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Internet Marketing; The New Frontier

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet recently you know, even if only subconsciously, that web based “work from home” opportunities are a dime a dozen! But I bet you don’t know that there are more than 15 million programs to chose from!In fact, while writing this article and doing some research for it, Google gave me 15,200,000 different choices. Wow! I had a sense that online marketing had increased in recent years, but I had no idea that it had grown so big, and so fast!The numbers might suggest that if you didn’t get into the game “early” there might not be a place for you! Surely the seasoned Pro Net Marketers have mastered the successful marketing strategies and concepts, and in the process tapped the web for most of its riches!I think not! I believe that with a good product and marketing plan there will always be room for people who think out of the box, who are willing to work hard for success, and will not accept failure as an option.An excellent choice for a “good product” is one that I recently discovered, and is a good “business” for newbies and veterans alike. It is a fully automated turnkey website with tools and accessories needed to successfully market the products and services that come with it. Additionally, a 30-day step by step plan is laid out to help ensure the success of the new business owner. More can be found out about it at [http://www.pronetmarketer.com].Still, the pioneering Internet prospectors created unimaginable wealth by virtue of the fact they were mining the Internet way before the masses even had a clue about its potential. My hat is off to them, and all I can say is “I wish I had been there.”However, each day brings a new beginning. And the great thing about the Internet is that because of its vastness millions of people can still realize their dreams of success, all at the same time, even while helping others to do the same!It’s kind of like the California Gold Rush! Lots of people became wealthy by being the first to get to the gold, but a multitude of others that weren’t even miners did quite well for themselves, too!However, instead of mining for gold, they prospected the prospectors. You see they knew the miners would need food, clothes and other goods and services; so they set up shops and provided them.By and large they were common folk who provided services; banking, legal, food, clothes, livestock, shelter, saloons, etc., and they made serious money. But let there be no doubt about it, they too were pioneers with a will to succeed, where failure was not an option.And as the gold rush was then, millions are migrating to the Internet now. And although many people have already made early fortunes in the phenomenon we call online marketing, there are still fortunes to be made.And finally, just for the record, making a living on the Internet is definitely not easy. I work harder at it this than I did at my last “real” job. Nor am I making as much money as I did then.. yet!Still, everyday I jump for joy (figuratively) because I’m living my dream. I work when I want to, don’t have a boss micromanaging my every move, and feel that eventually I will earn what I believe I am truly worth! I wish you the same.© 2004 by Lanard Perry

Is Working At Home Really For You?

I remember what it was like when I was still working away from home. I remember all too clearly how desperate I was to quit my job and stay home with my children. It was my mission in life. So….there was a lot of discussion between my husband and I. There were a lot of questions that we asked ourselves; Can we afford to do this? What kind of business could I start and run at home? Am I really ready to give up my demanding, stressful, rewarding career?That last question was an important one. Was I ready to give up the daily adult interaction, the support of my peers, the stimulus of being out in the world each day? If the idea of being fairly isolated from others sounds about as appealing as several weeks in a sensory deprivation chamber, you might want to stick it out with your 9 to 5.Before you make the jump, be sure you know what you’re signing up for. Working at home can be very challenging, especially for those lacking discipline. You can’t get a whole lot done if you just can’t resist watching Regis and Kathy Lee and the next thing you know, Oprah’s on. You also have to be able to say no. When people know you are at home, even if they know you are working, it’s seemingly irresistible for them to ask favors of you. You have to be able to politely let people know that while you do work at home, you do have a schedule to keep.With children at home, it’s even more challenging. How do you balance the time between kids and work? How do you meet your professional goals and not compromise your children’s needs? What are you going to do when your toddler decides to throw a tantrum while you are on an important call with a client? I find that it is extremely important to have a structured day so that I set aside time for the kids as well as my work schedule. I want to accomplish certain things work-wise each day, but I’m not willing to give up the playtime, the homework time, or the just being-together time with my kids. For me, I have found that if I identify daily non-negotiables for work, family time and housework, I’m productive and I get to keep my sanity (OK, I don’t really get to keep it, but I have use of it most of the time).I do have to admit that I am probably really well suited to this. This is mostly due to the fact that I am (according to my husband) extraordinarily stubborn and determined. I am also willing to be a mom most of the day, and then do my “other” job at night. I have been known to get up out of bed in the middle of the night just to work on an idea. Do you think that if I had to get dressed and drive to an office somewhere that I would do it? This is what notepads were invented for. It really can be like having 2 or 3 full-time jobs.This is not to say that there aren’t at least as many benefits to working at home. I get to set my own schedule. I can take a break to give piggy-back rides to my little daughter. I can work in my pajamas (of course I don’t really do that). Working at home can be very rewarding for many people, but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you realistically envision the impact it would make on your daily life, and whether or not it fits with your personal needs.

