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Park Your Garage Sales on The Internet

You have been planning your garage sale for weeks now. Your garage, as well as you whole home, is stuffed with old records, books, clothing, vacuum sweepers, and other odds and ends that you have no use for anymore. Instead of just tossing your clutter into the neighborhood landfill, you’ve decided to hold one of the most time-honored traditions in civilization–the garage (or yard) sale. It can be a thankless task, becoming a pawnbroker for a day, but there’s definitely good money in it–if you know how and, more importantly, where to organize your garage sale.First, of course, you need to get your sales items together. Garage sales are a great way to recycle stuff that you no longer have room for. You’d be surprised what doodads and miscellany your neighbors will want–musty books, old silver wear, framed photos of long-lost third cousins, and other unmentionables that you’ve had no use for since who knows when. Even more surprising, your neighbors are willing to shell out cold hard cash for these items. That makes your garage sale a win-win proposition for you.Come to think of it, though, a garage sale at your home can be a real chore. It takes a Herculean effort to collect and organize every last little thing you want to sell. Then you have to tag each item and keep track of it in a hardcopy log. To ensure that your neighbors show up with cash in hand, you must create, print up, and pay for flyers, which need to be distributed on telephone poles and supermarket message boards across the region. The work can seem endless and your chances of making a profit slim.Don’t get me wrong. Your garage sale was a great idea, but as you can see, there are many limitations to holding one at your house the old-fashioned way. Get with the times. The garage sale has evolved thanks to the multitude of Web sites that allow you to sell your goods online. People are selling more stuff than ever on the Internet because of the convenience of Web classified sites.The Internet holds several crucial advantages over selling your stuff the outdated way. When you compare these benefits to the problems with home-based garage sales, you’ll see the difference:ONLINE: Your items are available for purchase for an unlimited time, until they sell.AT HOME: Your items are available until you call it quits for the night.ONLINE: Rain, sleet, or snow, your sales aren’t affected in the least.AT HOME: Better have a rain date or a very big umbrella.ONLINE: No need to constantly watch over your goods or interact with uninterested customers. Just wait until a customer contacts you by e-mail when they are ready to purchase.AT HOME: Be prepared for countless hours of staring down the street for customers to appear. When they do arrive, be prepared for too many questions but too few purchases.ONLINE: Advertise for free to your friends and neighbors over e-mail.AT HOME: Shell out money for flyers, after which you can get to know all of the telephone poles in your neighborhood.ONLINE: Spend your weekends the way they were meant to be: relaxing and enjoying your time with friends and family.AT HOME: Spend your weekend waking up early, buying and distributing flyers, lugging boxes, and waiting for customers.As you can see, it’s not an even match. An online garage sale wins hands down.Now that you’re actually excited to get started with your garage sale, you should know that there is one caveat. As easy as it may seem, your online garage sale will be even easier if you choose the right classified site.Your best bet is to do your research and find classified sites with the most features and benefits, such as (1) No sign-up, registration, or transaction fees. (2) Free ad listing with text description and pictures. (3) Long-term ad posting and free renewals. (4) Easy, accurate, electronic, and automatic record keeping.The best classified sites have these incredible features and then some. Not only will you be able to clean out your home’s clutter with the help of these classified sites. Your garage sale will also park a profit in your pocket.

What My Worthless Sponsor Didn’t Tell Me…

…that he would not be around to help me build my network marketing business.How many distributors have you known or know that have quit because they thought they were abandoned after joining their program? Are you one of those as well?So, what is the solution to a worthless sponsor?There is no perfect company or sponsor. All companies have unique sets of problems or challenges. Their product may be superior but the compensation plan is not perfect. Or their compensation plan is the best, but the training program is not so good. Hopefully, while doing your research and homework when selecting the company to join, you are picking the company with challenges with which you can live. The issue is picking the right company you feel most comfortable.The same thing applies to your sponsor. But what your sponsor does or does not do has no bearing on whether or not you are successful with your business.Beyond that, what is required is a realization or understanding of what business or environmental factors are totally within your control.A simple life maxim is worry about those things you can control. Everything else is unimportant. The same thing is true in business.As a network marketer, you have no control over:
the weather

