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How to Create and Sell *Your Own* Product or Service

It’s one thing to join affiliate programs and earn commissions but in order to make serious amounts of money, you need to have your own product or service to sell.The best thing to sell on the internet is a digitally delivered product or service. Examples include ebooks or electronic books, courses, membership sites and software. The reasons digitally delivered products and services are so great are numerous.People surfing the internet want instant gratification. Digitally delivered products and services can be accessed or downloaded immediately upon online credit card payment. This is not possible with items that require shipping.Digitally delivered products and services cost little to produce and have the potential to yield never-ending revenue. Once you have your site completed and your product or services ready, there are no additional costs. The product or service is created once, and then sold and resold. Such products and services have no overhead, don’t require and need for storage space and have no shipping charges.You create it once and sell it forever!How to come up with your own product or service is actually quite easy. The key is to ‘sell your knowledge’. You have knowledge on some subject or another that many other people don’t. It’s your job to figure out what it is that you know, that others could benefit from. Perhaps you’re a great cook. Put together an e-cookbook. Are you an artist? Sell an online course on how to paint and draw. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who has learned just about everything there is to know about infant care – sell it! Try asking yourself the following questions and do some brainstorming.What do people seek my advice about?What hobbies do I have?Are you successful in your career? How did you become successful?What are you passionate about?Write all your thoughts down without judging them. Once you have a list of about 10 ideas start to work them through. You’ll be amazed at just how much you know about certain subjects.You have permission to reprint this article provided you include the following resource box:

How to Effectively Manage Your Time With A Home Business

Are you spending too much time with your home business and not achieving the results you desire. Focusing too much of your time and efforts on your business and achieving poor results can have detrimental effects on your business, your personal relationships, physical and mental health, and overall happiness in life.One simple way to reduce the amount of time you spend working on your business is to set clear specific goals and objectives, clear and specific plans and to organize your day so you can focus continually on the most valuable uses of your time.The clearer your are about your goals and objectives the more focused and efficient you will be in achieving them. One trait that successful people have in common is they seem to get more done in the same amount of time as the people around them. They use the minutes and hours of each day differently. They are more focused and productive and they get more done.Study the way you spend your time during a typical day.1.What are the things that you need to do more of, sooner in order to improve the quality of your business results?2.What are the decisions that you have made in the past that have created the problems you are currently dealing with today? Whatever they may be, immediately make new decisions that will take you in a new direction.3.Gain control over the sequence of events in your life, business and future. What changes can you make immediately to improve the quality of your business and your life? When you have written them down decide to work on those changes today.Understand the law of leverageThere are certain things you can do that will enable you to accomplish much more than you would if you spent the same amount of time on other activities. Select one or two things you can do in your business that will make a extraordinary difference in your results.Learn to employ other people’s knowledge and efforts. What could you offer to attract the support you need so your business can grow faster in less time with less effort.Work harder on yourself than you work on your businessThe more you practice a skill, the less time it takes you to perform a task. Bunching similar tasks that require similar skills together will allow you to take less time to do each subsequent task. Align your attention to your goals and objectives and focus until you complete each task.Many home business entrepreneurs launch highly successful businesses that earn healthy six figure incomes or greater. By following these easy steps, you can give your business a big boost, improve your relationships and quality of your lifeCopyright 2004 Kevin Purfield