Tax Advantages In A Home Business

Every year, several thousand people develop an interest in “going into business.” Many of these people have an idea, a product or a service they hope to promote into an in come producing business which they can operate from their own homes.If you are one of these people, here are some practical thoughts to consider before hanging out the “Open-for-Business” sign.In areas zoned “Residential Only,” your proposed business could be illegal. In many areas, zoning restrictions rule out home businesses involving the coming and going of many customers, clients or employees. Many businesses that sell or even store any thing for sale on the premises also fall into this category.Be sure to check with your local zoning office to see how the ordinances in your particular area may affect your business plans. You may need a special permit to operate your business from your home; and you may find that making small changes in your plan will put you into the position of meeting zoning standards.Many communities grant home occupation permits for businesses that involve typing, sewing and teaching, but turn thumbs down on requests from photographers, interior decorators and home-improve ment businesses to be run from the home. And often, even if you are permitted to use your home for a given business, there will be restrictions that you may need to take into consideration. By all means, work with your zoning people, and save yourself time, trouble and dollars.One of the requirements imposed might be off-street parking for your customers or patrons. And, signs are generally forbidden in residential districts. If you teach, there is almost always a limit on the number of students you may have at any one time.Obtaining zoning approval for your business, then, could be as simple as filling out an application, or it could involve a public hearing. The important points the zoning officials will consider will center around how your business will affect the neighborhood.Will it increase the traffic noticeably on your street? Will there be a substantial in crease in noise? And how will your neighbors feel about this business alongside their homes?To repeat, check into the zoning restrictions, and then check again to determine if you will need a city license. If you’re selling something, you may need a vendor’s license, and be required to collect sales taxes on your transactions. The sales tax requirement would result in the need for careful record keeping.Licensing can be an involved process, and depending upon the type of business, it could even involve the inspection of your home to determine if it meets with local health and building and fire codes. Should this be the case, you will need t o bring your facilities up to the local standards. Usually this will involve some simple repairs or adjustments that you can either do personally, or hire out to a handyman at a nominal cost.Still more items to consider: Will your homeowner’s insurance cover the property and liability involved in your new business? This must definitely be resolved, so be sure to talk it over with your insurance agent.Tax deductions, which were once one of the beauties of engaging in a home business, are not what they once were. To be eligible for business related deductions today, you must use that part of your home claimed exclusively and regularly as either the principal location of your business, or the place reserved to meet patients, clients or customers.An interesting case in point: If you use your den or a spare bedroom as the principal place of business, working there from 8:00 to 5:00 every day, but permit your children to watch TV in that room during the evening hours, the IRS dictates that you cannot claim a deduction for that room as your office or place of business.There are, however, a couple of exceptions we will note to the “exclusive use” rule. One is the storage of inventory in your home, where your home is the location of your trade or business, and approval for your business, then, could be as sour trade or business is the selling of products at retail or wholesale. According to the IRS, such storage space must be used on a regular basis, and be a separately identifiable space.Another exception applies to day care services that are provided for children, the elderly, or physically or mentally handicapped. This exception applies only if the owner of the facility complies with the state laws for licensing.To be eligible for business deductions, your business must be an activity under taken with the intent of making a profit. It’s presumed you meet this requirement if your business makes a profit in any two years of a five-year period.Once you are this far along, you can deduct business expenses such as supplies, subscriptions to professional journals, and an allowance for the business use of your car or truck. You can also claim deductions for home related business expenses such as utilities, and in some cases, even a new paint job for your home.The IRS is going to treat the part of your home you use for business as though it were a separate piece of property. This means that you’ll have to keep good records and take care not to mix business and personal matters. No specific method of record keeping is required, but your records must clearly justify any deductions you claim.You can begin by calculating what percentage of the house is used for business, either by number of rooms or by area in square footage. Thus, if you use one of five rooms for your business, the business portion is 20 percent. If you run you r business out of a room that’s 10 by 12 feet, and the total area of your home is 1,200 square feet, the business-space factor is 10 percent.An extra computation is required if your business is a home day care center. This is one of the exempted activities in which the exclusive use rule doesn’t apply. Check with your tax preparer and the IRS for an exact determination.If you’re a renter, you can deduct the part of your rent which is attributable to the business share of your house or apartment. Homeowners can take a deduction based on the depreciation of the business portion of their house.There is a limit to the amount you can deduct. This is the amount equal to the gross income generated by the business, minus those home expenses you could deduct even if you weren’t operating a business from your home. As an example, real estate taxes and mortgage interest are deductible regardless of any business activity in your home, so you must subtract from your business’ gross income the percentage that’s allocable to the business portion of your home. You thus arrive at the maximum amount for home-related business deductions.If you are self-employed, you claim your business deductions on Schedule C, Profit (or Loss) for Business or Profession. The IRS emphasizes that claiming business-at-home deductions does not automatically trigger an audit of your tax return. Even so, it is always wise to keep meticulously within the proper guidelines, and of course keep detailed records if you claim business related expenses when you are working out of your home. You should discuss this aspect of your operation with your tax preparer or a person qualified in the field of small business tax requirements.If your business earnings aren’t subject to withholding tax, and your estimated federal taxes are $100 or more, you’ll probably be filing a Declaration of Estimated Tax, Form 1040-ES. To complete this form, you will have to estimate your income for the coming year and also make a computation of the income tax and self-employment tax you will owe. The self-employment taxes pay for Social Security coverage.If you have a salaried job covered by Social Security, the self-employment tax applies only to the amount of your home business income that, when added to your salary, reaches the current ceiling. When you file your Form 1040-ES, which is due April 15, you must make the first of four equal installment payments on your estimated tax bill.Another good way to trim your taxes is by setting up a Keogh plan or an Individual Retirement Account. With either of these, you can shelter some of your home business income from taxes by investing it for your retirement.Copyright 2004 Joe Featherston