politicians in Washington DC

what your worthless sponsor does

what your downline members do

what McDonald’s charges for a Big Mac

who wins the Super Bowl or cartoon porn World Series

what your competition does

As a network milf porn marketer, you have control over:
the number of opportunity meetings you attend

the number of self-improvement and sales books you read

the number of people you contact

what time you get up in the morning

what you eat for lunch

your leadership skills

your commitment to learn

The key to success is to determine whether you can obtain the skills and resources to sell products and sponsor more people committed to learning. And if you have the burning desire to make a change in your life, then there should be no roadblocks to prevent you from getting what you need. It has been said that the fundamental to success is “learn, teach and teach to teach.” With a commitment to learn, you’ve taken the first step.Take a look at the successful people within your company. The successful networker has learned about the company and product, the necessary activities to succeed and the process of repeating the required steps. This is done through reading company product literature, attending meetings and contacting people. Attending meetings and reading company literature reinforces the distributors learning. Contacting people reinforces product and company knowledge. This is knowledge that the prospective client does not possess. The exchange of knowledge between you and the prospective client ultimately leads to the exchange of money for product.These are the things that your worthless sponsor cannot do for you.

How to Set Up Your Home Office

You have taken a great step to running your own life. Now is the time to get yourself organised within your home office. What I am going to show will make life a bit easier now that you are the boss and time is money. Let get you organised. You are now the CEO of your own business and should treat it responsibly. If you treat your business as a hobby then you will only earn what a hobby would earn. However if you treat your business responsibly you will see profits coming in. Set your goals realistically, write them down, print them and stick them up where they can be seen every time you enter your office. By following this simple method you will see growth in your business.On the other hand if you fail to set up your office properly do not expect to succeed. You will find your business will become disorganised and haphazard, even you won’t want to black porn work for you.You will need to find a quite place within your home where you can work. If you have a desk great, set it up in the area you have decided to work from. If however at this stage you do not have a desk then earmark a table top as your primary workplace. You will no doubt need to use your telephone and internet to run your business so enure that your computer, and workplace are neighbours. Your computer must have internet access and I would recommend that you have at least two email addresses if you are going to take advantage of the many free internet advertisements available. Remember that through these ads you will receive a lot of junk mail so I recommend that you do not use your main email address when advertising. If it is within your start up budget I would recommend the installation of a business only telephone line.Scheduling is crucial to your business that is why I recommend you use a daily/weekly planner. I also recommend colour coding your appointments and to do lists using marker pens. Within your daily scheduling you should include:a. Personal or family time.b. Goalsc. Workd. Administration timee. Emailsf. Appointments/presentation callsg. Training call/coaching callsREMEMBER YOU ARE NOW THE BOSS. MAKE SURE THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

