request payment up front, but most ad agencies and production houses expect to be invoiced. You can put “due on receipt” on the invoice, but that is often interpreted as “30 days net.” There are some excellent ad agencies and production houses out there that pay promptly, but very often you will have to wait 30 days or more for payment. Be aware: many smaller ad agencies and production houses have adopted a policy of not paying you until they get paid. In the ad biz, this means you can wait a long time for payment.(On a personal note, after waiting a year for payment from a small agency for a VO I’d done for a local electronics and appliance retailer, I finally reached an agreement to accept a color television in lieu of cash. A couple of months later, the retailer went out of business, a victim of serious negative cash flow! Did the ad agency ever get paid? Good question.)Doing voice work directly for mid-sized to large corporations usually means having to bill on a 30-day net basis. This means, in essence, that you end up offering 30 days credit interest-free. The good thing is the risk of not getting paid is usually low. Will some companies push payment out 60 days and even further? Yes, but again you’ll eventually get paid.Payment OptionsSo, let’s go through the individual types of clients and your payment options.For individuals, request immediate payment. As described above, play the completed voiceover down the phone to prove it was done and then ask for payment. Once payment is made, deliver the voice over.For direct work with larger companies, ad agencies, and production houses, request immediate payment upon receipt of invoice. If they say their policy is 30 days, try for 15. For long-form voiceovers involving many pages and a large talent fee, try requesting 50 percent up front and 50 percent upon delivery of the project. Remember everything is negotiable. You can even barter for part of your fee. Remember how I received a TV in lieu of cash? Of course, keep track of your receivables (what’s owed you). When a client does not pay by the due date, send a statement. Make a polite but firm phone call requesting payment. Be proactive. Most people pay their bills. But for many clients your invoice will not be top of the pile, so to speak.Payment via the ‘NetNow, back to collecting via the ‘Net. PayPal is a very popular site for collecting or sending payments. Just visit PayPal.com and sign up. Clients can pay by credit card or through electronic transfer from a checking account. You’ll receive an email telling you when the transfer of funds has occurred. This makes it perfect for collecting an up front payment. As soon as you receive the email, you can deliver the voiceover. http://www.worldpay.com and http://www.verisign.com are two other online payment processors you can check out, too.Want to take credit cards? You’ll have to open a merchant account in order to accept them. It will cost you a fee to open the account, a monthly fee, a fee for each transaction, and a percentage of each sale. Do an online search for credit card merchant accounts and compare costs and services to get the best deal.Direct wire transfer is a third electronic payment option. Set up a checking account used exclusively for wire transfers. You supply the client with your checking account number and the banks routing number, and the client transfers funds directly from his account to yours. It works well and can cost virtually nothing depending on the deal on the account you get from your bank. One of my TV imaging clients pays by wire transfer. I email an invoice out of my QuickBooks and usually the next day the money is in my account!With a payment policy in place, you’ll gain greater control over how and when you get paid. Hey, it might be a really fun business, but it’s no fun not getting paid.Happy collecting!©Peter Drew

What If A Franchise Was Run Like a Typical Home Based Business and Residual Income?