Stay At Home Work – Creating A Great Home Office Environment

When you begin any kind of stay at home work or home based business, it’s a good idea to put a lot of thought into your stay at home working environment. After that cubicle where you were forced to make good use of your space, it’s easy to spread out and become disorganized. Or worse, not put any thought at all into your stay at home work environment.For instance, your stay at home business office needs to have its own phone. In many homes, the phone is in a central location where it’s easily accessible. You will waste untold amounts of time and energy if you don’t have a phone for your stay at home job. This is a problem that’s easily solved with a remote phone that you keep in your stay at home business office.Too, it’s easy to let the office where you perform your stay at home job get cluttered and dirty. After all, you think, no one sees my stay at home work office but me. And that’s exactly why you need to make sure your stay at home office is neat and clean. It reflects professionalism which has a psychological affect of making you feel more professional, which makes it easier to take a more professional attitude toward your stay at home job.And it doesn’t hurt to decorate your stay at home work office so that it’s a pleasant place for you to be. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your stay at home work office, so you want to feel comfortable and make it a place you enjoy being in. That enjoyment carries over to your stay at home job and can make it far more enjoyable. So paint the walls a cheerful color that makes you feel good and put up some posters or pictures. Invest in some houseplants. You’ll be amazed at how cartoon porn great a difference making even a few small changes in your stay at home work office will make you feel toward your stay at home job.If your stay at home work office must be in the basement of your home, you want to pay even closer attention to the lighting and humidity levels. A constantly damp environment isn’t good for office equipment–or you. It can cause you to be more susceptible to colds and allergies. So invest in a good dehumidifier to protect both yourself and your stay at home office equipment. And make sure you have great lighting. A basement can be a dreary, gloomy place for your stay at home office and good lighting can not only make it brighter and more cheerful, it also makes it a lot easier to see–which is important to performing your stay at home job more efficiently.Also, no matter where your stay at home work office is in your home, it needs to have good ventilation. This is especially important for a stay at home work office that’s in a basement. You need fresh air, and, again, so does your equipment. So invest in a good fan and/or air filter to ensure the air in the office where you do your stay at home work has the freshest air possible. Your stay at home work office equipment will work better and so will you.Finally, you also want to invest in some quality stay at home work office furniture. You want a good, comfortable chair and a good desk for your stay at home work office. Nothing’s worse than spending a lot of time in a chair that isn’t comfortable or a desk that’s too high or too low to allow you to do your stay at home work comfortably. Buying quality stay at home office furniture doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. You can pick up great furniture for your home office at liquidation sales and online auctions. So chose stay at home office furniture that fits both you and your budget.Charles Fuchshttp://www.charlesfuchs.comI grant permission to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as the bylines are included, with a live link, and the article is not changed in any way.