7 Steps to an Online Home Based Business

Are you thinking about starting an online home based business from scratch but don’t really know how to get going? Well, then this article is for you! I have outlined seven steps to get your online home based business up and running in a matter of days, or even hours.Here you go…1) Defining Your Reasoning – The first thing you need to do is answer this question for yourself… why do you want to start an online home based business? Write down all the reasons for why you want to start an online business. Here are a few of the more common reasons: financial freedom, luxury vacations, more time with family, new car, new house, money for college, etc…Once you have written down as many things as you can think of for why you want to start your own online home based business then pick the best one that applies most to you. This is what you will use as your “reason” from now on. Now write this one reason on a separate piece of paper and post it everywhere you can, so you will see it many times per day. This will keep you driven and focused on your dreams.2) Domain Name – Since you are starting an online home based business it is obviously very important that you create an online presence for yourself and your business. So a website is an absolute must have. The first thing you need to do before you start building your website is to register a domain name. One of the best places for doing this is godaddy.comSo what should your domain name be? Well, I can’t entirely answer that for you but I can tell you that you want to make sure that your domain name reflects what your business is. Too many people use their names, some “cute” name, or some other irrelevant domain… do not do that unless it actually is reflective of your home based business!3) Choosing a Web Host – If you don’t have a way to host your domain/website, you won’t be able to proceed with your online home based business. Yes, this is a very important step!Here are a few things to look for when choosing a web host:SpeedIt is important to your business success to make sure visitors can see your site quickly. Part of this has to do with how fast your web-hosts servers are. Although there are a few other factors, server speeds are pretty darn important.Customer SupportWeb hosts should offer a variety of customer support options. These are typically toll free phone numbers, email support, frequently asked questions pages, live support, and help forums. Obviously the more support your host offers, the better it is for you if you ever need it.ReliabilityChecking out the reliability of a service is also very important to your website and ultimately your online business success. Hosts usually have several backup systems in case something goes wrong with the main servers. They also can promise less “down time” by backup power systems. I wouldn’t use a web host unless it has at least a 97% uptime guarantee.4) Building Your Site – This will most likely be an ongoing task for as long as you have your home based business. However, just to get something up and going at first here are some pointers…* Keep your text relevant to what you are offering.* Do not stuff keywords in to your text.* Do not put banners on your home page.* Always have a catchy headline.* Keep the site clean looking and easy to read.* Dark text on light background is always best.* Let your visitors know what you can do for them.* Make navigation very simple for visitors.There are many more rules of website design but those are some of the basic ones that you need to worry about for now. This step is something you will always be keeping up on. Make sure you continue to learn, tweak, test, and build your site.5) Uploading files to your site – So you have built a few pages for your new site, now what do you do? Well, you have to upload them to your web host. Typically this will be done using “FTP”. Now you are probably thinking, “What the heck is that?” Well, don’t worry about all the technical stuff. In simple terms it is a way to get the files, or pages, that you just built onto your website and “live” to the world.You can just ask your web host for your FTP information or do some searching around the frequently asked questions in your control panel and you should be able to find this out fairly easily. Once you do it is simply a matter of putting in the information into an FTP client and watching it upload to your web site.6) Putting your business on autopilot – This is big step in creating a successful online home based business because it keeps you from being completely consumed by it and actually allows you to enjoy your new found freedom.One of the recipes to creating a successful online home based business is to automate as many things as possible. This will save yourself time to do things you do best and actually enjoy your business.One of the best ways to do this is with an autoresponder. An autoresponder pretty much defines itself. It will automatically send out your emails at intervals that you set.A great way to utilize autoresponders is to write up an e-course and/or a weekly newsletter, and then copy/paste those messages into your autoresponder, set the days you want your prospects to receive them, and voila… it’s on autopilot. You will want to have a form on your website for your visitors to subscribe to it. They will put in their name and email address and you will have a prospect to email to over and over again.I have used many different autoresponders since I started my home based business and I can tell you without a doubt that my favorite is Aweber. I use them to this day and highly recommend them. You can find them at aweber.com7) Automating the sales process – The last thing you need to do to get your online home based business up and going is to setup your ordering process, so visitors to your website can buy whatever product you are selling.The very first, and most common way people sell digital products, like ebooks and software, from their sites, is to use a 3rd party merchant called clickbank. You can find them at ClickBank.comSetting up an account with them is pretty darn easy to do and is quite a bit cheaper than getting a merchant account for your self. Just follow their instructions. They are well known and respected so you should feel safe with them.Alrighty, that’s all there is to it. Seven steps to getting your new online home based business set up and going strong. I will admit that for the complete beginner it may not be as easy as it sounds but it is not rocket science either. You could honestly have all this done in just a day or two. Do some reading, learning, a little bit of guessing, and jump right in. Your online home based business will take be up and running before you know it.If you have any questions I will be happy to help. You can find a link to contact me on my website (see resource box below).