The Importance Of Having A Mentor

When you first start your business everything can be quite confusing. There are many pitfalls and problems that are difficult to work out on your own. Choosing the right business for you. How to get the edge on your competitors? What to do first? How to really make money and escape that 9-5 job? These are just a few of the confusing questions that face the beginner. If you try to begin without help, you are setting yourself up for failure. Very few can succeed in business without someone to help you and steer you in the right direction. You are indeed like a ship without a captain when you try to start a business aloneHere are a few common mistakes made by “newbies” when they first start a home-based business.1. Starting a business without knowing who you should be marketing to. Without knowing how to target your market you can spend hours of wasted time and a lot of wasted dollars.2. Getting into the wrong business, with too much competition supply and not enough demand. If you do not get into a specialized market with high demand and less supply you are setting yourself up for failure and you will never make a decent living.3. Believing that a free program will make you money, these are some of the biggest scams on the Internet.4. Joining one business opportunity failing after a month and then joining another and another. This is how many beginners loose tons of money and valuable time.5. Thinking that money can be made in a short time with no work, this is another pitfall too many “newbies” fall into.Wouldn’t it be nice to have some personal guidance, somebody who can work with you one-on-one? Show you how to start right and save you all that time and money. Somebody who can help you “cut a pathway through the trees.” This is where a mentor will help you, and better still a course that comes with mentoring help.There are very few true mentoring courses, where you can really get one-on-one help. Usually you purchase your course and then have to work out the rest. However a mentoring course is different. When you purchase the course you will get one-on-one help for your questions and any problems you may have. As you progress through the course your mentor will coach you on any problems you may have and show you how to overcome them. One of the main reasons for new Internet businesses failing is lack of guidance. There is just too much to know and do without someone to help you.You can see how a mentoring course works and the obvious advantages, compared to trying to work out everything yourself. I speak from experience. When I first started my business, I had no idea what to do and where to go, until I finally stumbled upon a mentor course. After that there was no looking back, I cannot say that I did not make mistakes or come up with problems, but they were nothing that my mentor could not guide me throughRecently I came across a mentoring course that not only offers mentoring help but shows you how to start a very profitable home business, Home-Based Recruiting. Basically it is finding qualified candidates to fill job positions for different businesses, for which you will get a finders fee. When worked correctly, this is a very profitable business and one you can easily make a good living with.However, as with any successful business, some help is very necessary. Larry Denis’s “Fast Cash In Home-Based Recruiting” is the mentoring course that will guide you step-by-step, from start to success, and with his expert mentoring you cannot fail. Larry is a seasoned veteran in this field and very successful at what he does. His course will show you the tips and tricks that top recruiters use to make substantial profits. Find the businesses that are expanding and get ahead of your competition, with the true “tricks of trade” known only by experienced recruiters like Larry. Overcome the “fear of telephoning” by learning how to call people the right way. The training and mentoring you will receive from this course will be your key to building a profitable home business.A mentor course is your gateway to success. Unlock the business potential within you, and see how you can achieve what you never thought possible, with the help of individual coaching. Experience the satisfaction of starting and building a truly successful business with help and guidance from a mentor.