Have you ever wondered how a Franchise would do if run like a typical home business? This might give you some idea.There is something that is long as I live I will never understand. Well I suppose actually there are several things, however right now this is business focused. That something is residual income. I just can’t for the life of me understand how someone can go through life and just continue to work at a job with no plan for residual income. I suppose many people just can’t comprehend that they can have money coming into them while they aren’t working.There are a number of ways to get residual income like writing a book, or a song. However, these are tough occupations to succeed at.One of the very best ways to have residual income is good home business in Network Marketing. Network marketing has been criticized, poked fun of, ridiculed and worse. But it’s here to stay and it’s popularity is growing. Often called the poor man’s franchise, with the right company, product and timing a person can actually do much better than a franchise without the expense and headaches that so often accompany a franchise.Think about this, what would you say is the best most successful stable franchise today? Several come to mind but no one can argue that McDonalds wouldn’t be at or near the top of most lists. So what kind of point am I making here. Simply this, many people argue that home businesses, especially in the area of network marketing don’t work. Well gee whiz if a McDonalds was run the same way the majority of people work their home business the McDonalds would all go out of business.Here is how the typical McDonalds would be run if run by the typical unsuccessful home businessperson.When it’s open – I stress the word open, (more on this) it would probably be open less than 1 hour a day. The workers would be sitting around pretending to be working, but accomplishing very little. And then suddenly at a whim the store would abruptly close, perhaps to open again in a few days or even a few weeks. No schedule or hours of operation would be posted when the store was going to be open. After reopening after an absence the workers would just be getting back in the groove of working again when a half hour later the store would close because no customers were coming in. It seemed not knowing when the store would be open was keeping them away – imagine that. Well after a month or so of no customers the store is closed with the owner muttering under his breath. “These franchise things just don’t work!” Then he starts telling all his friends, “I tried one of those franchise things once. They just don’t work!”This example is easy to see and yet we all wonder why a home business fails when conducted in this same manner. What is great about a home business versus a traditional business is you don’t have to start each day at 8:00, you have a lot of flexibility. However, you don’t have the flexibility not to work for days and weeks at a stretch and engage in poor work habits when you decide to work.Of course not all the blame can be put on the new home business person, there are some bad programs out there and timing can be bad with others. Of course wrong expectations can mislead many people into discouragement. What do we mean here. Well look at it this way. Very few people would argue that Microsoft would be a poor stock investment today. However, there are people that hype their particular company that has passed it’s growth spurt, that you can get rich and retire with their company. This is the same as a dishonest stock broker pushing Microsoft from the angle of it getting ready to explode in value as they will have double digit growth each month for the next 5 years. Hey in the early 80′s Microsoft had this type of growth, just don’t expect the growth to continue forever.The point is there are always new Microsoft’s in the Business and Home Business markets. It’s knowing how to find them that is key. They are out there, home businesses that are rock solid and will experience this type of explosive growth over the next 5 years.

Mail Order Tips

There is a lot of excellent material being written and sold for beginners to the mail order field. It seems everyone is ready, willing and able to offer their “words of wisdom” to the new business owner – and this is GREAT! This action on the part of almost every stable mail order dealer only goes to further prove my point in this report.Mail order is loaded with the best people in the world! Walk into any corporate-owned establishment and be introduced to “greed” first-hand. Please don’t get me wrong – there are some very well run organizations, but any time you hire employees, the dedication to your product or service begins to deteriorate.In the early 1800′s most of the businesses were owned by one person or one family. They took pride in their product and took the time to provide their customers with high quality. The other day one of my customers called to thank me for a publishing job I had completed for them. They said they couldn’t find my company’s type of quality at any price locally. They explained that the majority of people don’t take “pride” in their wares.But what is mail order filled with? Small, one-person-owned businesses. We have built them from the ground up and we are PROUD to be able to service our customers. And when we have a customer complaint, we normally do every- thing and anything under our power (even if we lose money) just to make that customer satisfied! This is PRIDE! And I’d like to believe that most of us all have it!Multi-level companies also sell excellent quality products. The shampoo and conditioner I use, the cream I put on my face every night, the mail order printing company I utilize as well as the many other products and services I order through the mail are products I could NEVER purchase locally. So don’t forget to let the beginners know who we really are! Beginners arelike children (sort-of-speak.) They come into this industry with the willingness to learn from experienced professionals. They do not know when they are told to hand address their envelopes in red ink that this is ridiculous!If you take a 2-year-old child and tell them that people in Russia all have green skin – they will believe you without question. They will never doubt your word until someone else comes along and convinces them otherwise. Beginners to mail order are the same way. We have a duty to train them correctly and give them honest and sound advice.The problem is that some people are greedy and don’t want to train them properly. They are afraid if they teach them what they know that the beginner will be better than them; make more money than them; outshine them and be more successful.Unfortunately this is greed talking. Any beginner you help to become successful will take you right along with them. They’ll never forget you taking time and educating them on exactly how to make money. The more money they make – the more money you will make. But even besides this – they will benefit the mail order industry as a whole. You won’t live forever. The mail order industry will continue thriving long after you are dead and buried. Shouldn’t it be our concern to teach people to carry on what we started?Sure, there are some beginners that are only looking for a fast buck and a way to make some easy cash. These people don’t need your time and dedication, but they don’t need you lying to them either and robbing them. Instead, steer away from these types and concentrate your energies on people who really want to succeed. The beginners who have pride in their business is the same beginner that will grow up and remain dear to you.Copyright 2004 by DeAnna SpencerNote to editors:To show my appreciation to the editors that use my articles, I offer a free solo ad. Simply send an email to me by using the form on the contact me page on my website to tell me the url the article was used on or send me a copy of the ezine it was used in.