A Home Based Business Won’t Make You An Overnite Success

Believe it or not, it takes a long time to become an overnight success! Once you have chosen your particular home based business, the two most important things to remember are to stay focused and not to get discouraged.I’ve had many active and enthusiastic business team members that were their own worst enemies because they exhibited the classic “flea on a griddle” behavior pattern and jumped around chasing one business opportunity today, and then another one tomorrow without ever putting in enough sustained and focused effort to reasonably give themselves a chance to succeed at any of them.I can really relate to this situation since I briefly fell preyto this same “dog in a meat market” syndrome when I first started my own home based business a few years ago. I caught myselftrying to chase several different opportunities at once and not being very successful with any of them.There are so many home business opportunities (some real, some not) that it takes real personal discipline to avoid the scattergun approach…you know, throw enough against the wall and something is bound to stick. In the early going, it is really important to resist this temptation and to stay tightly focused on a single business.Some will argue that “I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket”. To those people I say, diversification is fine, but only after you have achieved solid success with your initialbusiness. A premature attempt at diversification will quitelikely cause a loss of focus and actually slow down yoursuccess rate.If your main marketing vehicle is a website, you can fairly easily leverage your initial success and effectively promote a few other complimentary and closely related home based business propositions from the same website.However, it is important not to go overboard and offer too manychoices to visitors to your website. If you do, there is a goodchance of confusing your visitors to the point where they willtake no action and you have, in effect, diluted the effectivenessof your website.Whatever you decide to do, you will need to stick with it for a reasonable length of time (give it at least one year) and put in a solid and sustained effort. Stay focused and don’t get discouraged. As much as you would like it to be, starting and developing a real home based business is certainly not an instant gratification situation.

The Importance of Networking

So you want to learn how to network. First thing you need to do is to get out of your head right now one major concept-advertising! Believe it or not, many people think that networking is only for advertising. Not true! Networking can be so much more.Networking is another resource you can use to get the word out about what you do, not just what you sell. Learn to be able to help others. Become an expert in what you do whether you sell products or have your own resource site.I had a client that just started her home business tell me that she only wanted to sell her products. She didn’t want to network because she didn’t have the time. Let me tell you something, just because you are on a networking group you are not going to immediately get results with your ads. You have to be able to show others that you know what you are doing. That you are trustworthy! There have been so many times I have been burned with trades, freebies or items that I have won from other WAHP’s that I will never do business with them again. This happens with others too, so they first need to know you to do business with you.With that being said, people who are on the Internet are not going to trust you just because you say you are a WAHP (work at home person). Others have been burnt from purchases or bad trades from people they have met online.You have to be willing to want to help others. When I network, I go into discussion on not only how this is going to help me, but how am I going to help others. Let’s say you know the best places to advertise online and you see a question from someone who is just starting out for the first time with a home-based business and is lost. Read their questions; see how you can help them.Diana Ennen, Author of Virtual Assistant ~ The Series, Become a Highly Successful VA, (virtualwordpublishing.com) states that this has been one of her best marketing tools. She states, “By helping others with their start-up questions, you are enabling them to achieve their dreams and start their business, and also present yourself as an expert. It’s a win win for all.”Networking can be an excellent way to reach more customers if you know the proper way to do so.Working from home is not going to be easy. You will have days or even weeks where no money is coming in. If you have picked a company or business that you love to do, however, you will be able to survive the hard times. If you choose something you enjoy, then you will have no problem telling others what you do and help them along their path to success also.Always keep an eye out for a great networking community, you can never learn enough or help others enough. Just be sure that you can be active on the boards that you are a member of. Some networks are easy and don’t require that you post all the time, while others require more posting such as once a week or more. Just be sure you know the rules before you join or start posting. Each network website is different.Taken from Rebecca White’s Newest eBook “Step by Step Marketing Plan for Your Website-How to Make Your Online Business a Success This Year!”To be released Feb 2005