Fuel For Your Business Success

May I ask a question if you do not mind…?What does your business mean to you? Please choose an honest answer.- Making a living.- Freedom from job- Realization of your dreams.- All of the aboveI hope you chose the right option.Everyday million of people get up and think ‘Oh no! I have to go to office again.’ It is something they dread. Whether they realize this or not is a different issue. Have you noticed how excited people are over their weekends as they will be off the work and can enjoy.That reflects they do not enjoy what they do. But they continue with that. Yes, they have sufficient reasons- mortgage, seniority, children and security to name a few. There is another good reason worth mentioning – lack of willingness and lack of initiative to start their own venture.A lot of people dream about working for themselves. Dreaming is easy. It costs nothing.But that is end for many. Moving beyond that involves risk. Their security is too precious.Nevertheless with advent of internet, home business things have been made simpler and easier.You do not need to leave your present job and still can start a home business that you can manage in your part time. Initial struggle period is buffered by your job. You can manage your investment capital better and there is job to fall back upon.Things could not be simpler. Nice paradigm. A surge in home businessmen and businesswomen proves this.But then people still fail in their ventures. There could not be better time. There could not be a better platform. But people still do not capitalize the opportunity to its full extent. What could be the reason?No. Please do not say that internet saturation has occurred. The net is not to be blamed. Internet is wonderful medium of communication. It has made millions pursue and achieve their dreams. It is not saturated. Not yet and not for a long time in near future.On the contrary it expands day by day.It may appear a bit complex owing to its virtual entity but it is not saturated.But internet is only a medium. It does not run business for you. It makes it automated and easier once you understand what is what. Still the person who does the business is responsible for outcome.So what sets a successful businessman apart from an unsuccessful one hypothesizing that both have equal knowledge?Motivation!Zeal!Passion!I know an entrepreneur who would get up early and work till his eyes would droop with sleep again, socialized minimally and never cared about what he ate.’Why don’t you ever take a break and enjoy sometimes?’ Many including me asked.’I enjoy my work. Why should I take a break?’ He would always respond.That man is millionaire now. Still works like crazy.Though that state is an extreme for most of us but that does leave a lesson. To be a success one needs to work with passion.When you bring passion to your business (Of course for that you need to like what you do). it reflects everywhere. It reflects in your website. It reflects in your sales letter, you promotions. You come across a genuine person. Your words start delivering the better message. Your results start improving and success prepones its appointment with you.There could not be better key to success in home business. It is easier to admire a successful person’s working. But when we want the same success, the input has to be of similar nature.Let me come back to my original question.What was your response?Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

How to Successfully Sponsor Contests

If you belong to the right groups, you see requests for contest sponsors on a regular basis. So why should you just give away your products? What is in it for you?Exposure for your business at a low cost is one benefit. Whoever you are donating to, should give you credit for your donation, along with your business and web address. This is perfect for “showing off” what you offer on your website.Gaining a new customers is always a possibility, too. When the winner gets the chance to try out your product, it’s possible for them to order again from you. They may even just recommend you to their friends!A few things you should know before committing :- What the contest is being held for and who is holding it. Make sure the people that are signing up are your target market.- Ask if the person holding the contest will give you the names of those entering, or at the very least the name of the winner (you want to follow up on them to see how they liked the product they won!).- Find out all the details on how the contest is being handled. Know for sure if this particular contest is going to work best for you and the person holding the contest.If you don’t belong to any lists or message boards where you see requests for contest sponsors, here is are a few:http://www.mompack.com (subscribe to the Yahoo Group)http://www.wahm.com (check on the message boards)http://www.internetbasedmoms.com (again check the message board)Contest sponsoring is just one of many ways that you can get your name out. It should be done in combination with other marketing ideas. Good luck!