To Furnish Your Home Office Inexpensively

This is part 3 in a series of home office tips!Furnishing your home office should be a cost effective and easy process. Follow these tips to furnish a home office inexpensively.
Everything Old Is New Again. Take a trip to your basement or attic. Do you have discarded chairs, an old desk? Clean them up and install in your home office.

Recycle. Find another use for old cardboard boxes or plastic containers. Use cardboard boxes for files or to store your home office supplies. Use plastic containers for smaller items that get lost easily, like extra pens, pencils, paper clips, index cards.

Barter/Exchange So your friend has an old computer, telephone, or fax you would love to have. Why not barter for these needed items. Offer to cook a meal, do laundry, household chores, babysit, lawn work, run errands, in place of cash.

Thrift Shops/Garage Sales. A great place to find inexpensive home office furniture. I’ve purchased shelves and an almost new bookcase for far less than the original price. A few years ago I purchased old antique metal milk crates at a garage sale for only a buck each! I cleaned them up and spray painted them bright red. They are great for storing old magazines, research files, books.

Shop At Discount Stores. Staples and Office Depot are excellent places to compare prices and shop for office mobile porn essentials like pens, pencils, paper, envelopes, folders, storage boxes. You can also order their catalog online or browse their websites. http://www.staples.com http://www.officedepot.com

Visit: [http://www.angelfire.com/zine/smallbiz/Articles.html]And review the previous home office tips in the article section.

So You Don’t Have a Marketing Plan – Why Not?

“In today’s world of business it is more important than ever to reach, connect and communicate with your customers, because if you aren’t, someone else is,” says Pauline Tonkin, Principal and Marketing Director of Hunter Marketing Group. This is especially true for a small or home based business trying to create a place for themselves in today’s extremely competitive market.Looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. There’s an endless supply of marketing options that small or home-based business can take advantage of, such as pres releases, telemarketing, ad mail, brochures, web sites, e-mail campaigns and much more. But without a solid plan, you’re just be spinning your wheels.The sad reality is that the majority of small and home based businesses don’t approach their marketing in a strategic way. They may promote their business without clearly identifying their target market, or regularly use marketing campaigns without monitoring the results.Today we are bombarded with technology and new tools for reaching, connecting and communicating. But when putting these new tools to work, remember that the same basic marketing principles still apply. “Understanding and including these principles in your day-to-day approach to business is crucial to your success,” says Tonkin.In order to take your business to the next level, a solid marketing plan is required. Marketing is basically the key function directed to your target market customers that addresses them specifically.According to Tonkin, marketing communications fits into your overall marketing plan because it represents a collection of all the activities necessary to establish a consistent message to your customers. Although many of these activities can work well alone, the best results are achieved when they are coordinated with other marketing activities.This means that every customer directed activity is well defined within your marketing plan. That includes how you answer the phone, create mail, advertising or product packaging. It all must fit together to create a cohesive impression in the eyes of your customers. This consistent image should reflect the bestaspects of your business and what you have to offer.Before you can even begin to put together this cohesive image, you first must know your customers. How can you effectively communicate a message whenyou don’t know who the message is directed at?Don’t just assume that you already know your target market, take a moment to ask yourself the following key questions:
Who are my customers?
What do they need?
Why will they buy my product or service?
You’ll probably find that these are difficult questions to answer. If that’s the case, make a point of asking your customers through a survey. As an incentive to fill out the survey, you can offer a free draw with the prize of your product o service for the winner.Your survey can find out what they like most about your business, what they would change, if they have additional needs you could meet and much more. Use this information to create a solid marketing plan.Once you are familiar with your target market, put this information down on paper and start writing your marketing plan. A marketing plan should cover oneyear and be evaluated at the end of that year. Down the road you can create two to five-year plans, but for now, stick with one year at a time.When creating your plan, put it into a three-ring binder so that it is easy to refer back to on a regular basis. Try to check in with your plan monthly. Add a tab for monthly reports so that you can track the success of your marketing efforts. In this section, put monthly reports on sales and your return on marketing investments. If a specific activity is costing much more than it brings in, it might be pertinent to re-evaluate that activity and make changes as necessary.If you think you’re too small to create a marketing plan, think again! You can take your cue from some of the business giants out there in order to take your small or home based business to the next level. McDonalds, The Gap and Coca Cola wouldn’t be where they are today without an incredible marketing plan, pulled together with cohesive marketing communications.These companies know that effective marketing is not just about creating catchy jingles or funny commercials, but rather that’s it’s about understanding their customers can communicating key messages clearly while maintaining a consistent identity that corresponds to the values of that target market.Although not all work at home moms are planning on being the next McDonalds, you can still use your marketing plan and cohesive marketing communications on a smaller scale to reap similar benefits.So in conclusion, take some time to get to know your customers, write down what you learn and then plan strategic marketing strategies to best reach and communicate with them. Review your plan regularly to make sure it works and plan to succeed. With a well thought out plan, your small or home-based business will soar.