Everyone Has A Good Work At Home Business Idea

Having trouble finding the perfect work at home business idea for you? You may be trying too hard. To build a profitable business, you must start out with one researched, well thought out idea. A home business can be a very rewarding and challenging experience. It is most important to start your business on the right foot. Let’s examine some of the initial steps in helping you decide what would be a good work at home business idea for you.How do you decide what type of work at home business idea would be best? Ask yourself these questions. Are your goals to achieve independence and financial security? A home business requires a determination to succeed. Also a new business owner must be willing to accept challenges. Sometimes, you must be willing to work 10 – 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. Often money is scarce in the first few months so income may become a problem. But with a little time, a simple work at home business idea can start making profits.Here are some tips to consider when searching for a work at home business idea.o What makes you happy? A hobby or some other type of pastime can turn into a profitable business. You have to enjoy your work to be truly happy. Why not start a business out of a pleasurable activity?o What are your talents? Many times we have skills that others don’t that can be turned into a business venture. For example, some people have talents in scrapbooking. Many people want to preserve their pictures for the future but don’t have the craft skills necessary to do a good job. This situation could turn into something that mobile porn might be profitable for the right person.o Ask your friends and family what you are good at. Their opinions might surprise you and cause you to think of a good work at home business idea.A work at home business idea is out there waiting for you. Without a lot of hard work and a little soul searching, you can come up with the right idea for you.

Keeping Up With…

…the Jones’s? The Smiths? The latest internet “sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, knock-down last, best opportunity?”Makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn’t it?I’m here to tell you…don’t get caught in that trap.I have yet to learn about anyone who has made any significant long-term income from any of these programs. Perhaps there have been a few along the way, but to be successful on the internet requires more, much more than simply joining every new highly-touted program that comes along.It’s sad, but the reality is that there are a large number of people who are burned by the hype and get scared away, believing that it is truly impossible to succeed online.Nothing could be further from the truth.Many people just give up and fail to pursue their dreams, but others simply stand up, brush themselves off, and proceed to do what needs to be done in order to be successful.Look around – there are many examples of ordinary people doing an extraordinary business online. Some of them have advanced degrees; others no more than a high-school education.It is said that the internet is the great equalizer, and I know that it is true – at least when it comes to running a profitable online business. I’m a perfect example; who would dream that a technophobic middle-aged female could even compete? Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.It doesn’t take a brilliant mind or a truckload of cash. What it does require, however, is a willingness to educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t – and there’s a whole lot of both.There is no one correct way to succeed online, but many. Many of the so-called “gurus” tell you that there’s only one way – THEIR way – but don’t buy into it.We are not all alike – so why should our businesses be?Choosing a business only because you think it can make you lots of money is a recipe for disaster. Find your passion, and build your business around it. You must do this in order to maintain the enthusiasm needed to guide you over the rough patches.It is then that others will be racing to keep up with you!

Headlines Have You In Mind

I’ve been scouring black porn the business opportunity magazines and Internet sites for terrific headlines. It was my plan to take these headlines and retool them to fit my particular endeavors. But a funny thing happened on the way to the retooling shop.I noticed a recurring theme. One that I didn’t like. I call it the “Prey Parting” headline. It reads like this:HOMEWORKERS URGENTLY NEEDED!or it might say:WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE $363.00 NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK?The sub head always says something to the effect:No SellingNo Experience RequiredNo Personal ContactNo Cold Callingetc., etc., etc.The text always reads: Assemble products in your home at your own pace; Stuff envelopes in the privacy of your home; Make $500 next week following our simple directions; You have come to the right source to begin making the kind of money you only dreamed of….The allure is easy money for doing nothing. You are told companies supply you with materials and instructions and pay you for completed work. Some ads simply say to send your name and address and you will receive free information. When you answer this request, then you are hit with a hard ball sales pitch constructed to extract up to 89.95 from you.Some advertisers ask for the money upfront. They want your 29.95 today. And it all sounds so appealing. Heck, you are only trading 29.95 this week for 500.00 next week. What could be simpler?Don’t fall for this type of hype. If you do, you will be a victim of Prey Parting. In other words, someone has parted you, the prey, from their money. Parting is an old swindler’s term that, terminology wise, may be out of style but financially is very much in vogue among the con artists, fraudsters and scamsters.Headlines perform a useful service. After all, without a headline we wouldn’t know what an article or ad is all about. The text of the ad likewise performs a useful service. It tells us the story whether the subject be an advertisement or a kidnapping. Both are necessary and needed.But, and this is a big but, if you are reading an ad, don’t fall for the glitz and glamour of the text without researching the advertiser’s pronouncements. Do your homework and ask questions before you send off any money.And, learn to recognize the huckster from the truth sayer. Keep your eyes open and, in no time, you will recognize the chaff calling itself wheat.2004 (c) This article may not be reprinted without permission of the author who can reached at tom-koziol@excite.com