Create a Business You Love

So you have entrepreneurial aspirations, but you’re stuck in a job working for someone else. You wake up, commute to work, work hard, pay your bills and then come home exhausted. You repeat the pattern for another four days, becoming increasingly tired as the week progresses. By the time Friday night comes around you are absolutely shattered requiring every second of your weekend just to recover! And just as you start to feel as if you have your life back, your alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, you drag your feet out of bed and you repeat the cycle. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Is this the way you want to spend the rest of your working life?Controlling your thoughts.So how do you start to break this monotonous existence? You do so with a single thought. It is said that each one of us has 60,000 thoughts a day, 55,000 of which were exactly the same thoughts as we had yesterday. So I am going to place a simple thought in your mind right now;” You have the potential to create a profitable business that you are truly passionate about, that fulfils you creatively and that delivers a lot of good in the world. “If that message resonates with you, you may like to re-read it and hold the thought in your mind for a second time. Really try and experience the meaning in this message. Not just intellectually but emotionally as well. You may also like re-think this thought again tomorrow. And if it feels good tomorrow, you may like to add it to your habitual thoughts.Give your new thought some support.Once you have held the thought of running your own business in your own mind and you are comfortable with it, you need to start expanding the dynamics of the thought. Ask yourself the following questions· What sort of business would you like to run?· Would it be a full time business or just a part time one?· What would you call it?· How much time would you like to devote to it?· Who would be your target market?· Who can you get involved to help you get it started?Take some action.Once you have a few answers for the questions above, you’ve got to take some action straight away! Start off small. Get some business cards printed up (vistaprint.co.uk will give you 250 colour business cards for free!) and you may also like to register a web site domain name (you can register web names from as little as £2.59 per year through 123-reg.com). Once you’ve got the ball rolling you can start thinking about the bigger action steps that you will need to take.Seek out other business people.Take a look at your social network. If all your friends and family are employees, chance are any conversations about work will be about the 9-5 grind. If this is the case, start adding a few small business people to your social network. Buy them lunch, ask them questions about how they started out in business. I am sure that you will find plenty of inspiration as well as some words of advice about how to run a business. You may also like to consider joining up with groups so you can network with like minded individuals (Toastmasters is excellent start and for online Networking check out ecademy.com)The most important consideration.One of the most important things to consider when setting up a business is to choose a business that you are passionate about. There are so many different ways you can make money so you might as well do something that excites you.Copyright Damien Senn 2005. All rights reserved.

Five Things To Do To Earn Money On The Internet

Internet is growing very fast. As a result, milf porn there is more Internet users, more potential online customers and more opportunities to earn money on the Internet. But most of the people who try to earn money on the Internet are unable to use the benefits of this fast growing Internet world.I can hear you say that “What are the mistakes they make?” or “What can be done to use this benefits of the Internet?”.In this article, you’ll learn what to do to use the benefits of the fast growing Internet. You’ll learn five things to do to earn money on the Internet:1. What you expect?First of all, you need to know what you expect from the Internet. Are you looking to earn money to pay your credit card bills, to pay for your children’s education, to pay for a new car, to pay for a new house… or whatever else.If you know what is your expectation, it’ll be easier to start an online business2. Choose the right online businessIf you have your own product and you want to sell it on the Internet, you can establish your own online business. But you can say that “I don’t have products to sell”.If you don’t have your own products, join an affiliate program. There are so many companies who will pay you for selling their products. As I said, there are so many affiliate programs. So, which one is the best?Some affiliate programs not only pay for your sales, but also pay for your affiliates sales. I mean, when an affiliate that you referred to this program makes a sale, you’ll earn commissions from this sale. You don’t even need to make sales with these affiliate programs. Only refer new affiliates to this programs and earn when they sell something. You can find some of these kind of affiliate programs at my websites that you’ll find at the end of this article.3. Learn how to get visitors to your websiteWhen you joined an affiliate program they give you some websites or web pages that include your referral link to sell their products. Most of the affiliate programs do that. You can use this websites or you can make your own website.Whichever you choose, you need to get visitors to your website to sell something. To get visitors to your website, I recommend you to read everything you find on the Internet. Read articles, join successful home business entrepreneur’s newsletters, even if you can afford, buy some books about online marketing or getting visitors to your website. They’ll really help you to succeed in your online business.4. Get visitors to your websiteThis step will be very easy if you don’t ignore the third step. Everything that you read about online business will improve your experience. And the experience is the most important thing to get visitors to your website.For example, you’ll find lots of articles about search engines. When you read them and use the knowledge that you get by reading these articles in your website, it won’t take a long time to get tons of traffic to your website.When you have learned enough from articles, write your own article and submit it to websites that include articles in it. They don’t refuse to add your article to their website because they need more good content in their websites. And these articles bring new visitors to your website for FREE!5. Be patientThe last and the most important thing that you need to do is to be patient. Maybe your online business won’t be a overnight success. Don’t worry. There are some people who didn’t earn even a single penny for years but now earn tens of thousands of $ with their online businesses. They didn’t earn money for a few years but they worked hard to improve their business and at least they got their reward as a great online income.You can do the same. Maybe you don’t wait for years to be successful. Maybe it’ll be in a few months. It’s up to you. If you work hard and don’t miss opportunities to improve your online business it can even be in a few weeks.To your success…