Are You The Boss Or The Employee Of Your Business?

I remember when I was working, back in 1996, I was a totally lazy person. If my boss ordered me to do something, I listened to what he said, but in my heart, I kept complaining that I needed to find a new job with a better employer.All I thought about was getting a better job, with better pay, in a better black porn environment.However, I never thought about it from my bosses point of view, until I became my own boss.******Here is what I remembered about him…He said “Henry, you need to be able to expand your boundary, if you would like to become very successful.”"I see you have great potential, but you lack ambition to get to where you want to go.”*******I remembered that he was always busy talking to clients, busy improving the store condition, and busy organizing work for the employees.He was also busy reminding me to finish my work on time. He set deadlines and expected me to meet them each and every time.I could feel that whenever he failed to meet a deadline he was very frustrated and disappointed with his own performance.Once we finalised a project he would treat us to dinner. However, the next day, he would start a new project again without even slowing down.Working with him, lead me to understand that his success was based on discipline and hard work, not just a type of luck that everybody is hoping for.Here is how I started…As you may have noticed, I started my Internet business in 1999.During that time, I kept finding many good leaders in Internet marketing. I joined one opportunity after the other.But nothing worked at all :-( I joined several Multi Level Marketing programs which I failed at, and even lost over $10,000 calling up leads as I had been taught on the tele-conference. When I saw one guy earning $10,000 in 3 days, I joined his biz-opportunity. When I failed to produce any results, I found what I thought was a better business opportunity.Failure after failure, I almost gave up the idea of so-called ‘work at home opportunities’. I began to think that may be Internet business was not for me.It brought me to the cartoon porn point where I was thinking about my past employers, who had taught me how to be disciplined and how to push my limits.I was thinking about the real reason why I had failed. It was not because it didn’t work, but because I hadn’t developed my own principles for becoming successful.Surely it is in everyone’s own interest to become successful. Every biz-op owner says he will help you to become #1 seller by promoting his programs.Think about it seriously, does he really care about how you feel when you fail. Does he care about how miserable you become when you fail instead of reaching your goal?The truth is “NO ONE WILL CARE”.The truth is, he has got thousands of people he has to take care of right now. He is too busy finishing his work to ask you “Are you ok?”************************Being the boss means…., you need to:1. Face every obstacle that comes your way. 2. Accept the truth. No one can help you except yourself. 3. Take responsibility to change the quality of your life. 4. Be disciplined and learn from the mistakes along the way. 5. Finish every task on time.*************************I frequently suffer from lack of sleep and food, but I enjoy it because I keep thinking about the end result, – the end of this month, next month, 1 year from now, or even 5 years from now.But unsuccessful people keep worrying about their future by saying,” What if it doesn’t work, what would they say?”The truth is, “NO ONE WILL CARE”.Henry, how can I become a true leader?Be yourself. Imagine the end result, and use other people’s knowledge to create your own result.I found out that if I kept joining business opportunities, I would create an OK income, however, instead of just being the seller, I would like to be the owner.It means that instead of helping him to sell his products, you learn how to become him by helping others to sell your own products.For example:Ask yourself: Who is more powerful?The one who uses the computer or the one who built the computer?The one who uses Microsoft word or the one who built Microsoft word?It’s obvious, the answer will be the builder, not the user. It’s obvious that the owner of the biz-op is powerful, not the seller.Henry, how can I become the builder?When you start your own Internet business, don’t just promote affiliate programs, but open your own E-store with your own unique purpose.Once you have built it up, use the business opportunity or other similar program as a plug-in opportunity.That’s the only way you can become very successful online.Another important thing is: Learn as much as possible from people who are the leaders in this field. One of the best ways, is to purchase their courses, books, audio, or even to participate in their seminars.With the combination of leadership inside you and your willingness to expand your limits, you will definitely become a leader in the industry of your choice.This is what I call 100% success rate.Closing note: Many people who send me emails on a daily basis are totally negative about their current work situation as well as their current financial situation.Your willingness to change the present by pushing your limits, is the only way you can become very successful online.Remember: If you keep expecting that somebody will rescue you, or one day you will win $1,000,000 from lottery or gambling, you will NEVER become successful.Take charge of your life by changing your habits. Instead of feeling depressed about life, you should concentrate on finding a solution to the problem.Your life will definitely become very successful.Copyright 2004 Henry Gold