Vending Machines and the Lure of the Instant Home Based Business

If you are considering vending machines as a home based business here are three very brief facts about vending.1) Vending machines will start to earn revenue for your home based business almost immediately.2) A brand new, high quality machine is actually very inexpensive.3) Any machine at the right location has the very realistic possibility of paying for itself well within one year.These three simple facts are from my 8 years of experience owning a vending business. I remember the day my first machine went into a location. It was a cigarette machine and after we hung it up on the wall in the bar we sat around and had a few beers. Within 30 minutes after we were done I watched my first customer walk up to my machine and buy a pack of cigarettes. I saw the instant cash flow happen, and it was wonderful.I overpaid for cartoon porn that machine. It should have cost me only $2,400.00 plus tax, but instead I paid over $8,000.00 because I dealt with a business opportunity company and they gave me a location when I bought that machine from them. I can tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone put money into your vending machine. When I watched my first customer buy from me, the last thing I thought about was how much I spent, my business was now making money!I was hooked and it was great. My first location generated a return for me of nearly $5,500.00 in the first year. That figure takes into account the commissions that I paid the bar for each pack of cigarettes I sold in the bar. My sales in 1996 averaged 300 packs of cigarettes per month with a $2.00 margin.If I had purchased my first vending machine directly from a wholesaler and found that location myself I likely would have saved myself over $5,000.00 and paid off that cigarette machine within the first year.But finding locations for a vending machine can be difficult and time consuming. A vending business opportunity company ( Rip-off Bizop Vending Company ) can sell you a vending machine with a location for your machine. You’ll pay substantially more for it, but they take the headache out of starting a business by providing a perfect combination of vending machines with a location so you can start earning revenue immediately. It’s the perfect lure for the instant home based business.

DOH! A Home Biz Even Homer Simpson Could Do

Everyone likes Homer Simpson, moron that he is, because let’s face it–there is a little Homer in all of us. Have you ever come across a business opportunity you would have liked to try but didn’t because you were afraid of your own ineptitude? Well, leave your fears aside fellow Homer Simpsonites because here is a business you can start with your eyes closed and your brains on hibernation mode–Loan Signing!Loan signers, Notary signing agents, loan signing agents, mobile Notaries, all of these terms have been used interchangeably and they all describe the same thing–a traveling Notary Public (and no, Homer, that’s not an island country somewhere in the Bahamas). A loan signing agent goes to a borrower’s home to witness the signing of loan documents. Of course you need a few supplies (like your Notary ledger), but I’m not going to get into particulars in this article. What you really want to know is, how do you get started, what is the work like, and how much can you make right?To get started you can join a Notary Association, most of them have a signing agent section. There you will find more of the basics to getting started with this business and get your name listed. They will all try to sell you some really expensive loan signing classes but that is completely up to you. The smart, un-Homer thing to do is a search for some Notary signing agent message boards where you can learn how to get started for free. The process is very simple and involves a small fee to get a license, ledger, and certificate with your county.The work is even simpler. A client (usually a title company that found your name through a Notary association listing) calls you and asks if you want to do a signing. They fax a contract that states how much you’ll get paid, or how much you won’t get paid if you don’t do your job right etc. After you accept, they send you the loan package by fax or email. You then call the borrower to schedule a time frame for the signing which usually takes an hour. You watch the borrowers sign their papers, you sign and stamp a couple yourself, the borrowers get a copy of the loan package, and you get one to overnight back to your client. Yes, I’ve simplified the process a bit, but not by much.Borrowers will ask you what every piece of paper means and will try to get you to decipher the never-ending stream of legalize contained therein but guess what? You don’t have to explain anything to them; in fact, you’re not legally allowed to because you are not a lawyer (unless you’re also a lawyer–in that case, kudos for you). You simply explain that you are there only to witness the signing of the documents and you refer their questions back to their lender.How much do you get paid? There are various factors that come into play, such as location, how long you’ve had to build up a clientele, the client’s policies, etc. but you can figure as a complete newbie, to make about $75 a signing. Not bad for an hour’s worth of work eh? Soon you might even be able to tell Mr. Burns to go shove it.Copyright 2005 Jon CastleArticle may be reprinted freely as long as the author bylines and info box is included.