Advertising DOs and DON’Ts

>From early on in my online career I realised that the fastest way to internet riches was to find a marketing concept that brought me profits and plough as much as I could into that resource, thus building my business and capital as I went.For those just beginning in home business marketing it would be prudent to start off with a very small investment (I started with around $30) and try to build from there. It would like to report that I was very wise after the first investment but the truth is that the illusion of easily gotten riches lured me into a spree of buying virtually every item of software/marketing resource that I happened to feast my eyes upon.Needless to say this is not the best way to go about building a successful online career but the experience and benefits I got from this initial burst of enthusiasm, in how not to go about targeted advertising, far outweighed the financial losses. I have spent money on most of what the web has to offer in terms of marketing and can now enlighten you on what to buy and what not to touch with a 12 ft barge pole.FFAs or Free For All link pages were once a useful free resource and could have provided at least a few hits per day given the right ad. Today using the free version of these pages is all but useless and in my humble opinion a total waste of time. The vast majority of people submitting to these sites today are using automated submission software so human eyes WILL never see your ad and as far as I know Automatons (Robots to some people) DO NOT buy products;-)Paid or free safelists from my experience are just not worth the effort involved. The very fact that everyone posting to a safelist is not interested in the subject matter but in selling their own products gives us some idea on the ineffectiveness of this method. Couple this with the time spent sorting through emails mostly for deletion you really could spend your time in more worthwhile marketing ventures.Moving up the ladder of effectiveness we have banner advertising. From my experience the best banner I was able to design brought me in a maximum of 2.8% click through rate and from what I hear this is a GREAT %. Most banners will only pull a 1% CTR. If you can find a company selling banner advertising cheap enough to bring you into the profit zone then certainly give it a bash. Please remember though to track all your banner ads otherwise you will not know whether you are getting massive click throughs or none at all.If you are going to post to classified sites then opt for the free version. There is some good classified submission software out there and may be worth the investment. Again ALWAYS TRACK YOUR ADS. For free classifieds visit:http://www.workathomebiz.info/adlandpro.htmlRenting an email list is a good option and can bring you many hits to your product or affiliate site. Make sure that the list is optin only, meaning the people have requested to see your ad. There are many good reputable companies out there and if you are willing to pay sometimes high fees to rent a list, this can be a profitable venture.Search engine submission is definitely a worthwhile project and considering a good listing will bring you daily and continuing free traffic I suggest you spend a bit of time perfecting this method. I use Web Position Gold software to automate my submissions and prepare my pages for submission. This cuts down in hours of work and I would certainly recommend any budding business owners to get a copy.I have also paid for a listing to Yahoo’s directory. At $299 per year this may sound very expensive to some but the traffic I have gotten from this listing paid for the submission within a short period of time.Pay per click advertising is another good advertising resource to drive TARGETED traffic to your site. First figure out how much you can afford to pay per black porn visitor to your site. For instance if you make a sale every 100 visitors and your product costs $20 then if you paid 20 cents per visitor you would break even. The reality is of course that you can get visitors for much less than 20 cents and I have many keyword phrases that will send visitors to my site for 1 cent each. If you can find a few good keyword phrases at a profitable price then you will do well. Two good PPCSEs to start with and that I use are Overture.com [http://Overture.com] and Findwhat.com [http://Findwhat.com].Ezine advertising is by far the best form of advertising and more importantly is reasonably priced. From my own experience a solo or top spot ad are the most effective and will return more visitors for the price. For a good list of ezines visit:http://www.directoryofezines.com/A word of WARNING before closing this article: If you want to keep your business and your reputation intact then NEVER EVER use bulk email advertising. It just isn’t worth the risk. The hassle that you will get from sending out unsolicited email to 1000s of untargeted prospects will bring your business down in the long run. There are enough forms of advertising listed here to keep you going for a long time. Don’t waste your time on unproductive and senseless SPAMMING.I wish you all the best in your efforts:-)Copyright 2004 Mal Keenan