Dispel The Myths And Find Success

The internet has literally redefined the lifestyles of every man woman and child on the planet. With a mouse and a modem you can find love, pay bills, do your homework, and shop til you drop. The world is at your fingertips.With all of the opportunity the internet has to offer it’s no wonder that thousands of new businesses have emerged. The internet has become the ideal place to market whatever anyone has to offer and has created one of the biggest home business opportunities of the century. Thousands of people who otherwise may not have been able to start a business are getting their chance.The internet has made the dream of owning a business attainable. Products are easy to use, advertising is relatively cheap, customer service has been perfected and research is at your fingertips. So why is it that 98% of internet business fail or are unable to provide business owners with a substantial income?It’s easy, it’s free and I can get rich quick.Don’t be fooled. Building a success isn’t easy. It takes careful planning and effort. You need to spend time at it and research carefully. As with anything worthwhile it will take time and ambition.Its not free but the costs can be minimal. When compared to other business startups it can be much cheaper. You have no office space or warehouse leasing to consider and computer and internet hookups cost about as much as it would for cable TV.There are ongoing costs such as computer maintenance, software, education and advertising. These certainly aren’t huge costs but you will need to plan for them in the beginning in order to avoid surprises in the end.Don’t fall into the get rich quick trap. There is no such ideal and following those that profess it will only lead to disappointment. Your business will take time, research and effort. However, if you follow the lead of those that are trusted and experienced and strive to be patient and persistent, you will be rewarded with a successful business that will ultimately provide you with wealth. OK, now that you know you know you have to work at it, its not entirely free and you wont get rich quick, don’t let that discourage you, simply dispel those notions.An internet business is entirely doable if you focus on the right things. Build your business with your customer in mind. Learn to scope out problems and then bombard them with solutions. Be responsive, caring and considerate. Understand that it takes money to make money. Consider all decisions carefully, listen to the experts and be persistent. If that isn’t enough here are a few additional starters that are sure to make a difference:Build Personal relationshipsIt’s no surprise that personal relationships can build trust and friendships. Without these relationships there can be no trust or commitment. Owning an internet business works much the same way.Just as with our family and friends the same relationships need to be built into our marketing strategies. When you build a website its your opportunity to create these relationships. Your website will display your personality, style and creativity. You can be compelling, build your argument, offer expertise and information and invite feedback.Once you’ve built a relationship of trust and understanding your marketing efforts can begin to unfold into profitable sales. However until those relationships are established your marketing efforts can be compromised.Create CommunityConsider adding a forum to your website. Forums are excellent tools for inviting feedback and creating a sense of community among its visitors. It lures people of like interests to gather together and discuss topics and issues. People often feel at home using forums and exchange information freely. Its a great way to build friendships and trust.Solicit a survey and post your results in a newsletter or article. If people feel they can be heard they are more likely to respond positively. They will also provide good information as to what they are looking for, enabling you to more completely meet their needs.Capitalize on cheaper advertisingAdvertising is a fact of life in the world of business. You wont succeed with it. Internet advertising is still relatively cheap compared to outside advertising methods. Search engine Pay Per click (PPC) advertising is still one of the cheapest and most effective methods available to get the word out. You can still place an ad on some search engines for as cheap as one cent.Newsletters are also an excellent form of advertising. Here you are getting subscribers that are interested in you and your products. You can combine good quality information to readers while at the same time offer products of interest.If you like to write, articles are an excellent way to go. If you’re not a writer, no problem, here are many experts that offer easy tools to help you get your message out there. We all have areas of expertise but realizing what we are not experts in and letting those that are experts help us is smart business.Offer to exchange ads with other newsletters. This is another excellent way to get some free publicity and also help someone else.