Successful Marketing for Home Based Businesses

‘A successful marketing strategy is not based on doing what you like but liking what you do…’Are you looking for information to build and grow a home-based business? If so, you are in the right place! Here you will find information on implementing a successful marketing campaign and growing your home based business.The ProblemMany home-based business owners don’t know how to best market their businesses. Some ignore marketing altogether, hoping that customers or website visitors will appear out of thin air. Others market in a scattershot way producing untargeted traffic or unqualified prospects. Either approach will keep you from achieving your business potential and reaching your financial goals and possibly even damage your reputation.The SolutionWhether you’ve been thinking about starting a home business or you’re already a seasoned home-based business owner, the principle remains the same. Your business’ survival and success rests on how effectively you market your business or product. Examine some of the following marketing strategies and tools to help you boost your home based business profits.Home-Based Business AdvantageLow overhead costs, no commute to work and the ability to work around your children are some of the few advantages for home based business owners. Gear your marketing efforts to capitalize on these and other home-based strengths including:Adaptability – Information Technology has escalated the rate of change in the marketplace. To survive and thrive, you must be prepared to act, and act quickly. As a home-based business owner, you can make adjustments instantly, without having to cut through the red tape of bureaucratic decision-making procedures common in larger businesses.Technology – Computers, the Internet, PDA’s, and other emerging technologies can take home based businesses to a more level playing field with bigger companies, empowering home based business owners to accomplish tasks that used to require hiring staff to perform. Try to keep up-to-speed with technology.Flexibility. – Unlike traditional businesses that require full-time attention and high overhead costs, home based businesses can be operated part-time, at low cost, and depending on your financial goals can be phased into full-time operations.Taking Your Business To The Next LevelA common reason home businesses fail is because owners neglect the up-front planning needed to position their ventures. Once you have defined your market position and where you want to take your business in the 12 months you will have moved one step closer to success.If you already have a business begin by taking inventory of where your business is right now. What specific goods and services do you provide? How do you set yourself apart? What is your business’ reputation? How are you perceived by your customers or clients as far as your prices, reliability, and other elements of your products or services?The next step is to project where you want to take your business in the 12 months. What market position do you want to occupy? Is the niche market you want large enough? How will your benefits outsell those provided by the competition? Do you have the ability, capital, resources and support to make your market position a reality? Your answers will give you the information you need to begin designing or updating your marketing plan.Planning AheadOnce you have determined where you want to go, outline the essential steps to get there. Begin by writing a one sentence purpose (mission) statement for your marketing campaign. The rest of your plan should include a brief description of each of the following:Benefits of your products and services.Your target market.What marketing tools will best help you achieve your mission.Your market niche. What sets you apart in the market place.Your marketing budget.Keep your marketing plan brief. The more concise you make your marketing plan, the more effective it will be in evaluating your marketing efforts.Finding Your NicheThis is often the hardest task for a beginning home-based business owner but also one of the most crucial. In order for your venture to survive in a competitive marketplace, you must distinguish yourself from other businesses and find a niche. What makes your business unique? Why should someone choose to buy from you over a competitor? Prospective clients want to know. If you can give them a compelling answer, you will position yourself as a leader in your industry boosting your profit potential. Research your market thoroughly before jumping in.Marketing ToolsNo matter how you choose to publicize your business, one quality will set you apart from your competitors: The ability to write effective ad copy. You’re vying for the attention of consumers bombarded each day with advertisements. It is estimated that the average person is exposed to over 1,200 advertising messages per DAY! Make sure your advertisement stands out from the rest of this ‘noise’.When you have determined your market position and drawn up a marketing plan you are ready to start spreading the word about your products and services. One effective way is using the existing offline media in your area. You have a variety of media choices depending upon your target market and your advertising budget including magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and the internet. Start by evaluating how and where your competitors advertise. What’s working for them? Take their best ideas; then design your own winning layout, positioning yourself as having the best offer.The Importance of HeadlinesAs the first phrases seen in advertising copy, headlines should arouse enough interest in the reader so that they will want to read or listen on to learn more about your business or product. To get ideas about what headlines will work best for you, scan different types of ad copy, particularly those from your competitors. Create a swipe file of different ads and ideas that you come across from different sources. But remember to be careful of using other peoples copyrighted material.Capture your customer’s interest with a compelling statement of offerHighlight the most important benefitsOffer extreme valueMake a call strong call to action.Testing Your AdsAdvertising can be expensive, but for just about any business a mandatory investment. To get the most out of your ads, test them by the following criteria:What is the quantity of leads or prospects that the ad generates? Compare this amount in terms of a unit cost of advertising (dollars in advertising per leads generated).How many of these leads convert into sales? Different advertising media due to the audiences they target will vary in the numbers of actual closes.Continually check the response from your ads, make changes or run a new ad if necessary. Use ad trackers and keep testing, testing testing until you achieve the response required.Internet MarketingImagine! You can have a salesperson working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week even while you sleep. A web site and effective use of e-mail marketing can turn your small home-based business into a global business putting you on a level playing field with large corporations. With easy and afforbable web design tools getting a web site up and running is within reach of everybody.Sell Benefits Not Features!Any seasoned business owner knows that it costs five times more to sell to a new prospect than to an existing client. Studies show that each satisfied customer will spread the good word about your business to at least one other person. On the reverse side of the coin a dissatisfied customer will complain to up to five or ten potential customers. Your mission in getting customer referrals to turn passive satisfied customers into actively enthusiastic supporters who will promote your business. The best way to do this is through:Offering outstanding value to your customersDelivering your product on time.Solving customer’s problems.Maintaining regular contact with customers through feedback formsFollowing up your customers regularly.Creating long-term relationships with customers.Personalising your product or service.Finally…Whether you’re just launching your home based business or have been building one for years, don’t allow lack of information keep you from achieving your financial dreams. Study your marketing options and decide which marketing strategy will best position you for long-term success.Declan O’Reilly